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7 Days In October – May Be Nothing

What happens when the wind blows? Wind turbines work, and PG&E shuts off consumer demand… So a potential week long power outage. Guess it’s time to check my prepper gear and generator. Continue reading

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Trump Approval UP, Media All ‘Splody

It would seem that Trump’s approval rating has gone up on the Impeach Screech Crap (despite the “polls” being pushed by the Dimocrats who poll only their friends and find approval for impeachment exists somewhere). Trump support is up ESPECIALLY … Continue reading


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Rumor Monger – Is The EU Saying North Ireland Must Leave UK for EU / Brexit?

So is this a set up for a “No Deal or No Brexit” choice? Is the UK Renmoaner Parliament working with the EU to demand North Ireland leave the UK for the UK to leave the EU; then use that as a reason to revoke Article 50? Is there no level of despicable that the Parliamentary Rats find too far? Continue reading

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