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What’s Going On?

Chinese Wuhan Covid Lockdowns Unconstitutional


Federal Judge Says Pennsylvania Democrat Governor’s Lockdown Orders Are Unconstitutional
SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 By Tristan Justice
A federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled Monday the state Democratic governor’s lockdown orders are unconstitutional, violating both the First and 14th Amendments.

The lawsuit, brought by Butler, Fayette, Greene, and Washington counties joined by Pittsburg-area Republican Congressman Mike Kelly and several state representatives, was filed in May arguing Gov. Tom Wolf’s orders implemented with state Health Secretary Rachel Levine to shut down businesses violated constitutional liberties. Seven businesses that included several hair salons and an appliance store had also joined the suit.
In the 66-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania William Stickman struck down Wolf’s limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings of up 25 and 250 people, respectively. The limitations, Stickman wrote, violate “the right of assembly enshrined in the First Amendment.”

Stickman ruled that the governor’s stay-home order and mandatory closure of businesses, which were deemed non-essential to curb the spread of the novel Wuhan coronavirus, infringed on citizen freedoms and discriminated based upon arbitrary “life sustaining” and “non-life sustaining” standards breaching 14th Amendment protections.

In the ruling, Stickman said he “believes that defendants undertook their actions in a well-intentioned effort to protect Pennsylvanians from the virus. However, good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a constitutional challenge. Indeed, the greatest threats to our system of constitutional liberties may arise when the ends are laudable, and the intent is good — especially in a time of emergency.”

Stickman emphasized that once liberties erode under a public emergency, they become difficult to repossess.

“Even a vigilant public may let down its guard over its constitutional liberties only to find that liberties, once relinquished, are hard to recoup,” Stickman wrote.

OK, precedent in hand, let 40 more suits be lodged…

But folks are pretty much saying F.U. to the whole idea anyway.

Electricity Political Drama

I’ve got my generator running and in good shape. Ready for the next outages. After looking over various generator reviews, it looks like lots of newer inverter based generators are out there. For about $300 to $400 you can get a nearly 2 kW continuous 2.2 kW surge generator from several sources all of which work OK. Harbor Freight Predator, Wen, Generac, and more. They generally look to me like minor case and detail variations of a Chinese Clone of the Honda.

I also have my inverters in place so can get modest power from the car via a long drop cord if desired.

Chinese Wuhan Covid

Daily Infections and Daily New Deaths continue to drop despite folks restarting things and generally blowing off the restrictions. This thing is just so over.


The EU continues to play bully boy power politics, not recognizing a Free People when they see them. I didn’t think the Germans were so stupid. Oh Well, if they want to play that way, guess you Brits can just buy more Japanese and American cars ;-0 (Or maybe restart your own brands…)

Then there’s that whole “we want to keep on telling you how to live while we take your fish” and the Northern Ireland thing. Well, what is it, 3 months to go and this will FINALLY be over?

The Election Follies

Well, Trump is now doing an appearance per day. Biden does a 1/2 hour scripted teleprompter reading every other day then takes a day off.

At what point can an Amicus Brief for Elder Abuse be filed with the Family Court?

Stupid Games, Stupid Prizes

Gov. Whitmer has a bad case of Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes:


Group tops 400K signatures to repeal Whitmer’s virus powers

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, faced with lawsuits challenging her use of emergency powers to fight the coronavirus, could continue to prevail in court.

But she may be unable to stop a Republican maneuver that would rescind a 75-year-old law that has enabled her to issue and lift COVID-19 restrictions unilaterally. A ballot drive said Friday it was in the “home stretch” after collecting more than 400,000 signatures in just two months. Its goal is 500,000.

If at least 340,000 signatures are deemed valid by the state elections board, the GOP-controlled Legislature would likely repeal the 1945 law rather than let it go to a 2022 public vote. The Democratic governor could not veto the initiated bill. A 1976 law, which requires legislative approval to extend a state of emergency, would remain intact.

“No one should think that allowing a politician to have unlimited power for an unlimited duration is a good idea,” said Fred Wszolek, spokesman for Unlock Michigan. He urged people to consider if they would be OK with 2018 gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette or President Donald Trump, both Republicans, wielding emergency powers permanently with no need to consult lawmakers.

One Down, a half dozen more to go…

They are still collecting signatures and expect to hit 1/2 Million before stopping.

The Facebook Truth Inverter

In other news, Facebook as now banned any posting that claims Antifa / BLM Arson is involved with the west coast fires. This, despite a few such folks being arrested for Arson in setting the fires. One guy on a revolving door having set a half dozen already (now remanded to a mental institution since that’s stronger than a DA / Jail).

This is one in a long string of such political rulings. This causes me to postulate the Facebook Truth Inverter:

Anything Facebook BANS in terms of political speech, is full proof of the veracity of it. If Facebook bans it, you KNOW it is TRUE!

In the mean time, Oregon has had as many fires in 2 months as they normally get in an entire year. That’s arson, folks. Then there is the convenient proximity of about 1 car drive from Liberal Riots. Gov. Nuisance and a few other Loony Dimocrats are shouting that it is Globull Warming!!!! when it isn’t. Fuel load and arson is all it is. This summer has been cooler than many here in California.

FWIW, we’re finally getting more or less clean air today. Onshore slight wind.

In other news, folks in rural areas are setting up check points and promising to shoot looters or arsonists. Said scumbuckets ought to look up the phrase “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.” Rural farming types are well experienced with that…

In an unrelated note: I have dug out my deep stores of ammunition. Looks like it is all still good. Next week or two I’ll set up the reloading station and run a few hundred 9mm through it. So far my suburb has been nice, quiet, and peaceful. I’m not expecting that to change. Should that change, it’s not getting past the front door.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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133 Responses to W.O.O.D. – 14 September 2020

  1. H.R. says:

    You mention reloading and the mob not getting past your door, E.M.

    What I realized today is that the GEBs are doing is trying to start either a civil war, a race war, or both. But so far, patriots aren’t getting sucked into that.

    Currently, there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. There is only ‘them’ and that’s BLM and antifa. It looks like Americans are willing to give the ballot box one last chance before going to the bullet box.

    What also occurred to me today is that there are some rough men who will do violence so that ordinary men can sleep in peace (can’t search on that quote right now – takes too many fingers).

    These men will not be shooting their fellow citizens, unless fired upon. I believe they will be taking aim at GEBs and the elite politicians.

    I don’t think anyone knows who these rough men are or where they are, but I can’t believe that I’m the only one that believes they exist.

  2. cdquarles says:

    @H. R., Yes, they do exist. That oath taken when you join the military does not end. Though I didn’t serve directly, the civilian service I did do had a reserve component. I’m too old and sick now; but this old military brat does not forget. Youngest son is a Navy vet.

  3. Serioso says:

    This site reminds me — often — that human [gratuitous insult removed. -E.M.S.]. I’ll keep my mask on, thank you!
    [Reply: Nice to know you are wearing a mask all the time. -E.M.S.] [Second gratuitous insult removed. -E.M.S.] of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your lives!

    H.R sounds like one of those ranchers who has been convinced that Antifa looting is a bigger threat than the fires.
    [Reply: Since both are caused by the DNC / Antifa / BLM / China complex, it’s a moot point which is worse. -E.M.S.] Amazing how ordinary people, dazzled by misinformation, can be so easily misled. It is a lesson for us all: Many people, perhaps most, are fools!
    [Note: Left that insult in, as it applies to BLM / Antifa / DNC adherents as well as others. -E.M.S.]

    A question: Will the Chief delete one of my critical posts once again? Probably!
    [Reply: “Critical”? One hopes as in critique and not as in importance… But no, why delete when you can inform? -E.M.S.]

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    They do exist. My Dad was one. Spouses Dad and her Texas Uncle another two. I’d like to think I’m able if necessary.

    For now, yes, I’m only set up for “Castle Defense” plus a few “found items” in the cars. I’m not going looking for any trouble at all, and fully intend to avoid as much as possible.

    Oh, I have assembled a black pants / sweatshirt combo along with some leather biker gloves and a helmet – so that if I make a wrong turn I can rapidly put on the uniform of the opposition… (Just to be able to say “Sorry, missed the meet up! Where should I park?” and then get to someplace to bug out…)

    For now, all I’m doing is “pocket carry” in the house (which covers about 99% of my time) and being careful where I go outside the house. Oh, and shotgun loaded in the rack. When things had quieted down for a while, I’d put it all away, but it looks like folks are going for the Bums Rush the last 60 days; so figured might as well be prepared “just in case”.

    I’ve got more than enough ammunition already in hand. The reloading is mostly just to make sure everything is still in working order and where it belongs AND to raise the 9mm inventory. I’d shot up most of my reloads as target fun shooting. So I’ve got lots of ammo, but for the “variety guns”… Only about 100 rds of 9mm. And while I’m happy with the notion of shooting .22 rimfire, .32 ACP, .25 ACP, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, .357 Magnum, 12 Gauge (and a few others, no doubt) as self defense; I’d rather it was the cheep Chinese 9mm that went off to forensics after the fact. (The NORINCO 9mm shoots wonderfully with a trigger like glass, but it just isn’t a high quality fit and finish gun…) And the SKS Carbine in 7.62 x 39 has loads of ammo (oddly, also Chinese from about 25 years back for both gun and ammo) it’s a bit prone to being over the top for urban self defense. OTOH, I do like the bayonet on it ;-)

    So FWIW, I’m looking at being equipped with low caliber Beretta / Winchester 12 Gauge secondary as long as it is just “low threat” at home context. BUT, if things start going Guerrilla Warfare at some point, I’m likely to be fitted out in the best Mao Chinese Kit circa 1980 vintage ;-) Only in the remarkably unlikely case of a “bug out to country” urban evacuation would I swap over to the .38 / .357 kit of Ruger revolver with 9mm cylinder, Marlin long gun; AND my high quality 9 mm Pistol. IF time and space allowed, I’d also pack the Sig in .40 / .357 Sig. I like the idea of a pistol that can stop the feral hogs and black bear in the hills around here. Lighter weight than the Ruger and more coat pocket capable ;-)

    But at this point, both Urban Warfare and Bugout are about 0.01% probabilities, IMHO. I’m happy to report that Silly Con Valley seems to be full of folks who just don’t care about political BS all that much and are far more worried about their 401 K and property values… So I fully expect my total “involvement” will be a bit of holster wear on a very small Beretta in the pocket for 2 months. I’m good with that.


    My read on the general “Right Wing” is that they are quite aware of The Game, and avoiding engaging on the ground chosen by their opponent. Instead playing out the clock for November. The real SHTF risk is the day after election night.

    There’s a few small local groups doing area defense of their neighborhoods, but I think nothing comes of that. Antifa / BLM go rural in small bands and run away when confronted by the overwhelming firepower of rural folks. (BTW, I’m a rural folk. Just moved to the city to make money. My growing up years and my soul are all farm country / rural. Thus my overwhelming firepower…) The GEBs can’t make a Civil War out of rural home defenders. (May end up with a few missing Antifa “lost in the woods” though…)

    Then there’s the whole tactics thing. Completely Hypothetical: But, were a faux Color Revolution Civil War to break out, I’m pretty sure a whole lot of “folks like me” would not be lining up for marching lines of battle ala 1770. Personally, I’m taking the quiet scoped small caliber rifle and my camo hunting suit and expecting to play modest range sniper. Black Bloc folks can run around “in uniformed masses” and that’s fine with me. I’m not interested in confrontations force on force. I’m interested in effective ratios. But I’m pretty sure they will mostly be in the urban core – fine, let them burn their own ecosystem down. To the extent they go rural, they might get a week while understanding diffuses, but after that, they are fodder.

    So yeah. A whole lot of brave folks willing to Hunker Down and do Castle Defense at most through November. Then reassess. So IMHO, the GEBs plan of a color revolution pre-election is not going to work. Post election, we’ll see.

  5. H.R. says:

    I’m saying I think the truly ‘rough men’ will start at the top and leave us old codgers to take care of castle defense as you’ve described.

    As cd says, they exist. But they won’t reveal themselves and the proof will be when they clean house starting at the top. I personally believe that no amount of security will protect the ‘elites’ from these rough men. I’d be voting Trump right about now if I were a governor or senator or mayor.

    BTW, these will not be men that Trump has any knowledge of and I’m doubtful he’d be in the least supportive of them. Trump has a different way to fix things. But if these rough men perceive that the country is broken beyond repair, they will fix it their way, not Trump’s way.

    I’d say it would only take a couple of hundred rough men a few months to complete some major renovations.


  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Ah, I see. Different meaning of “rough men”. More what I think of as “special forces patriots”. Have everything needed to effect “regime change” (as that is what many Special Forces train for) but no longer “Noobies” at it and well aware of their oath about “Foreign AND Domestic”… Like that General who said something like “Every time I enter a room I have a plan to kill the people in it”.

    Yeah, I could see some folks having a spate of “odd accidents” if they try to subvert a proper election and transfer of power. (Or in this case, continuance…)

    I was thinking more “Men willing to live rough and do what needs doing when SHTF”. I.e. more a local Militia kind of thing.

    Frankly, I’m surprised Soros & Friends are still alive. Must have very good private security forces. Or they have just not been trouble enough to matter, yet.

    What distresses me is the fact that clearly there’s a huge layer of Swamp Corruption. Perhaps the majority of all folks in management of Federal Government. It’s almost to the point of needing a 100% reset / refresh. IF it can be done at all… IMHO, it’s “Trump gets a 2nd term”, or the whole government is lost and doomed to fail (and then W.W.III is likely as the USA as stabilizing bully exits the stage).

    Basically the problem is “How do you do an ‘elite-ectomy'” and not destroy everything? Made worse this time as it looks like it is a Global Elite, not just the upper tier of one country.

    The Shadow Government Of The Swamp does not wish to shut down, so needs to be taken down. So far Trump has wounded it, but only modestly. It needs a whole lot more pruning and scorching.

  7. Another Ian says:

    “Kamala Harris lets the truth slip out, she’s already got poor old Joe out of the way, it’s “A Harris Administration””


  8. Another Ian says:

    P G & E’s hiring form

    “I think the assumption that Ex CEO Andrew Vesey was motivated by maximising shareholder wealth was the driving force behind his corporate strategy at AGL is incorrect. Increased profitability was an accidental perk. He is a genuine and active zealot. So it should come as no surprise at where he is now employed. He has moved on to greener pastures heading up PG & E the dominant energy provider in California. That is sure to work out really well for Californians as well. I suspect if he tries really hard he’ll be able to help California to make energy rationing and high cost , a feature of their energy structure. He is doing his bit to show Americans how their electricity supply will be managed if Biden wins the election and the green new deal”


  9. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Oh Joy… Just what I need…

    Per Harris:

    Her Hubby is in a law firm that does a lot of work for China… Anyone want to take bets why she ended up V.P. to Joe “In the pocket for $1.5B” Biden?

    China is calling the DNC shots and buying the White House, IMHO.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    From another era:

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Just a minor note that I found a Serioso comment in moderation. It is now upthread here: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/09/15/w-o-o-d-14-september-2020/#comment-132909

    with the gratuitous insults removed…

  12. Another Ian says:

    For comments!

    “No “Swamp” to See Here — EPA Quietly Hires ‘Climate RICO’ Ringleader”


  13. Another Ian says:

    E.M. As you guessed – looks like the resume track

    “White House Cancels CDC Critical Race Theory Training Program”


  14. Steven Fraser says:

    @EM: I am encouraged that information about the efficacy of several well-tolerated substances, including Vit D, Hydroxycholoroquine and Ivermectin, is getting around in the press and in public awareness. That, coupled with the reporting of the significant decrease in death rates and the scoop that ‘cases’ are not disease instances but the result of hyper-sensitive tests, also lead me to think that the alarmism and overreaction by governments can soon abate.

    As to future threats… I think the entire USA has become inoculated against this sort of bum’s rush to lock things down, with results in court cases trending toward freedom and away from unconstitutional action by government. Individual governors and mayors who hold socialistic tendencies are being exposed, one-by-one, and the resistance is rising. This dynamic will take more time to wind through the various courts and ballot initiatives, but the First and Fourteenth amendments stand as powerful statements.

    I always enjoy what you write.

  15. Compu Gator says:

    Demand for Guns Overwhelming FBI Background Check System”
    15 Sep 2020 by AWR Hawkins

    [AWR Hawkins is an award-winning Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and the writer/curator of Down Range with AWR Hawkins, a weekly newsletter focused on all things Second Amendment, also for Breitbart News. He is the political analyst for Armed American Radio.]:


    This is only an issue when firearms are actually in stock.

  16. Another Ian says:

    “Lancaster protesters held on whopping $1 million bail each after alleged riots”


  17. philjourdan says:

    I have a 5500 watt generator hooked to a plug (outside) that is connected to a switch on my panel box. It will run all the non-high amp stuff and one high amp thing. I had my cousin set it up (he is a registered electrician). I shut off main power, then the range, dryer Heat-pump and blower (Hot water is propane),

    Then flip the switch to the generator and decide what of the big amp things we will run.

    Cost: $500

  18. philjourdan says:

    @EM- Love the edits of Serioso! Please continue! It does demonstrate his lack of civility, intelligence and logic!

  19. philjourdan says:

    We had a Perfect day today! Highs in the mid 70s. Blue skies, no clouds.

    Except we did not! Thanks to the stupidity of the effing liberals on the west coast. It was hazy all day due to the smoke from the fires out west.

    EMS – get your shit together! Or the other states will make the San Andreas quake!

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    “This too shall pass”. We had blue sky today, onshore (barely) wind. Oregon is having (minimal but extant) rain today and for a couple. The cleaner air will be heading eastward and soon (sometime in the next weeks or months…) the clean air will once again be flowing Eastward.

    Figure all the fires will be out about the first week of November…


    Most of the smoke is from Oregon. Yes, California is having a good run of it, but much of that has been going offshore (over MY head) and making where I am orange sky (or sepia on good days). That changed today as the offshore wind has stopped and onshore started (more normal), so soon California will be a major contributor to the Eastward flow. But any air you have had in the last week or two has been from circulation out of Oregon.

    DO NOT READ THIS: Well, our offshore was wrapping around a low and coming back toward shore eventually, but I’m sure by then it was all clean and clear 8-}

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    Per Transfer Switches:

    I’ve thought of installing one. (Dad taught me to do electrical work when I was 7 and I was “wiring hot” by 9 years old. I’ve built tube radios from scratch including 400 VDC power supplies by age 12.) But it was easier to just lay drop cables for our occasional needs. IIRC they are about $60 for the switch.

    I did make a suicide plug. Male at each end. Plug one end into generator other end into wall. Tested it. It’s a bit “BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!” in that YOU are the transfer switch and MUST do things correctly. Also, when plugged in, the other male end is live and can zap you (or any other conductor!) As I have a sub-panel in the garage for all things garage and outdoors (installed by me along with garage wiring) it was fairly easy to test. Isolate sub panel from main via sub-panel main switch. Plug in generator in outside socket. Ran stuff in garage and outdoors just fine…

    The thing worked fine (and I still have it somewhere); but it was just more of a bother than using the drop cords / UPS arrangement. I’d gotten several 1000 W UPS units from various Silly Con Valley site shutdown contracts (computer room disassembly… I’d build ’em, maintain ’em, and take them apart…) so it was VERY easy to just move the wall plug to a drop cord. Doing the dance of “turn off main switch, turn off selected circuits from the main panel, plug in generator, run around turning off things that you don’t really want on right now” was harder than “move living room UPS plug, office UPS plug and fridge to their drop cords. Plug lighting string into generator”.

    As my main panel was outdoors behind a bush in the dark, that was a PITA, especially in rain. Easier was drop cords from the covered patio by the light of the UPS lights (living room lamp was on UPS along with TV glow lighting ;-)

    I was building a battery box / charger / inverter setup for the garage but then electricity stabilized and I let that project go. Still have the inverter, but never bought the batteries. Was planning to re-route fridge, TV cluster, and Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Bath lights to it. Then have the line volts keep it float charged. Zero intervention needed, just always run off the inverter / battery box. Planned to put the Garage sub-panel on it too so the garage door would always work. Oh Well… Maybe I’ll start that project up again now that we’re back in the land of Unstable Democrat Electricity… Then, when outage was about 1/2 battery life long, I’d fire up the generator and plug the charger into it instead of the wall power (thus my testing the suicide plug to garage panel… figured I use that until I got a proper transfer switch installed).

    Yes, all done in the Silly Con Valley “rapid prototyping” style. First you do what will be very fast to do AND probably work OK. Then you fix it enough to ship. Then you rebuild it as it is best done. Musk is doing this with SpaceX as opposed to the Boeing method (classical plan for years then build it exactly right once; THEN find out what is just wrong as things fail…)

    Hmm… The cost of a bunch of batteries is the main reason I didn’t go forward. I had one old car battery in a plastic RV box as my rapid prototype… Might be fun to make a mini version. Not the 2 kW one I was making. But a 250 W one ( I already have the inverter). Get a 12 VDC LiPo battery (much better batteries now) and a small box. Add charger. OTOH, I’ve still got 2 of the 1 kW UPS units. Just need to put new batteries in them and they are “good to go” again. Hmmm…. Bottle of Scotch, or new UPS battery? Decisions decisions ;-)

  22. H.R. says:

    @E.M. re finishing emergency power projects – That would be a BIG plus in selling your home and you could easily recover the costs in the sale price of your house.

  23. E.M.Smith says:


    Maybe. Or the idea of inheriting “some guy’s” DIY Mystery Project might cause nervousness to buyers. Hard to say. FWIW, I’d figured if power kept getting more expensive AND worse, I’d put a natural gas kit on the generator and just roll my own at low cost…

    Now I’m more inclined to just sell quick and get an RV with an Onan on board. Then all I’d need is a transfer switch to the RV from the Florida home.

    So choose to optimize the past or accellerate a better future?

    I’d put a “short hold” on moving when Chinese Wuhan Covid hit. That’s now turned into 9 months and wearing old. I’m leaning toward “Take the $80k price drop and move now” instead of waiting for things to settle and recover. Decisions decisions.

  24. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Sometimes there’s a little wisdom buried in rock lyrics.

    “♯♪♫Go on, take the money and run ♪♫”

    Just when you think things can’t get any worse well, sometimes they do.

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s the way I’m leaning. Just call it done and move on with life. I’ve started boxing things up and dumping crap from the garage. Still need to get a price quote on the house and a market status report. I.e gather real data. It will still take a couple of months to get everything ready. Then will be the final go / nogo decision. Essentially dual tracking “pack, prep, and go” with “clean up, simplify, and hunker” until the right branch of the decision statement executes…

    I think I’ve spent too much time looking at how CPUs work with pipeline architecture and branch prediction :-)

  26. jim2 says:

    IBM mainframes were doing branch prediction in the 70’s. But I don’t know the entire history of branch prediction.

  27. p.g.sharrow says:

    here is a little something you guys might enjoy, Kind of in HR’s style of humor. 8-)
    and a bit more news…pg

  28. H.R. says:



  29. E.M.Smith says:


    I note in passing that the image at the top of the linked ‘attack of the left” meme credits “frieghtbrokerlive.com”. That is still his web site name, but his U-Tube channel is now “PT News Network”. I’ve been watching his stuff most evenings. He is a cop friendly site aggregator. (He has a dozen video feeds open on HIS screen, and swaps the feed to you to whichever one is interesting at the moment).

    Trying to reach his web site, I get a “domain not available” notice, so either he’s under attack or didn’t pay the registration on time…

    Some times it is a cop on patrol with a live stream from his car. Sometimes a storm-chaser off in some hurricane. Sometimes a live stream from a BLM / Antifa / DNC riot – often provided by someone sympathetic to their cause…

    He had been a Freight Broker for a living, then life changed on him, thus the site name. He’s VERY “trucker friendly” for obvious reasons.

    Tuesdays he does a “Back The Blue” show where all donations are dedicated to a particular person in blue who needs it (last night was a Cop paralysed from the neck down in a shooting).


    I note in passing that we again have confirmation of the Facebook Inverse Truth Indicator: That Facebook banned crediting Antifa / BLM / DNC with the arson is confirmation that it is being done by Antifa / BLM / DNC followers… IMHO of course.

  30. Ed Forbes says:

    “..philjourdan says:
    16 September 2020 at 12:58 am
    I have a 5500 watt generator hooked to a plug (outside) that is connected to a switch on my panel box..”

    Could you expand on this. I assume you broke the main lines to the panel with a 2 way mechanical switch so you don’t heat up the incoming lines when the generator is on. What switching box(s) was used?
    I have been thinking of something similar and I am interested in how others approach this. Not real interested in an automatic switching as I have had bad experience with powered automatic electrical switches in the past and no longer trust them. The high end (expensive) powered switches seem to work ok, but not willing to spend what it takes to up my confidence level in something that is not life threatening and is merely annoying to switch over to when needed (rarely).

  31. philjourdan says:

    @EM – Re: Smoke – Just pulling your leg. Sally will take care of it before then.

    Re: 2 male plug. That is what I had. But then damn near electrocuted myself during Isaias when we lost power and the lot was flooding, so I had to crank it up, and of course I was standing in water. So that is why I had my cousin install the outside plug to a circuit that is in the off position unless we lose power, then I flip the main off and the switch on.

    Re: Transfer switch. I actually asked him to do that (my cousin). But they do not “transfer” all the power. MOst do 4-6 breakers. Some do more, but then you are getting into serious bucks. So that is why I went the route I do. Technically, leaving all the 15-20 amp circuits connected exceeds the generator capacity. But then most of those circuits are NOT in use, so we are well within specs. That is why we can run one “oomph” thing, but not 2. So the AC is out of the question since it takes 2 Oomphs! (the compressor and air handler). Most folks would use that to do the hot water. But mine is propane. SO we will probably do Stove (Invective) or dryer. When it happens.

  32. philjourdan says:

    @EM and HR – re: DIY or sell quick.

    I go with the sell quick. My house came with several DIY, and they are not good. Buyers do not know if you are good or not. So Sell quick, and let the next guy DIY.

  33. philjourdan says:

    @Ed Forbes – I would have to get you in touch with my cousin, as I am not an electrician (although I got out of biology in HS by taking electronics so know enough to be dangerous).

    Basically, what he did was install a plug on the outside of the house that I could then plug my generator into. It does nothing as it is wired to a breaker that is in the off position most of the time. And my generator, being gas, is not running most of the time.

    Should we lose power, I would go in and switch the main into the off position, switch the generator into the on position (and then kill the 50amp breakers as my little bessie is not rated to handle them). And then turn on the generator.

    It works! And I am not limited by the transfer switch breaker limit, or having to snake plugs through dryer vents.

    I may one day get a whole house job. But for now, this works!

  34. Another Ian says:

    This is for Australia (240 volt) but shouldn’t be different in principle. We’ve just had one done.

    There is a plug on the outside of the switch box where the lead from the alternator connects.
    Inside is a manual switch between mains and alternator.
    There is a light wired so when mains power is present it is a garden light. When switched on with alternator power it serves as a signal for return of mains power.

    Also interesting that a 7 KVA alternator uses only one 15 amp lead

  35. E.M.Smith says:

    Phil Jordan:

    Thus my calling it the Suicide Plug ;-)

    FWIW, I’ve been bit 2 x by wall 120 VAC (over a one inch contact to 2 conductors) and once each by 400 VDC plate power supply and 700 VAC limited amps from a transformer over 1 inch of palm. I know exactly what it means. Thus my knowing to ALWAYS be aware of it. Also why I only used it once as a test.

  36. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    You only get 3600 W continuous through 240 V 15 A. So my guess is the other 3600 W is only for surge motor starting. I.e. just a second or two and not long enough to warm wires or pop the breakers.

    FWIW, my average consumption is about 1 KW. My peak is stove + oven + AC which would be about 6 kW. Add one more if the fridge started the compressor right then.

    I decided I didn’t need an emergency kitchen stove and oven, having many camp stoves. The AC is optional here most all the time.

    So 1 KW runs fridge, electronics, lighting. All I really need in emergencies.

  37. Another Ian says:

    ” So my guess is the other 3600 W is only for surge motor starting. ”

    Mine also. Our stove is gas top, electric oven so not a problem. Runs the household pressure pumps (doubled up with rainwater for hot water system life, bore for cold water, both constant pressure pumps to avoid freeze/scald showers) and the cold room. No welding though as the gen set is a welder/alternator and won’t run the shop welder.

    Honda GX 390 seems to go about 4 hours on a 6 l tank.

    We’re on a LONG SWER (single wire earth return) power line so it is nice to not be depending on emergency gas lights.

  38. Another Ian says:

    “Fox News Harris Faulkner and Crew Have Meltdown When Newt Gingrich Accurately Points Out George Soros Funding of Radical District Attorneys…”


  39. Graeme No.3 says:

    E.M.S. In today’s paper/feed
    “The exodus of businesses that some call a jailbreak will not be slowed if California proceeds with a proposed wealth tax, the first in the US, projected to raise $US 7.5bn a year. And it comes with a barb attached: exiled Californians will be liable to pay the tax for a decade after they flee.”
    I am sure you are aware of this but what happens if they pass such a bill? They then find that all the intended victims left California the day before or are ‘friends of Nancy’. The usual reaction is “well we want that money to spend, so lower the threshold”.

  40. Ted1 says:

    “Lockdowns Unconstitutional”.
    In Australia state border closures are prohibited by Section 92 of the constitution. It is written in plain English, but modern “Labor” governments believe that they are above the law.
    A challenge to the shutdowns was launched in The High Court in May, but won’t be heard until November. Hopefully The High Court does understand plain English, but terrible damage is being done to small business in the interim.
    The coalition Federal government meantime is kowtowing to the Western Australian Labor government by withdrawing from the case.

  41. tom0mason says:

    I note that the list of retracted and questionable research on COVID papers has now reached 33.
    See https://retractionwatch.com/retracted-coronavirus-covid-19-papers/ for a list (with links) to these papers as well as ‘Temporarily retracted’ and ‘Expressions of concern’.

  42. E.M.Smith says:


    Look at it this way, in a publish or perish world, they get to publish twice! Once early, from the hip, and retracted; then second a corrected version! ;-)

    @Graeme No. 3:

    I’d be worried were it not for the fact that they tried this once before and it was found illegal.

    About 20? years ago the State of Kalifornia tried to levy a tax on retirement income earned on out of State residents who had made their money in California. So work at Apple, retire to Texas, then California wanted to tax your 401 K and Social Security as they were earned in California. Court tossed it.

    This is the same deal, just “your non-retirement wealth”. It too will be tossed.

    Then there’s that small matter of enforcement… Just how enthusiastic would Texas or Florida be about having the wealth in their State sucked off to California?

    @Another Ian:

    Yeah, I’ve seen others give an eye-roll when informed Soros was bankrolling the campaigns of the various “bad actor” Governors, Mayors, and D.A.s along with BLM and Antifa (though often via a money launder through his NGOs).

    It’s obvious to anyone who looks, but not to The Left. Not sure why they can’t see it as it is filed paperwork.

    My only question is about the relationship of Soros to the other major actors / beneficiaries. China has a hand in, plus other globalists. The DNC makes sense as they are just whoring for cash and power and don’t care what strings are attached to them in the process. Then the BLM / Antifa / Useful Idiots are pretty simply just Zealot Idiots paid for Street Theatre.

    Then SWER: So I’m still learning some things!


    Single-wire earth return (SWER) or single-wire ground return is a single-wire transmission line which supplies single-phase electric power from an electrical grid to remote areas at low cost. Its distinguishing feature is that the earth (or sometimes a body of water) is used as the return path for the current, to avoid the need for a second wire (or neutral wire) to act as a return path.

    Single-wire earth return is principally used for rural electrification, but also finds use for larger isolated loads such as water pumps. It is also used for high-voltage direct current over submarine power cables.
    Lloyd Mandeno, OBE (1888–1973) fully developed SWER in New Zealand around 1925 for rural electrification. Although he termed it “Earth Working Single Wire Line”, it was often called “Mandeno’s Clothesline”.[2] More than 200,000 kilometres have now been installed in Australia and New Zealand. It is considered safe, reliable and low-cost, provided that safety features and earthing are correctly installed. The Australian standards are widely used and cited. It has been applied around the world, such as in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan; Brazil; Africa; and portions of the United States’ Upper Midwest and Alaska (Bethel).

    I knew this could work, but had no idea it was actually used, nor that it was in the USA at all.

    Looks like dry soils and poor grounding is the major problem.

    I think I’d be tempted to put a battery bank in place with charger in and inverter out. Stabilize my house voltage and current available while reducing peak power down the SWER line. OTOH, if the power rarely fails, probably just wastes power in the conversions…

    Might be interesting to stick a couple of rods in the ground 100 m apart and see if you could harvest any electricity ;-)

  43. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian, per Fox:

    The bit of video in that link is stunning. Newt describes reality and it is editorially placed off limits. Then dead silence. On national news you just don’t take dead air for a minute. Clearly someone talking in the puppets ear and she can’t “happy talk” while downloading new orders. THEN the “moving on” happens and Newt accurately says “So it is forbidden.” (using German Verboten).

    Just Amazing.

    Well, the good news is that I’m no longer bothered that I “lost” Fox.

    A few years back I did the “cord cutter” thing and went all Roku / Streaming. What was hard was that at the time I was fully immersed in Cable News. Letting that go was hard. Finding alternatives took time. Now I look at what Fox has become (is becoming) and I’m happy I left.

    Just Amazing that they would forbid discussion of THE underlying cause. Soros money buying D.A.s, Mayors, and Governors.

  44. Another Ian says:

    Re SWER

    We’re on a sand hill and earthing is a problem. We have double the normal set of earth plates and, when the am radio gets noisy it is time to water the earth area. And you don’t put fence posts in that area as you can harvest 19,000 volts if things go wrong.

    IIRC motors are limited to around 5 hp and the big ones use 480 volts 2 phase. We don’t have any big ones so I’m not up on that.

    It is a cross-country network to minimise length of line – doesn’t follow roads. Clearings are wide out here so usually no tree problems.

    Reliability is good – thunderstorms in summer can be a problem. Early on a strike anywhere seemed to take the line out. Now it seems to be sectioned so a strike at the far end doesn’t take the whole line out.

    Still good to have a back-up set though – which we didn’t for a long time.

  45. Another Ian says:

    “Nolte: Harris Faulkner Issues Awkward Statement About Gingrich-Soros Fiasco”


    Stumble pie?

  46. H.R. says:

    Today I went in for my second physical therapy rehab session for the shoulder. The surgeon had told me do NOT move my arm or shoulder until the therapist moved it.

    Today was the day she moved it and yowie! maui! wowie! But it felt good to get a little movement finally.

    She was just getting a baseline range of motion for where my shoulder/arm is after surgery and where we needed to go. She actually used a protractor for the measures.

    She did my good left arm first and I was hearing lots of numbers well past 90 degrees. Heck! From my side and then out and up over my head I made it a little past 180 degrees. I’m still pretty limber and flexible for an old geezer.

    Then came the gimp arm and I think the best number I heard was about 30 degrees. She’d slowly, gently move my arm along one of the axes and then take a reading when I turned white and screamed.

    At the end of the session, she had this really neat water jacket that she wrapped around my arm and shoulder. It had cool water in it and it felt good. I thought that was it. But then she hooked two hoses with quick-connect fittings to the jacket, hit a switch, and all of a sudden there was ice water circulating through that water jacket. Oh boy did that feel great! Left it on for 10 minutes and then I was done for the day.

    I really want one of those machines! I can use it to make homemade ice cream after my shoulder heals up ;o)

  47. ossqss says:

    Good on ya HR!

  48. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – The giveaway that the rehab PT was going to be rough was when, instead of scrubs, my physical therapist showed up with a riding crop, thigh high riding boots, fishnet stockings, a leather bustier. and a spiked dog collar for a necklace.

    I should have run right then and there.

    HER: “Oops! Did that hurt? Sorry.”

    ME: “No you’re not.”

  49. A C Osborn says:

    E M, I noticed that Retraction watch has a few HCQ and 2 Ivermectin studies that have been retracted or withdrawn.
    I think more supression may be going on behind the scenes.

  50. cdquarles says:

    My physical therapy story :).
    I have had ulcerative colitis since 1997. In 2003, I developed a skin complication called pyoderma gangrenosum. I spent a few days in the hospital then started 6 months of therapy, which was like burn wound therapy. Did it hurt? Yes, some, but not really much more than the wound did and not at all like the near whole body 24/7 pain I had from an unknown, but generalized, arthritis some 17 years before that (my first bout of corticosteroid therapy, to be followed by a few more over the years for acoustic neuronitis then ulcerative colitis later). This scarred both of my ankles and required use of a cane to keep my body upright when walking (the compensation for the ankles caused bad overall posture and more pain). A second round of ulcers developed on my ankles not quite 10 years later and with the development of kidney stones, took me out of the job market. Second round of wound care went much faster and was far less painful. The skin there is still fragile to this day.

  51. Another Ian says:

    “FN 509 Midsize: Accurate, Flawlessly Reliable, and Made in U.S.A.”


  52. jim2 says:

    Justice Ginsberg has died. Cruz for a replacement?

  53. philjourdan says:

    @HR- I think we all want one of those machines!

  54. philjourdan says:

    Nuclear. This is going to burn the liberal cities down.

  55. cdquarles says:

    Senator Ted Cruz has said that he would rather stay in the Senate. Sidney Powell for SCOTUS ;p.

  56. jim2 says:

    Sidney Powell’s up to head the FBI! I’m thinking she could do more good there than in the SC.

  57. jim2 says:

    The initial reaction of talking heads on Fox News is that there is too much turmoil to try to seat a new Justice. You would think they would know better by now, and maybe I’ll be surprised; but I think that’s exactly what Trump will do. It will be a major distraction from the Demowit covid narrative, and from just about everything else for that matter. He would masterfully use the chaos. I say go for it!

  58. Another Ian says:

    Seems McConnell has said the Senate will vote if a candidate is presented

  59. Another Ian says:


    “Please God, make him win: Flynn Lawyer Powell Eyed to Replace Wray at FBI”


  60. p.g.sharrow says:

    With the loss of Ginsberg the Liberals are behind 2 votes, even Roberts can’t save them now. Whether that vacant seat is filled now or after the 20th January swear in date. On the other hand as long as it is open the Democrats will have one more incentive to drag the conclusion of the election out. Not only the swearing in of Harris/Biden as president but their liberal Ginsberg seat as well or they will destroy the country. No Supreme Court vote will be allowed to deny the Democrats control of the country It would not be valid to have say over this election without
    “Their” justice in place

  61. E.M.Smith says:

    Just Omg! And I was busy changing oil in cars and having sushi w/ the spouse….

    RBG gone, Republican Senate, 2 months of REEEEEEEE!!!! to go, and the only booze I have is a 1958 or so Scotch where I take one shot on my birthday every 1/2 decade….

    I think this deserves a shot!

  62. E.M.Smith says:


    Leathers? Riding crop? Um…. is she taking new patients! I think my shoulder is hurting…..

  63. E.M.Smith says:

    Sipping a shot of incredibly smokey 1957 Tamdhu Glenlivet Scotch. Looks like I have enough left for one shot a year for my probable remaining drinking life, so decided this event was worthy.

    Now the big question is: Try to leave a few shots for my son at my wake, or assure it is empty prior?


    Decisions, decisions….

  64. E.M.Smith says:

    Trump needs to wait an appropriate period, say 7 days, then appoint a replacement.

    Preferably a woman, to quash the 1000 imaginary Bimbetts that will suddenly appear for any man.

    While I know it can’t happen, Kimberly could be fun:


    Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle (/ˈɡɪlfɔɪl/ GIL-foyl; born March 9, 1969) is an American attorney, prosecutor, and television news personality serving as an advisor to Donald Trump.

    Guilfoyle studied at University of California, Davis and the University of San Francisco and was a prosecuting attorney in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. She served as an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco from 2000 to 2004. Guilfoyle married Democratic politician and future California Governor Gavin Newsom and was First Lady of San Francisco during Newsom’s first two years as mayor of that city. She is a member of the Republican Party and has been the partner of Donald Trump Jr. since 2018.

    Any opposition could be asked “What have you got against Dem. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Ex!?”

  65. E.M.Smith says:

    My bad. Freightbroker is NOT a .com, but a .tv


  66. Another Ian says:

    “Now the big question is: Try to leave a few shots for my son at my wake, or assure it is empty prior?


    Decisions, decisions….”

    There is that story that starts off

    “Being of sound mind I …….”

  67. Power Grab says:

    @ HR re PT

    Hmmm… So that’s what my dad did for a living. Did I mention that, in his later years of practice, he was a pain control specialist?

    When I had my hysterectomy a few years ago, my home health nurse had seen something in my paperwork about ordering a physical therapist. She asked if I had seen a physical therapist. I said I hadn’t. I had no idea that was in the works. I couldn’t think of a reason why I would need one.

    On the recommendation of a friend, I got one of those torso binder thingies (I don’t remember the proper name for it) so it would hold my innards together and I could walk upright instead of bent over. Maybe it had something to do with that. Either that, or maybe it was so they could teach me how to get out of bed without tearing myself up. I also had that figured out. I rotated toward the center of the bed, then immediately rotated the other direction, toward the outer edge of the bed, swinging my legs over the edge. I think I’m using inertia, or something like that. It reminded me of how a woman of petite stature can walk a tall cabinet or shelf across the room without a dolly, and live to tell about it.

    You engineer types probably can describe that in terms that sound better.

  68. jim2 says:

    I say Trump should choose the best AND MOST CONSERVATIVE person for the job. Screw putting in a woman just for the SWJs. The Senate will have to manage the ghosts by procedure somehow. I’m sure they can find a way. Maybe make the Bimbat testify in the super secret closed hearing room in the basement, then sic the FBI on any “evidences” she claims to have. If nothing is found, kick her arse out.

  69. Power Grab says:

    Regarding the comment about California’s passing a law that continues to tax people after they move out of the state:

    If one leaves California and is retired or earning less money after leaving, would that tax be a set amount or a percentage? Or do we just not know until they write the law?

  70. jim2 says:

    BTW SWJ stands for Socialist Wacko Job-killer.

  71. E.M.Smith says:


    The law that was tried a decade or so back, and thrown out already, basically said retirement income from earnings in California were subject to California Income Tax. Whatever those rates became. So say you worked at Appke for 20 years, then retired to Nevada. Your 401 K, Social Security and IRA withdrawals would be reported on a California 1040 and taxed per the tax tables.

    The new proposed law is similarly flawed and will suffer the same legal death. It is proposed to only apply to multimillionaires, and be a new “Wealth Tax” on their net worth. Same idea, different machine. ~”You must have made that money here so we want a cut”.

    Asside from the Court already finding taxing non-residrnts is bogus, there is a small matter of enforcement. Multimillionaires can just, oh, pack off to Greece (Tom Hanks) and say “up yours”.

  72. E.M.Smith says:


    Trump’s 2nd choice behind Kavanaugh was a woman who had studied under Scalia. A Catholic, so will be attacked on religion, but very conservative AND young enough to stay in place for 40 years… He skipper her then due to only a few months on the Appeals Court. Now she has more experience…

    I would be quite happy with a Scalia like judge….

  73. Another Ian says:

    “Donald Trump: Supreme Court Pick Next Week; ‘Most Likely’ a Woman”


  74. Another Ian says:

    “Think they took the mercury out of the vaccines? Think again!

    I had thought it had been removed too. How it can be in a vaccine, without being labeled as being there, is explained during this interview. Quite an eye opener!

    ‘VR 2020 Updated Exclusive Interview’ There’s a time limit on the free viewing but it lasts for another 18 hours.


    Via http://joannenova.com.au/2020/09/weekend-unthreaded-327/#comment-2366357


  75. Another Ian says:

    ““Return To Eden” by Marijn Poels, Now Free Online ”


  76. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – may not be a good idea to be the last one to leave California. See https://babylonbee.com/news/doh-last-remaining-guy-who-hasnt-fled-california-now-has-to-pay-all-the-taxes

    Trouble with the Babylon Bee is that so many of their satire pieces are not that far from the truth.

  77. E.M.Smith says:


    Tim Pool recently had a piece where Babylon Bee had a farce story, then hours later, the democrats did it…

  78. Another Ian says:

    Wool face masks – an article in “Beyond the Bale” on this – reusable too


  79. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    For that scratched itchy red welt face look?


    And yes, I know fine wool isn’t that way…. OTOH, I remember this one cheap shirt…

  80. Another Ian says:

    And I also remember a Pendleton wool shirt of the same flavour.

    But there is “Wool for the 21st Century”, where

    ” that scratched itchy red welt face look”

    is from the disease.

    China buys the scratchy stuff for uniforms

  81. Another Ian says:

    Form guide points it seems to me


    Form guide points

    “She is a Cuban American from a battleground state Trump needs to win in November.”

    “The president nominated her for the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last September, and she was confirmed by an unusually lopsided 80-15 Senate vote in November.” so being a Catholic wasn’t a problem then. Could be used now but capital letters hypocracy.

  82. cdquarles says:

    Just like the best jokes, the best satire has truth in it.

  83. Another Ian says:


    Re “The secret code breakers” and how they were treated

    ” He was seconded to the US Army. So, in the end, he got nothing as an Australian war veteran and nothing from the Yanks. Neither recognised him as being in their forces. Eventually got Vet medical assistance in the last couple of years of his life. I’d have to find his full story but he was seconded early and was around at Pearl Harbour trying to warn people the Japs were coming. Later he was a Coast Watcher in the Phillipines which must have taken some serious internal and external fortitude sitting up there on his own. . I think he was in the group responsible for the US Airforce getting a Japanese General. Interesting very humble man. Must have been quite brilliant.

  84. philjourdan says:

    @PG – regarding taxing people after they left the state. Uh, Maybe they should look at the constitution? Good luck with them enforcing it!

    As Arnie would say – Hasta la Vista!

  85. Another Ian says:

    “Absolutely Perfect – Florida Governor Introduces “Law Enforcement Protection Act”…”


  86. Another Ian says:

    ““Saddleback College held a discussion on potential new mascots…”


    And comments

  87. cdquarles says:

    Very interesting thread here, and yes, it is a math/model thread. Enjoy: https://twitter.com/federicolois/status/1308552081117151233 your introduction to epidemiology.

  88. YMMV says:

    and there is interesting news at the current end of that thread: https://twitter.com/C1aranMurray/status/1308767945624035328
    “Belgium just announced that PCR tests will no longer be relied upon as a guage of the prevalence of the virus, hospitalisations will. Despite (apparent) rising cases, masks no longer mandated outdoors.”
    It’s not clear what exactly Belgium announced, but it seems to be a step in the right direction.

    Nic Lewis has a herd immunity update: https://judithcurry.com/2020/09/22/herd-immunity-to-covid-19-and-pre-existing-immune-responses/

    There are also reports that the Dengue Fever vaccine protects you from Covid. Totally different families, but yet …

    And evidently Dr. Faucci says he takes 6000 IU of Vit-D per day.

    Strange times.

  89. YMMV says:

    Here is a must-see video, a beautiful rant about testing. He comments that when there is a positive test, what do we do? Send them home and hope they get better? HCQ and Ivermectin and more are taboo. There is no aggressive prophylactic campaign (info about Vitamins etc). CDC and FDA are indifferent; they are just waiting for it to blow over. Don’t get sick because we can’t trust the health system to take care of us.

  90. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, I’m really disappointed at the total lack of proper information distribution about vitamins, zink, and more from the WHO / CDC / Drug Cartel / Government (but I repeat myself…)

    The blatent POLITICAL spin put on Blacks is disgusting. Letting God Only Knows how many excess deaths happen in the Black community instead of saying “Take 2 to 4 thousand IU of D”.

    I just hope that in some small way my “Dig Here!” into it has helped point folks at the Ph.Ds and M.D.s who where telling us abut what works.

  91. Another Ian says:

    “Senator Rand Paul Confronts Dr. Anthony Fauci For Months of Lies and Manipulative Statements….”


  92. Another Ian says:

    “Senate Releases Damning Report of Hunter Biden Foreign Payments and Influence Sales – Money, Hookers and Bribes…”


    You could say that the smell doesn’t seem to be roses

  93. H.R. says:

    I saw my Dr. today for the annual Medicare wellness check. I’m just too bushed to write much tonight, but we covered a lot about the Wuhan Flu that has been discussed here.

    She was well aware that Fauci touted HCQ + zinc in 2006 and was steamed about the political corruption destroying any truly rational response to the very real threats of Covid to the vulnerable while the less or non-vulnerable were being made to jump through hoops. She has a mighty low opinion of CDC, WHO, Fauci et al, and our State Health Director.

    What I wanted to be sure to share is about vaccines. She asked if I had a flu vaccine for the year. I said no, and I wasn’t really interested given my current level of preventative measures. She wasn’t going to push it either way. She did tell me that three flu strains are starting the rounds in our region and the vaccine makers made a lucky guess this year and their vaccine would target those strains.

    Every year I make a take/no take flu shot decision after the Dr. tells me how well the vaccine makers guessed on the bugs that were coming through. Some years she says they are a flop, and I just skip for that year. I have no problems or reactions to flu vaccines, so since she thought it was good match this year, I went ahead with one.

    BUT… that also raised the topic of the Covid vaccines that are coming. I told her that I would absolutely not be getting one for the first round, and maybe never. Sunnuvagun! My Doc was on board with that. She is leery of the Covid vaccines.

    I told her I would consider getting a Covid vaccination after they first give it to everyone in the House and Senate, their staffers, the CDC, and WHO and we wait a year to see what happens. She laughed and said, not exactly jokingly, that she was on board with that.

    Too much more to write, but the upshot is that she’s angry with the politicization of the Kung Flu fiasco and very, very disturbed(?) – I can’t think of the right word, but it’s more than just anger or resentment – by the government interference in the Dr./Patient relationship.

  94. YMMV says:

    This is a very good interview with the doctor who clued Trump in on HCQ.
    As a doctor, his role is to keep people out of the hospital. And he has been successful.

    He goes into detail on his protocol and what to use if you can’t get HCQ (with zinc of course).
    (Including his dosage for Ivermectin) and how important early treatment is.
    Some interesting points: HCQ works faster and better in a spray form. When Covid is only in your sinuses it is easy to treat and it is much harder to treat once it gets to the lungs.

  95. cdquarles says:

    Hmm, so having cross-reactive IgA would help. Nice. I want to say that when we first became aware of true anti-virals back in the HIV/AIDS days, it quickly became clear that you needed early treatment with them, preferably when first *exposed*. Well, you’re never going to get that 100%, just like you are almost never going to have 100% vaccines or even 100% natural immunity. Even acquired immunity can be lost.

  96. Power Grab says:

    @ HR (and anyone else who has insider knowledge) re:
    “I saw my Dr. today for the annual Medicare wellness check. ”


    I’ve been sniffing around to see if I would be forced to receive treatments/tests that I prefer to avoid, if and when I sign up for Medicare. An “annual wellness check” is in the category of what concerns me.

    Since I’m still working and covered by my work health insurance, I was told by one of our HR folks that I would not be forced to sign up for Medicare while I’m still working. (I had asked about the things I’d heard that, if you didn’t sign up for Medicare within 6 months of reaching age 65, you would be penalized.)

    So how about it, Gentle Reader? If you are on Medicare now, how does it compare to the coverage you had previously? Do they force you to do/take stuff you would rather not? Are they willing to enable you to get treatments/operations you do want, or do they block you?

    What rating (on a scale of 1 to 10) would you give your health insurance, and why?

    What rating (on a scale of 1 to 10) would you give Medicare, and why?

    If you don’t want to answer for yourself, you can answer “for a friend”. ;-)

  97. cdquarles says:

    If you don’t sign up for Medicare Part D in time, there is a lifetime penalty attached to when you do sign on. If you have another supplement that takes care of that, use it.

    Medicare and particularly Medicaid, depending on the state, is *way* worse than nearly any commercial medical care plan I know of. The absolute worst were anything attached to the Veterans Administration. Been on both sides of that. There are far more care limitations with government dominated plans than any other I am familiar with (that means more paperwork/approvals, care coverage denials, caregiver/provider limitations, and etc.).

    That’s why I am on a Medicare Advantage plan.

  98. cdquarles says:

    Oh yeah, with Trump, those still live. They were at risk under NoCare.

  99. cdquarles says:

    So, if you can pay the premiums, buy virtually any commercial plan available to you and make Medicare secondary. They typically will do Medicare Part D for you. If not, try to get the best Medicare Advantage plan that is available to you. Those also typically will do Medicare Part D for you.

  100. cdquarles says:

    Oh, another thing. Check your state’s rules on how insurance companies may operate. Mine has a mandatory minimum solvency and payout ratio. Mine also limits how much any plan may interfere with the doctor/patient relationship. Your providers should read their reimbursement contracts with any insurance company carefully and this includes Medicare and Medicaid. That is why some providers have gone to prepaid subscription/concierge models.

  101. H.R. says:

    @Power Grab – Per cd’s comment, you must enroll in medicare else the penalties are steep. But… you don’t have to be covered by medicare. If an employer or pension plan gives you better coverage, yes, you still enroll with medicare, but you decline coverage; no premiums and no government involvement.

    That’s quite common for folks who are covered by their retirement. But do enroll! If things change, then you can go with medicare any time you want.

    What cd said!!!!!!: Medicare pretty much sucks, but with a good medicare supplement plan, the coverage of the two combined can be outstanding.

    That’s what I did. I sought out and bought a Gold Plated Medicare supplement plan. I am covered going to any doctor that accepts medicare. There is no such thing as ‘out of network.’ My annual deductible is $168 dollars. No copays for Dr. visits. Once I’ve paid that $168, anything not paid by medicare is paid by my supplement insurance. Oh. dental, vision, and prescriptions are covered under separate plans, but it’s all the same as before I went on medicare.

    The cost? My total insurance bill – medical, dental, vision, Rx – is $1,000 less PER MONTH! than what I had pre-retirement. Oh, and the out of pocket deductible went from $5,000 to that laughable $168.

    I am very happy with my current insurance situation.

    As far as government meddling goes, I have not experienced it yet. I am very concerned about it if the country continues its Marxist left turn. So vote Trump. He’s trying steer the country in the opposite direction for healthcare, and most other areas of policy.

  102. E.M.Smith says:

    Sign up for Medicare on time in addition to your paid care. Make sure the part D is covered.

    Then, a while later, I signed up for the Kaiser Medicare Advantage Plus plan. Kaiser “Plus” includes dental, vision, and gym.

    I did this with Kaiser as my main insurance and noticed no change, other than my Kaiser premium dropped a few hundred. Kaiser is still Kaiser.

    On the other hand, Medicare Dental (in Kaiser Advantage Plus) has a requirement to use their plan dentist AND they must be primary coverage. I went to MY dentist, not knowing this. My excellent dental coverage declined coverage as Medicare is primary. Now I have to find out how to bill Medicare so they can decline coverage for “out of plan” dentist, thus freeing MY plan to pay as secondary coverage. The folks providing MY plan said they have this problem with everyone who gets that Medicare plan and eventually it gets paid… but had I known, I’d have done Medicare Advantage (no plus) instead of Medicare Advantage Plus (that I mostly took for the gym membership I can’t use now..,)

  103. YMMV says:

    Fox says Chelsea Clinton blames Trump for 200,000 Americans dead. Another Fox item says:

    Matthew Irvin, 26 of Yamhill County, Ore., fell ill in July, and upon a trip to the hospital, he was suspected of having the virus, was tested for it and then was sent home, according to Fox 12 Oregon.

    His step-father reportedly told the outlet the young man’s condition then worsened, and when family members contacted the hospital about re-admission, the family says they were told not to return unless Irvin had difficulty breathing. The young man died at home soon thereafter, said the report.

    THAT is what killed 200,000 Americans. Go home and die or stay in the hospital and be killed by a ventilator, but no choice for an immediate, effective treatment. That cannot be blamed on Trump. We can blame that on Trump haters. As Dr. Zelenko said, they would rather let 200,000 Americans die than let Trump get credit for anything.

  104. cdquarles says:

    @ Another Ian,
    Outside Huntsville, AL was a space museum. There was a lunar module there and a Saturn V rocket, which was moved to the welcome center near Athens on I 65 a few miles south of the AL/TN border. In said museum, they had a bicycle set up so you could pedal and light up a string of light bulbs. My personal peak was 250W, or all 5 bulbs in the string. I could do 50W for hours, if I wanted to. That said, I was young then. :)

  105. cdquarles says:

    Oh, that reminds me. A typical human radiates 50W each day.

  106. Another Ian says:

    “Sidney Powell Discusses Explosive New Texts and Documents With Lou Dobbs – Corrupt FBI Officials Even Purchased Professional Liability Insurance…”

    Suggested providers

    “The Gipper Lives says:
    September 24, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Life Insurance
    Car Insurance
    Fire Insurance
    Flood Insurance
    Health Insurance
    Coup Insurance?

    Suggested Slogans for FBI Coup Insurance:

    Like A Good Neighbor With a Phony FISA Warrant, State Farm is There

    We Are Content Farmers

    We Know A Thing Or Two Because Our Cameras Have Seen A Thing Or Two

    Call the General McMaster

    You’re In Good Hands With DeepState

    Relax. You’re Insured With Chubb Vindman

    So Easy a Caveman Like Brennan Can Do It

    Own A Piece of the Rock That We Put the Messages Under

    Liberty Mutual Assured Destruction

    Get To a Better State or Preferably, a Country Without an Extradition Treaty

    The Quiet Company in Maclean, Va.

    15 Minutes Could Save You 15 Years in Leavenworth!”


  107. philjourdan says:

    @HR – My doctor wants to deep six Fauci as well. He made no bones about it. I am in a blue state so required to wear masks. But the truth is they are useless. And it is political. And Fauci is an idiot! And I am tired of my rights being a political pawn of the damn democrats.

  108. philjourdan says:

    As long as you or your spouse are on major medical plan, the deadline for signing up is extended. My wife turns 39 anniversary of 26 in a few months. I do not. So I will continue to the the Part A and B and D. (she will sign up for Part A as it is free).. But she will not be penalized for not signing up for the rest of them until I retire. I checked on that.

    Before I do retire, I am going to pay the bucks for an expert. I know enough to know that I am not qualified to know the diabolical machinations of government!

    So 6 months before I retire, I will pay the bucks to figure it out. Damn government!

  109. jim2 says:

    I’m still working and have health and prescription coverage via employer. As long as that’s the case, I don’t have to sign up for Medicare Part B or D and as long as I sign up when I retire, I won’t be penalized. I do have Part A, which is “automatic???”, but have never used it.

  110. cdquarles says:

    Yes, if you’ve paid the Medicare taxes (3.5% from you directly and 3.5% from you indirectly via employer matched money, if I am remembering correctly), part A is automatic at 65. For certain disabled people you get Medicare roughly 2 years after permanent disability as determined by the Social Security Administration; so there are some on Medicare younger than 65.

  111. Another Ian says:

    FBI hitting well at SDA – 3 straight

    “When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal”


    And the next 2

  112. H.R. says:

    @phil – My wife has, as a part of her benefit package, free consultation with a company that advises on Medicare plans and finds insurers that match your wants and/or needs. Spouses get to use the service, too.

    If it wasn’t free, I would have paid a fee to get good advice on the best plans for me. It’s worth every penny. You’re wise to seek assistance right from the start.

    I tried on my own and soon realized it wasn’t going to get me a good result.

    So I asked for ‘gold plated’ just to see what the worst case cost would be and they came back with three choices for the medical plan and three for the Rx plan. The plans were slightly different in premiums, copays, and deductibles but the coverage was pretty much the same and geared for my existing needs, primarily my diabetes. All I had to do was pick one that best suited my budget.

    Viola! The one with zero copays, see any doctor, and the $168 deductible was $116 per month, so I chose that. The other two had slightly lower premiums, but some copay and a bit higher deductible.

    That’s the kind of results you should expect for your fee.

  113. Another Ian says:

    FYI – proverbial and fan?

    Robert Mueller Investigative Agent Recently Testified Special Counsel Operation was “Intended to Get Trump”…”


  114. Another Ian says:

    “Today’s journalism:
    1) Establish a narrative.
    2) Sit on ass fishing turds from Twitter to support it. https://t.co/CKGLM0A3QU

    — Katewerk (@katewerk) September 25, 2020″


  115. jim2 says:

    I brought up with my MD the fact that several front-line covid treating doctors had endorsed HCQ/Zinc/azithromycin as a beneficial treatment. So I say to him, so is it the doctors who are lying and/or incompetent or the government lying and/or incompentent? He said the triple combination was effective. But he had no opinion on ivermectin.

  116. Another Ian says:

    Governmental responsibility re-defined

    Cartoon at


  117. philjourdan says:

    @CD – 1.45%. SS is 6.2% for a total of 7.65%. For each – employee and employer.

  118. philjourdan says:

    @HR – That is the best advice I have gotten, and I think when the time comes, I will go with paying for the advice. I figure I have 2.5 years to go (that will be when I am 66 1/3 so at full retirement age).

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