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What’s Going On?


Now postponed to January 31st, maybe.

A new election is scheduled for Dec. 12th. Farage and Boris cut a deal to not split the vote. Polls have shown support for Corbyn plunging to very low levels. It looks like Labor is in trouble.


The Labour leader has the lowest poll numbers of any leader of the opposition since records began. His net satisfaction rating is minus 60, outstripping the previous negative record held since 1982 by Michael Foot. He is less popular than Boris Johnson among both men and women, in every socioeconomic category, whether richer or poorer, in London and Scotland as well as the Midlands and Wales and, remarkably, in every age group. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the over-65s prefer Johnson to Corbyn by 62% to 8%, but it’s arresting that even among the youngest voters, aged 18 to 24, those once seen as the Labour leader’s base, Corbyn is less popular than the prime minister, albeit by three points.

So, for now, It’s still Groundhog Day and will be until mid December, or January, or…

Hong Kong

The protests continue and are verging on full revolt. The “Protesters” have increased their resistance (after police used live ammo and killed some folks) and moved their tech to about the mid Zhou Dynasty with the use of Javelin and Bow & Arrow. (Note to self, get more arrows… I know where my two bows are, but the arrows got used up a decade or two ago.) Personally, I’d prefer a very strong sling shot to a bow as you can then use just about any small hard object as the projectile. Archers will rapidly run out of arrows if they can’t collect them from the battlefield, and I doubt the Police will allow that.

It is quite the sight to see archers facing off against a Phalanx of body armor clad folks holding Roman style large shields. Shades of the Roman Empire… It is looking in terms of tactics rather a lot like that era. At least if you ignore the lexan, tear gas, petrol bombs, eye protection, etc. etc.

I do recommend watching how the clashes unfold as it is instructive of just what happens when a very determined resistance, without the use of guns available, faces off against Empire.

An organized people who remember their history and recognize that The Old Ways still work.

Who’s Your President?

Looks like it’s becoming a fad to play “Who’s Your Prez?”. I’m lumping them together now… I suppose the UK Elections could be put in here too, but that’s a more orderly and normal thing. Sort of.


Guido (Venezuela) supporters took over the embassy in Brasilia. Now out of it, one wonders what was the point. News coverage implies some big meeting scheduled for Brazil, but the reality looks pretty wimpy.


Guaido supporters occupy Venezuela’s embassy in Brazil
13 Nov 2019

Supporters of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido occupied that nation’s embassy in Brazil here Wednesday after saying that several diplomatic personnel had withdrawn their support for leftist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido’s envoy to Brazil, Maria Teresa Belandria, said in a statement that some embassy personnel communicated early Wednesday that they “recognize President Juan Guaido” and were prepared to “voluntarily (hand over) the diplomatic headquarters to the legitimately accredited representation in Brazil.”

So that whole Venezuela thing is still festering, without much hope of resolution, with 2 President Claimants.



Bolivia crisis: Evo Morales arrives in Mexico for political asylum

Evo Morales has landed in Mexico where he has been offered asylum after resigning as president of Bolivia amid election fraud protests.

In a tweet, he said it hurt to be leaving Bolivia but he would return with more “strength and energy”.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said a Mexican government plane was sent for Mr Morales.

Meanwhile, Bolivia’s military commander ordered troops to back up police who have clashed with Morales supporters.

Some 20 people were reported injured in the clashes. Mr Morales earlier urged his supporters to resist the “dark powers” that had forced him to step down.

He also tweeted a photo of what he described as “my first night after leaving the presidency forced out by the coup [organised by opposition leader Carlos] Mesa and [opposition activist Luis Fernando] Camacho with the help of the police”.

They now have an interim president who has declared she will arrange elections inside a couple of months.

The deputy head of the Senate, Jeanine Áñez, has said she will take over as interim president until new elections are held.


The Impeachment Farce moved into the light of public view. The Idiot Shiff making a spectacle of himself with attempts to criminalize normal government behaviour. Trump, by law, is required to have corruption in government prevented and by treaty with Ukraine is required to have mutual cooperation on it. The Biden’s were running a $Billion Shakedown Operation and Joe admits proudly on camera to extorting the government of Ukraine for personal gain of his son. THAT is the pig being coated in lipstick.

I do have to wonder, though: With all the effort put into this, with Eric Chiarly Mellow being a C.I.A. man, and with there clearly being huge Top Cover for everyone from The Clintons to Obama to The Bidens to all the others involved: Was this Yet Another CIA Op to take down another country then fleece it for dark money for more ops? Were they happy to “spread the wealth” to those political families willing to let them run the world? It sure is looking like a CIA / FBI / TLA driven coup in progress.


Not quite a “Who’s your Prez”… yet.


Chile’s Pinera acknowledges ‘abuses’ in handling of riots: media
Saturday, November 09, 2019 9:31 a.m. CST

Riot police during protests against Chile’s government in Santiago, Chile, November 8, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Romero
SANTIAGO (Reuters) – Chilean President Sebastian Pinera acknowledged “abuses” in the handling of massive social protests that have shaken the country for three weeks, but stopped short of blaming police or the military in an interview published Saturday in a local paper.

Pinera said any act of abuse would be investigated and prosecuted and that his government, the police and armed forces “have always had a commitment” to respect human rights, in the interview with Chilean daily El Mercurio.

Protests that began over a hike in metro fares quickly unraveled into violent riots, looting and arson, and eventually, mass protests demanding an end to social injustices and inequality. Clashes with police and military security forces have escalated

So, overall, South America looking a bit disturbed… though one is now resolved, maybe:



Of course, the NYT is presenting the win of a Leftist as a cause for celebration.

In Argentina Election, Leftists Savor Victory Over Incumbent
President Mauricio Macri was defeated by a ticket that included former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the No. 2 spot.

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As I don’t like being tracked, and this is “my one”, and I don’t want you folks burning your “one” to see it, I’m quoting heavily from it (images left out as they are vapid pictures of politicians waving…)

BUENOS AIRES — Argentines on Sunday entrusted leftists to steer the nation as it reels from a deep recession, electing as president Alberto Fernández, a longtime political operative who toiled behind the scenes most of his career.

His victory was masterminded by former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a deeply polarizing leader who opted not to try for a comeback term as president, settling instead for the No. 2 spot on the ticket.

Throngs of supporters danced with joy outside the election headquarters of the Peronist leaders Sunday night.

With more than 80 percent of the ballots counted, Mr. Fernández had carved out a lead large enough to avoid a runoff with President Mauricio Macri, a center-right politician who failed to deliver on a promise that free-market policies would drive economic growth. Mr. Fernández was leading with more than 47 percent of the vote; Mr. Macri lagged behind with 41 percent.

Addressing cheering supporters shortly after 11 p.m., Mr. Fernández warned that the road ahead would be challenging, but struck a hopeful note.

“We’re going to build the Argentina we deserve,” he said, standing alongside a beaming Mrs. Kirchner. “It’s not the case that we are condemned to the present Argentina.”

But the president-elect has yet to outline a clear road map for pulling the economy out of the dumps and stabilizing the peso, which has been swinging wildly for months.

As Argentines headed to the polls on Sunday, many harbored hope that putting Peronists back in the presidential palace would be the first step to turn things around.

“Peronism always enabled socioeconomic mobility and a more equitable distribution of wealth,” said Leonardo Duva, 43, who is one of the owners of a restaurant and bar in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires that pays homage to the past two Peronist presidents.

The outcome of the election had appeared clear for weeks: President Macri, a former mayor of Buenos Aires who pulled off an upset victory in 2015, was widely expected to lose his bid for re-election.

His downfall was set in motion last May when Mrs. Kirchner, who preceded Mr. Macri, announced an unexpected comeback plan.

Instead of running for president again, Mrs. Kirchner, who is facing trial in one of 11 graft cases filed against her, opted to run for vice president and tapped Mr. Fernández, a veteran political operator who has never run for major public office, to lead the ticket.

Mrs. Kirchner, a populist center-left leader who governed Argentina from 2007 to 2015, left office with a badly damaged political brand. As president she alienated leaders of several factions within the Peronist political movement and sparred with powerful business sectors and news organizations.

[photo left out]

But as Argentina’s economy plunged into a recession last year, she saw an opening to make a comeback. Maria Victoria Murillo, an Argentine political scientist at Columbia University, said Mrs. Kirchner appeared to have realized that she would have been too polarizing to win as a presidential candidate, and had burned too many bridges to govern effectively.

“She made a very smart calculation,” Ms. Murillo said. “She demonstrated a very interesting form of leadership.”

By picking Mr. Fernández to be her running mate, Mrs. Kirchner stunned the political establishment. Mr. Fernández, who served in several administrations in administrative jobs, had never signaled presidential aspirations, appearing more comfortable and effective working behind the scenes.

Besides a brief stint as a lawmaker in the city of Buenos Aires, Mr. Fernández has never held elected office, making him a rarity for modern Peronism, the movement that has dominated politics in Argentina since the 1940s. Named after Juan Domingo Perón, a military leader who ruled the country from 1946 until 1955, and then again from 1973 to 1974, the populist movement has swung right and left politically but has always claimed to be the guarantor of workers’ rights and social justice.

When Mrs. Kirchner’s predecessor and husband, Néstor Kirchner, was elected president in 2003, he appointed Mr. Fernández as his cabinet chief. It was a time of crisis. The country was reeling from the devastating 2001 economic collapse, during which Argentina defaulted on about $100 billion in debt.

Mr. Fernández stayed on briefly as cabinet chief when Mrs. Kirchner succeeded her husband in December 2007. But the two had a falling out, and Mr. Fernández became a withering critic of her leadership and her handling of the economy.

It’s the debt that eventually takes down nations. Here we see the usual Leftist approach of just repudiating the debt in action. There are folks who praise the economic performance of the early 2000s and ignore blowing off $100 Billion of debt. It is very easy to spend Other Poople’s Money and then repudiate the debt, but not repeatedly and often…

[image left out]

When Mrs. Kirchner announced her bid to return to power in May, with Mr. Fernández at the top of the ticket, videos of him criticizing his running mate quickly spread through social media.

But efforts to discredit him failed, said Jorge Giacobbe, a pollster in Buenos Aires. In the primary election in August, Mr. Fernández trounced Mr. Macri by a 16 percent margin.

The main term voters associate with Mr. Fernández’s candidacy is “hope,” Mr. Giacobbe said.

Mr. Fernández, 60, a law professor who continued to teach as he campaigned for president, has projected an image of an ordinary man who takes pleasure in simple things like belting out rock classics while playing the guitar. Early on Election Day, he took his collie, Dylan — named after Bob Dylan — to a park where they played fetch.

Mr. Fernández has staked out more liberal positions than Mr. Macri on social issues. The most notable is Mr. Fernández’s support for decriminalizing abortion. He has a close relationship with his 24-year-old son, Estanislao, who is bisexual and has promoted his father’s candidacy during drag performances at venues in Buenos Aires.

On economic issues, Mr. Fernández is seen as more pragmatic than Mrs. Kirchner. She was criticized for distorting economic figures and building a patchwork of unsustainable subsidies that set the stage for the state’s insolvency when commodities prices dropped during her time in office.

Several voters said on Sunday that they felt they had no good options.

Gee. Doesn’t that sound familiar… Voters with “no good options”. What happens when The Controlling Interests give you a choice of their Right Hand Man or their Left Hand Woman…

“I have a tiny hope that something could change,” said Noelia Mirta Tassone, 42, as she left a polling station in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires. But her overriding feeling as she cast a ballot was one of hopelessness, she said.

“This is a country that stumbles into a crisis every 10 years, regardless of who is in power, said Ms. Tassone, who voted for Mr. Macri in 2015 but now wants him out. “I know they are all thieves, and I’m fed up of standing by while they all steal from me.”

Mr. Fernández has been vague about his plans to stabilize an economy mired in a deep recession amid rising inflation and the steady depreciation of the local currency. But political analysts and ordinary Argentines expect that he will adopt more protectionist policies than Mr. Macri, who has championed a free market approach.

[image left out]

Among his top challenges will be coming up with a plan to restructure Argentina’s debt to private creditors and the International Monetary Fund, which last year approved a $57 billion line of credit for Argentina, a record for the fund.

Argentina’s debt obligations rose to 72 percent of gross domestic product this year from 41 percent in 2015, according to estimates by Elypsis, an economic consultancy in Buenos Aires.

Amid fears that the country may once again default on its loans, which would deepen its economic crisis, investors have been hastily offloading Argentine assets. On Friday, Argentines lined up at banks to buy dollars and withdraw cash from their accounts.

Despite its persistent economic woes, Argentina has so far been largely immune to the public upheaval that has rocked several countries in the region in recent weeks as frustrations over entrenched inequality and poor governance boiled over into public protests. Some analysts caution that Argentines may soon join the wave of upheaval.

“The expectations that are being placed on Alberto Fernández to improve the economy are high, and if he does not manage to do it a more anti-establishment feeling could suddenly start to appear,” warned Daniel Kerner, managing director for Latin America of the Eurasia Group. “The Argentine vote has to do with a promise of no more austerity, and I’m not sure he can keep that promise.”

Yet, on Friday night, the mood at Santa Evita, a restaurant in Buenos Aires popular among Peronists, the mood was ebullient as the political movement’s anthem blasted from the speakers. Patrons twirled white napkins in the air as they sang along: “Long live Perón, long live Perón!”

“There’s widespread joy,” said the manager, Florencia Barrientos. “People are very hopeful.”

So that’s likely enough for Who’s Your Prez for this posting. Yeah, there are more in play.


for example is polling far more Nationalist Right than ever before and


has Le Pen polling ahead of Macron.


So might well have even more changes in the coming months…

Snow Season

We’ve got some truely spectacular cold and snow events going on in the Midwest of the USA down to Texas, and on around the world. New Zealand having a return of winter weather when Spring ought to be happening. More on this in other postings, or for a detailed list just hit up:


Deep State Skate

No real change for last time. Continued rumors of “indictments Real Soon Now” and then nothing. What I said then, still holds:

And we’re still waiting and waiting… One reporter said the delay was that when they looked closely at some stuff, they found a much deeper root of criminality and decided to go round up that bit, too. I would like to see at least ONE perp-walk, just to know there’s something real happening.

Ebola Watch

Yeah, it is still “a thing” even if not top of the non-news MSM.


Last time:

Latest numbers as of 30 October 2019
3268 Total cases
2182 Total deaths
1048 Survivors

Compare now:

Latest numbers as of 13 November 2019
3287 Total cases
2192 Total deaths
1067 Survivors

Only 19 new cases. That’s a great improvement. At this rate, I’ll be able to drop this section soon.

Fires in Australia and California

Both California and Australia are having our usual fires and burns. Mostly due to Left Wing / Green policies against fuel removal. Of course, The Pwned Media are trying to play this up as “Climate Change”. The climate has not changed. Just what people do to tend the forest and remove the fuels. Both places have loads of “Fire Adapted” species that depend on fire. We’ve had a “Fire Climate” for hundreds of thousands of years.

Even the paper from the Hard Alt Left San Francisco (who loves Pelosi and keeps electing her…) knows:


Why California burns — its forests have too many trees
By Thomas M. Bonnicksen Nov. 12, 2018 Updated: Nov. 12, 2018 9:22 p.m.

The reason wildfires are burning California with unprecedented ferocity this year is because our public forests are so thick. It is our fault. We don’t manage our forests, we just let them grow. That is the simple truth. However, it is easier to deny the truth and blame a warming climate instead of admitting our guilt and taking action to prevent wildfires.

Hot, dry weather doesn’t cause catastrophic wildfires. It only makes them worse. In order for any fire to burn, it must have fuel. To spread wildly, it must have abundant fuel. Efforts in the 20th century to prevent fire and preserve forests have been too successful — they have disrupted the ecological balance and allowed more and more trees to grow.

When you have lots of fuel in a dry place (it need not be hot…) you WILL eventually get fires. Lightning, arson, catalytic converters on cars in tall grass, campfires, cigarettes tossed from cars. Ignition sources are everywhere. It WILL burn.

The only thing you can control is the ferocity of it, by removing the fuel.

I’m sorry to see so much of Australia burning. The only consolation, really, is to point out it isn’t as big as the YSM (Yellow Stream Media) make it sound. They like using very small units so it sounds gigantic. Last I heard was something like 2.5 Million Acres. OMG that’s huge, or so it sounds. Not to belittle the tragedy, but for perspective: There are 640 acres in a square mile. So that’s 3906 square miles. Still a huge number. But what does that look like on the surface of Australia? That’s a space 62.5 miles on a side. About 100 km x 100 km. It would fit in California between the State Capitol in Sacramento and Oroville Dam and between the two mountain ranges with lots of room to spare. The California fires are much much smaller…

Australia is 7,692,024 km^2 per the wiki, so divide into 10,000 square km and you get 0.00130 of Australia is burned. 13/100 of a percent. A huge tragedy to those involved, but it isn’t like the whole place is on fire. Let the people clear trees and fuel from their properties, and it would be even better.

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184 Responses to W.O.O.D. – 14 November 2019

  1. Another Ian says:

    SIdelight on California

    “Yeah but it is getting harder and harder to find customers for the flip flop. The U-Haul price ratio is ~2.5X for from/to CA v. TX and growing.”


    And following comments

    And the whole article

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Watching The Five on Fox via Youtube, the discussion was about how the “bombshell” testimony at the Faux Impeach Show fell flat and folks aren’t watching and don’t care.

    The Dems really don’t know how to put on a show:

    1) We already know the Dims are going to write articles of impeachment, so no suspense.

    2) The “stars” are repugnant. Shiff, Nadler & Pelosi? Really?

    3) Rampant over promise under deliver.

    4) We already know the ending. Senate blows raspberry.

    5) Script is tedious, confused and trite. We’ve seen this story 3 times this term already.

    6) The audience doesn’t care. Its a dumb story that insults and denigrates the audience.

    7) The plot is confused, illogical, and incomplete (Chiarly Mellow and others not on the stand)

    8) There is no emotional connection to the players, nor does saying “bombshell” on every YSM outlet fix that.

    9) It is at best a Partisan Circus, but lacking in elephants with too many sad clowns.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    In a Tallbloke posting here:


    My reply is going to a black hole, so I’m preserving it here:

    The context is that I pointed out there were plenty of Rare Earths, and we could extract the Thorium for power too and use it in CANDU reactors, no MSR Development needed. This prompted Gamecock to claim it didn’t work. Well, since it HAS been done, saying you can’t do it is a bit “ill informed”…


    Don’t know why you think you know more than the CANDU’s Chief Nuclear Engineer about their product, nor why you are so fixated on Shippingport, but some information (as opposed to bald assertions):

    First Shippingport DID run on U233. Not could, or failed. Did.


    The third and final core used at Shippingport was an experimental, light water moderated, thermal breeder reactor. It kept the same seed-and-blanket design, but the seed was now uranium-233 and the blanket was made of thorium. Being a breeder reactor, it had the ability to transmute relatively inexpensive thorium to uranium-233 as part of its fuel cycle. The breeding ratio attained by Shippingport’s third core was 1.01. Over its 25-year life, the Shippingport power plant operated for about 80,324 hours, producing about 7.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity.
    The third and final core was a light water breeder, which began operating in August 1977 and after testing was brought to full power by the end of that year. It used pellets made of thorium dioxide and uranium-233 oxide; initially the U233 content of the pellets was 5-6% in the seed region, 1.5-3% in the blanket region and none in the reflector region. It operated at 236 MWt, generating 60 MWe and ultimately produced over 2.1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. After five years (29,000 effective full power hours) the core was removed and found to contain nearly 1.4% more fissile material than when it was installed, demonstrating that breeding had occurred.

    Note the successful positive breeding ratio.

    I would surmise that running for 5 years on a U233 core constitutes an existance proof of U233 burnup and “participation”…


            TOTAL   ELASTIC  FISSION  CAPTURE  half-life
    Li-7    1.015   0.97     -        0.045    stable
    Be-9    6.1586  6.1510   -        0.0076   stable
    F-19    3.643   3.652    -        0.0096   stable
    Th-230  32.32   9.774    0.0      22.55    75,400 yr
    Th-232  21.11   13.70    0.0      7.40     14e9 yr
    Th-233  1478.   13.0     15.0     1450.0   22.3 min
    Pa-231  210.69   9.954   0.02     200.72   32,700 yr
    Pa-232  1176.2  12.23    700.0    464.0    1.31 day
    Pa-233  53.051  13.021   0.0      40.031   27.1 day
    U-232   162.3   10.79    76.66    74.88    69.8 yr
    U-233   588.38  11.97    531.16   45.25    159,000 yr
    U-234   119.2   19.41    0.0062   99.75    245,000 yr
    U-235   698.2   15.03    584.4    98.81    704e6 yr

    With a fission cross section of 531.x (compare U235 at 584.x) it will fission about as often as U235 aka Special Nuclear Material (“boom stuff”). Th-233 at 1450.x capture will clearly breed.

    Look, Thorium has its problems (gamma ray flux from U-232, Pa-232 cross section of 700, expense) and I am NOT a cheerleader for it. With Uranium as cheap as it is there is little point in exploring new options NOW. But in some future time when Rare Earths are needed enough to deal with the thorium containing ores (the actual topic of the article) your choice is a mildly radioactive waste pile, or run it through a CANDU or MSR and get some power out of it.

    To say what has been done, can’t be done, is rather silly. It can be. Whether that’s a good idea or not will depend on the economics of that future time.

  4. YMMV says:

    Fires in Australia and California: “you get 0.00130 of Australia is burned. 13/100 of a percent.”

    What percentage is that of the burnable part of Australia? (since we know the place is mostly desert. and sharks. and snakes. and spiders)

    Measuring area burned isn’t a good number to use for the news. Number of people who died, number of houses lost, people can relate to that.

    I got a kick out of the fire danger signs in Australia. None of that low-moderate-high stuff. More like high – very high – severe – extreme – catastrophic – code red – apocalyptical
    (that last one I made up)

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting turn of events – probably will not know what this really relates to for some time but great grist for the rumor mill.


  6. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, looks like I missed it. It’s hard to keep up with that guy! But you can get the replay:

  7. philjourdan says:

    @EM – thanks for saving us our “free” article,but it is not needed in my case. I do not read them period. If what they report is factual, they plagiarized another source. Otherwise, it is fake news and their own lies. In either case, their articles are not worth reading.

  8. Larry Ledwick says:

    Just started a little while ago.

  9. jim2 says:

    EM – I think you may be wrong about Thorium being treated as radioactive waste. I used to use a thorium compound as a titrant. No special handling required. And you can buy some of your very own, no license required.



  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    Oh boy he has them absolutely nailed – his body language and demeanor says they really have them in a corner now.

    He is reading news items himself that the media should be reporting on, so anyone who watches the full rally will hear the “news”.

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Is working now, so I assume CloudFlare fixed their issues.

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting IRS ordered to pay maximum attorneys fees for their discrimination against True the Vote.


  13. H.R. says:

    Re the IRS paying up: When the “Government” abuses it’s powers, is sued, and pays up it is essentially suing ourselves. Suits are paid with tax money, our money, and rarely are there any consequences for the person(s) who abused the government’s power. It sucks to be us.

    IMNSHO, if the “Government” loses a suit, the settlement should be paid by however many government employees were culpable. After all, the “Government” isn’t the one who acted, it is individuals representing and wielding the power of the government who acted.

    If the government employees were not abusing government power, but rather enforcing an abusive law which therefore was most likely unconstitutional in part or in whole, then the lawmakers should pay. We’d get fewer, better laws that way.

  14. Taz says:

    “As I don’t like being tracked, and this is “my one”, and I don’t want you folks burning your “one” to see it, I’m quoting heavily from it (images left out as they are vapid pictures of politicians waving…)”

    A simple browser add on javascript switch gets heavy use here…Almost always works.

  15. jim2 says:

    RE Cloudflare and related. It appears Cloudflare is cloud provider and also can be used as an add-on with the big cloud providers. So Cloudflare could be hosting the http://www.i24news.tv site or simply providing some additional services. I was pinging from south-central US the other night.

    I also ran into this concerning the big cloud providers. Some have private backbones and others don’t. If http://www.i24news.tv is on one that uses public backbone, then it’s performance will be less reliable. Here is an post from Slashdot on that. From the article:

    First, ThousandEyes found some cloud providers rely heavily on the public internet to transport traffic instead of their backbones. This, needless to say, impacts performance predictability. During the evening Netflix internet traffic jam, if your cloud provider relies on the internet, you will see slowdowns in the evening. So, while Google Cloud and Azure rely heavily on their private backbone networks to transport their customer traffic, AWS and Alibaba Cloud rely heavily on the public internet for the majority of transport, IBM takes a hybrid approach that varies regionally.


  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    Cloudflare provides a service to help shield web sites from malicious attacks. You can sign up with them and they will channel your web traffic through their system to provide some of the security features you would get if you had a full time web security team on your staff.

    That “safety net” comes with a performance hit but for smaller web providers it is a good exchange if they handle controversial subjects.

    Cloudflare, Inc. is a U.S. company that provides content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security and distributed domain name server services. Cloudflare’s services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites. Cloudflare’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California, with additional offices in London, Singapore, Champaign, Austin, Boston and Washington, D.C.

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting note on the background of our Ambassador – seems she is like many in foreign service at the State Department actually batting for the other team.

    John Cardillo
    ‏Verified account
    Follow @johncardillo
    Marie Yovanovitch was born in Canada, is an Obama doctrine ideologue, and studied in 1980 Cold War Moscow at the Pushkin Institute.

    Nope, she has no bias at all

  18. jim2 says:

    I know Azure has an in-house DDOS prevention service as well as other built-in security features, so Cloudflare wouldn’t really bring anything to the table that Azure doesn’t already offer.

    But it does appear their cloud services focus on network-related issues. No matter, they have a boatload of data centers and have to have web servers on them to speed delivery of web content.

    Cloudflare data centers:


  19. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Regarding fires:
    US Forest Service folks such as Paul Hessburg of Wenatchee ( Era of Megafires), and others in other organizations demonstrate – big fires are in our future.
    The fuel build-up has been going on for years, with rules and economics acting as the “headwinds” against doing much about it. Their conclusion is that there will be big fires.
    The current solutions are programs called FireWise, and Fire Adapted Communities.

    Thinking of fuel: I’ve not heard the term “masting” applied to pines, but it fits. We have a few Ponderosa Pines on our place, and if they are an indication of those in the forests, there are many thousands of pounds of new fuel out there.

  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    Is this what you mean by the term “masting”? First time I have heard that term used regarding trees (except for the fact ship masts were made from trees sometimes specially grown for that purpose by selective culling of the forest to encourge tall straight growth of certain trees).


  21. Larry Ledwick says:

    Cloudflare also provides a group of DNS servers that have some of the best response times in the industry.


  22. YMMV says:

    Tractor protest in Germany

    “The rules, which are coming from the German government, are so hard for us that we can’t work on our farms.” Klaus-Peter Lucht, Vice President of the regional Farmers Association, told RT. “We can’t make good crops. We can’t have good fodder for the dairy [cows].”

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Watching the latest Intellectual Froglegs “The Last Straw” and it is a hoot!
    has it as the latest video. It isn’t using youtube for display but some other video provider. The YouTube channel has some short samples, and a few entire old episodes… I get the impression YouTube didn’t like his brand of Pro-Trump / burn the Democrats humor…

    I ran into it on a ROKU channel that’s rather Right Wing (and also has a variety of older Alex Jones episodes, but nothing in November, yet). It looks like “folks are finding a way”…

    One example? He points out “94% of mass shootings since 1950 have occurred in Gun Free Zones” so want to eliminate over 90% of mass shootings? Ban gun free zones! ;-)

    I strongly recommend hitting his web site and watching the video…

  24. E.M.Smith says:

    Per “masting” and similar synchronous things:

    Why are their 13 year and 17 cicadas? It turns out that having a reproductive cycle that is long, and “irregular” disrupts the predator community. A prime number is close enough to unpredictable to work well.

    In fact, the linked article almost gets it when they say years with few acorns mean the deer et. al. die off. You starve the predator for a few years, then “flood the market” with more than the remaining few can eat. Then you have more offspring survive.

    If different species use prime numbers for their “timer”, the odds of them getting in sync or regularly filling in the gaps of “the other guy” are reduced. (i.e. a 2 and a 4 is out of sync feed the predator way too often (2,4,2,-,2,4,2,…) where a 3 and 7 have long gaps…)

    Not surprised at all such a thing would develop in trees making acorns…

  25. jim2 says:

    Larry, that is a nice find :)

  26. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes the cloudflare DNS servers ( and ) are my primary DNS settings.

  27. philjourdan says:

    Azure is a cloud hosting outfit (Microsoft). Cloudfllare is a Content delivery network (caches static content and makes it available around the world closer to where you are). They are not the same type of service. You may be thinking of Akamai. Which is the largest Content Delivery network (even Microsoft and Apple use them).

    We are on Cloudflare, but going to Akamai due to several outages Cloudflare has had over the past 12 months, plus Akamai just reduced their price making them the best cost solution. Ironically, we just talked to a candidate from BOA and they are switching the other way (going from Akamai to Cloudflare.

    The really big boys (like netflix) do have their own Tier 1 network. However the last mile is always your ISP. But that does mean they are less susceptible to outages that a smaller competitor has to contend with (the outage of Cloudfkare last June was when a Tier 3 network in Verizons network started advertising their network as the best path for a portion of the internet and got squashed).. But that can happen to any CDN,

  28. philjourdan says:

    Do a dig on – what do you get?

    Hint: one,one,one,one ;-)

  29. jim2 says:

    In online content delivery, user experience is everything. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) lets you reduce load times, save bandwidth, and speed responsiveness—whether you’re developing or managing websites or mobile apps, or encoding and distributing streaming media, gaming software, firmware updates, or IoT endpoints.


  30. Larry Ledwick says:

    For anyone who is interested, a twitter site that has many short items on Communism and what it was really like. It is clear that our leftist education system has intentionally allowed memories and history of the post WWII communist terror dim and make no effort to keep those historic lessons alive.

    The Telegraph
    Nov 13

    A poll of 16-24 year-olds found that 28 per cent had never heard of Stalin, almost half had never heard of Lenin and 70% had never heard of Mao Tse Tung


  31. H.R. says:

    @Larry re disappearing history that should be ingrained into every U.S. citizen during their formative years, but is now disappeared down the memory hole.

    We here on the Chiefio’s blog of a certain age had parents who fought fascism and communism and some of them caught a bullet or two while doing so. If they didn’t catch a bullet, they got the point and passed it along to us, their children.

    The Vietnam vets were sent to halt communism by containing it to and hopefully driving it out of Southeast Asia, but the pollies made a mess of that, and that meant a lot of those draftees that went there were killed quite unnecessarily. (Thanks, Dem warmongers. It took a Republican President threatened with impeachment to get the heck out of Vietnam. Coulda won that war but the Dems weren’t interested. Too much money to be made off of drugs and war materiel.

    The ‘March Through the Institutions’ is on the verge of success. The success or failure of that strategy hangs by a thread and one very stable genius, who is well aware of the strategy.

    One thing the commies didn’t count on was the inherent rebellious nature of teenagers against their ‘dumb’ parents. I don’t know what year or at what age the line should be drawn, but there are one heck of a lot of young’uns out there right now who are politically 180 degrees from their peace-love-dove-PC- Social Justice-guilt-ridden-hippy-dippy grandparents and PC-cowed parents.

    Funny, that. I was one of the 180 degree kids until I started paying taxes, and attention to the crooked kleptocrats, and realized my Depression/WWII parents weren’t so dumb after all.

    McCarthy was a drunken ass, but he wasn’t wrong after all. There actually were commies behind every ‘Bush’ (double entendre totally intentional).

  32. Another Ian says:


    “If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain”

  33. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting TED talk on the dark

  34. Larry Ledwick says:

    Had a thought while I was driving home from work tonight and viewing the above TED talk.

    Given what is going on in the world there just has to be come dark web news media sites out there.
    Even if it some private party echoing what appears on mainstream sites etc. that would completely bypass web censorship of the major media.

    So how do you find dark net site URLs ?

    Looks like this is where you can start finding you way through the maze once you have taken care of security issues like using a vpn and tor etc.

    Suggestions for access to tor and dark web



  35. phil salmon says:

    About South America, I spoke to a Brazilian yesterday, she explained why Brazil’s economic outlook which looked positive 7 years ago, has gone sharply downhill. The left wing regime that has ruled since then has become a kind of new Cuba in the region by funding all the left wing movements across the continent. This corruption has impoverished the country. I visited the country for work back in 2012 and again last year and noticed the difference. At traffic lights near to São Paulo cars would not stop at night for fear of being robbed.

    Bolsonaro represents light at the end of a very dark left wing tunnel. His arrival explains the sudden collapse of Venezuela. Their tap of money was turned off.

  36. Another Ian says:

    Time to sharpen your sarcastic

    “It’s time to run the prat of the year 2019 contest.”


  37. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting video clip – apparently John Brennan was a 1970’s hippy when he fell in love with Islam.
    Even more interesting that introduction to Islam was in Indonesia (seems a former President studied Islam there too).

    (The authors take on the cold war in the below article is also entertaining but includes some info on Brennen)

  38. Larry Ledwick says:

    Item from the Presidents Press Secretary

  39. Larry Ledwick says:

    BREAKING – surprise witness to be called by Schiff.

    Dana Boos
    2 hours ago
    Replying to @Rockprincess818 @NobamaDotCom
    After him Schiff will call Helen Keller who claims she heard what Stevie Wonder told her he saw Trump did 🙄

  40. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmmm Get Woke go Broke the sequel?
    Carmax makes large donation to Everytown for Gun Safety in support of its program Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

  41. E.M.Smith says:

    There’s a search engine that reminds you if you are not using TOR:


    And then there’s:


    To poke around finding what’s on .onion without all the bother of being on .onion…

  42. E.M.Smith says:

    Brennan’s Arabic is strongly English accented… He can speak it, but doesn’t get the sounds quite right…

    Yeah, put a communist muslim in charge of the CIA, like that’s going to be best for America (“the great satan”…) and of course he’s going to be pissed about Americans actually choosing Trump and kicking his ideologies to the curb.

    The more they run this Faux Impeachment the more dirt comes out on them and theirs.

    I think folks at Trump Rallies need to start chanting “Eight More Years!!!”… ;-)

  43. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well I just signed up for the protonmail VPN service (using it now for this connection)
    E.M. if you are so inclined, could you tell me what IP I appear to be coming from on this comment according to your log files?

    The IP should be with 173.xxx.xxx.83 if I am reading their interface correctly.

    [Reply: -E.M.S.]

  44. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 – they can call it anything they want, but it is not CDN as the industry defines it. AWS and Azure can mimic CDN for the simple reason you can position servers around the globe to accomplish the same result. But it is a lot more expensive (both in dollars and personnel).

    Notice your link. What is the root host name?

    Now do a dig on www, Microsoft,com. Why would MS use a competitor if they had the real goods?

  45. jim2 says:

    Hi Phil. I’ve had some Azure training. It’s a real CDN. Azure customers rent virtual machines, virtual networks, software, data servers, and it all comes with a full fleet of services determined by what the customer wants. The customer can have ZERO servers and have a fully functional, data-gathering, fully featured web site. Or the customer can rent virtual machines and install software he owns. It is fault tolerant and redundant out of the box. It can scale manually or automatically depending on demand for the site. The web site can service a small geographic region or the world. The system is highly automated. I don’t know what else you could want that Azure doesn’t already have, other than cloud services NOT owned by Microsoft :)

  46. philjourdan says:

    @jim2 – Azure IS a cloud service. It is NOT a CDN. Azure and AWS are the big 2 in cloud hosting. But true CDN (Content Delivery Networks) merely caches content. It does not HOST it. and it goes back to the real source to periodically update the content (cache). So you can use CDN to go back to Azure. where your original content is hosted.

    If Azure was a true CDN, why is Miicrosoft using Akamai? Akamai is the leader in CDN, and I do not see Microsoft supporting a rival – especially one that is bigger than MS.

  47. Larry Ledwick says:

    The operative question here is are these protests organic to the people or is someone playing their discontent and prepared to steal the outcome at the last moment (cough Soros)?

    Has the internet triggered a world wide awakening of the level of corruption and “fixing” of legal issues to the benefit of a small minority?


    I suspect a little of both. The bad news is once that genie is out of the bottle and general outrage takes over there is no way to predict who will be the winners and who will be the losers. Look at the French and the Russian Revolutions or for that matter Cuba where the so called good guys turned out to just be a different brand of Evil Bastard.

  48. Larry Ledwick says:

    Early election reports (with updates) for Lousiana Gov.

    Looks like the candidate Eddie Rispone (supported by President Trump) is winning by 60% / 40% split over the Democratic incumbent John Bell Edwards just after the polls closed.

    If this is a huge landslide it could be a wake up call to the Democrats and for that matter the Trump Republicans.


  49. jim2 says:

    Phil. From the article:

    Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) includes four products: Azure CDN Standard from Microsoft, Azure CDN Standard from Akamai, Azure CDN Standard from Verizon, and Azure CDN Premium from Verizon. For information about migrating an Azure CDN Standard from Verizon profile to Azure CDN Premium from Verizon, see Migrate an Azure CDN profile from Standard Verizon to Premium Verizon. Note that while there is an upgrade path from Standard Verizon to Premium Verizon, there is no conversion mechanism between other products at this time.


  50. jim2 says:

    From the article:

    In September 1999, Microsoft and Akamai formed a strategic relationship to incorporate Windows Media technology in Akamai’s FreeFlow service, as well as to facilitate the porting of the FreeFlow product to the Windows platform; this relationship exists to this day.[36] Microsoft Azure offers Akamai (along with Verizon) as options for its “standard” CDN service.[37]


  51. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    One hopes recent election trends finally get the DNC to dump their vindictive attack fraud style and get back to representing We The People.

    As long as the Pelosi era and Clinton / Obama / Biden corruption style persists, they can kiss off my vote and that of an ever growing share of total voters. They have turned the light on in their back room corruption and it isn’t sitting well…

    BTW I put the IP# in your prior comment as an update.

  52. Larry Ledwick says:

    Cool thanks for the IP verification that is the connection I was using at the time.

    Quick follow up on proton vpn.

    Very comfortable interface quite straight forward and intuitive.
    It has a data crawler across the bottom (very similar to windows task manager for network traffic only larger) so you can see how much data is loading (gives you a clue which pages are heavy weight pages and if they are doing stuff in the background you are not aware of etc. almost like running htop only graphical)

    Gives a world map display showing you where your exit point is physically and its IP (which is what I was testing above) and a selection bar on the left listing all the available servers you can select.

    At the top of the left side panel it has a “quick connect” button which automatically connects you to the server that is capable of providing the best data rate for your location, but you can force it to connect to any of the servers available and even save settings so for a given usage, you always use the same configuration.

    Install is absolutely painless just took a couple minutes (on windows) and about 5 mouse clicks.

    They have a free option if you want to take a test drive and the paid services are reasonable (in my view) although some other more established VPN services are a bit lower, I chose protonvpn because it is a parallel product of my secure email account ( free option which uses the same log in)

    { I also strongly recommend protonmail for a free or low cost encrypted email client }

    I selected the ProtonVPN Basic plan which bills at $4 per month with a discount for annual billing @ $48 / year ( https://protonvpn.com/ )
    This plan allows you to use the vpn on 2 devices and access hundreds of servers world wide.

    Not selling this, just reporting my experience (have used the email for just over a year) –

    I am satisfied for this billing rate and the ease to get it going, I don’t do high bandwidth streaming so this level is only be used an normal browsing data rates which in this session have been about:
    515 MB per hour down load and 17 Mb per hour so far.

    I know I have top level encryption (and good security policies – they do not do any logging).
    So for both email (end to end if the destination mail box is also with protonmail) and the vpn tunnel which is encrypted with AES-256, key exchange is done with 4096-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA384 is used for message authentication, and uses perfect forward security.

    (ie if one session is compromised all other sessions past and future remain secure as each session negotiates separately. )

    As the web gets more intrusive and dangerous and prone to monitoring, by god knows who, I felt it was time to take the jump to lower my data signature and have the tools available to safely “poke around on the deep and dark net in the future” or drop off the data harvest radar screens if the major vendors keep getting more and more intrusive.

    For what it is worth.

  53. Larry Ledwick says:

    Proton also supports open source and have released some of their code to the public.



    Their policy on privacy and security

  54. E.M.Smith says:

    Thanks for the Proton report. I’ve been thinking I need to get a real VPN too. The tablet has a couple of free ones, but what quality?

    Do you happen to know if it installs easy on Linux? I’d set up one of my Pi boards as a router and send the whole office through it 8-)

    I’ve also been thinking of setting up my own VPN server on a remote VM at some server supplier…

  55. Larry Ledwick says:

    They have a linux distribution and step by step instructions to install it I think.


  56. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm on that linux setup page found a useful tool for anyone using a vpn.
    It allows you to verify your system is not leaking your system IP but only showing the vpn server IP it is supposed to.


    I think this will force to your monitor file due to the new email address, – note email for encrypted end to end email if another user is also on protonmail, so you can send a secure email to me if you ever need to.

  57. Larry Ledwick says:

    I sent a post that got diverted to your moderation queue (self explanatory)

  58. E.M.Smith says:

    Not sure why that one went to moderation while others with the same IP did not.

    FWIW, I’m moving an almost full 4 TB disk onto a new 8 TB disk … on USB 2.0 because I plugged it into the wrong spigot and didn’t notice. It is 2/3 done after “only” 1.5 days….maybe it will finish tomirrow :-)

    FWIW#2: Turned on broadcat TV for the first time in months…. and ran into the old Batman TV Series; it is so funny 8-)

  59. Larry Ledwick says:

    Speaking of evolution, Hong Kong protestors are upping the ante against the Police after the recent police violence against demonstrators.


    Hong Kong free press on twitter

  60. cdquarles says:

    I am one of those, a Boomer B. One of my grandfathers fought in the Great War. Dad was too young for WW2 (born 1930), though he did serve in the Korea Era (never saw combat). One of his younger brothers served in ‘Nam, in the Navy. I think he did see combat, though we are estranged and the subject of combat never came up. I last saw him in 1983, the last time set foot in California. My dad’s mom died shortly thereafter, from pneumonia after a stroke. My mom’s mom died in 1983, as well. I recall well how it was certain Boomer As that got all the publicity, while many As and Bs served honorably, only to be spit upon when they returned.

  61. cdquarles says:

    Ugh, hit enter too soon. We *did* win the Vietnam War, militarily. We got a peace treaty saying so. After the railroading of Nixon, and the large D majorities they had subsequently, the D politicians did indeed shiv the Vietnamese, cutting off all aid to them at a crucial time. Yeah, I remember 1975 very well, then the boat people afterwards.

  62. cdquarles says:

    @Larry, I’ve long considered protonmail as an alternative. Money’s not there right now. I am wary of ‘free’ services. I pay for my email as a part of my ISP bill. I pay for msn/hotmail, indirectly. The one I don’t pay for, right now, is gmail. Given their direction, I’d like to drop them except as a spam trap.

  63. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes I am in that category too.
    Father and all my uncles fought in WWII, I had a scout master that jumped on D day, and used to work for / with guys that fought in WWII (one was in armored artillery under Patton, one was an officer in India (burma campaign), one flew in B-17’s). My dad was on PT boats in WWII.

    I clearly remember news coverage of the Red Chinese shelling Kumoi (now called Kinmen) and Mastu islands in the 1950’s.


    I also keenly remember the Hungarian uprising against the communists in 1956 (my grandmother was born in Hungary) so the family was quite interested in that event.


    When I was in 7th grade I read a first hand account of what the Soviets did to protesters imprisoned during the Hungarian uprising and it was horrific – I wish I could remember the title of the book. That same year I read a book about the Pathet Lao and how those groups (Viet Cong etc.) basically shanghi’d kids to fight in their guerrilla war units. We did book reports on books like the Bridges at Toko-Ri so kids of my generation (who were not immersed in the hippy world) had a good idea of what the communists were really all about.

    I have seen WWII bomb damage first hand – as a child my father was stationed on Guam during the Korean war, he took the family on a jeep tour of the island and in 1952 there were still buildings on the island and areas the clearly showed the consequences of the invasion to re-take the island from the Japanese. As a child I played in Japanese pill boxes on the beaches of Guam and several times they closed down beaches and areas of the island when they discovered UXO (UnExploded Ordinance). In one case a large naval mine found on a beach we had been swimming at the day before.

    One of my distant relatives was a prisoner of the Japanese during the Battan Death March.
    Another man I worked with at the state was also an ex-POW of the Japanese.

    I have worked with folks who were involved with the Phoenix program in Vietnam.
    One of those people is in the group photo on this web page.


    Others were attached to SOG Vietnam, one was a combat medic in one of those units that did not exist.

    One of my cousins is married to a gal that was born in the Czech Republic when it was still Communist, and she has commented about how the Democrats remind her of the communists when she was in her teens.

    So I have little tolerance for Communism, because I know where it leads.

    (Remember history – or – repeat it)

  64. Larry Ledwick says:

    I have used the free protonmail account for over a year, works fine, I will be upgrading it soon.
    It is a far far better choice that gmail in my opinion. Free or paid as you need, it and very secure if you are talking to another subscriber you know it is end to end encrypted.

  65. Larry Ledwick says:

    One interesting side effect of using the vpn, web sites that monitor your access and want to recognize your computer to validate it is really you they are interacting with, tend to force to 2 factor authentication if they don’t recognize the connection or system you are on.

    So far this includes Amazon.com, my credit card vendors and my bank.
    A slight inconvenience but over all a good thing.

  66. Larry Ledwick says:

    Speaking of our “superiors” and interesting article on the elite and status displays and why they advocate destructive, dangerous or just plain stupid social policies and personal actions.


  67. Larry Ledwick says:

    Mass shooting in Fresno (is this area a gang area where a turf disupute or similar might explain ambushing a family watching foot ball?)

    Apparently while a family and friends were watching a foot ball game in the back yard attackers entered the yard and started shooting.


  68. Larry Ledwick says:

    And Iran continues to simmer
    Heshmat Alavi
    Following @HeshmatAlavi
    No 17 – Isfahan, central #Iran
    Protesters torched three state banks in this major city.
    Bank Melli, Bank Mellat and the Sina Bank.

    The internet is heavily shut down in Iran and reports/videos/images are arriving with delay.

  69. E.M.Smith says:

    Al Jazeera had near nothing. One short street scene and a statement there were demonstrations. Other feeds similar. Much more coverage of Hong Kong, so it looks like an effective information embargo.

  70. E.M.Smith says:

    CBC on youtube had pretty good reporting on Iran. Search on “Iran protest”.

    How can a country floating on oil do gas rationing? Just crazy. You can make a fractionation stack with iron and a welder… yeah, cat crackers are harder, but it isn’t like they need to conserve the oil…

    Price was trippled, BUT from 8 ¢ /liter to 32 or about $1.15 / US Gallon.

  71. E.M.Smith says:

    The youtube Al Jazeera coverage is decent. Showing lots of snow in Tehran. They say 14 ¢ / L after the triple so actusl prces obscure.

  72. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    Fresno is one of the larger cities along highway 99 south of the Capital (Sacramento) and north of the Grapevine (hill climb to get to the Los Angeles basin). It is in the middle of rural southern Central Valley and largely centred on Agriculture.

    It, like every town in the Central Valley (all of California, really) has been turning into a Mexican Suburb over the years. (California population roughly doubled in the last 30? years; maybe 40 now… it was about 19 Million when I started in Silly Con Valley now pushing 39 Million). That was not from internal growth…

    A HUGE influx of Mexican and Central American “irregular immigrants” makes up a big part of the current California Population. (To some extent it always has. When I was about 12? and at Miquel’s house one “cousin” came in saying the INS Green Truck (in Spanish) was coming and 1/2 dozen folks headed out the back door… but over time that had a cumulative impact).

    We also have a load of Vietnamese from post Viet Nam (who found California nicer than Minnesota in December…) and Little Saigon is not far from me. I don’t know which Asians are common in Fresno, but we have Japanese and Chinese from 100 years ago along with a recent flood of “new money” Chinese buying property. I suspect these are most likely not the New Money folks as the area is not a rich one. Yet most of the really older groups have been successful and “moved up” (and often out…) of the farm towns (me included).

    My best guess is that they are some Southeast Asian folks who’ve been here at most 1 generation (watching “football” but didn’t say American or?…) and ran afoul of some local drug operation (OR just P.O.’d neighbour once too often with a big party in the back yard…)

    The various Minority Groups are not that fond of each other. It could also be that some High School Kids were in a feud and this was the result.

    One final possible (but I doubt it): The local Vietnamese enclave has had (but not recently) Home Invasion robberies by a Vietnamese gang. They kept it in their own in-group (if you will) as they knew who had money and knew who was not armed. This could be some kind of in-group vendetta or robbery. Given that Fresno in general and the photos of the area involved in particular is not particularly “rich”, I doubt it was a robbery gone bad. In Group vengeance or Outside Gang grudge more likely.

    In some of the more rural towns, now, you do much better if you speak Spanish as the English speakers are a minority. (I’ve had the experience a few times…) Fresno is big enough this ought not be the case (yet…), but various suburbs can be. It is remotely possible these folks moved into a Hispanic neighbourhood, then didn’t “respect” the local culture / groups “enough” and the party in the yard pushed someone over the top into violence. Especially if they moved next to a drug house and didn’t know it (and those folks didn’t want anyone calling attention to their operation).

    This is easier than you might think. This is from before the recent legalization of MJ which has improved things a lot (i.e. don’t need sell houses any more): One night about 15 years ago, I see this big dark sedan parked across the street from my house. One guy in it. Sitting for about 45 minutes. I exit the house and circle to where I can approach from passenger side rear. At the open passenger window I ask “I’ve seen you sitting here for a while…” and then notice the pained look on the late 20s – early 30s guy in plain clothes but looking a bit too ‘groomed’ for them. I suddenly realize he’s not just some joker. “You are working aren’t you?” I ask, he looks a mix of relieved and pained at being “made”. I say “Sorry to have bothered you, hope things work out” and me and my MagLight cross directly home.

    Turns out there was a house 1/2 block in front of him that was “dealing” and he was on stakeout. I didn’t know about the house (they seemed OK to me), but about a week later it was subject to a raid. (and one of my more in-touch neighbours ‘splained it to me).

    If it can happen in this quasi-upscale neighbourhood it can happen in Fresno far easier.

    So that’s more or less what I’d expect as the “Possibles” and a short intro to Central Valley towns and their current dynamics.

  73. E.M.Smith says:

    Watch it quick before it gets deleted (names Chiarley Mello…).

    Dr. Turley links Soros’ funding to Atlantic Council and the “whistleblower” RumorMonger complaint:

    Burisma also funded Atlantic Council….

  74. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting video!

    Now for the truly paranoid:


    Note that by connecting to any web service that requires log in you effectively identify yourself as the same person, same goes for other trackable activities like paying for a service with trackable funds.

    That said if you are not a spy or protester/whistle blower in mortal danger, is that really a problem

    By the way noting below that one of the ways to identify a user is traffic analysis of an exit server and to correlate activity on both ends of the connection, it would seem that using a VPN server that is not under much load actually would make that easier, so there would (for the purposes of obfuscation not response speed) be an advantage to using a vpn server that is getting pounded on and has lots of active connections vs a relatively quiet exit server.


  75. jim2 says:

    I don’t know if this is a Republican effort to scare upcoming witnesses in the impeachment probe or if this guy really has something – but it’s interesting either way …

    New developments in the impeachment probe were revealed during two closed-door depositions that took place over the weekend, revealed Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., who called for a delay in the upcoming impeachment hearings until those transcripts are publicly available.

    According to Zeldin, Sandy “went right to the heart of why there was a hold on aid to Ukraine” during his Saturday deposition, and called for a release of the transcripts containing Sandy’s statement in time for week two of public hearings.

    “A great answer given, a very informative answer by Mark Sandy,” Zeldin said, “and I think it would change some of the answers given by some of these other witnesses this week.”


  76. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting item from Twitter, analyzing protocol symbolism and what it might indicate about the relationship of foreign leaders and President Trump.

  77. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmmm very interesting – Laura Loomer on some recent events in Ukraine that tie directly to the US embassy and Yovanovich.


  78. Larry Ledwick says:

    More from Iran, crowd surrounding an administrative building, and some are shooting in the air with automatic weapons (including tracers)

  79. E.M.Smith says:

    Well that didn’t take long. Turley video already gone…. hope folks got a chance to see it.

    Basically shows Soros connections to Biden graft / scam thourgh Atlantic Council funded by Soros and Hunter Biden / Burisma. Plus a couple of mord links. I figured that as soon as he said Eric Chiarly Mello’s name a timer went off.

    Do those Idiots at Googly really think this either hides his name (that now everyone alredy knows) OR think this doesn’t just get everyone pissed at them and ready to embrace alternatives, support a breakup?

    At this point, the SEC / PUC / DOJ or dog catcher could announce Google being broken up and fined $5000 Billion and I’d be all for it.

    If they think this hurts Trump’s election prospects, they are “Exactly Wrong”. Just making more folks despise the swap dwellers and be more inclined to push Trump on them for as long as it takes. .

  80. Larry Ledwick says:

    I wonder how fast the wayback machine captures new videos?

    You know someone has a capture going if nothing else, Dr. Turley can simultaneously release it again to a dozen outlets and force it viral.

  81. Another Ian says:

    Maybe instead of Googly think “gooly”


  82. Larry Ledwick says:

    In view of the pickeringpost item above, I have seen several posts to twitter since late yesterday that are asserting that there was an attempt on the President yesterday – all very circumstantial but the story is consistent. (take with the appropriate caution)

    It will be interesting to watch developments today.

    Yesterday the announcement from the white house when it first came out was very odd (it was posted as a completely blank document on twitter only later filled in with the story about getting a jump on his physical)

  83. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting apparently the NSC did try to push out Vindemen but were blocked by an Obama hold over.

    Lil’ Miss Sunshine Retweeted
    Our Gettysburg NOW
    17 minutes ago
    @RepRatcliffe BREAKING: NSC officials attempted to remove Alex Vindman due to security concerns but were blocked by an Obama holdover, official in the White House who still controls human resource management inside the NSC, an African-American woman closely tied to the Obama’s

    On the item above about the President’s health, I will be watching the general demeanor and behavior of folks inside the swamp today to validate the above rumors since we cannot trust the media to report the facts. Are they a bit too cheerful or down in the dumps and cranky if you know what I mean.

    The spin machine can cover up a lot of stuff but it is very hard to have insiders all display the appropriate body language and behavior to match the script of the spin.

  84. Larry Ledwick says:

    8 hours ago
    (5) SNAP!

    With all the suspicions of Lt. Colonel Vindman, expressed by Fiona Hill (depo), Tim Morrison (depo), and Ron Johnson (letter), it’s no wonder the White House stored that transcript on a secure network Vindman couldn’t alter.


  85. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    That’s a very interesting letter per “Johnson-to-Jordan”. Gives a bit of depth and feel to the whole thing.

    As a sidebar to it:

    What is becoming clearer is that there has been a VERY long standing process of corruption of foreign governments, by design, with Soros’ fingerprints all over it. It is looking more like his “Colour Revolutions” are more about putting his “Oligarch Cronies” in place and less about his desire for an “Open Society”.

    So Ukraine was put through the Orange Revolution.

    The Orange Revolution (Ukrainian: Помаранчева революція, Pomarancheva revolyutsiya) was a series of protests and political events that took place in Ukraine from late November 2004 to January 2005, in the immediate aftermath of the run-off vote of the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election, which was claimed to be marred by massive corruption, voter intimidation and electoral fraud. Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, was the focal point of the movement’s campaign of civil resistance, with thousands of protesters demonstrating daily. Nationwide[citation needed], the revolution was highlighted by a series of acts of civil disobedience, sit-ins, and general strikes organized by the opposition movement.

    With the usual cast of Street Theatre Actors tossing tantrums and being brats. Allegations of the President being “illegitimate” and demand for a “do over” election. (Gee, that’s familiar, don’t like an election? Just keep doing it over until you do…)

    The result being that the pro-Russia President was out and the Pro-Soros one was in. What followed next was massive corruption of the Government via Oligarchs and huge money flows out to Biden (and God Only Knows how many others) and Soros’ various “organizations” (including via the USAID / State Department teat). So at least now we know the how of Soros’ Money Suckage and the why of the Colour Revolutions.

    IMHO, this also fills in a gap in the Russian History. WAAaaayyy back in the collapse of the USSR, there was a boatload of “advisers” sent to Russia. Then, seemingly overnight, Russia had a load of “Oligarchs” who had managed to buy up all the “stock” in every industry of importance. I’d always sort of wondered “How?”. From where did they get the seed money to do the buying? But I was busy raising a family and working long days then…

    Then, also suddenly, Putin pops up and starts slamming the Oligarchs and tossing some of them in prison. This is immensely popular with the people of Russia… and I’d figured it was just the Russian reputation for envy.

    BUT, in this Ukrainian context, here’s another perspective:

    USSR Falls. A herd of Western Vultures (likely to include Soros) rush in to pick it over and fund various “On Side” “partners” to make them “Oligarchs” (i.e. filthy rich) just so long as a large chunk of the money flows to the Vultures. Putin sees this happening. It pisses him off to see this corruption (the same corruption seen in Ukraine and with the Bidens) and he slowly, and carefully arranges things until he can shut it down.

    This, of course, pisses off Soros and his ilk, who proceed to use their standard playbook of “Vilify the Leader”, so Putin tosses his “Open Society” (insert feeding tube) groups from Russia, thus pissing off the Soros Mob even more. Proceed to Ukrainian Colour Revolution, corruption under the Soros Approved President, annexation of the Russian Population chunk of Ukraine, etc.

    Now they tossed the Russian Leaning leadership long ago, and the Ukrainian people have now pitched out the Soros Approved one. They have their own Nationalist President, and that means both sides are not keen on them. Russia would like their guy back, and Soros wants that control, money, and base of operations back, while the Corrupt Dems & Never Trump Repubs are lusting after those wonderful fat graft payments… So it is down to the Two Presidents to hold the line.

    The result? POTUS gets an impeachment. I’d say “Watch This Space” in Ukraine for various new Colour Revolution Playbook actions. More street theatre and more assertions of evil on the part of their President. It will take time, but there will be a huge well funded effort to depose him. You don’t just let a few $Billion (per year?) slip away and say “Oh Well.”

    Overall, I think that helps illustrate how Soros works. It’s all about leveraging the Government Checkbook (of many governments) and putting in place “Oligarch Wanna Be” puppets so he can siphon out money and gain control. Quite likely working WITH the C.I.A. (or at least some parts of it) as top cover and for a share of the pie (s) and with large money flows to the Defence Industry as seasoning.

    And into this nice little money laundry shake down operation steps POTUS… a man with a moral compass and integrity….

  86. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, the “disconnect” between what someone is saying and what they are displaying can speak volumes. Even if it is just the “Plastic Pose” that says nothing as they grit their teeth and do “happy talk”. That absence of what ought to be there also speaks.

    I’m of the opinion that what is needed is a Really Big Contact Trace from Soros, his organizations and cronies, to every government, NGO, and UN agency on the planet, and they need to be removed root and branch. The whole wretched thing needs to come down and we can’t afford to wait for the old fart to just naturally leave the stage.

    There needs to be a New Consortium. Starting with the dozen or so countries that have already banned him or tossed his “NGOs”, and with a very rapid “shutting off” of any US Government payments to any of the NGOs or pwned agencies.

    Easy to identify sides now. Who is being actively vilified? There’s your ally. So Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, India, Austria, Boris If He Wins, etc. Potentially some of the Islamic World where “Colour Revolutions” have also brought havoc.

    Biggest thing missing is the shared awareness that this is ALL coming from one root and how the Play Book works.

  87. E.M.Smith says:

    The Wayback Machine has some significant limitations.

    My personal peeve is that it doesn’t capture binary files. So all sorts of software POSTINGS stay up but the actual software it describes is lost… so what’s the point? Can’t roll back to older releases or get software from now defunct companies.

    Then there’s the sample rate. Often once every few MONTHS.

    Between those two, they are pretty much useless for a lot of what IMHO would be ideal.

    I’ve not checked, but I doubt they collect videos at all. With limited resources, they prune high data volume things (like binaries) and I’d expect that to include video / sound files. Yeah, worth checking, but… And with a “once every few months, maybe” sample space, they just can not be used to cover “here and gone” fast censorship.

  88. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Man Schiff is an idiot.

    He stopped Devin Nunes questioning Vindman (who comes accross as a L.t Colonel Doughboy at best, suck up type) about with whom he shered info at just such a point and way “to protect the whistleblower” such as to make it obvious Eric CIA Chiarly Mellow IS the Rumormonger Agent who was the guy, and that Vindman was the leak. Negative Space analysis just shouting loud…

  89. p.g.sharrow says:

    When thinking about George Soros operations one must remember it’s origin. Soros was a small time hedge fund operator when the USSR collapsed. GHW Bush moved Gorbachev and the Central Committee from Moscow to San Francisco to avoid a blood bath in Russia from a battle to the death as the communists were pushed out of power in Russia. “Eastern European” Communist Party money was put under the management of the Soros operation to continue the Communist drive to install World Communism. Ecoloon Watermellon NGOs have been an early recipient of “funding” as the mob of NGO’s were being created. Much of the Soros NGO network funding is being provided through philanthropic and government matching funds, where Soros provides the seed money, it gets passed around to trigger the matching funds and then passed on to trigger more matching funding in this massive money laundering scheme. It costs a great deal to create the appearance of long lasting “Popular” anti – demonstrations. Armies of demonstrators, occupiers and Antifa toughs must be trained and fielded to push the body politic into the arms of the Socialist Saviors.. pg.

  90. p.g.sharrow says:

    Damn! I forgot to add that certain Party Aperatiks were given access to these funds to acquire control of the “New” corporations formed in the old USSR, thus was born the Eastern European Oligarchs that fight for control. The Oligarch Putin is the boss of bosses that fights to restore Russian Glory and power but the real power and wealth generator of the Soviet Union was Eastern Europe that is resisting his grasp.

  91. llanfar says:

  92. p.g.sharrow says:

    llanfar: you may be right. Remember he “indicted” Hillary on multiple felonies and then said that no Federal Attorney would prosecute her, very true. But he did lay it out. No doubt he has been trying to ride the fence while covering his rear end the while time, trying to be on the winning side no matter which wins. What ever is the reason, Comney is small potatoes. Brennan is the “cleanup” man that is directing this CIA coverup…pg.

  93. beththeserf says:

    Another overview of that whistleblower connectivity. Ciaramella working with John Brennan , Susan Rice, Alexandra Chalupa …

  94. E.M.Smith says:

    It would be amusing for every Republican, during their questioning, near the end, to ask “Have you ever met Eric Ciarra…” and see just how many gavelings it takes for Schiff to lose it and say:
    “I won’t let you out the whistleblower!” ;-)

  95. Another Ian says:

    No wonder “the great anonymous they” don’t want Trump talking to Putin in private

  96. jim2 says:

    The hearing is STILL GOING!! The Dimowits are trying for a grand and scary ending while working people can watch. It’s all too complicated. It’s a Hail Mary to try to move the polls. Asshat clowns.

  97. Larry Ledwick says:

    Iran is crossing the Rubicon now on the protests, they have started shooting protesters, and the protesters are starting to go after all major government buildings and symbols of authority.

    This is going to get really messy for a while.


  98. E.M.Smith says:

    I think I need to expand the “Who’s your Pres.?” Section up top :-)

  99. Power Grab says:

    One interesting thing I saw on Twitter today was a photo of Vindman and his twin brother, who works/worked in the White House in some capacity having to do with ethics.

    Did you all know Vindman has a twin brother?

    Another thing that was interesting was that Vindman was offered the position of Defense Minister of Ukraine more than one time.

  100. E.M.Smith says:

    @Power Grab:

    I didn’t now either of those things…

  101. Another Ian says:

    “BREAKING NEWS, and this is bad. They have got him now with documented evidence.
    The dims are going to file a formal inpeachmint on a count of “President Trump is Interfering with the 2020 election.” Evidence here:



  102. beththeserf says:

    Re above, breaking news and this is bad…
    Grandma Covfefe says:
    November 20, 2019 at 1:06 am
    You do know this Reuters article was written on May 31, 2019. It’s old and outdated news. We, as a nation with our President Trump, have move so far ahead. And the fake impeachment drama have backfired on the Dems BIGLY.

    Candidate Trump came down the escalator in 2015, not 2016 as mentioned in this article.

  103. jim2 says:

    Vindman’s parents are Ukrainian. Not sure if he was born here or there.

  104. jim2 says:

    Sondland testifies again today. He’s changed his testimony once already. The loonie left on the networks don’t know if what they feel is a thrill up their leg or something else down it :)

  105. Jon K says:

    This is an interesting study on virtue signaling and why it’s so endemic to top universities and places like hollywood.


  106. Ossqss says:

    Twin eh? Nah, couldn’t be, could it? :-)

    I hope it posts……

  107. E.M.Smith says:

    And here I thought Military folks were not allowed to wear their uniform to Political Rallies…


  108. p.g.sharrow says:

    @JonK says:
    Everyone should read that Thorstien Theory. on human behavior.
    I’ve been trying to explain that to people for 50 years…pg

  109. E.M.Smith says:


    I had a similar reaction to it. Still not quite sure I’ve got all his points, so a re-read is in my future…

  110. llanfar says:

    Polly does a great job tracking linkages. Here, she goes through the Vindman, CIAramella…

  111. Larry Ledwick says:

    Does anyone else think of Cartman on Southpark when they see Vindmen?
    It is like this is what Cartman would be if he grew up and entered the military.

  112. Jon K says:

    @LL lol

  113. Larry Ledwick says:

    The head of Burisma Holdings was indicted today in Ukraine!
    Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.
    Alleges Hunter Biden and partners received $16.5 million for ‘services’


  114. jim2 says:

    As the hearing wears on today, Sondland more and more is getting that deer in the headlights look.

  115. Another Ian says:

    “Then there is this which may be the most accurate.

    “Poll: Majority Want Impeachment Hearings To Continue As Long As Possible So Congress Will Be Too Busy To Meddle With Our Lives” ”


  116. Larry Ledwick says:

    Just because we are in impeachment over load – time for a bit of escape.

    This young lady is a fantastic young drummer – give a listen.
    She has a youtube channel so lots more out there.

  117. jim2 says:

    Reporters on ABC were discussing the hearing just now. One of them referred to the “conservative” Drudge Report to support her point. Damn!!! What does that tell you?

  118. Pingback: Ukraine – Return Of The Jedi | Musings from the Chiefio

  119. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve opened a page for Ukraine / Impeachment / Indictment discussions:


    Just because this page is getting slow and I expect the indictment and Bidens seeking cover will generate a lot more news…

  120. llanfar says:

    @Larry wonder how she’d do on House of Shame? Céline Le Vu did a decent job on it, but I still prefer the original drummer…

  121. Larry Ledwick says:

    Larry wonder how she’d do on House of Shame?

    Probably pretty good, It think the thing I like about her is that her drumming is so effortless, she does none of the extreme face expressions most drummers do, it is just completely natural for her.

  122. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like the Truth Langoliers have eaten the Polly video…

    That was fast….

  123. llanfar says:

    BitChute to the rescue on Polly: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MJsTquX9WMk/

  124. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like Amazing Polly also has a Bitchute channel:

    I think this one is likely the one YouTube “disappeared”:


    Perhaps someone who knows the original can confirm?

    UPDATE: Just noticed someone else beat me to it :-) So never mind….

  125. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting random thing about trace radiation in wine.


    It also shows that on the scale of major sources of trace background radiation Fukushima was a non-event regarding significant world wide trace radiation levels.

  126. Power Grab says:

    I took a screen shot of the Vindman twins picture that I saw on Twitter:
    How do I post it? I’ve never posted a picture on WordPress.

  127. E.M.Smith says:

    You need a drop box or account of some sort that you can then link to as a URL. You can only directly upload a picture if you have a wordpress account. It IS fairly simple to set up a blog account, but you might find yourself with followers and a new “hobby” filling up your days ;-)

  128. E.M.Smith says:

    Just finished the Polly video on Bitchute. Amazing connections. Some of them speculative, in a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way, but still…. Would you have a pair of brothers, one on the National Security Council and the other married to a Russian and working in Russia?

  129. Another Ian says:

    “China has the genomic sequence of every single person that’s been gene typed in the U.S., and they’re developing bioweapons that only affect Caucasians.”


  130. Larry Ledwick says:

    Not sure any of the normal denizens here will be affected as most do not live in the lunatic liberal inner cities but FYI.

    Nov 29 plans for major transporation disruptions on mass transit.

  131. Larry Ledwick says:

    EM I think I found your boat for Florida – Although it might require a bit of chain link fence fabric (gator barrier) around the lower part of the deck.

    (yes I know gators can climb chain link )

  132. Larry Ledwick says:

    Antifa protester arrested on felony warrant.


  133. philjourdan says:

    The leaks have started on the IG report – https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/11/21/horowitz-leaks-begin-fbi-official-caught-altering-fisa-documents-now-under-criminal-investigation/

    As noted by Sundance, this is probably from one of the stooges CNN hired. But it does also point to someone is rolling over. That speculation will never be printed on CNN, so it is up to the less dishonest to report that.

  134. jim2 says:

    Graham has requested Pompeo release Ukraine related dox from 2016. Hope that happens!!!

  135. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    Just add a couple of Rod Holders and maybe a hammock on one side (don’t need that many bar stools) and it’s just about right ;-)

    Though I think a small “electric fence” wire or two in the bottom couple of feet might be enough… assuming gators have a sensitive nose and don’t like 25 kV nose to belly…

  136. Larry Ledwick says:

    Perhaps confirmation of rumors that Jeffery Epstein had intelligence connections or maybe just more mirrors and misdirection.

    This possibility has been bandied about twitter for a long time – even before his “suicide”.


  137. jim2 says:

    And now for something completely different … an Azure Raspberry Pi simulator …


  138. Another Ian says:

    For an alternative in living dangerously – try a Tesla


    Did they borrow Boeings 737 MCAS (known as Mass Casualty Accident System)

  139. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    An amusing thought… what if Epstein was an Arkencide… and The Mossad didn’t like that… and ordered retribution … could get interesting….

  140. Larry Ledwick says:

    This image of Prince Andrew makes me think he got read the riot act by the Queen and is going to be an object example.


    The only way to put a damper on this massive abuse of power among the elite is for a few “untouchables to have really bad days” and learn that they are not out of reach.

    By the way one of the guards that was supposed to watch JE is according to the rumor mill flipping and dumping the goods on what happened.

  141. jim2 says:

    Some talking heads are saying the impeachment hearings are over. You know, if the Senate postpones their trial until say, July 2020, the Dimowits wouldn’t have anything more with which to torment Trump. We could have several months of peace. In the meantime, the various investigations into the FBI and others would come out, potentially damning the complete crap “evidence” from the hearing. The Senate could use this time to put together a production worthy presentation highlighting the lies, contradictions, and Dimowit hypocrisies that abounded in the hearings. It could be a great boost to President Trump leading into the 2020 election.

  142. Larry Ledwick says:

    ANTIFA training program

  143. E.M.Smith says:

    Yet Another SystemD Fail:

    So I have several systems with a couple of logins on each. Keeping track of where I put some file or saved some stuff is getting a bit over the top, so I decided to consolidate things a little. Start by just putting most of the home directories on the same disk, at least. In the process, the mount location got another element, the machine name.

    So /SG2/home/chiefio became /SG2/home/XU4/chiefio on the Odroid XU4, for example. As I already had 3 different uSD chips for the XU4 using the SAME home directory anyway, ought to be “easy peasy”. Make the XU4 directory, move chiefio into it, edit /etc/passwd.

    Worked FINE on the Armbian / Devuan 1.0 “uplift” (i.e. Devuan as classical Linux).

    On the Armbian Buster (i.e. still with SystemD and up to date) it seems to work, and you can login to a shell, BUT launching the X window system results in a Black Screen. WT?

    How can EXACTLY the same Xorg stuff config files .x{whatever} etc. etc. FAIL?

    Rechecked my edit of /etc/passwd (even though I know it is right because login to a shell session is in the right place). Try a reboot just in case something needed a reset. Logged in as my backup admin user w/o changed directory and X works fine, so nothing wrong with systemic X. Look in the log files:

    root@ArmbianUX4:/home/ems# cd ~chiefio
    root@ArmbianUX4:/SG2/home/XU4/chiefio# pwd
    root@ArmbianUX4:/SG2/home/XU4/chiefio# ls .x*
    .xfce4-session.verbose-log       .xscreensaver     .xsession-errors.old
    .xfce4-session.verbose-log.last  .xsession-errors

    Looking in .xsession-errors we find:

    dbus-update-activation-environment: setting PWD=/SG2/home/XU4/chiefio

    so dbus OUGHT to be getting set to the right path, but further down:

    dbus-update-activation-environment: warning: error sending to systemd: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process org.freedesktop.systemd1 exited with status 1
    /usr/bin/x-session-manager: X server already running on display :0
    Gtk-Message: 16:59:55.463: Failed to load module "gail"
    ** (xfce4-session:2847): WARNING **: 16:59:55.472: (../atk-adaptor/bridge.c:993):atk_bridge_adaptor_init: runtime check failed: (root)
    xfce4-session-Message: 16:59:55.546: SSH authentication agent is already running
    gpg-agent[2854]: WARNING: "--write-env-file" is an obsolete option - it has no effect
    gpg-agent: a gpg-agent is already running - not starting a new one
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:55.569: gpg-agent returned no PID in the variables
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:55.615: Unable to launch "xfwm4": Failed to change to directory ?/SG2/home/chiefio? (No such file or directory)
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:55.619: Unable to launch "xfwm4": Failed to change to directory ?/SG2/home/chiefio? (No such file or directory)
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:56.228: Unable to launch "xfsettingsd": Failed to change to directory ?/SG2/home/chiefio? (No such file or directory)
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:56.232: Unable to launch "xfsettingsd": Failed to change to directory ?/SG2/home/chiefio? (No such file or directory)
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:56.235: Unable to launch "xfce4-panel": Failed to change to directory ?/SG2/home/chiefio? (No such file or directory)
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:56.239: Unable to launch "xfce4-panel": Failed to change to directory ?/SG2/home/chiefio? (No such file or directory)
    (xfce4-session:2847): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 16:59:56.243: Unable to launch "xfce4-terminal": Failed to change to directory ?/SG2/home/chiefio? (No such file or directory)
    Gtk-Message: 16:59:56.338: Failed to load module "gail"

    So looks to me like “somewhere” it has squirreled away some state information that includes the belief an X session is already running AND that the home directory is still the old one.

    Where? Who knows.
    How to fix? Who knows.
    Why? “Why, don’t ask why. Down that path lies insanity and ruin. -E.M.Smith”
    Where’s my Scotch? GAK! I’m out…

    I wonder if the fact that they screwed up the ability to just move a home directory is why Pottering is now rushing in to “re-imagine the home directory” and screw it up more too?…

    So now it looks like I get to “back out” my home directory change of location on the non-SystemD XU4 chip in the hope that just “put it back” will fix this problem that ought never to have existed in the first place.


  144. E.M.Smith says:


    Nice try and “thank you for playing” ;-) but that’s not it for me:

    chiefio@ArmbianUX4:~$ echo $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR

    Which is what it ought to be.

    chiefio@ArmbianUX4:~$ df
    Filesystem      1K-blocks    Used  Available Use% Mounted on
    udev               953008       0     953008   0% /dev
    tmpfs              204480       8     204472   1% /run/user/1616

    For the moment I have a “sort of usable” system just by making a symbolic link from the old home dir to the new home dir. I get a grey wallpaper instead of what it ought to be and I can’t change the wallpaper (the usual click on background does nothing…)

    So that’s Yet Another SystemD Mystery. WHY it would barf on the desktop when it’s got a valid path that it likes for everything else including launching X windows… I’m going to try Yet Another Reboot and see if (now that I’ve launched an Xorg session from this location) anything has cleared…

    The Real Answer, IMHO, it “JUST WALK AWAY from SystemD”. And I’m doing that in general. But thought I’d keep the “legacy” systems up to date a bit while doing it.

    I was wrong. It is just a quagmire of untidy mind excretions waiting for you to step in it and get stuck.

    With that, I’m moving on with my project of Home Directory clean up and consolidations, but will just ignore the SystemD based images and / or simply archive them if utility is low. In general, the XU4 is the only “problem child” where I’d really like to use it as a non-SystemD system on a regular basis, but don’t have a good option at present. I’ve moved to Slackware on 2 others, so they will be “No Problemo” at all. The RPi systems are Devuan, so also no problem. Everything else is relatively low utilization or “special duty” where I have a login, but don’t really having anything on them At All other than “login and do update / upgrade cycle”.

    I figure, worst case, I can delete the login on this system (yes, I’m on it right now, grey desktop and all…) with the external home dir disk unmounted. Re-do the adduser, and then remount the home directory. That ought to purge whatever insanity it has squirreled away “wherever”…. I hope… (“But hope is not a strategy. -E.M.Smith”) but it can be a tactic… even if a lousy one…

    Now, the much bigger problem is that I’m out of Scotch AND wine AND Beer. I seem to have been VERY lax in my EOTWAWKI Disaster Prepping ;-)

  145. jim2 says:

    I feel for you and the systemd problems. It must be pretty horrible to have an OS that has been relatively stable for decades suddenly not respond to time-honored techniques.

    On another note, I recall your dislike of noisy cooling fans. I was doing some research on CPAPs the other day and came across this, a CPAP fan with 45 db noise. CPAP fans have to be quiet since the idea is to get some sleep. If you ever had to have a cooling fan, this might fill the bill for you.

    Here is one example


    I’m sure there are other types of fans and perhaps from different vendors.

  146. E.M.Smith says:


    Thanks for the pointer. I may end up getting a fan. Seems that even with a heat sink some of the higher end boards can heat limit if you do things like giant compiles that run at 100% for minutes to hours. I’d be willing to point a fan at it and go watch TV in the other room ;-)

    For just about everything day-to-day it is fine with no fan. But on the Gentoo build, things did heat limit.

  147. Another Ian says:

    African swine fever was found in 20 wild boar in Poland this month, putting the disease within 50 miles of Germany, the European Union’s biggest hog producer. https://t.co/vQ7iNUfZi8

    — AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) (@AVMAvets) November 22, 2019″


  148. Larry Ledwick says:

    Given the long view of history the Chinese have and their historical style of operation I figure the odds are this guy is actually a mole. I hope Australian Intelligence is very very careful in vetting his information.


    It will be interesting to see the reaction of the Mainland Chinese on this one.

  149. Larry Ledwick says:

    Too good to pass up (this is our professional journalists at work)


  150. Larry Ledwick says:

    File this under the category, don’t make assumptions about what to expect of people.


    Or how to live rent free in Milwaukee.

  151. Another Ian says:

    One way to advertise your “chocolate soldier”


  152. Larry Ledwick says:

    So now the rebranding of leftists propagana outfits begins to confuse the clueless during the run up to 2020.

  153. Larry Ledwick says:

    RBG countdown has probably begun.

  154. H.R. says:

    Hmmmm… a 50% blood swap with baby’s blood and throw in some stem cells. Ruthie will be good to go for another 4 years.

  155. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like it is that time of year for flu and related outbreaks.


    Mesa county is on the west end of the state so not near the Denver Metro area, but ski traffic could easily bring this to the metro area.

  156. Larry Ledwick says:

    Quick look at what is going on behind the Mullah Curtain in Iran

  157. Larry Ledwick says:

    More on Iran

  158. jim2 says:

    The US is scrapping a ban on energy-inefficient light bulbs which was due to come in at the beginning of 2020.

    The rule would have prohibited the sale of bulbs that do not reach a standard of efficiency, and could have seen an end to incandescent bulbs.

    Many countries have phased out older bulbs because they waste energy.

    But the US energy department said banning incandescent bulbs would be bad for consumers because of the higher cost of more efficient bulbs.

    The Department of Energy said it had withdrawn the ban because it was a misinterpretation of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act.

    Specifically, the law stipulated that restrictions on bulbs could only be implemented when it was economically justified, Shaylyn Hynes, a spokeswoman for the Department of Energy, told the New York Times.


  159. Larry Ledwick says:

    Warning shot across the bow of navy senior ranks:

    Defense Secretary Mark Esper asked for the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer and Spencer submitted it Nov. 24, said the chief spokesman for the Pentagon, Jonathan Hoffman.

    Hoffman said Esper lost trust and confidence in Spencer “regarding his lack of candor” about conversations with the White House involving the handling of the SEAL case.


  160. Larry Ledwick says:

    Researchers are confident they have identified a 4th Soviet spy inside the Manhattan project which provided key info to the Soviet Union so Stalin could duplicate our atomic bomb in only 49 months.

    (Yes Serioso it is the New York Times – we do read it when it publishes something useful)

  161. E.M.Smith says:


    Per SystemD:
    It is like an old friend that’s always been reliable suddenly developed a coke habit and is now ditzy, unreliable and a flake…

    Per Lightbulbs:

    Yeah, Trump rescinded the Obama Exec. Order on banning the last bulbs, so you can still do the work arounds.

  162. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, THE major “work arounds” are:

    1) 3 Way Bulbs. These were due to be banned but Trump allowed them to stay. I have a big stash of “regular bulbs” (likely enough for balance of life…) but was busy “manufacturing” 100 W “regular” bulbs via running a 50 / 100 / 150 “3 Way” in a lamp in the bedroom. It ALWAYS runs on 50 W other than when we are cleaning and want too much light. When the 50 W filament burns out, it becomes a “regular 100 W” as that filament runs from center post to screw shell (the minor filament runs from the ‘ring’ between them). This has been just fast enough to cover my regular bulb uses other than the Kitchen and one lamp in the living room (that both get a lot of full light use).

    2) Decorator Bulbs. Like round globes. I’ve got a few of them in use (bathroom, for example). Nice that they will now stay available as I don’t have a big stash of them.

    3) Rough Service bulbs. Have a thicker filament to take vibration (work lights, lights on things like power lathes). Typically not as efficient at making light, but last a LONNNG time in use. I’ve got a few of them in the stash. For that day.

    4) Dimmers:

    Those bulbs that last for 50 years do so by running at lower temperature from a fat filament and not making as much light for the Watts. You can extend bulb life by decades simply by running them on a dimmer at lower power. About 90% is fine, but at 80% you get extraordinary lifetime. I have dimmers on most wall switches…

    This has become harder as fewer folks sell incandecent friendly dimmers, now. Most of them now, instead of just a toggle that varies, have an on/off toggle and a miniature “slider” next to it to change brightness. Hard to use, but does work. This is because for LED and CFL lights, there’s a minimum current to get light and below that you are cooking the bulb for no benefit (and the bulb doesn’t like it) so these tend to set a minimum brightness… I DO have 3 or 4 regular dimmer cords where any lamp plugged in gets a dimmer. I use these in the office and other places as needed. I also have a “touch dimmer” of 4 steps on a lamp in the living room.

    Thanks to all the dimmers, I basically only replace the Kitchen bulb and the one full on lamp in the living room. Both are running on the (still available) Halogen bulbs, so hasn’t been an issue. IF it ever did become an issue (and I managed to use up my supply of saved big halogens…) I’d adapt them to something else.


    Over 200 W. As it was historically hard to make big bulbs in LED / CFL, they were exempted. Now, match that 200 W or 300 W bulb with a dimmer to 100 W light equivalent, and you have a perpetual bulb… I’ve got 3 to 5 of them in the “doomsday crate”… “For that day”.

    With POTUS returning some freedom to me, I’ll not be as motivated to “stock up” on more…. Besides, I’ve not had to go into my “stock” at all, since between Halogens and Dimmers and 3 Way to 100W “make my own”, I’m just not needing to use it.

    5) PAR bulbs. Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. Those cone shaped things “spot lights” and “floods”. I’ve got a box of them in the stash, bought before I found out they were exempt. Work well in many lamps and great in down light fixtures. (recessed cans).

    6) Low Power. IIRC something like 40 W and lower were exempt as not enough power to worry about. So put a couple of 1 to 2 Y adapters together and 3 x 25 gives you a 75 W lamp, 2 x 25 for a 50 W, 2 x 40 for an 80 W and 3 x 40 for 120 W where you need a lot of light. Something of a last ditch option, IMHO.

    Then not really a work around, but available as an option:

    In the garage I have some headlights (old round kind) where one brightness burned out (usually the low beam). They run off a 12 VDC source (battery charger). Since you can still get incandescent / halogen car lights, it is always possible to just use them in the house… but takes a bit more work… I’ve got mine over the workbench in the garage. Works great, though with a bit of patchy from the glass segments. A bit of frost white plastic would fix that, but it has not been enough of an issue.

    I also bought a couple of cartons (dozen or two bulbs in each) of 130 V industrial lights (sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s at the time) that when run on 120 V get extended life (but also with lower efficiency). They are for use after my other stock runs out, if ever…

    FWIW, I do run CFL / LED bulbs in places where it’s just not an issue. CFL inside in some lamps / fixtures and LED has been banned to the Garage and outdoors as it causes insomnia for us. I was a Very Early adopter of CFLs using them before just about anyone else. I had to buy them from a specialty store that sold to folks going off grid with solar panels. In the garage cabinet I still have the “magnetic ballast on a lamp cord” and the screw in socket adapter to turn Edison sockets into PL sockets. Not in use at the moment as it flickers on startup (as most magnetic ballast does). So I’m happy to convert to the PL type flat tube bulbs if ever needed. These things:

    For a while, some years back, Lights Of America made screw in adapters for them. I still have 1/2 dozen in a bag “for that day”… I’ve not seen the adapters for a few years, though. One is presently running in a living room lamp just because the halogen bulb burned out and it was handy… I likely ought to swap that one…

    FWIW, when I was Director of I.T. & Facilities (long story there…) I did a plunge into lighting (as I had a few hundred thousand sq.ft. of it…) and that’s why I’m “into lighting” so much now… Once learned… never leaves.

    Oh, and Honorable Mention:

    There’s also High Intensity Discharge lighting (bright white at car sales lots, or the orange color of High Pressure Sodium…) that you can get as industrial lights. I’ve got a couple of them on the shelf. A bit much for most uses, but nice as a big shop light or for exterior flood. In a real pinch they can be used. I really like my HPS bulbs… Last for a decade or so, efficient, and the golden color is soothing…

    So there are workarounds. I’ve been living on the work arounds for a few years now (ever since the original Bulb Ban) and have not invaded my stock, so clearly it works. Wasn’t looking forward to the loss of the last incandescents, but as of now we have a bit of a Trump Reprieve on them. So at least 5 more years. After that, I doubt I can use my whole stock before I’m put in a home somewhere ;-)


    Just a note on Halogen Bulbs:

    These need to run some amount of time at full power so the halogen can scavenge the Tungsten from the bulb glass and put it back on the filament. If run too dim, the halogen just eats up the filament. So these are not very good on dimmers.

    Those that do say “can be dimmed” are run over hot at full power (and so don’t last as long) but then you can dim them down about 10% and get the usual long life. BUT, don’t dim them to 1/2 bright or so as then you start to enter “erode the filament” land and get very short bulb life.

    That’s why I run the (still available) halogen bulbs in the fixtures that need full brightness. ‘Cause a dimmer is just going to make the halogen be a problem child and running an incandescent at full brightness will use up the stock. So just run a regular halogen at full tilt. At least as long as they are available….

    When “someday” comes, I’ll put in my 200W bulb and a big dimmer and run it about 70% power, for decades….

  163. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting item on how the big social media companies are trying to come up with a consolidated way to censor web content that “they” decide is not in the public interest.


    I think there is a typo in this article, I think “GIFCT” should be spelled GItFCTd but maybe I am wrong.

  164. E.M.Smith says:

    Rossi claims fully stand alone demo making more electricity than needed to run the device. Independant tests to follow. (Isn’t it always proof to follow?)

    So maybe it works and maybe they will manufacture “someday”…


  165. E.M.Smith says:

    Per censorship:

    Looks like the biggest biggest bit is just a database of hashes of videos to automate the process of blocking / dumping them. This (once running to any significant degree) will just result in a “bit twiddle” program that randomly flips the lowest order bit in images and sound files, thus changing the hash. So they will need to constantly manually monitor anyway AND have an exponentially growing database of hash values…

    The basic structure of the Internet was designed for Military use as a robust method to ALWAYS keep the bits flowing despite damage or attack. As long as it is powered on, the bits will flow.

    At best you can make the data rate slower and the stuff a little harder to find. There’s already distributed systems for sharing “tweets” (micro-blogging), files, and more. Even without moving to Dark Web Services. Putting “censorship” in the browser will only work for locked platforms. Everyone else will just do the install of the open source un-buggered browsers…

    Huge corporations have been fighting a battle with “illegal copy” for songs and movies forever. They still have not succeeded… I don’t see the hosting sites as being particularly better at it…

    But “We’ll see”. Maybe they will come up with some bright idea that works… for a while…

  166. llanfar says:

  167. Pingback: W.O.O.D. 25 November 2019 | Musings from the Chiefio

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