Tim Pool On Bill Maher On PC Crap

I like Tim Pool. He’s a self identified “Center Left” and I’m a self Identified “Middle of the Bird”. I’m “left” on a bunch of things, and I’m “right” on some others (though most things are principle based and neither right nor left).

For example: I really do not care at all who you want to share your body with, or how. I just don’t. It is your life, do whatever the hell you want with it. That’s rather left. However, there are only three genders. Inny, Outy, and Oopsy. (Very very few folks are hermaphrodites). Now what you want to DO with your Inny or Outy is a choice, NOT a “gender”. That’s a bit “right”, but in reality I think it is just reality based observation. I mean, look in your pants. It’s either an inny or an Outy unless fate handed you an oopsy and that’s NOT about what you do with it, but what hardware you have.

Having the 20 shades of gender insanity shoved in my face is NOT making me love the Left. It sends me off to the Right who at least can see what hardware they have even if I then have to argue it isn’t their hardware to decide how to employ it.

Life as a real Libertarian is a bitch. Both sides toss rocks at you…

“I don’t care what you do, actually, as long as it doesn’t harm me & mine and you don’t keep telling me about it or berating me for not celebrating it.

So for that, I’m told I’m a “Racist, Bigot, Homophobe, Misogynist, {list of stuff I can’t even remember but apparently I’m ‘it’}, and hate puppies and kittens.” Well, no. In fact: Hell NO!

I’m an ordinary center of the bird sort who just wants to leave people alone and be left alone. I’m rather fond of women, so the “misogynist” seems daft. For several years my best buddy was a black guy (who since moved to Asia with his Philippina wife); and I grew up spending 1/2 my meals with my Mexican best friend at his house speaking Spanish; so that whole “racist” thing is just stooopid on steroids. I’ve close danced with a Gay Guy just to find out… So, in fact, when the litany of insane insult flies, the effect is for me to think: “These people are insane ideologues and best I keep my distance from them. Oh, and Trump, Trump, he’s our man…”

A person who fights for the liberty, rights, and freedoms of ALL, does not fit the narrative of The Left, so neither to I… and The Left wins the “Kiss Off” button award.

By their insanity, The Left (and the Democratic Pres. Candidates all sucking up to The Far Left Insanity) are kissing off the Centrist unaligned voter. But they don’t care. I’d teach them about bell curves and how the “tail” of the curve is not where you get the most votes, but that would require that they listen to someone…

So here’s Tim talking about Bill telling them basically The Same Thing. And all I can do is say “Oh My God! They have lost Bill Maher!!”. At this point I think it will be Trump in a landslide… When you are losing someone as left as Bill, well, there’s not much left in your 2 sigma part of the bell curve…

Oh, and Beto: Per my guns: “Come and take them”. (I’m an honorary Texan and know about the flag with the Mexican canon and the words “Come and take it” on it. I feel duty bound to my Texas Clan -by marriage- to uphold the traditions.) Let me make it perfectly clear: Not one of my guns will EVER be turned in by me for any kind of inducement, buy back, law, confiscatory enforcement, order, whatever. You might want to look up the history of a certain George Of England who wanted to take away the “Military Assault Rifles” of a certain colony a few hundred years ago. IMHO this is neither a “left” nor a “right” position. It is a Liberty position. Without guns, we are chattel to the Crown. That didn’t work out so well… I’m happy to stand with my Democrat and Socialist brothers and sisters for their rights to some degree of self defense and right to weapons. We are not your slaves. You are our employee. Forget that at your peril. I have the vote and I know how to use it.

With that, here’s the video where Tim discusses Bill and his positions, along with how various polls have figured out the USA is “center right” while the Dimocrats in charge of the party have decided to run a Far Left Socialist Leaning candidate (as ALL of them have espoused those views). Maybe they need to get out more often and talk to some of us “Deplorables” more…

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7 Responses to Tim Pool On Bill Maher On PC Crap

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Over a year ago, but kind of prescient. Kennedy interviews Miller. The “money shot” is at about 5:30 but the setup is well worth it ;-)

  2. pouncer says:

    Regarding gun “buy back” programs: (and setting aside the problem that the government will be using MY tax payments to buy MY guns …)

    How much do they contemplate offering for each gun? I mean, obviously, if they offer $1 million per AK-47 surrendered, then I’m in. (I’ll use the money to buy a Winchester 94, 125th anniversary “high grade” presentation piece. Or maybe two. Among other things.) If they offer only a sawbuck, I’m going all David Koresh on the deal. They object, so they say, to the STYLE of weapon, so it seems to me they should be offering a “buy back” price that significantly exceeds the market price of a replacement weapon of similar usage value but in socially approved fashion and style.

    Of course then there’d be debate on paying “capital gains” tax on the difference in the purchase price of a Remington R-15 in 2008 and the government forced sale price of that rifle (or market value of two Remington Model 700s) in 2020.

    All this is just par for the media. Ideas are tossed out with no regard for how much money is actually involved in accomplishing the policy. Or how long it might take.

    Suppose a buy back price is set and some fraction of gun owners take it, and some don’t. Does the ATF then raise the price? (Making earlier seller/voters mad?) Does that actually help, or does it push some potential sellers into hoard mode, waiting for the buy back price to rise even higher?

  3. llanfar says:

    @Pouncer Sounds like Dilley’s broadcast yesterday (link is at the start of O’Rourke’s response in the debate): https://www.pscp.tv/w/cE0D6DFlVmpZQmFuR3dCRUx8MU93eFdkQkxOUkFLUSPZxmN1z6Yb-8srBstAnYlo3_R5ZJJqW_zV0MCTa8bv?t=13m10s

    Note: he has no problem using strong language, and is hardcore MAGA.

  4. Russ Wood says:

    On ‘innies and outies’, wayy back, a British MP showed her unconcern:
    — British actress of the Victorian era, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, who quipped: “Does it really matter what these affectionate people do — so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses!” —
    And TOO MANY of the activists are deliberately trying to ‘frighten the horses’!

  5. Nobody says:

    Pretty much a lifelong Democrat here, and have no affection for Republicans.

    But it’s quite likely I’ll never again vote Democrat in my lifetime – and I’ve been a 100% reliable voter.

    Suspect our numbers are growing……It’s the treason. I AM available for firing squads…..

    [Reply: Please refrain from direct calls for violence or shooting any persons. First off, it is illegal. Second, it can cause a blog to be shut down, so for that reason I give folks a warning or two, then they get the bit bucket if a slow learner. -E.M.Smith]

  6. Steve C says:

    The trouble with PC is that it starts from some pretty unexceptional point and extrapolates, nay, vaults, nominally from there, far beyond reason.

    I had/have no problem, e.g., with homosexuality being decriminalised when it was. It’s a natural phenomenon, which has been observed in other animals as well as humans and, given that it poses no real threat to anything more than some people’s sensibilities, nothing to worry about in law – unlike, say, thieving or causing bodily harm, which are properly made crimes.

    But it didn’t stop at mere decriminalisation, did it? For whatever reason, we now have to have annual so-called “Pride” marches all round the world, where every variety of sexual bizarrerie is thrust loudly in the faces of the rest of us – and we are supposed to celebrate this. We have drag queens flouncing into kindergartens to read the kiddies stories, doubtless all about little boys who grow up to be princesses or little girls who go off and kill dragons. It seems you can’t just be homosexual anymore, you also have to deliver a 24/7 stunt act promoting it.

    Funny thing, I don’t recall ever hearing about even one march to celebrate pride in good ol’ mainstream heterosexuality, without which none of us would be here. Shout it out loud, we live a decent honest life, we’re raising two point one pretty good kids and we’re proud!

    The situation is pathological. Your sexuality used to be an essentially private thing ‘twixt you and your partner of choice, not a weapon with which to assail everyone else with your personal weirdnesses.

    And when you get to this sort of thing, you’re dealing with evil bastards who can’t tell the difference between a reasonable safety precaution and a personal affront. They can no longer be dismissed lightly.

  7. cdquarles says:

    The catch with some of these behaviors is that they are dead end. That said, I don’t care what you do, as long as it doesn’t harm others. Some of these behaviors do harm others indirectly. My and your rights stop where they intersect. Be fruitful and multiply … some acts inherently can’t do that. Some can, for a time. Since people must propagate the species, and the culture likewise must be propagated, trade offs must be reached. And I will warn you. You are free to disagree; but don’t say that you weren’t warned.

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