Friends Of Australia Friday Lamb Salisbury Steak & Cabernet

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Continuing the spousal soft diet, tonight will be a lamburger (aka minced lamb) version of Salisbury Steak with butter sauteed onions and capers as a topper.

Simple Lamb burger steak. 1/2 pound about 1/3 inch thick, cooked 4 minutes on a side,

Side of sweet peas, and slice of soft artisan bread & butter.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that COSTCO is selling Thomas Farms minced lamb in 3 x 1 pound packs. Along with Leg-O-lamb and chops. Looks like they have found increased demand for lamb products, gee, I wonder why ;-)

The wine a Gumdale Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019. This is a nice Cabernet, but clearly a bit too young. Nose is nice, but not strong. Color is a wonderful deep garnet. The flavor is very nice, with more “prompt fruit” than most. It is a surprisingly “bright” flavor. The finish on the tongue is a bit harsh from excess tannins still in the wine. A couple of years of bottle age will have them mellowed and this can become a much better wine. Note that smokers or folks prone to eating spicy Mexican or Italian with lots of garlic and ground pepper will never notice this tannin at the end. Or heck, just take another sip ;-)

IMHO, the Little Penguin 2016 beats it easily at the moment, but that’s mostly just due to the extra years of age (I’d guess). So, since I can’t cellar wines for a few years (prepping to move) I’m likely to go back to the Little Penguin for now. However, once resettled, I’d be happy to put a few bottles of this on the shelf for a couple of years. I’d be happy to even have more now, with some cheddar and salami / pepperoni snacks, or nachos with cheesy peppers.

In Other News

China is shocked, shocked I say, to be accused of having consular officers meddle in Australian politics. Not like absolutely everyone already knows China is 100% meddling in every single country where it has a presence. 1000 Talents program? Confucius Institutes? Bribes to company managers? “Sabbaticals” for professors? Paid “contributions” to politicians? Bribes or Blackmail for Belt & Road Politicians to put their governments in debt to China for “Debt Trap Diplomacy”? And more.

‘Malicious slander’: China outraged by claim its consular officials infiltrated Australia politics

China’s foreign ministry has hit back at the “malicious slander” that its consular officials in Australia may have been involved in infiltrating domestic politics, after reports some officials were named in warrants in connection with a foreign interference investigation.

Amid worsening diplomatic tensions, a foreign ministry spokesperson also accused some unnamed people in Australia of “doing whatever they can to fan up anti-China sentiments and catch eyeballs by smearing and attacking China, which only poisons China-Australia relations”.

The latest barrage of criticism follows reports Australian authorities may have accessed a New South Wales political staffer’s communications with Chinese diplomats and consular officials in Australia as part of a foreign interference investigation.

Plus, Australian Journalists are exited from China. Why anyone with a brain would still be in China at this point, if they could leave at all, is beyond me.

Last 2 journalists working for Australian media leave China
Both had sheltered in Australian diplomatic compounds in recent days

The last two journalists working for Australian media in China have left the country after police demanded interviews with them and temporarily blocked their departures, the Australian government, and their employers said Tuesday.

Australian Broadcasting Corp.’s Bill Birtles and The Australian Financial Review’s Michael Smith landed in Sydney after flying from Shanghai on Monday night, both news outlets reported.

Both had sheltered in Australian diplomatic compounds in recent days.

So, what are the odds that the sudden “blow up” of shit in ALL of the anglosphere, with special emphasis on USA, Australia, and UK (i.e. less in Canada who are “on side” already) is being influenced or encouraged out of China? Hmmm?

Why are the UK, Australia and the USA all having similar Antifa / BLM / Lockdown things assaulting their economies and politics? Clearly it is an international, not a national, causal agent. And all against folks not kissing up to China and the Globalists…

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6 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Lamb Salisbury Steak & Cabernet

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    With a bit of cheese and crackers, the tannins are less of an issue. Still there, and nibbles after the finish help, but definitely wants some food with it.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    The wine stands up nicely to lamb with onions and capers.

    Capers with lamb is, IMHO, from the “Mint with Lamb” style. Things that cut down the “gamy” flavor of lamb. For folks who don’t like “lamb as lamb”, that will be a feature.

    For the Spouse, she was not amused… Not bad, just not something she wanted.

    For me, I liked that it was a very new and novel flavor combination. I was a little disappointed that the lamb did not “taste like lamb”, while at the same time I really like “whatever this is”. FWIW, I’ve had that experience many times when some “comfort food” gets juiced up with something. Garlic Mashed Potatoes, for example. When what you want and expect is “bland with butter” having garlic thrust on your tongue is a bit much. Yet knowing it is coming, I like it

    So yes, I’ll have capers with my lamb from time to time. And other times, Garlic. And sometimes just lamb with buttered spuds.

    I do recommend trying it, as only you can decide what you think of it. Any “lamb and mint” folks ought to like it a lot right out the gate, IMHO.

  3. H.R. says:

    My Friday Special was a smoked brisket quesadilla.

    I’m still working my way through the leftover brisket from the 16.5-pounder I cooked on the smoker grill for the Labor Day family cookout. I also made two beer can chickens while the smoker was fired up. Those puppies were 6+ pounds each.

    I took about 1.5 pounds of the pulled brisket and chopped the shreds a little shorter so they’d sit flatter in the quesadilla. I added about a cup of the brisket juices that I’d captured and saved. I threw in a 1/2 cup each – 1/8″ dice – red, green, and yellow pepper and 5 green onions cut at 1/4 – 1/8 inch.

    I cooked that down in a skillet over medium-low flame until the juice was resorbed by the meat and the peppers and onions were soft, but still had a firm body.
    Oh, I did add a smidge of salt, pepper, cumin, onion powder, and garlic powder – and I do mean a smidge – just to cover for all the unseasoned vegetation that was added in. I’d say the sum of all those added seasonings was about 1 teaspoon, maybe 1.5 teaspoons total.

    I had scored some 14″ tortillas today and they just fit the bottom of my 14″ skillet; yuuuge!

    So, tortilla in the pan with heat on ‘4’ an a 1-10 control knob, quesadilla cheese (you must use quesadilla cheese – no substitute for it!) and about 4 ounces of the beef mix; fold and heat until the quesadilla is crispy, crispy – did say crispy? – brown and everything inside is molten.

    Yum! It’s really just the best Philly cheesesteak EVAH! but on a tortilla instead of the traditional hoagie roll.

    It pairs well with anything from iced tea to a tequila shooter and cerveza and probably just about anything red made from grapes.
    I did something similar with leftover pot roast about 6-7 weeks ago. Once you’ve made up the filling mix from leftover roast of some sort that you just can’t face again as another sandwich because the veggies and potatoes are long gone and you still have a hunk of meat left, then it’s easy and fast to plop a tortilla in a pan, throw on 2-3-4 tablespoons of the meat mix, and sprinkle on the cheese and in about 5 minutes you’ve got a hot crunchy melty hearty lunch.

    And another ‘oh BTW’… I made a quesadilla meat mix out of a couple of lamb chops I had grilled.

    It’s just a nice way to finish off the last of some hunk of meat after you are tired of all the usual ways to use up the leftovers.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    You have reminded me that I’ve not made quesadillas in a long time… and I can use various left over meats in them…

    I’ve made them with various cheeses (as just cheese or cheese and beans). Put a tortilla in the pan, put cheese and beans (La Victoria canned refritos are good) in dabs, then drip on some hot sauce and fold. That’s my base. Then you can add meats, onions, etc. as desired.

    I gotta get me some tortillas….

  5. H.R. says:

    E.M. – I do quesadillas, which is just quesadilla cheese in the crisped tortilla. I also do chicken quesadillas with Mexican seasoning when I pick up a Costco roast chicken ’cause those puppies are way too much for just the Mrs. and me.

    We each have maybe a wing and a thigh, and then there’s all that breast meat to deal with. So I shred it with a fork, add a packet or two of Taco Bell taco seasoning, a little water to get the seasoning cooked into the chicken breast and moisten it a bit. Into a cleaned out cottage cheese container it goes and v-eye-ola! There’s another batch of ready-for-quesadilla meat.

    BTW, we nearly always go with the quesadilla format over burrito because you get the crispy, crunchy tortilla as opposed to the softer burrito, though you can crisp those up a bit. But not like a quesadilla.

    Walmart has shredded quesadilla cheese in a recloseable bag, 1 pound for $2.88. Yes, I’ve used other cheeses too ,but nothing melts like quesadilla cheese.

  6. philjourdan says:

    China’s shock is the diplomatic dance. Trump does not play it, but the deep state does, so that is one of the reasons they hate Trump`

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