Friends Of Australia Friday Cheese Lamburger, Fries & Cabernet

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Tonight we’re having a Cheese Lamburger, fries, and a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Lamb is made as you would expect. Cook the patty, flip back and add the cheese so it starts to melt, apply to bun & trimmings as you like them. Fries will be “oven fries” from the frozen foods section. Or-Ida fries for me, Tater Tots for the spouse.

Tonight the wine is a $13 Cabernet Sauvignon also from Australia. Victoria Park from South Australia, vintage 2017. The nose is rich in oak. Colour is a ruby red with hints of amber in the pour. Tanins are present enough that some bottle age would benefit the wine, but not so much that you regret opening it today. It really wants some kind of food accompanyment. I’m presently having it with some string cheese and Ritz crackers as I’ve not yet made the dinner. I do expect it to marry well with the lamb burger.

What is a slightly too tanic drop straight from the bottle, becomes “just right” with a bit of cracker and cheese in the mouth ;-)

Now, I can hear someone saying “Cabernet with a BURGER?”. Yes. With a burger. Try it some time. Nothing makes a burger better than a sip of red wine after the bite!

Oh, and the cheese: It will either be a Havarti or a Mozzarella. We don’t “do” cheddar cheese since the spousal kidney stones resulted in the Doctor saying to avoid cheddar. I’ve also grown rather fond of Monterrey Jack on burgers, but that’s just me.

Also, do remember that cheese and mustard hate each other. But Mayo loves cheese. So put mustard on the bottom bun, then the burger, then the “salad” on top of the cheese, and mayo on the top bun. I learned this from my Dad in the restaurant. Ketchup, if any, goes with the mustard on the “acid” side.

After I was told this, I then tested it myself. Dad was right. It was one of the “little things” that had folks wondering why our burgers were better than everyone else… The way the flavours marry in the mouth and the order of it matters to the biochemistry, and to the sensual effect. One other bit was to never put a Dill Pickle on a burger. Use sweet pickles. IF the customer wants a dill, ok, do it. But the default is sweet pickles.

So, with that, I’m off to the kitchen to prepare Australian Friday Cheese Lamburger & fries. It’s FRIDAY in Australia! Go do something fun.

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21 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Cheese Lamburger, Fries & Cabernet

  1. Another Ian says:

    I’m here but only just!

  2. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I: neither just nor here.

    Cabernet Sauvignon: good choice!

  3. H.R. says:

    “The rain falls upon the just
    And also on the unjust fellas
    But mostly it falls upon the just
    Cause the unjust have the just’s umbrellas.”
    ~ Cormac McCarthy

    Justice. When you’re going to pour a little hooch in that paper cup you get at the drive-thru window.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Airline sized bottles from Bevmo in the car: Legal

    Paper cup beverage: Legal.

    Bottle poured into cup, then empty bottle to the bin: Very temporarily illegal (duration depending on slurp speed.)

    Car without empty bottle or empty paper cup: Legal.

    I can chug a 12 ounce cup in under one minute. Faster than a car can arrive….

    Alternatively, “do the shot” from the tiny bottle and toss it, then drink some chaser. Illegal interval, about 20 seconds… Just sayin’

  5. philjourdan says:

    Red wine with red meat.

  6. Alexander K says:

    EM, I applaud your pro-Australia campaign, but the ‘Lamburger’ is actually a Kiwi invention from years ago and publicised heavily by the late Prime Minister (very briefly) Mike More.

  7. jim2 says:

    What is the most palatable method to ingest Marmite. My curiosity got the best of me and I ordered some :) ??

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    IMHO: After the salt and a shot of tequila and before the lemon…..

    @Alexander K.:

    I made no claim of invention. In fact, I’d expect it to be an obvious and delicious variation!

    I think I first had one about 1959 made by my Mum. No idea if that pre-dates anyone, and not sure it matters. We had lamb in all forms beef is had, as early as I can remember (which is about 1958…).

  9. billinoz says:

    There are no vineyards grown at Victoria Park in SA. It’s 2 ks from the Adelaide CBD. So I guess it’s a made up name for a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from elsewhere…
    A Cabernet Sauvignon wine is usually one we age for a while because of the oaky tannin flavour…

    I guess most here have heard that the city of Melbourne over in the state of Victoria is now back in lock down because of Covid 19. ‘Why ?’ is the question on everyone’s minds here in Oz.

    And the answer is gradually emerging : We have had thousands of Aussies & permanent residents flying to Australia from all over the world but recently mostly from India, Pakistan, & various middle east countries. All these ‘returnees’ were obliged to do 14 days quarantine ( at government expense ) in quarantined designated hotels. Most states & territories arranged for police and health staff to supervise these folks in quarantine.

    But Victoria arranged for private security guards to do the supervision. These security guards were not screened for skills & training to avoid infection. And most of these got bugger all training before starting work on how to avoid becoming infected. Many were not provided with PPE. And many of the security guards employed were from a migrant background and employed ‘casually’. So they had an incentive to work even if sick. And there are reports that some travellers in quarantine were allowed, even ‘escorted’ on shopping expeditions or to get meals. There have also been reports that some security guards were sleeping with individuals in quarantine.

    The security guards got infected and then took it home to their families. And some of them were Muslim. Then in May the State government chose to relax the lock down happening all over Melbourne. Just in time for the end of the Muslim ramadan fast. And as usual local Muslims had their large parties to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

    Such was what happened. Of course the Victorian state government will not actually tell us the details. They think that privacy is more important than public health. But the details are gradually filtering out bit by bit.
    Meanwhile Melbourne saw 216 new cases yesterday and the deaths from Covid 19 are starting again.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    The bottle says:

    “Bottled by Yalumba, 40 Eden Valley Road, Angaston, South Australia 5353”

    “The grapes for this premium wine have been sourced from sustainably managed vinyards within South Australia”

    “Our wine takes its name from Victoria Park which the first settlers carved out of the rugged bushlands of South Australia named after Princess Victoria before being crowned queen.”

    I never expect the name of a wine to designate much.

  11. H.R. says:

    From E.M.’s label: ““The grapes for this premium wine have been sourced from sustainably managed vinyards within South Australia”

    Now there’s a bunch of PC-sounding virtue-signaling gobbledygook for ya.

    Any unsustainably managed vineyard means the grower will go bust. If something is unsustainable, by definition, it will come to a halt.

  12. jim2 says:

    Yep, the last 12,000 years of agriculture wasn’t “sustainable” – right.

  13. H.R. says:

    [chuckle] Good one, jim2.

    Yeah, it’s like the vintners just woke up one day and said, “Gee! All these past thousands and thousands of years we’ve been doing it all wrong. It’s unsustainable. Let’s switch to something sustainable.”

    Really, though, the growers know what they are doing. “Sustainable” is on the label just to sell it to the rubes. Prolly get an extra buck a bottle for including the word ;o)

    And then there are organic foods. I’ll have to remember on my next trip for groceries to ask where the inorganic food aisle is :o)

  14. jim2 says:

    HR, yep. Give me a slice of SiO2 with a chunk of PbSO4 on the side.

  15. billinoz says:

    Thanks for that extra bit of info E M. Angaston is in the Barossa Valley about 60 Ks North East of Adelaide.The Barossa Valley is a well known wine producing region – at least in Australia. Mostly it’s Shiraz grapes which are grown there but ‘Cab Sav’ is grown there as well. Just less productive. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    The ‘sustainable” on the label is ‘green washing’ of course . I have no idea what it means on that wine. label. Back in the 1980’s organic farmers here in Oz established a certification body named the National Association (for ) Sustainable Agriculture Australia” NASA. But they forgot to trade mark the word ‘Sustainable”…
    In recent years here there has been a lot of demand by consumers for agricultural products grown and processed in ways that are ‘environment friendly’. And the word ‘sustainable’ has been grabbed as a way of claiming this.

    Meanwhile there are lots of organic & bio-dynamic certified vineyards and wineries now here in Australia. Temple Bruer is one biggish company here in South Australia run by a mate and his dad. I don’t think they have ever exported to the USA. But their wines are a nice drop so if you see some try it out.

    (PS WordPress is determined that I am ‘billinoz’ and NOT “Bill In Oz”. Bizarre,

  16. Another Ian says:


    Try Marmite or Vegemite spread lightly on bread with butter till you get the idea. Useful for flavouring/colouring stews, gravy or what ever moves your switch. Made from yeast from brewing so high Vitamin B. Vegemite at one stage was in trouble with your FDA because it supposedly had added thiamine.

    I find a teaspoon of Vegemite with a mouthful of water swilled and swallowed helpful with early am sleeplessness but I doubt you’ll find that on Dr Google.

    And Marmite was used as one of those terrible fracking chemicals in UK – not to put you off

  17. Another Ian says:

    ““The grapes for this premium wine have been sourced from sustainably managed vinyards within South Australia””

    I forget the vineyard of my introduction to South African wine but the label read (IIRC)

    “??? Vineyard, Paal. Established 1692”

    I guess that would trump South Australia in the sustainability stakes?

  18. Annie says:

    It’s NASAA, not NASA Bill in Oz.

  19. billinoz says:

    Yes, you’re right Annie. But I worked for NASAA for about 4 years inspecting organic farms for certification ~ 2000 -2004. Leaving off the extra A was an insiders private joke.

  20. MarcusZ1967 says:

    Look for the “Black Opal”, i found several times in a local store….

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