RSBN Trump Rally, This Weekend On The Trump Train

Starting now, Black Empowerment Forum:

Right Side Broadcasting Network is once again able to broadcast live on YouTube. They also now have a collection of past rallies: And they have a collection of the non-rally Trump events / videos:

Later Today:

Coming up over the next few days, added as I find them:

Middletown Pennsylvania

Announcement of Amy as SCOTUS pick:

On 9/30, 5 PM CDT, Duluth, .Minnesota:

I’ve not validated all the following links in a while, so I hope they are still correct.

They have an “RSBN 2” channel on youtube:

So something of a backup in case of some kind of “technical glitch” on their first channel…

There’s also supposed to be a Periscope feed:

After exploring the Diamond & Silk site for a good line while (it has videos too) I finally had it sink in that the RSBN feed is on the D&S YouTube channel:

The RSBN Twitter Feed:

The RSBN Facebook Page:

On Patreon:

My interest?

The one thing about RSBN that made it special was the pre-show and post along with the local / minor political speakers. A lot more variation and interesting stuff. Way better than the snips and cuts and talking heads droning of the MSM coverage.

YouTube stuck their foot in it with censorship. I HATE this political censorship. So it is now my intent to put up a posting for each Trump rally linking to RSBN and anywhere they can broadcast. To the extent YouTube tries to reduce anyone “leveraging” their platform to get Trump positive coverage, I’m going to lever what I can to give some balance back (however small). I’ll keep this up as long as there is YouTube Bias Risk.

It may not be much that I can do, but I’m going to do it. Now if all the other Deep State Opponents did the same… Just sayin’… You can be an “Army of One” even with just sending a link to a friend… or an enemy ;-)


Ran into this interesting site “keeping up with Trump” while searching for other RSBN spigots (though at present the link is flaky):

A pretty good write up of the “ban of RSBN” here:

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9 Responses to RSBN Trump Rally, This Weekend On The Trump Train

  1. philjourdan says:

    I was going to go to the Va rally, but had several changes due this morning, so did not. And no, I did not attend the 5 car Biden parade (one driven by the democrat mayor and another by Jill).

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    I’d sign up for a rally if one was near me and I thought I could get in.

    Since odds of either are low, I satisfy myself with videos.

    I find it astounding that Biden is doing near zero campaigning. All I can figure is either he is physically and mentally incapable; or the DNC thinks they have enough cheets in place to steal it no matter the real vote.

  3. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – It’s more a matter of if a rally is ‘close enough’ however you define ‘close’.

    The size of the venue determines how early you need to get there.

    I wrote about my Trump rally experience in 2016 (2017?). The line is actually a wonderful part of the experience.

    Anyhow, the key is to have at least 2 attending. Whether you need to go many, many hours early or 3 or4 or 5 hours early, depending on you making a good estimate of when you need to show to be assured of getting in, one person holds a spot while the other takes back the cooler, chairs, beach umbrella or rain umbrellas back to the car depending on need, when the line starts moving.

    Heck! So far as I’ve ever seen, the new friends you make in line will get you back in your spot if you’re alone and want to stash your chair and cooler. These aren’t ‘me, me, me’ zero sum Democrats. They will hold your spot even if it’s 30-40 minutes or longer round trip to the car.

    Go whenever ‘close enough’ will work for you. It’s like nothing else.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    I just added Middletiwn Pa. Happening now.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Duluth, tomorrow, is now in the posting too, along with the SCOTUS Amy announcement.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Hmmm.. for about $2 you can get a disposable styrene cooler for one. Then I have a worn out chair I’m planning to toss. Just need a big garbage can somewhere near.

    Unfortunately, the one I could have gotten to easy, Bakersfield, already happened. Found out about it when it was over. Now, with a month and a half to go, I doubt a return to .California is in the schedule… Where does one find the schedule?

    FWIW: Spouse could not do the wait & walk, and my local family and friends are very not Trump…

  7. Taz says:

    Getting close. Again, a huge supply of Trump memes can be had on ZeroNet. 100,000-200,000 ea.

    You must be part of the ZeroNet internet overlay network to access this. Click to seed, and it downloads all of them for you via bittorrent through Tor. Google, Facebook, Twitter have no sway there. It really works.

  8. I’m even more a fan of yours than I already was! Bravo!

  9. philjourdan says:

    Biden cannot due to the sundowner syndrome. They have a huge war chest and hope that does it for him. It did not help Hillary who outspent Trump 2-1.

    But Trump thinks VA is in Play. So do I. No Krazy Kaine on the ballot this time. So we will see. The democrats went all Left coast on gun control and that has the conservative side fired up in this state.

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