Timcast On Pelosi – She’s Lost It ;-)

In this video, Tim Pool comes to grips with how Nancy P. has lost control of her party and is doing some really questionable things like a RailRoad Impeachment Coup.

I can relate to Tim. We’re both mostly centrist with a fair number of “liberal” ideals. Me from the more libertarian side, so not in favor of Central Authority. Him from a more traditional left leaning POV.

But one place where we’re divergent is in understanding why the old party hard core stays in power. At 79, he thinks Pelosi is past her sell by date. Doesn’t understand why she would still be elected.

I “get it” that lust for power and the desire to graft off a few $Million / year is a powerful drug. Couple that with rules that say the one who’s been in congress the longest gets the power (seniority rules) and then being able to sell that “back home” with a “Re-Elect Me and I’ll have all the power to get the most bacon for YOU! (small vig for me along the way…)” sells well to the Donor Class and the DNC power brokers (and their vig…)

Then Tim is also puzzled why Bernie supporters don’t support Trump on his investigation into Biden since Biden is “in the way” of Bernie. Well, it’s because the far left doesn’t think well, or much, but “feels” a lot and they “feel” murderous woke rage toward Trump because the TLA / Deep State run YSM has told them too. If they were strategic thinkers, they would not be supporting Socialism…

But that aside, it is fun to see that the WT? Pelosi? Puzzlement Line has now moves well past “moderate left” ;-)

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13 Responses to Timcast On Pelosi – She’s Lost It ;-)

  1. Steven Fraser says:

    Speaker of the house is elected by the house members. Its not about seniority.

    ‘How is the Speaker of the House elected? Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states, “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers.” … If no candidate receives the majority of votes, the roll call is repeated until a majority is reached and the Speaker is elected.’

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    During this last week I have begun to hear/see glimmers of wokeness among the writers/reporters in the YSM! They are starting to realize that they have been lied to and that the real story is not Trump! The real traitors are working for/with the Democrats. This slight change of the tide will build into a tsunami by election. Many of the YSM people are true believers in Democratic Socialism but there quite a number of them that are honest middle of the road types that are seeing the truth under the smoke screen of the Trump haters. You can not continue to fool all of the people. Hillary bragged that if she fell half of Washington would hang with her! We can only hope she is correct…pg.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @Steven F:

    Never said the Speaker was seniority. Said Seniority is what gives power. Committee heads, best offices, etc. There IS a seniority system. Freshmen are not put in committee chair positions…. (unless, maybe, their name is Hunter B…)


    An MSNBC guy has resigned and is saying the place was blatantly run by the TLAs and had been told to run stories written by them under his by-line… so yeah, cracks are showing up.

    I suspect the reach and depth of the TLA “dirty tricks” and manipulations are far far beyond what anyone realizes. Once you have huge cash “off the books” from illegal actions (like running drugs) and where you can not be arrested for it; well, it would only be natural to keep the game running and expand it.

    With no “need to know” what was in the Black Budget, nobody could ever shut it off…

    The assertion of the guy who quit was that all the majors were so “controlled”. Something I’d believe given how they often use the same wording at the same time and with the same editorial POV / spin…

    But it looks like folks are figuring that out, even if slowly and late.

  4. Steve C says:

    @E.M. – Hadn’t heard about the MSNBC resignation, but re the reach and depth, remember Udo Ulfkotte, formerly an editor at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who died a couple of years ago? He had said openly that, basically, the CIA ran the show – and that was in Germany, so it certainly looks like plenty of the US’ “soft” power is still in place in Europe from 1945. (Not exactly “news”, that, of course ;-) “Strangely”, the English translation of Ulfkotte’s book “Bought Journalists” about the situation seems to be deprecated reading.

    It’s hard to imagine sometimes, but once upon a time politicians actually used to inspire populations with enthusiasm for their ideas. Nowadays they barely manage to provide entertainment, even for the most cynical of us.

  5. Another Ian says:

    Seems someone else agrees

    “The Nuclear Option: Nancy Pelosi’s Waterloo”


  6. Another Ian says:

    Via CTH

    “Devin Nunes’ Lawsuit Against Twitter Could Turn Into The Company’s Worst Nightmare”


  7. E.M.Smith says:

    And another one… Not about Pelosi, but about our most Yellow of the Main Stream media (YSM)… Like me, Tim Pool likes to “keep a tidy mind”. He also brings to the show his (modest and valuable for a journalist) obsession with actual supporting facts and evidence AND is love of actual fact based Journalism.

    In this piece, he looks at Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) as reflected in the shows of CNN, MSNBC, and the writings of the New York Times. It is a wonderful expose of just how incredibly biased TDS can make an outlet. It also, IMHO, explains why “Only the NYT matters” Serioso is so SURE that Trump lies every single day. Because the media he reads tell him so, even without any supporting facts or reality.

    The fun bits are the one where Brian Shelter? (something like that) defends against the claim he spent a 10 minute segment on a typo in a Trump tweet by saying “It was a 4 minute segment”! Really? Really… ONLY 4 MINUTES of prime network “news” time discussing a TYPO? Not wars. Not riots. Not rot in government. Not new medical discoveries nor advances in A.I. that will cause economic disruption. Not the state of the economy. Not extreme early cold causing crop loss and looming food shortages in China. Nope. A Typo.

    Then there’s the one where the NYT runs with a “Trump Lied” story because, wait for it, they could not get confirmation that he DIDN’T lie(!). Guilty until proven innocent, or maybe even if he is proven innocent… MSNBC (IIRC) ran a Trump Lied story about him quoting a fact checked article in Politico. Yeah. Actual truth, but repeated by Trump and therefor a “lie”.

    Tim strongly wants Real News ™ in news shows and Honest Journalism. He is very upset at the way YSM is driving outlets to ruin as their TDS becomes “terminal”. The 7200 YSM “journalists” laid off so far. The closing of outlets, some where he worked in the past. His major obsession is how “Get Woke” leads to “Go Broke” for media outlets. As “Lean Left” guy he wants to see those left outlets survive. Me? I’m happy to see Buzzfeed and Huff Po go poof! I don’t need more trash to sort from reality.

    What makes this most interesting to me is just how much Captains Of Industry are willing to sink their own ships in the process. Facebook, Twitter, CNN, NBC, Youtube / Google / Alphabet, etc. all willing to die on the sword of “Orange Man Bad” 24 x 7. I think I agree with Tim that “the obsession is terminal”…

    But at least now we know were the idea that “Trump lies every day” comes from. The NYT, MSNBC, etc. claiming he lies when they can’t find out otherwise…

    Now, per Al Baghdadi “whimpering” and such:

    NOBODY but the folks directly involved really knows. It was a DOG in the tunnel when he blew up himself and his family. I can’t imagine it was a great heroic moment, dying rather than facing a dog. Now, who might know how it went down? Well, this is entirely speculative, but were I running a dog in front of armed troops against potential armed bad guys, I’d have a GoPro or similar camera mounted so the squad behind the dog can see what he sees. Now we know Trump had a hi-def video feed from the attack. So Trump and a very few selected others (this WAS an extremely secret event) plus the guys on the ground are the ONLY ones who can know the truth. They also are under secrecy bond.

    In that context, to say “Nobody talked to me so I’m making up that it is a lie” is fraud.

    Do I think “Al Baghdadi” whimpered and “died like a dog”? Well, since we all more or less die in the same way dogs do, yes, I think we all “die like a dog”. I get the sense there’s some emotive BS layered on that hyperbole, but my BS filter tends to keep that out. Do dogs die any less heroically in battle? Would Goliath have a different death than other dogs and NOT “die like a dog” had he been blown up too? Even given that by definition he must “die like a dog” as he is one? Essentially the sentence has no denotative content. It is just a hyperbolic emotive accusation. So at most it can contain information about how Trump viewed the status of Al Baghdadi. Since only Trump can know his views, it is either The Truth, or void of denotative meaning. Rather like a typo… Per “whimpering” : I have a very hard time imagining a person, running and hiding with some selected family, being the Brave Jihadi against… a dog. Had he been the Brave Jihadi, he’d have waited for the Squad to get near, put up with some dog bites (and whatever fantasy impact that has on his ‘hereafter’ status) and tried to hold out long enough to take out some soldiers. Instead, he popped his cork too early, didn’t even get the dog, and killed his family. Sounds like a scared puppy to me.

    So will Trump release the video feed from the Goliath Cam? I hope not. Nobody really needs to know the details and we don’t need to tell our opponents what our capabilities are (even our canine abilities).

    Does it MATTER if “whimpered” or “All of you hack bars” was what was said? Not really. Al Baghdadi was running from a dog, down a tunnel, trapped, and blew up himself and his family. That’s not heroic. That’s desperation. That it was due to a DOG “threatening” him makes it an act of weakness. Whimper, shout, or silent dread. If the whimpering is on tape, well fine, don’t show it. If he shouted his magic phrase to Allah and the popped the vest, it is still an act of desperation and cowardice in the face of a dog. IMHO if Trump wants to spice that up with some hyperbole, go right ahead. It would still capture the (accurate) flavor of a hunted animal, afraid of a dog, committing useless suicide and homicide of his closest loved ones.

    But not to the NYT and CNN, no sirree. To them it IS A LIE!!!! Unless they get the video tape and three corroborating witnesses and THEN they MIGHT print a retraction 2 days later in the back pages in the smallest possible type.

    The pattern is clear to anyone with a working brain: Make up shit. Accuse Trump EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if baseless. When caught making up shit, print a tiny retraction (or just ignore it…) a few days later. Repeat Every Damn Day.

    And they think people will hang around to read or view that crap? Only those with the most severe cases of TDS. The rest of us will “move on” to sources that have actual news and not just innuendo and smears based on “lack of evidence”. And that shows in the ratings and circulation numbers. The TLA run YSM is left preaching to the TDS Choir… The rest of us “moved on”…

  8. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Do I think “Al Baghdadi” whimpered and “died like a dog”? [and interpretive comments]”

    Those phrases were for ISIS/jihadi consumption. Die “like a dog” is pretty much calling him a dog. “Whimpering” takes the wind out of the sails of any thoughts of a courageous death in battle and a trip straight to paradise… and he didn’t take any infidels with him; no virgins for you, buddy.

    Unless a cut of the final moments is released, we’ll never know nor will ISIS.

    President Trump is smart enough and quick enough either to think up this bit of psyop language on his own or he had expert advisors who told him it would have a demoralizing effect if he could work in those phrases.

    So, the message for Americans and our allies: “We got him. He’s dead.”

    The message for ISIS: “You were following a cowardly rat bastard dog who did not die a Koran-Seal-of-Approval death like he expected you to do.” Classic Tokyo Rose messaging.

  9. Serioso says:

    Did somebody call my name? And deny Trump’s lies? Here’s the truth! Enjoy!

  10. Steven Fraser says:

    @EM: you wrote ‘Never said the Speaker was seniority. Said Seniority is what gives power.’

    Point taken.

  11. philjourdan says:

    @EM – What I believe Tim and Steven Fraser are referring to is Pelosi getting elected speaker. That has nothing to do with longevity, or what bacon she brings back to her porkers in SF. But it does have to do with the lard that the special interests shower her – and her chosen few – with. In other words, she uses her influence with the PACs to blackmail her party (not very nice, but then it is politics). But even with all that, she barely made it this time (precedence said she should have been gone 8 years ago). She will not have a 3rd chance only because she IS losing it. And her minions in Congress know it.

  12. philjourdan says:

    3rd chance – if she loses the majority in 2020, she will not be around for speaker again in 2022 should the democrats regain the majority.

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