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I miss the on air version of Alex Jones sometimes. Yeah, I can get it at his web site, but on the TV it had more of a late night UHF Conspiracy Theory Channel flavor to it. That slightly “crazy talk but wouldn’t it be a thrill if real” feeling. Now I have to watch The History Channel or CNN to get that experience of the unbelievable. You know, “Ancient Aliens” created us to mine gold then just left, or Russia compromised Flynn by having him give a speech (silly on the face of it, when Hillary was already on the take with Uranium One). Or anything MSNBC / Maddow like Russiagate.

The web site version just seems more like actual news. https://www.infowars.com

I’d use it and some other “right wing nutters” to set the right side range of the attitudinal limits, and the “left wing nutters” like MSNBC or the Washington Post et. al. to set the left side limit. Then you could find Truth somewhere in the middle. Now, with all the RW Nutters banned, it just looks like The Lunatic Left vs all the reasonable people. Just run away from the LW Nutters and all is Truth. So that’s what folks are doing. Blexit, Walk Away, and all. But it is less satisfying, not knowing where the Right Wing edge of reason begins to fray.

I still visit the web site, but mostly just to skim the story headlines. Oh, and for the political cartoon corner. Love the cartoons. Here’s a sample of them:

Trump Biden Threat To Democracy

Trump Biden Threat To Democracy

Not that I think of Trump & Biden as political cartoons. Well, maybe sniffing Joe…

NSTW or Coming Out

NSTW or Coming Out

Sit Boy! Vs Squirrel!

Sit Boy! Vs Squirrel!

Not that I think of Democrat Governors as political cartoons. Well, not that often; only when I hear them speak or see their policies.

This posting brought to you by Sarc; breakfast of champions!

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  1. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I enjoy this site, put together by Steven Hayward. Recently he has done 2 each week.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    @Nancy & John:

    Oh that’s a goid one! I especially liked the couches one….

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