Bongino – Ep. 1077

This roughly hour long video expands on some of the issues we’ve already noted. He gives props to Steve MacIntyre for catching the date / change on the form. Then there’s another set of guidelines that also got changed caught by another person presented near the end.

Bongino is on top of the details. He also is calling this a “Soft Coup”. Yup. It is n attempted coup by way of Dirty Tricks & Lawfare. Bongino is of the opinion this is all to “accuse your opponent of what you do”, so just as the IG is about to drop indictments on them about Ukrainian bribery / extortion / election interference, they want the story muddied.

I guess we’ll see.

He also does a nice job on the timeline of some of the more odd bits, and has a nice video clip near the middle of Pelosi slipping and saying she already knew about the call (before the transcript was released) and then stumbling and saying it was “in the public domain”. There’s enough clues strewn to indicate this was, as he puts it, a “Hit” planned well in advance. The change of documents, forms, and procedures pretty much says folks were preparing the battle space.

If anyone thinks any Democrat House Committees are going to do any actual “investigation”, they have been smoking something not tobacco. At BEST it will be a show trial, abuse of “witnesses”, an opportunity to subpoena all sorts of things that violate Executive Privilege and try to off balance the DOJ with the workload to prevent them moving forward on the real crimes by the Democrats.

If anyone doubts 100% of the Democrats are not already on record as voting for Articles Of Impeachment, they’ve not watched them as they chant it at rallies.

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3 Responses to Bongino – Ep. 1077

  1. beng135 says:

    Yes, Bongino is an outstanding expose-the-truth warrior.

  2. jim2 says:

    Again, Trump should deny Congress any access to Administration records. Keep this going to near the election while concurrently investigating and charging Dimowits.

  3. Steven Fraser says:

    Aha! Turns out that Schiff’s committee had the complaint WAY before it was known generally. We will see how this plays out….

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