The Daily Watch 22 Oct 2019

Since I regularly “run something” in the background while doing things like trying to recover a hung system (where “new” ext4 made it not boot on an “old” ext4 kernel) I often have bits of video of interest.

Rather than post each one as a discreet posting, I thought I’d try batching up a few interesting ones.

First up, here the Jimmy Dore Rant du jour on Hillary and Tulsi, along with a general round of disparagement of “war mongers” of all political stripes.

I find it fascinating that an avowedly far left comic can have as much vitriol for Hillary as those on the Right Side. How corrupt does a politician have to be to piss off everyone not on the take?

Oh, and yes, it is chock full of F-bombs and such so NSFW… or small children…

Jimmy and the Panel are generally ra-ra about Tulsi and Bernie, just to give a perspective on their political leanings. Socialism and anti-war anti-establishment.

It looks to me like the “War Inside The Democratic Party” is clearly shaping up along the lines of “Old School Graft & Southern Blue Dogs” vs “New Green Deal Socialists and Anti-War”. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of folks ;-)

Also, in California, there’s a load of new wacky far far left laws being run through since Gov. Gavin Nuisance is as far left as you can get and the State congress is just as loopy. Something like 18 new “gun laws” in one day, and then there’s this one that limits “piece work”. Supposedly to “make great new living wage laws” by making it impossible to choose your own hours, how much you work, and for whom. As someone who was an independent contractor for about 30 years, I can assure you many of us do NOT want to be W2 Wage Slave to some company. BUT that’s the way the law is going.

So, to ASSURE that writers are not being “exploited” by being able to work part time, at home, at the beach, while sitting in Starbucks or just pumping out 20 pieces in one weekend and taking the week off, California passed a law saying you can only do 35 articles for a given company IN A YEAR. Tim points out that for many folks, that’s about 1 week of work. How would you like to go looking for a new job every week? By Law? Of course this is driving the Literati of L.A. bonkers. Equally obvious to anyone with a brain, any company NOT in California will just NOT employ freelancers in California. It isn’t like folks in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Orlando can’t write.

In one legal swoop, they’ve murdered free lance journalism in California. Oh, and Uber Drivers jobs and anyone else doing work “by the piece” ( I think, I’ve not read the whole law).

Then Tim Pool did a riff about a week ago about the Idiots On Trains that pointed out there were these people breaking the utility of just the “solution” they say they are promoting: mass transit. Nice point, that. We’ve all already seen the news on it. What I found “precious” was his emotional response as he still thinks the Greens are about actually doing something good as opposed to just collecting the “green” from Soros and friends. But there is a hint of the light dawning…

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3 Responses to The Daily Watch 22 Oct 2019

  1. philjourdan says:

    It is not going to last. But it is fun to watch the left tear itself apart. But come next fall, they will be all lovey dovey again and nary a discouraging word heard.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    It is like watching a Jump The Shark moment unfold where the Jumper is unaware how stupid they look.

    The combination of self delusion, blatant lying, and then “caught with pants down” is just amazing. Then the Dims “press on” in an Emperor’s New Clothes kind of way, like we won’t notice…

    It is an unholy alloy of Stupidity with Deception. I had no idea it was possible for a collective leadership to manifest Sociopathic psychology.

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