Friends Of Australia Friday Just Lamb

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Tonight we just had the T-Bone chops. Roasted in a cast iron skillet for 40 minutes. Side salad and buttered squash.

No wine. Just didn’t feel up to it.

Unfortunately, it is looking like Biden is likely to become president (at least for a month or two before he is swapped out for Kamala).

This is catastrophic for both the USA and Australia. We know Biden is flat out owned by China, and that Kamala loves the Socialist / Communist model (and her husband does legal work for China). Essentially China will become the President of the USA. This means all pressure will come OFF of China, and they will be empowered to do whatever they want in the Indo-Pacific. It is, in effect, a legal coup.

Just could not find it in me to “celebrate” with a bottle of wine under those conditions.

So the Chinese Model of “social credit scores”, blackmail, thuggery, bribery and propaganda will increasingly pervade countries all around the world, with special emphasis on the USA.

Standing against that will be a very thin margin in the Senate, and 1 judge in the Supreme Court (Roberts is a Lefty now. Don’t know who has what on him, or threatened whom, but it’s clear Roberts is NOT part of a “conservative majority”.) So the question is: Is that enough? For the USA, for Australia, for Britain (back to the Obama ‘back of the line’ on a trade deal?). For Israel?

You can bet that Day One a flurry of “Executive Orders” will flood out erasing anything done by Trump. I’d not be surprised to see the Space Force eliminated along with plans to have NASA do anything with the moon or Mars. Similarly, we’ll be back in the Paris Accords (with that $200 BILLION / year of graft gravy and payola payout to the UN to spread around).

There is still a very small chance that Trump can pull it out. But only if the courts find all the “voting irregularities” and declare a fraudulent vote, then fix it. I find that unlikely. First off, with “mail in” any ballot by any one, once out of the envelope they are miscible. By the time the court actually does anything, the fix will be in and complete.

IMHO, the only way to repair the fraud in voting is an election do-over with in-person voting only; and that’s just not going to happen.

What’s worse, is that we now know the DNC is corrupt from top to bottom AND that the Swamp has effective control of almost all media, social networks, etc. We also know that at least a faction of the TLAs (if not all of it) are on board with this. The “organs of power” have been occupied and controlled along with the means of communication.

This is evident from the extraordinary effort to protect the CIA officer Charley Mellow and the complete lack of ANY action on Hunter Biden. Then the 100% anti-trump bias all the time in Social Media and “news” was so blatant even the dead could see it. Now, with an effective vote steal in the bag, they will make sure that can be repeated in perpetuity.

That’s one heck of a wall of corruption, and nobody much is doing anything to fix it. Under Biden (as sock puppet to Harris) it will now go on a rampage to stamp out any possible future resistance. Having been scared witless by Trump, steps will be taken, forcefully, to assure it can never happen again.

I’ll continue to hold onto the slim thread of hope for Trump in the courts until the final verdict is in, but it does not look, at this moment, like there’s anything decent to come. But “we’ll see”.

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48 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Just Lamb

  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    The problem for the Establishment (a.k.a. the Swamp) is that Trump gave hope and a better life to many people. Now the Democrats want to take that back and send them back to misery, convinced that “we was robbed”. I am not sure that is a good idea for the Swamp, especially as the downtrodden own vastly more guns and I guess have more relatives in the armed forces.
    I also wonder if Trump, who has shown a habit of thinking ahead, may have a counter plan.

  2. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I think Joe will be given the honor of presiding over the 2021 4th of July activities. Then his mental capabilities will be questioned and the commission to remove him will get serious.
    They can build a room in his basement that looks like the Oval Office with nice golden drapes and rear projection screens as windows, so he can watch the climate change to the 1850’s optimum as his plan works its magic.
    The big remaining question is who will get the nod for VP?
    _ _ _ _ _
    Voting irregularities may be found but will not change the election.
    Courts might order better systems for next time. If that matters.

  3. YMMV says:

    “What’s worse, is that we now know the DNC is corrupt from top to bottom AND that the Swamp has effective control of almost all media, social networks, etc. We also know that at least a faction of the TLAs (if not all of it) are on board with this. The “organs of power” have been occupied and controlled along with the means of communication.”

    Yes to all of that. But who is pulling the strings? Biden is too dumb, too weak, too weak in the head, so he is just a puppet. Next level up, DNC. They are obviously running the show. But who is pulling their strings? Soros, China, FBI, CIA, maybe even Google, Facebook, and Twitter?

    It’s clear that Google, Facebook, and Twitter won the election. Or rather stole the election. For their own good? Is it just coincidence that China, Soros, and Big Media are all on the same side?

    They say Black Lives Matter, yet when it comes to power it’s A-list votes that count. Have you noticed that all the media influencers (celebrities) are super-rich? “White supremacy” gets a lot of press, to distract us from the Celebrity/Elite Supremacy. They intend to stay rich and powerful; the rest of us (deplorables, chumps, poor, middle-class and up), they will ask us to sacrifice (money, jobs). Leaders and their friends get rich, the rest get poor. Welcome to communism as it is played.

    BTW, I date the Deep State beginnings to J.Edgar Hoover. There has always been corruption, but it takes a Hoover or a Stalin or a Mafia to pull it all together.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Supposedly there were “voting irregularities” that put JFK in office. Nixon declined to pursue them “for the sake of unity of the nation”… Then there’s all the evidence pointing to a TLA (CIA) / Mafia coordinated removal of JFK… IMHO, from that time forward we’ve had folks trying to “manage” who gets POTUS.

    IMHO, the last really “clean” Presidential election we had was Eisenhower (who warned us about what he saw developing). Since then they have been slowly increasing in the degree of “management” of the process… Those that are not willing to play along, get boxed in or worst case “removed”. Watch the VP the Swamp puts with each candidate. Reagan was a POTUS for the rest of us and he had a CIA guy for VP but when that wasn’t enough, almost got assassinated… Think about it… Trump refused the “preferred” VPs on offer and chose his own, then things went hard core against him as he wasn’t under control. LOTS of swamp critters hiding on staff had to be sorted, one by one… Sock Puppet Biden gets assigned Kamala who was horrid to him, but is well connected with the Socialists.

    Now they are going for the removal by faud.

    Biden will remain POTUS as long as he does whatever he is told (and doesn’t just die).

    As to “why all on the same side”? IMHO it’s just a matter of “Follow the money”.

    The CCP was gaining massive money and power from the west via asymmetrical rules of trade and “carbon”. Individuals owning companies from The West were raking in $Billions via the pennies / hour Chinese wage rates. The upper tier of the EU, USA and China were all doing Really Great while their populations did not. They love the absolute power and control they see in China and lust for it here. Soros? He makes money off of degrading countries and trading their currency (and lately by various parasitic NGOs just straight out getting government grants). A globalist with socialist leanings (i.e. his Nazi training past) he too sees the benefit of it (for him…).

    Money & Power flowing away from We The People (of ALL the countries) and into the hands of just the few families at the top of the heap. I’ve seen Chinese “Deplorables” saying that the CCP is a crime family of 50 families suppressing and exploiting all the rest. I have no reason to doubt that. Africa, the Middle East, South Asia almost all just puppet States of one player or another being sucked dry of resources and money (Nigeria ought to be filthy rich on oil…). Similarly, though more slowly, South America. Occasionally there’s a revolution, one way or the other, but in the end, the money flows away. Where did all the oil money from Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, etc. go? The oil was pumped, but the money was not used to improve the countries. It went somewhere to someone. That is your “why”.

    That is why they spend so much effort to demonize Nationalism and Populist candidates. That is why they are so against Israel too. It isn’t about being Jewish, it’s about having a strong and independent national identity. That’s why such a big effort to flood the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, UK etc. with foreigners who have no connection to the language, culture or traditions. To break “we the people” into “we the warring factions” so controls will be demanded. That is why there are riots in the streets – to degrade unity and to get the people to demand an overarching force – which will be provided by the swamp.

    As to the Media Companies and Social Media engines: They can make a little money out of the 1/3 billion people in the USA or a whole lot out of the 8 billion on the planet. The attraction of Chinese money is very large (really global money laundered through China). Then, some executives get a nice business trip to China and either get a suitcase of money and / or a “Chinese Honey” provided. BUT the walls have cameras. Once pwned, they are now managed assets. How many politicians, CEOs, other C-officers, and even middle management are so pwned? We know it is done, and on an industrial scale. (Look at Epstein and how forcefully he was ‘defended’… at least until it was necessary to remove an excessive risk… Look at Hunter & Joe and the laptop from hell. Notice nobody has been arrested?)

    So you have a “show government” of show elections and window dressing courts with lots of pontificating and non-productive “elected officials”. Yet they never do anything to stop the flow of national riches to a very few well connected families and they never to anything to disrupt the “show”. Certainly never pull back the curtain on the corruption driving it. That was Trump’s big “sin”. He was showing the dirt and refusing to play along. The very LAST thing these folks can stand is a Moral and Honest person.

    As to We Deplorables actually doing anything about it: Does anyone really think that once Biden is sworn is a POTUS some group of yahoos in pickup trucks is going to cause Olympus to fall? Against all the forces arrayed against it and with the full backing of almost 1/2 the nation? (AND likely another 1/4 who voted for Trump but just want to get back to working and weekends on the beach…)

    No. Trump wins at the ballot box and in the courts, or The Swamp wins. Most people don’t care about much beyond what’s on TV. Consider that most internet bandwidth (at least a few years back when I last heard the number) is used for porn. Maybe by now more of it is TV… Most folks just care about sex, food, and play time. Everything else is an annoyance of some degree. From “barely acceptable” working to get money for the rest, to not acceptable so they quit.

  5. DonM says:

    All I can do now is hope that Biden can slog along on the fence, extending his 40 odd year run of not doing anything for another 26 months before he starts to gag on his drool; to such an extent that he goes into the care center with nurses and young visitors that he can sniff to his hearts desire (I have it on very good authority that the main reason Biden is soo terrified of WUFLU is that he has been told that he would loose his sense of smell….:)

    After 26 months Vice President huH can then take over (without a Senate or House) and ugly up the office for the next 24 months, spending her final time trying to understand why nobody wants her to be the next DIm candidate (or she spends her time futilely campaigning for 2024).

    Obama had 8 years (2 with both house and senate) to end the world and he couldn’t do it. Let us hope that president Bide & vice pres huH aren’t more efficient than Obama was.

  6. DonM says:

    China doesn’t always have to buy & own their lackeys. Pres Carter (although maybe pressed by ‘owned’ advisors) gave away the Panama canal amid (organized?) protests in Panama. Carter (being a dipshit) probably thought it was also the ‘right thing to do’ given the way we acquired rights to the canal.

    China has been doing this for a long time now. The entire world knew they could take advantage of Carter. The Panama canal was one of their biggest and earliest.

  7. philjourdan says:

    In November 2016, Trump claimed his campaign had been spied upon. The media all laughed, the democrats snorted with derision and great sport was had by all the simple minded.

    Flash forward to 2019 and the Mueller report. Guess what? His campaign was spied upon.

    Trump says he has hard evidence of voter fraud. With precincts in Milwaukee showing 100-200% voting rates, I think he does. And not just one or 2. Almost 70.

    Michigan – 120k Biden votes show up in the trunk of 3 cars over night. They have to be attached to a precinct. But then the monitors were kicked out. So where did they come from?

    Philadelphia – Same as Milwaukee. Precincts voting over 100% for Biden.

    An interesting statistic. Biden did worse than Hillary in every major city except 4. Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly, and Atlanta. That is called circumstantial evidence. Trump knows that, so he has more.

    The problem is, the cheaters mixed the real ballots in with the fraud ballots so it is going to be hard to separate them. What to do? SCOTUS will decide. They will decide the election by how they rule to deal with the fraud.

    Personally, I think they should negate the popular vote in the states that committed the fraud and send it to their legislatures to decide. And when the people scream, as I am sure they will, let them be told that it was not SCOTUS that disenfranchised them, it was the democrat party.

    Just a hope. SCOTUS will Decide. But I do not envy any of the justices. Roberts is a lost cause. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are the questions.

  8. billinoz says:

    E M , The USA has always had issues being a ‘real’ democratic country ever since 1782.
    It has always been, until the last 20-30 years a country run entirely by white men.
    As part of that power structure entire categories of native born people were excluded for multiple generations :
    Native American Indians,, Women and of course Black Americans.
    In other word the American democracy was corrupt OR it was not a democracy.

    And of course there is no national ‘American Electoral Commission’ to establish and maintain
    Standard operating procedures and rules for running elections or even enrolling voters.
    And there is no national body of full time employed dedicated trained electoral officials who who maintain the electoral rules and laws.
    And there is no National electoral roll of voters.
    ( We have all of these things here in Australia as well as compulsory voting. )
    And so there are manifold opportunities for local partisanship to influence who votes and how they vote and how the vote is counted.
    And that’s the way it’s always been.
    All the established power structures have used and abused this crooked system whether Republican or Democrat since 1782.

    The USA in order to establish it’s credentials as real democracy urgently needs to reform this crooked system. Perhaps it’s time for the USA to check out the Australian AEC and think about change towards a democracy ?
    But of course, that is highly unlikely as it would threaten the power bases of too many important people from both major parties.

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    Sorry Billinoz, but you have no idea of how the American election system works or has worked over the last 300 years. And America is NOT! a Democracy ! It is a Representative Republic. Representatives are selected in a democratic process that is supposed to follow requirements set in law by the legislatures before any election begins…pg

  10. YMMV says:

    No point in arguing what a democracy is. It’s just an idea. Never happens. Besides that it would be a bad idea. Dictatorship of the People and all that. It’s just a nice feel-good word. So we can take one day to vote our opinion, and all the other days someone else in power does whatever they want regardless. Even what we can vote on is all decided out of our control. But hey, it could be worse.

  11. billinoz says:

    @ P G Sharrow..Ummm ? I have studied the USA nearly all my 73 years. Going back to hearing about Mayor Daley of Chicago in the 1960’s and the assassination of JFK & then his brother and Martin Luther king. I’ve visited the USA 3 times and lived there for a while near Charlottesville Virginia. . I also have American friends and listen to what they say about their own nation. And with modern MSM we get bombed with news about the USA all day every day.
    So your claim about my ignorance is bull.

    Now what do I think as an Australian of the USA ?
    1 : I know that America is a very different ‘civilisation’ to Australia or the UK or anywhere in Europe. It is unique with it’s own ways of doing things and being. 3 : A key part of this is the extent of local ‘democratic’ control over local institutions like towns, the police, the judiciary, etc.
    2: Ever since the 1960’s i have heard, & read Americans claiming that their nation is a democracy, and that democracy is the great gift and feature of American civilisation to the rest of the world.
    3 : But this democracy is frankly very ‘primitive’. In almost all elections a candidate for office is elected because he/she got the ‘most’ votes. ( a plurality ) not a majority which means more than 50% of the vote. An example : Abraham Lincoln ( who I admire ) was elected president in 1860 with just 39% of the vote. Which means that 61% voted against him…Think about that. for a while please. Most democratic nations have moved on from this form of primitive democracy ( which the USA inherited from the UK ). They have forms of preferential voting or even proportional voting. or a mix of the two like here in Australia.
    4 : The USA also has it’s own way of ‘managing’ elections with each of the 52 states & Puerto Ricco has it’s own laws, regulations, local staff, local volunteers, local training processes, local equipment & technology. When a state is conducting it’s own elections, that’s probably OK. But when a national elections are happening, that is simply not good enough for a modern democracy. I stand by remarks which I made above. The USA needs it’s own American National Election Commission headed up, managed and staffed by people who are NOT beholden to local, or state power holders.
    5 : I read your claim that the USA is a ‘Representative Republic’ . Well I guess ancient Rome was one of those. So too is modern Russia. But do keep in mind the meaning of ‘Republic’ It comes from latin ‘Res Publica’ = That which belongs to the public. That is the people. Not some of the people. All of the people !

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    Umm, BillInOz:

    The USA is not a Democracy nor was it ever intended to be one:

    The US is a republic
    composed of 50 states, a number of territories, and a district, Washington D.C, which is also the country’s capital city

    We do vote to select our representatives in our Republic, but it IS a Republic, not a democracy.

    A Republic, if You Can Keep It . . .
    by James D. Best

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. In the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention, a lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy.” Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

    Our Constitution created a limited representative republic. A republic is different from a democracy. In a democracy, the majority can directly make laws, while in a republic, elected representatives make laws. Basically, in a pure democracy, the majority has unlimited power, whereas in a republic, a written constitution limits the majority and provides safeguards for the individual and minorities.

    Democracies are fundamentally unstable and fail with very poor minority rights (I.e. none). Constitutional Republics defend minority rights (however poorly) via their constitution and via Representatives who can prevent the 51% abusing the 49%.

    “Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what is for lunch.”

    Note that ancient Rome in its best days was a Republic with elected Senators. It became evil and fell after it became an empire with dictatorial Emperor.

    I also don’t care how the word was assembled so much as I care what it means now in English. The People do not make the laws, their Representatives do. (Supposedly constrained by constitutional limits and guarantees.)

  13. p.g.sharrow says:

    Billinoz, I think I have you beat, 8-) I’ve lived in the United States for 74 years and have studied it’s founding and evolution. I’ve even spent some time involved within the body politic of the Democratic Party. I know of all of it’s warts and what it has descended into it’s drive for pure democracy, MOB rule. As to an Election Commission that is not beholden to power holders. Good Luck with that! Corruption follows political power and that follows Money. A scourge even Australia has been cursed with…pg

  14. David A says:

    Alas Billinoz, your words indicate, despite your time in the US, that you do not understand the key aspect of what the constitutional republic represents, perhaps not surprising as most US citizens fail to comprehend the intent of the foundational principles which the USA was built on.

    In the simplest expression which I can express, our system is intended to protect individual inailienable rights from group power of any kind. Most specifically these rights were to be protected from group ” Government” power, and group ” religious” power.

    Had the architects of our republic foreseen the Robber Baron abuse of group corporate power, they would have included more specific writings to limit that form of tyranny, which today has merged into the multinational stranglehold of global fascism; larger international corporations circumventing individual rights, hand in hand with one world ideologues, preaching and implementing international government, weakening sovereign national systems, run by unelected burecrats. In classic fascism Government controls the subservient corporations. Today it is hard to say who is actually in control, the one world politicians, or the multinationals. Yet the effect is clear, erosion of the very individual rights to religion, property, free speech, free philosophy, free personal power such as gun rights, the right to be LEFT ALONE that the USA was designed to protect from group power over others.

    You see, the US wisely saw that power OVER others, is the basis of evil, of all crime. This LIMITATION of group power OVER others, was built into the individual rights, but also structured into state rights of soverighn protection from National government. Now the electoral college was a part of this structure, intending to protect small states from big states, smaller communities from larger communities, all the while limiting those group power structure from the ability to control individuals. And these protections are what protect individuals from all democracies no matter how varied. The European multi faceted, one might say fractured, representive constituencies, are mere pawns to the one world crowd and not protective if individual rights.

    And that my friend is why they relentlessly attack the foundational principles of the US. President Trump was protecting not just the US from the global government crowd, but all soverigh nations, thus he was creating alliances via bilateral and tri-lateral agreements with many nations. And he was winning, winning big. As he said, trillions are at stake. India, under a strong nationalist leader, loved him, and was exerting it’s soverighn power against the one world government crowd, as were many other nations, yet President Trump was their inspiration, and he received far more respect abroad, then he did from the statist within the US.

    What belongs to “the people” is individual rights, protection from group power, from the “necessary evil” of group power in any form.

    Now as to a national election commission, well in a manner I agree, but not if the likes of the leaders of the Democratic party create that structure. True, all elections, not just national elections, should be structured to prevent fraud, to protect citizens one vote, to ensure only citizens vote. Yet all such efforts have been labeled voter suppression, and as governments naturally attract those who crave group power OVER others, they only want elections they can control, they only want “democracy” they can limit and control. Democracy has been a false siren, used by statists to gain power. The USA republic was designed to protect individuals from “two wolves and a sheep” deciding what to eat for lunch, and from one world government deciding the same.

    The only thing that can possibly belong to “all the people” is individual liberty.

    As a side note, don’t give up on the master of the downside, our President Trump, his last remaining venue is the courts, and only that will force the one world government crowd to publicise the rampant voter fraud of the democratic statist.

    That man has sacrificed incredibly for this nation, and I will not surrender until he does. As he often says, “we shall see…”

  15. billinoz says:

    I see that no one yet has responded in any way to the main point of my comments. ..The need for American National Electoral Commission. Standing above day to day politics in the same way as your FBI or FAA, or Supreme Court do.
    Such a Commission would have the task of managing national elections according to USA law. – not by the whims, desires or vested interests of entrenched national, state or local pollies

    Oh and by the way, we also have compulsory voting here in Oz.Another aspect of our democratic civilisation. It’s an obligation of our citizenship. Around 99.8% of the citizens vote at each national or state election with full preferential voting for our House of Representatives & proportional voting for the senate.
    And If they don’t vote they will be arrested & jailed for a month ! Ummm !
    That’s a joke actually. They only cop a $50..00 fine. But citizens are free to show up and vote ‘informal’ as well by not voting for any of the above. And that’s OK.
    And all Australian elections are held on a Saturday when a large percentage of the population are not working and so have time to go to the polling booths. But we also have postal voting for anyone who asks for it via their AEC office.

    All in all, we are proud of our democracy. We made it and we own it. But it does make it rather easy to see the flaws in other countries ways of operating.
    PS : Back in 1999 we had a referendum to abolish the Queen as our head of state and replace her with an elected president, so that Australia would become a republic like your American one. We the people voted the change down comprehensively. We prefer to remain what are : Australians with our own political system and dare I say it, civilisation. IT felt very good to kick the pollies promoting the change in the pants. They deserved it.

  16. David A says:

    Billinoz, I responded to your point about a national commission on elections…

    Also if you followed the attempted removal of President Trump you would never say the FBI is above politics, my oh my, what a joke you tell.

    As to forcing people to vote, that is ludicrous.

    As to any attempt for Oz to become a republic LIKE THE US, was intended to be, I would like to see your evidence that this was attempted. ( I have my doubts as clearly you do not understand the foundational principles of the USA. Also as you responded to zero of the posts critical of your comment, I assume you agree with them.

  17. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    E. M.,
    The story of “A republic … if you can keep it”

    About 3 weeks ago I sought info on the web about this episode.
    I found an article that traced this statement NOT to the steps of Independence Hall, but rather to a gathering (party?) that evening and named the lady of the question.
    This doesn’t change the fact, but is a bit more interesting.

    I might be able to find that link again; or someone else might search.

  18. Nancy & John Hultquist says:


    Not being a constitutional scholar I will only guess that your idea of an American National Electoral Commission is unconstitutional. It would take power away from the individual states (of the Republic) and these are “rights” that the states have.

    See this:

    Currently, 38 states would have to agree to an amendment.

  19. billinoz says:

    @David, re ‘forcing people to vote, that is ludicrous.’ .
    I’m sure you agree that being a citizen entails some obligations as well as rights.
    Well here in Oz, turning up on polling day and voting ( even voting informal ) is one of our obligations as citizens just like jury duty or serving if needed in the armed forces at times. Not a big issue here..Just part of our Australian normal.
    @Nancy & John Hultquist.. I’m not a USA constitutional expert either.. So yes, the USA constitution could well be interpreted to prevent an American Electoral Commission..
    However as such an American Electoral Commission would only be involved in your Federal elections, and not state or local ones, I think the issue is open for discussion.

    NB : In Oz, there are separate national & state Electoral commissions with different staff and different offices. And our National, state & local elections take place on separate days….Tho’ the same places ( schools, local public halls, etc ) may be used by all of them.

    A general comment : I note that a major issue for US folks commenting about the presidential elections, is the integrity & honesty of the voting process. Here is Oz, that is exactly what our AEC is designed to ensure. And almost always it succeeds in this role. And so there are few occasions here when there is any need for the courts to be involved.

  20. philjourdan says:

    @PG Sharrow – how many times do we have to educate these people! Excellent post.

  21. philjourdan says:

    @Billin Oz – A right does not impose on others, so how would a “right to vote” penalize those that chose not to exercise it? An “obligation” is not a mandate. It is a strong suggestion, but still not a forceful dictate.

    As far as elections in the US, we have no National ones. We have State elections. State with a capital S. WHich means, sans a Constitutional Amendment, there is NOTHING the Federal government can do. Because unlike OZ, the USA is the United STATES of America. Which means 50 sovereign states agree to a central form of government. And at any time, they can tell those clowns to go to hell! But more importantly, their elections are their own. As long as they are legal. Congress cannot decide that. The president cannot decide that! But SCOTUS can since the Constitution says that all votes must be cast by election day. It does not say when they can start to be cast, only when they cannot be cast after.

  22. billinoz says:

    @Phil, I see you are still fighting the Civil war mate. Ohhhh well. It’s your country & your states.. How you will solve this problem of ensuring integrity and honesty in your national elections is an American problem. Maybe Trump’s loss in this election will make it a front & center issue for you all.
    Good luck !

  23. philjourdan says:

    @BillinOz. – NO way! No one contests that the election for president is a 50 State vote! Why are you being obtuse? Even the democrats are not contesting it! That is how they are stealing it!

    Read Pointman. He knows more about the US than most Americans. You still have not grasped the concept yet.

  24. John Robertson says:

    Well EM I remain hopeful.
    First, President Trump rightly saw this coming.
    Second, he is not a fool.
    Third,the Democrats have issued a fatwa against Trump,proclaiming they will use the power of government to destroy Donald Trump and his family.
    No mercy.

    Now if Edward Snowden was telling the truth,all the emails and electronic chatter between those who conspired to deny the citizens of the USA a fair,free and secret ballot,has been collected by the NSA.
    After 2018 the Trump administration knew how this fraud would play out,they really took no counter measures?
    And the fraud is so blatant it is almost unbelievable,I suspect the sheer number of citizens who turned out for Trump,caused the programmed vote stealing/vote creating software to produce the “amazing” turnout we are now seeing reported.

    Now my question.
    If sensible counter measures were taken,how long after the ballot closes do criminal charges get laid.
    How much rope/time do the fools need to be given before they are definitely committing criminal acts?
    For this fraud is a conspiracy and clearly carried out by enemies of the nation and constitution at home..
    Like I say,I am holding out some hope that action will follow for the consequences of this madness are really unthinkable.
    The Professional Parasites failed to understand the 2016 lesson,they have sought to destroy President Trump relentlessly..
    Their problem is this Trump is/was all that stood between them and some very enraged citizens.
    Who thankfully used the ballot box rather than the ammunition box.

    And now these idiots destroy all trust in the ballot box.

  25. billinoz says:

    @Phil, I find your attitude curious Phil. You seem to believe that you have a constitutional veto over this suggestion for an American Electoral Commission.
    Oh well. I’m sure that the folks who really count in your Congress, Senate and Supreme Court will think about it a bit.

    PS Here in Oz our states are sovereign states. Yet our High Court has never thought that our national electoral commission was beyond the constitution. I guess we are just different ehh ? despite the common language and also being a Federation.

  26. E.M.Smith says:


    Commissions, at least here, are where Political Hacks and their Cronies go to collect 6 figure salaries for showing up once a month (IFF a very active one) or once a year (if a plum one) to rubber stamp what the folks in charge want.

    They never ever accomplish anything of benefit to the People and never ever do anything against the will of the power players who control the parties.

    That LAST thing we need an an “Electoral Commission”. Well, a toothless one would just be a waste of about a dozen X $200,000 commissioner salaries + staff expenses. One with any actual power would also have included any damage they would do to benefit their political bosses and the benefactor class…

    There, I addressed your “commission” idea.

    Sidebar on Democracy:

    Originally, the President was not an elective office. The ONLY reason it is now something people vote for / against is because of the creeping spectre of Democracy (that is already known to be a bad system as was already known to be bad by the Greeks back in the B.C. times…)

    Our Constitution says:

    Article II
    Section 1
    The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows

    Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors,
    equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

    The President is a President of THE STATES and selected by THE STATES. Not the people of the States.

    The ONLY reason we have any presidential election is because the individual States had the bad idea that they ought to forego their right and duty and shove it off on The People as some kind of sop to “democracy”. It has not improved things.

    So, you can not have a “National Election Commission” for the President as it is NOT a National choice nor duty. It is a States Rights choice and a State duty (that is, the State Government, not the people of a State).

    We have this present Presidential Election mess entirely because idiots (or evil manipulators, or both) thought more “democracy” was a bright idea when it isn’t. It is an invitation to corruption, graft, fraud and so much more (as we are now experiencing).

    Yes, the “back room dealing” of the early years prior to States Legislatures passing laws to fob it off on The People; those were sometimes dodgy too. But at least it didn’t cost $Billions in election machinations AND disrupt every voter for months; all while being more prone to fraud and manipulation.

    So please, read some of our Constitution, a bit of the founding discussion about having power in the hands of The People and then The States and only last a tiny little prescribed amount delegated to the Nation.

    I know that, now, it’s a bit of a farce in that the Constitution is ignored far more than followed. (No paper money, only gold or silver. Any gun, any citizen, any time AND you can carry it around. NO Standing Army. Standing Navy OK… can’t build ships overnight.) The list goes on. The government we have to day is mostly in violation of our constitution. Period. (Heck, just the 10th: Any powers not EXPLICITLY stated as belonging to the Feds belong to the States or the People. You know, things like national speed limits, national smog limits on cars, national drug policies, national police force, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Ag., Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, EPA, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…. are ALL Unconstitutional.)

    But it would be good to at least take a look at what we are SUPPOSED to be doing before stating what we ought to be doing…

  27. YMMV says:

    Has Biden won the Nobel Prize yet?

    Too bad Australia is so hard to emigrate to …

  28. billinoz says:

    @ E M Smith, In Oz a National Commission is not ever a sweet seat to riches for doing nothing. rather it is a branch of the executive government, accountable to our head of state ( the Governor General ) for a specified and limited task. The AEC has the task of enrolling citizens on the electoral roll; maintaining the integrity of the electoral roll, ensuring that electorates have roughly equal number of voters and conducting the national elections .. The management & staff of the AEC are not permitted to have any political affiliations or make any public comment about political issues.

    I guess needing to explain this highlights what we each take for granted or assume and what we do not know.
    Today my lady & I went dancing tango ( Yes the pandemic has been eliminated here and life is getting back to normal :-) ) On the way down to Adelaide I was listening to the BBC world service being rebroadcast by our ABC on radio..
    The BBC interviewed a Republican electoral offical in Georgia State about the problems he had met there. Specifically he was talking about areas where Democrats had charge of the local government & were managing the election count. Republican party observers were denied the opportunity to scrutinise votes as they were . counted.

    I think we would all agree that this undermines the integrity of the whole voting process.

    But this is exactly what the Australian Electoral Commission exists to prevent happening. Here nobody in a political party or affiliated with one has any role in counting the vote. All electoral staff are employees of the AEC. But all candidates in an election have the right to appoint “Scrutineers” to scrutinise each vote as it is counted. There is a form which the candidate fills out naming the scrutineer(s) and signed by him. I’ve been a scrutineer a few times and never has the AEC denied scrutineers access to the votes being counted. There are rules governing this process. NO scrutineer can touch a ballot paper – ever ! If that happens the person is removed from the polling point and the count. A vote can be challenged but the decision on whether the challenge is upheld is made by the head AEC employed polling officer.

    Given the problems maintaining voting integrity, I suggest again that such a body would be an improvement on the existing models.

  29. H.R. says:

    @BillInOz re some sort of National Voting Bureaucracy – We could do that. But as pointed out earlier, it would take a Constitutional Amendment ratified by at least 38 States. That is a very high bar, particularly since such an Amendment would be asking States to give up their rights to control their own election process. It could take years and still never be adopted, if the States know what is good for them.

    The States have already ceded too much power to the Federal government. Some of that power was usurped by the Feds and the States didn’t put up a fight to prevent it.

  30. E.M.Smith says:


    Note that I am NOT criticizing anything at all about the ideal of a National Election Policing Board to assure standards and honesty. Nor am I saying anything about how well it might work in the Australian system.

    What I am doing is point out that there is no National election for POTUS.

    By our Constitution, there are 50 States than can (and have…) choose their electors for Their State in any way they wish. It could be an election, or simply a political appointment, or a vote of their Legislature, or delegated to their Governor to decide or any other process that State may chose for the selection of the electors to represent that State. Note that State Electors represent the interests of the States not those of the people. This is by design as a Republic, not a Democracy.

    Notice that at no time is this an expression of the will of the people in general. It is not designed to be that nor was it ever intended to be that. The purpose is to maintain States as independent of the Federal Government and give them control of Their President. (The USA is a government created by the States for the States, not for the people… that’s a point typically forgotten these days. Again, that Constitution thing…)

    Over time, various States, one by one, decided to “let their people decide” and instituted a voting process to chose the State Electors. IMHO this is a mistake, but it is what those States decided to do. AND, the State can run their election however they wish. (And they have at times excluded various persons by sex, race, history of crime, age, etc. etc.)

    Now, could one change that? Certainly. But, as H.R. pointed out, this is in our foundational document, the Constitution. You would need to give it an overhaul (and as pointed out, putting in more “democracy” leads to more instability and lower minority rights. Always has in all democracies across all time.) It also would remove power from the States and transfer it to the Federal Government (also never has done much good and has done much harm).

    So realize my resistance to your proposal of a National Elections Board for the USA rests on three major points.

    1) It is unconstitutional (at present) and would be nearly impossible to make constitutional (as all Constitutional Amendments are strongly resisted).

    2) POTUS as popular election result is “not a good idea” in that it reduces States Rights, empowers the few giant cities in the few biggest States, removes representation from the smaller States and from Rural populations.

    3) Increases potential for fraud (as you only need bugger a few high population count counties in the vote – as we are witnessing right now…)

    and a minor 4th point:

    4) US Government Commissions are way too many already and are largely treated as a way to reward supporters with lots of money for doing nothing while removing key decisions from both the Voters AND their representatives – usually buggering the voters in the process. While in theory this could be repaired, that depends on “Facts not in evidence”…

  31. YMMV says:

    @billinoz, “I think we would all agree that this undermines the integrity of the whole voting process.”

    Yes, we can agree on that. But here’s the rub. You can have a perfect constitution, a perfect set of laws, and everything … BUT if your culture is imperfect, it won’t help much. Human nature is imperfect. If there is a way to subvert the system, it will be subverted. It doesn’t matter if it is hacks on operating systems or voting systems. If there is something to be gained by cheating, there will be cheating.

    Depending on the culture. In some cultures, at least until recently, you could leave things unlocked. In others, doesn’t matter if you lock them or not, those things are gone.

    US used to be mostly good. Not anymore. Australia I assume is good and honest. (Although I believe from watching movies that there used to be a problem with the treatment of Aborigines). Past is past; whether is was good or bad. Now and the future is still of concern.

    I have huge concerns about the US. There is polarization, and it’s getting worse. It’s not just red states versus blue states, it’s all mixed together. So it’s more red communities versus blue communities. If it comes to a civil war, it will be ugly. Not saying there will be a civil war, but demonizing and trash-talking your enemy and character assassination, those things do not lead to peace and loving. Imagine? Not really. On one hand, things usually get by. On the other hand, except when they don’t. Like Ireland, like hundreds of civil wars. When there is no civility left.

    The problem is that there is nowhere to go. Canada is socialist; a kinder gentler socialist, but it’s too cold. Mexico? Not anymore. If you put together a list of safe places to go with a good climate and a good political culture, the list is very short. If you add in English speaking, the list is even shorter.

  32. billinoz says:

    Meanwhile here in Oz, life is going back to normal. Covid has been eliminated just about everywhere. Here in SA, no masks and we are are dancing tango again. Victoria has just had it’s 10th double doughnut day ! ( Double Doughut = zero new infections and zero deaths. ) Our borders are still closed with only Australians allowed to enter. And all of them do 14 days in a police supervised hotel quarantine 24/7. And each person is tested on day 3 and day 10.Nobody who tests positive is released from quarantine. They’ve gotta wait till they test negative. And about 5% of these folk are positive. So the quarantine system is preventing this disease re-entering Australia. And roughly 6500 Australians are flying home & entering quarantine each week. It’s capped at that to prevent the system becoming over loaded. It’s old fashioned but it works.

    Something else happened during the Covid lockdown here which has never happened before. The prime minister instituted a “National Cabinet” chaired by himself with the the Premier of each state & territory also attending. ( face to face at first, then online during the depth of the lcokdown ) The idea was to try & establish a national approach. Largely that worked. But nowhere in our constitution is such a thing mentioned or even allowed.

    I guess here in Australia, when important, we ‘do what works’ rather than being hog tied by what a bunch of people wrote back in the past. I’m sure that lawyers will have a lawyers gold digging field day picnic later on about that ‘National Cabinet’ process, But I’ll let you in on a . secret. Lawyers ( with few exceptions ) are not really respected and admired here. They’re just hired hacks !

  33. JP Miller says:

    BillInOz imagines that a National Election Commission would be above partisanship or corruption. Not likely. And he does not really understand the US as a Republic of States, rather than as a representative democracy. Finally, the most fundamental idea about government that Americans had at the founding—and which some, but not enough, understand today—is that government IS NOT an entity that “does things” for people.

    Government is a necessary evil—that’s what the Founders believed—that should be as limited in its powers as possible. The Founders saw overwhelming evidence in history and in human nature to make that viewpoint well-grounded and a never-before-implemented approach to designing government. Their view of a Federal (NOT “national”) government was that it should do only TWO things: (1) act as a mechanism to protect the States from foreign intrusion, (2) be a super-ordinate entity to ensure civil interaction among the States.

    As the Founders believed sadly inevitable was that any government strong enough to do those two things would likely grow in power and, by definition then, grow in oppression. Americans understood that the affairs of each citizen would be best conducted by that citizen with as little intrusion as possible by a Federal government.

    Sadly, there are two many in the US and the world who believe that government (i.e., the legitimate use of force) should be a mechanism to get people to do “what they should do.” In times past many countries had such a government in the name of religion. I had thought modern western civilization had learned that governments invested with ANY ideology (religious or civil) were a bad idea and should be avoided. But, the urge within humans to control others to make themselves better off emotionally or economically is deep and difficult to overcome.

  34. billinoz says:

    Times change.
    The world changes.
    What the USA Founding Fathers believed in the 1780’s may be now inadequate for the world as it is now.
    And the nature of the USA as a state has changed a lot over the past 240 odd years in line with the expectations and wishes of the American people.
    That’s normal.
    Opposing such changes reminds me of King Canute in 1005, being told he could stop the tides. :-)

  35. E.M.Smith says:

    Not opposing. Recognizing that the Constitution has been IGNORED instead of Amended as per legal procedure.

    You either believe in the rule of law and due process, or you accept that might makes right and the ends let you ignore law. (And get the crap we have in this election)

  36. philjourdan says:

    @BillinOz – You seem to have a reading comprehension problem. Where did I talk about a veto over some mythical organization? There is NO American Electoral commission! There are 50 State elections for electors. Period. What part of that do you not understand?

    And no, in Oz, nothing is sovereign. Not your states, not your nation. The queen can overrule your entire populace in a New York Minute. And did in the 70s.

  37. philjourdan says:

    @EM – And why i have continually said that Pointman understands more about American Politics than most Americans. And apparently most Ozians.

  38. philjourdan says:

    @Billinoz – Covid has not been eliminated anywhere, especially not in Oz as we have seen. It has been slowed. But a hurricane traveling at 40 mph gets to you faster than a hurricane traveling at 15mph, but guess what? They both get to you.

    YOU will get it or you will get a vaccine.

    Your logic is flawed.

  39. philjourdan says:

    @Billinoz – times do change, but not ideas. You confuse time with ideas. The ideas that created the US still exist. You have yet to understand them. A shame, since part of your history is based on those ideas. Now corrupted by ignorance.

  40. JP Miller says:

    E.M. is exactly right about amending the Constitution if it does not work for current and likely future circumstances. However, it seems BillInOz has not read the Renaissance thinkers such as Locke, Bentham, Burke, and others as well as the writings of Paine, Madison, Adams, Hamilton, Franklin, etc. Their thinking was based on a deep and explicitly-referenced understanding of history back to ancient times, including governments, religions, social customs, and, most of all, on a deep and explicitly stated understanding of who we are as human beings—which does not change over centuries irrespective of technology or societal structures or norms.

    To say “times change” and what people thought regarding the purpose of government to humanity’s needs in 1780 might not be relevant to today is be be ignorant of history and the nature of humankind. BillInOz’s thinking comes across as deficient in a well-grounded understanding of the nature of the “American experiment.” At a minimum, he should read The Federalist and the Anti-Federalist papers, the Constitution itself, and then de Tocqueville. With that as background he would be in a better position to opine on how we should conduct our elections or whether our Constitution is relevant to our world today. We are a nation of laws, not of the expediency of those who have power and think they “know better,” whether they do or not.

    Where BillInOz and I do agree (I presume) is the current US Presidential election has been deeply flawed and open to fraud, flagrant and subtle, due to the massive mail-in ballot and counting procedures adopted by some States.

    Let me offer a hypothetical. Imagine Democrat “get out the vote” people knock on tens of thousands of doors, especially of those who would not typically vote. Imagine they have ballots with them or have those people hold onto the ballots mailed to them. Imagine those get-out-the-vote people strongly encourage those voters to vote a certain way and tell them they’ll even deliver their vote safely. Even if there were no inducement involved (although there might well be), would such “vote harvesting” be fraudulent or not? Could that explain how certain groups of 25,000 ballots were 100% for Biden? Could that explain how certain districts had a 90% turnout when they rarely went above 40% in the past? Fair dinkum or not?

    Again, the above is hypothetical, but I would not be surprised if something like that happened in more than a few places with many 10’s of thousands of votes involved.

    Still, I would not favor a federal voting commission even if it were Constitutional. States have the sole right and responsibility to run elections. If fraudulent activity occurs, then lawsuits (or criminal investigations) are the mechanism to sort any problems out. The big problem in this situation is there is so little time to investigate to get the evidence needed to have a court invalidate votes that do not meet legal requirements.

    We may have to live with this mess this time around. Let’s hope there’s enough pressure to put in place sensible voting procedures in the future. Note that vote counting in the State of Florida was a disaster in 2000 (hanging chads and all that). This year the State of Florida was a model of propriety and efficiency in how votes were cast and counted.

  41. billinoz says:

    @Phil, I have the right to read here what I choose to read. I refused to be bullied into being like you or being American in my perspective. ( Though I doubt that many Americans would actually agree with you. But I’ll leave that for the future to work out. ) .

    But you spread misinformation when you write” And no, in Oz, nothing is sovereign. Not your states, not your nation. The queen can overrule your entire populace in a New York Minute. And did in the 70s.”

    Now that really does betray your ignorance of Australia. What you write is completely wrong mate. And did not happen. And has not happened since WW1. On that occasion in 1917m the Brits wanted to shoot some Australian soldiers ( entire battalions ) who went on strike against the British Command’s orders. The Australian government forbade the Brit’s ever doing it. Told them to go jump. In fact told them to “F#ck off” . The issue was solved by Australians our way.

    But you may be referring to the ‘Dismissal affair’ of 1975 hen our Prime Minister was dismissed from office because he could not get the national budget approved by the Senate.
    Yes then a government has to be able to ensure that funds are available for the government operations. to continue in government.

    And who dismissed this PM ? Not the Queen in London. But the local GG, the head of state at the time. A bloke called John Kerr. And following that dismissal national elections were called and new democratic government was elected 5 weeks later which could get it’s budget bills passed. As a courtesy the Queen in London was informed by letter.

    It was not a happy time politically. But that was the way it was. Afterwards in the 1980’s the law was changed so that the Senate lost the legal power to block supply or budget bills. We did that without any constitutional changes.
    We just did it what worked – being pragmatic I guess is a highly prized Australian virtue. It must drive some folks a bit balmy.

  42. philjourdan says:

    @Billinoz – I do not need your patronizing. I have the facts. To wit:

    The 1975 Australian constitutional crisis, also known simply as the Dismissal, has been described as the greatest political and constitutional crisis in Australian history. It culminated on 11 November 1975 with the dismissal from office of the Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), by Governor-General Sir John Kerr, who then commissioned the Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Fraser of the Liberal Party, as caretaker Prime Minister.

    I rest my case. Try a better lie in the future, You are not sovereign. You can be, and have been, overruled. By law.

  43. philjourdan says:

    The CG serves at the pleasure of the queen. He is not elected. He is appointed. Your over ruling authority is appointed by a foreign power. That makes you subject to the foreign power and not sovereign. By definition.

    Read Pointman. He knows far more than you do.

  44. E.M.Smith says:

    Please, Bill & Phil, both of you cool your jets a little.

    First off, HM The Queen is NOT a “Foreign Power”. The Queen of Australia is a separate power, and Australian.

    Australia IS a Monarchy and H.M. has the final authority (though it is rarely to never used without alignment with the people, as any sane Monarch would tend…)

    The monarch of Australia is the same person as the monarch of the 15 other Commonwealth realms within the 53-member Commonwealth of Nations; however, each realm is independent of the others, with the monarchy having a separate character in each.[9][10] Effective with the Australia Act 1986, no British government can advise the monarch on any matters pertinent to Australia.
    Head of state

    Key features of Australia’s system of government include its basis on a combination of “written” and “unwritten rules”, and its heads of state, comprising the Sovereign and the State Governors, and the Governor-General. The constitution does not mention the term “head of state”. The Constitution defines the Governor-General as the monarch’s representative. According to the Australian Parliamentary Library, Australia’s head of state is the monarch, and its head of government is the prime minister, with powers limited by both law and convention for government to be carried on democratically. The federal constitution provides that the monarch is part of the Parliament and is empowered to appoint the Governor-General as the monarch’s representative, while the executive power of the Commonwealth which is vested in the monarch is exercisable by the Governor-General as the monarch’s representative. The few functions which the monarch does perform (such as appointing the Governor-General) are done on advice from the prime minister.
    All laws in Australia, except in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Legislative Assembly, are enacted only with the granting of Royal Assent, done by the Governor-General, relevant state governor, or Administrator in the case of the Northern Territory (NT), with the Great Seal of Australia or the appropriate state or territory seal. Laws passed by the ACT and NT legislatures, unlike their state counterparts, are subject to the oversight of the government of Australia and can be disallowed by the Australian Parliament. The Governor-General may reserve a bill “for the Queen’s pleasure”; that is withhold his consent to the bill and present it to the sovereign for her personal decision. Under the constitution, the sovereign also has the power to disallow a bill within one year of the Governor-General having granted Royal Assent. This power, however, has never been used.

    So Same Queen but a Different Monarchy.

    Britain has NO authority in Australia, but the Australian Queen does. Just as she does as the British Queen in one of her other roles / countries…

    So yes, H.M. has authorities and powers in Her Kingdom of Australia, but NO, Britain has no authorities nor powers there. That the Australian Queen rarely exercises those powers but delegates them to the appointed representative of the sovereign does not eliminate their existence.

    So YES, something in Australia IS sovereign. H.M. Queen Of Australia.


    The sovereign’s Australian title is currently Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.

    Prior to 1953, the title had simply been the same as that in the United Kingdom. A change in the title resulted from occasional discussion and an eventual meeting of Commonwealth representatives in London in December 1952, at which Canada’s preferred format for the monarch’s title was Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of [Realm] and of Her other realms and territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.[16] Australia, however, wished to have the United Kingdom mentioned as well.[17] Thus, the resolution was a title that included the United Kingdom but, for the first time, also separately mentioned Australia and the other Commonwealth realms. The passage of a new Royal Style and Titles Act by the Parliament of Australia put these recommendations into law.[18]

    It was proposed by the Cabinet headed by Gough Whitlam that the title be amended to “denote the precedence of Australia, the equality of the United Kingdom and each other sovereign nation under the Crown, and the separation of Church and State.” A new Royal Titles and Styles Bill that removed specific reference to the monarch’s role as Queen of the United Kingdom was passed by the federal parliament, but the Governor-General, Sir Paul Hasluck, reserved Royal Assent “for Her Majesty’s pleasure” (similarly to Governor-General Sir William McKell’s actions with the 1953 Royal Titles and Styles Bill). Queen Elizabeth II signed her assent at Government House, Canberra, on 19 October 1973.

  45. p.g.sharrow says:

    It is about time “HRH Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of [Realm] and of Her other realms and territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith” drag the United Kingdom out from under the tender mercies of the EUs bureaucrats and regain it’s position among the Commonwealth of Nations. and most valued ally of the United States of America. 8-)

  46. Another Ian says:

    ““World Know Trump Won” ”

    “The first 40 minutes of this is brilliant:”

  47. Another Ian says:


    The US system has some borrowings from the Oz electoral system.

    In a library trawl a long time ago (and politics wasn’t the main subject of that!) I met a book whose title suggested ours had been influenced by yours. Which would have been news to me, so I read it enough to find that it was the other way.

    No way I can remember the title and I can’t spring a DDG search that points anywhere near it.

    A rising memory rust flake suggests somewhere about 1927 but that would be FWIW at best.

  48. billinoz says:

    @ EM Happy to cool things down. A courteous discussion is always my preference. And thanks for the Oz constitutional clarifications…. However I want to add this simple comment : The Queen while being the Monarch of Australia and thus sovereign, has never exercised any sovereign power over Australia. ( Neither has she over the UK) This I recognise is all slightly queer to folks from other lands and ideas, but we in Oz are comfortable with it.

    Something else odd about our constitution : Our head of government is the Prime Minister ( PM ) But office and title of the Prime Minister is not mentioned in the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. The constitution just says the GG will take advice from his “Executive Council” and that members of the executive council must be members of the Parliament. Again I recognise this is odd. But like in the UK there are a whole set of unwritten constitutional rules operating in Australia…

    @ Another Ian, I read recently that the ‘secret ballot’ was first introduced in the Australian self governing ‘colonies’ in the 1870’s. And later on when this was taken up in some states of the USA later on, it was called the “Australian Ballet” and met considerable opposition is some places and states of the USA.

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