Friends Of Australia Friday Lamb Burger & Little Penguin Merlot Cab

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Due to the spousal oral surgery, meals are repetitive soft diet for a while…

Today we had a simple Lamb burger steak. 1/2 pound about 1/3 inch thick, cooked 4 minutes on a side,

Sides were soft canned carrots and mashed potatoes. Nummy if a bit ordinary. “Meat & Potatoes” is a thing for a reason ;-O

The wine was once again The Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot blend, 2016. Why? Because I really like the Little Penguin wines and at $5 at Bargain Market, I can’t resist!

In Other News

India has captured the tops of several mountains where China is being a pain on the Tibet border LAC (Line of Actual Control). It looks like China is dedicated to starting a war. Perhaps a “Wag The Dog” for Xi to avoid facing a population pissed at him?

India has staged a load of gear and troops ahead of the winter closure of the mountain passes. China has an uphill climb with snow on the way. India is openly talking about their new Rafael jets…

IF India and China go at it, India might well choose to shut off ocean transit at the Strait of Malacca. This could get Australia pulled into the mix as well.

Some reports of the USA sending a large flight of F-35 fighter jets to the Indo-Pacific. Truth and intent murky at best.

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7 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Lamb Burger & Little Penguin Merlot Cab

  1. H.R. says:

    Just an amusing effect of word wrap:

    The title of this post is funny if you miss the end bit on the next line due to word wrapping.

    Friends Of Australia Friday Lamb Burger & Little Penguin

    (Penguin… tastes like chicken?)

    It took me a second, but then it’s late here.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    The last time India tried pushing the boundary they got whipped. The Chinese moved forward to the agreed line (by the UK in 1905 when Tibet was deemed a part of China by both sides).
    Seems the Indians think they will do better this time. Are they hoping to destabilise Xi?

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @Graeme No. 3:

    I looked up the history of Tibet some time ago. Periodically, China invaded and clsimed it. Then later gets thrown out. The UN in the ’50s declared the China invadion illegal, but nobody cared to enforce it.

    China was pushing beyond the LAC. India has only pushed them back. So far.

  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    I said that the UK signed an agreement with China in 1905 (when China was at a low point after the foreign ‘intervention’ to stop the Boxer rebellion). China claimed Tibet although the Tibetans didn’t accept that, and were searching for some help and sent a diplomat to Russia, without luck. Cue British paranoia over Russia aiming for control of India (see First, Second & Third British wars with Afghanistan). The British wanted/demanded a meeting to settle the line between Tibet & Sikkim (then under British control) but the Tibetans weren’t interested so the British invaded Tibet in 1903/4. Any views Tibet had after that weren’t considered.
    The British took a few months to prepare for the expedition which pressed into Tibetan territories in early December 1903 following an act of “Tibetan hostility”, which was afterwards established by the British resident in Nepal to have been the herding of some trespassing Nepalese yaks and their drovers back across the border.
    China has claimed Tibet for hundreds of years and the communists invaded and that was the end of Tibetan independence. If a motion were put to the UN today, I think that China would get the nod.
    Poor old Tibetans.
    As for a line in the mountains who surveyed it? The military like to get hold of the high ground and surveys can be tweaked to favour the side who moves first. India did last time and lost.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Per a “line in the mountains” being surveyed:

    The LAC is the line of actual control set when they last stopped fighting. It didn’t need a survey, just agreement of where who was (which was done). Since then, China has regularly sliced off bits (“salami slice tactic”) and moved into the indian side of the LAC. Latest was building a camp in Galwan valley and putting observation posts on strategic hilltops all in areas clearly on the Indian side. Thus the Indian pushback and recapture.

    BTW, China has also sliced off some of Tajikistan (and claims half of it) along with bits of Nepal. They are doing this everywhere they can.

    In Galwan, when first confronted by Indian patrol and told to remove their new camp, they agreed. Only later to be found using the opportunity to move in fresh and more belligerent troops. Thus the recent battle and deaths.

    There is no doubt about what is going on. The historic and agreed LAC is well documented. The Chinese incremental occupation a widely observed strategy (see South China Sea and the Japanese islands in the East China Sea). China has “historians” searching for any record, however tenuous, that China ever occupied a bit of land or sea, then using that to claim posession. They have stated Vladivistok (and about 1/2 of eastern Russia….) belong to China, thus pissing off the Russians.

    Presently, China is trying to erase the Tibetan language and culture. IMHO, that Tibet has has tyrants from China as administrators from time to time is not as determining of “ownership” as the fact the Tibetans have a different language, culture, and history. The Han Chinese are just a greedy and abusive occupation force.

    The current borders of Tibet were generally established in the 18th century.

    Following the Xinhai Revolution against the Qing dynasty in 1912, Qing soldiers were disarmed and escorted out of Tibet Area (Ü-Tsang). The region subsequently declared its independence in 1913 without recognition by the subsequent Chinese Republican government. Later, Lhasa took control of the western part of Xikang, China. The region maintained its autonomy until 1951 when, following the Battle of Chamdo, Tibet was occupied and incorporated into the People’s Republic of China, and the previous Tibetan government was abolished in 1959 after a failed uprising.

    Tibet is not and never has been Chinese. It has suffered military occupations by China. Language, culture, borders. Only missing the borders and that only for one lifetime. The people also have more genetic adaptation to high altitudes and function well at altitudes where Europeans and Chinese need oxygen tanks. (Yes it has been academically studied, not just anecdotes).

    These are a unique people who deserve the return of self rule.

    Per the top knot bit of India belonging to China because Britain lost interest:

    One occupation force giving their blessing to another occupation force is not a moral high ground. Now having watched a lot of video of the dusputed area, it looks like a lot of baren rocks above the treeline with horrible winter conditions. 16,000 feet (5000 m) and -30 C in winter. The only reason to want it, IMHO, is the waters that flow from it. Given China using dams on the Mekong to control downstream countries decisions, I’d not trust them with my water supply either. That is also likely why China wants the Tibetran Plateau, to control the origin of major rivers.

    FWIW, news last night was some kind of agreement by China. We will need to wait for spring to see if this is actual agreement or just buying time until winter snow leaves and mechanized armies function again. The Indian troops are a special mountain force acclimated to altitude (including many ethnic Tibetans) with special equipment for high cold places and lots of logistics supplies positioned. China can’t do much about them now, with winter closing supply lines

  6. philjourdan says:

    Wag the dog. I had not thought of that, but that is good. China has suffered “bigly” from the WuFlu. He has to deflect. India is not taking any of that.

    The sad part is that it is outside influences that turned the very peaceful Hindus into militants. First the Muslims. Now the Chinese.

  7. billinoz says:

    Just for the record Graeme, Britain had a diplomatic mission accredited to Tibet in Lhasa from ~1910 until Indian independence in 1947. That mission was the Hermit Kingdom’s window on the world via radio and newspapers etc. Indian diplomatic staff replaced the British officials in 1948. But Nehru withdrew this diplomatic mission when the CCP Chinese troops moved in 1949. He was after all playing the non-alignment ‘game’ and thought to curry favour with the new communist masters of China. It was only in 1958-9 that the Dalai lama was welcomed into India…When it was obvious to the Indian government that China was also wanting to occupy more territory in Assam, Nepal, and Ladakh.

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