A Real Class Act

This RSBN video of the vigil outside Walter Reed shows Trump is a real class act. At about the 58 minute mark, his motorcade does an un-announced “drive by” so he can wave at the supporters on the sidewalk. Then, a few minutes pass.. and his motorcade returns on the other side of the street waving to those supporters too. He then returns to the hospital…

I also find the contrast with the Dimocrat Run Cities & Cops fascinating. After the second pass, the police that had discreetly lined the street, return to the Hospital grounds. They do this forming a line that passes through the very middle of the crowed. The crowd cheers for them! No helmets & shields. No rocks, bottles, jeers or gas. No bangs or booms. Instead, gratitude and support. It looks like a VERY relaxed group of cops, knowing the entire crowd is on their side.

The interviews are also fascinating. Hindus for Trump. Latinos for Trump. Folks emigrated from communist countries for Trump. (I don’t think I can list them all, but at least: Peru, Romania, Viet Nam, Cuba, …) The crowd has a fair number of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, South Asians / Indians, you name it. LOTS of foreign accents from recent immigrants. VASTLY more diverse than the “White Antifa Brats” and the almost all white Black Communist Lives Matter groups.

Yes, it’s long. I jumped around in it. I’ll likely come back when I need a break from Gentoo programming and watch it through. It already has 490,000 views. That’s incredible. RSBN at rallies often tops out at about 100k. IMHO this video has a shot at hitting a million views over time. At that number, it is beating a FOX video in my Youtube sidebar of “recommended” at 418k.

FWIW, RSBN is also running a gazzillion hours long marathon of EVERY Trump rally. For those folks who just can’t live without a Trump Rally ;-)

IMHO it takes a real Class Act kind of guy to get out of a hospital bed and do a “drive by” virtual meet and greet of the folks on the street. He did not need to do that at all, and I’m sure it took some effort to convince both the medical staff and the Secret Service that by God he was going to do it. Just to say “Thank YOU!” to his supporters.

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22 Responses to A Real Class Act

  1. A C Osborn says:

    He also supplied them with free food.
    As you a class act.

  2. Simon Derricutt says:

    On F24 and BBC it’s being spun as being a foolish risk to the health of the people in the car with him. Then again everything Trump does is spun as bad. A while back Pointman put up a headline of “Trump cures cancer”, with underneath it some people with placards saying “We want our cancer back!”. Makes the point pretty well….

    We no longer get news but propaganda. Much the same as the Russian Pravda – but it’s interesting to see what they want people to believe. Maybe also what the people at the top believe ought to be true, too.

    Good to see Trump doing so well. Few of us will avoid coming into contact with this disease, and it’s only a matter of time. Few of us will get such medical treatment if we do, so nice that we’ve learned how to fix it cheaply. Thanks, EM….

  3. cdquarles says:

    The three best presidents in my lifetime are Trump, Reagan and Eisenhower in that order. The three worst you ask? Obama and Carter for sure, but the third? So many choices, but maybe Johnson.

    I had my doubts about Trump prior to doing my own research; which showed much in common with Reagan. That Trump exceeded that has been a plus. A brash entrepreneur from Queens, who took what his dad left him and greatly expanded it.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    I saw the “spin” as “endangering the lives of his detail / drivers”… they seem to have missed two important points:

    1) They are using PPE. If it’s good enough for MDs it’s good enough for others. POTUS staff looked like they had on an N95 or maybe even N100 mask. Trump had the special POTUS mask, undoubtedly the best money can buy. IF he really is such a risk, why is he being discharged? I smell a bogus political spin machine…

    2) IF, as asserted, he is being discharged today, then that staff will be in exactly that circumstance. In other words: This is what they are planning to do at discharge.

    Now, per #2, were I the driver, I’d appreciate a “test run” of maybe 5 minutes to shake out what works and where something was getting hard to put up with at 5 minutes and would drive me batty at 1/2 hour getting to the airport or 2 hours driving to D.C. and the WhiteHouse. In fact, I’d ask for a dress rehearsal and shakedown run before doing the long drive.

    Oh, and glad to hear that the “Dig Here!” we all collectively did was useful to you!


    I was raised by my British Mum to be polite and kind. It is also my normal nature. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be vile and a horrible person, yet many seem to revel in it. So thanks to Mum.

    Free Food? Was POTUS the one who sent them Pizzas last night?

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    I wonder how many of those Secret Service agents are over 70 with health problems, and thus at risk from Covid?

  6. philjourdan says:

    You know how you can tell it was a very class act and effective? The lunatics on the left are going ape-shit over it! That in itself is well worth.

  7. H.R. says:

    The first night that supporters gathered, someone in California saw coverage – a snippet, no doubt – and called and ordered pizzas delivered. President Trump sent out official Whitehouse chocolates. Those must be pretty cool, BTW.

    Then President Trump had a round of pizzas delivered. I’m not sure what all else might have been given to the supporters to sustain them. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that maybe some bottled water and coffees or whatnot in the way of drinks were made available.

    Anyhow, the California supporter was first with the pizzas, as President Trump was fully occupied early in his stay.

  8. philjourdan says:


    I saw a meme that said “Must be Trump supporters because the pizzas had meat!”.

    I thought that was perfect

  9. agimarc says:

    Tongue firmly in cheek here:

    Graeme No.3 says: I wonder how many of those Secret Service agents are over 70 with health problems, and thus at risk from Covid?

    So like there aren’t a lot of those kind of guys unlike Clint Eastwood in In The Line Of Fire. Cheers –

  10. philjourdan says:

    @agimarc – seriously, have they never heard of mandatory retirement?

  11. beththeserf says:

    Thx, EM for showing RSBN live,. Those Latino and Romanian interviews affirming MAGA free speech and economic opportunity were great!

  12. David A says:

    ”…as asserted, he is being discharged today, then that staff will be in exactly that circumstance.”

    Exactly, and U expect some of his security is with him or near him most all the time. Also it is likely that the bullet proof glass on the beast was up. ( For all I know the air supply between the front and back seat is seperate)
    All in all for the POTUS to showcase how well he is doing is important and a good thing for the world to know.
    The statist politcise and ruin everything…

  13. A C Osborn says:

    Although the President is doing well, his breathing is still quite laboured.
    If you watch him preparing to speak on the WH balcony it took him a while to gather himself, he hid it quite well, but you can see it.

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s the big question. Is he going to continue a rapid and surprising recovery? Or… Is he going to hit the 5+ days and things get worse? Is it the drugs making him feel fine and he overdoes things? Or is it really that the antibodies are nuking the Covid?

    I was a bit worried to hear that he had complained about being given oxygen as he “wasn’t out of breath” despite a lowered O2 saturation… when low O2 does not make you feel out of breath. Excess CO2 does. That’s why people would just suddenly keel over. O2 dropping too low and they feel fine as they continued to dump CO2.

    There’s a real chance of him pushing too hard, going into too low an O2 level (and not noticing) and then just passing out. Hopefully that does’t happen and his medical monitoring will notice if he is not in fact recovered.

  15. cdquarles says:

    Another thing to note: He was given a corticosteroid, dexamethasone. I’ve taken prednisone and it does odd things to some. Common, though, is it gives you the ‘munchies’ and makes you jittery. Anxiety can make you hyperventilate, so keep that in mind (it is not the same ‘labored’ breathing that high carbon dioxide does or blood acidemia does nor blood alkalinemia does. Blood gas changes due to other causes can look like hyper or hypocarbia.) Pulse oximeters these days can be made nearly invisible.

  16. cdquarles says:

    Also, supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula is often given as a precaution, even with 90% or greater saturation. Saturation does drop some while sleeping, particularly if you are like me and your respiratory rate and pulse rate drop when sleeping. Like my mother before me, my own pulse rate dropped into the 30s while sleeping. It frightened the nurses at first.

  17. YMMV says:

    Because of privacy, we rarely get the details of individual cases. But Trump has allowed his to be public. Dr. John Campbell gives his opinions on Trump’s medication (as far as is known).

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    Nasal O2 seems to be given almost as a habit to folks in the ER. Maybe with some minor nod to their overall condition. When we were taking spouses Mom to the ER on a regular basis (near EOL and with a load of issues) they seemed to put on the O2 any time the ambulance picked her up.

    FWIW, my breathing rate and heart rate vary widely. I have extra large lungs and a modest metabolic rate (that I can drop even lower if desired…). So there are times I just won’t breath for a minute+. There are other times, when “keyed up” (say, doing stairs or excited about something) where I’m breathing regular and deep. I particularly noticed this with public speaking. When I first started out, “nerves” had me ventilating sometimes a bit too fast. Later, I’d not “breath” at all, as the air sucking for speech was more than enough to keep me oxygenated.

    I’d also be a hard one to diagnose for sleep apnea as I don’t NEED to breath for at least a minute. Especially when nearly comatose and asleep. My temperature drops to 96-ish F and metabolism is way low. I’ll sometimes let hands, feet, limbs in general, drop in body temperature. I suspect it’s some vestigial of Neanderthal Hibernation Reflex ;-)

    At any rate, I really shut down a lot when sleeping.

    Also FWIW, my record at breath holding (with pre-breathing hyperventilation) was 2 1/2 minutes (measured). I think with some more training I could get past 3 minutes. I’d regularly freak people out at the public swimming pool as I’d practice sitting on the bottom of the pool or doing a “Dead Man Float” (minimal muscle use, longer breath hold..) and it was hard to get folks to accept that over a minute of that was OK, honest.

    Oh and my ‘record’ was warm and on dry land. No “divers reflex” involved. I’m pretty sure I’d have gone further in cold water and face under… Scuba Diver prep- it’s a thing. ;-)

  19. cdquarles says:

    Agree there. I used to be quite the swimmer when young and there are techniques that can be learned to modify ‘autonomic’ functions. I also was a band member and for any wind instrument, you learn things for that, too.

  20. YMMV says:

    Drbeen Medical Lectures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYfN_1DaUSw also comments on Trump’s treatment. His takeaway: everybody who gets covid should be treated immediately and aggressively, not sent home to wait until it gets worse and too late.

  21. philjourdan says:

    And then there is the fact WHO says this is 99.9 non fatal. Same as the flu. Our rate is high because murder victims are being counted.

    It does restrict air intake. It does affect breathing. But not permanently.

    He is rallying the troops. While the enemy at the gates (fake news) is trying to destroy from the inside.

    He has mild flu. From all appearances.

  22. A C Osborn says:

    COVID-19 can lower the Blood CO2 level without affecting the lungs first due to interaction with the red blood corpuscles.

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