Jimmy Dore Rips A New One…

OK, a LOAD of F-Bombs in this one, so NSFW or small children, OK?

It seems that Jimmy, being a very progressive comedian, was pointing out how E. Warren lies like a rug about being fired for being pregnant. No controversy there, we have the A/B tapes with 2007 her saying “not for me” after taking education classes and now saying “otherwise” (to be polite about it…) Jimmy shows those tape cuts in this bit too.


A Clinton mob tool (just my opinion of Cliff Schecter) uses the usual bag of insults and slander to try to damage his reputation and / or “win” the argument. Well… It’s a very bad idea to insult a professional comedian… “Why” becomes clear as Jimmy rips the guy a new one on the twitter exchange (quoted pages in the video) AND as a load of Jimmy’s followers pile on. It is a beautiful job of destruction ;-) Though those with tender ears need to be advised it’s very rough in places on the F-Bomb front.

It is just so delicious to watch the Left Identity Politics Playbook crashing and burning when used to attack folks for telling the truth as a Progressive ;-)

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5 Responses to Jimmy Dore Rips A New One…

  1. Canadian Friend says:

    That Cliff Schecter guy probably does not even know what he is talking bout, I mean he may not even be aware that Warren has been caught – again – in a lie….he probably join the discussion without even knowing what Warren said in the 2007 and the 2019 videos.

    I waste a lot of time arguing with leftists, have been doing it for almost 20 years and it is shocking how some of them are under informed.

    a couple years ago there was that woman who told us ( in a thread about refugees and illegals entering Canada) that she works for immigration Canada, and it sounded true, I think she really did work for them, then told us that it is impossible to be an illegal in Canada, that the only nation where one can be an illegal alien is the USA.

    need I say she was wrong ? and thus very ignorant on the topic?

    then about 6 months ago on facebook a man was telling me as if he was informing me, that electric cars when they don t move – like when stuck in traffic – that this causes the battery range to be extended…which unless they are recharging the battery with something ( be it solar panels or a small gas engine ) makes no scientific sense…for many reasons ; a car sitting in traffic still uses power either for A/C or heating in winter or for wipers if it is raining or radio for music or the running daylights and brake lights etc etc

    but that is not all, a battery when not in use still slowly loses power thus even if the car is not moving its battery is still “reacting”/ slowly discharging and will provide a shorter range the longer you sit there…the loss might be very small but it certainly is not increasing the range of the car

    after I tried to educate him on the fact batteries are not magical, he simply quit the conversation, so I then searched his name curious about who he was, turns out he was an investor in an electric car project in Montreal city that went BANKRUPT a couple years ago!

    I could go on all day with similar examples

    that Cliff Schecter may be some expert in public relations for the democrat party or something like that, have diplomas and be paid insane amounts of money, it is still highly possible he is a very under informed idiot

    most people are

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    I love hearing about Progressives with integrity calling out leftists without integrity (that’s a damn large list).
    Van Jones added on some back-story to the HRC – Tulsi kerfluffle.

    This sort of thing is long overdue for the left. It should have happened in November of 2016 along with a fair amount of introspection, but here we are at the edge of a civil war and finally things are completely falling apart. Hopefully they cut the chaff from their side and give a non-crazy alternative at the voting booths.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @Canadian Friend:

    Yeah, most eCar promoters are allergic to the phrase “self discharge rate” ;-)

    There is a requirement that the Tesla never be left too long without a charger. Seems there’s a bit of intelligence that tracks every single cell in the battery. WHEN a cell goes bad, it is actively mapped out of the pack to the total pack as a longer life (even if it is reduced capacity).

    Well, one of the early Tesla cars was sold to a fairly rich person. He left it plugged in in his USA home and flew off somewhere (Europe I think) for a few months in his other home. Came back and found that the breaker had tripped to his garage and the car had NOT been on the charger all those months. Between the self discharge rate and the power used by the onboard computer stuff, he had a fully discharged battery. NOT just to the 20% or so level that the car will run down to, but all the way discharged.

    No problem, he thinks, I’ll just flip the breaker…

    Well, a lot of discussion with Tesla later, he learns that a full discharge means the memory of what cells were in which state was lost and the “fix” is a brand new battery pack, that, then, was about a $40,000 ticket.

    Needless to say, one pissed customer.

    One hopes they have fixed that behaviour now. (eMMC is not that expensive and you ought not need full active compute power when your car is parked…)

    But even with the big reduction in battery costs, we’re talking $10,000 class costs for a big battery. Even if that drops to $4000, it’s a big ticket. And Every Single Tesla will need that replacement pack eventually. The expectation is that these will mostly be rusted out inside 10 years and so they are trying to get to that lifetime, but exactly when the pack becomes unusable is still a bit unknown.

    So what will be the resale value of an 8 year old Tesla with a $4000 to $10000 replacement battery looming? My guess is “near zero”… Since I’m driving a 39 year old Diesel and an 18 year old Subaru, I’m of the opinion a car ought not to expire in the first decade of life…

    @Eric Barnes:

    “Better late than never”… but I agree things would be much better had they begun the introspection in 2016…

    I’m really really happy with Trump. He is doing a lot of great things for the country. BUT, when I voted for him it was as a wildcard “a pox on all their houses and I hope this isn’t too catastrophic” hold your nose and vote “choice”.

    Oh Well.

    Maybe now both the DNC and RNC will figure out they need to give us honest candidates working for We The People instead of party hacks working to line pockets.

  4. philjourdan says:

    I did not find him funny, but I dd find him at least ethical (as Eric noted). And of course since he has no reservations about being abrasive and confrontational (what passes for humor on the left), it makes for an amusing back and forth via twitter.

    So it solidified my belief that the left has no sense of humor, but also damaged my belief that no one on the left is ethical or intelligent. Since he demonstrated both traits. I will not follow his comedy, but this one video was an education and also gives me hope that some on the left are willing to enter into discussions (not Dore, but perhaps others like him).

    As a final note, he does not understand why Trump got elected either. He has the left side down, but does not understand why people ACTIVELY support Trump.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    I get the odd chuckle out of him. Most of his stuff is funnier than this one, as this one is a lot of “attack humor” where you must take joy from the pain of others and I just don’t do that well.

    A big part of why I check out his stuff is simply because he IS so far left and still sees how rotted the Clintons & Fellow Travelers were / are.

    IIRC, he’s more from the hard core socialist camp in terms of wanting things like Govt Medical Care for everyone, fleecing the banks, and taxing anyone with any money… so it’s fun to watch him fume at the Democrats ;-) And then when folks accuse him of being a conservative GOP (racist homophobe misogynist yada yada…) to see HIM get peeved about it …

    As the core of humor is often to tell an uncomfortable truth (for one of the targets of the joke) a comedian must have some understanding of truth. IMHO, this matters.

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