Some Glimmers Of Liberty In Australian News

Two interesting videos from Down Under. Both looking at problems caused by the hypersensitive Cancel Culture / SJW Mob.

First, a very well spoken defense of Freedom Of Speech. Seems a Lefty Professor has had a book that defends freedom of speech canceled by the publisher as it might offend someone. The author points out that you can have a public test of ideas or a test of strength, and that “power to shut you up” is not the best way to find valuable ideas or truth.

Seems his “crime” is that he stated his opponents arguments, so as to show what’s wrong with them and how free speech can overturn them. BUT, just STATING the argument to refute it is now a freedom too far…

12 minutes:

Then, a Gay Guy complains about how nutty the Identitarian / Intersectional crap has become and how damaging it is to our sanity and our culture.

14 minutes

When the Left Wing Folks are complaining it’s too far, you know it’s off the rails a ways back…

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5 Responses to Some Glimmers Of Liberty In Australian News

  1. Bruce Ryan says:

    wow, what a great observation about there being no forgiveness in society. Never even entered my mind. (from the second video)

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, it was that “Wow, a new insight” moment that had me want to put these where I could find them again…

  3. tom0mason says:

    Tolerance and forgiveness (and true justice) is currently at a low ebb, certainly within the majority of western academic establishments, the MSM, and ‘rights’ campaigning groups and within large sectors of society. If this continues then western societies will become more embrittled with increasing internal social fractures and schisms between the groups. Such intolerance and mean-mindedness will allow the politically powerful to take advantage as they play a ‘divide and conquer’ political game, much to the detriment of the majority.
    That old phrase of ‘live and let live’ seems to be unknown and/or misunderstood these days.

  4. Bruce Ryan says:

    I know it was implied in your post but “Social Justice” is another key

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    There is only ONE “Justice” any phrase of the form “{Modifier} Justice” is a political weapon against freedom and real Justice For All.

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