China Imported Masks Before Pandemic & USA Prisons Asymptomatic

These folks seem to be honest news, plus they have good insight and contacts inside China.

This episode is just full of interesting bits. Seems that China imported 2 billion masks just prior to telling the world that Covid was a thing. Despite being a major manufacturer. I can testify that my local Home Depot said a Chinese guy came in and bought everything on the shelf a couple of days before I came in.

Then there’s the odd case of several USA prisons with thousands testing positive, and 95% with no symptoms. Has the virus mutated to a mild form, or are prisoners different somehow? Yard time making Vit-D in the sun or vitamins assured institutional meals? About the 16 minute mark. Ohio had over 2000 with 95% asymptomatic.

Compare that to North Italy and clearly something significant is different.

IMHO, it is proven that you can not trust China, nor overseas Chinese companies in your country. Not only is domestic manufacture of critical products essential, so are export controls on them to China. Personally, I’ll be looking for non-China labels on anything I buy. If it is from China, you have no idea what is really in it or what quality it is. You do know if is supporting a deceptive abusive communist regime that wants to harm you.

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103 Responses to China Imported Masks Before Pandemic & USA Prisons Asymptomatic

  1. andysaurus says:

    I agree.

  2. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Rare Earths? China!

    This will be interesting.

  3. gudthots says:

    Hello, visiting here from another site where Gail Combs hangs out.

    Just thought you’d like to read about another study prompted by (1) observational results (2) molecular modeling. The drug is OTC Pepcid (generic: famotidine) used at 9x standard dose (not clear, but probably 90mg) converted to an injectable form.

    New York clinical trial quietly tests heartburn remedy against coronavirus
    By Brendan BorrellApr. 26, 2020 , 12:00 PM

    … Northwell kept the famotidine study under wraps to secure a research stockpile before other hospitals, or even the federal government, started buying it. “If we talked about this to the wrong people or too soon, the drug supply would be gone,” says Kevin Tracey, a former neurosurgeon in charge of the hospital system’s research.

    … molecular modeling results suggest that the drug, which seems to bind to a key enzyme in the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), could make a difference.

  4. rhoda klapp says:

    I was asked how to apply sanctions to China. I replied don’t sanction them, just make them label every product with a big red Chinese flag. How could anyone object?

  5. Ed Forbes says:

    Masters of the Universe move again
    Many more test positive without symptoms than become sick
    “ Throughout our mass testing process, we have found many individuals who are testing positive for COVID who are asymptomatic,” JoEllen Smith, correction department spokeswoman, told the Columbus Dispatch.”
    “.. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction reports Ohio’s prison system has recorded 2,426 positive results among inmates, which is 21 percent of the total confirmed cases in Ohio…
    . . No deaths have been yet reported among the inmates.”
    Please remind me again how wrong I am to oppose lockdowns due to the panic of the mobs hyping how dangerous this virus is. We have destroyed the US economy for NOTHING except pure, unadulterated panic.

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    Not panic, control, this an exercise in mass control. These “Experts”are following a script. This is the reason scientific facts on the ground are ignored or discredited in favor of this prearranged script to justify their enforcement of massive control over everyone…pg

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    We know there are multiple strains with different outcomes. We know viruses evolve to weaker forms over time (in particular, L type covid gets hospitalized more so infects fewer while S type keeps spreading). We know some nutritional differences affect outcomes.

    IMHO, it is an error to jump to malice when stupidity is sufficient. Early horrible outcomes in the initial data justified an extreme response. Lousy testing juiced it via missing data. China enhanced that with lies and via the W.H.O.

    It is quite possible that we have, by letting asymptomatic spread run wild and quaratine for the symptomatic, selected for an asymptomatic mutant.

    That would be a very good thing, not cause for recriminations.

    BUT, now that we know gloves, masks, and washing are as good as locking down, plus a large asymptomatic cohort exists: to continue extreme measures is unwarranted and counterproductive.

    @Ed Forbes:

    While there are individual economic catastrophes, the economy is not “destroyed”. The capitol stock all still exits. Intellectual property is intact. The labor force is substantially whole.

    All we have lost is about 1 month labor for about 1/3 of the economy. The majority of the “damage” is in the form of non-payment of rents / interest and a larger public debt. Bad? Yes. Catastrophic? No. But a month or two more, when liquidations start, yes it will be.


    At the start it was not about control, but once the first whif of $ Billions of aid hit congress critter noses, that changed… Now the Dims are on side with the Chinese & W.H.O. (but were they not before?…)

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    Nice to know. 2 reasons. We have a bottle in the house. We need to get a refill while it is still in stock :-)

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    In my opinion, a generation of self employed are being eradicated, farmers, tradesmen, services providers, all loosing everything due to this lock down that prevents them from producing income while their expenses continue, for many they are losing a years income for every month of this lock down. Many of these are excluded from any of the support programs because they are too small for bankers, that handle the government programs, to deal with.

  10. p.g.sharrow says:

    Next up, farmers are destroying their products because they can not sell them or the costs of harvest exceed the offered return. Once fields are left fallow or planted to something less valuable, the store shelves will become even less filled. Herds are being reduced or eliminated as the cost of production exceeds the buyers offerings because offered supply exceeds the packers ability to process for market. This is resulting in a greatly increased spread between the farmers and the consumers, resulting in expensive food in short supply in the market while farmers are going broke under excessive supplies in the field.

  11. cdquarles says:

    I have to agree with p.g. about that. Thing is, to me, they’ve been doing this slowly since the 1890s, taking advantage of every opportunity they get or make. When the government has the power to make winners and losers, you don’t have a free market anymore.

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    So far it is about a 15% hit on ag. Yes, it is there, but not destoyed the whole sector.

    Similarly, as an independant contractor, I had many outages of one or two months. Anyone who couldn’t take a month loss would not survive any recession in their sector.

    IMHO, you are saying “it is!” and I’m saying “It is, but not really big yet.”


    That’s the part that distresses me. The ink barely dry on the small buisness “deal” and the big corps with staff lawyers already have cut out their multimillion chunks IN ADDITION to the big corp slices of the pie.

    Clearly Congress & Big Corporations in partnership against the little folks.

  13. Saighdear says:

    Is it difficult to be pragmatic? was greatly shocked, not so many moons ago when visiting Disney Florida and their Souvenirs were Made in China……. what do you do? having spent thousands getting there and want a special souvenir ( lots of little ones to keep the folk back home happy)
    I say Blame the Local Home Crowd who have sold out to ANY Foreign country. China would pragmatically respond with ‘well it was up for sale and if we didn’t buy it, someone else would have …’ …. and the Answer is ….. ?

  14. FundMe says:

    I am going to break lockdown tomorrow by moving my boat from the cut throat marina to my mooring.
    I got into it with the local council and the Harbour commissioner plus the river authorities. I promised lawyer’s letters to all and sundry if they tried to stop me. All is fine now I hope. I just have to avoid the marine police. There is no negotiating with them sods.

    Two guys went out diving today (scallops) one got a little lost a few miles off the coast, luckily a navy destroyer was passing and spotted him floating in the water, he had drifted a few miles from his buddy and the SAR guys. They have been fined twenty squids each I think.

    Bloody lockdown has set my veg garden back. I usually buy tomatoes that have been brought on in a greenhouse gives them a head start. Strawberries as well. Just have to hope for a good sunny summer.

    I am sure that I read somewhere that because of the quiet sun we are not receiving as much UV as we normally do. I remember thinking, at the time, shite this is going to cause a plague. Not too seriously though, but hey there it is. Sunlight or mostly UVC kills microbial life dead. We used it in our swimming pools along with salt water it is better than chlorine and acid, cheaper too.

    If the police accost me I will try and get them on film I could sell it to the Daily Mail, so helping to pay my fine.

  15. FundMe says:

    That whole comment was intended to show how small business, mine, the scallop divers, the nurseries and etc are all being driven into the ground. All small business owners are risk takers at heart, it is the nature of the game.

    It is also huge waste ploughing the produce back under. I battle so hard just to get a few things grown for the table.

  16. Bill In Oz says:

    E M , It’s interesting reading your posts about how things are going there from here in Australia. The different perspective is informative and sets my brain a buzzing.
    I agree with you via a via China. But I suggest we need to find ways of embargoing the Chinese Communist Party government while not punishing the Chinese people. After all they, the people are just as much victims of this CCP government as anyone who has suffered elsewhere on the planet.

    How can that be arranged ? I’m not sure but I bring it up here as a way of developing some ideas.

    I’m still thinking about your para :”It is quite possible that we have, by letting asymptomatic spread run wild and quarantine for the symptomatic, selected for an asymptomatic mutant…..That would be a very good thing, not cause for recriminations.”

    I’m wondering about that is our Australia context where we have basically ‘smashed the curve’ with four days of zero cases in South Australia and similar results in other parts of Australia…. Maybe at some point we need to do some trials with the asymptomatic strain to see if it confers any immunity and can thus function as a sort of Vaccine ?

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    USA crosses the million cases mark:

    United States
    Coronavirus Cases: 1,010,123
    Deaths: 56,796
    Recovered: 138,989

    I find something seems wrong with the 138k recovered number. Are there really 800,000 persons still infected and actively sick? Or are those 138k the hospitalized and recovered but there’s another 600k that were never recorded as recovered, but did?

    Clicking counties on the map here:

    UPDATE: There is s date slider on the map that I accidentally slid. See comment lower down

    Has NYC with 269
    Los Angeles with 53
    Santa Clara county at: 91 (it was a couple of thousand a while ago).

    IF we are really down at near nothing active in the hot spots, why is everything locked down in the quiet places?

    The entirety of West Texas other than El Paso is showing nothing.

    I’m having cognitive dissonance….

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    My comnents about economic impact are limited to the USA and California centric.

    Some of the draconian stuff in the UK is just crazy. We had a bit of that here where a Dim Gov banned selling garden seeds and excused it by saying there was still snow (clearly clueless about indoor seed starting). Minn. I think. Another had a cop swim out to bust a guy alone in the surf. NY? So it isn’t just the UK… but the idea that a guy alone underwater or in a boat fishing is some kind of risk is just daft. There’s a whole lot of stupid going round.

    For me, my first complaint was California had an ineffective lock down. Home Depot packed. Grocery clerks with a crowd and zero protection. Why have the pain for no gain? Now they have it right. Stores still open, but clerks behind protective plastic and everyone with mask and 6 foot distance marks on lines. Near zero spread, but you can still buy garden supplies. And a couple of days ago I did. Not very annoying at all. Also our food folks are considered essential so still working. Farmers or fishing or meat packing. So our impacted is down around 15% of ag.

    Most of the stuff dumped or ploughed was because it was for institutional pack and they could not convert to small sizes as fast as they could collect insurance… So not enough gallon jugs and the 5 gallon milk bags for cafeterias don’t sell well to a family of 4.

    Similarly, knowing sunshine kills it and Vit-D boosts immunity, closing outdoor parks is dumb. They have started reopening. The people rapidly just started using masks and disinfectant as a norm, despite the CDC. Restaurants offering take-out all over.

    BTW UV-C pretty much doesn’t reach the surface. It’s the UV-B that kills bugs and gives burns, the UV-A causes skin damage as it penetrates to living cells. The UV-C killing bugs is sterilizer lamps. The far UV-C doesn’t even penetrate the water layer in your eyes so doesn’t damage people even when killing bugs.

  19. Bill In Oz says:

    The UK is in lock down. But I heard last night on TV that 15,000 people went through Heathrow Airport the day before with no quarantine on arrival…
    Huhh ?
    Meanwhile there are no regular arrivals in any Australian or NZ airports. Inbound flights are all evacuations of Aussies from more dangerous places. And all of them are in quarantine for 14 days.

    About 2/3’s of all infections here were imported. So stopping this for a while has made a huge difference.

  20. ossqss says:

    @EM, dissonance? I share it. There are math problems I just can’t settle with GAAP basics even used :-)

    I thought your post had dissident in it initially. Doh!

    Unfortunately, it did inspire thought of a song I had not heard in decades, which kinda is relevant to the blog and situation at hand. So, here ya go. >>

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    I think the math in the map link is “my bad”.

    They have a slider (I never noticed before now) that changes the date displayed and I think I slid it while trying to move the map. It isn’t clearly marked and the date is in mice type… If looking anywhere else on the map, you may not see the date change.

    That does still leave the 800k from the other site that are not recovered as a WT?

    So I still think something is wrong, and probably not counting recovered correctly.

  22. ossqss says:

    EM, the accounting in general ain’t working overall. If we confirmed 4 billion cases today with no symptoms, how would that look. There ain’t no math that is close to legit at this point aside from closed cases, with a big maybe. With all the assignment to get paid more for a Covid-19 stamp on a death certificate in the US, free money is hard to pass up for some.

    How many people did not get their treatments/diagnosis for other medical problems the last 6 week?

    From the song I put up>

    “Like tiny insects, in the palm of history”

  23. A C Osborn says:

    Bill In Oz says: 28 April 2020 at 1:42 am
    Re UK lockdown, it is called one but isn’t.
    At no time have flights been stopped from “hotspots” anywhere in the world.
    At no time have (other than the Diamond Princess passengers) have passengers been put in proper Quarantine, some have been told to “self isolate” which is not anywhere near the same thing.
    The UK does not understand what Quarantine means.

  24. Saighdear says:

    You could well be correct as has been discussed on this Blog, manys a time! Unfortunately ONLY MOST of the Population are “self- isolating” We have herds of Breeding stock which you can only visit by appointment and with disinfectant measures on arrival. – all to keep the “Brood stock” Healthy. Is this all TOO DIFFICULT for any ( usually legal dumwits as MPs) to understand? Instead they are steered by an often non-indigenous language-speaking media to change the media / understanding of simple English – in this case. ……. O/T – as for the dimiwts phoning to enquire about injecting with Dettol or whatever – just takes the Biscuit, doesn’t it – Fake News.

  25. Timster says:

    @Bill In Oz
    “About 2/3’s of all infections here were imported. So stopping this for a while has made a huge difference.”

    Sure has, and there is lots of scope for the gubmint to open some things up. Pity here in Danistan that we are not going to see that for while.

    One of the things that served us well is the population density. I’m about 30 clicks SW of Ballarat and technically cant go out but for essentials. Really??? There is practically no one here, and certainly no imports.

  26. Bill In Oz says:

    @Timster : In the bush the lack of population certainly makes a difffernce. And that neck of the bush is not too crowded :-).
    And I bet your glad that beer, wine and alcohol are classed as essentials.
    It’s been raining here tonight. I think you will cop it as well there around Ballarat..Even some hail ! So the farmers will be busy seeding !

  27. Tonyb says:

    E m smith

    It wasn’t a problem about the scallop fishermen breaking self isolation in the middle of the ocean but the fact they had to be rescued in a major operation involving ships and helicopters etc

    In addition they had driven 500 miles round trip in order to go fishing.


  28. FundMe says:

    Ha ha Tony B I tried to get out of the lock today they refused to open it. told me that If they opened the lock I would have to tie up within the lock and therefore risk someone else getting next to me.

    Well, they say that I can get out on Friday when they have the lock on freeflow. Hope they have no further excuses when I attempt to leave on Friday, Might ram the fkers, One way or other I am going. Swim to the shore or not.

    I had a note through my door today advising me on how to grass on my neighbours . As we used to say in South Africa, the only good scab is a dead scab.

  29. Tonyb says:


    Good luck with your plans. Which marina are you trying to escape from?

  30. FundMe says:

    So EM I was just spitballing with the UV thing. Going along with the Trumpster whom I like.

    We did use it to kill shit in our swimming pools. I just assumed that it was UV-C because I know that UV-B is used in photo therapy to treat Psoariasis etc. UV works, which ever part of the spectrum it occupies.

  31. FundMe says:

    Thanks TonyB but that would be telling. lets say it is between Yealm and Rame Head or between the Mue and Drakes Island. Keep Well and dont Dob me in. I think you know where. maybe you can come and help me break free.

  32. FundMe says:

    TonyB I run a simple little enterprise. I teach people to sail. Not to day skipper, only competent crew standard. My bookings have gone to nothing. I am not too worried for myself but the whole yachting industry is suffering. Yacht clubs that ussualy rely on the bar are suffering, everything is going to pot. The season is upon us. We nead to bite the bullet and get going.

  33. IrisPlacer says:

    @rhoda: I don’t need a big red flag, as long as there’s a “Made in China” label on the packaging. I would like ALL on-line retail to be required to list where a product is made.

  34. E.M.Smith says:


    Folks not in China can also advertise their place of origin. I know I’m looking for Made In The USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, EU, etc.

  35. On the wide-scale occurrence of asymptomatic Covid-19 in USA prisons, has anyone investigated whether this is affected by the extent of smoking tobacco or (cannabis) joints? Joints as these include tobacco. On this, it should be noted that there is some consideration being given (especially in France) to tobacco consumption (or specifically nicotine consumption) having a suppressive effect on Covid-19 infections and/or symptoms. Thus tobacco consumption could effectively acting (though without intentional) as a prophylactic or early-stage treatment.

    Keep safe and best regards

  36. Another Ian says:

    “I spent a few weeks in Nebraska during March living in the home of an ICU nurse. While I was there I met a number of other nurses, who told me they believed COVID-19 came through during December and January, when a large number of people came down with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, but failed all known virus screens.”

  37. Tim. says:

    There was a discussion on BBC radio today about nicotine being used to mitigate the effect of the coronavirus. It surprised me as I didn’t think they would be allowed to take it seriously

  38. DonM says:


    Same in Oregon. I’ve only talked to one nurse, but she thought she had it (January). Two of her co-workers got sick the same time as her, after a lunch meeting. Two of the three just rode it out, the third got tested and they said “no flu, we don’t know …”.

    My dad (old guy) spent a two nights in the hospital in December. “Sticky lung … not flu, no pneumonia … don’t really know what’s wrong.” It took another month before he was back to normal.

  39. E.M.Smith says:

    Spouse reports a friend of hers had a flu like illness back about January, before Covid was a thing. All the symptoms matched, including loss of sense of smell.

  40. gudthots says:

    Did a short survey of availability after reading article on famotidine for S-Cv-2.
    Kirkland brand from Costco best price. Sold out.
    Kirkland brand resellers on Amazon had it. Marked up x2 Costco price.
    Sent spouse to local CVS. Shelves picked over.
    No generics but a couple of bottles of brand.
    Brand Pepcid AC has a few less extra ingredients. Didn’t mind spending a few more dollars.
    Don’t want to end up with a dependency but had the gut form of the disease.
    Am taking one dose per evening. Alternating 20mg and 80mg every other night.
    Air hunger, gut symptoms much improved.

  41. Compu Gator says:

    E.M.Smith replied 28 April 2020 at 1:30 am GMT [*]:
    Similarly, knowing sunshine kills it and Vit-D boosts immunity, closing outdoor parks is dumb. They have started reopening.

    Hah! Easy for you to argue. As for me, I’m sure glad that I’m no longer working outdoors in one of Central Florida’s major  tourist traps  theme parks. I have no doubt at all that the lowly paid workers must endure days-after-days full of typically maskless & aerosol-projecting loud children and their maskless parents. Such lowly paid workers learn quickly that the average tourist acts according to a smugly scofflaw attitude: “I’m spending lots of money to be here, so I’ll do whatever I want“. It would drive me crazy within a few days. For perspective, I was able to tune out the snot-nosed brats more than a decade ago, after accepting the influenza vaccine that was offered free to “visitor-facing” workers in preparation for the snowbird season. But as most of us agree, “this ain’t the flu”.

    So I believe that any reopening of any major theme park should be made legally conditional on providing each of their lowly paid “visitor-facing” workers with masks and face shields–at the expense of those parks. For the sake of the workers, the parks really also ought to provide each visitor with a mask, charged to the exorbitant prices they’re already being charged. Disney, e.g., is immensely profitable, and if someone wants to escalate that adjective to “greedy” [#], this Central-Florida resident sure won’t object. Universal Orlando and Sea World, much less so.

    Note *: I included this URL in my draft back when I’d been thinking that it would be more proper to make this posting in the “reöpening” topic, but Hey-ell, seeing as Chiefio doesn’t seem to care, why should I?

    Note #: The corporation founded on the vision & creativity of Walt Disney, plus his staff of “creatives”, was turned to the Dark Side after Walt died in the late 1960s. That left control to his brother Roy.

  42. David A says:

    EM says, “I find something seems wrong with the 138k recovered number…”

    That is yet another number with tremendous variability. The Diamond Princess still shows 54 still sick – infected, and 4 still critical. WUWT? I am amazed at the lack of questions our media asks.

  43. David A says:

    Regarding the Diamond Princess, I think the last passengers left the ship on or about February 26th. And about 8 percent of the infected are still sick, and 4 serious critical, after a minimum of 65 days if illness. If true, it certainly is no ordinary flu.

  44. cdquarles says:

    My youngest daughter got an influenza like illness when, in my opinion, both were circulating. She said it was the worst she’d ever experienced. She tested negative for Covid. She works for UAB hospital and is on the front lines of patient care, though not a nurse.

  45. p.g.sharrow says:

    This is beginning to appear to me that we are the victims of Bio-warfare plot being conducted to elevate the Bureaucrats of the UN over all the World’s people and their governments. This Covid virus is one of several “pandemic” attempts to kick this off

  46. cdquarles says:

    @p.g., well, it doesn’t have to be that for these scum bums to use it for that purpose.

  47. Another Ian says:

    “Indonesian study: Low Vitamin D patients ten times more likely to die of Coronavirus”

  48. Another Ian says:

    “Dr. Erickson’s Videos Censored”

    Links to them on Bitchute

  49. philjourdan says:

    @CompuGator – Any service industry has risk due to the fact you have to interact with the public. That being said, I would much prefer the open air than working in a box store. And I have done both.

  50. FundMe says:

    So I live in Plymouth and today I managed to get my boat onto its mooring without any problem. I had a bit of heart failure when I saw the pilot boat and then again the big boarder force boat but they both waved me bye. I had been on the radio asking for the lock to open the foot bridge, so thought that GCHQ had informed all and sundry of my passage. Self importance hey, makes you paranoid. Anyway I am no longer a prisoner of the cut throat marina.

  51. Another Ian says:

    A “CNN take”

  52. Another Ian says:

    Matt Briggs on corona stats in here where that originates

  53. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re:
    “E.M.Smith says:
    29 April 2020 at 11:32 pm
    Spouse reports a friend of hers had a flu like illness back about January, before Covid was a thing. All the symptoms matched, including loss of sense of smell.”

    I don’t remember if I told this story here before, but here it is.

    Sometime last fall I was on the phone with a sibling and mentioned that I had either lost my BO or had lost my sense of smell. Ever since I had surgery in 2016, with all the antibiotics I had to take and put on myself, I have not smelled like “me” in a lot of ways. I was sort of wanting to get it back like I had before, because I felt that would mean my microbiome was getting back to normal.

    Be that as it may, I also had developed a lingering dry-ish cough since maybe late last summer, then it changed in December. One particular event that I remember was that I received an email from T-Mobile (my cell phone carrier before now) stating excitedly that they had just turned on 5G in my area. I had not dug into the issues of 5G, but I knew some were getting alarmed about it and the harm it can do. I wasn’t tempted to go buy a new phone just so I could “do” 5G. I don’t care to watch videos/movies on the tiny screen of a cell phone, and if I want to do serious shopping online, I prefer to use a desktop computer, of which I have several.

    December 6 was the date I received that email from T-Mobile about 5G in my area.

    December 10 was the date my supervisor sent me home because of my croupy cough. Even though I have an office all to myself, they want me to keep the door open, so that means I could have been annoying people within earshot.

    I was OK with going home. I had been practically working double shifts around that time. I had been working so late I couldn’t go to the Sprouts store to get a refill on one of my probiotic products that I had been taking for at least three years. The store closed at 10:00 p.m., and I was working so late I couldn’t get there before they closed. IMHO, running out of that probiotic product was key to my change in condition…coincidentally at the same time as the 5G got turned on.

    Anyway, when I left work, I dropped by Sprouts and got the probiotic I had been missing. Within a couple days, I had a huge improvement in my cough.

    Oh, and one more weird thing when I had the croupy cough–two nights in a row when I went to bed and waited to go to sleep, I could hear crackling in my airways. I’ve never had that before.

    I never have had the shortness of breath that is listed as a Covid symptom.

    But after I got back on my missing probiotic, it was only a couple days before crackling stopped.

    So when I keep mentioning that, according to some authorities, vitamin D + probiotics helps you avoid the flu, it’s because I generally try to keep that up. I generally don’t have flu-like stuff.

    So the crackling and croupy cough went away, but the loss of sense of smell is something I’m still working on. I’ve decided I want to minimize my exposure to the increasing levels of EMF that are around. It turns out that my favorite place to sit on the sofa in the living room is right in front of the router they installed on my wall. So I’m avoiding sitting there now. I also have been turning off my cell phone at night. It seems to be helping a little bit. And when I’m at work, I’ve been setting my phone on airplane mode. I’m not sure that completely removes that source of EMF, but I reckon removing the battery would. I’m just not sure I want to do that since I assume that’s like doing a hard reset, and I don’t know if that would mean I would have to do some re-initializing and setup again, as if the phone were new out-of-the-box.

    IIRC, I read an article that said that Osama Bin Laden’s couriers had to remove their cell phone batteries as they neared his location. Anything less would not prevent their being tracked all the way to Bin Laden’s lair.

    Speaking of tracking via cell phone, I heard in the last day or so that a company in The Netherlands(?) has been tracking Americans’ cell phones to determine who is traveling more than a mile a day. They’re saying that more Americans are traveling more than a mile a day, and therefore, people are breaking quarantine more. That makes me want to leave my phone at home, frankly.

  54. Another Ian says:

    May 2, 2020 at 8:26 am · Reply

    Here is a map on the Wuflu Response from the World economic forum. It contains a massive amount of info. Reads like a plan.
    You have to sign up (name, email) to get access. Click on the centre COVID-19 folder, it covers every aspect of life.

    If you thought AGW was off the table, its in every aspect of this.

  55. jim2 says:

    Ian – I really like the “knowledge map” display on the WEF site.
    Powergrab – If you needed to “hide” cellphone signals frequently, an appropriately sized metal container will do the trick.

  56. Power Grab says:

    @ jim2:

    I’ve heard of putting things (or yourself) in a Faraday cage.

    What kind of metal should the box be made of? Something conductive?

  57. Another Ian says:

    Power Grab
    The one I saw in a Royal Flying Doctor radio workshop was brass gauze enclosing the whole room.

    So I’d guess any metal gauze with an earth connection

  58. A C Osborn says:

    Another Ian says: 2 May 2020 at 8:43 am
    JUst all part of the UN Agemdas for our future.

  59. Another Ian says:

    “Petty Tyrants”

    They who can’t patch the potholes have a little list

  60. E.M.Smith says:


    Any electrically conductive thing works. If it has holes in it, wavelengths shorter than the hole diameter can get through. Look at the window on a microwave oven. Metal screen with very small holes in it. Light gets through, microwaves don’t.

    To test it, put your cell phone inside it, close the cage, then call it from another phone. If it rings, your cage is not effective.


    I use a cookie tin to block my transponder in Florida when not in use for the toll road. Wrapping it in aluminum foil also worked.

  61. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like 5G is spread over several frequency ranges:

    Some as low as millimeter wavelengths.

    You might want to see if you can change the settings in your router (assuming it is also your wifi hot spot). I shut off the 5 Ghz band (keeping it at 2.5 GHz max) and cut broadcast power back to about 1/3 and just enough to cover the house. We then had our insomnia go away.

    If you wanted to screen out 5G from your home, you would need a good conductive cloth with sub-millimeter spacing between the wires, grounded being better. That’s a lot of brass or aluminum screen. Then you would also be trapping inside your wifi broadcast power…

    I’ve never seen a phone where removing the battery caused a factory reset. If the battery is designed to be removed, it expects to be changed. I’ve removed mine often. Newer phones do not have removable batteries.

    I just tested both my old flip phone (3G) and newer samsung smart phone (4G) in the cookie tin. Neither one rang, both went immediately to voicemail. I believe this proves the cookie tin sufficient for 400 MHz and up. (AM Radio still works in the tin, most likely due to the loopstick type antenna being a magnetic pickup. For low frequencies, blocking becomes hard. That’s why ELF Extremely Low Frequency is used to contact submarines under the ocean…)

    Hope that helps.

  62. Another Ian says:

    “Mysterious, amazingly low oxygen levels, how pulse oximeter gives the first warning of coronavirus”

    “But medical staff are finding conscious covid patients with levels so low they are unheard of — an unbelieveable 50 percent. I read somewhere an ambulance medic found someone with a reading of 35%.”

  63. Power Grab says:

    @ EM:

    Thanks for that explanation and the URL. It is helpful :-)

  64. jim2 says:

    Powergrab – for just a phone I would pick a ferrous metal like iron, steel, nickel, etc. I keep some of my electronics in an old metal filing cabinet. If I put my phone in there, it won’t ring when I call it.

    I tried the anti-static wrappings used for circuit boards, but that doesn’t work.

  65. jim2 says:

    Oh, and the metal box doesn’t have to be grounded. A closed metal box is a short to radio waves.

  66. jim2 says:

    There’s a nice assortment of EMF blocking cases and fabric on Amazon:

  67. ossqss says:

    Well have at it on the FCC frequencies. I was quite amazed at the allocations.

    Click to access fcctable.pdf

  68. ossqss says:

    Crap, it embedded the dang thing. Sorry all. WordPress is quite the gamble with things sometimes. :-)

  69. Power Grab says:

    @ jim2 & ossqss:

    Thanks! :-D

  70. cdquarles says:

    Pulse oximeters work by colorimetry. If the redox state of the heme iron is not as expected, or if it isn’t where it should be, that is, properly bound chemically; then things will not match what the machine is calibrated to read, It’ll give an incorrect value.

    Hmm: Then there is hemochromatosis …, and I’ve mentioned diffuse intravascular coagulation; which will also complicate things.

  71. E.M.Smith says:


    Instead of specialty products from Amazon, I’m all for just buying a tin of cookies… then you MUST eat them to free the tin for other uses :-)

    I’ve got a few of them used to store or isolate things. Free for the cost of cookies… Did I mention I like cookies?

    It is a nice, decorative, mild steel box with a tight fitting easy to use lid. And comes with cookies….

  72. p.g.sharrow says:

    Something has been bugging me for the last week about this Covid-19 Pandemic.
    In the first messages WE got was a paper by a Chinese Doctor researcher that worked on this “unknown” infection in November-December. He remarked on young Chinese Solders that had been vaccinated against SARS-Corona virus having very bad outcomes from this “unknown” virus. The Wuhan facility was being used to research creating a SARS-Corona inoculation. He and his assistants were arrested shortly after that and were disappeared.
    Is it possible that this was a vaccination program with a weakened live vaccine that went bad? And that is the reason for this massive coverup by China and the WHO as they were involved in the creation and execution of this program? …pg

  73. cdquarles says:

    @p.g., That’s possible and we do know that live attenuated virus vaccines have reverted previously. That’s why most vaccines now are killed and/or never live in the first place and synthetically made from fragments.

  74. E.M.Smith says:


    I think that scenario is possible (Fauchi was in favor of the Wuhan lab & research, funding it and all…) but I think there is a simpler incompetence path.

    We know a SARS-1 vaccine was developed.
    We know it suffered from ADE Antibody Dependant Enhancement and killed people on 2nd exposure.
    We know Asian countries were affraid of a Return Of SARS.
    We know the Wuhan lab was researching SARS vaccine potential AND “Gain Of Function” risks.
    We know the CCP lies to cover up any AwShit, regardless of who dies.
    We know SARS-2 (Covid-19) is very similar to SARS-1.
    We know the bio of a Grad Student working at the lab was scrubbed from their Web page.
    We know they issued new safety guidelines for the lab.

    My best fit guess is they had a cohort of folks vaccinated with the SARS-1 vaccine. They also had a lab playing with viruses from bats and doing genetic fiddles, most likely honest research for a vaccine and assessment of potential risks.

    All it takes to cover what is known is for a Grad Student to make a minor error of the common kind and get infected with a novel virus (either natural from their animal virus collecting OR a synthesis of bits from several in their gain of function research) and asymptomaticaly spread it (and being a young woman she ought to be asymptomatic).

    Then it hits their experimental SARS-1 vaccine cohort and they drop like flies via ADE as the 2 viruses are very similar.

    All along the way, from lab bosses doing a personal Butt Cover to CCP hide the FUp reflex, the rest flows like the Mississippi… or maybe “Yellow River” is more accurate…

  75. p.g.sharrow says:

    Everything now seems to be to use this crises in a push for commercial and political advantage by several different groups working together against the people of the world…pg.

  76. E.M.Smith says:


    Unfortunately, killed or fragments do not protect from ADE. ALL it takes is that the antibody do its job of linking the virus to the WBC then the virus, crafty bugger, takes over the white blood cell and kills it.

    SARS-1 replicated in the WBCell so was very lethal.
    SARS-2 just injects the RNA strand, but for some reason does not replicate (it looks like the replication instructions don’t make it in). Only after many virus copies hit lots of receptors does the WBCell suffer enough damage to fail. So you get low WBC counts, but not the catastrophic drops of SARS-1 or HIV.

    That is why innate immunity is so important in this disease as the acquired immunity path is compromised / subject to attack.

    It is also why I will not take any early vaccine against it. They must prove it is not afflicted with an ADE problem like the SARS-1 vaccine.

  77. Ossqss says:

    I know of no successful coronavirus vaccine ever produced for any of the several iterations we have already seen through history. Maybe there will be a first?

  78. YMMV says:
    edited quotes:

    Yves Cohen, head of resuscitation at the Avicenne and Jean Verdier hospitals in the northern suburbs of Paris, said “we had one who was positive for COVID-19 on Dec. 27”
    The samples had all initially been collected to detect flu using PCR tests

    “He was amazed, he didn’t understand how he had been infected. We put the puzzle together and he had not made any trips. The only contact that he had was with his wife.”
    The man’s wife worked alongside a Sushi stand, close to colleagues of Chinese origin. It was not clear whether those colleagues had travelled to China, and the local health authority should investigate. “We’re wondering whether she was asymptomatic,” he said.

  79. cdquarles says:

    The flip side of that, EM, is giving immune globulin. Key is non-neutralizing, and generating neutralizing antibodies is the goal of vaccines (true, not always successful and a vaccine is a more controlled way of giving a sub-clinically infectious dose than ‘natural’). [Human immune system is quite complex and variability is ever present, within and between groups, er, better said, subgroups.]

  80. cdquarles says:

    @ossqss, with regard to human coronaviruses, we’ve only had three known serious outbreaks previously. I do want to say that there are successful veterinary vaccines; though I may be wrong.

  81. Another Ian says:

    “The stroke virus? Covid causes hundreds of microclots throughout the lungs (and everywhere else)”

  82. Another Ian says:


    Our vet mentioned that they have been dealing with coronavirus for years. There is a charge for vaccine on our latest bill for our new pup

  83. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re:
    “It is a nice, decorative, mild steel box with a tight fitting easy to use lid. And comes with cookies….”

    I just HAPPEN to have a newly-emptied cookie tin that I can’t bring myself to discard….

  84. E.M.Smith says:

    Emptied, you say… So no cookies left, you say…. Well then, not much reason to visit, I say…


    Cookies. It’s a thing….

  85. Another Ian says:

    Power Grab

    Were you playing that drinking game “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”?

  86. ossqss says:

    Dang, I just deleted my waypoints to cookies. :-)

    So, a question for the viewers. How many people died a day over the last 10 years globally?

  87. ossqss says:

    WOM, now dropped the % of bad results to 17 on closed cases. Closing the ~ gap is happening. Not fast enough for me, but we do have a lag time involved. It was 22% a couple weeks ago. Active cases is till at a 98%, with none or mild symptom level, however.

  88. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re:
    “Emptied, you say… So no cookies left, you say…. Well then, not much reason to visit, I say…


    Cookies. It’s a thing….”

    Well, actually, I baked a batch of toll house cookies last night. They are MUCH BETTER than the cookies that came in the tin, if I do say so myself! :-) :-)

    I can’t remember the last time I baked a batch of toll house cookies. They don’t usually last very long around here. I can’t seem to stop eating them….

  89. Power Grab says:

    @ Another Ian re: drinking game…cookies…

    Ummm…no…I find it more enjoyable to save my extra calories for cookies!! :-)

  90. E.M.Smith says:

    Well my 2017 dated American Ale yeast was viable, so I now have 2 cups flour, 1 tsp salt, Ale Yeast, and 1 cup (about) water mixed and doing first ferment in a warmed space.

    In a few hours I’ll know if it rises well, then an hour later how it tastes.

    Per Tollhouse cookies:

    You assert someone can let them sit after baking. I say “Facts not in evidence”


  91. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re:
    ‘You assert someone can let them sit after baking. I say “Facts not in evidence””

    True. I did have to taste-test every sheet after it came out of the oven. I also had to save some for Offspring, who had been asking for some for several weeks!

  92. Another Ian says:

    E.M. Re using ale yeast

    It is reckoned that you are not a dedicated home brewer if you do not sample at least 1 bottle during a bottling session.

  93. Another Ian says:

    Seems lock down wasn’t the end of the world

    “Who knew? Most people in lockdown like their own families”

  94. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Only one?

    I developed a bit of a taste for young flat beer when making my own…. then, of course, I need to compare it to older aged lots to educate the palette on how aging changed a given style…

  95. Another Ian says:

    Lockdown predictions and dicktheria

    “Professor Lockdown Resigns After Breaking Own Lockdown Rules to Meet Lover: Report”

  96. Another Ian says:

    “Beware: the famous Flu death tally is “highly adjusted” and Coronavirus is still 10 times worse”

  97. Another Ian says:

    Some “Josh” on that

    “Another scientist who doesn’t believe in a word he says”

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