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We know Vitamin D levels matter a lot. If you are vitamin D sufficient your odds of getting Wuhan China Covid are 25% those of someone who is low in Vit-D and your odds of severe sickness and death are 1/10 th as high. Jo Nova talks about it here: but I’ve seen it in several other places including M.D. run sites like Med Cram.

Why is this not front and centre of every nightly news show? Especially in those communities of colour where the darker skin makes less vitamin D in the sun? Is the Progressive Press racist? Do they want “darkies” to die? Why the silence on a simple way to reduce deaths by 90%, especially among those with dark skin?

Hydroxy Chloroquine works, especially if given very early with zink. As it blocks viral replication, giving it late in the game after replication, and without zink, is a stupid thing to do. Yet “studies” do that.

Why is it given late in the disease process and without zink then vilified? Are politics overriding medical insight? Are Left Wing Doctors willing to kill their patients to score political points? Is the Marxist Left Wing Main Stream Media (but I repeat myself…) willing to contribute to the deaths of innocents, who could be saved, just to score points? Are the WHO, CDC, Fauchi so corrupt and bought off by Gilead that they would rather push Remdesivir than an “in hand” solution? How many must die so that the bribe is paid?

California spent $1 Billion on PPE and test kits from China after just about every European / Western shipment was shown to be defective and unsuited for use.

Was Gov. Gavin Nuisance bought off by China/ Or is he just an idiot? Has the whole of the Dimocratic Party been bought by China? It is starting to look that way what with Hunter Biden scoring $1.5 Billion and then there’s that ChiCom Chauffeur…

The Dimocrats want to empty the prisons to reduce disease risk yet are busy imprisoning citizens who are not doing as commanded. Such as running a hair salon so women can feed their children.

What sense does it make to put convicted rapists, burglars, and drug dealers on the street while locking up Moms wanting to work to feed their children?

Mask, Gloves and 2 meters are as effective, or more so, than locking folks up in their homes.

Why are we locking folks up in their homes instead of saying “Use a mask and gloves” ?

Close living contact spreads the disease well. Sunshine and fresh air kill it.

Why are we telling people to stay locked up inside where they are not making vitamin D and are spreading it to close contacts? Why is being outside in the sun making vitamin D a criminal act?

The Virus does not care about your political opinion.

Why are Democrats pushing bad ideas that kill people, just to make Trump look bad?

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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  1. A C Osborn says:

    EM, not just political, but also financial, when it comes to poltics and money lives mean nothing to some people.
    Money & politics also run the MSM.
    The Daily Mail in the UK has reported on the Vit D and HQC studies to give them credit, but mostly the discrediting ones on HQC.

  2. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Why are Democrats pushing bad ideas that kill people, just to make Trump look bad?”

    It’s not just Democrats, although they are monolithically aligned in doing anything – deaths of innocents be damned – to make Trump look bad. It’s also the Republicans. You can’t ignore the existence of the Uniparty and the Republicans are just controlled opposition to keep up the illusion that we have a choice at the polls.

    The GEBs, through the Uniparty, have been looting America in particular and the middle class of the world in general. President Trump is disrupting the plans for a New World Order by doing the unthinkable and unpardonable; restoring the Middle Class and strengthening the sovereignty of the United States. No One-World-Government need apply.

    So in answer to your question, President Trump must be stopped at all costs. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. We Deplorables are Expendables and there are too many of us, anyhow.
    President Trump has joked about his one biggest mistake in office. He said he should have insisted that no wall be built on our Southern border. If he had done that, the wall would have been funded and built in his first year in office.

  3. rhoda klapp says:

    When you are an expert by education and publication in a subject of which you have no practical experience, and you are paid for that expertise for years without it being called into use, when the excrement hits the air movement device and you have to live up to the position, you cannot be seen to change your mind. That theory you built up out of nothing for years MUST be seen to be right. No reality can be allowed to interfere, so the criticism of empiricists must be discredited. After all, you are the expert, right? It’s not like people are dying to save your reputation..

  4. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – a lot of these are questions I’ve puszled over, too. AFAIK HCQ gets extra Zinc into the cells, and it’s the extra Zinc that stops the virus from multiplying so rapidly. Giving it without Zinc will not work well, and also it won’t help much if it’s administered later once the viral load gets too high and you’re needing instead to deal with organ and blood damage. Seems to me that professor Raoult understood that and stated it, but the people running “trials” of his fix didn’t.

    Too many medical staff have died. Surely a prophylactic dose of HCQ or Ivermectin would have reduced that toll? Both known to be low-risk medications. Side-effects are known and can be watched for. What’s the downside?

    Again, if the problem is blood damage, then the low-oxygen high-pressure ventilation, with the patient medically paralysed so they don’t fight the machine, seems bound to result in more deaths from the procedure than need be. High-concentration Oxygen (CPAP) seems a better option.

    Since it’s the cytokine storm that causes the organ damage, using medication to reduce that seems logical. AFAIK the medication actually used is Paracetamol (Tylenol) to reduce temperature. Could be the Italians used Ibruprofen instead which would make the cytokine storm more likely. With the evidence of blood clotting, maybe better to have used Aspirin. Then again, since the reason for the fever is to make it harder for the virus to replicate and kill bacterial infection, reducing the fever looks counterproductive anyway. Keep the head a bit cooler and sweat it out….

    There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense in the treatments officially specified and the lockdown itself. I see the logic of the lockdown while we learned about this new disease. Now we know how to reduce the severity, masks should be enough to reduce the transmission to manageable amounts and early medication should fix most of the people who do catch it. Waiting to medicate until people can’t breathe is not optimal…. Of course, the vit-D link needs to be publicised better, too, though the supply shortage does imply that a lot of people have heard of it.

    Mostly there seem to be cheap fixes. Vit-D, HCQ, Ivermectin, Cannabindiol, and Zinc lozenges, with home-made masks in public. The lockdown isn’t needed.

  5. Don B says:

    From the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons:

    “AAPS concludes that: “the safety of Hydroxychloroquine is well documented. When the safe use of this drug is projected against its apparent effect of decreasing the progression of early cases to ventilator use, it is difficult to understand the reluctance of the authorities in charge of U.S. pandemic management to recommend its use in early COVID-19 cases.”

    “Apr 27 data show that U.S. COVID-19 death rates are at least eight times higher than in countries with early and prophylactic use of HCQ.”

  6. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I think you nailed it with idiot.
    The dim-witted idiots may be that way for different reasons.
    Someone will write a good book on this: Panic 2020.

    In the left coast State of Washington the governor and fellow travelers were busy with trivial matters while a tragic situation in elderly care homes developed. Officials got the bad news, took the deaths as a template, and responded badly. The economic and social destruction within the State is staggering.
    Recent report: In WA, 61% of deaths are from elderly care facilities.

    WA-Dept of Health: “As of May 2, there have been 2,894 cases of the virus at such facilities, making up 19 percent of the state’s total count. When it comes to deaths, that number is 507, or 61 percent of the state’s total count. ”
    Link to KOMO News, Seattle
    _ _ _ _
    I do not recall having been asked about or tested for Vit D — ever.

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    You must understand the mentality of those that Lust after power over others.
    One of our local political activists was braced by a reporter on video about the selection of his solution to a problem. A solution that everyone including the activist agreed was the most expensive and least effective of all the solutions available. The activist said he didn’t care! “His total objective was to CONTROL the outcome of the action not the actual solution.” A matter of political power over the others and society to feed his ego.
    Watch the actions of Bureaucrats and politicians, Are they interested in actually solving the problem or are they mainly interested in CONTROL over the actions of others. Real leaders want you to do well, Tyrants are interested in self aggrandizement and Power! …pg

  8. Bill in Oz says:

    This virus does not feel anything about politics.
    So why are Americans making it a political issue
    Instead of an infectious pandemic issue ?
    That’s nuts

  9. cdquarles says:

    Why? “Never let a crisis go to waste” is the totalitarian politician’s motto. That’s why.

  10. cdquarles says:

    Chuckle. Do the “progressives” want the “darkies” to die? Yes. They’ve said so often for about 100 years.

  11. A C Osborn says:

    Bill in Oz says: 7 May 2020 at 3:32 pm
    Because they want to bring down President Trump at any cost.

  12. Ossqss says:

    Not sure where to put this, so here it is. I overlooked this very good and thorough write up from one of my trusted weather sources for over a month. It is quite a facinating read. Though to share it where it might be appreciated.

  13. corev says:

    Bill in Oz, that’s a good question. Another perspective is this a BIG election year and the difference reactions/responses from the representatives from the two parties is obvious. Ignoring the different scenarios, urban versus mostly rural, that the two parties control, the conservatives have had fewer infections and deaths than the liberals. That’s Republicans vs Democrats for outsiders. The rural areas are recovering faster and will probably have less economic and social impact than the urban areas. Translating – that means there will be better feeling toward the republicans than the Democrats come voting time.

    As for your comment re: feeling political, your part of the world has been in Summer and like most of these flu-type viruses may still feel the brunt of the infections. Come back if that should happen, and let’s discuss political impacts. ;-)

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    More evidence for HCQ working too.

  15. cdquarles says:

    That’s a good one, ossqss.

  16. I was commenting on this the other day, when the newspaper was carrying a story that people of colour are 4 times more likely to die. And of course, you are immediately accused of racism when you suggest that the colour of the skin might have something to do with it especially when people move from sunny climes to less sunny mid to high Northern Latitude climes.

  17. Julian Jones says:

    “Plandemic The Movie” What you’re not being told about Dr. Fauci – Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD Interview

    (Apparently this racketeering and misrepresentation also applies to much of our main energy & agricultural techs; and climate science !).

  18. w21power says:

    (Now stopped by posting more by my Google Account – social credit is here already).

    “Plandemic The Movie” On Bitchute :

  19. E.M.Smith says:


    Visited my mechanic a couple of days ago. No staff wearing masks. Three parts deliveries, no masks. Two cutomers, both older (one lady I’d guess was late 70s) no masks.

    Nobody worried either and nobody sick.

    I get the impression a lot of folks are just starting to say “screw it”.

    We are doing about once a week shopping, visits to hardware stores, and now car stuff. We get hand made sushi once a week. The chef wears a mask and gloves. I use a mask and gloves in big stores, but I’m no longer avoiding doing stuff.

    Per Bitchute:

    I’ve discovered a “toggle” that gives a list of topics. It is the three gray bars just under the word “BIT” on the left hand side at the top. Silly way to hide a menu…

  20. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re:
    “I’ve discovered a “toggle” that gives a list of topics. It is the three gray bars just under the word “BIT” on the left hand side at the top. Silly way to hide a menu…”

    Lots of our newer, web-based systems have the “hamburger” menu in a corner.

    That’s what they called it the first time I had to use one of those…”hamburger”.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    Given the strong censorship of anything not WHO blessed, and the rabbid support for economic halt / damage from the Yellow Stream Media & Partisan Democrats with a history of TDS and Coup Plotting (and being pro China bribo…):

    Is it reasonable now to start speculating that this is being used as Yet Another Get Trump Plot? Have the “Expert Advisors” tell him he must crush his own victory in the economy (at the direction and advice from China Pwned W.H.O. and the Legacy staff of the CDC with money angles on new drugs and vaccines)?

    It fits all the known facts.. Any counter point where it fails?

  22. H.R. says:

    Governor Cuomo is starting to take heat for his policy of forcing elder care facilities to admit Covid-19 positive cases into their facilities.

    Over 5,000 Covid-19 deaths (the real deal, not snake bites) have been recorded in NY State eldercare facilities. That’s about 25% of all deaths in NY State.

    How stupid – evil, really – is that? The last thing you want to introduce into a confined, ultra-vulnerable population is someone who is Covid-19, but Cuomo ordered it.

    On Tucker tonight, a Republican State Rep was calling for an investigation into Cuomo’s order. EFF That! Investigations are where the truth goes to die.

    Turn the lawyers loose on him with instructions to go after Cuomo personally.


  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like an interesting site that lets you download videos from a huge list of sites (including youtube).

    It is also a nice way to see just how many sites are out there serving videos!

    I’ve not done any due diligence on it so no idea if it buggers anything or not. If the reputation checks out, might be time to start saving off you favorite channels….

  24. E.M.Smith says:


    Would be nice to see him procecuted for practicing medicine without a license…

  25. philjourdan says:

    Your article is mis-titled. It should be rhetorical questions. The answers are obvious. The questions are insightful.

    Democrats hate Trump. And anything,. including death to America, is in their purview. That is obvious. Which states are shut down without a startup yet? Democrat. Which states are using science to open up and realize that there is no guarantee against no deaths? Republican. Why? The former want to damage Trump. The latter want to help their citizens.

    Democrats are the party of death, And with the DOJ decision, the party of injustice. And with the Biden decision, the party of hypocrisy (good for thee, not for me).

    The only reason they are not the party of oblivion is due to the party of propaganda. Otherwise known as the fake news.

  26. philjourdan says:

    @Simon – the dirty secret? Zinc being the answer was known a month ago. But you will not hear that in the fake news media.

    HCQ along with extra zinc (Zicam) blocks the virus from attaching to cells. Virus are not living things, they are parasitic so need to feed off of living things (even bacteria is a living thing). Preventing them from attaching to living things prevents infection.

    \We knew this a month ago. We also knew a month ago that the fatality rate was as low as or less than the flu. We also knew a month ago that social distancing was not stopping the spread, but flattening the curve.

    So show me any fake news site mentioning any of that.

  27. pinroot says:

    EM: “Are Left Wing Doctors willing to kill their patients to score political points? ”

    OT but then again, not… A lot of female liberals are willing to ignore Tara Reade’s accusations of sexual assault by Joe Biden in order to support him against Trump. I think it’s a left wing thing…

  28. H.R. says:

    @E.M.: If the piranhas don’t get Cuomo and the alligators miss him, the sharks will surely finish him off.

    Lawyer up, Governor. It’s gonna be a long, expensive ride and some of the families won’t care about the $$$$. They’ll want their pound of flesh for Grandmas sake.

  29. H.R. says:

    Oh, about that salon owner in Texas. I saw sometime mid-day the her GoFundMe legal fund topped over $500,000.

    She’s been released, but she is not out of the woods yet. I believe her fine still stands. Governor Abbot said it was ridiculous to release criminals because they might get Covid-19, then turn around and jail citizens. He rescinded the confinement part of his order, but I think the fines still stand.

    The salon owner still should be talking to lawyers wiling to go to all the way to the Supreme Court. She should not have to pay a dime in fines.

  30. E.M.Smith says:

    Saw a video with the Lt. Gov. of Texas where he said he is personally paying her fine.

    It’s a very bad idea to mess with Texans…

  31. Bill in Oz says:

    Final paragraph of a Medscape article :
    “The handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States will go down as the worst public health disaster in the history of the country. The loss of lives will make 9/11 and so many other catastrophes appear much smaller in their scale of devastation. Perhaps what we in the medical community will remember most is how our country betrayed us at the moment when our efforts were needed most.”
    By Eric J. Topol, MD, the editor-in-chief of Medscape, is one of the top 10 most cited researchers in medicine

  32. Simon Derricutt says:

    Phil – I have not seen any mention of Zinc in the news or main media. One black UK MP ( David Lamy) has noticed the vit-D connection, but it’s not being publicised even though it’s pretty obvious (known connection and known deficiency). That alone could probably reduce the UK death toll by a lot.

    It’s also obvious that if I’m infective and wear a mask, then you are less likely to get an infective load of virus from me. That means that universal mask-wearing will in itself reduce the R of the disease (and other respiratory diseases). There is however discussion on whether to recommend wearing masks. Even a bandanna (or as one recommendation unfortunately said, a banana) will give a measurable improvement. No-brainer….

    Seems to me that the simple and cheap ameliorations for this disease are not being officially publicised. Never let a good crisis go to waste…. We find the useful stuff on the sceptical sites only, and almost by definition most people won’t be reading them.

    I’m not sure whether this is conspiracy or just a result of dependence on computer models and expert opinion. I suspect the latter, given the zeitgeist of the infallibility of computer models. People are too easily blindsided by people who believe that the coding must be correct. In the UK, there is a daily repetition on “being guided by the science”, but when that science is in fact computer modelling it could have major errors in the assumptions and algorithms that the non-expert can’t see. The code itself may also be unpublicised, and may be carp too. I think we’ve all seen some pretty carp programs.

    On testing, I suspect that the reliability isn’t that good. For an individual, being officially cleared of the disease may be wrong, leading to futher infections. It takes time to develop reliable testing, I think, and the rush to have a test may have missed some points.

    I’m increasingly annoyed with the crippling of the economy, even though it makes very little difference to me personally. It seems the cure will be worse than the disease, and that the disease could be reduced in severity anyway using cheap fixes. Seems odd that the cheap fixes aren’t publicised and in use.

  33. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Simon; I rather test positive the negative for exposure to the virus. If positive means I have already passed through the fire and am immune to it’s ravages.
    As to the onslaught of bad advice from official sources. I am beginning to believe it is a deliberate conspiracy of fellow travelers, each with their own agenda. There is no way this could all be accidental. Far too many right answers are being suppressed and vilified by the talking head Experts while they push the wrong solutions.
    While I realize that half of the world has below average Intellect, this level of stupid must be deliberate…pg

  34. p.g.sharrow says:

    Listen to the “Experts” reasoning, We can’t have regular people using Hydrocloraquine, Vitamin “D”, Zinc, Z-pak, etc. because they be would be bought up by people to protect themselves and cause a shortage for those of us that are important. Far better that the non-essential people be locked in their homes until WE can be sure that it is safe to let them out.
    Typical Communist reasoning, some must make the sacrifice to insure That WE will survive.

  35. A C Osborn says:

    Simon Derricutt says: 8 May 2020 at 11:22 am
    Notice how in the UK they talk a lot about dark skinned ethnics and obese people being much more likely to die.
    We know of course the link is Vit D deficiency, they are probably also deficient in Vit C, B12 & Zinc.
    But nary a mention by any medical or political people.
    I created a list to post on Jo Nova’s forum about what has been happening in the UK.
    Here it is.
    Not closed any borders.
    Not quarantined anybody other than the first Diamond Princess passengers.
    Not enough track & trace of COVID-19 patient contacts.
    Not recommended masks, glasses & gloves.
    Only recommended washing your hands and not your face.
    Kept us locked in doors when we should be getting fresh air and sunshine.
    Banned non Clinically trialled drugs like HQC.
    Not recommended Vitamins C, D, B12 and Zinc.
    Recommended people with COVID-19 symptoms stay at home until they get very ill ie probably got pneumonia.
    Not protected our NHS and Care workers with PPE.
    Insufficient ICU beds.
    Not enough tests.
    Ignored all the best practices generated by countries with earlier experience of COVID-19 and previous epidemics.
    Placed COVID-19 patients in hospitals with non COVID-19 patients, thus jeopardizing the non COVID-19 patients.
    Taking over the Private Health system and not using it.
    Creating 1000 bed temporary hospitals and only using one with 50 COVID-19 patients.

    If you really wanted to spread a desease that list would be a good one to start with.

  36. Simon Derricutt says:

    pg – afaik the test can show positive for some other corona virus. I don’t have enough data yet. It may also show negative if either not enough time or too much time has passed since infection/symptoms. The tests are probably good for statistical purposes, but not for deciding what medical course to take for a particular person.

    ACO – that’s a good list. I’d add to it a lack of applying any prophylactic to the care staff. Not even sheep-dip. The PPE problem is understandable, given that the rate of use has gone up by 15-20 times and that the rest of the world is trying to buy up any stock, but with the evidence that prophylactics work and are cheap and safe, it seems criminal to have so many care-staff die. Ditto for the lack of ICU beds. Rarely required in the quantity predicted, and the response of making new ones was sufficient and completed fast enough that the occupancy did not exceed 60% or so. As regards not enough tests, there’s the elephant of the tests not being reliable and that the rest of the world is competing for the same chemicals required to run them.

    The recommendation that people stay home until they are ill enough to require an emergency admission also applies in France. Seems if they did reach that point they went to ICU within hours or a day. Early treatment (HCQ + Zn + Azithromycin) would likely have avoided the need for ICU and the high risk of death that entails.

    I don’t blame the politicians here for getting it wrong, since they are trying to do what the scientific advisors specify. Just that there are obvious holes in the advice. Far too many deaths because of that. Probably a lot of A$$ covering involved in this (as in: we followed the advice). Best intentions, and so on.

    It remains that the symptoms of the disease are somewhat variable, and thus may be incorrectly diagnosed. In the UK, there are around twice the normal number of people dying each week of all causes. That’s maybe 12000 people with other effects from the WuFlu each week. That’s a lot of people maybe mis-diagnosed. Maybe similar in other countries.

    Still, no matter the reason, the UK does seem to have tried to extract maximum damage rather than minimise it. That takes either skill or very bad luck.

  37. cdquarles says:

    An issue here is that the symptoms are non-specific. They are a generalized cellular/tissue/organ/whole organism ‘stereotyped’ response to injury. A clinician faced with that does a differential diagnosis. “Common things occur commonly, so if you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras (US)” is how it goes. During respiratory virus season, you will attribute respiratory symptoms to the most commonly prevalent ones in your area first, before you start thinking of exotic ones. During allergy season, you’ll think of common allergens first. And so on.
    Most of the time, getting the specific virus wrong won’t matter. Sometimes, it does.

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    At the 1 hour 8 minute mark, they are doing a neat thing of screening for already approved drugs that interfere in virus replication based on a study of virus affinity for human proteins (I.e. find the cellular machinery it uses and muck with it).

    The chart is labled “Tem Agents Showed Efficacy In Killing Virus”

    Middle of thd page, 2 standouts:

    Hydroxy Chloroquine

    As women have higher progesterone levels than men, might this explain the differential death rates?

    Then all those folks dissing HCQ are rabid TDS sufferers murdering poeple for politics…

  39. John Robertson says:

    “Why are Democrats pushing bad ideas that kill people, just to make Trump look bad?”
    Because they must.
    Democrat means Demon Rat,with all the empathy expected.
    Praising Satan and banning God could be a clue the party has chosen evil.
    What they advocate for could be another.
    It is truly amazing when elected critters hate on those who elect them,in favour of noncitizens.

    I have watched sane democrats bail on their party with great interest.
    There is something about the expert opinion of this Wuhan Flu that smells of group think and orchestration.
    The projected numbers ..How can we test them?
    Where on the planet,which “shithole lawless region” where there is no government,no healthcare and high densities of people,has this pandemic spread as projected?
    We have the examples of Japan,Korea and Taiwan, who knew their neighbour well and reacted with speed, but where is the opposite case?

    I now strongly suspect this is “Plandemic” because I cannot find this worst case region.
    Expert opinion,especially Government Expert opinion should inspire confidence in no one,at this point in time.
    And then there is the “Flu death Statistics”..When the Pandemic deaths fall short of the CDCs flu death numbers, we are told”Flu numbers cannot be used,they are an adjusted estimate”..
    From the same people who have bludgeoned us with those statistic for funding purposes ,but trust us the “Wuhoo Numbers are good.”

    Does anyone know where on earth the “Virus” runs unchecked?
    For in making a rational decision best,worst and adjusted conditions all need to be considered.

    Also has anyone else noticed,every place that has the living conditions Gang Green wants imposed on all of us,high density living,public transit,poverty and over regulation, have death rates way in excess of less politically correct regions?

  40. philjourdan says:

    @Pinroot – SCORE

    :Perfect response.

  41. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Robertson:

    At first I thought it was just Democrats being stupid.

    Then they were pushing panic and shutdown so hard AND preventing the use of in hand good cures so much; I started thinking maybe they were just maliciously exploiting a crisis of convenience.

    Now, with Fauci clearly pushing vaccine only and folks trying to block rational recovery processes (vit-D, sunshine, masks & gloves for the old & at risk, let kids get herd immunity now in school and more) then seasoned with Fauci’s history of promoting “gain of function” research on corona virus AND when the USA banned it, funding the Chinese lab in Wuhan to do it: it is looking ever more like a plan. Just another attempt to get Trump, but via Chinese collusion.

    One of the petty ironies IF this is a Plandemic, it that it is taking out mostly urban center folks and an excess of minorities. Classically Democratic voters. Yes, it is biased against older folks who tend conservative, so an offsetting bias, but which way does it tip? I suspect the net is against Democrats.

    It is also the case that Democratic Governors are looking way Petty Tyrant while Republicans are looking much better.

  42. ossqss says:

    Everyday I see new data that opens my eyes, and makes me ask why, but I get a little bit closer.

  43. E.M.Smith says:

    Hey, Australia! Tell us what you really think!

  44. Power Grab says:

    @ John Robertson re:
    “Praising Satan and banning God could be a clue the party has chosen evil.”

    I had been wondering why the Democratic party could keep on coming up with evil plans…then I remembered they formally removed God from their platform. They have been given up to a depraved mind:

    “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper,” (Romans 1:28, NASB)

    And since we don’t often use that word (“depraved”) much anymore, here is a definition:
    “Corrupt; wicked; destitute of holiness or good principles.” – from Webster’s 1828 dictionary

    The Democrats spend a lot of time and energy attempting to APPEAR good, but the plans they have laid can only end in destruction.

  45. Julian Jones says:

    @EM : It does seems like all the worst conspiracy theories (or James Bond movie plot) all coming true. Maybe ‘just’ the result of Globalisation (and the collective influence of many corporations profiting from this and ‘Think Tanks’ promoting this; including the UN (Agenda 21), Trilateral, CFR etc) and a slide towards this without any real democratic oversight – excepting minor hiccups like Brexit, which just get overridden in the greater scheme. Not necessarily as sinister as it seems but totally sinister in effects.

    We can see certain actors working within these processes; Fauci a relatively minor one but whose loyalty to the ‘process’ has ensured his position (for 30+ years ?!). Then bigger actor, Bill Gates for example, who has a clear technocratic agenda that requires a global reach to succeed. (There are many others whose actions are much more opaque).

    “The Gates Foundation has spent twenty years relentlessly championing ‘business solutions’ to inequality and poverty. Through this corporate approach, Mr. Gates personally and the Gates Foundation more generally have enhanced the power and clout of corporations at every level of decision-making, at the regional, national and international level. The Gates Foundation has helped make philanthropy a handmaiden to corporate power rather than helped to empower the non-profit sector to act as a check on corporate profiteering and abuses of power.”

    It seems to all originate way above Democrat vs Republican – same in UK, hard to really to differentiate between Conservative vs Labour over much of the past few decades, certainly in foreign policies. These party differences otherwise seem a charade …

    It follows Wittfogel’s theory of former Hydraulic Empires (‘Oriental Despotism’, 1959); a despotic elite, living in a deluded ‘echo chamber’ of their own creation – making us all (through their control of the levers of power) follow their plans. It never ended well previously …

  46. A C Osborn says:

    John Robertson says: 9 May 2020 at 7:59 pm
    “Does anyone know where on earth the “Virus” runs unchecked?”
    I think that Wuhan was a pretty good example of that and now Ecuador, in both cases you had/have people dead in their homes and in the streets.
    By the time China really locked down Wuhan they already had thousands of dead, the “official figures” in no way reflect the reality of what was being shown on line with anecdotal and photographic evidence.
    Although they are taking actions I don’t think anyone has any idea how many are actually dead in Ecuador and I doubt if Brazil really know theirs either.
    Can you see either of them testing all their dead for COV?
    Then again why would any country actually allow it to “run unchecked”, unless they wanted deliberately rduce their population.

  47. A C Osborn says:

    Julian Jones says: 10 May 2020 at 8:44 am
    Above all the countries and their “politics” are the Bilderburgers and the Club of Rome.
    Maurice Strong was big in the UN and spent his latter years in China.
    Big money outranks politics by a long way in th world.
    Read UN Agendas 21 2030 & Sustainabilty to see what is in store for rest of us.

  48. julian jones says:

    @A C Osborn : Yes !

    But what to do about this. Such “”Philanthropics”” like Gates and others appear to have been applying this model for many decades.
    I have tried reporting here (on EM’s excellent Salon) my findings on infrastructure, agric, energy, climate of course – that nothing is as it seems. Academia and the media (and the public agenda) has been increasingly hijacked, for many decades. Follow the money ..

    If we ‘reap what we sow’ then this is at least in part due to lack of engagement by the wider population.

    Seems like Kropotkin and Schumacher (and many others) were correct … I think therein lie many solutions. A diverse and libertarian possible future.

  49. beththeserf says:

    Hey, Australia! Tell us what you really think!
    /^#?<!! China is not our friend. Our pollys/unions let us be priced and bureaucratized
    out of the market. We are captives of Left ideology. Need to borrow Trump ter make
    southern land great again.

  50. A C Osborn says:

    John Robertson says: 9 May 2020 at 7:59 pm
    John, I looked at my analysis for Brazil and they may be telling the truth.
    They had their first case back on Feb 25th, my snapshot of worldometers top 50 countries on the 28th of March showed them at 3904 cases and 117 deaths.
    They are now at 156,061 cases a 40 fold increase and 10656 deaths a 91 fold increase, by far the worst mortality rate of increase in the world.
    Russia & Iran may be as bad but who knows.

  51. A C Osborn says:

    I was wrong about Brazil having the fastest Mortality growth rate, I just updated Mexico, not so many deaths at 3353, but a growth rate of 209 fold increase since March 28th.
    Thye are still very much on the increase.
    That is only for the top 50 as at March though, some who started later could be higher.

  52. Ossqss says:

    Happy Mothers day to all applicable!

    Interesting reads, courtesy of JC tweets.…n-thought/…y-kay-king

  53. Ossqss says:

    Dangit, wordpress strikes again. Broke link. Maybe this will work?

  54. YMMV says:

    @Ossqss. So why does WP do that to a good link?
    I’ll try the full link as usual
    and the full link quoted

    I saw that Sweden was using this recent paper to justify their no-lockdown approach.
    I looked at the paper. Interesting idea, but I thought it had too many unknown parameters to reach any conclusions. So it is good to see the better analysis by Nic Lewis. At the Judith Curry link.

  55. E.M.Smith says:

    Read here to get it right:

    On links with more than one . in them, WordPress has to guess about what is hyperlink and what was a period at the end of a sentence. Then answer is to encode the . as a unicode character. It isn’t just a WordPress problem, it is also caused in part by folks who put multiple … in their link when that’s bad practice.

  56. Ossqss says:

    Not sure how this one broke above. There doesn’t seem to be any anomolies and I didn’t add any periods. Dash problem maybe?


  57. Compu Gator says:

    E.M.Smith replied 10 May 2020 at 1:31 am GMT:
    One of the petty ironies IF this is a Plandemic, it that it is taking out mostly urban center folks and an excess of minorities. Classically Democratic voters. Yes, it is biased against older folks who tend conservative, so an offsetting bias, but which way does it tip? I suspect the net is against Democrats. It is also the case that Democratic Governors are looking way Petty Tyrant while Republicans are looking much better.

    Alas, yet another reason to worry about voting fraud. it seems most likely to be the same governor-tyrants who seem likely to be planning to impose new methods of voting whose overt & promoted purpose will be to eliminate the voters’ exposure to CoV-19 from crowds at polling places. But whose covert purpose will be getting voters accustomed to voting under more widely applied or newly imposed voting regulations that facilitate voting fraud. Especially by imposing or enabling methods of remote voting that free people who are unqualified from the sensible requirement, before being issued any ballots, of appearing in person and presenting verifiable gov’t-issued photo-&-signature identification. It would create messes of a magnitude never seen before in the U.S.A. to for each state to need to verify a number of ballot signatures that far exceeds anything ever planned to handle routine numbers of legitimate absentee ballots. We got a taste of that recently in one of the presidential elections won by Obama: Certainly from immigrant-intensive Miami-Dade County, and probably also from the typically incompetent electoral officials & workers in retiree-focused Palm Beach Co., which made chads famous.  Florida’s statutory deadlines for tallies to be submitted by its counties are amazingly tight, but I suspect that they were back-computed from the federal deadlines in the U.S. Constitution.

    Florida, e.g., requires such verifiable gov’t-issued photo & signature identification, and permanently records each attempt to check-in at any polling place, in part to prevent highly motivated voters from “voting often”. But this state also supports our tradition of the secret ballot by deliberate inaction: The serial numbers on each ballot are not recorded when it’s issued to a voter who has provided satisfactory identification at his assigned polling place.

    I’m sure that communist and other authoritarian regimes that can either apply comparable technology, or assign the hordes needed for comparable manual processes, do record those serial numbers. That way, they can later cross-check them against the identities of the voters, to find voters who cast votes that are, um, unacceptable to the regime. Such regimes will discourage disloyalty by publicly alluding to, e.g., the anguish & misery of being removed during the winter from state-supplied public housing.

  58. A C Osborn says:

    YMMV says: 10 May 2020 at 6:10 pm
    I suggest that you read the comments on Nic’s analysis.

  59. Bill In Oz says:

    E M Re the Video ” China is not our Friend”… Well we found that out in Late January when we stopped all Chinese coming to Australia without 14 days quarantine in a third country. We got called racist for doing that by CCP officials….And Australia’s call for an independent investigation into the CCP virus lead yet more name calling and CCP BS.

    And yesterday China announced that they will impose 80% duties on Barley that Australian farmers sell to China. Very very dopey CCP idea : China imports the barley to two reasons : 1 : to make beer & spirits. So looks like the CCP wants to create a beer & spirits crisis in China. 2 : Barley grain is fed to pigs and chicks & ducks in their industrial intensive livestock operations to grow meat for the Chines people. Ohhhh goody, chicken & pork is going to go up in price for the Chinese people… Lots of ‘stupid sense’ in that too.

    The CCP is probably hoping to get dead cheap barley from elsewhere – like Argentina. But they are set up supplying soy beans not barley.

    It’s a big crop here in South Australia. But I guess South Aussie farmers can switch crops away from barley..The sowing season is happening right now.. So wheat or canola or lupins or mustard or oats will be preferred.. Luckily it’s been a great sowing start with good rains while the soil was warm… No drought this year.
    No CCP China is not our friend !
    But lets not punish ordinary Chinese people for the actions of the CCP dictatorship.

  60. E.M.Smith says:


    Your original comment has a broken URL with many .. in it. My guess would be that you did a “copy / paste” from a source that shortens long URLs for display by eliding a lot of it and replacing it with dots, which WordPress then takes a periods after just one…

    That’s one of the other things to watch out for. Just WHAT was actually put in your copy buffer from folks trying to be “helpful” with long URLs.

    @Bill In Oz:

    Australia is about 8 MT and only out ranked by Russia, Germany, France & Ukraine. Gonna be really hard to find the volume somewhere else in that size.

    Russia has put limits on wheat export, so will also take a dim view of other grains getting a sudden “double” of demand. Germany & France are likely not all that keen on China right now, and I doubt German Beer Makers will want their barley sold.

    My guess is that with most of their pigs dead, and a lot of their chickens culled during the Wuhan Virus Outbreak, they just don’t need the barley right now and are looking at this as a way to break the contract without admitting they are screwed on food.

    I say keep your barley, turn it into beer and whiskey, and invite the rest of the world over for the party ;-) (Fried Chicken and Bacon Bites optional ;-)

  61. YMMV says:

    @A C Osborn: “I suggest that you read the comments on Nic’s analysis.”
    Done. But what was I supposed to be looking for?

    If you are looking for a take-down of Ferguson’s model (which got us into this mess and which everyone hates):

    If you are looking for good news, or at least hopeful news, it’s “Gammora”.

  62. ossqss says:

    @EM, I put the exact same copy/paste in the quotes that was used in the truncated link above. It wasn’t me or what I copied in as it showed up prior to my posting the comment. Just sayin, I am innocent for once in my life . I even tested it in a new tab prior :-)

    Now, that said, I do remove the amp redirect part of the links related to twitter when I do this, but it still worked before posting it. No matter, I will blame the NSA in the end.

    I am curious to try it again however. Let’s see. Same text from the quoted link above.

  63. philjourdan says:

    Working hypothesis. China realized the virus was out back last fall. They tried to contain it and failed. So instead of locking down the area, they allowed it to spread. But they did not lock down their economy as they knew it was very small death rate based upon infections from the fall versus deaths, (less than the flu). But by waiting to report it, And exaggerating the fatality rate, in cooperation with WHO, they managed to shut down all western economies. So theirs would prevail.

    And they succeeded. They will become the #1 economy for 2020.

    But they failed to understand the western adage, once burned twice warned. Already, not only the US (Trump, not the democrats), but most of the UK Commonwealth (the EU is a lost cause, but dying anyway) now are demanding answers, And will not trust China for any critical resources. That will not happen over night, But within 3 years, China will once again be the primary exporter of cheap toys. But nothing else.

    Apple? Yea, who is going to buy a China infested smart phone? Democrats and fools.

    A fool is one that wants to be lied to a second time.

  64. E.M.Smith says:


    A great deal of bribe money goes a long way and is SOP in Asia. IMHO the Dims are loaded with it and want more. We’ll need to see if the Citizens figure this out enough to take action about it.

    FWIW, a good place to start would be returning mandatory Country Of Origin labels on meat / beef in the USA. Let me know where my food comes from so I can NOT buy it from Chinese processors. (Presently banned via some “international ruling” that some agreement / treaty was violated by saying where the meat came from… so I say “can that agreement”. I’d rather just say “make it all in the USA” and be done…)

    Furthermore, I’m not interested in ANY electronic product made in China. They buggered and bugged $5 USB promotional memory sticks fer cryin’ out loud. That means anything more expensive can have even more subtle buggery.

    I’m VERY happy with just not shipping things to China either. ALL they want to buy are minimum value added raw materials. Much better to keep the raw materials, make a value added product, and offer that for sale. Long run you will make much more.

    Barley is a few $/ton, Pork a few $/lb, Scotch $40+/liter. Tell China they can buy Whiskey & Pork, but not Barley… and certainly not Barley farms, grain processors, or meat packers… (They bought the largest US Pork processor, Smithfield, with the promise they would not export whole hogs, just cuts; now they export whole hog carcasses to be processed in China…)

    Free & Fair Trade is good. State Run Mercantilist Trade is not. It is not free, it is not fair. It is “Fattest Wallet Wins” and The State by definition has the fattest wallet.

    So personally, I’d be happy with a 200% tariff on anything from China. And a 200% tariff on exports of commodities TO China…

    FWIW: I’m not settled yet on “deliberate release” vs “accidental and then exploited”. I’m now pretty certain it was not an entirely natural event. The biggest question being was it done as planned on schedule as a Get Trump, or an accidental lab accident too early but running the playbook anyway.

    But it did “out” China as “not your friend” and as “acting like an enemy trying to hurt you”, so folks have seen it pretty clearly.

    What was a vague “China makes cheap stuff and cheats some” has turned into “China lies, manipulates, and tried to kill me and mine using soft war / 5th Gen attacks”. Brings a whole new level of disinterest in “commerce” with China.

    So not just “critical resource” IMHO, but ANY product. Do I really want fabric on my skin from a State Run Enterprise that would love to send it to me pre-loaded with toxins and viruses? Um, no. So foods, medicines, clothes, fabrics, toys, plastics, electronics, all on my “not near me” list.

  65. Ossqss says:

    I don’t recall hearing of this treatment, but it appears to be effective.

  66. Ossqss says:

    Quite the read, and video at the beginning ;-)

  67. cdquarles says:

    There are problems with that one. 1. small numbers and 2. uses p-values. This one may not hold up very well when tried on thousands, let alone millions.

  68. philjourdan says:

    @EM- I was being generous about how it got out. Either way, it did. And either way, China used it to shut down the economies of the rest of the world. So it is just a matter of semantics as far as “planned” or “accident”.

    But you re-iterated my point. The globalists will go back to BAU with the chinese. (lower case intentional). But no one else. And that is half the world now (the Commonwealth follows the UK).

    So China will not die. But they are going to find out what a major recession is all about. 20 years ahead of schedule.

  69. Compu Gator says:

    E.M.Smith replied 10 May 2020 at 1:31 am GMT:
    FWIW, a good place to start would be returning mandatory Country Of Origin labels on meat / beef in the USA. Let me know where my food comes from so I can NOT buy it from Chinese processors.

    Perhaps even more critical for the safety of U.S. consumers: Mandatory Country Of Origin labels for drugs, vitamins, and alleged “nutritional supplements“. Which would reverse the legal status quo established by bleepin’ Congress and their damnable lobbyists.

    E.M.Smith replied 10 May 2020 at 1:31 am GMT:
    Presently banned via some “international ruling” that some agreement / treaty was violated by saying where the meat came from … so I say “can that agreement”. I’d rather just say “make it all in the USA” and be done …

    Almost certainly a ruling by the World Trade Organization. Extrapolating from the WHO, might it be yet another U.N.-dependent organization for which the U.S. is uncritically paying 6 times the amount of any other sovereign nation, so that we can support an organization that typically rules against the centuries-established trade laws of the U.S.A. and the rest of Western Civilization?

    As I recall, in relatively recent rulings of the WTO, they dared to attempt to overturn the Reinheitsgebot in Germany, i.e., the originally Bavarian law that specified the only ingredients that were legal in the brews of the former kingdom. Hey-yell, if it weren’t for that East-German-native communist mole Frau Merkel, such a globalist ruling might’ve been sufficent provocation for a “GerExit”. But Germans don’t indulge in inventing compact words like we casually add to English, e.g., “BrExit”, so they’d probably prefer an equivalent compound noun, e.g., “DeutschlandAusgang. It’s a cultural thing.

  70. rhoda klapp says:

    Yeah Gator, but the Germans do have a history of shortening those compound words. I give you Sturzkampfflugzeug = Stuka and Fliegerabweherartillerie, flak.

    Of course the short word for a German exit is simply Krout.

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