RSBN – Live From Lake Charles, La.

Right Side Broadcasting Network is once again able to broadcast live on YouTube. Here’s the link at the RSBN site for the Trump Rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana:

Friday October 11, 2019: Join RSBN for LIVE coverage from Lake Charles, LA as President Donald Trump holds a Keep America Great Rally at James E. Sudduth Coliseum. President Trump is expected to speak at 7:00pm CDT.

That’s 5 PM California / Pacific Coast and 8 PM Eastern. I think it ought to be about Midnight UK / UTC at present (IIRC it’s 7 hours ahead in winter, 8 in summer savings time as the offset from California). They do interviews and site coverage along with minor speakers prior to the start of the big event. No small snips with bias as you get on the YSM. They are starting coverage about 5 hours before The Donald is scheduled to start speaking, doing crowd interviews, asking for donations ;-) and showing the venue.

For those who might not know, YouTube, with zero explanation, had cut off the ability of RSBN to broadcast live from Trump rallies. The “reason” was stated as copyright violation, so RSBN has to ‘cut away’ to the studio sound whenever a song is played at a rally. Since when does a news program (or a sports broadcaster for that matter) have to mute the sound when some venue that has the rights to a song, plays it? Isn’t that part of the “news” so subject to “fair use”? Seems like a fishy reason to shut them down to me.

Here’s the direct YouTube link. (I’d post some other live link but WordPress only lets me do YouTube without paying extra):

They have an “RSBN 2” channel on youtube:

So something of a backup in case of some kind of “technical glitch” on their first channel…

There’s also supposed to be a Periscope feed:

After exploring the Diamond & Silk site for a good line while (it has videos too) I finally had it sink in that the RSBN feed is on the D&S YouTube channel:

The RSBN Twitter Feed:

The RSBN Facebook Page:

On Patreon:

My interest?

I’d watched a few of the rallies, on and off, but had generally not watched them much recently as a lot of the talking points are the same. The one thing about RSBN that made it special was the pre-show and post along with the local / minor political speakers. A lot more variation and interesting stuff. But I’d started to lose interest.

Then YouTube stuck their foot in it. I HATE this political censorship. So it is now my intent to put up a posting for each Trump rally linking to RSBN and anywhere they can broadcast. To the extent YouTube tries to reduce anyone “leveraging” their platform to get Trump positive coverage, I’m going to lever what I can to give some balance back (however small). I’ll keep this up as long as there is YouTube Bias Risk.

It may not be much that I can do, but I’m going to do it. Now if all the other Deep State Opponents did the same… Just sayin’… You can be an “Army of One” even with just sending a link to a friend… or an enemy ;-)


Ran into this interesting site “keeping up with Trump” while searching for other RSBN spigots:

A pretty good write up of the “ban of RSBN” here:

Oh, and do remember that you can still get to Alex Jones at his direct site. (Despite the Cancel Culture attack that has taken him off YouTube in another abhorrent act of censorship) Not exactly my cup of tea, but as they say, you either have freedom of speech for those you are not keen on or you don’t have freedom of speech. He has some news earlier than others, but often seasoned with a certain conspiracy theory flavor I didn’t like… until it was shown that it isn’t a “theory” and that the Deep State is real and is very much trying to run a Soft Coup against our duly elected President Trump. So now his more “conspiratorial” tone may be something I need to get past… So here’s his “Infowars” site:

Interesting… Looks like he has videos up at a site called “”. I may need to find out more about them. It would be great if a non-Youtube picked up all the business YouTube wants to censor ;-) A quick look at it seems to be mostly just Alex Jones archives, but I’m not that familiar with all the possible choices.

Giuliani Publicly Announces Top Dems To Be Exposed Within Weeks
Oct 10, 2019

The Alex Jones Show
Alex Jones analyzes the fallout of Rudy Giuliani publicly announcing that top Dem criminals will be exposed within weeks.

Well that would be nice, if the most Dim of the Dems got dumped…

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  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Hmmm… they’re already having early speakers…

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Not thrilled with Slackware on the RockPro64 as a media center. It has FireFox installed, but leave a video running on YouTube and inevitably you get “Tab Crashed”. I’ve had the whole browser lock up once, and even had the terminal window get stuck doing a “ping” to test the network and then NOT accepting a Ctl-C or Ctl-D or really anything. Even clicking the close box on the terminal window leaves it hung.

    Then figure it has the “window jitter” on dragging a window due to video compositing not being done in the GPU but being in the CPUs (that end up loaded to near 100% for running a youtube at 1080p) and it is clear that the video / graphics code portion is rather ignored for this port.

    So I’m watching this on the Odroid N2 under Armbian instead. All 4 fast cores essentially idle (and clock slowed to 666 MHz instead of 2 GHz…) with just the 2 little cores running the video and bouncing between 999 MHz and 1.9 GHz depending on need. Temperature 30 C so barely warm at all. AND it just runs the video “forever” without issues.

    Guess I’m going to put Armbian back up on the RockPro64… then see if it’s an Armbian vs Slackware thing or a device tree modules thing… (i.e. does nobody support the GPUs in the RockPro64 chipset yet?…)

    Things I think about while 2nd tier speakers on on the video ;-)

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; Welcome to the “Dark Side” Lol. My Godmother was a “Bircher” So I got indoctrinated. early into the concept of conspiracies in the government to steal money and power. 60 years of paying attention and being sort of involved has demonstrated that they really do exist. some small and some world wide.
    We are winning! Doing your part in the WWW is as key as any thing the YSM can dish out. I can tell that the discussions done here do have an effect on other opinion makers across the world…pg.

  4. MarcusZ1967 says:

    Heh,, along with and
    I watch bitchute for 12 channels and dtube for one.!/c/vladtepesblog

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah… like that standard Systems Admin (responsible for site security…) statement that “It isn’t paranoia when they ARE out to get you!” (as the sys admin is always under attack by hackers and wanna-bees). It isn’t a conspiracy theory when the conspiracy is real and visible.

    With Trump AND Brexit we can see the Globalist Conspirators in coordinated action. We can see the exact same phrase from the “Talking Points Memo” showing up in the mouths of the clique AND the YSM Talking Heads all on the same start of the same day. That’s no accident.

    Then we’ve got the slow unrolling of the indirection power centers. Soros and his Open Society (insert feeding tube…) organizations to the Atlantic Council to leveraging foreign governments, companies and money to the Democrats to their kids pockets and their “foundations” (where, last I looked, Chelsie had a fat salary…)

    One you have the organizations, the players, the connections, and thanks to Wikileaks, their emails… well, that’s not a theory any more.

    Sidebar on video performance:

    When they do crowd shots with fine detail and especially when panning, the N2 pops the 4 big cores up to 1.4 GHz and sometimes 1.9 GHz so it looks like it’s the decompression load that’s dominant as lots of uniform color field is just one decompress result but speckle in motion is a lot of them…

  6. philjourdan says:

    Just an FYI – DST = -7 UTC for Pacific
    -8 once we go back to normal. So you are correct.

    Working for a world wide company, I have to keep that in my head because logs are always UTC.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    President Trump is on a roll and having a blast in Louisiana!

  8. H.R. says:

    I watched the Lake Charles rally on FOX again as the Mrs. had Tucker on. Same observation on the split screen. Tucker handed over to the FOX rally coverage and got a smile and “goodnight” at the end of his show. The rally lasted all through Hannity’s show. He was going to cover the Regressives’ violence in Minneapolis if President Trump ended the rally during Hannity’s time slot, but the rally went a bit long. So hanity got a “hello” and “goodbye”.

    Anyhow, what I wanted to bring up was President Trump and the Little League World Series Champions, a Louisiana team. President Trump invited them to the Whitehouse, as he does with other Championship teams. Then he says, “Hey. I’m going to Louisiana tonight. Can I give you a lift home on AF-1?” Great optics and a memory for a lifetime for the team members.

    At the rally, he called each boy up by name and gave the Louisiana crowd a chance to cheer the home state boys. It was fun stuff. President Trump then turns his back so he’s off mic, and you can see him asking the boys if any or all of them would like to say a few words. Lot’s of head shakes and toe-dragging embarrassment. President Trump then turns around and as he starts to wind it up, the guys pushed one of the boys forward to speak. President Trump bent the mic way down so he could speak. I really didn’t get what the kid said. Then another one got up the nerve to speak – a 6-foot plus 12-year old! – and again, I didn’t catch what he said, but it was short and sweet.

    Talk about reading the kids! Talk about taking a risk! President Trump hands an open mic to kids, who could say who knows what?

    Contrast that with the LGBTQRSIDON’TKNOW Town Hall, which I didn’t watch, but apparently left, right, and center agreed that it was a train wreck.

    Now the Dems never go unscripted and they should know better than to start now. But they did and paid for it. I do remember one of Hillary’s town halls where this red-head girl with a ribbon in her hair was called on to pose a question to Hillary. Turns out, the question was given to the girl by the We Are F**CKED Campaign I’m With Her Campaign and was the daughter of a donor or staffer, I forget which, and also had some Community Theater experience on her resume.

    Hillary’s crew said to call on the girl with the ribbon in her hair, here’s the question, and here’s your answer.

    Contrast those two stories. President Trump makes his decisions and then says, “We’ll see what happens.” The Dems are such control freaks’ that they must script every tiny little thing that happens… and they often screw that up or else the scripting is obvious.

    Just one of the fun moments from tonight’s rally.

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    He is picking up the election rally process and is really communicating with the crowds. He has found his feet for off the cuff remarks a has got his own style of speaking sorted out. Even for a good candidate he would be very tough to beat.

    He threw enough red meat to the media to keep them occupied for a while too.
    I love how he forces them to cover him talk up the prime Fox personalities.

  10. H.R. says:

    @Larry: I suspect that President Trump will try to Make Denver Red Again and hold a rally there or in some nearby Colorado city. If you ever get the chance, you must put Attend A Trump Rally on your bucket list.

    The enthusiasm and noise level is indescribable! The roar when President Trump appears is like nothing you’ve ever heard short of those unmuffled unlimited horsepower cars at Bonneville, and which just might be a tossup between the two.

    The lines are fun, too. There are interesting ‘neighbors’ in line and also folks passing by who don’t mind stopping to chat as they go to their places in line.

    It’s great to watch the rallies on TV. Even more amazing in person. Part of the magic is that when you are there, it is like President Trump is talking to you and some other people in his livingroom. It’s totally different when you are there in person.

    With luck, he’ll hold a rally nearby to you for the 2020 campaign. Don’t miss it unless you are undergoing a quadruple bypass, and even then you should strongly consider attending :o)

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    @H.R.: IIRC what the kid said was something like “Thank you all for your support” and the pitcher tall kid didn’t seem to say anything. Trump would ask questions and the key seemed stuck in stage fright land, so Trump would supply an “observation” answer…

    I just got done watching it (on replay on RSBN) as the spouse had a plan for me tonight… Hitchcock “The Lady Vanishes” and then Disney… I managed to sandwich a run of Fail Safe in the middle of them… (She said she liked it but never wanted to see it again as it was too depressing… and needed some Disney… ).

    I would have liked to watch it live, but Oh Well.

    I’d like to see one of them live and in person, but it’s a long way from California, and if he DOES have one in California, there will be about 10 Million people trying to get one out of 100,000 seats… Oh Well. Maybe I’ll make it for the 2024 Campaign ;-)

    Wonder how much it would twist the knickers of the Democrats in DC to start printing up T shirts like the present campaign design but that say “Trump 2024”? ;-)

    @Larry L:

    I wish he had lauded Gutfeld too ;-) but I have heard him do it before… so maybe just short on time to list them all.


    I run the blog on UTC and about 1/2 of my computers. It’s an old habit. For a while, one of my cars had the clock on UTC as I was tired of the Daylight Savings Time change a 1000 clocks problem… but then I was just forced to constantly figure out local time from it for things like stores and appointments.

    But now, in retirement, I mostly just ignore the clocks to I’ve gotten lazy about it ;-)

  12. Ed Forbes says:

    “..But now, in retirement, I mostly just ignore the clocks to I’ve gotten lazy about it ;-)..”
    Love retirement. My week now consists of 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday 😀

  13. philjourdan says:

    @EM – I have a couple years to go for retirement.. However, when I travel, I never set my watch to local time – just calculate the difference.

    Why do I have a watch when everything has a built in clock that is much more accurate? I have been wearing a watch for 50+ years, and when one breaks, I still wear it. I am use to the weight on my wrist.

    Yea, I am anachronistic.

  14. Serioso says:

    Why this fascination with the lying chief executive? Have a look at what Chuck Todd has to say!

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    Don’t know who Chuck Todd is, don’t care either. What ONE person says about ANOTHER person is just OPINION. I make my own opinions, thanks, don’t need second hand ones. “Opinion Leader” means “person to avoid” for me.

    Now I’ve watched more POTUS talks and times than just about anyone around. I’ve seen far far fewer “lies” from him than from any other politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years. I’m good with that. (Almost all of the ones I’ve seen have been either “Sellers Puff” that is common in ALL sales jobs, or been legitimate minor errors everyone makes like calling the 5th city you were in today by the 4th city’s name – IIRC it was Biden did that one, or had the State wrong).

    Most of the assertions of a Big Lie in the YSM has been of the form “Accuser says FOO without evidence. Trump says Not-Foo.” Often followed days later by discrediting of the accuser or evidence that FOO didn’t happen. I don’t accept “smears for effect” as evidence of lies by the person defending themselves.

    Whenever there has been some “juicy lie” and I’ve dug into it, the result has been finding out that The Press is the ones doing the lying. (Or Shiff or Pelosi or …).

    So, why the fascination with what The Donald is saying? Becuase it is HIM saying it straight to ME. No “interpretation” needed. No Talking Head chopping it to sound bites, removing the context, and turning it into Processed Data News Product (filler added). No distorting filters stuck in the middle. No “Editorial Slant” applied to it. No pre-formed “opinion of others” attched.

    Pure and direct communications. Unadulterated.

  16. Serioso says:

    The problem here is you don’t know who Chuck Todd is. You have kept yourself so isolated from the MSM that you have essentially no source of real information. Just once in a while you should open your eyes and ears to the professionals in the news business. Right now you are willfully ignorant and have chosen to remain that way. What a waste of a mind! You spend hours watching third raters like Bongino when you could spend a few minutes with first-rate people like Todd. Pity. And, to make matters worse, you listen to Trump and claim to have learned something from his mouth! That’s a joke: Most of what Trump says is a lie. He’s the originator of fake news (which is why he accuses everyone else of spewing fake news.) You can’t learn much of the truth listening to or watching Trump. You can’t learn the truth from a liar. He’s a sick joke. And you are condemning yourself to ignorance. Surely, to some degree, some part of your mind knows what I say is true. I hope, but in vain!

  17. H.R. says:

    Oh, this Chuck Todd, Serioso?

  18. philjourdan says:

    Check Todd is another minor minion in the “hate trump” fake news industry. I think he calls himself a urinalist or some such claptrap. But if we are to decide who he is based upon his actions (always the best way to tell), he is another liar whose whole life revolves around misinforming the public. As he has CLEARLY stated, it is not his job to inform the public. Which is the only truth to leave his mouth in about 20 years.

    Sorry-oso will probably want to argue the above, but I would suggest to him he check sources outside of the fake media before doing so. As he appears to be a disciple of Chuck Todd and his misinformation campaign.

  19. E.M.Smith says:



    So Oh God it seems I do know who Chuck Todd is. He’s that mindless idiot from Meet The Depressed.

    OK, my bad. I just never learned his name. It would seem I’ve seen a lot of him over the years. He usually is wrong, always biased, never in doubt.


    I see you’ve hit the boiling point again and erupted in insults to the person and vitriol. Perhaps your valium ran out… I’ll get to a point by point when not on the two finger to type tablet… For now just realize your statements are vapid given that I have in fact seen “his stuff” just never saw the utility in learning the name of an often wrong propaganda wonk.

    He’s one of those folks who said Russia Gate was real and believes the Rumor Monger over the actual call transcript…

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    First, a minor apology. When I first saw your comment (Serioso) it was in the blog management screen where all you see is the link text, not the still image from the video. Had I seen that face, I’d have realized who Chuck Todd was, and that he was that untrustworthy wonk, and not said I had no clue who he was and much of this could have been avoided. It’s just his name I didn’t recognize.

    I’ve now managed to watch the video you posted. Yeah, that’s him. For the first what, 30 seconds? Saying “not going to actually show you any evidence, just going to tell you that censorship is a good thing and you ought to trust my opinion of what was said”. (Hey, If Schiff can do “channeling Trump” I can do “channeling pMSNBC Guy”)

    Then the video goes of to Some Other Guy basically ranting and ragging on Trump and calling him names. Um, not much information there… Then what is presented is such a load of Propaganda Technique as to be rather a study in the art. Hunter Biden “not a public person”? Since when does that matter to back room corruption deals? Joe was the Front Man and Hunter was the Bag Man. Different roles. One public, one private.

    OK, nice job of illustrating the technique, but not exactly useful information about just WHY and HOW Hunter pulls down crazy sized cash as a druggy kicked out of the military for using and with no applicable skills. Oh, and just when Joe is on the decision path to extra goodies for the relevant companies / countries AND then grants them the favors. But none of that is worth the mention by pMSNBC.

    There’s a rather fascinating recursion of technique used. The “Accuse your enemy of what you do” is done recursively on itself! What mastery of the method. So they accuse Trump of doing that, when he is doing nothing of the kind, but they are.

    Then there’s the Big Lie that the Ukrainian Prosecutor was NOT doing corruption investigation… We have the new (anti-Corruption BTW) President of Ukraine saying he was. We have the sworn affidavit saying he was fired at the request of Biden as he was in fact investigating. You know, actual evidence. Not to mention all his work product as evidence AND that the investigation of Burisma ceased after he was dumped by Biden… There is that nice, even if lame, indirection of saying HUNTER wasn’t being investigated. Yeah, just the company where he was working and paying huge chunks of payola money to him for Daddy Favors… IF / When you are an executive of a company, an investigation of the Company IS an investigation of you. That’s what Executive means… (That’s also why I had to get liability insurance as a board member and sign on to the corporate governance rules).

    I can’t catalog all the propaganda techniques used in even just that 3 minutes and all the distortions and indirections in it, as it would run to several pages. Just note that the “jump cuts” in the edit are for emotional effect and to manipulate the viewer, while the repetition is a classic case of “repeat the lie often enough and loud enough”.

    But really, you think “We’re NOT going to let you see the actual event as we WANT you to TRUST US that it is all a pack of lies” is journalism you can trust? Just OMG.

    Now, you tossed dirt at Bongino. You do know he is a Trained Police Investigator, right? He SHOWS HIS HOMEWORK along with ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCUMENTS (note the S that’s a plural as in lots of them). I’ve never seen him need to retract anything. (Not sure if MSNBC / CNN have bothered to retract 2 years of Russia Gate lying, but clearly they need to). NYT seems to have the retraction du jour on the 2nd or 3rd day after running the slime as headline. Frankly, by any objective measure, Bongino is doing dramatically better and finding, surfacing and connecting actual factual items and source documents.

    Now, for the line by line:

    “The problem here is you don’t know who Chuck Todd is.”

    Yup, my bad. I never learned the idiots name, despite having watched his stuff for years.

    You have kept yourself so isolated from the MSM that you have essentially no source of real information.

    Really? That FLAT OUT LIE is the best you can do? Heck, just a couple of days ago I posted a link / statement about watching France24 weekly propaganda show in coordination with The Daily Beast as “opposition research”. Then for several years I’d pointed out fairly regularly that I did a news rotation through several sources. Reuters is one of my biggies (as their stuff and AP ends up in 90% of the rest). Before dropping the satellite dish I did a regular CNBC / CBS / Fox / CNN / BBC cycle with the odd DW and Japan news (NHK or some such) with the odd bits of ABC and NBC and or some rare occasions MSNBC.

    To be fair, after the move to the ROKU and not having “cable” I did have to drop Fox and CNBC. However, ABC / NBC / CBS are on the ROKU as is Reuters (and about a dozen others). I do admit that as TDS has made CNN and MSNBC essentially unwatchable over the last 3 years, they have gone from “occasional” to “maybe once a month check in”. ( I found that Pluto TV on the ROKU has CNBC and some others, plus CNN and MSNBC and some Fox are showing up on YouTube as segments).

    Now you KNOW I’ve been a news hound for decades and you KNOW I soak up a LOT of news. So why the BALD FACED LIE that I’ve kept myself “isolated from MSM”? I do watch it LESS than 4 years ago, but then it was about 4 hours to 6 hours a day. Now it’s more like 1/2 hour to an hour. That’s still more than most folks. That I don’t talk about it doesn’t mean I’m not exposed to it. (Though Rachael Maddow I can only take about 20 minutes a month… the gag reflex you know…)

    And I’m not the only one. Their ratings are down about 60%. That’s not AT 60%, that’s LOST 60%. About a million viewers for most of them. Heck, CNN is even losing their Airport Monopoly that they paid for(!). It’s pretty bad when folks don’t even want to watch your stuff even if you pay them to…

    The real problem is that CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and several others ALL give the exact same talking points (often in identical words and cadence) that are the same as the DNC talking points. They are clearly and demonstrably mouthpieces for the DNC with some degree of TLA involvement (perhaps even control) as evidence from the way “leaks” show up as “news” from the TLAs in the “Get Trump” campaign. (Note that there have been indictments and firings of same, so it isn’t an opinion…)

    Essentially, they have been “Outed” as tightly controlled propaganda organs. At that point their highest and best use is “Opposition Research” in that the things they say tell you what is The Big Lie of the day. (A Negative Reputation can be more easily used than a Positive one…)

    So “exposed to them” absolutely. Believe their crap by the ton, no way.

    Just once in a while you should open your eyes and ears to the professionals in the news business.

    Ah, the Je Accuse! of claiming I’m deaf and blind. Nice, but a bit antiquated. Oldie but a goodie I guess. As noted above: WRONG! (Shades of Laugh In ;-) I watch and I listen. I just have a really really good BS-O-Meter and ability to detect and reject crap.

    Oh, and calling those propaganda “page readers” “professionals” is a nice touch. First off, it stopped being the “news business” about 1975 when “infotainment” took over and the need for the news segment to turn a profit was forced on the networks. Second, not one of them is a real investigative journalist. They sit behind a desk and read what is handed to them in their best voice of authority. (Though lately Voice Of Derision has taken over).

    One very basic rule of thumb: When someone is presenting OPINION, with EMOTION and LOADED LANGUAGE; then IT ISN’T NEWS. Now find me the dispassionate fact readers using neutral language on CNN or MSNBC. I’d say “I’ll wait” but that would be a death sentence…

    Right now you are willfully ignorant and have chosen to remain that way. What a waste of a mind!

    Now that’s a great bit of projection. Mr. NYT and MSNBC only trying to tell me with my drink broadly approach that I’m the one on a diet of vegan thin gruel…

    You spend hours watching third raters like Bongino when you could spend a few minutes with first-rate people like Todd.

    Well, I guess in aggregate it is hours, but only about 1/2 hour a day on average. Frankly, I’d not watched his stuff at all until just a couple of months ago. Only started to look for it daily in the last week as he’s on fire with the Ukraine Hoax-Gate evidence discovery. All total I’d guess I’ve watched maybe 6 hours of his stuff? I’ve posted links to all but 2 or 3 of what I’ve watched so you can go count them up.

    In fact, I’ve watched orders of magnitude more CNN and MSNBC over the decades. It’s only the last few years of TDS that has driven them into the dumpster on quality. During the first Iraq War I was glued to CNN for hours a day what with the live coverage from inside Baghdad.

    But yes, now is more important. And now I DO spend a “few minutes” per day average on folks like Todd. But I’d not call them “First Rate” nor would the other millions who have left their audience numbers. 3rd Rate Weasels most of the time. I usually spend the time playing “spot the errors” and “spot the shading of the truth” and “spot the flat out lie for effect” along with “Spot the DNC Talking Point you already heard 4 times today”…


    Emotionally loaded attempt to game the person noted, and rejected. Keeping A Tidy Mind never needs, nor accepts, pity. Besides, I doubt you really meant it AS pity, but rather as a put down.

    And, to make matters worse,

    Attempt at negative framing detected and deleted…

    you listen to Trump and claim to have learned something from his mouth!

    Absolutely. I learn many things from any person speaking. I learn what they think is important. I learn what they choose to push at me. I learn what they reject or complain about. I learn what they, from their POV, think. That is true of everyone (even the liars at CNN and MSNBC as their rubbish tells about them.)

    Now you seem to think I’m just an open bucket for reception of anything Trump wants to pour in. Nope. Same set of veracity filters runs for everyone.

    IF / When trump says something that isn’t correct, I note it just like for anyone else. Take, for example, his statement that the new trade deal on Agriculture has China set to buy $50 Billion of corn, soy, and pork. I’m sure he believes that, but it can’t. He even said “The farmers may have to buy more land”. From whom? Where is this supply of thousands of fallow un-farmed acres to be bought? Especially in a time when yields are dropping from late cold wet springs and an early onset cold winter cutting season / growth time.

    Now I attribute that to Trump NOT being a farmer. He is used to businesses where you can just go buy more land and more “inputs” and build your building to 100 stories instead of 20. He’s a little bit naive or ignorant about how actual farm yields cycle and how growth of yields is a “slow and not quite steady” thing.

    But that isn’t exactly a big slam, nor is it a lie. Farmers WILL have a lot more demand. The deal WILL get more money in their hands and more food to China. Farmers can plant some more. Just not an added $30 Billion worth in one season.

    Now Compare MSNBC: 2 YEARS of FLAT OUT LYING about Russiagate. Hiding the truth. NOT saying a thing negative about Hillary and her destruction of evidence, rampant corruption under color of office. $142 MILLION in payola to her “foundation” in exchange for Uranium Deals To Russia (hopefully I’ve got that number right, there were several corruption schemes and I can’t track them all all the time… like the, what was it, $6 BILLION for Haiti that never got there? Were’d that go?) There’s just SOOOooo much muck, where we’ve read their emails and seen their actions and from the “MSM”? Crickets. Then “Yellow Man BAD!” TDS fulminating. Thus did they earn YSM Yellow Stream Media …

    That’s a joke: Most of what Trump says is a lie.

    Um, no. Anyone is a source of useful information so long as you know how to be critical of the source. Then, most of what Trump says is actually quite accurate and usually provably so. Since most of it is saying the statistics of what he’s done. Unemployment record lows, employment record highs, deals signed. Where it isn’t it tends to be the usual Sellers Puff. “I defeated ISIS” when really it was “The US Military and Coalition Forces defeated ISIS under my orders”. I’m OK with that (since everyone does it and it actually is an accomplishment from his orders).

    Biden IS so corrupt he makes the Mafia look like pikers. So is Hillary. Just look at the family $Millions (to $Billions) at the end of Government Service compared to going in. That isn’t just good luck and a winning smile. Trump is just willing to piss in their soup and they hate him for it.

    He’s the originator of fake news (which is why he accuses everyone else of spewing fake news.)

    Nice lie by proximity capture. Trump is the originator of the TERM FAKE NEWS and he correctly accuses the MSM of doing it (vis the last 2 years of RussiaGate and breathlessly saying every day that Orange Man Bad was going down when the Mueller Report (witch hunt) was done).

    You can’t learn much of the truth listening to or watching Trump.

    You can learn a great deal of truth from listening to or watching anyone. But with the MSM you learn it via the Negative Space and Inversions. For Trump, it’s just WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. Only quasi-BS thing he does is mask numbers. Always “next short period of time” and “be winning big league” not “next week” or “this much”. Yet most folks glaze at numbers AND he can’t be spilling the beans on secret details that way.

    You can’t learn the truth from a liar.

    Ad Hominem noted in passing…

    In fact you CAN learn the truth from a liar (even though this doesn’t apply to Trump). Once you know they are a liar, it’s easy to apply an inversion. Like “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” means Bill did get his Mr. Happy serviced. And “It was a video from California” means “I, Hillary, got those people killed in Benghazi. ” And “I have never talked to my Son about his Business Dealings” means “See me and Hunter and the other executive from Burisma on the golf course together talking business and how much Ukrainian money to harvest!”

    He’s a sick joke.

    Information void Ad Hominem noted in passing…

    And you are condemning yourself to ignorance.

    Information void Ad Hominem noted in passing…

    Surely, to some degree, some part of your mind knows what I say is true. I hope, but in vain!

    As you have several times already been shown to be “exactly wrong” and highly biased pro DNC / Left, one need only apply the Inversion Filter to get the actual truth:

    To some small extant I hope, to some degree, some part of your mind doesn’t know what I say is all wrong. I don’t really care, but I’ll punch it up for effect.

    There, now isn’t that really closer to what you were really feeling…

  21. Larry Ledwick says:

    Minor quibble, the Democrats started the use of the term Fake News – they tried to use it to damage Fox credibility (they were also using the term FAUX news) for Fox news.

    Trump being a much better marketer than they are, took the term and turned it against the mainstream leftist media like CNN, and MSNBC and shoved it in their face every time the misrepresented facts. Since they do that almost continuously they ended up with that mill stone around their neck.

    He did it so successfully almost no one remembers when the left tried to crucify Fox with the term, and the term is now firmly tied around the neck of the leftist propaganda media for the Progressive Democrats.

  22. H.R. says:

    CNN and fake news goes w-a-a-ay back. This is a clip from the Gulf War.

    The first 3+ minutes show that it was a stage set and the actors script readers stooges alleged journalists reporters were not ‘Live with the action’. Note the blue screen and that the camera crew never cuts away to show the sky or any ‘live war action.’

    The final version was downloaded to VHS and then played as ‘Live’ on CNN.

    It is comical! The first 3 minutes are a must see. It’s 10:48-ish total and after the behind-the-scenes bit in the opening, the report that was aired from the remaining minutes is just comedy gold and almost Pythonesque.

    Once you see CNN and their Fake News, you can’t unsee it.

  23. Larry Ledwick says:

    And here we find that they tried to use a night fire shooting range video shot in 2017 as combat footage of the Turks attacking the Kurds.

    This is why no one with a brain believes the major media any more.

  24. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    So the Dems used it first? OK, then I need to change my phrase to “Trump popularized the TERM Fake News”…

    Oh, and yeah, the use of set-up shots and stock footage is rampant in the YSM. There’s also footage floating around of White Helmets under fire rushing in to tend the “wounded” and then CUT! and everyone gets up and walks off set… Now I don’t know if that’s a White Helmet fraud or a fraud by the MSM who ran with the footage without properly vetting it, but does that really matter? It’s still fake presented as “news”.


    Is that really “blue screen” or just a blue outside wall of the hotel?

    I don’t think it matters much. The guy is clearly doing a Set Shot from safely on the backside of the hotel in the most plush part of town with full crew set up. “Live, from just outside the bar!!!” ;-)

    I do like the way one guy shoves on the gas mask as the other guy puts on a helmet. Guess they had different scripts. ;-)

    One of my great favorites, that you see EVERY time there’s a major storm with flooding, is the News Reporter standing in “deep water” reporting when it’s really that they waded into a puddle somewhere. One lady had a boat paddle by behind her, and then a guy strolled along after it in about 8 inches of water… Shallow draft on that canoe…

    Then there’s that classic of “Rescuers saving people from drowning” showing the poor people in a boat… being walked out by “rescuers” wading about knee deep next to it pushing the boat. So, like, were those folks unable to wade in 3 feet of still water?

    I’ve been “in the news” maybe a dozen times and AT News Events dozens of times. What shows up in “The News” is typically far removed from the reality I lived. After a few of those, it’s hard not to catch on. You are just a raw material source from which The Story will be fabricated. “There’s always a Story. -E.M.Smith”. It isn’t about accurate NEWS it is all about “Advancing The Narrative”.

    The last few years this has gone from “embellish for more drama” of a fundamentally real event to full on Propaganda Wars with “fabricate for effect”. The breathlessness with which Je Accuse! is thrown at Trump a dozen times in one segment (all with zero evidence, documentation, actual facts, back story, etc.) is just stunning some times. Folks like MSNBC can go a whole show and present nothing but EMOTIONAL OPINION as “news”.

    FWIW, Key Filters:

    While it makes for good DRAMA, having a load of EMOTION in a piece means it is very unlikely to have any factual content. Almost certainly for emotive effect not to inform.

    While it makes for good ENTERTAINMENT, having a load of OPINION in a piece means it is very unlikely to have much factual content. Almost certainly for emotive and entertainment effect and not to inform.

    For both the EMOTION and OPINION filters, you must check any information given against other sources to assure veracity and REJECT the emotional loading and opinions until supported by evidence. (Bongino presents his evidence along with his opinions and emotional bits so you can “check as you go”. CNN / MSNBC almost never do or present very limited shaded cuts of it. So fall into the next “Unsupported Assertions” filter.

    While it makes for easy PASSIVE VIEWING, having no supporting evidence, documentation, or references presented is very likely to mean high level of falsehoods and at a minimum the presentation must be flagged as UNSUPPORTED ASSERTION. Almost certainly for INFLUENCE OPERATIONS rather than to inform of real data / facts.

    Then, the WHOPPER: When someone says they are going to protect you by NOT SHOWING you the actual event and requests with that classic “Trust Me” line that they are your most Trusted Interpreter: RUN, DO NOT WALK to the nearest exit. That’s the opening line of The Big Con in so many cases it isn’t funny. From “You don’t need to read the contract, trust me, just sign here…” on up to “We’re not going to let you actually hear Trump” and then Shifty Shiff with his entirely fabricated PROPAGANDA LIE of Crap when the transcript was already public. This one is darned near 100% accurate at spotting the Con.

    Then there’s the Consistency Filter. Look at Pelosi & Schumer and friends. They swap sides of an issue so often it makes your head spin. For the wall a few years ago, against it now, etc. Look at the spew from MSNBC – ENTIRELY inconsistent with provable facts (i.e. going with the Rumor Monger Story when the Transcript shows it’s a fabrication by partisans). So running the consistency filter over time for a source, and over multiple sources for a Story, will show a whole lot of “Who is out of sync with known facts” and probably the Liar or at least a lousy reporter who doesn’t check their stuff. Now it DOES need a good “Dig Here!” on the inconsistencies to figure out who’s the one that really wrong, but it’s usually the case that there are obvious facts to out the propagandist vs the honest reporter.

    Of course, there is also the Reputational Filter. Over time, when a source like the NYT has the Retraction Du Jour and CNN is caught flat out lying, you decrement their reputation score. When Bongino has a couple of year track record of getting it right, his gets boosted (near as I can tell his two books covering the last few years are not suffering retraction issues…) This also tends to reflect in audience size as folks generally dump unreliable sources. This the plummeting scores at CNN, MSNBC, NYC, etc. etc. This is all part of “CONSIDER THE SOURCE”. So CIA Operative Rumor Monger On DNC Candidate Payroll vs OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT where the folks transcribing had no idea it would be released so no need to “fudge” it.

    There’s a bunch of minor filter elements, but those are the big ones. My favorite minor one is the Lie Detector. There’s a collection of personal presentation aspects that flag the liars most of the time. My favorite is the smirk, or small micro-smile they get when they think The Big Lie was presented well. Pelosis does that one a lot, as do several of the MSNBC folks. Shiff too. Just watch as they intone in great somber voices how Orange Man Bad something is; then the sentence ends; then they assess the reception in the “audience” and wait for it, the smirk shows up “payload delivered”… So that’s good example of one of the minor filters / flaggers for after the big ones are applied.

  25. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Is that really “blue screen” or just a blue outside wall of the hotel?”

    “Blue screen” was brought up somewhere in comments about the video. I was uncertain about that myself, but when they swung away to the crew it seemed to me they had set up a screen to the left to control the background. There was a sharp break between the set and the crew area that didn’t make sense as being part of the building, so maybe they were blocking the view of the garbage cans or the “LIVE! Belly Dancers Here” sign :o)

    There were several clips of this to choose from, but this one seemed to be the best. One clip was just the two putting on the gas mask and helmet and trying to look all “seriously in danger.” They only succeeded in looking foolish. Comments on that one were brutally funny.

  26. philjourdan says:

    @EM – 2 things.

    Fox is claiming they are on ROKU now so you may want to rescan.

    Project Veritas got a donation from a BERNIE supporter basically showing Zucker, saying “Damn the news! Full get Trump ahead!”

  27. E.M.Smith says:

    FOX is on ROKU but you must “sign in with your cable provider credentials”. SO it is a backup to your paid cable plan, not a free service.

  28. philjourdan says:

    Oh well, I never watch it on my cable (and probably will drop that soon in any event). I do not “watch” news. I read it.

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