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Omar & Hubby Brother, Cory Cans The Troll, and Crimate Change

I know, I know… a lot of videos lately. But my main workstation is busy draining a bunch of little disks into an 8 TB disk… and there’s been some cleanup and reorganizing involved… So here’s Bongino with a heck … Continue reading

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A demo video of a .50 Cal Air Rifle. It looks to be about as effective as a medium sized handgun caliber. Not surprising as the energies are about the same. Single shot, and has a BIG logistics issue in the air tank to fill it, but “enough gun” for getting critters in a post Aw Shit. Continue reading

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OH, The Irony… Gun Hit Piece Journo Flops

A video with gloating over a left wing journo who gets a FAILED background check and can’t buy a gun, thus proving it isn’t nearly as easy as she thought. Gloating provided by Liberty Doll ;-) Continue reading

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