Something Saving Covid Lives

Looking at the infections vs deaths graphs, it looks like something is reducing deaths per infection. “What” is open to investigation. Reduced viral leathality from mutations? Most susceptible individuals already dead? Better testing increasing number of “infected not morbid”? Effective treatments?

I’m hoping some of it is better treatments. Just finding more “infected but not bad” is still a good thing as it indicates lethality is not as bad as we expected. Even less lethal strain is good. So pretty much good news regardless.

Covid Rising Cases, Falling Deaths

Covid Rising Cases, Falling Deaths

A personal sidebar on diet:

In a comment here (h/T YMMV) a Medcram video was linked per the effects of high blood sugar and in particular fructose. It is highly worth watching. The bottom line is avoid fructose and sugar. Morbidity can be 4 to 10 times higher with too much blood sugar.

We, spouse and I, had been doing a keto diet for weight loss. At the onset of this mess, I upped my prepper stores with, among other things, beans & rice & crackers & bread flour. Very non-keto. (And the pounds have been slowly returning…). We are now slowly moving back to keto. The extra beans & rice & such will be consumed over a much longer period of time. A couple of years instead of months. We have been avoiding fructose for years with fair efficiency (The occasional jar of jam with it would sneak past the screen along with the odd soda when out)

Now there are more reasons to return to keto. For us, mostly weight loss, but also avoidance of bad covid outcomes should we be exposed.

I also ran into a TEDxUSC video on Alzeheimer’s where increased ketone bodies (via coconut oil or medium chain fatty acids) improved patient status rather a lot. From 6 years ago. A lady who’s husband started to decay in his late 50s. I can’t find it again now as I don’t know the title to search for. I think it is by Dr. Mary Newport as describeded here.

This is just one visual of what coconut oil and ketones did for my husband Steve Newport in the first days to months.
First days: More alert, more talkative, finished sentences, sense of humor and animation in his face returned, was less distracted, recognized relatives. Hand and facial tremor resolved. Steve said it was like the “light switch came on” in his head the day he started coconut oil.

Original Article from 2008 by Dr. Newport – What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?

After weeks to months: SEE CLOCK DRAWINGS BELOW. Steve could “do things” again, like cutting the lawn and helping with housework, finishing projects, and became a hospital volunteer. His stiff slow gait resolved after two months. His visual disturbance resolved and he could read after three months. He could recall what he read hours earlier after nine months. Coconut oil and MCT oil changed our lives for the better.

The thesis being that Alzeheimer’s is “type 3 diabetes” and insulin resistance starves the brain of glucose fuel. So something of a “dig here!” on that. I’m not strongly interested in it, so low priority for me. One ancestor on the spouses side had “mixed dementia” onset in her 80s after being on a drug cocktail and in nursing homes for other issues. Could even have been drug side effects per my PDR reading.

None of us are diabetic. Probably due to our very traditional diet. (Meat, fish, birds, vegetables, fruits, limited grains and legumes. Occasional but rare sweet deserts, cakes, etc. Almost no sodas, candies, prepared packaged foods, fructose, or hydrogenated oils). Basically I tend to cook an 1800s style with ingredients that have a one or 2 syllable name.

So mostly mentioning this not due to our condition, but just as an interesting thing to note for anyone with blood sugar issues or a family history of relevant diseases.

In any case, reducing tendency to inflammation matters a lot to covid outcomes, and Omega-6 seed oils increase inflammation, so swapping to coconut oil can reduce your intake of them.

We now use almost entirely olive oil and coconut oil in cooking. (Honorable mention bacon grease reserved for cooking more bacon and the odd biscuit batch). Bread made with coconut oil is very nice. We did this just to reduce omega-6 oils (corn, soy bean, canola…) to improve omega-3 to 6 ratio.

Lately, being on an Australian lamb kick, I looked up lamb fat composition. Very high in omega-3 fatty acids. So I’m now using lamb fat pan drippings to make wonderfully delicious gravy ;-) The paper I read had it at about 2:1 ratio of omega-6 to 3. As 6:1 is thought the desired range, and most Americans are about 20:1, there’s room for a LOT of lamb to get the ratio closer to right.

So, bottom line, to reduce inflammatory risks and incidentally improve diabetic and Alzeheimer’s risks, we are eating a lot more lamb (grass fed beef or buffalo might also work), and coconut oil. Avoiding fructose and as much other sugars as possible, while reducing starches overall to get back to a ketogenic diet.

IF the cited theories are right, this ought to lead to better outcomes for a variety of cronic diseases while reducing the risks of severe symptoms should we get exposed to Chinese Wuhan Covid virus.

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32 Responses to Something Saving Covid Lives

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Golly! Looks like store bought pork can be a bad idea for omega-6:3 ratio. BUT pastured pork can be fine.

    In table 1 has pork, fed grain free – at 5:1 or nearly ideal, on 50% pasture at 9.9:1 or acceptable, then grain fed at 14:1 – so problematic; and then Commercial at a whopping 29.4:1 that is hortific and pretty much guaranteed to be inflammation and arthritis inducing / aggravating.

    I don’t know what the commercial feed has in it, but the result is horrible for human nutrition.

    As salami, bacon and canned ham are some of the most available meat for storage, I’d bought a fair amount. I’d also noticed some joint discomfort showing up. I think now I know why…

    So, ok, not going to skip my bacon… so I need to find out who makes pasture raised bacon ;-)

  2. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – just made public is the use of Dexamethasone in the UK Oxford trials. Seems it helps with the cytokine storms and reduces mortality by 35% for ventilated patients and 20% for those on Oxygen. Cost for the treatment around 5 UK pounds, less than a dollar in India.
    Reduced mortality overall may be a result of running out of mechanical ventilators, and thus using just pressurised Oxygen and finding fewer people died, and maybe other steroids used to try to fix those cytokine storms. People know more how to treat it. May be a less-mortal mutation of the virus, too, but hard to separate that from the data.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    EMSmith says;”I don’t know what the commercial feed has in it, but the result is horrible for human nutrition.”
    Corn, corn, and more corn plus soybean meal is generaly the basis of all feedlot operations.
    Sheep /lamb is mostly range/grass fed…pg

  4. Scissor says:

    In addition, some of it is an artifact of more testing and some because new cases tend to be from less virulent mutations. The media is trying to keep this thing going by saying that cases are increasing in x number of states, but a closer look at the data shows the same as above for the U.S., i.e., hospitalization and fatality rates are on the decline.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    The 100% grain test case was lower, so some difference in grains fed. Then there is the um, er, less than savory point that, er, pig poo is blended back into some pig feeding operations until, on average, it has been through the pig 3 times.

    Because of that kind of issue, I’m reserving judgment on exactly what is the cause. Was it barley grain vs corn / soy? Or 3x through? Or some other practice? I don’t know. I do think it likely it is corn / soy vs a test feed of oats, barley, whatever. But I’m not ruling out other possibles.

  6. rhoda klapp says:

    There is a type 3 diabetes and that’s not it. It’s diabetes due to pancreas damage. Just no or limited insulin production, no other mechanism involved. As I have good reason to know.

  7. cdquarles says:

    A long time ago I brought up the use of steroids. They are very powerful hormones. Sometimes they do opposite of what you expect; so often the recommendation is to *not* use them. Since one of the issues with this virus in some people is *overactive* immune system response, downregulating immune response in a particular person can be fraught. Again, sometimes you get the opposite reaction. Diffuse intravascular coagulation is but one of the effects of an overactive response for that particular person. Medicine today is too faddish and too cookie cutter, in addition to being too sure of itself compounded by heavy handed top-down incentives/regulations.

    Type I diabetes is where pancreatic beta cell function is lost, whether through direct damage or through auto-immune cross-reactivity. Type II diabetes is, in part, due to insulin resistance. There are several mechanisms for that which results first in high blood glucose, then high insulin release then hypoglycemia cycles. Do not forget the other insulin-like peptide hormones, many which have opposite metabolic actions to insulin.

    You can get type 1 diabetes from chronic pancreatitis (happened to my mom’s older sister … she over used ethanol and that did it). I hear talk about “type 3”; but I wonder if that’s because the proponents have a bad agenda.

  8. A C Osborn says:

    Simon Derricutt says: 16 June 2020 at 5:30 pm
    “reduces mortality by 35% for ventilated patients and 20% for those on Oxygen”

    There is contradictory information on that study.
    The 35% and 20% appear to be “Risk” reduction.
    Whereas Lives saved appear to be 1 in 8 for Ventilators and 1 in 25 for oxygen, so 12.5% and 4%.
    I haven’t been able to find the actual study details, only conflicting data in the MSM.

    I also found that their same study on HCQ used massive overdoses which appear to based on incorrect dosage data from the treatment of Aomebic Dysentry which uses a different drug entirely.

  9. cdquarles says:

    Locally, two fairly big outbreaks happened. I mentioned some time back about the one that happened in Mobile. More recently, that happened in Montgomery. It didn’t help that the outbreaks caused, at least partially, a backlog the state is working through getting reported. My biggest beef is the worldwide failure to report true and false positive rates for the various kinds of tests. I get that part of it is simply due to poor testing protocols and bad kits; but still, we should have a better handle on the true prevalence. We don’t. How much of that is political in nature, I don’t know. I do have my suspicions.

    Roughly half of the deaths are from folk who resided in long term care facilities. Nosocomial transmission is, sadly, too much of what seems to have happened. We should take a serious look at infectious disease control protocols with an eye toward isolating the folk with the highest risks of transmitting the disease and those who are the most vulnerable. There is, after all, a reason why long term care facilities do vaccinate the residents on arrival if there is any question about that being current and on a regular ongoing basis.

  10. A C Osborn says:

    Sorry it is ” Internet sleuths also got to work on the very heavy doses of the drug that were given – 2400 mg in the first 24 hours, a ‘dose fit for a gorilla’ as one critic had it. Quizzed about this, Landray defended the dosage, twice, as being usual for other diseases such as amoebic dysentery.”
    Hydroxyquinoline is the drug give for Dysentry NOT HCQ.
    That study is being pulled apart on line.

  11. Simon Derricutt says:

    ACO – I reported what was stated on the Downing St. briefing. On the news later on the “1 life in 8 saved” was given as written data, and yes, that doesn’t agree. Whereas a 35% reduction in deaths would justify stopping the trial early to get the medicine in use, a 12% improvement is not so far from chance. There was also the statement that of the 35k people who died in hospital, 5k could have been saved if this medicine had been used. Disagrees with both figures.

    From data here on EM’s blog, I’ve known for months that it’s the cytokine storm that’s mainly causing the deaths. Some blood/stroke problems too, of course. Makes sense that something that reduces the cytokine storm would be useful. I suspect they never looked at cannabis, though.

    Still, if they stopped the virus replicating in the first place they wouldn’t need to fix the cytokine storm. Still seems odd that HCQ wasn’t correctly trialled. Still, I suppose you make more profit when someone really knows they are ill, rather than stopping them getting ill cheaply.

  12. rhoda klapp says:

    CDQ, you are of course right, the type 3 = alzheimers is still unresolved. My type is more correctly called type 3c, and that’s an ‘official’ WHO definition, although not many people know about it.

  13. A C Osborn says:

    Simon, it is very confusing, perhaps when we have access to the actual study.

  14. Another Ian says:


    Run something like “beef fat omega 3 content” in a search and it seems grass fed beef also has higher omega-3 levels

    So might have to watch for grass fed vs lot fed lamb/mutton

  15. gallopingcamel says:

    The one thing the corrupt FDA can’t stand is a drug that is both cheap and effective. They hated HCQ and my guess is that they will hate Dexamethasone as well.

    Cheap drugs? Not as long as Big Pharma owns the FDA!

    The FDA is part of the “Administrative State” (aka the Deep State). They are unaccountable bureaucrats serving the ruling class to the detriment of the voters.

  16. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    When not considering personal and family, I am still finding health and medical issues of interest from the science aspect. There may be a better way of writing that.
    For instance the “blood sugar” stuff has been insignificant in my family, but led to problems and an early death (middle age) for a friend from college days.

    My comment today relates to an article in the July/August issue of Discover Magazine, pp. 44-47.
    Titans of Immunity by Elizabeth Svoboda
    She begins by relating that Melanie Musson stays healthy no matter what germs are making the rounds. After giving some anecdotal things about Melanie, the article then explains what researchers do and do not know about natural variations in the immune response. Champions of immunity are not new. This is about new science.

  17. ossqss says:

    Closed case CFR on WOM has dropped into single digits for the first time. The US is doing 500,000+- tests a day. I believe all the antibody tests are being included in the new case category. I know Florida is counting them as such.

  18. Ian W says:

    All the fake research including the one published in the National Enquirer Medical supplement, the Lancet, have achieved their aim. FDA has removed its off-label approval of HCQ. If there was an outright ban on people moving from the regulator to industry and vice versa this under hand support of big pharma would not happen.
    As it is the number of cases of COVID-19 will almost certainly not be sufficient to test a vaccine. This may be the reason for fakery like this:

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ian W:

    The removal of the “approval” actually lets more HCQ be used.

    The “approval” in fact only approved use once hospitalized and prevented other use. Now HCQ is back under simple off label use rules as before. Any medical doctor can now prescribe it as they see fit.

  20. Alexander MCCLINTOCK says:

    Two weeks ago we set off on a 12 hour drive to visit an elderly male relative in intensive care. Visitors were screened by questions and temperature checks. Our relative was checked three or four times for Covid-19; all negative results.
    His symptoms looked suspiciously like Covid-19 so we maintained some distance and sanitized hands but did not use masks. (He had a full face mask for oxygen). As a last ditch attempt to keep him going he was given course of steroids (Prednisone which is similar to Dexamethasone). There was an immediate and dramatic improvement. He is now out of Intensive Care, but still in hospital, and is on regular oxygen with occasional blood transfusions.
    A Scottish observation suggests a third of people with negative Covid-19 tests do actually have the virus! I wonder if repeated tests tend to give false negative results?

  21. philjourdan says:

    Why isnt anyone talking about the increased death rate of the WhuFlu?

    Because the increase in the infection rate is due to increased testing. As things open up, more people are getting exposed, but they are not the vulnerable ones, and the virus is getting weaker.

    So who is reporting that? What fake news organization has reported that while infection rates have gone up (due to more testing – that is not reported either), the deaths have not followed a similar curve.

    This is not the WhuFlu. This is the Hysteria flu. And almost everyone fell for it. Yes, it is deadly, Yes, people died. Yes, more will die (not as many that have been reported – that is fake news as well). It is a part of life. And most of the world fell for the biggest Chinese hoax of our life time! Why do you think they (ChiComs) are now reporting refreshed outbreaks?

    People!!! THINK! It seems I am a voice crying in the wilderness about this. I see post after post after post here on what I use to think was a refuge of sanity on this hoax! It is deadly! It is a virus! It is not Armageddon! It is a psych campaign, originated by the chinese (due to them losing the trade battle) and hyped by the left due to them losing the Trump battle!

    The worst part of it is, several democrat governors, including my own, KILLED thousands of old people (cannon fodder for the party that has no respect for life) to promote the hoax!

    I will not regret passing from this life with the evil and malevolence I have witnessed by the people of my time. I have not given up on the truth, I have given up on mankind ever being redeemable.

    Sorry if that is harsh. I said the same thing 3 months ago. And no one listened. And no one will listen now.

  22. E.M.Smith says:


    That you were not bathed in heaps of confirmatory comments is not evidence people didn’t read.

    I do think you are overstating things; but that the pandemic was oversold at the start (when information was rare) is now clear. Now with much more complete information, continuing the lockdowns is dumb.

    The reason for continued postings is to improve the information available. That is important.

    This disease IS lethal. Look at the number of dead. Not as bad as originally thought, but IFR is way above flu WITH intensive medical care for about 10% of cases.

    Knowing things posted here, like raising your vit-D level and zink; can move you from potential dead to minor symptoms. As a person in the high risk older male category I value knowing what can mitigate my risk, even if in my cohort the CFR is “only” 10%. It does nothing for me to point out CFR in the under 20 group is near zero.

  23. gallopingcamel says:

    The sad fact is that we are not very good at counting, especially when a disease is “Non-reportable”. In the case of COVID-19 there are reasons to believe that we are under counting the number of cases by at least a factor of 20 since most of the cases are so mild that infected people either don’t know they have the disease or self medicate.

    The official number of cases in the USA is 2,234,471 but the real number of infections may exceed 45 million.

    You might think that we would do a better job when it comes to deaths and we do. That said the death count is dubious too. Today the official COVID-19 death count is 119,941. I have evidence to suggest that the real number of deaths is much higher. The death toll is probably over 324,000. While that sounds terrible, divide that by 45 million cases and the death rate is 0.7%. That amounts to 0.1% of the US population if everyone is infected as they probably will over the next few years.

    It is insane to put 40 million people out of work even if that would reduce the death toll to zero given that more people will die owing to having their lives destroyed than this disease can kill.

  24. A C Osborn says:

    EM, re Vitamin D, the world is just starting to catch up to the Indonesians.

  25. cdquarles says:

    Unlike GC, I think the numbers of dead is *over*counted. There are several incentives to do just that. Key things not reported: 1. true prevalence rate, which will *not* be known early, 2. true and false positive rates for the various kinds of tests, 3. true and false negative rates for the various kinds of tests, and 4. mistaken or deliberate misclassification of cases (deaths with versus deaths from).

  26. Scissor says:

    GCamel, the death toll from COVID-19 cannot be as high as you say as shown by excess deaths data. Excess deaths match pretty closely those attributed to COVID-19.

  27. rhoda klapp says:

    Scissor, we will not know until much later what constitutes excess deaths. Reduced (or increased) murders, accidents, road deaths and suicides for instance. Probably all categories of deaths will have different trends. The stats for that usually take a couple of years. Rewarding attirbution to covid really does not help and will distort all the figures in ways which are possibly not easy to predict.

  28. A C Osborn says:

    Lockdowns have reduced quite a few deaths in communicable deseases, car accidents etc

  29. Jim says:

    I think the treatment of Covid-19 is getting better. The treatment guide at
    has been revised several times since I posted the link on an earlier thread. They state “Our treatment protocol targeting the key pathologic processes has achieved near uniform success,if begun within 6 hours of a COVID-19 patients presenting with shortness of breath and/or arterial desaturation and requiring supplemental oxygen”. The treatment changes based on the stage the patient is in. They also have prophylaxis suggestions. The pdf is well worth a read.

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  31. philjourdan says:

    I misspoke. I did not mean “listen”, I meant heed. I am not looking for laudatory comments or likes or atta boys. I posted a warning.

    And what do I read? How many new cases. How bad it is (NOT). Fear! Uncertainty! Doubt!

    I apologize to all on your great blog. I was ranting. My comments were not specific to this blog. It was to the population in general. I stand by what I said (with the above clarification).

    As they said in Network, I am mad as hell and I am not taking it any more! I will not riot, or loot or dress in slavers clothes. I will vote. I will campaign. ANd I will speak the truth. If that costs me my job, so be it (I am your age, so close enough to retirement that it makes no difference).

    It is time to show the public that the emperor has no clothes – in this case the racist bigot homophobes are those wearing the Kente cloth. Their predecessors did 200 years ago, they are merely following in their ancestors foot prints.

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