Expedient Focaccia / Deep Crust Pizza

Pizza as we know it is American. When I was in Rome, some 40 years ago, they had topped Focaccia in the lunch stalls. By Americsn standards, bread with a little stuff on it. But I came to love it.

In this video they use a yeast sponge, called by several other names, to make a Focaccia. This is basically a nice thick rich flatbread with minor toppings on it. America turmed this into the thin New York bread with a lot of toppings on it, and the Chicago Deep Dish bread with a mountain of toppings on it, collectively called pizza.

Yet Another iconic dish that started as “leftovers”. What is left in the fridge, that we can pile on some fresh bread, and call dinner?

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  1. Quail says:

    My son asked to learn how to bake while he is stuck at home from college. He loves it and I hate it- keto diet gone out the window. A few days ago focaccia was on the menu. Mine is usually a random jumble of toppings. His was a perfectly spaced herbal dream. He’s so good at it that he is thinking of selling his breads as a sideline when he goes back to college.

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