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China Imported Masks Before Pandemic & USA Prisons Asymptomatic

China imported 2 Billion masks before admitting there was a problem. Several thousand US prisoners test positive for covid, but 95% asymptomatic. Continue reading

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Spring Garden Meanderings

Some notes on my Spring Garden, survival food gardening in general, and observations on what is first up to eat in Spring. Continue reading

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This Lockdown IS The Green New Deal…

The Covid shutdown / lock down is the same as the Green New Deal. Enjoying your sampler of the planned future? No airplanes, cars, trucks, oil. Just peaceful nights at home with the family enjoying whatever the Media Companies (propaganda) and Regulated Speech (“social networking”) allows… Continue reading

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Marketplace Of Ideas

A Modest Suggestion for an alternative product design to that of YouTube. A “Marketplace of Ideas” where advertisers can chose what type of show to advertise on, and creators can create anything that attracts advertisers and viewers. Continue reading

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