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Nepotism Biden / Ukraine / The Trump Smear – A Summary

A brief review of the Ukraine Impeach Screech over Ukraine investigating corruption, influence pedaling, and obstruction of justice by Joe & Hunter Biden. The a Tim Pool video laying it out. Continue reading

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Woke Broke Colleges – It’s A Trend

Lots of Liberal Arts colleges are hitting the dumpster. Often just after adopting Left Woke policies and offering Identity Complaint Studies majors… Continue reading

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GM (Government Motors) Announces Next Bankruptcy Date (All Electric Plan)

General Motors (Government Motors…) announces it’s All Electric (short) Future! Continue reading

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Belgium Pops For Nationalism…

Belgium has as it’s largest party, now, a “Far Right Nationalist” party. Yet the “Center Right” doesn’t want to form a government with them. Go figure… The EU does seem to be suffering slow self disassembly… Continue reading

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