BREXIT in 2 Days And Counting, 2 Months And Cringing, 2 Years And Crying, or???

The news cycle today has been unenlightening. Parliament are back from their nice long weekend break. Guess it wasn’t all THAT important to stay in session… So who knows what they are up to now.

The E.U. has said “Sure, we’ll extend. No particular date. You move first”.

It looks to me like everyone is trying to avoid blame for an exit instead of embracing it as a Good Thing.

With luck, it will all collapse into a WTO Terms Brexit on the 31st and everyone can point fingers at the other guy.

The Boris Deal is almost as bad as the May Deal. Fishing still dominated by EU. EU Courts still making rules. Lots of money to the EU. Etc. Hopefully Parliament are unwilling to vote it in.

Maybe Nigel needs to remind EVERY EU LEADER that they get HIM for a couple of more years unless they refuse an extension…

So It’s Monday here, late Monday in the UK. That leaves Tuesday & Wednesday to actually get anything “done”. Then it is the 31st. Does anyone know if the exit happens at 00.01 on the 31st or at 23:59.59? I.e. does parliament still have screwing around rights until Thursday Midnight?

So this posting is just place to put “Breaking news” as it is broken ;-) I expect something to happen in the next few days, but no idea what. The Boris “Deal” is horrible enough to have me wondering if he is a “secret remainer” or does he think it is so bad it will assure a “no deal” WTO terms Brexit…

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12 Responses to BREXIT in 2 Days And Counting, 2 Months And Cringing, 2 Years And Crying, or???

  1. rhoda klapp says:

    It happens at 11pm GMT UK time. AFAIK it will happen unless there is a change to the baked-in date by a Statutory Instrument, which is kinda like an executive order. Basically whether that happens is under control of Boris, although there may be a vote. If I have it right and there’s no change of rules.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Sky UK has a news crawler saying Boris “has written to” Tusk an acceptance of “the extension” and will put forward a motion tomorrow for Dec 12 election.

    So likely not the 31st? Or a ploy?

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Says it’s Jan 31 now…

    Brexit: Johnson agrees to Brexit extension – but urges election
    43 minutes ago

    The PM said “nobody relished” going to the polls weeks before Christmas but this Parliament had “run its course” and was “incapable” of settling Brexit.

    The PM has formally accepted the EU’s offer of a Brexit extension until 31 January 2020 agreed earlier on Monday.

    In a letter to EU officials, he said it was an “unwanted prolongation”.

    Urging the EU to rule out any further extension, he said there was time to ratify his Brexit deal but he feared the current Parliament would never do so “as long as it has the option of further delay”.

    The PM’s acceptance means that the UK will not leave the EU on Thursday – despite a “do or die” promise he repeatedly made during this summer’s Tory leadership campaign and since taking office in July.

  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    That acceptance of a delay won’t help Boris at all. He will be shown up as talking tough and being weak when it mattered. He also has ‘gifted’ the Brexit party with a great campaign slogan in the coming election; Vote for the only party who REALLY wants Brexit. That will cause lots of Leavers to switch, and any hope of a Conservative majority is down the drain. Meanwhile the Brexit party will create havoc in traditional Labour seats.
    Perhaps that is what is needed in the UK, a cleanout of the old parties.

  5. YMMV says:

    Interesting graph of the polls here:

    You can see exactly when BoJo became PM.
    Things are holding steady now. Brexit Party is at 10%
    You can see why nobody (except the Cons) want an election.

    The way I read the EU is that it is either the agreed deal or no deal. Final offer, take it or leave it. Really. If the clock runs out, it’s no deal. If so, even after the UK is out of the EU they will keep talking to reach new deals, but EU will have the stronger hand. I think.

    But his third attempt to call such an election gathered only 299 votes in parliament, short of the 424 – or two-thirds of the house – that he needed. After the vote, Johnson said he would try again, by a legislative route that would only require a simple majority.

    I don’t know how that try-again thing works.

    Meanwhile in Argentina:
    “A bad conservative is being replaced by an expert socialist.”

    The eco-fanatics fret about how capitalism does nothing for the future because it’s all about short term profits (I beg to differ; to sell shares and bonds you have to promise there is a future). But democracy as we know it is based on short term promises. Free stuff now pay later works every time. It’s a Faustian bargain, except selling your future instead of your soul.

  6. philjourdan says:

    Seems that the deep state of UK and EU wants to keep the situation in a perpetual state of negotiation – in other words, remainers but keep the peasants distracted.

  7. A C Osborn says:

    Today Corbyn finally agreed to an election, I think he is hoping that the Brexit Party will split the Conservative vote.
    But it just as likely to split the Labour vote as well.
    Whoever wins we are unlikely to see a WTO Brexit.
    I think Labour will try to revoke Article 50 and Johnson’s deal is actually worse than that as we would have no say, no votes and no veto of anything the EU wants to do in the next 2 or 3 years.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve lost count of the number of “extensions” .

    Hopefully we are at the point where the UK Electorate just says “A pox on all your houses” and “get us the F out of this nightmare”…

    The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and likely even India and a big part of Africa and the various islands are just waiting for our Mother Culture to once again be free.

    Please realize we are here and waiting for your return.

  9. YMMV says:

    “his short bill calling for a Dec. 12 election was approved 438 to 20 in the House of Commons. The bill now goes to the House of Lords.”

    “Boris Johnson has readmitted 10 of the 21 Conservative lawmakers he expelled from his parliamentary party last month,” “Some of them have already said they will stand down at the next election.”

    “The election result will be announced in the early hours of Friday the 13th. If no party wins conclusively, the Brexit deadlock would continue.”

    A new date to watch!


    Corbyn wants to go back to Brussels and negotiate a different Brexit deal. He wants greater protections for workers’ rights and the environment, and thinks the country’s long-term relationship with the EU should be a customs union. Labour would then put this new deal to the public in a referendum which offered the choice between the Labour Brexit deal and remaining in the EU.

    it would revoke the ‘Article 50’

    They are staunchly opposed to a no-deal Brexit and would support a second referendum on whether to leave the EU. The party opposes Johnson’s Brexit deal.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Here’s a short video discussing the upcoming election and some speculation on what might happen to Remainer Politicians…

    So we have a bunch of not much but noise until Dec. 12. Then there will be some kind of shakeup. Then there’s a month and 1/2 of Holidays and New Years and then?

    It would still be a bit of fun were there a trick still in the bag that has an exit happen without folks knowing about it until it’s a done deal.. Like, oh, the actual exit law having not been repealed or date changed and “Ta Da!” the long nightmare is over…

  11. Larry Ledwick says:

    Some interesting observations and theories of how Brexit would play out.

    Now what happens if China’s economy begins to totally implode under the game plan he sketches out? Could they like the Japanese in 1939 decide that war while they can still wage it is preferable to a catastrophic collapse of their economy and the resulting internal chaos?

  12. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Larry; Unfortunately, I see many of the same parallels to world Geopolitics of the late 1930s. The Chi-Com Army high command, like the Imperial Army, think that they can prevail against the Americans. Their politicians are being squeezed by a restive population to deliver prosperity and freedoms that were promised during their reconstruction buildup while their Bureaucracy demands MORE power and wealth for Empire Building.
    During the last 50 years it was American State Department policy to help build up China as a counter balance to Russia. The Chinese thought it was their genius and hard work that provided their rapid advance from the 18th Century into the 21Century. Copy and theft of American technology will go a long way toward quick advancement under bureaucratic drive but can not move you ahead of them. The Communist drive to emasculate the American engine of advancement is now faltering under it’s own weight and the light of day on their agenda of enslavement of the Americans to World wide Communism Bureaucrats.
    Prophecy says that ” The brothers of the North will unite and Outlaw War by their PAX to ensure world wide peace”.. Wonder who the brothers are? Americans for sure and ????? . some say Russia. An Anglo-American alliance? We have been more or less allied for 200 years.
    The period of Communist control is getting old in China, 80 years is about the life span of Communist control over a population. Is Hong Kong the spark that will bring down that Wall? The end of the American gravy train is certainly going to add to their stress…pg

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