Looks Like Kerry’s Son Is In It With Biden’s Son

Shades of “Prince-ling” corruption…

It’s interesting what you can find by using YouTube as a search tool… So a search on “Youtube Biden China …” and a few more words can turn up interesting things.

In particular, this one year old video from Varney on Fox. He talks about a “new book” by the Clinton Cash author (need to look it up…) that uncovers the dirt on Hunter Biden and, get this, John Kerry’s son. Seems the two of them teamed up to make the “investment firm” that got the $1.5 Billion from China. All while John Kerry ran the committee that had to give approval to any China deals. They then proceeded to buy a company that makes (made?) critical military parts…. Hmmm…. “Treason much?”

It’s just the first 3 minutes of this 6 minute video (though the rest is interesting too, partly in a Jeff Sessions nostalgia kind of way).

So, looks like there’s a book that details it well, and it’s been kicking around for at least a year. I think John Kerry just got his panties caught in the wringer… Maybe Trump will point out the Kerry Connection ;-)

What amazes me is how, just when I think the Democrats can’t possibly be any more corrupt, I find out they are far more corrupt than that. Forget “Russia Collusion”, how about “China Collusion” and with the goal of destruction of our national defense… (at least, by the Chinese).

The same thing (almost) at Fox itself:


Just Amazing… No wonder the Democrats are trying everything possible to dump Trump. They stand to lose $Billions of graft, payola, Soros Money, China Money, Ukraine Money, etc. etc. etc. Even if they Do have Top Cover from their Deep State allies in the C.I.A. & F.B.I.

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46 Responses to Looks Like Kerry’s Son Is In It With Biden’s Son

  1. Pouncer says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the DNC servers (now copied in the Ukraine) retain any info about Terry McAuliffe and Global Crossing. Then Virginia Governor McAuliffe was, in the year of the DNC “hack” under investigation by the FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity unit,

    “Among the McAuliffe donations that drew the interest of the investigators was $120,000 from a Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang, through his U.S. businesses. Wang was previously delegate to China’s National People’s Congress, the country’s ceremonial legislature.”

    [In 2012] one of China’s largest agricultural importers sent representatives to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., hoping that meetings with elite party officials might yield business opportunities. The company, the Dandong Port Group, was particularly focused on the governors in attendance, according to an interview with Dandong’s general counsel broadcast by Chinese state television.

    “If you really want to influence, let’s say, U.S.-China policy,” [Dandong’s spokesman] said, “it’s almost worth it to have emphasis and influence on the state level.” … [T]he company’s widening influence is coming under scrutiny by federal prosecutors, who are examining the relationship between Dandong’s wealthy and connected chairman, Wang Wenliang, and Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, a Democrat who was elected in 2013. … But the federal inquiry throws a cloud over Mr. McAuliffe at a critical time: He is a top fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton, a close confidant of her and her husband, and the governor of a swing state critical to her chances of becoming president.

    The China – Democrat connection was publicized in May of 2016 and the “Russia” (?) Hack of the Democratic server was in June of that same year. Almost like the easiest way for the Russians to figure out what the Chinese were doing was to get the info from the US Democrats.

    Anyhow, the DNC refused to turn over the servers to the FBI or DoJ — the same TLA’s investigating McAuliffe that year,. Surely the DNC didn’t fear the FBI? The DNC instead had the servers inspected by the Ukrainian company “Crowdstrike”. Who are the sole source of info about the Russian Hackers…

    So Trump wants the Ukrainians to double-check what and who was dinking with the 2016 elections? And THAT brings on an impeachment action? Hmm.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, pretty suspicious.

    I’d wager that as soon as the transcript was published, the “server” was having an appointment with the blast furnace…

    It looks suspiciously like the Democrats were happily selling out to China as long as it was washed through a company or NGO.

    There’s a Chinese saying “A fish rots from the head”… so they know where to start the corruption process…

  3. jim2 says:

    Don’t leave out the mob connection …

    Former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden partnered with infamous mobster Whitey Bulger’s nephew and former secretary of state John Kerry’s stepson for his lucrative business deal with the Bank of China, according to reporter Peter Schweizer’s latest book.


  4. jim2 says:

    I sent a tip to Drudge Report concerning Ukraine document dump @


    Don’t see it on Drudge yet. It’s been a few hours.

  5. philjourdan says:

    I really don’t do UTube. But I do read many sources. And I already knew about the Kerry and Whitey Bulger links. It seems that if you want to get real news, you have to forgo the MSM (even Fox as they do wait until the rest of the MSM talks about something before reporting the actual facts about that something).

    That is why liberals are so ignorant. They only use the MSM. While we are exposed to it daily, but have the added advantage of getting the real facts from real news sources.

  6. YMMV says:

    Stupendously corrupt! Mark Steyn has more deatails.

  7. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – I love Mark Steyn! Thanks for the link

  8. H.R. says:

    @phil and YMMV – I love Mark Steyn, too!

    I first heard the “Undocumented Alien sitting in for Rush” as when working, I would always go out for lunch to clear my head and let the solutions to problems percolate in the back of my mind while I took a break from the plant.

    I much prefer him sitting behind the Golden EIB Microphone to Rush. He funny as all get out and usually dead nuts on. Rush is Rush and Mark is Mark and never the twain shall meet, but I prefer Mark.

    Thanks for the link, YMMV. Good stuff!

  9. Power Grab says:

    So Biden’s and Kerry’s worthless offspring barely get a mention in the MSM (more than likely it’s crickets) about these horrendous rip-offs of millions and billions of dollars, while loving parents who make a generous donation (above and beyond the cost of tuition and room and board) to the college of their choice for their less-than-athletic kids to be admitted, they go to prison and/or get their lives and careers practically ruined over…what? $50,000? At some schools, that is one year’s tuition and room and board.

    Yeah. That’s fair. Not.

    BTW that extra money the parents paid to the universities probably ends up in the coffers of the universities’ “foundations” so they can wine and dine visiting dignitaries, or buy Secretaries’ Day flowers, or pay the piano player at the departmental banquet without running afoul of the law.

    At the other end of the spectrum are tiny colleges whose soccer players are urged to beg for donations from their relatives to help pay the $500 or so for their away uniforms. Is that going to be a punishable crime next? Is it evil for a family member who actually works for their money to donate more than the actual cost to their kid’s college? Where do we draw the line?

  10. Power Grab says:

    Now, I’m not saying I think the cost of college is fair. For my kid, I did what I could to minimize it. But even with scholarship, grants, and my donations, my kid still has school loans to start paying off in a month or two. On the contrary, I graduated without debt…but I took my sweet time doing it. ;-)

    But neither is health “care” charged at reasonable rates. These things like health care and college cost way more than it seems like they should. Don’t let me get started.

    But there seems to be a total lack of perspective in what the Bidens/Clintons/Kerrys, etc. get away with when compared with families with lesser privileges and lesser violations of the rules.

    If they’re going to destroy the lives of parents of college students over what really amounts to a “donation” that they paid for themselves, then maybe they should inflict some kind of punishment that hurts on those who have enriched themselves beyond measure by their dirty politics? Especially since the Clinton pay-to-play money paid for things like the Steele dossier…and worse.

  11. philjourdan says:

    @HR – “I much prefer him sitting behind the Golden EIB Microphone to Rush”

    When there is a guest host, I prefer him or Dr. Walter E.Williams. But I do try to read all of both of their columns. But sometimes they slip by.

  12. philjourdan says:

    @Power Grab

    I paid my own way through college. I worked full time and went to school full time (so no I never got to “rush” a frat). I still had debt when I graduated. But it was not excessive (at the time, of course, it seemed like a mountain).

    Would I change that for a “free ride”? No, It taught me a lot about being an adult.

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    Not sure where to put this, as it is relevant to about 5 of our current threads.

    Tracy is highly regarded and does good investigative write ups on twitter.
    My personal opinion is that if she says her sources are solid I would take that to the bank.

    That said, things change, we are dealing with a corrupt organization at all levels that are literally fighting for their lives – no telling how far they will go to try and protect their criminal enterprise, and their stream of dirty money and power, so the terrain could change, but at the moment, this appears to be a good summary of what is going on behind closed doors.

    My biggest worry is a repeat of Nov 22 1963, as I think some in this game would go there if they thought they could pull it off.

    For the decades immediately after Nov 22 1963 I took the assertions of involvement by factions in the CIA and other government agencies with a very big grain of salt. Recent history inclines me to think I was naive and over optimistic, and the upper levels of power intrigue, are a tangled mess of some very dirty dealings in many countries, not just our own, so the palace intrigue is far reaching and well beyond the control of any one person or group, and as the general said, the enemy gets a vote on your plans.

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    Yeah, I did kind of bust up the thread focus with multiple bits…

    I’m reading that twitter link now. So probably a couple of comments as I work through it. I find the 5eyes reference matches my suspicions. There’s a strong Euro-connection / Anglosphere /HM thread though the whole Deep State set-up and operations.

    I suspect Trump has got himself into the un-enviable position of having way too much “goods” on way too many highly placed folks. Folks with armies and TLAs as their disposal. I sure hope he has a hand selected Security Detail AND still packs his own…

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, not as much after that point as I’d hoped. Here’s an unrolled version:
    Then the Periscope video follow up:

    I’d expected a journey into the CIA / Mafia / JFK thesis. My bad.

    But given the degree of TLA involvement, and that they seem to be on the Globalist Deep State side: I think there’s “legs” to the thesis that starts with the CIA panic over JFK / Bay of Pigs / almost nuclear war stuff leading to them contracting with their Mafia buddies to have him removed from the “problem”. Then, once you’ve done that: You can’t risk exposure and you don’t want to let the situation arise again, so you set about packing the choices for the King as back room King Maker.

    Now look at the presidential candidates over the years and who got the Big Chair. When a populist made it, they had an “approved 2nd” navigated into the 2nd chair so if a JFK_2.0 were needed, it would be Their Guy. Note that Daddy Bush was CIA and Reagan almost had a JFK_2.0 event… Clintons were on the CIA approved list (thanks to their involvement with CIA Iran / Contra contraband running in their State) and Baby Bush would also be, as a Bonesman, approved… (and likely coached by Daddy Bush).

    The “set up” was to be another Clinton vs Bush choice of their Right Pocket or their Left Pocket. Instead, they got Trump. (And then he chose his own V.P. not the Party Pick…)

    Then he set about “draining the swamp” and it has been non-stop “Impeach Screech” ever since with CIA finger prints showing up at every major turn…

    There’s even this interesting bit of tid:


    Board of directors

    CEO of the company is Taras Burdeinyi and chairman of the board is Alan Apter. A number of non-Ukrainian directors were appointed in 2014, including Aleksander Kwaśniewski, former President of the Republic of Poland, appointed in January 2014. In February 2016, Joseph Cofer Black, the Director of the American CIA’s Counterterrorist Center (CTC) (1999–2002) in the George W. Bush administration and Ambassador at Large for counter-terrorism (2002–2004) joined Burisma’s Board of Directors. Also Karina Zlochevska, daughter of Mykola Zlochevskiy, is a member of the board. Other members of the board are Christina Sofocleous, Riginos Charalampous, and Marina Pericleous.

    On 18 April 2014, Hunter Biden, the son of then-US vice president Joe Biden, was appointed to the board of Burisma Holdings. He left the company in April 2019. At the same time, one of the board members was Devon Archer, a former senior adviser to John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign.

    So there’s a thesis floating around that Hunter was a CIA clandestine agent being groomed, funded and put in contact with the right circles and what Trump is doing is “outing” a CIA op.

    Now that could cut 2 ways.

    1) It’s a legitimate op and Trump doesn’t know about it and is exposing it (a bad thing).
    2) It’s all sub rosa and illegitimate from a rogue agency trying to run the world with a little help from the other 5eyes players and Trump needs to be “taken care of”…

    What is certain is that in all cases it sure looks like corruption and deception of the worst sort. Either TLA driven, or Biden getting in on the Corruption Of Office pay-to-play.

    Now the simple thing to have done if it were #1 is brief Trump and let him be Potus about it. That this appears to not be the case, at all, and in fact a CIA Guy is most likely the “rumor monger” sure argues for #2.

    Then, if it IS a #2, Trump has an agency that’s been rogue for about 56 years as his opponent… That’s going to be a very hard agency to repair…

  16. philjourdan says:

    @Larry L – the proof is in the pudding as they say. If the JFK stories are real, Trump is a dead man. But then if Trump is assassinated, that does confirm what the conspiracy theories say, and what Trump has said. So they would have to be very desperate (i,e, Trump’s second term).

    It would also destroy the republic. As we “think” we know it. Over half the population would never trust the electorate again.

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    Um, isn’t “electorate” the body of folks eligible to vote? So half the population would not trust all the voters? Or did you mean the elected scoundrels?

    FWIW, as Pense is a Trump personal pick (note Hillary had a personal pick and picked a complete non-threat who the TLAs would not want as POTUS… just sayin’… maybe she knows the game rules…) I doubt the TLAs want him as POTUS either. So a ‘take out’ of Trump likely doesn’t get them what they want.

    Thus all the effort going into the Impeach Screech crap. Trying to just topple him, and then delay any more happening until the election when they will mount their usual game of “control the offerings to the people” to get their guy back in place to start putting everything back the way they wanted.

    Stray muse question:

    IF one is impeached, does that prevent running again? I don’t know of any such law… Clinton ran for a second term… so even if the Senate voted him out, could he not just keep up running and get reelected? That would sure make a stink ;-)

    2nd Stray Muse:

    Are there any recall procedures for House members? Might be nice to start Recall Petitions on EVERY Democrat in districts where Trump won… Oh hell, just start one on every single Democrat in the House…

  18. philjourdan says:

    #1 – eh, just being too cute. You are correct.
    #2 – the rules for eligibility are in the Constitution. Nothing about having been impeached.
    #3 – being 2 years, there is no need to recall. Abigail will just not win re-election (her opponent is a {gasp} Latino republican.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    I was thinking about the “clarity of mind” the petition might bring to some of the house members…as they contemplate their votes…

  20. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re “I sure hope he has a hand selected Security Detail AND still packs his own…”

    Sometimes I wonder if POTUS isn’t (wasn’t?) an operative of a sort…and does he have a “dead man’s switch” (or whatever they call it) that would dump a ginormous cache of evidence about more Deep State Stinkers than you can shake a stick at. He has survived longer than JFK did.

    I keep having that thought about things being so whacked-out because it’s all “of the media, by the media, and for the media.”

    I haven’t watched all that much “professional wrestling”, but a lot of these conflicts feel like those matches.

    Also, I can’t get over the large number of fund raisers who are convinced my email should be on their list. Any time it looks like the SHTF event is nigh, I get even larger numbers of fund raising emails. I can’t give them all, so I don’t give to any of them. Sorry. I don’t know any of you are. I didn’t tell you that you could ask for donations. Frankly, I can’t even tell which side some of them are on!

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    Just remember he did major real estate deals in NY City. That means Unions and their mob bosses and corrupt government. He’s been under threat forever…

  22. Larry Ledwick says:

    Commentary on President Trump’s use of private security in addition to the Secret Service.

  23. Larry Ledwick says:



    I would be very surprised if his private security folks are not providing an independent vetting and assessment function of those who surround him including SS agents, and likely are also feeding him custom intelligence assessments of what the Democrats et al are doing.

    He probably knows what brand of shampoo his opponents use.

  24. beththeserf says:

    So much depends on the tough sheriff in town battlin’ yr four killers of society, lies, fear ‘n guilt ‘n apathey, go Trump! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9CR_tib0CA

  25. Larry Ledwick says:

    A bit on the Biden push to get the Ukraine prosecutor fired, and the Ukraine’s efforts to get the US govt to look into what was going on.


  26. Another Ian says:

    Re Quid Pro Jo

    Saying from Australian politics

    “He believes in the quid pro quo – more quid more quo”

    (Quid being a slang term for a pound (currency)

  27. Larry Ledwick says:

    Here is an interesting factoid – It appears Rep Adam Schiff is connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer.


  28. E.M.Smith says:

    Just OMG Epic rant on the impeach screech crap:

  29. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like Levin has a good fleshing out of some loose ends.

  30. gallopingcamel says:

    As an Independent voter I feel entitled to pass judgment on Democrat and Republican politicians.
    With few exceptions they are corrupt by which I mean that they use their office to enrich themselves, their families and their friends.

    If on average Republicans are less corrupt than Democrats it has nothing to do with the pureness of their hearts……,,,,it is because they know the Media won’t cover for them if the truth comes out.

    If you want less corruption by public officials all you need is the political will to punish offenders more severely than regular thieves who are not office holders.

  31. Larry Ledwick says:

    Bummer (Just OMG Epic rant on the impeach screech crap:) video removed by the user.

  32. jim2 says:

    Ukraine Mystery: Schiff Staffer Made August Visit for Think Tank Backed by Hunter Biden’s Old Employer

    The Schiff staffer, Thomas Eager, is also currently one of 19 fellows at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Congressional Fellowship, a bipartisan program that says it “educates congressional staff on current events in the Eurasia region.”

    Eager’s trip to Ukraine last month was part of the fellowship program and included nine other House employees. The bi-partisan visit, from August 24 to August 31, was billed as a “Ukraine Study Trip,” and culminated in a meeting with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

    The dates of the pre-planned trip are instructive. Eager’s visit to Ukraine sponsored by the Burisma-funded Atlantic Council began 12 days after the so-called whistleblower officially filed his August 12 complaint about President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky


  33. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    Looked like it was a pirate of a Fox clip anyway. I’ll see if I can find the original Fox version.


    I’d been wondering how Soros made money out of his “Color Revolutions” and I think we’re starting to see. He gets a “Pet President” and folks get on boards and get ownership chunks of national assets (stock options, etc) and he gets a funded Minion…

    So we’ve learned that the “non-partisan” Atlantic Council is a key coordinating body for the Democrats, Eurocrats, and RINOs. Got it….

    IMHO, the No.1 thing that needs doing is to kick out Soros and is NGOs (as have his home country of Hungary, India, Russia, and likely a few more) and if possible strip their asses via RICO on the way out the door.

    Then trace down the whole network of interconnected support and have each one of them given the same treatment (along with their members…)

    Oh, and close any US Agency that was funding them (cough, USAID, cough, NSF, cough) and start over with different management.

    Technical Aside:

    This is being typed on Armbian n the Odroid N2. Still has SystemD but much better anyway. I think the Armbian guys may just have better technical chops… At any rate, it’ working well for now. Next stop is to look at Slackware and Gentoo on the XU4.

  34. Larry Ledwick says:

    I am waiting for civil asset forfeiture actions to be filed against the Clinton’s and Obama, and the seizure of their homes bank accounts etc.

  35. jim2 says:

    What do you think the odds are that Epstein was used by Soros, wittingly or unwittingly, to find (and blackmail) soldiers for his international hijinks? You know the Clintons would be up for any money-making scheme, even without blackmail.

    The common element of Soros probably explains why the political landscapes of the US and UK look so much the same. The rot is deep into both governments.

  36. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve found the original of the Epic Rant from Steve Hilton and put it in place above.


    That’s the $Billion Question. Just for whom was Epstein working? Freelance? Israeli Intelligence? CIA? Deep State? Soros and the Globalists?

    I think there’s two indications.

    1) Who participated in the Lolita Express (the targets).
    2) Who you would expect to be in the mix, but isn’t.

    Unfortunately, we don’t know much. It does look like the UK Prince was target, so the Royals likely not insiders. Trump was invited, his morals got in the way and he pitched Epstein out. So Trump was a desired target, but slipped the noose. Clintons were “in” but seemed to like helping run the show. My guess is they were part of the op (likely with CIA blessing given their former interactions). Epstein and partner have connections to Israeli Intelligence, so I’d expect them to be involved too. Israeli and CIA work with other of the 5eyes and some of the EU TLAs. NO Agents seem to have been targets…

    So, my speculation would be that it was a multilateral Globalist Intelligence Agency operation between 5eyes & Israelis (with possible EU on the side) to keep the Politicians of the Western World properly “controlled”…

    Think about The Prisoner theme. A information gathering operation run by a bunch of TLAs in cooperation… in that case for “resigned agents” to find out why. In this case to make sure they have cooperative politicians in the places of power where they need them.

  37. E.M.Smith says:

    Hey, Gingrich, tell me what you really think! ;-)

  38. jim2 says:

    Caught Lindsey Graham on Hannity. He thinks the dimowits and lefttards are trying to shut down the investigation of the beginnings of the Russian dossier by Barr (and others also). Sen. Graham said he is very worried about this attack on Barr (see link).

    He said he is going to write Italy, the UK, and Australia asking them to cooperate with Barr’s investigation – obviously in an attempt to provide legal cover for Barr.

    Now this is getting really interesting! Graham has shown some real backbone during the Trump years.

    Giuliani was also on Hannity. He hinted he was considering some creative ways to present the “documents” the dimowits requested.

    Personally, I hope Trump and his people stone wall as long as possible in order to prevent the dims getting this behind them before the year is out. The closer this “impeachment” proceeding can be drawn out, the better.


  39. Larry Ledwick says:

    I’ve found the original of the Epic Rant from Steve Hilton and put it in place above.

    Thanks very much worth the time to listen, very good summary of what is going on and the disconnects in the Democratic party script.

  40. Larry Ledwick says:

    Donations by country to the Clinton Foundation – coincidentally Ukraine is at the top of the list.

  41. jim2 says:

    And … PeLoser’s son?

    “My name is Paul Pelosi…and Viscoil is here today to talk about accelerating the future,” said Pelosi Jr. “That’s what Viscoil does — it uses technology to maximize the use of natural resources, like oil and other resources.”

    Pelosi’s son traveled to Ukraine in 2017 on behalf of the Corporate Governance Initiative, where he now serves as executive director. The official reason given for his visit was to discuss a youth soccer partnership program with the Ukrainian government, but clips of that trip have reportedly been removed from online.

    One of those clips was saved by The American Mirror on Twitter.


  42. E.M.Smith says:


    Trump has just leveraged their subpoenas against them. Roughly ~”We’ll testify and cooperate if you have a vote and make it a real impeachment proceeding…”

    Very nice Knight Fork.

    1) Points out it isn’t a legitimate impeachment proceeding as it is just Nancy & Friends. NOT “The House” as the constitution requires.

    2) Forces Dims to go on record.

    3) Gets the Minority Rights to subpoena and witnesses recognized.

    4) Gets the POTUS council involved.

    5) IF they DON’t do it the right way, punts the whole thing to The Supremes for a verdict on just what is The House…

    @Larry L.:

    Yeah, I’ve come to the conclusion that Soros is wrapped up in the CIA angle somehow. Not sure yet who is operating whom. But clearly the “Color Revolutions” are about taking down existing governments so they can be replaced with “Corruption Friendly” ones that Soros makes boodle off of and that the CIA can control / corrupt (at least some of the time).

    It worked as long as nobody much was looking.

    Now that “we’ve got their play book” and a LOT of folks are looking, we’ve having voters overturn their apple cart and toss the corruption out.

    IMHO, it’s now a full on “soft war” between the Globalists / CIA / Soros mob, and We The People in a few dozen countries.

    Follow the money
    we’ve identified enough players now that “follow the contact trace” is also productive.

    a) Who gave to the Clinton Foundation?
    b) Who gave to Biden & Co?
    c) Who supported the prior Ukraine regime?
    d) Who was “Friends of Obama”?
    e) Who is Anti-Brexit?
    d) Who is strongly pro-open borders?
    e) Who gets any Soros Money or Open Society Orgs money?
    f) Who supports Whom in public / press?

    Just start unraveling and you get most of the rats…

  43. jim2 says:

    EM – Having a House vote will also put Dimowits in Trump-friendly districts on record. It might even be enough disincentive that the impeachment enquiry vote might not even get off the ground. Trump and company need to drag this out as long as possible – we learn more juicy tidbits every dang day!! Lovin’ it.

  44. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes and the beauty of it all is since Ukraine is a foreign country the NSA 3 degrees data mining of phone contacts probably gives them legal grounds to go after just about everyone in the top echelons of government.

    These people are the sort of folks that have huge contact lists on their phones or their staff does, that leads to geometric growth in contacts.

    Suppose Nancy P or one of her staff members has a contact list of 250 people, and is called by or places a call to someone connected to the Ukraine corruption investigation. That lets the NSA crawl the tree of connections 2- 3 layers down, so if each of those folks also has a connection list of 250 people 3 layers gets you 250^3 contacts or 15625000 possible connections, do that on two or three people who have only one common connection and you have basically blanketed everyone in both the US govenment and the Ukraine government and everyone that they talk to.

  45. Larry Ledwick says:

    Strange all the interesting coincidences associated with this:


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