Bongino On The Ukraine Fake Smear

This is a very good Bongino show (1 hour) where he goes through the lies and deception in how the Spin is being applied to the fake Ukraine Smear.

One bit in particular caught my ear. He said he’d read the “complaint” from the not-a-whistle-blower partisan hack; and that is is 10 pages long (!) and reads like a document prepared by a lawyer or with legal advice (citing legal chapters, etc.)

He asserts it is a put up job and was a deliberate prepared attack.

There’s other bits, like pointing out where the media says “Trump asked for help!” implying about getting Biden, yet Trump really just said he wanted help rooting out the corruption from Cloudstrike. Or when they say Trump wanted to send His Lawyer over, but it was the Ukrainian President who brought up Giuliani and only then Trump offered to let them have a meet.

So it bears a close reading of the transcript and pay attention to who brings up what topics. Also note it IS a transcript. Not from a recording, but from folks actively note-taking.

There’s also some fuss over the transcript having been placed on a more secure server (secret classified or some such) instead of “the usual one”. Well, with the amount of leaking, infiltrating, and attacking being done, I’d have everything on THE most secure service available.

He then also brings up the Senate letter to Ukraine asking for help getting Trump and how Obama pressured Ukraine for information on Trump. OK for Democrats but impeachable for Republicans? The Democrat Stink is strong in this one.

In other news, it looks like Trump raised $5 Million IN ONE DAY in a “defense fund” request ;-)

I sure do hope the Democrats keep up with this shit ’cause even folks not very interested in politics and here in Kalifornia are starting to talk dirt about them and their shenanigans. Pissed-er and pissed-er…

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53 Responses to Bongino On The Ukraine Fake Smear

  1. philjourdan says:

    The one thing I have learned in the last 3 years, is that no matter how many times the cat tries and fails to catch the light from the flash light, they still try again and again.

    THe democrats will keep it up because Trump wants them to, and they are incapable of acting outside their box. And he knows it.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    double posting this as relevant to this thread too.

    BREAKING: A large cache of confidential foreign documents have just been leaked implicating Joe Biden, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Joseph Misfud’s collusion and possible criminal activity in Ukraine.

  3. serioso says:

    Oh dear. I was truly expecting to read something more original than a pointer to a one-hour video. Haven’t you read the complaint itself? It’s obvious that it was written by an inside-the-white-house CIA operative on a temporary posting, someone with legal training, literary skills, and moral values, with access to other troubled staffers.

    If you want to learn the truth, and to convince others you have found it, try quoting original sources. The fact remains is that our President has treated his office as a personal fiefdom, without regard to the laws or traditions of constitutional governance. The fact also remains that you are indifferent to his behavior. Your response is shameful. As the saying goes, be ashamed. Be very ashamed!

  4. Ed Forbes says:

    Love this on camera cip from Joe Biden. No pressure !! LOL

    “…I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time…”

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    This just showed up on twitter, – love the choice of music for the video clip.

  6. Ossqss says:

    Hummmm, I read the anonymous.second hand complaint. Basically, got nothin..

    No shaming there bubbah……

    Albeit, the comment was only to solicit reply, no substinance at all there, Seriososly

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    Per Serioso:

    Serioso is the kind of guy who walks into a Pizza shop, and orders Fried Chicken. Then, when informed they have a chicken pizza but the fried chicken place is next door, gets all livid and demands to complain to the manager…

    Don’t like the menu? Find another restaurant.

    Now, dissecting it a little bit: Once again the profound negativity of Serioso shows through. Must be a complex of some sort. What a sad depressive little life. Nothing but gripes and complaints and upset. My advice? Learn to internalize “Life is too short to drink bad wine”, and “Life is what you make it now, isn’t it. So I’m making mine Chocolate!”. ( I know it won’t do any good, but I just must look for some potential good, even in a bunch of sour grapes…. think Icewine ;-)

    So, just so Serioso can follow the plot:

    I’m prone to being prolix (that means I use a lot of words, often big words). I’ve worked for years on becoming terse (that’s using just a few small words). I’ve gotten much better at it, so sometimes I write short things. In fact, as I’ve worked to make my visual communications skill better, sometimes I use graphs. Sometimes, even just a video.

    I’ve published dozens (hundreds?) of postings that are mostly or all videos. It’s what I do often.

    It is variety, and it is “eye candy” that many people like. (Note to Serioso: There are more people in the world than yourself. Many of them like things you do not like. I am not here to make you happy, nor are they. Get over yourself.) So a lot of time I do things “just for myself” or “for the other part of the audience”. Serioso: The world is NOT about YOU. I don’t care what you expect, what you want, what you like or do not like. You are not relevant. I post things I like to please me, and for anyone else who does like them.

    So you had a fantasy WRONG expectation of what Bongino was? Not my problem. You are so immature that you can’t accept that YOUR wrong expectations are not MY concern. You are so mal-formed an ego that you can’t just look at it and say to yourself “Oh, a video. I don’t like videos so this isn’t for me, maybe I’ll go read the NYT.” and be happy with that? Not my problem. So now you know what Bongino means / is / does. Move along, move along…

    No, I’ve not read the complaint myself. Spouse and I went to the zoo today. Nice sun. Picnic in the park. Watching kids and animals enjoy the day. Great stuff. Sometimes is is more important to spend some time in the real world and not, to paraphrase a great line from Gutfield “get on that anxiety hamster wheel” (talking about the folks hyperventilating about Yet Another Nothing Burger of made up crap.) IF it really is 10 pages long and looks lawyerley, then it is pretty much guaranteed a Set Up Job Hit Piece and I Just Don’t Give A Damn about set up props.

    IMHO a real “Whistle Blower” would have about 1 page, max, saying “FOO happened, I think it’s bad.”

    Besides which, it is ENTIRELY IRRELEVANT HEARSAY RUMOR MONGERING. Get it? They never heard the call. Period.

    We now have the transcript of the call. That’s all that matters, and what it says is Trump did NOT ask to have a “favor” to investigate Biden, Biden’s Son, or any other rival. He asked for a favor on CLOUDSTRIKE. Which, if you would bother to watch the excellent and very information dense video complete with cited papers shown, you would know. Along with a few dozens of other similarly damning (for the coup plotters) observations. Especially that last 10 minutes or so where he lays out the web of conspirators and their connection through The Atlantic Council.

    So I just spent about 3 hours after dinner watching a few dozen news excerpts (wonderful how YouTube will go all ADD and focus on just one topic if you nudge it that way three times…) and fully 90%+ of the Democrat / MSM folks were getting LIVID and WOUND UP over things that WERE NOT SAID IN THE CALL / transcript. Frothing over fantasies. Hell, Shiff even made up his own fantasy text channeling his inner Trump (and looking like a damn fool so later had to say it was humor or something…)

    Per “quoting original sources” I do. ALL the time. In this case I posted a video of original sources along with a person reading them to you… Also, I have read the transcript (every word of it) and there’s just no there there. (The fantasy “complaint” claims a lot of things were said that are not there, and cites imaginary other sources who are not identified. I.e. a fantasy.)

    As to your skewed perceptions of Trump: I just don’t give a damn. From what I’ve seen, he is doing a fine job. He has had to deal with a degree of badgering, assaults, infiltration, spying, legal assault at every turn, and more; so much so that it beggars belief how he keeps on just doing his job. Makes a fella proud of him.

    “The fact also remains that you are indifferent to his behavior.:”

    Some times you are such an idiot. You never NEVER get it right about me, what I feel, or how I think. So sad. I am certainly NOT “indifferent to his behavior”. I’m thrilled by it! I LOVE it. It brings joy to my heart and hope to my soul. He is a tireless lion fighting the good fight against a truly evil and corrupt Deep State. I would do anything he asked of me. He’s a real American Hero.

    “Your response is shameful. As the saying goes, be ashamed. Be very ashamed!”

    But you just complained that I had no response, that this was just a 1 hour video. Make up your mind. Please.

    As per “shame”: Never saw much use for it, so never touch the stuff myself. All it does is hand over your sense of self worth to others, and they typically want to abuse that power. So I just do what is right and true to the best of my ability, accept any failings as my own, and get up the next day to start all over again. Shame is for people too weak to take responsibility for themselves.

    Besides, to be “ashamed”, I’d have to have done something wrong. I’ve not. I’m just being a supporter of my Duly Elected President and Commander In Chief as he does the heavy lifting of clearing out the manure that’s accumulated in D.C.

    I wasn’t sure when voting for him that it was going to work out. There have been so many promising to fix the crap and stop the Globalist Cabal that were do-nothings once in office. But now, 3 years almost into it? He’s kept his word and done way more good stuff than I expected would get done. 5 more years and 2 more Supreme Court Justices and we will be in pretty good shape. America, what a country! Again.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    That’s a GREAT video! I love the ending “Trump Mafia”… Wonder if there’s a local chapter ;-)

    Nice to know about the doc drop. Went to download them. 2 problems.
    1) Not an archive wad. Download each one by one… A bittorrent tarball or gzip would be better.
    2) To download, need to sign up. No thanks… (and I’m not going to make a dummy ‘me’ just for that. I’ll get them from someone else…)

    But do hope it is a SHTF moment for those Wonderful Saintly Souls… /sarc;

    @Ed Forbes:

    Yeah, that video is a real sinker for the Biden campaign. Dims want to do an impeachment show, better be prepared for Biden in the docks too…

    What I find most fascinating about things like it, is they are great tells for what is an honest and unbiased news outlet. ALL the MSM (except FOX) basically ignore Biden confessing to malfeasance of the worst kind, blackmail, nepotism. They ALL embrace the NothingBerger Ukraine hoax. Pretty much damns them as flat out partisan liars. Then the independents look into it, run with it ,and get real news and reporting. Then the MSM wonders why their circulation / viewers are baslically the DNC & Fellow Travelers. (Really, less than that. Under 1/4 of the San Francisco bay area and this place s about 90% Democrats, so not even getting the true believers in one metroplex… I mean, really, think about: about 1 million (or less). That’s 1/340 the of the country… Cat videos get more views.)

    @Another Ian:

    I could see that. The C.I.A. is highly complicit in all this. Hillary and Obama could not have done all they did AND not get in deep doo over it without the C.I.A. knowing. That then nothing happened to stop it pretty much says C.I.A. are in on it. Then look at how the guys who were running the place acted (before getting canned…) and it’s pretty clear they are part of the problem. Hopefully just the top 2 or 3 layers and the rank and file are still moral Americans…

    But the amount of “Top Cover” to the corrupt and the amount of “pay to play” and nobody gets even a minor reprimand? That says big power and lots of TLA acceptance at a minimum. Looking at the negative space of what ought to have happened.


    I do sometimes wonder. For example,Trump KNOWS he’s in a fight with the Deep State. He knows they are looking for something, anything. He knows he has moles in the office. And he’s done some color the water to see where it goes.

    I’d not be surprised to find he’d carefully scripted the call to be just juicy enough to trigger the TDS folks, but not enough to be any real problem; and then launched the flair… to see who would go chasing it…

    In one move he has:

    1) Killed the Biden campaign.
    2) Made the Democrats look like idiots again.
    3) Forced Pelosi to cave to the most radical wing. She is now Speaker In Name Only.
    4) Outed the mole.
    5) Got Ukraine on side with full investigation of the crap / deep state / Biden / whatall.
    6) Panicked the Deep State Players (and panic leads to errors).
    7) Implicated Soros.
    8) Put a spotlight on Hunter Biden
    9) The spotlight is spilling over to those around the graft (cough, Hillary, cough, Obama,…)
    10) REALLY “fired up his base”
    11) Raised more $Millions in days than the Democrats in months
    12) Made the MSM look like profound partisan liars and idiots.

    and likely a dozen more I’ve not seen / figured out yet!

    Just Amazing. As an “accident”, it seems too good to be true. As a “play”, it’s very very good and almost too good to be true.

    Yes, it takes audacity… but Trump seems to be the Master of Audacity… (He did study at a military school and liked it…)

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    Ashamed ! Very ashamed. I am very ashamed of My Democratic Party that has become a wholly owned agency of a foreign power. The most murderous power that has ever existed. They are both nearly done. The spawn of Utopia will be swept away…pg

  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    @Larry L:

    That’s a GREAT video! I love the ending “Trump Mafia”… Wonder if there’s a local chapter ;-)


  11. beththeserf says:

    Larry Ledwick vidi-oh, ‘Lion Man,’ lol … ‘Cycnus,’ -(not pronounced, ‘sickness, ) … it means ‘multiple characters,’ likely a ‘ tribal elite, yr’ philosopher- king- coterie- management – likely opposed to the individual musing’ ‘n investigating fer hisself, /herself. Oh Socrates, oh Galileo, oh Feynman! :-)*

    …Had a coupla’ wines. (Lucky serf ter be able ter afford such,) I put it down ter Western Sci-Tech and Democratic Revolution now under attack. Oh trial ‘n error, oh empiricism kept honest by battling with matter, oh Magna Carta , oh James Watt! – Sante!

  12. jim2 says:

    Serioso frets over “original sources” when the (not-really-a) whistle blower used second hand information. The whistle blower document even references Soros funded Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). Now there’s some politically neutral information! Here’s the document again:

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

  14. serioso says:

    Mr. Smith is right about one thing: When I said he was indifferent to Trump’s behavior, I was completely wrong. Mr. Smith is an apologist, a denier, a tool. He relies on secondary sources rather than read the complaint (or the transcript?). He doesn’t care if Trump breaks the law. That’s even more shameful than I originally thought. Mr. Smith enjoys winning arguments but can’t handle the plain truth when it’s under his nose, so he avoids and ignores the obvious. My conclusion is clear and harsh: Mr. Smith is not an honest man. That’s too bad.

  15. H.R. says:

    @Serioso – Why read the complaint by someone who was not present for the call and based the complaint on hearsay about the call when you can read the transcript of the actual call?

    Who cares about the complaint when you can read the transcript of the actual call and make your own assessments? I admit I was very interested in the complaint until the transcript of the call was released. Then the complaint became irrelevant.

    From your reading of the transcript, not what someone says the transcript says, but your reading and analysis, what specifically did the President of the United States say that was illegal or improper? I didn’t see anything, but perhaps you could point out where it occurs in the transcript.

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    And… true to form, all Serioso has is made up crap and insults. We’ll doggedly go through it, again, and maybe he can catch a clue if it lands in his glove…

    “Mr. Smith is right about one thing: When I said he was indifferent to Trump’s behavior, I was completely wrong.”

    So far, so good. Yup, you were wrong.

    Then, three empty suit lies / insults in a row! Golly! 3 in 9 words. (3 in 4 if you don’t count articles and the “Mr.” and my name.)

    “Mr. Smith is an apologist, a denier, a tool. ”

    Um, no. In fact, Hell No.;

    First off, I’ve not “apologized” for anything. There is nothing TO apologize for. I am a Trump Supporter. Sort of tepid hopefully at first, but with increasing vigor as he has delivered on his campaign promises and shown he really is fighting the good fight to drain the swamp. So no, no apologies in sight, or needed. Just some praise for a person actually keeping campaign promises and making the nation much better.

    Second, I’ve not “denied” anything. I’ve read the transcript, and there’s nothing in it that’s a crime in any way, shape or form. As noted many times already, the “complaint” is second hand gossip from someone who heard something over the water cooler. Not evidence. The transcript is the actual event recorded by the best stenographers in the room.

    “He relies on secondary sources rather than read the complaint (or the transcript?).”

    No. I choose not to rely on TERTIARY sources (a report of the complaint from someone who heard a rumor) and went DIRECTLY to the transcript. Had you been paying attention you would have noted where I thanked the link being posted and said I’d read it.

    Behold the boomerang!

    Click to access Unclassified09.2019.pdf

    This does not look good………….for the Biden family.


    Thanks for the PDF link. Just finished reading it. Unfortunately, it DOES have POTUS asking Ukraine to look into Biden and the prosecutor. That’s enough of a “hook” for the Dims to hang an impeachment finding on. The only good thing is that, near as I can tell, POTUS was doing a good thing in that the whole Biden Mess is clear pay-to-play and extortion under color of office by Biden. So it will be a “race condition” between the Dimocrats saying it’s political “IMPEACH!!!!” and Trump saying “Corruption ought to be investigated and this looks fishy” and gets a lot of air time on Fox for the video of Biden saying he blackmailed Ukraine into firing the prosecutor.

    So, OK, no quid-pro-quo “Investigate Biden or no cookies”, so that’s a good thing; but it isn’t the complete Free Pass it would have been with no reference to Biden or the fired prosecutor at all.

    So much for the lie that I didn’t go to original sources…

    “He doesn’t care if Trump breaks the law.”

    Not true at all. I would care if he did break the law, but he didn’t. Under the terms of the Treaty with Ukraine where we are to have mutual support of criminal investigations, he was doing what his job demands. Or is it your position that if I do graft, corrupt use of office for personal and family gain, and extortion: all I need to do is announce I’m running for POTUS and I’m Scott free forever? Hmmm?

    BTW, Trump brought up CloudStrike. President of Ukraine asked about Guiliani and raised the corruption issue (so Biden). You want POTUS to just go silent then? Say nothing? That’s not gonna work.

    “That’s even more shameful than I originally thought.”

    Since we’ve already established that you are highly partisan, at a minimum error prone, don’t understand me or what is posted very well at all, and at worst are a Troll attempting to sow discord (but not quite enough facts in evidence to show that) via deliberate lies: I don’t give a damn what you “thought”. Originally or otherwise. Your fixation with “shame” shows poor understanding of the concept of personal responsibility and a fetish over control by others who “shame” you. I do NOT look to others for my moral compass. I look to myself and I’ve stayed just fine, thank you very much. What you think is not important.

    “Mr. Smith enjoys winning arguments”

    Not really. If find the whole process of “arguments” tedious and a waste of time. What I do enjoy is a Tidy Mind and making sure everything I allow to take residence in it is well supported. To that extent, when people are spouting crap, I do like to note it and point it out. I’m also a hopelessly caring person so I do like to help people think more clearly. What I really enjoy is that moment when someone goes “Oh! Now I get it!”. (First got hooked on that teaching algebra to other high school classmates ;-)

    “but can’t handle the plain truth when it’s under his nose,”

    Just ludicrous pomposity on your part. You darned well know the one thing I really cherish is an established truth. What I reject is crap like rumors, innuendo, slander, mis-quoted statements, lies, damn lies, and Democratic Talking Points. Give me a plain truth any day. The problem is that 99.99999% of everything from the Democrats and Media about Trump are at a minimum distortions, often in error, and usually biased flat out partisan lies. That I do not like.

    I’m not alone in that observation:

    “so he avoids and ignores the obvious.”

    Projection much?

    “My conclusion is clear and harsh: Mr. Smith is not an honest man. That’s too bad.”

    YOUR “conclusion” is worthless. We’ve already established that what you do is toss insults for effect and try to cause discord, cite 1/2 truths as gospel (see your insistence on the rumor monger “complaint” over the actual Transcript as prime example) and generally do not keep a tidy mind nor treat others well.

    Per honesty:

    Well, sorry to say, but you have a few hard hurdles to get over there. I’ve been entrusted with very significant secrets, had full responsibility for criminal investigations, and more. I’m NASA certified a “nice guy” and trustworthy (by the old NASA not the present one… about ’75 or so). I’ve been in charge of $Million budgets of other peoples money. I’ve also had 100% access to all email at several listed companies. Never a leak. Never a loss. Never a bad word.

    I am absolutely honest (often to a fault) about way too much. Only indulging the need for deception under very narrow rules. When required to keep a secret for others, for example, to not betray a trust. When required to catch a thief (it’s OK for the cops to mislead the perp…) For polite “social lies” such as when your S.O. asks “Do you think this makes my butt look big?” ;-)

    So, do I lie? Everybody lies sometimes or society would collapse. I had the layoff list for 4000 people for a few weeks before it happened. Think I’d go around telling folks that? Nope. Had to say “anyone with the list can’t share it”… even though I did have to share it with the 2 guys implementing the process of closing accounts. But a 1/2 hour discourse on why they get it and the other folks in the group didn’t would not be helpful to anyone. So there ARE times that Official Secrets require some degree of deception.

    But beyond those few cases? Can’t think of much. Certainly not anything to do with such a silly topic as Politics or The News or Global Warming. No reason for keeping anything out of the sunshine there at all.

    Now I have no idea what Fantasy Lie you have imagined, nor do I care. You are free to keep as untidy and corrupt a mind as you like. Even share it with others.

    All I demand is that you do it politely. Without attacks “to the person”. A topic we’ve gone over a hundred times before and that you were doing so well on. Until lately. TDS Much?

    So, just a reminder: You’ve once again had a couple of “please don’t insult” in the latest rounds of comments. You’ve now reached the end of the warning cycle. If you can’t refrain from “insults to the person” (politicians excepted, of course ;-) then you will go back on moderation.

    Frankly, while I value having a “bird dog” keeping me alert, I don’t need a feral mutt growling at everyone. So clean up your act.

  17. llanfar says:


    Not true at all. I would care if he did break the law, but he didn’t. Under the terms of the Treaty with Ukraine where we are to have mutual support of criminal investigations, he was doing what his job demands. Or is it your position that if I do graft, corrupt use of office for personal and family gain, and extortion: all I need to do is announce I’m running for POTUS and I’m Scott free forever? Hmmm?

    That treaty was signed by William Jefferson Clinton (counting all addendums) in ‘99, and then approved shortly thereafter.

  18. Steven Fraser says:

    And, slightly off topic, the Treaty identifies who in each government is to be the contact person for the coordination of criminal investigations. And, it ain’t kiddos from Congress.

  19. p.g.sharrow says:

    From the sound of the flack you must be over the target! Whoever owns serioso has sicked his dog on you, LoL, again. ;-)…pg

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Man, Bongino 1076 continues where the other one left off…

    Points out the “accuse your opponent of what you do” rule of the Leftists AND adopts the “New Rules” that include my “be the mirror” and do to them what they do to you! (Though I think it is a parallel invention on his part).

  21. philjourdan says:

    @EM – well I guess I am 4 pages up on you. I read the entire transcript and then tried to read the democrat talking points called the whistle blower complaint. As you noted, it was lawyerese and hearsay. Which is a contradiction since no lawyer would take the time to expound on hearsay. So that is why I call it talking points. It is nothing more.

    I did not bother to read Sorryoso’s comment because the first line showed he has not read the rest of your postings where you went into a lot of detail about this whole fake scandal. But I did enjoy your comment about his comment.

    I will tell you that the democrats just lost one seat in the house. The sorry idiots who won in swing districts are out there trying to justify their hypocrisy and lies they said during the campaign, but the first chance they got to prejudge they did. So whereas in 2018 they could claim innocence, they no longer can. And the mood here is not good for the witch who lied to us. She had the stupidity and audacity to parrot the talking points even after the transcript was released. Fine! She is a good little Bundistbot for the democrats. But this is not a glass of water district.

    Kasich,, no fan of Trumps, told the propaganda arm of the DNC (AKA CNN) that no one in Ohio is talking about it. Even some of my liberal friends here in the now blue state of Virginia, are gritting their teeth and whining about how they do not like Trump, but they see no alternative.

    So thank your Sorryoso and your Antifa fascist ilk. I will enjoy toasting the next 4 years for Trump thanks to your hatred of all who dare to say a word that is not in rigid lockstep with your fascist ideas.

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    @P.G. Sharrow:

    Oh Man! You’ve outed one of my metrics! When the squeal the loudest, you know you are right!


    Ain’t karma a bitch?! ;-)

  23. philjourdan says:

    @EM –

    I’d not be surprised to find he’d carefully scripted the call to be just juicy enough to trigger the TDS folks, but not enough to be any real problem; and then launched the flair…

    Eggsactly! It is too pat and effective to be random. Half the Democrat money men have already said they will sit this one out if Warren is the nominee because she has alienated all of them, Bernie is fading and the rest of the field is just that – the field (reference Craps). So it was a Biden/Warren show. And now Schiffless and Nader have taken Biden out!

    Trump is smarter than any of the idiots in the game right now. And as long as they all keep thinking he is an idiot, they will find out they are the idiots. But they will not understand it. Instead blaming some other imaginary boogeyman.

  24. philjourdan says:

    I do so enjoy your lessons. Sadly I am not up to your standards and do lapse on occasion. But they are solid.

    One other item I would add to your lesson – if you have to lie to prove your point, you only prove you have no point.

    Schiffless did that yesterday. Sorryoso did that today.

  25. Geoff Sherrington says:

    Your note to Serioso 27th inst, hits my “spot on” responder on every point. Well done.
    I am an Australian, so we have some different emphases for some international events. But, fundamental principles like honesty and truth know no borders. It has amazed me that the past 50 years have left so many public figures dishonest and untruthful. They must know that they will be outed one day.
    If you seek a view from our lovely country any day, you have my email. Do press on with your good work. Geoff S

  26. H.R. says:

    philjourdan: “Even some of my liberal friends here in the now blue state of Virginia, are gritting their teeth and whining about how they do not like Trump, but they see no alternative.”

    My wife was watching Tucker Carlson tonight. I pay exactly 1/2-attention, but I did catch an Old School Democrat he had on who said the extreme leftward lurch of the party was not why they were Democrats. He was, until recently, in the “Democrats are the party of the working man” camp. No more. He can’t support any of the current candidates, Presidential or Congressional.

    I commented to my wife how I’ve been seeing a lot of self-described former Democrats commenting on various blogs. No, they don’t embrace the Republican party, but they do like the results President Trump is getting and they see the 24/7 “Orange Man Bad” as ridiculous. President Trump is getting good results so “Orange Man Bad” just isn’t playing in Peoria.

    So I hazarded a guess that in the 2020 election cycle, some Dems – only some – will vote Trump but I think the real problem will be the large number of Dems that will just sit out 2020. Sort of like the Republicans with Romney and Ryan. That’s going to leave the Dems with the 25%-30% core of true believers and useful idiots. That, and the reliable 96% block of black/African American Dem voters has probably shrunk to maybe 70%, and that’s a killer.

    Meanwhile, “Ima gonna go git me a beeeeer.” ;o)

  27. H.R. says:

    “Oh, and don’t pay any attention to the Sambo and Jemima salt and pepper shakers on the cupboard above me. *lip smack* Good beeer!”
    ;o) ;o)

  28. YMMV says:

    This was in an OT comment in WUWT.
    Steve McIntyre looks at the new dog-whistleblower form which accepts hearsay and finds an interesting timing.

  29. Another Ian says:

    YMMV More on that

    “Breaking – ICIG Whistleblower Form Recently Modified to Permit Complaint “Heard From Others”…”

  30. jim2 says:

    H.R. says @ :

    “So I hazarded a guess that in the 2020 election cycle, some Dems – only some – will vote Trump but I think the real problem will be the large number of Dems that will just sit out 2020. ”

    I do hope you are right. This will also be yet one more nail in the coffin of the polls. Many of them weight their poll results by the proportion of dimowits to Republicans and other “known” metrics. You have illustrated the problem with that.

  31. philjourdan says:

    No, they don’t embrace the Republican party,

    Yes. They are not conservative. And I doubt half will vote for Trump. But what they will do (or not do) is not vote for Warren. They are NOT socialist. They do understand the difference.

    @HR – your point about “staying home” with Romney is spot on. They will not vote Trump, but they will stay home.

    But I disagree with your “96%”. The media is pushing lies. Most blacks will vote for Warren, But Trump will get a lot more blacks than he did the first time. Results matter. The tie in is the polls that Chiefio referenced before. The incessant drum beat of “racist” is only playing in Hollywood. (and College USA) Actions speak louder than rhetoric.

  32. H.R. says:

    philjourdan: “But I disagree with your “96%”. The media is pushing lies. Most blacks will vote for Warren, […]”

    I disagree with your disagreement ;o) (Gee. Is this an ‘argument’ on the Chiefio blob ‘echo chamber’? Is Serioso happy now?)

    If the Trump Campaign organization has the sense God gave a goat, they will highlight that clip and focus in on the Sambo and Jemima salt and pepper shakers on Warren’s shelf. Even a blind man can see through a brick wall, given enough time.

    And… I’ve been seeing comments here and there that Warren does not click with the black voters . I have no knowledge one way or the other on the matter. But if true, the 70% or less may come from that block sitting out the 2020 election and not the happy black taxpayers with jobs, who might just go down and vote Trump.

    BTW, I think Biden is toast, unless the money people enjoy throwing away their money and want to ride the Biden horse until he drops. Can you just imagine the Presidential Candidate debates if Biden is nominated?

    Wait…. Debates?!? Hell! The Dems will weasel out of any proposed debate on the flimsiest of excuses; “Presidential Candidate Biden has a hangnail and sends his regrets. Oh, and his dentures need an extra soaking.”

  33. Simon Derricutt says:

    I don’t know what others notice, but to me it seems that this Serioso is different than the last one. It seems more insistent on getting the talking-points covered concisely, rather than add any excess bloviation. Either they’ve improved the programming or they’ve put a different person in. Kind of hard to tell precisely given the lack of engagement with other people here.

  34. H.R. says:

    Simon D: “Kind of hard to tell precisely given the lack of engagement with other people here.”

    Oh yes indeed. The lack of engagement with other commenters has been quite noticeable to me as well. There was one thread a few months where Serioso v4.3.6 did reply to many who commented on what Serioso v4.3.6 had posted.

    However, Serioso’s attacks of the man and not the ball have been consistent over time, so I’m more inclined to go with Serioso v1.0.0, though I could be wrong.

  35. jim2 says:

    So, I was under the impression the Senate has an intel committee. Where the hell are they? They need to start issuing some subpoenas of their own. Such as …

    1. To the people who are responsible for the wording of the whistle-blower document. Who changed the wording recently and why?
    2. Hunter Biden for obvious reasons.
    3. Hunter Biden’s John Kerry relation.
    4. The whistle-blower – this could be a non-public interview.
    5. Joe Biden.
    6. George Soros

    Obviously we have a target-rich environment. Where the hell are they????

  36. jim2 says:

    Also, the Senate intel committee should subpoena HRC before she throws her hat into the Presidential ring!!!!

  37. philjourdan says:


    I disagree with your disagreement ;o) (Gee. Is this an ‘argument’ on the Chiefio blob ‘echo chamber’? Is Serioso happy now?)

    Maybe we should do a Frank Burns Birthday for Sorryosos?

    OK, to make him happy, I disagree with your disagreement with my disagree!

    Actually, I think we may be saying the same thing, only varying in degrees (Sorry, Sorryoso, your birthday us over).

    Warren does not have the black vote (especially after her pretending to be a minority – that reeks of WP). So yes, many will just stay home.

    But many will lie as well when asked who they voted for. Why? Does anyone need the hassle of burning crosses on their lawn courtesy of Antifa? Exit polls will not reflect the secrecy of the voting booth. Many have already stated that they will lie about who they support just to avoid the hassle of a lawless gang of thugs. And it is over a year until the election!

    2nd term, Trump uses RICO to crack down on Antifa. Until then, most will not admit the truth.

  38. Larry Ledwick says:

    There are a “LOT” of blacks on twitter saying they are walking away from the Dems, and acknowledging that the black community has been used by the Dems for decades and got nothing in return but trashed inner cities, massive corruption and lots of promises and no action on their problems.

    It seems to be like a tide which is turning, slowly at first but now friends are red pilling friends and you now see posts where one person flipped and shortly after their entire family did the same.

    This looks to be a sea change that will last, many are saying they will never again vote for any Democratic candidate.

    Same thing is happening in the Hispanic community, Trump will get higher vote turn out from both groups that any other Republican ever has since the end of the civil war.

    The Dems literally have about 14 months to turn things around or they cease to exist as a viable party, same for the establishment Republicans I expect Trump to pull from both sides and create a Trump Party of middle or the road patriotic Americans and will in time kill both of the current major parties.

    The result I expect is 2 minority parties (American Democratic Communist party), and the (Globalist Chamber of Commerce party) and the Majority Trump party.

  39. jim2 says:

    I wrote my Senator asking why there are no investigations into this impeachment travesty and Biden. If enough of us do that … ?

  40. E.M.Smith says:

    From the “Fantasies of a Blog Operator” department:

    There was a time many months (year+?) ago when I’d traced the Serioso IP address to about 22 miles from Langley. Then he / she / it (pronounced he-shit) went quiet for a while… Makes a fellow go Hmmm….

    So I’ve wondered: A junior media influencer “assigned” to me? An agent or TLA employee after hours engaging for “fun”? Just another Government Employee in the area?

    Don’t know and don’t really care. While others have shared some of their background, Serioso is curiously hard anonymous. I’m OK with that. It’s risky being live on the internet… I’m only really willing to run a blog and have my name known due to being functionally “Anonymous Anonymous” via my real name. (There’s another guy with my name about 4 houses down the block too, so if his house suddenly gets Antifa Protesters, I’ll know why ;-)

    Oh, and do remember that Serioso used to go by a different handle, but changed it a few years back. After the first one suffered some “restrictions” due to foul moody attacks…

    But, like I said, I find a certain amount of “bird dogging” beneficial. Keeps the animal spirits alive and reduces sloppiness. In every team I’ve managed I’ve set the rule that “Anyone call call ‘Bull Shit’ on some statement, even mine.” And with zero risk / reprisal. But then they had to make their case. So I once called Bull Shit on my Telco guy when he said it took an hour to move a phone. We were moving a floor of people and so I put my self on his team as “junior” to him. He showed me how to move phones and I set about doing it. At the end of the day I’d done… one phone per hour… And I acknowledged that fact in the post move staff meeting and said he was absolutely right and I’d been flat out wrong with insufficient understanding of the whole process (and was thankful for the education I’d gotten on how his job worked).

    So that’s why I like having Serioso around. Now if only he would just not toss “insults to the person”…

    WHY do I dislike insults to the person so much? Simple, really. About 40 years ago in another era of the internet, “Flame Wars” were common on news boards. I got sucked into a few of them. That was when I realized that “Be The Mirror” had a failure mode in insult escalation cycles. I added the addendum to never be the escalator. BUT, when the other person escalates anyway, matching tit-for-tat still escalates. Then, NOT matching lets them get away with BS insults / flames. So to avoid that whole scenario of Flame Wars, the best thing is to just forbid the insults in the first place, and when necessary, do “analysis for effect” on them. Basically I don’t like ME when I’m being insulting as it is opposed to my nature, so don’t like the insult / escalate cycle, so try to not let me be goaded into indulging in insults myself (that is increasingly difficult as the “opposition” goes more open loop).

    Now, indulging the Fantasy Admin space just a bit more: The fact that Serioso simply can not stop with the Insults says one of two things:

    a) He / She / It has a psychological defect that can’t be cured (or the programming is fixed). A lack of self control, tendency to uncontrolled emotion overwhelming reason, or just love of the act of insulting (sociopathic tendencies).

    b) It’s a trained behaviour and required by the scripting. (See the various Rules For Radicals etc. that emphasize “accuse the others of what you do” and inciting the others to do bad things so you can then do the legal “take down” of them. So Antifa attacks to get the defensive counter attack so then they can get the Proud Boys into a pet Court and assigned a criminal record via plea bargain).

    Item a just requires a personality defect that is common.
    Item b just requires that the person be “of that ilk” of The Left which is also common.

    So no real way to chose between them. (Though the geographic location argues for b)

    As I’ve also pointed out many times that repeated “b” gets moderation, a series of Trolls left early. No fun being a Troll when Trollish gets you nothing but the time out box… But Serioso has hung in there (and I’m happy about it… I do NOT want an echo chamber).

    So the most reasonable explanation is “a”, but from time to time I strongly suspect “b”. Especially when the “flack” only arrives at the times when the Talking Points / Narrative is most in need of “pushing”… (Attack Timing Analysis is very useful as a technique, in computer forensics as well as In Real Life…)

    So, were it your assignment to “push the talking points” while planting “smear the opposition” text and attempting to induce some action in response to get the opponent shut down: the timing works out just dandy as does the “never learn” to be polite. Must please the bosses by showing that you are carrying out the orders, even if it is entirely ineffective and just results in the repeated “analysis for effect”…

    So that’s what I think about when we have one of these repeated “insult 3 times and analysis for effect” cycles… just a muse to make the process less tedium. ;-)

  41. E.M.Smith says:


    Watching the House Follies has shown some of the Republicans (finally…) getting behind the POTUS and starting to push back. One can only hope it spills over into the Senate…

    As to why they are busy doing nothing: I just wonder how many are:
    a) Subject to TLA Compromat so under the TLA thumb in this TLA vs The People fight.
    a1) Subject to Epstein Compromat same way…
    b) Deep Staters / Globalists in any case.
    c) Doing “duck and cover” and hoping to just ride it out like all good cowards.
    d) RNC controlled and the RNC doesn’t like “outsider” Trump having crushed their pets…

    A goodly number of them may find themselves “Primaried” by a Trumpeter if they keep this up.

    Per The Voters / By Race:

    There’s going to be some degree of Blexit (thanks for that, Candice!) as they see more Black Faces behind Trump and more of the actual racist past of the Democrats. Warren did a big damage to herself claiming Minority Rights when she’s whiter than I am (and I’m pretty clearly all white…but she’s blond and I’m not ;-) Then, her hysterical presentation does not appeal well to Black Men. Who wants Missy Massar having a hissy at them all the time… (memories run deep.) And I doubt it’s a draw for Black Women either. I’m also pretty sure it’s a non-starter for most Asians. They are NOT fond of public emotional tantrums as it is “loss of face”. It certainly doesn’t appeal to me as I’m not fond of folks in power being driven by emotional state instead of reason and facts. (Trump looks to me like he does planned acts of emotion in public, not like he’s actually acting from the emotional state. Thinks first, then displays what will work best…)

    So the argument is really over degree, not kind. There will be a reduction in minority votes for Democrats. How Much will only be known after the election. BUT: Trump keeps pounding that “Lowest Black Unemployment EVER” drum and it IS having an effect. Nothing like having a job and paying taxes to convert someone to a Republican ;-)

    Similarly, the notion that Hispanics are going to rush to the Democrats over illegal immigration is just wrong. Hispanics love this country and do not want it to become another S. American Banana Republic. They enlist in large percentages in the armed forces. (My Mexican Best Friend when I was a kid had every one of the 3 boys in his family enlist in the Navy, for example.) Generally they have conservative leanings on things like Religion too.

    So I’m pretty sure the Dimocrat Slander and constant Identitarian Shouts of “RACIST!!!!” are wearing out their welcome with the public.

    But “we’ll see” is about all I’m willing to commit to ;-)

  42. jim2 says:

    Warren has a certain air of Chicken Little about her. It is off-putting. That’s the best I can describe it and her demeanor.

  43. Another Ian says:

    “Lining up the next scandal on the long conveyor belt of #FakeScandals”

    Once you’ve made the mould?

  44. Larry Ledwick says:

    Intelligence community quietly removes need for a whistle blower to have first hand knowledge of a problem, opening the door for gossip and innuendo based charges.

  45. jim2 says:

    Climate cop Steve McIntyre apparently discovered that about the whistle blower form. Steve has done a lot for humanity. Just sayin’.

    Stephen McIntyre
    ‏ @ClimateAudit

    Here is something seriously strange. The Disclosure of Urgent Concern Form located earlier today at DNI is only two days old according to its pdf properties.

  46. philjourdan says:

    @Larry L – I wonder what the real percentage is of support. After all, what we have been told is from the YSM which are a bunch of liars as has been proven. I suspect that not only have we been lied to, but that voter fraud is bigger than we know.

  47. jim2 says:

    As a white guy, I know I love good BBQ, be it beef or pork. I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that a good percentage of blacks and Hispanics also love themselves some good BBQ too. And that doesn’t even include a whole host of delicious meat-based dishes, including a whole bunch of Mexican inspired food. This idea of the Dimowits that I should be eating grasshoppers instead of real meat should be enough, in my book, to have just about everyone voting for Trump.

  48. Steven Fraser says:

    @jim2: And, if I recall correctly, the Whistleblower pathway for the (semi) Intelligence Community (IC), cannot be applied to presidential acts, as the President is not in the IC… he is over it, as he is over the entire Admnistration. In othere word, he does not have ‘standing’.

  49. philjourdan says:

    Similarly, the notion that Hispanics are going to rush to the Democrats over illegal immigration is just wrong. Hispanics love this country and do not want it to become another S. American Banana Republic.

    Ummm, I am married to a 2nd gen Mexican, OUR nephew joined the CPB. You really think he is going to vote for those idiots?

  50. Another Ian says:

    September 29, 2019 at 9:01 am · Reply

    TWEET: Yig
    Guess where Liddle Shiffy (Adam Schiff) was for a week when the whistle blower report came in August?
    Ukraine 24-31 August 2019 – Sponsor: Atlantic Council
    28 Sept 2019

  51. Another Ian says:

    “EXPLOSIVE REPORT: Rep. Adam Schiff Linked to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer!”

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