I Know It’s Not Friday, But… 2 Buck Chuck is Back!!

Yes, today I went to Trader Joes to buy some Goat Milk (don’t ask…) and eggs and, well $2 Buck Chuck is back! How could I possibly pass up $2 a bottle GOOD wine? Well, now I’m about 1/2 through the second bottle and you know what that means… Music Videos and sappy emotionalism…

So, starting off, this bit from Leonard Cohen, A Thousand Kisses Deep:

I first loved his stuff as “Hallelujah” sung by other folks,

but didn’t know it. Then I ran into his bit with Dance Me To The End Of time… and y’all reminded me I knew who he was when his voice was 2 octaves higher and a lot less whiskey soaked…

But tonight, I’ve got to tell you about Tanita Tikaram. This song haunts me:

but tonight I also ran into Tanita Tikaram doing another song.

Her history is interesting as a fusion of the British Empire… From the Wiki:

Tikaram was born in Münster, Germany, the daughter of a Fijian-Indian British Army soldier, Pramod Tikaram, and a Sarawakian mother, Fatimah Rohani. Her father’s military career meant that she spent her early life in Germany before moving to Basingstoke, Hampshire, England when she was in her early teens. She is the younger sister of the actor Ramon Tikaram and the great-niece of Sir Moti Tikaram, who was the first Lord Chief Justice of an independent Fiji and the world’s longest-serving national ombudsman.

Yeah, and my Mum married a Yank and moved to Iowa then California and her best friend moved to New Zealand and her sister to Canada and… The British Empire certainly moved a lot of folks all over the world, now, didn’t it?

but what sent me down this path was:

Yet Another Brit Of Many Colors…

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15 Responses to I Know It’s Not Friday, But… 2 Buck Chuck is Back!!

  1. corsair red says:

    Thank you for the music.
    Ms. Tikaram has an appealing voice. I could listen to her far too long in a day.
    I listened, or tried to, Leonard Cohen in much younger days. This is more satisfying now.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    I don’t know how I ever missed this …

  3. phil salmon says:

    Thanks for the pointer to Tanita Tikaram. She sounds like a female Chris Rea – in a good way. Just added an album of hers from Apple Music.

  4. Taz says:

    Covington Student WINS Defamation Battle With CNN,

  5. agimarc says:

    Off topic, but fits with your long term YD interest…..

    Interesting new paper out of PNAS. A 17 x 13 km diameter impact crater aged 790,000 ago buried under a 910 km3 lava field in southern Laos. This is one of the first impacts that I have seen tied to a lava field. Links to the online paper and pdf follow. h/t to Instapundit. Cheers –


    Click to access 1904368116.full.pdf

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    There had been a big argument over a major basalt lava flow vs impact event as a cause of one of the major extinctions. But the lave field was exactly on the other side of the earth.. Antipodal focusing means the impact energy refocused at that point.

    IMHO, we will find a lot of lava fields tied to impacts, under the field or other side of the planet…

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Like the Deccan traps in India?

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    Basically the same age as the impact crater in the Gulf, and just on the other side of the planet.

    Coincidence? “I don’t think so, Tim”….

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    Ooops looks like I posted a couple comments to the wrong thread again, last two for this thread are on the Quartz star thread.

    So double posting them over here where they belong.
    Interesting that this came out at this time – ref the Younger Dryas
    “We conclusively have identified a thin layer over three continents, particularly in North America and Western Europe, that contain a rich assemblage of nano-diamonds, the production of which can be explained only by cosmic impact,” Kennett said. “We have also found YDB glassy and metallic materials formed at temperatures in excess of 2200 degrees Celsius, which could not have resulted from wildfires, volcanism or meteoritic flux, but only from cosmic impact.”


    I would like to see this deposit map laid over a spherical globe rather than being distorted by flat map projections.

    The Australian deposits strike me as suspiciously similar to the shrapnel pattern of an exploding mortar or artillery shell.


    See crater analysis illustrations in this document page 1-6 for example.




  10. Russ Wood says:

    On Leonard Cohen – back in the days when I was into folk music, I had a cassette of his songs. (See, it really WAS ‘back’). However, I owned this cassette for over a year before I actually heard all of it without falling asleep. Mind you, I DO have the Buckley version of ‘Hallelujah’ from Youtube – and that’s pretty good.

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    The YD impact event left debris in S. America too. I think their map may be out of date…


    There was extinction of South American megafauna too….

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    It is certainly not at all unreasonable to expect several minor impacts from companion objects of a major impactor, since we know small moon like systems extend down to very small bodies, with approximately 16% of the larger objects having companion moons.


    large impact animation


  13. agimarc says:

    Here’s a link to 2005 Hagstrum poster on impact craters and antipodal hot spots and LIPs. PDF will take a while to load courtesy MantlePlumes. Cheers –

    Click to access HagstrumPoster.pdf


  14. E.M.Smith says:


    That poster is very nice. Looks like a lot of work has gone into proving it.

    I didn’t know there were so many pairs (or impact structures at al…)

  15. agimarc says:

    For LL – Chesapeake is not the only crater dating close to then. There is also 100 km diameter Popigai in Russia and 22 km Tom’s Canyon (which may or may not be an impact crater) off NJ that date about that time. Cheers –

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