Walk Away Be Real – One Black Man Speaks

Be Advised: Has “street speech” in it including the way Blacks often “own” a pejorative by using it themselves and the occasional F-bomb. Not a lot, but a little.

That said, I really like this guy. He’s real. He knows what’s happening. 12 minutes.

Basically pointing out the long and significantly racist history of Biden and the DNC, and the historic roots of the Republican party as the party started by and for black liberation. How Trump has done more for Blacks than the Democrats ever have. In detail.

With 2 million views as I type this, it is clearly connecting with someone. What with Candace and others on the Trump Train, I’m hopeful that the use of the “RACIST!!!!” pejorative lie aimed at Republicans is finally coming to an end.

Walk Away, just Walk Away. It’s a thing…

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6 Responses to Walk Away Be Real – One Black Man Speaks

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    This is a good one too!

  2. philjourdan says:

    Yea Collins is the male Klacik. She is more pleasing on the eye, but he delivers a harder punch.

    The video is inspiring! I want to shake that man’s hand!

  3. Compu Gator says:

    Dunno the source of my difficulties, but despite my laptop showing its speakers at 100%, and it running on a.c. from the wall, and the absence of ambient noise other than the whoosh of a ceiling fan, most of these linked videos have been barely audible. Its speakers are immediately above the top row of the keyboard, and I’ve found it necessary to stick my snout almost to the keyboard/screen hinge to be able to understand individual words. How can this be, when ordinary folk have been grumbling for decades that ads on t.v. are too d@µm loud? [∆]

    The Joe Collins’ “Mansion Maxine” was barely adequately audible, in a manner of speaking; he had the advantage of speaking at a consistent volume, modulating it only for rhetorical effect. In contrast, the “I was voting for Biden but this changed …” was just too challenging to stick with it. But it was less troublesome than the Project Veritas one on ballot harvesting; I assume that its audio was degraded by reliance on hidden microphones.

    Maybe modern audio-editing hardware & software is nowhere near as powerful as I’ve assumed it to be. Isn’t there at least 1 incredibly skilled audio engineer working for Project Veritas on its payroll, or as a highly motivated volunteer?

    Auxiliary speakers connected thro’ my laptop’s headphone jack are the only solution I’ve found. So I need to do some recabling around here that I’ll defer to mañana.

    Sooo, why do people create videos that are plainly intended to educate, or to stimulate some political or popular action, that require extra effort just to be heard by their target audience?  It’s a new reason for me to prefer to learn by reading text instead of passively watching videos.

    Note ∆ : The answer for them is audio compression. Not, e.g., to reduce digital storage requirements for music, but to add analog ooomph!  to voices. I’ve got personal experience, albeit from decades ago, with the wonders it works on the human voice as transmitted over 2-way radio.

  4. Power Grab says:

    The speakers on the computer of a co-worker only produce a weak whisper of sound. She always had to lean down and put her ear next to a speaker to hear it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the speakers were around 20 years old. (We get our money’s worth out of our hardware and furniture!)

    How old are your computer speakers?

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    All video links I post here were quite loud enough on a ARM SBC / TV via HDMI for DEAF ears to hear it. (I”m about 30 db down at my GOOD frequencies…)

    So any volume issues are not with the source video!

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    I’m not sure what these people are doing, but, I watch a lot of podcast and u-tube. I have an add-on sound bar below my monitor with a manual volume control. Sometimes the sound is fine with about 1/3 setting, some must be at minimum setting or they really BLAST you. Others are barely audible even at Maximum, even with the software setting at max. as well. Some is obviously due to cheap microphones and pre-amps.

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