A Clear Explanation Of Brexit Games In Historical Context

This is a remarkable “podcast” (via YouTube) that puts the Brexit Treason in context of history. It provides the historical context for what makes the acts of the Speaker wrong, and what makes the actions of this Parliament more Treason than Reason.

I was pointed to it by Sargon Of Akkad in this ( 13 minute ) video and by Andysaurus (h/t here):

With that, here’s the (hour long) podcast that is a good explainer on how Parliament came to be as it is, and why that is immoral in the historical context. No punches pulled, the language can be a bit strong, but it is clarity from a very tidy mind.

“David Starkey: the elite is guilty of treason — The Brendan O’Neill Show”

The first 2 minutes are introduction with a slightly too loud musical overlay on a statement from David Starkey; but once you get past that, it’s no longer musically abusive to understanding… (i.e. it’s just voices and I can tell what is being said…)

I find the discussion (at about 18 minutes-20 minutes) of the need to NOT use the courts for political issues seems to me to be pertinent to the present “Get Trump” abuse of the courts.

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9 Responses to A Clear Explanation Of Brexit Games In Historical Context

  1. Lordblagger says:

    This by Starkey is interesting. Why has the UK avoided revolution? It’s because all the changes from the Magna Carta, to Cromwell, to universal sufferage and the sufragettes, we about people demanding participation in the decisions that affect them.

    What do MPs do?

    Allow participation, then say, bugger off, you stupid thick idiots, you are racist and we will ignore your participation

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    For those that didn’t pay attention, During the run up to the Second World War, there were members of the British Elite that wanted to join up with the Germans, as Hitler and his National Socialists were the Elite wave of the future. It was only after the Blitz did those people hide them selves and act patriotic. The elimination of the House of Commons was their foremost wish. The Educated Political Elite are the only ones gifted with the ability to Rule….pg

  3. Pouncer says:

    I’m a bit irked about the terminology regarding “the Elite”.

    How ’bout the “Cosmopolitan” ? Those who live in, or wish to live in, a universal city. An Empire in which the City rules — and draws resources from all the other colonies and territories and rural frontiers. The hewers of wood and drawers of water exist to support the rulers and artists and bankers — who live in the City.

    (Historically the City is civilization — Byzantium and Rome and London and Beijing and Cairo … an Empire with a zZpf distribution where the ruling central city is more than twice the population of any allied city … American Exceptionalism includes the observation that the population sizes of American cities do NOT observe this distribution. Our large cities are all close in size and which is top of the most populist list changes from generation to generation. )

    Those who love the idea of THE City hate American rural communities, federalism, the Electoral College, and all.

  4. Bill in Oz says:

    The Remoaners are traitors ! Yes I’ve known this for the past month or so.
    They do not want to be citizens of a United Kingdom. They want to be ‘citizens’ of a European empire.
    The indoctrination in the UK, in schools and via the media has been intense for about 30 years. So it’s remarkable how many British people see through the bull and want to remain citizens of an independent British.

    Good Luck to them all !

  5. tom0mason says:

    Thank-you EM, and thank-you Professor Starkey for explaining clearly the mess the UK is in.
    UK Parliament is mostly of self serving bureaucratic talking-shop of profiteers that ignore the BREXIT vote at their peril. Hopefully they push the remoaning case further and further so that it is very evident and the public will get the message — This Parliament will not do what you want.

  6. A C Osborn says:

    Pouncer says: 16 September 2019 at 7:15 pm
    Sorry you appear to have the idea of the Elite back to front.
    They want everybody else living in “Cities of tenements” (Camps) while they live on Estates that the rest are not allowed to encroach on.
    Read UN Agendas 21, 2030 and sustainabilty to see fro yourself.

  7. H.R. says:

    A C Osborn: “Estates”

    Estates?!? It’s dachas, comrade, dachas.
    /sort of ;o)

  8. YMMV says:

    The game continues. The current state of play is that BoJo is calling for an election on December 12 and Corbyn will doubtless refuse until no-deal is ruled out. Meanwhile the EU agrees on an extension but does not set a date. Very interesting.

    One EU diplomat said France pressed the other 26 to wait and favoured a delay until Nov. 15 or Nov. 30 to keep pressure on the British parliament to approve Johnson’s deal or face a disorderly Brexit. “Everyone wanted a decision today. But France had a problem with that and wanted to wait until Monday/Tuesday to see what happens in London,” the diplomat said.

    So what’s the strategy, what’s the next move?
    Labour clearly doesn’t want a general election that it’s almost certain to lose. Of course, Johnson knows perfectly well that Labour backbenchers are revolting at the prospect. The election isn’t itself the issue. Johnson’s strategy is different: it’s nothing to do with Corbyn, or Parliament, or general elections. It’s all about the European Council, which was gearing up to insist that the UK must accept the Benn Act extension to January 31.

    A three-month Brexit extension only made sense from the EU’s perspective in one scenario: if the UK were to hold a general election in that time. Three months would be insufficient in law for a second referendum to be forced upon the British people, even if there were the political will to do it. By manoeuvring Labour into opposing a general election, Boris Johnson hopes to focus the EU Council’s attention on that fact. It’s a neat trick, designed to increase the chances that the UK is only offered a short ‘technical’ extension to Brexit.

    Johnson saw that the EU Council ‘board’ wasn’t in his favour, but by inserting an attempt to call a general election first, he increased his chances of keeping any extension as short as possible.

    The extension should be until November 5 — Guy Fawkes Day.

  9. LB says:

    The easy way out, is to tell the EU that EU law has been revoked [Barclay signed the consent order] and no EU law has been adopted [Barclay hasn’t signed those consent orders].

    Secondly the EU will want funding. There is no finance bill in place to provide that funding and only the government can put finance bills to parliament.

    So, poetically, tell the EU, we won’t pay and we won’t obey.

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