Omar & Hubby Brother, Cory Cans The Troll, and Crimate Change

I know, I know… a lot of videos lately. But my main workstation is busy draining a bunch of little disks into an 8 TB disk… and there’s been some cleanup and reorganizing involved…

So here’s Bongino with a heck of a show today.

First up, he covers the Not-Impeachment Committee Circus run by Nadler. I’ve watched a couple of chunks of it (over an hour) and a LOT of it is just painful. He’s clearly just acting like a petulant little Troll conducting a deception fishing campaign, and not making it happen. If you are into that kind of thing (and don’t mind sitting through lots and lots of mind numbing procedural issues) it is worth it to find the feeds.

But Bongino gets a few choice cuts to give a flavor of the high points. There were a lot of others I liked just as well.

Then Bongino takes on Beto “What 2nd Amendment” the Master Beto… Turns out Australia has had NO statistical reduction in crime due to their gun ban law (it reduced at the same rate as before the law AND at the same rate in the USA). PLUS, all the things they attribute to “fewer guns” is just daft as there are now MORE GUNS in Australia (just different ones… same thing in California, BTW… we all have much prettier guns now ;-) So saying “Fewer homicides due to”… must really be logically followed by “…more guns” ;-)

Then a wonderful word is coined. “Crimate Change”. Clearly the lower gun deaths and reduced crime is from Crimate Change ;-)

Then at the end, turns out there are photos of Omar with her brother / husband after 2012 (when she said she never saw him again), there’s a photo of him holding his “niece” the day after Omar gave birth, and there’s a marriage licence of her sister giving their fathers name as the same as her brother / husband’s father and as was in a tweet Omar deleted…

Somehow I think this isn’t going away…

FWIW, I recommend that any who might have to be grilled by any committee watch how Cory Lewendowski handled it. Just stellar. Asked questions like “Did you say this to Muller?” his answer was “Can you point to the page in the Muller report to refresh my memory?” and then if it was on the page say “I testified honestly and stand by the Muller report”. Asked “Did the President tell you…” was reliably met with “I will not divulge the content of conversations with the President as he has Executive Privilege”. And when they tried to entrap him with tapes of news interviews his only answer was “I have always testified honestly when under oath but I owe no duty of honest to the media, they regularly lie.” Oh, when they would quote things from one of his books, say “Do you have a copy of the book to refresh my memory?” and when they would say no, “You ought to buy one, available at major bookstores. I stand by my book.”

He’s very good at answering while denying them the win AND avoiding any “obstruction” nonsense. The key bit seems to be “That was a long time ago and my memory is not as accurate now of more distant events. I stand by the record from where I was under oath, do you have it to refresh my memory? And the media lies and not being under oath I owe them no duty of honesty. Things to learn.

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7 Responses to Omar & Hubby Brother, Cory Cans The Troll, and Crimate Change

  1. philjourdan says:

    Yes, he was better than absent minded Hillary! A new diversion is born!

  2. Foyle says:

    Lack of movement on prosecuting Omar beggars belief. Insanely partisan judicial processes on display, awful for respect in the rule of law.

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    As much as it pains me, this whole “Rich & Democrats get off” thing has me thinking things like “well then F… the courts and law”… IF the system is rigged, why respect it, or do what it tells you to do, or do anything other than avoid it and find other ways. I know those are not good things to be thinking and push them out of the brain with reprimands about the importance of Rule Of Law. BUT… Once you know the game is rigged against you and for them, why support it or play the game?

    I’ve managed to “suck it up” and not “go there”… but watching Antifa beat people up and get “nothing” in the way of penalties (or maybe probation, like the “professor” who clocked a guy with a big bike lock in a bag… that can be lethal assault and he ought to be in prison) you start thinking things like “how to take protective action” yourself and wrap it in a defensible package.

    Already, having seen it displayed that the Police, even if there in force, will NOT protect the citizens from Antifa (that is DEMONSTRATED FACT) then it is by natural law up to me to defend myself. As I phrased it before, that means I AM faced with “lethal force”, no police protection, and so “safeties are off” as to what techniques are to be used right out the gate. No stalling for time for the police to get there. No minimal force to try to “back them off”. You have a mob using lethal force and you are ALONE. That demands maximal force and methods immediately.

    I don’t like it, but that’s the reality.

    Similarly, if faced with an “approved party” Dirty Deed, having an “honorable response” is off the table. Knowing the courts will NOT enforce the law, you end up with things like Snowden. Maximal damage up front and outside the legal system.

    It will take time for that to percolate through the whole society, but it can move fast once the social gel starts to break. Like civil breakdown in major riots… once “lawless” is seen as “OK”, it can turn in hours. What things like the Hillary Skate and Omar’s Fraud and the DNC Impeach Screech do is they say it is “OK” to be lawless. The old “Look, they did it!” sets in.

    I sincerely hope this gets fixed soon, because I much prefer peaceful lawful societies. I don’t want that lawless world. But I fear we’ve got maybe a year and then it’s going to be too broken. If there are not Perp Walks by the next election, ti’s not going to end well.

  4. Pouncer says:

    Not just violent crimes. The recent reports of rich performing celebrities who “buy” athletic scholarships to prestige universities for their non-athletic children — then get only a few days of jail time — make me wonder about the whole “equal justice under The Law” thing.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Equal justice under the law has “left the building”.

    That is just a simple observable.

    The only question really is what replaces it now. I don’t know, that’s for sure.

  6. Steven Fraser says:

    The Bezerkely prof copped a plea to misdemeanor battery, and got 3 years probation, starting about a year ago.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    There is still some effective enforcement but in this case it is Federal Officers not local that crack down on ANTIFA.

    As you mentioned that sort of societal break down is the actual objective of folks like ANTIFA and the hard core left – they “want” the wheels to come off the apple cart, because it will give them the excuse to go full totalitarian.

    Right now the only thing holding it together is that by and large the Trump supporters like you want to save a lawful society but history tells us very plainly that in time even that final check will fail if you push long enough and hard enough to destroy the rule of law.

    It greatly concerns me that we are very close to that trip point where people give up hope of a peaceful lawful solution and say – – – – F**k it you asked for it you got it!

    And go full tilt to fix the problem with other means.

    We either fix this in the very near future or things go completely sideways and things will get very ugly very quickly. All it takes is something to initiate the blow off of stress.

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