Interesting A/B of Trump Supporters vs Bad Boy Protesters

An interesting A/B comparison of the near riot on the streets by the Bad Boy Protesters trying to pick a fight with Police outside, while the Trump Supporters are nice polite folks. Filmed at the Minnesota Rally by Subverse.

Subverse has a camera operator just inside the protester line; but not “in your grill” with the cops like some other idiot with a big camera who gets a bike shoved at him by a smallish cop (who I think is female).

It’s just such a stark contrast. Folks hell bent on riot, mayhem, emotionally disabled by TDS, picking fights with cops and wanting to cause chaos and destruction in the “protest” crowd. Polite emotionally stable folks going about peaceful lives in the Trump Supporters. Cops trying and mostly succeeding at keeping the crowd under control.

The Bike Cops have an interesting technique of using a Bike as weapon / push shield. It’s also interesting to note their helmet and other protective gear. It’s likely a small upgrade over the general public, but not a lot. This lends support to the idea of bike gear as protective yet not looking like it.

Then the horses have lexan eye shields. Nice. Looks like some sort of nose cover is rolled up in a ball just above the nose ready to deploy if needed? Some kind of knot of something in the middle of their face.

Also of interest, the one horse cop that has a small fire extinguisher in his kit. Makes sense… LOTS of large pepper spray bottles in use.

You would think that mob would have enough brains to realize that a half ton horse can crush them if they get too close, but maybe not. And that throwing things at horses can get you trampled. The Police were remarkably restrained. So much lethal force in hand, yet despite lots of provocation, no obvious injuries.

21 minutes:

IMHO this is right out of the Soros / Color Revolutions playbook. Try to paint the elected leadership as “illegitimate” while orchestrating Street Theatre to try to make it look like the public are against him too. Not working here though.

Why? I’d guess it is because of two things.

Trump gets “recharged” at the Rally events when he sees “his people” (and seems to also get a charge out of the attacks on him – he loves a fight – so not going to retreat into seclusion and emotionally fester).

Trump Supporters don’t react emotionally to the crap / lies. They take the time to find the truth, then share it. They do not look to brats doing immoral Street Theatre and harming others for their moral compass.

A very remarkable comparison of two cultures in conflict.

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1 Response to Interesting A/B of Trump Supporters vs Bad Boy Protesters

  1. philjourdan says:

    If the general public was ever exposed to the truth about the left riots, there would be no more. HOw did the KKK get away with all it did for so long? The media was complicit in hiding it from the general population. It was only when it made it to the media (from outside of the zones of control) that the KKK had to slink back into the depths of their cesspool.

    The left has always used a complicit media to hide its illegal actions.

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