Trump & Melania Positive For Chinese Wuhan Covid

It looks like POTUS Trump & Melania tested positive for Chinese Wuhan Covid. A key aide, Hope Hicks, has the virus and is the likely path of transmission.

Donald Trump And Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19 After Close Aide Hope Hicks Contracts Virus

By Dominic Patten
Dominic Patten

Senior Editor, Legal & TV Critic

October 1, 2020 9:57pm

UPDATED with White House doctor memo + Melania Trump & Mike Pence tweets: The President of the United States of America and the First Lady have tested positive for the coronavirus.

With just more than 30 days to the election, the announcement from Donald Trump on social media late Thursday night comes just hours after Trump and his wife Melania Trump went into self-quarantine after Hope Hicks, one of his top aides, tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in the day.

POTUS MD Per Status

POTUS MD Per Status

So for at least 1/2 the remaining time to campaign, Trump will be in quarantine / isolation.

One hopes that Pence does not also get exposed. Having Pelosi chomping at the bit is not soothing…

With luck, the White House M.D.s will be well up on the need for 2000 IU Vit. D daily + zinc, along with whatever other antiviral is used. Personally, I’d go with Ivermectin + Doxycyline, but Hydroxychloroquine and Z-pak would be fine too, IMHO.

It will be interesting to watch how this influences things in the next couple of weeks. IFF Potus gets severely ill, Pence will be taking over for a while. But what if it’s only modest debility?

I’d not be surprised to see China trying to push things, thinking Trump is sidelined. Then, as noted by Jim2 (h/t) Stock Markets are going to take a spike down (likely brief, IMHO, unless Trump rapidly declines, then it will persist).

So hang on to your hats, boys and girls, it’s going to get interesting…

POTUS was supposed to have a live event today in Florida. Here’s the feed / link, so we’ll see what they do for that:

Then, why Vit-D works and how Vit-D does it:

One hopes that information is becoming common knowledge.

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50 Responses to Trump & Melania Positive For Chinese Wuhan Covid

  1. pinroot says:

    I expect he’ll put this time to good use, somehow or other. I also think he’ll be fine (I’m certainly praying for it). The left, on the other hand, is really excited about it, hoping it’s the end of Trump. I think in the end they’ll be deeply disappointed. They can still hold rallies, they’ll just feature Don Jr., Pence, etc. It won’t be the same energy, but it will still put sleepy Joe’s rallies to shame. And Trump can do like Biden and do virtual events, and let the country know that he’s doing well throughout his quarantine. All in all, I don’t think it will be anything major in the long run.

  2. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    The information, so far, is incomplete.
    Was the WH contingent being tested every day?
    Seems Thursday’s test was positive.
    He shows mild symptoms.
    Information a couple of months ago suggested a
    5 to 14 day period between infection and symptoms. Maybe he got a dose last Sunday or Monday or anytime in the previous week – back to About Sept. 18th.
    Senior White House adviser Hope Hicks is thought to be the contact.
    Her story is here:
    Daily Wire
    She showed symptoms early in the week.
    The report suggests several other folks that frequent the WH and the various trips have tested positive.
    Next question:
    How rapidly to severe symptoms develop?
    Will, say, next Tuesday be the day of greatest illness, or a week later?

    Will we get a full report on treatments for all the WH cases?

  3. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Messed up my coding, again! Sorry.

    [Reply: No worries. I fixed it for ya. Sometimes WordPress just gets a bit confused on embeded codes so it might not even have been you. -EMS]

  4. pinroot says:

    I’ve seen now that the Trumps, Hope Hicks, the RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Senator Mike Lee have now all tested positive. If true, it almost makes you wonder if something is up.

  5. Ian W says:

    @Pinroot – It does make you wonder if this was engineered. A few months ago when various more peripheral aides were getting positive tests. The president announced that he was taking prophylactic HCQ/zinc – I wondered at the time if that was a signal to anyone trying to infect the White House. Ideally, the entire Trump team should be on prophylactic HCQ/Zinc/Vitamin D/Selenium.

  6. cdquarles says:

    Under today’s loose definitions of a case *and* that symptoms are *not* specific, testing positive does not necessarily mean anything. Time will tell.

  7. A C Osborn says:

    CD, not just testing positive, but with mild symptoms, at the moment.

  8. pinroot says:

    @Ian I’m just waiting to see if any other major members of the administration test positive. It does seem suspicious.

  9. cdquarles says:

    If they had said have a positive *viral culture*, that would mean something. Symptoms are not specific. If I get sick and have both flu and parainfluenza virus tests positive, I don’t know which, if any, is significant; especially if no virus culture was done.

  10. cdquarles says:

    I’ll put it another way. I am sick. I go see the doctor. The doctor *guesses* what’s making me sick. Doctor does a culture for bacteria and gives me anti-bacterials. Pending the culture, we don’t know anything.

  11. H.R. says:

    I saw where Schumer tweeted that Trump testing positive for Covid-19 upends the 2020 election.

    No it doesn’t. Wishful hype and pot-stirring much, Chuck?

    So far, as a few have already pointed out, we don’t even know what ‘tested positive for Covid-19’ actually means at this point.

  12. ossqss says:

    So ya think Trump is taking the triple play meds?

  13. cdquarles says:

    Depends on what his official physician advises. That said, I hope so. D/Zn/HCQ or Ivermectin.

  14. cdquarles says:

    Here is another article that discusses the importance of sensitivity, specificity and true prevalence:
    What front line doctors do is called differential diagnosis. Diagnosis is not gnosis. Diagnosis is an informed guess. Factored into it is prevalence. “In the USA, if you hear hoof beats, think horses first, not zebras first”, so to speak. You are supposed to go down the list from common to uncommon depending on signs, symptoms, response to treatment, and consultation with more specialized clinicians. It is an IF x then y elseif z then a elseif &etc.

  15. cdquarles says:

    Update: They gave him an injection of antibodies and he is on Vitamin D, Zinc, famotidine (an antihistamine if I am remembering correctly), melatonin, and aspirin.

  16. H.R. says:

    Super! Thanks for the update.

    That combo should greatly ameliorate the severity and duration of the President’s bout with the Chinese virus.

  17. Sandy McClintock says:

    I just caught up with two Australian friends. They both had COVID19 around Feb 2020 having been on a cruise ‘with lots of Chinese people’. SHE had a nasty experience with serious lung complications but eventually recovered. HE had several pre-existing co-morbidities, one of which required daily HCQ; he barely had any COVID19 symptoms other than one day feeling stiff like he has over-worked the previous day. (as it happened he had spent the whole of previous day ‘zip-lining’.) I hope DJT has been on regular HCQ (and Ivermectin too).

  18. p.g.sharrow says:

    During the early days of Covid, March and into April. Trump was on HCQ/zinc as a prophylactic but IIRC he said that this was discontinued sometime in late April as no longer necessary. I don’t remember that he said why that was the case. All that was needed is a false negative among the service staff to infect everyone. There is no way to totally avoid exposure so the best practice is to reduce the possibility of a bad outcome.

  19. ossqss says:

    A reminder, all of the talk over the last 6 months was about flattening the curve (hospital beds). That curve, may have been flattened, but this still has the same basic math involved. It just simply makes the curve longer with the same result in the end, There was a goal in there, and it was not about saving lives globally. IMHO

    Think about it.

  20. A C Osborn says:

    Being hospitalised suggests he is not very well.
    The UK papers say he is being treated with Remdesivir, which I don’t think is a very good idea as it has some horrific side effects, far worse than HCQ.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    As CDQuarles pointed out, THE big problem with the tests is that they are a statistical guess. You HOPE that you don’t fall into either the false positive or false negative tails of the test, and you match any symptoms (that can be highly variable) against the test score to look for discrepancies.

    FWIW, I once had a false positive test. I KNEW absolutely the test was wrong, so went to a different lab and got a re-test that was negative. Still had to do a full course of antibiotics to assure I did not have any bacteria in me, but it did “clarify the reputation’.

    Given what I’ve read, it looks like the innate immune system is the most important in making the cases mild, or not, and that Vitamin D / Zinc matter most to the T-cell activation. So Trump being on Vit-D / Zinc implies very good things. Then, that they are administering antibodies (likely from serum from a recovered person) will further reduce viral replication and give him time to make his own. IMHO the Remdesivir is not very important in that mix. I think he’d be better off drinking tonic water or taking HCQ as zink ionophore… But that’s between him and his doctor.

  22. E.M.Smith says:


    Like Boris Johnson, Trump will be kept in “one level up” from whatever his symptoms really justify. They will want him near all the best equipment all the time “just in case”. It also will keep him from spreading virus all around the White House (they do tours there, ya know…)

    So I don’t see the fact he’s in the Presidential Suite at the designated hospital as being all that indicative of his status. IMHO, more about making sure there’s an MD or 3 who can be at bedside in 30 seconds if some surprise shows up…

  23. cdquarles says:

    That he is at Walter Reed also doesn’t mean much. Do not put too much stock in media reports. If I were his medical team, I’d want him under observation and Walter Reed has a working office for folk like the President. Our host nailed it.

  24. pinroot says:

    The list is getting longer (from Zero Hedge):
    1+2. President & Melania Trump
    3. Bill Stepien, Trump campaign mgr
    4. Hope Hicks
    5. Kellyanne Conway
    6. Sen. Ron Johnson
    7. Sen. Mike Lee
    8. Sen. Thom Tillis
    9. Ronna McDaniel
    10. Notre Dame Pres. Jenkins
    11-13. Three WH reporters
    14-24. Eleven staffers from Cleveland debate

  25. cdquarles says:

    Another update: Per this letter, a consultant recommended Remdesivir to the treatment plan. No supplemental oxygen, it seems, has been given. This would fit a mild case to date. No doubt in my mind they are monitoring oxygen levels via a pulse oximeter. (I’ve seen these over the counter locally!)

  26. llanfar says:

    I swap years on Apple Watch upgrades… and this was an upgrade year. Pulse, ECG, blood O2 (along with a host of other health checks) built in…

  27. pinroot says:

    @cdquarles re: pulse oximeter
    I got one from Amazon for under $50, and my wife bought one. I remember those early videos out of China with people just dropping in the street, and some of the speculation was that their blood oxygen levels were dropping to the point that they were just passing out. The odd thing was that they never felt out of breath or anything, even though their blood O2 levels were dangerously low. I’ve got asthma and COPD so I figured I should get one to keep up with my levels. Wearing a mask makes breathing really difficult, and we have to wear them at work, so I figured I needed to monitor my blood O2. They’re affordable and they really should be part of your first aide kit.

  28. David A says:

    It would be both interesting and pertinent to know which variation of the China flu President Trump has.

  29. philjourdan says:

    Here’s a clue. That all of you already know. We will all get it. Most will be asymptomatic.

    The fake news will not be,

  30. pinroot says:

    I’ve seen a lot of what I call demoralization articles saying Trump isn’t doing as well as they are saying. I found this at Conservative Treehouse, which should put those rumors to rest.
    Trump recovering well at Walter Reed.

  31. Compu Gator says:

    E.M. Smith said on 3 October 2020 at 12:55 pm GMT:
    Trump will be kept in “one level up” from whatever his symptoms really justify. They will want him near all the best equipment all the time “just in case”. [….]  I don’t see the fact he’s in the Presidential Suite at the designated hospital as being all that indicative of his status. IMHO, more about making sure there’s an MD or 3 who can be at bedside in 30 seconds if some surprise shows up.

    Also my assessment, independently (but my attention was diverted by a too-early kick-off to a football game). So now, I might as well elaborate:

    The president will certainly get the latest & greatest medical equipment; e.g., whereas retired enlisted men might get the mostly amortized monitors with 7-segment LED read-outs for an assigned-but-shared nurse to read, the president will get the full-color flat-panels with NSA-encrypted WiFi or dedicated cabling communication. Data will go to a dedicated monitoring station, not the usual station shared with monitoring for a floor’s worth of patients. That new equipment will almost certainly have been tested and sealed as ready for V.i.P.s, and back-ups for that new equipment will probably begin serious testing before the president arrives; “let’s haul out another one, and see if it works any better” will not be an acceptable attitude toward quality assurance. And at all times, there ought to be some combination among the staff in attendance who will know how to operate the equipments’ important features. Maybe manufacturer’s reps will be specially assigned, “just in case”.

    If there’s an unanticipated need for additional medical equipment, it would almost certainly be best supplied by Walter Reed Med. Center, not some White House basement. I have no doubt that those WH basements contain some remarkable stuff, so maybe they have one of the digital x-ray machines-on-wheels. But it makes little sense to me that the WH would install & maintain, e.g., its own c.a.t. scanner. Besides, WRMC is presumably already well-wired to distribute diagnostic data, e.g., from a c.a.t. scanner, to the various specialists and their analytical workstations.

    WRMC is almost certainly much better set up than the WH for housing on-call medical staff of the various specialties. And WRMC is a military hospital, so access control and other security can be clamped down about as much as the Secret Service wants. So why waste time & effort transporting equipment and medical staff cleared by the Secret-Service back-&-forth between the 2 sites?

    If I might be allowed to indulge in pop psychology, his care might be significantly more effective when the WRMC staff has home-field advantage, where they know where to expect their necessities to be stowed, and where they can expect to perform their frequent activities (e.g., the irritatingly sleep-disrupting manual checks of vital signs, i.e., at least blood pressure [#]) in familiar surroundings, and in a familiar manner, rather than being in awe of being in a WH bedroom.

    Am I being too much of an optimist? The White House has had 2/3 century to develop procedures for a president who suddenly falls ill, i.e., at least since the heart attacks survived by Pres. Eisenhower (1950s).

    Note #: Human-unassisted monitoring equipment can check b.p. by pumping up the conventional arm cuff at preset intervals (a challenge to sleep thro’), or if need be, continuously monitor it with a probe installed in an artery (incurring nontrivial risk of vascular damage). Pulse and respiration wave-forms are continuous from 5-lead EKG sensors on the torso, and continuous oxygenation data is readily available with a featherweight sensor that’s taped to a finger. I consider myself fortunate or blessed not to have any acquaintance with what additional monitoring would be appropriate for CoViD-19.

  32. gallopingcamel says:

    This could turn out very well if the therapeutics that Trump is taking eliminate the virus quickly.
    He could be back on the campaign trail in a couple of weeks with the message that we don’t need to rely on vaccines.

  33. H.R. says:

    Compu Gator: “But it makes little sense to me that the WH would install & maintain, e.g., its own c.a.t. scanner.”

    It’s soooooooo cute how you think that in the land of $200 hammers and $400 toilet seats, they’d be the least bit concerned about parking a CT or MRI or both in the basement of the Whitehouse. It’s only money and it ain’t theirs.
    Okay. I’m just teasing you, Compu Gator, but I’m pretty sure that any waste of taxpayer $$$ is probably dead nuts on. They’d do it in a heartbeat.

    President Trump’s video today pretty much explains why he’s on board with the Walter Reed move. He didn’t want to hide out in the private quarters of the Whitehouse. Walter Reed gives him instant access to 1st rate care AND the ability to continue to function as President while feeling like crap. He has all the bells, whistles, and Comms he needs there as well as the medical care. Witness: the video he put out today and… I expect there will be a lot more to come.

    And President Trump is media savvy. He knows the YSM can’t resist LIVE! From The Walter Reed Bunker! So much for missing a couple of rallies. This is almost as good.

    It’s his call and Trump’s instincts are really sharp, so I’m seeing Walter Reed as a good move.

  34. E.M.Smith says:


    Nature took a shortcut on “need to breath”. You feel out of breath and must breath from high CO2. Your body does not feel oxygen level. Under normal conditions those track each other.

    So fill a room with nitrogen, folks keep breathing out the CO2 and feel fine until they suddenly black out and die.

  35. Another Ian says:

    Likely add another to the list of “Chortle Choruses ” that Trump has wrecked

  36. Another Ian says:

    And this fits better here than WOOD (IMO)

    “Is Tucker Carlson Becoming the New Trump?”

  37. cdquarles says:

    @Compu Gator,
    I was in the hospital this year for eye surgery and for vascular surgery before this virus hit us hard (coronavirus season here is summer). At least for this old man, the electronic monitoring was no issue to sleep through (though I can sleep pretty much anywhere I need to). Manual monitoring was only at shift change, so depending on when that happens, you could be awakened for it. They do have internal telemetry temperature monitoring these days, but as you say, us deplorables who aren’t the President won’t have that done as a general rule. Also as you say, the old intra-arterial catheter for BP and blood gas monitoring is so 1970 ;p.

    Oh, about the CT/portable x-ray/MRI machines: those are not that expensive these days. The real money in them is people to operate and maintain them.

  38. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    So fill a room with nitrogen, folks keep breathing out the CO2 and feel fine until they suddenly black out and die.

    I’ve wondered why N2 isn’t used for capital crimes.
    Seems, over the years, there have been problems with other means.

  39. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    cdquarles says: – about cost of medical equipment –
    Ten years ago during my wife’s stay in an ICU (also Critical Care Unit, CCU) a new bed was brought in. We were told the retain cost was about $50,000.
    Among regular tricks, it could sing, dance, and make toast.
    We were more impressed with the medical staff.

  40. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    In “The Donald’s” case, folks keep say the next 48 hours.
    That seems to be a stretchy number.

  41. Compu Gator says:

    Compu Gator said on 4 October 2020 at 2:00 am GMT:
    If there’s an unanticipated need for additional medical equipment, it would almost certainly be best supplied by Walter Reed Med. Center, not some White House basement. I have no doubt that those WH basements contain some remarkable stuff [….]

    Oh!  I’ve read that Pres. Trump is being administered survivor’s serum, but I forgot to mention that perhaps all “blood products“, and even some drugs, decay at room temperature, so they require refrigeration. Medical staff aren’t allowed to simply arrange for what they expect to need for a patient during their shift to be retrieved from a refrigerated bank, then set it aside, at beginning of their shift (e.g., an order for 2 units of blood requires 2 separate requests to the bank). Walter Reed Med. Center can accomodate all that, plus emergency responses to any medical surprises, much better than some White House infirmary could.

    Staff have deadlines for beginning administration of them, whether by injection or i.v., depending on their peculiar characteristics. E.g., at a local major hospital campus, i.v. administration of packed blood cells is required to begin within ca. 25–45 mins. (I forget the exact number) of arrival of the drug or “blood product” at the patient’s bed. The deadline refers to those blood cells beginning to flow toward or into the patient. That process seems fairly simple for an injection, but for an i.v., it means having already connected up what seems (to a layman) to be a branching tangle of fresh i.v. tubing, including the pump (if not a quaint gravity-fed configuration, but of course, the president would get something like a 4-barrel pump instead), purged the lines with saline solution, hung the liquid to be administered on the i.v. tree (or substitute structure), and connected it in; if pumped, program it to time-out to an alarm for when the 1st vital signs check is needed. Finally, hit the “START” button and record that time (because the person who delivered the drug or “blood product” certainly recorded that time). If the 1st vital signs check, ca. 15–30 min. after starting (again I forget the exact number, and I suppose it varies), indicates nontrivial changes in any of body temperature, pulse, or blood pressure, something has gone wrong, and it would not be good for the president to still be at the White House. Consider the delays created by even the most efficient sequence of gurney, chopper, and gurney (plus elevator) rides.

  42. Compu Gator says:

    To use wording more familiar to many of us here than the medical terminology, “blood products“, and even some drugs, are strictly required to be retrieved from a refrigeration bank using just-in-time practices.

  43. Jason Calley says:

    “So fill a room with nitrogen, folks keep breathing out the CO2 and feel fine until they suddenly black out and die.”

    Unpleasant subject, but I have wondered for years why states that have capital punishment did not use something like that for executions. It is cheap, it is painless, it is certain. There is no guesswork and all the equipment is off the shelf technology.

  44. Another Ian says:



  45. Another Ian says:

    And look who rides to the rescue in comments there!

  46. Another Ian says:

    October 5, 2020 at 12:53 am

    Ezra wins twitter tonight…

    The only vaccine I’d consider taking is Trumpacillin.

  47. A C Osborn says:

    Conservative Treehouse (The Last Refuge) shutdown by Worldpress.
    Data removed for the prevous 2 days and nothing happening today.

  48. A C Osborn says:

    Some of the Treehouse is working now, but the information from the 3rd & 4th is still missing.
    Hopefully it will get back to normal.

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