The Real Racism? Black on White Violence.

And interesting look at how Democrat controlled cities increase violence, and how the reality is that most violence is Black on White, followed by Black on Black, and only 1/10 as much White on Black as the other way round. Then consider that Blacks are about 10% of the population.

Yet more media lies and leftist lies abound.

The real racism is the race-hate-bait racism created by Democrats to help get elected. To stop it, stop voting for Democrats. Stop buying left leaning news papers and watching leftist news programs (both of which well underway…)

Soros and his NGOs are busy working the Color Revolution Playbook as hard as they can. Trying to create a “crisis” to provoke an over-reaction so as to have cause to remove the chief executive. Don’t let them succeed.

During the day about noon to 2 pm, patrol your area and look for stray pallets of bricks, or cached bottles of liquid. Report them, or remove them.

Look for groups of people wearing all black, report them as suspicious.

When the media spins race-bait lies, call them out. Do not let them do so without challenge.

Inform the folks around you about how a color revolution is run. Let them know that “peaceful demonstrations” are a key element to provide cover for Black Bloc violence.

A black bloc is a group of protesters who wear black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. The clothing is used to conceal wearers’ identities and hinder criminal prosecution by making it difficult to distinguish between participants. It is also used to protect their faces and eyes from pepper spray, which is used by law enforcement during protests or civil unrest. The tactic allows the group to appear as one large unified mass. Black bloc participants are often associated with anarchism, anarcho-communism, libertarian socialism, anti-globalization movement or antifascism.

Want to identify your Antifa rioters under their masks? Look at their hands in their videos:

I’m sure there is more than enough video up to identify a whole lot of the perps.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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44 Responses to The Real Racism? Black on White Violence.

  1. Tonyb says:

    Do you have a reference for the stats you quoted in your first paragraph as that would be helpful in combatting the hysteria building up

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    It is quoted from the video that states the official source.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like page 13 table 14 USDOJ Victimization report:

    Click to access cv18.pdf

    70% Black on Black
    62% White on White
    45% Hispanic on Hispanic
    28% White on Hispanic
    27% Black on Asian
    24% Asian on Asian
    15% Black on White
    15% Black on Hispanic
    10% Hispanic on White
    10% White on Black

    But that doesn’t match his graph…. hmmm…. I think I need to look further into the graph data origin. It may be a particular kind of violent crime.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah, the graph is NUMBER of crimes not percent. He then says the ratio as 10 to one. So you would need to dig out the number of crimes and remake the graph.

    So if Blacks are, say, 10% of the population and Whites are committing 10% of the violent crimes they experience, thats 1% of total violent crimes. If Whites are, say, 60% of the population and Blacks committed 15% of the violent ctimes they experienced, then that is 9% of total crimes. Ratio 9 to 1 so close to his 10 to 1. So I think that’s where it comes from but with proper numbers for population.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Hey E.M., my apology for being a bit off-topic, but the latest Tips page I could find looked like it had been fallow for half a year. Briefly, I checked the Johns Hopkins page for CoVid death rates and found that if I averaged all the mostly Democratic states the average state rate was 42.7 deaths per 100,000. If I averaged all the mostly Republican states, the rate was 13.9 deaths per state. Of course there are some relatively minor demographic differences between Dem states and Repub states — but not enough to account for a three fold difference. I was wondering what your opinion might be on why there would be such a major difference.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Yes, I’ve been irregular on tips pages…

    Democrats sent Chinese Wuhan Covid patients to elder care nursing homes, seeding lots of infections in the most vulnerable. Also why New York has about half of the total cases in the USA.

  7. A C Osborn says:

    Here is a good one for you guys.

  8. Jason Calley says:

    Hey E.M., you say: “Democrats sent Chinese Wuhan Covid patients to elder care nursing homes, seeding lots of infections in the most vulnerable. Also why New York has about half of the total cases in the USA.”

    Damn… That is horrific. I had seen a few references to elderly Covid patients being sent back to nursing homes but had thought that those cases must be bureaucratic mishaps, must be rare or outliers. After seeing your comment I did a little more looking in to the matter, and I think you are correct. This is not accidental, this is by fiat. This is by design.

    No matter how cynical I get, I can’t keep up. This is murder.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    The fact that it was more than one Democrat Governor who did it is very suspicious, especially as the early outbreak in Washington was at a nursing home (and they controlled things by NOT sending folks to nursing homes) PLUS an early response from Trump was to tell CDC to focus on elder care and nursing homes and tighten up their practices.

    In the fact of that for the governors of NY and Michigan (I think) plus others to issue orders to send infectious patients to nursing homes was just nuts. (Or evil).

    Cuomo, after being pilloried about this, in one of his news conferences, said “Well, it’s up to the nursing home to say no if they can’t do it with the right isolation”. Yeah, right. A Governors Executive ORDER and they are supposed to just say “Uh, no, not today Gov.” So by that logic his orders on Social Distancing, Stay At Home and Shut Your Business can just get an “Un, no, Gov.” too, right?

    It was deliberate. How to apportion between evil, stupidity, and criminal I leave to others to decide.

  10. Another Ian says:

    “It was deliberate. How to apportion between evil, stupidity, and criminal I leave to others to decide.”

    The “sue-industry” must get into that soon? Or do all its lawyers vote democrat?

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Well then, clearly the officers are innocent of all charges as he died of covid-19!

  12. philjourdan says:

    The designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization is not going to change anything, Exccept the surveillance of them, The fake news will not report on them, but the facts will add up in the FBI database, And that is the purpose. Madcow and Fredot will never talk about them, But the statistics will continue to grow.

  13. ossqss says:

    @EM, look at the toxicology part of that report.

  14. Kneel says:

    Was nice to see video on Bongino where *real* protesters grabbed an Antifa thug/criminal/terrorist smashing up paving stones and gave him to police, who then placed him under arrest. Hopefully charged him with malicious damage and some other stuff. They may have decided he was resisting arrest and had to use “appropriate violence” in response, but I didn’t see nuffink like that :-)
    This sort of thing needs to be seen and emulated by more people – that’ll shut the thugs down and send them the message that real Americans don’t want their brand of chaos.

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    11 ng/l fentanyl when 34 causes passing out? Also THC and speed. Nicotine & caffeine. He was hopped up on an interesting mix….


    There’s also video out of Yukaipa? California showing an Antifa group being run off by locals saying they don’t want their brand in town…

    The Antifa clowns ran into guys who actually know how to fight and were not interested in “revolution”.

    The “take it to the suburbs” notion was daft. Folks outside the urban core don’t put up with that kind of crap nearly as much… and were primed as to what to expect. Prepared.


    It will make it easy to get a warrant for phone records, bank records, etc. Anyone donating money will get a good financial proctology too… The messaging and contact tracing info alone will be valuable. Take your identified members, check when their cell phones pinged the same towers, see who else was pinging those towers then. Rinse and repeat. In no time flat you can identify the network and probable membership.

    Designation as a terrorist organization also means certain rules of engagement are removed. Things like limited hours of hold and shipping off to Gitmo. Not likely to be used on the Wanna Bees, but the management layer can be squeezed hard.

  16. YMMV says:

    Candace Owens says it loud.

    Everyone is pretending that this man lived a heroic lifestyle. We are embarrassing in that regard. Nobody wants to tell the truth in black America. Our biggest problem is us. …

    For whatever reason it has become fashionable over the last five or six years for us to turn criminals into heroes overnight. It is something I find despicable.

    Owens also mentioned a 2007 robbery that Floyd was involved in that involved a pregnant victim and Floyd holding a gun to her abdomen. “And this was the biggest instant I had that made me realize this is a horrible human being, that I’m not going to pretend is a good person,” she said.

  17. philjourdan says:

    @EM – I do not agree with those rules (and would love to see them repealed). Hence my statement. International terrorists? Yes. Domestic? An excuse to abuse the power of the government (we may think – oh goody – for Antifa, but then the next democrap uses it on the Tea Party). I think we have enough evidence of abuse of laws to not want to use or even allow them to be used (repeal them) in the future. If all we have to fight Al Qaeda is the FISA, then we have already lost the war.

    @YMMV – regardless of George Floyd’s sins and weaknesses, the simple fact is his death was needless and irrational. I am tired of both sides nit picking a person’s life to death to justify some action that has nothing to do with those nit picks.

    Many love to point out that MLK Jr. was a womanizer and hardly a good husband. I do not care. He was a great man because he did something great at a needed time in history. It is time to stop micro examining every person. NO person can live up to those standards. Greatness is doing the right thing at the right time and making an impact. Not that you picked your effing nose in the 3rd grade.

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    My statement of what the difference would be ought not be interpreted as endorsement of the laws allowing it. I am 100% against The Patriot Act and domestic surveillance of citizens in any form. But what I think of the laws does not influence their use.

    Similarly I think the 2nd A. clearly says most gun laws in the USA are patently unconstitutional. Doesn’t change my compliance with Kalifornia unconstitutional laws. They just are.

  19. philjourdan says:

    @EM – we are in agreement.

  20. YMMV says:

    @philjourdan, let me say that I am not interested in George Floyd, good or bad. I did not watch the video that got this started. I am interested in the justice system, improving the police, the courts, and race relations. I might be a minority of one. I see that there are huge protests all over the world, even Oslo. I wasn’t aware of issues with the police in Oslo. So the whole world is protesting the US police? Except France, I believe they have brought up their own cases. So the whole world saw the video and want to lynch those policemen. Or even all police. “ACAB”. Not my idea of new improved justice. More like old fashioned tribal stuff. The family does the revenge. Which of course does not end there. It may not be EOTWAWKI, but it could be bad for civilization as we know it. Do I need to mention Ireland, Bosnia, etc?

    We can’t jump to conclusions and start a race war on such flimsy evidence. As I said, I am happy to leave that to the courts to figure out. But is nobody allowed to say how rash and out of proportion this riot/looting thing is? Shouldn’t a black woman be allowed to point this out, as I quoted in a previous comment?

    cynholt •
    I won’t go so far as to says that George Floyd wasn’t suffocated to death by the cop, but I will say that it is not an absolute given that he died this way. First of all, I noticed that Floyd had his head turned far to the side when the cop had his knee on his neck. From my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, it’s quite a bit harder to totally occlude someone’s trachea when their head is turned to the side. It would have been a lot more believable that Floyd’s death was due to having his trachea totally occluded by the cop putting his knee on it if his head was lying flat against the pavement, which wasn’t the case.

    Furthermore, I don’t know much about forensics, but I’m fairly certain that even if someone’s trachea was just partially occluded, your ability to holler out “I can’t breathe” for everyone there to hear quite clearly is next to impossible. Therefore, it is more likely that he died from cardiac arrest. From my experience as a nurse, if a patient call out saying that he can’t breathe, more than likely he is having a heart attack. Believe me, when patients suddenly die of some kind of sudden respiratory failure, they don’t have enough air in their lungs to say, much less holler out, “ I can’t breathe!”

    And as far as Floyd having Covid-19 is concerned, that might have played a role in his death, especially since the virus can exacerbate an underlying cardiac condition. Keep in mind, his stress hormones were already elevated from being arrested, as well as having illicit drugs in his system, which together played a significant role in his death.

    If Floyd’s death was purely based on having his trachea crushed by the cop, which should be the only reason to declare it a manslaughter case, what we need to know is how much weight did the cop put on his neck to cause this to happen. If he didn’t put enough weight on Floyd’s neck to crush his trachea, then his death shouldn’t be blamed on the cop. OTOH, if he did put enough weight on his neck to crush his trachea, and an autopsy can easily prove that, especially given that once your trachea is crushed, since it’s mostly made on cartilage tissue, it’ll remain crushed. The trachea after undergoing extreme occlusive pressure doesn’t bounce back to its original shape like, say, an artery or vein would. In other words, the trachea lacks the flexibility that either an artery or vein has to bounce back to its original shape. That’s anatomy 101. My point is that this case needs to be further investigated before absolutely determining whether murder was involved.

    from a comment at

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    There is something called “positional asphyxiation” where a person laying on their stomach can’t inhale (especially if their arms are behind their back and pressure is applied). It is also possible to have enough air for small vocalizations and not enough to keep O2 saturated (especially if in a lactic acid state after physical action).

    Note that I’m not saying that is what happened, just that there is an alternative to the larynx as the focus.

    As law enforcement officers, part of your job is to subdue and restrain violent people in order to protect yourself, others, and even the subject being restrained. Unfortunately, the techniques you use to control and restrain the subject may interfere with that individual’s ability to breathe. This can result in an in-custody death from a phenomenon called positional asphyxia.

    Despite the name, positional asphyxia is not just about the position of the subject’s body. There are precipitating factors that make positional asphyxia deadly. These factors include intoxication due to alcohol, drug use, obesity, psychiatric illnesses, and physical injury. Positional asphyxia may even be caused simply by the subject getting into a breathing-restricted position they cannot get out of, either through their own carelessness or as a consequence of an accident or illness. Some people have suffered seizures that trapped them in positions where their breathing was restricted and death has resulted.

    Positional asphyxia is a potential danger of some common physical restraint techniques. That’s why it is necessary for law enforcement officers to know and understand that preexisting risk factors combined with the body position of the subject when subdued or while in transport can increase the risk of in-custody death.

    Risk Factors

    There are certain risk factors that may render some subjects more susceptible to positional asphyxia following a struggle with law enforcement officers. This is especially true if the subject is restrained and placed in a face-down or prone position.

    Common risk factors of death from positional asphyxia include but are not limited to excessive alcohol intoxication, drug use, obesity, and medical conditions such as an enlarged heart. An individual with an enlarged heart can have a greater susceptibility to a cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) when under conditions of stress and when there are low levels of oxygen in the blood stream.

    IMHO the error was just that the Cop didn’t pay attention to the positional asphyxiation risk, didn’t know about the drug use and enlarged heart, and didn’t monitor the subject to assure he was in fact breathing well and with the heart not overly stressed.

    Once you subdue someone, you are responsible for keeping them alive. He failed at that duty.

  22. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV and EM – the protests have nothing to do with George Floyd (of which the world could not care less about). It is the escape valve of the lockdowns. Note that the one country you do not mention is Sweden. They did not have one.

    George Floyd was the excuse. The keg was ready to blow, Antifa took advantage and escalated them into full fledged riots.

    France is trying to dig up some fossil of a black injustice to divert attention from what many psyches are saying is due to the lockdowns!

    It is not rocket science. It is simple human dynamics.

  23. YMMV says:

    @philjourdan, you are right. Given that nudge I had to look up Sweden. It turns out they did have one, sort of.
    Sweden’s capital of Stockholm saw large crowds hold placards during a silent protest across the city.
    How restrained. Sweden has had lots of riots. Guess this issue didn’t make the top. I looked in a Swedish online newspaper and they didn’t mention it, but they did have an item about Massive Chaos in London – Ten Policemen Injured. However, to even things out, there was a protest in Sweden complaining that the government did not force a lockdown. Can’t please everybody.

    My opinion is that the good part of all these protests is to get lots of young people out without the social distancing, so that the young people who are not very susceptible can get it and thereby become immune. To get the herd immunity thing going. They don’t have to get sick, they just have to develop the immunity.

    The latest theory is that way more people were not susceptible to this virus than expected. The virus spread to the easy targets first and is now running out of easy targets. If so, we can hope this thing is over.

    @E.M.Smith, positional asphyxiation. Is that how Epstein didn’t k*** himself?

  24. E.M.Smith says:


    Nope. Epstien was into different positions…


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  26. jim2 says:

    I read Willis E’s article about deaths of various races at the hands of police. Willis no doubt did a good job analyzing the data, but there is a question begging to be answered: What is the quality of the data?

    I’m pretty sure racism enters the picture WRT data collection. So some minority deaths under police custody/control may be mis-classified or even not reported at all. The same might said for white or brown deaths under police custody in some cases.

    But one thing does stand out, the data indicate deaths in police custody affects all races. That is believable. It would be a good thing for all of us if bad cops get thrown out.

  27. YMMV says:

    breaking news … Sweden protest gets violent, in Göteborg. The police must not have expected it, since they are not wearing protective gear.

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    The death write up is not under police control. The Medical Examiner / Coroner determines race and cause of death. The dta ought to be pretty good.

  29. jim2 says:

    EMS – Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo had Sen. Scott and Sen. Gowdy as guests today. One item discussed was the fact that less than 45% of police agencies report stats to the FBI. That is a huge hole.

    Another is that blacks get stopped by police a lot more than whites. Black Sen. Scott has been stopped 7 times by police. They were checking to make sure it was OK for him to enter the Senate building even though he dresses like a CPA and wears his Senatorial lapel pin. Sen. Gowdy on the other hand dresses casually some of the time and never wears his pin and has never been stopped.

    I recall seeing a white cop shoot a fleeing black man in the back in a video. He then went over and placed a gun by his hand. If not for a brave citizen and a phone, we would have never known what really happened in that case.

    I believe the vast majority of police are good guys, but I also believe racism colors decisions, reporting, and outcomes. But hard data may not exist.

  30. E.M.Smith says:

    I was not asserting anything at all about the VALIDITY or MORALITY of a shoot or death; only that the stats on race will be beyond the control of the police. Also, death stats are from the coroner. Doesn’t need a P.D. to report it.

    Per “throw down guns”: historically a common practice for use with any race in a questionable shoot. I learned the term from the County Sheriff in my 0% black farm town… less common in the era of cell phone cameras…

    I’m certain there are some racist cops (of all races against all races) and likely still some dirty cops doing throw down guns; but not many any more.

    Per Senators being checked : were I the white Senator I’d be complaining if they were not checking white guys they did not personally know… too big an opportunity to spoof your way in. Then again, I don’t know how prominent the two guys were and which was most known. Who said good morning each day to the guards and who just ignored them and walked fast… Before I call racism, I want to know specifics and details.

    In particular: I’ve seen Gowdy on Fox very often. I don’t know who Scott is at sll.

  31. jim2 says:

    EMS – At one time, Gowdy was a fresh face in DC. He wasn’t stopped per himself.

    The stats on race probably aren’t complete or accurate. I was referring to the FBI stats that are taken from the PDs. Senator Scott has reintroduced a bill to improve the quality of reporting of officer involved shootings.

    It’s difficult to know what black people experience if you aren’t one.

  32. jim2 says:

    Oops – accidentally hit the post button somehow or another. Article about the bill:

    Here’s a transcript of Maria’s’ show this morning. Scott/Gowdy at the end. It’s worth a read:

  33. cdquarles says:

    @ jim2, well, I am ‘black’; but not dark skinned. I am an American mutt with white, black and “Indian” (Cherokee and Choctaw) in my heritage. I’ve had interaction with law enforcement on both sides, mostly traffic stops. Generally, if you act like a thug and are ‘insolent’; you get treated more harshly than if you are meek/obedient. My family raised us to respect law enforcement and to reject ‘thug culture’.

    That said, cops are like other subgroups of humans. They are a mixed bag. Some excellent, most mediocre and some awful.

  34. philjourdan says:

    I am an American mutt


    But yes we are. I am part Cherokee (do not call me Indian or Native American!) have black nephews, an Hispanic wife, a Chinese Cousin- excuse me? WHO is the racist here? The pure breds, The rest of us (I know EM has listed his bonifidies many times) are the ones that think they are of one race! Human!

    I am a Mutt! and proud of it, And I am mad at the treatment of George Floyd! But I will not support destruction in his name! I stand with his family! Not the race baiters of the left

  35. YMMV says:

    Entertaining news in the entertainment world, a skirmish as an author breaks ranks and the actors circle for the kill. “Trans women are women.” But blackface doesn’t make you black.

  36. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, J.K.Rowling former darling ot the left now an outcast for saying women are women…

    Watching the Woke eat their own who stray even a mm from their ever moving Trigger Points is great sport!

    This one is a hoot. I’d not seen the Dim Leadership doing the Cultural Appropriation Pander Show, but seems they are collecting ridicule for it. Also seems Nadler can’t “take a knee” and Pelosi needs help standing back up. Nadker vs. The Mask is fun too!

  37. E.M.Smith says:

    Just an OMG Note:

    Seems the Cultural Appropriation Show was stupid enough to use the colors of the African empire that rounded up and sold their fellow blacks into slavery.

    Yup, they are wearing Slave Trader sashes.

    See also: Slavery in West Africa
    Slavery was historically a tradition in the Ashanti Empire, with slaves typically taken as captives from enemies in warfare. The welfare of their slaves varied from being able to acquire wealth and intermarry with the master’s family to being sacrificed in funeral ceremonies. The Ashanti believed that slaves would follow their masters into the afterlife. Slaves could sometimes own other slaves, and could also request a new master if the slave believed he or she was being severely mistreated.

    Britain eventually ended slavery in the region. Now the fact that it was whites who ended slavery by blacks is largely ignored. Having forgotten their history, the Dimocrats have been pwned by it.

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    OMG++ It seems the kente cloth people’s name means parabellum:

    Etymology and origins

    Kente cloth, the traditional garment worn by Ashanti royalty, has been widely adopted throughout the Ashanti Kingdom.

    The name Asante means “because of war”.
    The word derives from the Twi words ɔsa meaning “war” and nti meaning “because of”. This name comes from the Asante’s origin as a kingdom created to fight the Denkyira kingdom.

    The variant name “Ashanti” comes from British reports that transcribing “Asante” as the British heard it pronounced, as-hanti. The hyphenation was subsequently dropped and the name Ashanti remained, with various spellings including Ashantee common into the early 20th century.

    Kente, known as nwentoma in Akan, is an indigenous Ghanaian textile, made of interwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton. Kente is made in Akan lands, in Ghana, from the historic Ashanti Kingdom, including the towns of Bonwire, Adanwomase, Sakora Wonoo, and Ntonso in the Kwabre areas of the Ashanti Region. This fabric is worn by almost every Ghanaian tribe and represents national cultural identity.

    So the “national cultural identity” of Black Slave Traders who’s name is Parabellum. Gotta luv it!

  39. cdquarles says:

    Got to love it. Democrats, the party of Slavery and Death since their founding in the 1820s (as a “natural aristocracy” counter-revolution, in my opinion). Wearing the colors of the Kingdom that sold other black Africans into slavery to be bought and shipped to the Western Hemisphere. NB that not only did lots die during the passage; lots died in the more tropical parts here. After the trade was outlawed, it was in the owner’s interest to see that slaves adequately reproduced. So, where did the descendants do best in terms of survival? /rhetorical; but that’d be in the southern USA.

    Not to forget, in the old South, blacks did own black slaves; as did some bands of Indians.

  40. p.g.sharrow says:

    One of the nice things about being a :”Liberal Progressive” Democrat, you don’t have to think! Just do what feels good at the moment. follow others lead and the outcome is someone else’s fault.
    Every time their policies cause a fail they can just demand that the Republicans have to fix it.

  41. philjourdan says:

    Re: “as did some bands of Indians.”
    We are Cherokee. And yes we did.

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