RSBN Trump Rally Marathon Day – 5 Events

The first event is already going. Started at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific, and I didn’t ;-)

On Sunday, November 1st, 2020 President Donald J. Trump will deliver remarks at Make America Great Again Victory Rallies in Washington, Michigan at 11:00 AM EST, Dubuque, Iowa at 1:00 PM CST, Hickory, North Carolina at 5:30 PM EST, Rome, Georgia at 8:30 PM EST, and Miami, Florida at 11:30 PM EST. On Monday, November 2nd, President Donald J. Trump will deliver remarks at Make America Great Again Victory Rallies in Fayetteville, North Carolina at 11:30 AM EST, Scranton, Pennsylvania at 2:00 PM EST, Traverse City, Michigan at 5:00 PM EST, Kenosha, Wisconsin at 7:00 PM CST, and Grand Rapids, Michigan at 10:30 PM EST. The Make America Great Again Victory Rallies will feature remarks from President Donald J. Trump and Republican candidates.

Already streaming. Washington Michigan in light snow. 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific.

Then Dubuque Iowa at 1 PM Central, 11 AM Pacific:

Followed by Hickory North Carolina at 5:30 PM Eastern, 2:30 PM Pacific:

Off to Rome Georgia at 8:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 PM Pacific:

Finishing in his home state of Florida at Miami, 11:30 PM Eastern, 8:30 PM Pacific:

One presumes he then goes home to sleep, but with 5 more tomorrow? Who knows… Maybe he just takes Air Force One to Fayetteville and sleeps on the way… It is at 11:30 AM Eastern, so about 10 hours after ending the prior one. Figure 4 hours of travel leaves 6 hours to sleep? Might be useful to overlap those two…

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6 Responses to RSBN Trump Rally Marathon Day – 5 Events

  1. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I’d vote for this ticket:
    Pres: Ivanka T.; V. P.: Melania*
    _ _ _
    *Slovenian – – – –

    – – – – – Actually better:
    Pres: Nikki Haley; V. P.: Dan Crenshaw

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Melania can’t be POTUS in the case where POTUS is incapacitated, so that disqualifies her to be V.P. (as not a natural born citizen)….

    I’d like that ticket too, but it can’t be…

  3. Compu Gator says:

    Dang!  10 rallies in the final 2 days of the campaign!?

    The president whom the Democrats once claimed that The Donald would be too old for a 2nd term at age 74!?

    Is Air Force 1 getting in-flight refueling for these final days of the campaign?  It seems to me that it’s among the craft’s, ummm, special customizations, presumably for WTSHTF.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Not only that, it’s 14 in the last 3 days…

    He’s used both Air Force 1 planes (the 747 and 757 ) along with Marine 1, and it looks like some of the stops are at AF Bases (where one presumes a service is done on the plane) while Marine 1 takes him to / from the venue.

    We saw that in Arizona where AF 1 landed at the air base near Goodyear, then Marine One took him to Prescott then back to Goodyear for the next rally. IIRC the plane took him to Tucson (another Air Base) for the final rally of the day. And likely another fuel and check.

    I’ve got to admit, I’m tired after WATCHING 4 rallies today (AND waking up in a later time zone…)

    It will take a bit of effort to get through #5. Then I’ve got to figure out “Do I put up tomorrows list / links today, or try to get up in 5 hours to do it?”… And I’m not flying or speaking or standing out in frigid air…

  5. gallopingcamel says:

    Trump totally loves the rallies. Contact with the real people of America seems to charge his batteries so instead of getting ground down by the swamp creatures he looks younger every day.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    He did seem to get a bit “weather worn” by the cold. I think it was a bit more challenge than he expected. Florida, at 75 F to 80 F, had him relaxed and looking more “Ahhhh!”

    Somewhere around cold #2 or 3 today he was “coping” more than I’d noticed before.

    Tomorrow is a run through the cold again. It will be interesting to see how he does (with only 12 hours to get home, sleep, eat breakfast, prep, fly a few hours…) Then ending in frozen Michigan at 10:30 at night? He won’t be off stage before Midnight! And that’s only if they are not running late! Current weather says it will be low of 28 F high of 46 F and I’m pretty sure the high will not come at midnight!

    His last 3 tomorrow are Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan. Cold, Colder, and more cold.

    I sure hope Air Force One has a hot shower on board!

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