OH, The Irony… Gun Hit Piece Journo Flops

This is a fun one…

Liberty Doll reports on an attempt by a Far Left Gun Hater to buy a gun at Walmart. Seems the less reality centered folks have been winding each other up with stories about how easy it is to buy a gun. (“There’s always a story.” -E.M.Smith) Well, as Liberty Doll reports, that “journalist” from Business Insider ran into the harsh reality of attempting to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. (Gee… do you need to pass a “background check” to practice your right to religion? Speech? Assembly?…)

There’s one bit that passes way too quickly. Liberty Doll is quoting an article about one mass shooting being in a “gun free zone” but if you pause it, you can read the whole page pointing out all three shooting were in “gun free zone”… so of course folks on The Left are asking for more “gun free zones”… Is it really that hard to figure out that a person wanting to do damage is going to avoid people who can shoot back and seek out “gun free zones”? Or is “The Left” looking to create more crisis events to then exploit?

It’s especially delicious that the “journalist” failed the background check due to her address not matching her driver’s licence… Gee, even the most trivially irrelevant “mistake” gets you dumped…

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5 Responses to OH, The Irony… Gun Hit Piece Journo Flops

  1. H.R. says:

    I liked at the end of the video where she said, “Maybe next time the reporter will try to buy a gun online [wink wink].”

    I’ve never bought any guns online because you have to go through your local licensed firearms dealer, in which case I might as well buy the gun there. I’ve mentioned before that we have the local 3-store chain of gun stores that sell at a price that matches or beats anything you will find online. Buying online is just an additional layer of hassle.

    Anyhow, Liberty Doll was obviously disappointed that the reporter didn’t try that. Now, if the reporter had posed as a MS-13 gang member then she could have bought guns direct from the FBI without the background check or any other questions asked, for that matter ;o)

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    The only advantage buying on line has is selection of choices. You can find stuff easily on line that would have you driving all over the place to find actually on the rack in a store. Those stores can in many cases just order what you want, but not all the time as some manufactures do production runs and at any given time the exact make and model you are looking for simply might not be available unless you go to someone who already has it in stock.

    Other than that little advantage to buying on line, you still have to have it delivered to a FFL holder and do all the paper work in the end anyway as you noted.

    On the other hand, if you buy it in a brick and mortar store nearby you can physically examine the item before you purchase, check that you like the actual feel and function, and if there is any issue after the purchase the warranty claim process is much simpler as they will act as your agent with the manufacturer.

    Unfortunately the common perception that it is trivial to buy a gun is only true when some gang banger buys one from a gun runner in an alley, not to normal consumers who buy from a business, or even private party who is unknown to you. Here in Colorado we have mandatory background check even at gun shows so they have a table set up where folks can take care of that check for a fee.

  3. Ed Forbes says:

    Most of my weapon purchases have been online as both the price and selection was much better. The local small shops are very willing to do the paperwork for a small charge. They make more margin on selling accessories and don’t tie up a large amount of their capital on inventory.

  4. Taz says:

    Good one.

  5. Lynn Clark says:

    Gun-free zone == Free-fire zone

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