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In Store Hydroponics At Kroger

Hydroponic farming moves into the store at Kroger’s Continue reading

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Fasting Mimicking Diet Cured Type ONE Diabetes In Mouse – Regenerates Cells

I’ve posted one of the interviews of Dr. Valter Longo and Dr. Rhonda Patrick. I’m not sure if this is a re-post or the part 2. Much of it was somewhat familiar. BUT, even if a repeat, what “woke me … Continue reading

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Well That’s A Problem

Looks like a big Double Whammy of storms are going to pretty much snow and freeze from California to Michigan. Global Warming, this isn’t. Words like “bombogensis” and “hurricane force winds” in the context of snow are “not good” (and certainly not warm…) Continue reading

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Hey! H.R.: Infinite Showers On The Road

Want an hour long shower when our in your RV, but not connected to utilities? Like the idea of only using 1/2 gallon of water for that shower? Try this gizmo. Continue reading

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