Bongino Is Hot Today

I was watching a new Fox video (live stream) about 1:49:– long from Nadler’s Faux Committee Impeach Screech Show, and while it was nice to see the Republicans on the committee illustrate his slime and lies, it got boring after about 45 minutes as you just know Nadler doesn’t give a damn and is just going to throw out all precedent, House rules, and any morality & decency in search of the “IMPEACH!!!!!” headline.

So I swapped over to Bongino for some relief. His show today is a good one.

He lays out some fine details on how Flynn’s lawyer is getting 302s and other docs per Mifsud and what all that means.

Covers the way the Deceptive CNN (Communist News Network…) lies for effect. They have a story trying to tie “Right wing extremists” to the “KKK” and 911 Jihadies. Without ever bothering to mention that the KKK was a creation of the Southern Democrats and that the Republicans were the party of black liberation (and had the first Black in congress…). Propaganda, it only works in ignorance. He then goes on to show how many blacks are fairly conservative and there’s ever more of that cohort waking up to the DNC Plantation and thinking maybe they belong on the other side. Something about a job and a mortgage and paying taxes maybe? ;-)

So it’s worth the hour to watch it, IMHO. It’s a nice summary of the “news of the day” with sanity injected and BS excised.

FWIW, the Nadler garbage is them passing a committee resolution to set out the rules for an “impeachment investigation” even though the House has voted down an impeachment proceeding. What was “resolved” mostly amounted to the standard committee rules and rights. As one of the Republicans point out, this was only for the purposes of ginning up headlines about impeachment, not anything real.

Sure, there will be dozens of “sub-committees” assigned to create chaos and demand every possible document and communications on the planet, trying to lay “obstruction” traps at every turn; to create fraudulent news headlines for CNN & MSNBC (Mis-information, Smear, Nothing But Crap network…/sarc;) to plaster 24 / 7. But most of the nation is just really really fed up with the endless histrionics and Muller was outed as a hit job; so we just want to move on already. So I think it isn’t going to work as they intended. Frankly, I’d vote against Nadler just to stop the endless whining and send donkey face packing. Tired of seeing him. Just NOT entertaining.

Somehow the Democrats are being so DIM they just can’t see that most of us are just sick of their BS Games. You’d think that after “Cankles” Hillary was such a failure, that maybe they’d look at a Trump Rally and see just how enthusiastic everyone is. Those folks are having FUN! The Dismal Doom In Our Time Dems, not so much… Or maybe they would bother to keep up on any one of dozens of blogs, shows, etc. “outing” their horrid lousy lies. But they don’t. Just gamely plugging along on the same-old-same-old smear, lie, lawfare, and deception campaign.

But once you see it for what it is, you can not un-see it; and ever larger number of folks have seen it, and are seeing it. You would think ratings dropping below 1 Million ( 1/340 th of the USA…) would be a clue… And I’d wager most of them are DNC insiders, family & friends, and folks 1/2 drunk in an airport bar wishing they could change the channel.

“News” from the usual suspects has become bought and paid for propaganda; the people have noticed; and We The People are “disintermediating” our news. We’re skipping the “Gatekeepers” and going to individual news providers who report source documents and materials.

Freedom, it’s a thing. Freedom to find your own news is also a thing. Freedom to listen to the smaller voices who are not bought and paid for.

For me, I’m so sick of the Democratic Smear Machine there’s no way I’m voting Democrat again. I have voted Democrat several times, including for Obama and Sanders in the California Primary. I’m a registered independent since the RINO Insiders also offended me. But I’m thinking if the party aligns behind Trump, well, maybe I will register Republican… IF they get a little closer to my basic Libertarian ideals. But Democrat? No way. They are just too slimy, smarmy, deceitful and busy “lying for effect”. I value truth more than anything else, and they run from the truth at every opportunity. I suspect that is the legacy of The Clinton Machine…

So that’s my opinion on things as they stand today. Subject to change with time and willing to embrace the Democrats again once they get their head on straight and start supporting traditional American Ideals (and the American people). As long as they are playing from the Marxist / Alinsky / Soros playbooks, not so much.

Update: “Come to the dark side, we have cookies!”

I just love it when folks who’ve soaked up the Leftist Hate Ideology suddenly discovers that conservatives and Republicans are actually rather polite nice people. From their prior POV those folks are on the “Dark Side”. I’m reminded of a bumper sticker “Come to the Dark Side… We have cookies!” ;-)

So as something of evidence for my above opinions, here’s Tim Pool about a Democratic Presidential candidate and her discovery that Fox News is nice folks, and that Republicans are not bad people. With the sidebar that she has also discovered the preferred mode of the Democrats as negative mean attack and smear, seasoned with lies.

Oh the delicious irony of watching the “woke” actually wake… ;-)

Marianne, welcome to “The Dark Side”. Better polish your armour as you are about to be relentlessly vilified. You are now a “Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic, anti-Semite, etc. etc. I forget the rest”… Horrible Person, by definition (of The Left).

Why? Because you strayed in even the most minute way from The Received Narrative. Worse, you actually said something nice about Republicans and Fox News. Far worse, you stated fair criticism of your own party.

The Good News:

We on “The Dark Side” are having a pretty good time. You are welcome to join the party. It will seem strange at first since nobody is busy telling you what you MUST believe, or attacking your for holding your own opinions. You can have whatever positions and opinions you like. At most, we’ll discuss them with you (usually politely). Oh, and cookies and milk are on the first table, beer and wine on the second. Pot is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud…). Welcome to The Dark Side ;-)

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10 Responses to Bongino Is Hot Today

  1. cdquarles says:

    Congratulations, Chief. You’ve made the journey I completed 40+ years ago. It started with hearing the stories of the grandparents who raised me (dad died young, mom got too sick) and comparing what they said and how they lived with what the MSM and others, said.

    Once I got old enough to have my own library card (still have the original, about 46 years later!) and did lots of study on my own. Unless I personally know the D, I won’t vote for one, especially national office. I know too much of their history (dates to John C. ‘natural aristocracy’ Calhoun).

    Fortunately, here, you do not register to vote by party. If, and when, you decide to vote in a party primary, *then* you announce which one you want. Local law requires you to pledge to support the nominee when you vote in a primary; yet, as everyone knows, you can change your mind on voting day. You are not under any obligation to vote in any party’s primary. If you want to formally join one (I have, in the past), that’s up to you.

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    FWIW, I’ve added an update above with a Tim Pool story about Marianne Williamson discovering the Right folks are kind of nice…

    Unfortunately, in California, you get to chose to vote for a Democrat or vote for “guaranteed to lose”… so sometimes I’ve voted for the least worst Democrat. I first gave up on Democrats (mostly) with Billy Boy Blue Dress. Not sure how many years ago that was. I voted for Barak and Bernie as an ABC voter. ANYONE But Clinton. (Yes, you can put part of the blame for Barak on me… but I had hopes for him then). I also originally was drawn to Trump as an ABB candidate with spice. Anyone But Bushes (again and again and aga…) Then the more I looked the more I like the “Our Bull in THEIR china closet” aspect.

    But until the last year or two, I’d not believed the Democrats writ large were fundamentally corrupt to the core and irredeemable. I’d figured there were good people in the DNC and it was just this or that candidate with “issues”.

    But what has become clear during the Obama years was how deep the corruption ran. Then with Snowden, that it pervaded the agencies too. Then with the Hillary Email Scandal just how corrupt the whole thing was. Then with the “Everyone gets off Scot Free, collect your $Millions in speaking fees or your CNN Staring Job as you exit” it was driven home that there really is a Deep State, and it is largely DNC aligned. (Or it pulls the DNC strings, hard to say…)

    So now the “benefit of the doubt” is withdrawn. It is full on “You DNC / Democrat Candidate are presumed corrupt and evil until PROVEN otherwise.”

    The Republicans still get the benefit of the doubt, with with knowing that many are also Deep State types and more insider than actual representative, so skeptical examination advised.

    FWIW, In California things are changing (have changed?). In the Obama era the Democrats allowed others to vote in “their” primary but the Republicans did not. I believe that now the Republicans are allowing that as well. I’d registered to some Liberty leaning party in about 1980 that had since ceased to exist, so I am in fact registered, but not to any party. (There is another category for “registered as an independent” but I’m NOT in it! I’m an edge case ;-) It is great fun at the voting booth to watch them figure it out…) So in primaries my choice was “nobody to vote for” or “vote in the Democratic primary”.

    I think I’m almost ready to leave my Exile Non-Party and actually become some party member…

  3. pouncrer says:

    Regarding the first African American Congressman …

    Very interesting narrative that rarely gets mentioned in the mainstream. All very dramatic, and related to parliamentary drama and filibusters of our contemporary news cycle. All ignored …

    Langston of Virginia was born a free “colored” man in Virginia prior to the Civil War. The family was of mixed heritage — (more Indian grandparents than Elizabeth Warren, anyhow) including veterans of the American Revolution.

    John Mercer Langston won his election but the Democrats — then in the minority of the House of Representatives — used a filibuster-like technique to keep him from being seated. Whenever the item appeared on the agenda the Democrats insisted on a Quorum Call — taking attendance — and refusing to respond when polled. Thomas Reed, Republican Speaker of the House, finally began recording Democrats as “present” if he could physically see them in the chamber. Some attempted to leave, and Republicans locked the doored. One Texas Democrat kicked his way out rather than be recorded as part of the quorum that would seat a black congressman.

    Barbara Tuchman tells the tale well in her history: _The Proud Tower_

  4. pouncer says:

    — Locked the DoorS —

    Mr Smith, the Debbie Wasserman Schultz / Imran Awan thing slip your mind? I sort of thought that sort of IT shenanigan was of special interest to you.

  5. gallopingcamel says:

    I can’t imagine registering as a Democrat even though they can unite when it counts.
    Likewise I can’t imagine registering as a Republican as long as they would rather fight each other than Democrats.
    I thought things were improving and then here comes Senator Romney and nine other little RINOs in that debating school. No way to get rid of him until 2024…….what a pompous ass. We certainly dodged a bullet by failing to elect him POTUS. Even though Obama was the “Worst President Ever” I suspect Romney would have done worse.

    OK, I’m grumpy today but I take solace in being an “Unaffiliated” voter.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Nope, didn’t slip the mind. Just trying to edit to less prolix and most folks are bored with I.T. stuff.


    I’ll be taking a good look at “parties” when I’m in Florida and doing a re-reg. Until then I’m officially “unaffiliated” (I think… something like that, but NOT “independent” as that’s a requested category… and as I never requested it, they didn’t stick me in it.)

  7. philjourdan says:

    This state is even better than CD’s since you can vote in either primary (not both), and they do not require a pledge to support (although the Republicans trued to force that a while back).

    So yes, I voted for Obama (over Hillary), but voted for Cruz over Trump (I was young and naive). I will probably vote for a democrat next year – just to play spoiler as I doubt Trump will have any problems with the 3 minions he is facing.

    But I will never register either way. I like Trump. I do not like all republicans. But I will not vote for a democrat. Even here they have gone deep end – the one running here is campaigning on “yes. we can elect a progressive”. I hope the idiot is wrong.

  8. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re:

    “Oh, and cookies and milk are on the first table, beer and wine on the second.”

    Mmmmmmm….milk…and cookies!

    Now I know where to park.

    You’ll find me at the first table. :-)

  9. gallopingcamel says:

    As an unaffiliated voter I get to vote in North Carolina primaries. In Florida I was not allowed to vote in primaries.

    IMHO Florida got it wrong by disenfranchising people who are not Dems, Reps or Libs.

  10. gallopingcamel says:

    I called your 407 number yesterday and got a recording (yes, it was you). I was surprised to find the number still working!

    I asked you to call me back. I have lost your email and there is something I want to share with you off-line. I hope that fish and chip place in Orlando is still operating!

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