Bongino – The Purge Begins 1107

This one is a keeper…

Rips “Politifact” as a Democratic Talking Point Mill (which it is, regularly marking as ‘mostly false’ things demonstrably true and calling ‘lies’ things that are true, so useless for any actual fact checking, but at least you can find the DNC Talking Points and if someone cites them as an authority you know they are full of it…) then proceeds to The Purge.

Seems the Bongino story about “Charley” got dissapeared from YouTube, so no news about Chiarley Mello allowed… Bongino is justifiably P.O’d about it and said he’s working on alternatives ( I suspect one will need to go to BitChute for Chiarly news…) There’s now a hole in this posting where his video was so I hope you watched it before it was gone.

Does a number on the Idiots On Parade in the House Faux Impeachment and their insistence on not letting Republicans call valid witnesses (includes showing a short bio on the proposed witnesses that are being quashed and a description of why they matter).

So yeah, a good one.

I think it might be fun to pick a variety of hard left sites and just periodically post questions to them asking who Eric Chiarley Mello is ;-)

You know, maybe it’s just me, but I think it is likely a Very Bad Idea to piss off a former Secret Service agent with lots and lots of friends and contacts… Just sayin’… (Google break up hearing in 3… 2… 1… ;-)

This is now a full on political war with an active coup attempt. A full court press Color Revolution Coup with various parts of The Left being funded (often indirectly or via NGOs) by Soros and being run with CIA Staff (Chiarley is / was one).

I now have to wonder just how much Top Cover from the TLAs is being pushed out over the Obama Era Staff and the Clinton Cartel. It sure looks like a lot of it. If indictments don’t start rolling out soon, this is only going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

IF, by whatever means, Trump is removed from office, then you will know that we no longer have a democratic republic but have a dictatorial bureaucracy run by and for kleptocrats (like the Bidens).

We also now can see the clear lines of control / influence from the TLAs into the communications channels. We knew they were in the telcos (and had their equipment installed there). Now we know they have functional control of the major media outlets, Google / YouTube & Facebook. (And likely others). All the ones that took down Alex Jones in unison, push the same talking points (often in the same language and words) in unison, and have now started the Chiarley Purge in unison. Coordination like that is not accidental and only one set of folks have both the reach and the motivation to cover up their CIA Man’s name.

Excuse me, I think I hear Streisand warming up to sing…

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4 Responses to Bongino – The Purge Begins 1107

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    The Audio of Bongino Ep 1100 is still up at his site (red band just below the blanked video plays the podcast), so if anyone missed it, this IS the same show, just without the video of Bongino or being able to read any documents he cites:

  2. philjourdan says:

    but I think it is likely a Very Bad Idea to piss off a former Secret Service agent with lots and lots of friends and contacts

    Makes me go – hmmmmmm…….. I wonder if he was the one that told the 2nd whistle blower to blow the whistle on Charley Mello.

  3. mddwave says:

    What would main stream media do if there no viewers for the televised impeachment Proceedings run by the democrats?

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Bongino 15 Nov 2019 (2 hours ago) is having an interview with President Trump!
    GO New Media!

    I’ll post a link in a while…

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