RSBN Trump Rally, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Starting in just minutes.

Right Side Broadcasting Network is once again able to broadcast live on YouTube.

I’ve not validated all the following links in a while, so I hope they are still correct.

They have an “RSBN 2” channel on youtube:

So something of a backup in case of some kind of “technical glitch” on their first channel…

There’s also supposed to be a Periscope feed:

After exploring the Diamond & Silk site for a good line while (it has videos too) I finally had it sink in that the RSBN feed is on the D&S YouTube channel:

The RSBN Twitter Feed:

The RSBN Facebook Page:

On Patreon:

My interest?

The one thing about RSBN that made it special was the pre-show and post along with the local / minor political speakers. A lot more variation and interesting stuff. Way better than the snips and cuts and talking heads droning of the MSM coverage.

YouTube stuck their foot in it with censorship. I HATE this political censorship. So it is now my intent to put up a posting for each Trump rally linking to RSBN and anywhere they can broadcast. To the extent YouTube tries to reduce anyone “leveraging” their platform to get Trump positive coverage, I’m going to lever what I can to give some balance back (however small). I’ll keep this up as long as there is YouTube Bias Risk.

It may not be much that I can do, but I’m going to do it. Now if all the other Deep State Opponents did the same… Just sayin’… You can be an “Army of One” even with just sending a link to a friend… or an enemy ;-)


Ran into this interesting site “keeping up with Trump” while searching for other RSBN spigots (though at present the link is flaky):

A pretty good write up of the “ban of RSBN” here:

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18 Responses to RSBN Trump Rally, Fayetteville, North Carolina

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Opening prayer started.

  2. jim2 says:

    I’ve been watching it on Fox. Just love this guy! He is so entertaining and, most importantly, has the best ideas for us and our country. One he mentioned was the 1776 Commission project for public school.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Pray for peace. In this country. We will get none because of the racist, antisemitic, misogynist liberals. They have drawn the line. If you live in a city, get out.

    The leadership of the burbs has not been corrupted yet. And rioters and looters and murderers and thugs will pay the price.

    But not in the cities where democrats have no opposition.

  4. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    At jim2 – – – 1776
    I’m of the opinion that the USA should celebrate the Summer of 1787 as the birth of the Nation.
    The Constitution, and thus the USA, did not become legal until 1790, and was augmented by Vermont in 1791.
    Still, I like the summer of writing for the start even though there was no guarantee at that time that a “united states” would happen.

  5. DonM says:


    I have been doing a lot of inspections for home sales (not in Cities). I was surprised that the exodus had already started … people are indeed leaving Portland & Seattle when they can.

  6. Another Ian says:

    Check the form of Judge Lagoa.

    Particularly in the current situation might be worth a small wager?

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    Folks have been leaving California for a couple of years now… it has been accelerating.

  8. philjourdan says:

    @DonM – We hope they do not export their politics, but we cannot control that. But we know that they are tired of being burned out and looted. So they have to leave. If they are smart, they will change their politics. If not, they are merely moving to a new burn out location.

    2 Billion dollar companies are telling Seattle good bye (and countless smaller ones). Eventually the inner cities will die due to lack of revenue base. The question then becomes, do the Burbs die as well as the refugees export their liberal policies?

    Telecommuting means we no longer need the burbs either. But liberals are slow to learn.

  9. Another Ian says:

    Even better – Hillary!

    Seems you can’t take a hammer to the net

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Tump live in Ohio…. he’s doing these faster than I can keep up!

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    2nd stop in ohio….

    I think I need to shift to a Trump This Week mode :-)

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    Moon Pennsylvania, 4:30 PM EDT

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    It looks like Trump us cranking out 3 rallies every 2 days. MAGA Indeed!

    IMHO: Ivanka for POTUS 2024!

  14. H.R. says:

    I caught some of both rallies on the big screen TV today. The Mrs. had them on.

    Most, if not all, previous U.S. Presidents age rapidly from the pressures of the Office. President Trump actually looks as good or better than when he took the Office.

    There’s that old saying, “Find a job doing what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” And then there’s that Army Corps of Engineers saying (or is it the Seabees?); “The difficult we do with dispatch. The impossible takes a little longer.”

    President Trump seems to embody both of those sayings. It is an amazing thing to see.

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Jacksonville Florida happening now:

  16. philjourdan says:

    Newport News Happening tomorrow! Will try to get their. That he is doing the Old Dominion means the state is in play for the first time in 16 years. And from the signs, I would say it is. The democrats screwed the pooch (state level) with their Left coast east politics.

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