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He’s got a good one today. It starts off with a set of A/B claims by The View hosts that they did not do {various non-PC things} and then physical evidence that they in fact did. Now, fairness to Joy Bahar, Trump Jr. says she “wore blackface” and she denied it and, in fact, it isn’t exactly Black Face in that it isn’t the crayola over done paint; BUT, she did dress up as an African, tint some, and have an Afro and self identified as dressing up to portray an African Woman… so black face, just not Black Face…

Eventually there’s a little throwaway bit near the end that I think needs a LOT more coverage.

Folks remember that Trump used his New York Charity as a “personal piggy bank”? So the Judge stated (and we all no Judges are ALWAYS honest and true… /sarc;) Weeeellll. the reality is a bit more complicated.

The REAL story is that Trump held an event to gather money for charity. ALL the money was in fact given away. However, his “campaign staffers” provided the labor. So what? Isn’t it a Good Thing that the labor was free and didn’t suck money out of the donations? Well, the (IMHO Idiot Partisan Judge, given these facts) held that even though Trump did not keep any of the money and it was all sent off to good causes, somehow this was a benefit to his campaign because his campaign staff worked the event therefore it was a campaign contribution. Got that? No, me neither…

So that’s why Trump has kept saying things like “I would donate Doral use for free… IF I’m allowed to At no cost IF that’s possible.”

Just incredible the degree of all out lawfare and dirty tricks being done by the Democrats in their Scorched Earth America drive.

Were it not for this show I’d have never known that. I’d figured, quite wrongly, that the Judge was in fact being honest. Now I find out it was another sham prosecution for political effect in a lawfare campaign of the Left. AND I’d not done a “dig here” into it enough to find out the truth.

So Trump’s “Personal Piggy Bank” was in fact giving everything away including free labor to run the event…

[Original video link removed]

Here’s the same video from the Bongino channel directly, I’m watching it now to see if there were changes:


OK, finished the 2nd version. There’s a jump cut at about 39 minutes. What was cut out was a rambling bit about GS 13 vs 14 vs 15 vs… I.e. nothing of importance. I’d surmise that Bongino or his staff on watching it said “Why are you spending a minute or two on GS levels? The only bit that matters is GS 13 isn’t high and you were one.” so they cut to that point. Nothing of substance removed, no change of actual content parts. Welcome to the world of video memory ;-)

With that, I’m going to remove the original link since it is now blocked anyway.

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5 Responses to Bongino 1106

  1. Trump admitted to using the funds in his campaign. If you think that’s okay, then you can park your concerns about anybody else’s partisan bias.

  2. p.g.sharrow says:

    You assume Judges are honorable people!
    First and foremost Judges are political animals, They work and donate to the right political party to get their appoint to an open seat. Only then do they work to not lose that seat in the next election cycle., If they must stand for election for that seat. Many Modern Judicial Seats are by appoint only and good until voluntary retirement.
    You would be surprised at how many judges are owned by the local political powers and will Bend the Law to obtain the desired outcome, even ignore the law totally if necessary…pg

  3. philjourdan says:

    Behar the bitch’s “Black face” is the same as Mark Herrings and Trudeau’s. And both were nailed for it and it was called “Black Face”. It is the PC culture. There is no gray to them.

    Personally I think it is more cultural Appropriation than Black Face. But then Cultural Appropriation is merely imitation, which is a form of flattery – except to humorless and witless SJWs. Which is the code that Behar lives by. So by HER OWN WORDS, she wore Black Face. Regardless of what we call it, that is what SHE calls it. So she flat out lied, just like Woopsie and the dimowit lawyer who could not even quote the appropriate statute, so of course she got the legal part wrong.

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    But she produced the Right outcome. And all the squawking view hens will loudly point to that “Judge’s Opinion” as proof that Trumps raided the charity resources. Trumps are crooked! a judge said so. Every other Liberal squawking head will be loudly repeating that message from now on. PROOF that the Trumps will even steal from Veterans. Well, Veterans know the truth. The Trumps have our 6:00. It is the Progressive Liberals that fawn to our faces and stab us in the back…pg

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting…. I’m now getting a “Private Video please sign in:” messsage on the Bongino episode…. Wonder if it pushed somebody’s buttons ;-)


    Do you have a citation for that claim that Trump admitted use for the campaign? Not just a “settle the case” as it is very common for folks to “admit” to all sorts of things to just make an expensive legal matter go away. (Standard technique, really, is to sue for $Millions and settle for $100,000 for things that are phony and walk away with lots of bucks, rinse and repeat – everyone in the legal world plays the game from both sides) I’m talking actual admission that moneys were used for the campaign. And not just a NYT article that claims it. We already know the YSM are “on side” and lie like a rug. I’m talking Trump on video, or in print at least in a quote, saying so.


    Because had he admitted to that, I think it would have been, and still be, 24 x 7 x 365 on every station shouted to the wind… and I’ve not seen it.


    Yeah, my bad. Lesson learned. Judges just politicians with a different electorate…

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