A Know-Do Resistance Model

I’ve been simmering a bit about the way Illegitimate Biden is lined up to steal the election via a gaggle of conspirators committing frauds of various sorts.

What bothers me is just “What the heck can I do about it?” and the answer of “not much”.

Well, having simmered for a while, I’ve settled on a model for actions. None of them particularly important nor will they change much. But they will make me feel better.

I see this model as “What do I know? Based on that, what to do?” Or “know-do”.

This will be a “seed” listing of ideas. I expect it to grow over time and I expect other folks will come up with more than I have. So here goes.

I know Biden is illegitimate. So never refer to him as POTUS. Use terms like “Illegitimate Biden”, Usurper Biden. Mr. Biden the Fraud In Office. Vote Thieving Biden. And, since we know China owns him: China Joe.

I know he was supported in this endeavor by the DNC. So never vote for ANY Democrat at any time (with a possible exception of voting in a primary to have the most lousy Democrat be the candidate for actual office- crossover voting). Contribute to any opposition who might replace a Democrat. Refer to the DNC and Democrats in general as “The Vote Stealing Party” or “Demonstrably No Conscience” or “Party of corruption”.

I know that The Media were 100% for Joe, knowing he was a Manchurian Candidate (in all senses of the phrase…). So cancel any subscriptions. Do not use their product. Do not quote their pages. Any time they are cited by others, say something like “Why are you quoting a paper / media that indulged the Fraud of China Joe?”

I know that China owns Illegitimate Biden, and that he is their puppet. They are supporting this soft coup via buckets of money, bribery, and blackmail (as demonstrated in several reports of how the CCP works). So, I will buy NO products from China. I will not buy products from companies OWNED by China (so no Smithfield Pork products…). I will ask why China has any representation in places such as Colleges. I’ll not support any school, even my Alma Mater, if they have a Chinese sponsored agency such as a Confucius Institute. Further, any company that kowtows to China does not get my business. (NFL / NBA / etc. included. Be American, or be Chinese, but don’t expect ME to indulge your groveling on the floor and licking BLM Communist boots.) I’m choosing up sides, and you can be on the American Side, or you can have China greasing you up for a good ride… but not both.

I know there’s a Globalist Agenda mixed in with the China angle. Therefor I’ll be opposing all things Globalist. You can forget about me buying your cars if you care a whole lot more about making China happy than doing what’s right. So all those German makers who just LOVE China? Not buying it. I’ve bought my last Mercedes (new or used). I’m also not interested if you are sucking up to the Radical Left Green Agenda as it is part of the same load of horse pucky. So, FORD, forget about it. Just not going to buy one ever. You have embraced the “All Electric California” that China and the Globalists want, so you have said you don’t want me. Rinse and repeat.

That last one has a whole lot of players involved and it is likely to take a lot of effort to keep up on who’s a traitor to America and who isn’t. OTOH, if they are loved and endorsed by The Media and / or Hollywood, well, that’s a pretty good tell.

Speaking of which: Hollywood, you are dead to me. Period full stop. We know you were 100% in the bag for Illegitimate Biden. So: No movies. No DVDs. No nothin’. Now I know it will be rather hard to avoid ALL things Hollywood, but some are easy. First off, just do not visit LA or Hollywood. Kill that tourism stop. Cut out all movies in theaters. (Pretty easy as I’ve mostly done that already). Then just don’t buy DVDs or their electronic subscription analogs.

Last will come TV. Now there, I’ve already made a pretty good cut. There’s LOTS of media that isn’t “pro” out there. But, at least for a little while, I expect keeping TV around will be necessary. So just figure on watching a lot of OLD movies and RERUNS from classical times. Spike anything from the new genre and the last, oh, 5+ years. Do allow yourself enough exceptions that you can stick to it, though. For me, that will be my once a week masochism date with Star Trek Disaster, er, Discovery. Why? Because I said I’d watch every single Trek. So OK, I’ll watch it. ONCE per episode. (Frankly more than that is too painful… it’s really horrid. Then again, I like train wrecks…) No Golden Globes. No Emmies. etc.

Similarly the Silicon Valley Mob. Use DuckDuckGo, not google for search. Just leave Twitter and Facebook (what good are they anyway?). The hard one for me will be dumping YouTube. To the extent I can find what I want at the alternatives, I’ll go there first. So even if not a 100% avoidance, it can still be a partial and beneficial. Besides, many of the folks I watch on YouTube are demonetized anyway so no ads and no money to Google. (Google foot, meet own demonetizing gun…)

ANY proposal put forward by the Illegitimate Biden Admin is to be talked down. Refuse to endorse it. Call it illegitimate and crap. At every turn, make it as bad news moment. Encourage folks NOT to enlist in the military (why be cannon fodder for China Joe as he restarts Globalist Wars Of Aggression?). Encourage law suits to block actions. Give money to folks like Project Veritas. You get the idea… sand in the gears time.

We know the same folks are behind Globalist Treaties and Gang Green Crap. Resist both at all points possible. Support those who also resist. I’ll be keeping and driving my old Gasoline and Diesel cars, thank you very much. IF you end up with a Global Trade Deal that you don’t like, do not buy the foreign products that come in under it. Just walk away.

Do sign up for any Government Free-bee you can get. Run them into the cash shortage ditch faster and get the whole thing over faster. They want to hand out “stuff for votes”, then take the stuff and don’t give them the vote.

I’m sure there’s a whole lot more, but you get the idea. They want to do the “lets all make nice now that it’s over” and the answer is to just ignore them and go your own way. Make nice? With criminals? What are they thinking?! So put your money, your time, and your media diet on things from the Right Side and not the corrupt Chinese Left.

I’m just going to keep my eyes open, see wherever The Usual Suspects are showing up, working, advocating for things; and just do something else instead. Oh, “And the Truth shall set you free.” so make sure to speak Truth to the evil when confronted. I’m pretty sure we’re all going to get a dose of Cancel Culture and the best you can do is just call it out by name and speak the truth at it. Call it the Chinese Social Credit Score un-American crap and just say no to it.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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89 Responses to A Know-Do Resistance Model

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    White House press conference. Actual speaking starts at about 25:30 and covers some interesting aspects of the fraud that I’d not known had gone on…

  2. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I made three comments starting with this one that might cheer you up.


    As you just found out, there’s more going on than you know.

    BTW, Kayleigh’s press conference was running during Neil Cavuto’s show (FOX) and when started in on fraud and what actions Trump was taking, they cut away from the press conference.

    You are being played, E.M. FUD is being thrown at you from every source possible.

    Biden is nowhere near being ‘President Elect’. First official chance for that – Biden or Trump – is December 12th when the Electoral College meets.

    That said, the Deep State may still pull off the ‘The Steal’ via a corrupt judiciary, so this is very much a useful thread for a a bunch of aging, but treacherous old codgers to put our knowledge and wisdom to work for some good.

    Assuming Trumps is successful, it’s also a useful thread for ideas that can be used now and in the future to negate GEB machinations.

  3. SolePublic says:

    Instead of POTUS, call him Commander in Thief

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Man! Love that Commander In Thief!

  5. rogercaiazza says:

    When I went in to buy a TV last month I said I did not want to consider anything made in China. The clerk mis-understood and thought I did not want anything from Asia. Made me wonder – what about Viet Nam. Initial impression that hate the CCP too so they get my business if I cannot find an american made brand

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, with major Japanese makers pulling out of China and many moving to Viet Nam, there’s more choices… Also Indonesia on some devices (like phones).

    Also Samsung closed their last China plant, so likely S.Korean made available too.

  7. philjourdan says:

    DAMN! SolePublic! You beat me to it! But I cannot claim authorship, I did read it on another site. Perhaps one of SolePublic’s comments.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    If anyone complains at you for using it, you just blow up at them with a tirade about them being “Ablist” and a bigot… all while listhping heviwy… ;-)

  9. Clyde says:

    I still use YouTube, but I’ve got ad-blockers so they get no ad revenue. This is a double-whammy to them… I’m using their bandwidth which costs them money, but I see no on-page or in-video ads, so they get no revenue from those ads.

    If everyone did this, YouTube would quickly close its doors. ;-)

    Rumble.com is an alternative… free speech video site similar to YouTube.

  10. Clyde says:

    Oh, BTW… it’s now been publicly revealed that a Deep State software program known as ‘Scorecard’ operated alongside the ‘Dominion’ vote-tallying software to flip votes from Trump to Biden while in-transit, making the fraud nearly imperceptible. Strange that major shareholders of Dominion are higher-up Democrats, eh?

    This isn’t the first time this software was used in a US election… it was used in the last election, as well. Remember the video of Bill Clinton bouncing with glee while standing in front of Hiitlery, backstage at the Javitz Center? He’d just been informed that while Hitlery was falling behind, the Deep State were flipping votes and she’d be sure to win.

    Then the whitehat hackers swooped in, neutered the Scorecard software and locked the Deep State operatives out of their own computers. Hitlery found out about this, freaked out, attacked Robbie Mook while demanding that he “Fix this sh*t now!!”, then she started drinking and attacking the furniture. She had to be sedated by that doctor that followed her around with an injection pen (remember him?). That’s why John Podesta had to go on-stage at the end of the night to address the crowd. Hitlery was so out of it by then due to the combination of booze and sedatives that she had to be drag-carried to her limousine. LOL

    That’s why she looked so haggard in the days after the election. She was *so* *sure* that she’d had that election stolen, and it broke her brain that she lost. LOL

    I guess this time, the Deep State improved security such that the whitehats couldn’t get in. I don’t know, I didn’t participate this time.

  11. Serioso says:

    If you actually believe the nonsense you have written above, it puts in doubt everything you have ever written and is a stain on your character and intelligence.. The only way that Trump can win is if he bribes sufficient numbers of the Electoral College membership, and even then the Supreme Court — his supreme Court — is likely to overturn the Electoral College vote on grounds of fraud. Your response to Trump’s defeat is childish. Biden won, fair and square, and one should believe that until there is compelling evidence to the cry.ontra

  12. philjourdan says:

    No Sorioso, if you do not trust your own eyes, that is your problem. NO one has said SCOTUS is going to over turn the EC. That is your lie. The EC has not been elected yet. There are law suits pending that may negate illegal ballots cast, and recounts that will reverse the winner.

    In short, SCOTUS will uphold the law. And the recounts will validate the winner. And then the prosecutions for fraud will begin.

  13. Serioso says:

    If you believe the nonsense you have written above, it puts in doubt everything you have ever written and is a stain on your character and intelligence.. The only way that Trump can win is if he bribes sufficient numbers of the Electoral College membership, and even then the Supreme Court — his supreme Court — is likely to overturn the Electoral College vote on grounds of fraud. Your response to Trump’s defeat is childish. Biden won, fair and square, and one should believe that until there is compelling evidence to the contrary.

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah, Serioso resurfaces to do the usual “propaganda spin by slur”. Never any facts presented, only slander. Got it.

    First off, the “nonsense” is backed by fact and evidence. OBVIOUS fact and evidence. I’m not going to bother belaboring it all here, but just for STARTERS: Joe bragged on video that he was Blackmailing the Ukraine government to save Hunter. Hunter is KNOWN to have at least $1.5 Billion of China Cash to farm fees off of. Not to mention the other deals and lucre. So, yes, Illegitimate Biden is clearly a Chinese Asset.

    Kamala was ranked near the lowest possible by the Democrat Voters in the primary. She insulted China Joe incredibly. Her being “his pick” for VP is a bad joke. The DNC has fully rigged the whole primary system. Oh, and Kamala’s Hubby is a lawyer for China. She’s bought and paid for too, indirectly, but is no doubt playing for the bigger bucks of being Dementia Biden’s handler. The DNC by simple observation is NOT a party of the Democrat Voters, it is a controlled entity working against America visible by its actions and selections.

    The litany of “vote steal” techniques demonstrated as in play is large AND clear. “Glitch” my ass. It was a last minute software push to install a vote steal routine. And they have been caught at it. I’ll not detail all the others, but there’s plenty of evidence (from non-random skew in Benford’s Law tests to hundreds of thousands of “All For China Joe” ballots showing up at 4 AM and observers blocked from doing their legal right – observe.)

    Then you jump to one of your favored techniques. The non-sequitur. You assert that an error (should one exist) in one statement causes all others to be bogus. By that logic ALL of Science is bogus as it all starts with statements that are in error, then tested and refined. Further, it ignores variations in expertise. When someone like George Clooney spouts stupidity about how great China Joe will be, I know he’s daft on reality of politics and corruption; but that doesn’t mean he can’t pretend well and act a role. Error in one is not error in all. But it’s a moot point as the premise is not in error: Joe is as corrupt as they come and owned by China. Just look at the policy proposals and you will see a China Wet Dream.

    Per the Long Green New Steal being a fraud: Just look at the rules. USA to pony up $200 BILLION a year to the UN that’s pwned by China & The Globalists while China gets a fossil fuel free ride. (And if you think China has not pwned the UN, check out the W.H.O. action…) So again, facts in evidence on my side. Slur and hot air on yours.

    Much of the rest written is my choice as to how I will comport myself with respect to the fraud and fraudsters. You may not like my choice, but it is mine to make. It can not be a ‘wrong choice’ as it is the one I want to make me happy.

    They you pull a real biden with that “bribe electors”. The electors have no real power in this. They are told who they will vote for. Bribing them does nothing.

    What Trump IS doing is using his legal rights to challenge the fraud. AND he is finding it AND he is getting illegal votes removed. The only question is will it be enough in time to restore legality and honesty to the vote. There’s a VERY clear path. Something like 400k illegal votes (by clear reading of the law that says votes must be observed or they are illegal and Pa. ejected the observers) and not nearly that many needed to flip Pa. properly to Trump. Then recounting without the Biden Diddle Software will flip another State or 2.

    Then once again, back to the “insult to the person”. My response is not childish. It is a considered refusal to support parasites sucking my resources to use against me. Why support Hollywierd Playactors with money when they hate me and work against me? It really is that simple. Just stop giving money to your enemy.

    As per Usurper Joe “winning” and any fair in it: No way. I thought they had to be working a fix from the point where he stopped holding his non-rallies. The momentum for Trump was incredible. The only reason to pack it in was that they knew it was in the bag via the diddle. Trump (even with the vote flipping software and ‘lost’ ballots) got something like 5 Million MORE votes. Then the counting was stopped in a few key States where he clearly was winning. Dead of night, the numbers shifted dramatically (600,000 in Pa.). That’s just crazy obvious fraud.

    So, to summarize: Ballots by the 100K lots all for China Joe showing up in the middle AM with observers ejected. Software that vote flips to Biden. Differential rules in heavily Democrat vs Republican counties. Postal workers told to back date piles of ballots. Signature checking skipped. etc. etc. That’s your idea of “fair and square”. I pity you.

    So there’s lots of evidence to the contrary. (Or is that “cry.ontra”? or did your last software update have a “glitch” in it too?…)

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and just a small reminder:

    I’ve done Computer Forensics for a living. I’m a professional software and computer guy. I’ve caught criminals. I know this stuff.

    Yes, the logical fallacy of appeal to authority (or expertise). But it does matter. There is a sense you develop for what is normal and what is wrong (and in which direction and pointing at whom…) Then comes the hard grind of proving it up, or proving it was someone else / some way else.

    Right now, I’d give about 99.999% odds that it was an orchestrated Big Steal. Just too many things all lining up one way. Accidents are more random distribution. Distributed independent causality has several nodes. Honest elections don’t have these kinds of events and patterns. What fits the available data is The Big Steal, coordinated. And the proving up stage is being fruitful…

  16. Pouncer says:

    For me the most interesting thing is how many Biden ballots contained no votes for Democratic Senators or Congress-critters. Some localities elected GOP newcomers to congress while, apparently, preferring Biden to the GOP standard bearer.

    Are those Biden voters (stipulating for the nonce they exist and are really citizens of the local jurisdiction conducting the election) SO ignorant they don’t know the President needs support among the legislative offices? Do such ignorant voters really contribute to any “mandate” for ANY policy? Does Biden have no leadership ability to bring unity to the general process– even among those who marked his name?

  17. Pouncer says:

    Revoking the stipulation about citizens honestly voting, now…

    Again, only for myself, it’s not so much about “stealing” or “fraud” but changing the rules DURING THE GAME. That’s meta-wrong. There are some stupid rules out there. For example: Voting with machines that only record results to memory cards or thumb drives — no paper trail. Same day voter “registration”. Dumb, and prone to abuse. But those are the rules. Okay, fine.

    But court ordered changes to legislatively created processes that, for instance, allow mail in ballots to come in and be counted AFTER the first results are reported? That just WRONG. Local level direction to clerks to sign forms as “witnesses” for ballots that lack such witness signatures. WRONG. Even if the voter is legit, the process has been so violated (and again, by intent to affect the count-in-progress) that the result is meaningless by any comparison to other modern elections.

  18. philjourdan says:

    LOL!!!! you know you how I got you Sorioso? You wasted no time in going to the ad hominem. You did not even refute a single statement I made. Instead you just resorted to infantile insults.

    Which means you are scared. Scared that what has been written may come to pass.

    I love the smell of fear in liberals! LOL

  19. philjourdan says:

    Oh, BTW Sorioso, you parrot the fake news. They are confusing proof with evidence. There is overwhelming evidence (unlike Russia), but no proof.

    Proof is watching a guy shoot another dead. Evidence is finding dead body still warm, and seeing someone running away with a smoking gun. Upon apprehension, and finding powder residue on the suspects hands and then matching the ballistics of the slug from the corpse and the gun taken from the suspect.

    We got the gun, now we just need to get the slug from the corpse.

    Words mean things. Evidence is not proof. There is plenty of evidence, There is no proof. But the law does not require proof. It requires evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    That was interesting. I’d not thought about the homogenizing effect of the postal system before ;-)

  21. Serioso says:

    “Right now, I’d give about 99.999% odds that it was an orchestrated Big Steal. Just too many things all lining up one way. Accidents are more random distribution. Distributed independent causality has several nodes. Honest elections don’t have these kinds of events and patterns. What fits the available data is The Big Steal, coordinated. And the proving up stage is being fruitful…

    Wow, them’s pretty good odds. How ’bout I put up a dime bet against your million dollars just on the Georgia election, where they are doing a HAND COUNT! Tell me how you cheat on a hand re-count. (Or is your “99.999% odds” mere puffery, the sort of exaggeration that you allowTrump (but evidently no one else)

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Please, Serioso, get a grip.

    The HAND COUNT is in the FUTURE.
    The BIG STEAL is in the PAST.

    Assertion about the odds that an event happened in the past are not statements about an event in the future.

    And saying I’d put the odds or probability of an event at some value is NOT a statement that I intend to become a bookie and keep book.

    The HAND COUNT is to find out “if” or “the size of” the Big Steal. It’s a (partial) answer. Not the event in question. Got it?

    Then going for the cheap shot “let’s make it a bet” is just dumb. I stopped playing “Mine is bigger than yours” about 5th grade. When I say the odds are about 100% the sun will rise tomorrow, that’s not an offer to make book, it’s a statement of probability. You know, that math thing…

    Then you assert “I allow” and “don’t allow” what folks can do. So far from reality to be stupid. I have no control over others. I don’t choose what they are allowed or not allowed to do. I accept that all sorts of Sellers Puff is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL for a huge class of folks. From anyone in Sales, to any Politician, to managers at all ranks of every company, to, frankly, women putting on $50 of makeup and guys spinning their accomplishments on date night. BY LAW Sellers Puff is even perfectly acceptable in assertions about goods being sold. I’ve simply observed that most of what The Left have called “lies” are in fact nothing but Sellers Puff (at most – and much of the “lie” assertion is just flat out fabricated BS.)

    (IF you don’t really know what Sellers Puff is, it is roughly that it’s OK to pitch something in the best light possible, as long as it is not a fraud. So you are OK to pass yourself off as a good researcher if you actually are a researcher and have no criminal charges involved, even if your boss reviewed you as only 40th percentile; it is not OK to try the same if you wash dishes for a living and have no research creds.)

    But sellers puff is not applicable to my assessment of what I think the odds of an event having happened might be. My guess is just my guess. Nothing more, nothing less. So no sellers puff need apply. Simply put: I’m not selling anything. I’m giving away my opinion for free. It’s worth whatever you think it is worth to you.

    So yes, I assert that my estimate of the event of the vote, that happened in the past, is that it is a near certainty that it was fraudulent on the part of the Democrats. The evidence in the public domain so far is huge. The statistical details on Benford’s Law and the spike pulse of sudden Biden votes in the wee AM and then the known bogus software switching Trump votes to Biden (proven to exist…) are sufficient proof.

    So no, I’m not making book nor taking bets. I’m stating how probable it is that The Big Steal happened. And that’s just a hair under 100%.

  23. President Elect H.R. says:

    I’ve got one for this thread.

    Other than the fact that it would send a everyone into moderation here and at any other site that uses the “First-time poster goes to moderation, the whitelisted”…

    …to counter the YSM psyops of just proclaiming Biden the winner, we should all change our posting nom de plumes to President Elect (name) and use them wherever we post. It’s particularly pointed if our non-U.S. commenters do it, too as that is a bit of commentary on Harris’ status as not-exactly natural born U.S. citizen.

    So our commenters here and everywhere would be:
    President Elect H.R.

    President Elect jim2

    President Elect Compu Gator

    President Elect beththesurf (Yay! See the poke in the eye to the YSM and Harris?)

    President Elect philjourdan

    President Elect Another Ian

    President Elect YMMV

    Presidents Elect Nancy and John Hultquist (Shades of Hill & Bill ! 😜)

    President Elect Ossqss

    and so on.

    Flooding comment threads everywhere with that would be a total devaluation of any meaning that the YSM has attached to it in hopes of selling the idea amongst the population at large. You can call anyone you want President Elect, but it means nothing until the Electoral College says it. or by other Constitutionally specified alternatives.

    I’ll do it this once (this post is going straight to moderation). When cleared, maybe I’ll keep it up for the duration until we have an actual President Elect.

  24. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I’ve got a post for this thread that I intentionally sent to moderation. I changed my posting name.

    You’ll see why 😁

  25. Simon Derricutt says:

    It’s pretty amazing how strident the BBC and F24 are being in stating that there is no evidence for voter fraud. Of course there’s no evidence until it’s been investigated, and as EM said it seems there’s a lot of stuff that stinks and where an investigation has a chance of turning up incontrovertible evidence. However, I’ll note that it’s very hard to change someone’s belief or disbelief in something, because evidence that goes against the belief/disbelief is normally discounted.

    The various dumps of votes in the middle of the night when counting was halted is a pretty big red flag, as are the anomalies in voting for Biden but the rest of the ticket Republican, or just voting for Biden and with no votes for anything else on the ballot. Comparing the number of people who attended Trump rallies, and those who attended Biden’s rallies, it’s kind of hard to think that more people voted for Biden in those battleground states.

    As such, you aren’t going to find any evidence if you don’t first suspect that the figures aren’t believable and if you then don’t dig for the evidence. It’s not as if any criminal does something in the expectation that they’ll be caught. In this case, it really looks as if the number of people who voted for Trump was far in excess of what was expected from the polls, and so more votes needed to be switched or suddenly manufactured for Biden than they had planned for. That in itself also probably means that the cover-up will not have been as carefully arranged, and that it’s likely that evidence will be found if it’s looked for.

    The question really is whether there will be enough effort in the search for evidence. Since the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop for such a long time and did nothing about it, there’s maybe a question mark over just who will keep the Law. Possibly people doing that (and succeeding) risk suicide.

    Because the ballots themselves have no identifying link to who cast them, there is likely no absolute method of analysing them now to prove which ones were false for some reason (such as a dead person, multiple votes, not a legal resident, etc.) though a statistical analysis can show (and has done) that there is something wrong with the final tally. You’ll need to prove the machines counted them wrongly, or that boxes of false ballots were delivered in dead of night, or something like that. Still, the skulduggery seems to have been so widespread that too many people will know something that was wrong, and there should be some people who answer apposite questions.

    I’ve no idea which way this will turn out. The Democrats I know are happy that Trump is (as far as they can see) voted out. If that turns out to be the result, they may not be so happy once they experience the penury caused by the Green New Deal that will be imposed. That might also be a signal for those still in California to leave whilst the going is still good….

  26. E.M.Smith says:


    There’s a couple of points about “evidence”:

    First off, the statistical anomalies ARE evidence. The mystery-meat ballot drops at 4 AM ARE evidence. What they are not is “proof”. There’s plenty of evidence. Now the search for proof begins.

    What I’d do is take a good sized sample of those 4 AM ballots (or the Biden Only ballots) and do two things. Test the ink in Mr. Mass Spec for identical ink. Lift the fingerprints from them and look for same prints on all of them, no ‘one only’ on each. Their ought to be a ‘one only’ voter on each. Fraud will have the prints of the folks marking 100 ballots and the counter counting them. Fraud will show the same pen used on many “mail in” ballots. (Many States have a finger print for your drivers license so many / most of those ought to be identifiable to the person).

    At that point, you have hard proof…

    The problem, as you pointed out, is that the Swamp Creatures have corrupted many of the agencies of policing. How many? How deep? So far they have been quite good at assuring control of the policing prior to the frauds. It will come down to ‘who polices the police’… MASSIVE sunshine will be needed on the process from start to end and with ‘actors’ pulled out of the game and stood up on charges as they try to do shit.

    Which comes to my complaint:

    Either the Trump Admin has been extraordinary in running a cover op to round up all the players by letting them run and covertly tracking them and is going to spring it all at ‘the very last minute’ (which IMHO is highly risky and problematic) OR they have been slow to the game and are still being out maneuvered… and there’s high odds the Fraud will succeed as the “police” will be complicit.

    I’d love to see a couple of perp walks. It would give me a whole lot more confidence in things…

    Per the Green New Deal vs. California:

    One of THE big features of California is that we don’t really do “bad weather” anywhere out of the mountains. For example, we leave at least 2 windows open 24 x 7 year round. (I like the fresh air and it gets ‘doggy dander’ out of the living room so I sneeze less ;-) It really is possible to live in relative comfort with zero heating or electricity. As a retired person, I don’t really need to drive anywhere either. (I buy most groceries about 2 blocks away, some 1 mile away, and rarely make a COSTCO run about 5 miles but that’s entirely optional). At present, I fill the gas tank on my car once per QUARTER. That’s about 270/90 = 3 miles / day on average. (Spouses car runs closer to 10 miles a day average, but she likes going places ;-)

    So one of my concerns with a ‘move out of State’, is that whole issue of NEEDING electricity to function. Sure, we could survive 95% humidity at 95 F but… and the spouse and I both agree “we don’t do ‘below’ either”.

    So it is a race condition between “just don’t need anything but water and a deed” vs “need electricity and gas and can get it reliably”. Hard to say which wins. (And yes, having lights, TV, and AC is better than not…)

    For folks who work for a living, it’s a different matrix. Gasoline $1 / gallon more than every other lower 48 State is “a bit much”, electricity at 3 x Florida and adjacent is a PITA, water ration to 50 gallons / person / day indoor use is an enforcement nightmare and good luck with that daily shower 2 x a day for those riding a bike to work… and so it goes. So my expectation is that the working class with families will be first to bail, with the retired close behind (to dodge the 11% and rising State income tax) while the homeless and poor remain. Oh, and the Incredibly Rich are already showing some bugging out…

    So yeah, it’s ‘complicated’…

  27. YMMV says:

    “President Elect YMMV”

    Just as valid as “President Elect Biden”! However, thank you, but “if elected I will not serve”.

    I would be happy to be the anonymous string puller puppeteer, the power behind the throne. Let someone else be the pretty face with the target on the back. I’d be a better string puller than Soros and China and Hillary and the Google/Facebook/Twitter jerks. Couldn’t be any worse!

  28. E.M.Smith says:

    Somewhere in my running down alternatives to EewTube I had a site pop up with a meme on it that was precious. But I didn’t save it… it was something like

    “Bob is tense as girlfriend Mary is calling herself Wife Elect”… with a photo of slightly freaking Bob and grinning Mary…

  29. Serioso says:

    If I understand you correctly, you believe there is a one in ten million chance that Biden was elected legitimately. But wouldn’t that belief be called into question if Biden wins i hand recount in Georgia? If not, why not?

  30. President Elect H.R. says:

    @President Elect Serioso, or Comrade, Serioso, whichever you prefer 😜 (Just tweakin’ yer nose a bit)

    Lin Wood filed, a member of President Trump’s legal team, filed a suit in Federal Court that attempts to hold the Georgia Sec of State to a March decree that was violated by the 11/3 election. The whole Georgia election may be null and void. You may want to rethink Georgia.

    Nothing has been ruled on, so we shall see.

    BTW, I don’t know how to clean up a messy-looking twatter link. Never posted one before. PDF of the filing is attached to Lin Wood’s toot. I don’t know what will happen.

    [Reply: H.R., If this worked, I’ve downloaded the pdf, and uploaded it to this site with this URL:

    Click to access trial-memorandum-of-president-donald-j.-trump.pdf

    one hopes… -E.M.Smith ]

  31. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Because a hand recount, in Georgia only, does not cure the other massive defects:

    Late date mail in ballots illegally approved (in other States). Dead people voting (thousands, so a couple shown to be a live person do not matter). Folks in Nevada voting when they live in California. Software that flips votes from Trump to Biden (demonstrated, admitted, used in many States, and only a couple of counties agreeing to do anything about it). Benford’s Law showing massive human diddle of the vote in a couple of States. Dr. Shiva showing an unnatural and clearly fraudulent tendency for “Straight Republican Ballot” voters to be matched with increased votes for Biden by those not voting the whole ballot for the party, with a linear increase by degree of Republicans in the precinct (a linear relationship constant over time and between diddled precincts, but NOT in heavily Demcrat precincts where, it seems, they like Trump more… or the diddle just wasn’t done.). TIme series that OUGHT to converge to a straight line, but where there’s a big step function up in Biden votes in the dark AM when poll watchers are driven out and can’t observe. Democrat Operatives boarding up windows and ejecting MANDATED BY THE COURT poll watcher married with a sudden surge of Biden votes. Affidavits from postal workers swearing they were ordered by management to back date postmarks on ballots. Testimony from some folks observing actual fraud as it happened. The simple insanity of thinking Biden had more votes than Trump given the “nobody cares to show up for China Joe” vs the massive Trump rallies and enthusiasm – it beggars belief that the enthusiasm at the poll would suddenly be equal. The sudden HALT of vote counting in several key swing states (N. Carolina, Pennsylvania, etc.) when Trump was clearly headed for a hard win AND with mostly rural pro-Trump areas yet to come in- THEN a LOoonng pause while a whole load of 100% for Illegitimate Biden show up in the dead of night to the tune of a 600,000 vote ‘catch up’ with almost nothing for Trump. Whole boxes of “only a vote for Biden” and nothing else. Whole batches of ballots that voted a strict Republican ticket down ballot but for POTUS tick Criminal Biden.

    There’s more than that, but my fingers are getting tired. Hopefully that’s enough for you to see “why”. One or two of those, sure, you can maybe find a reason. ALL of them? Impossible. Socially. Statistically. Mathematically (those places with more votes than registered voters or actual people alive…). etc.

    Other than that, not much …

  32. YMMV says:

    The Dems have been promising the glorious socialist future, using the example of Sweden. Bait and switch. What they are already beginning to deliver is Venezuela.

  33. President Elect H.R. says:

    @YMMV – Ehhhh… I think the Dems have visions more along the lines of North Korea.

    You know, line up a bunch of Deplorables in front of a 50mm cannon. That’s real Dem Happiness-On-A-Stick right there.

  34. Serioso says:

    @Victor Paul Emmanuel Smith

    You provide a lot of allegations, but no references or evidence. A hand count in Georgia would be EVIDENCE! You should welcome it.

  35. p.g.sharrow says:

    we would welcome a hand inspection and count on every ballot in every state, just like has been used for the last 150 years

  36. President Elect H.R. says:

    @President Elect 😜 p.g.sharrow

    I’d particularly like to see signature verification.

    The Mrs. Watches FOX (I don’t) in the evenings for Tucker Carlson, maybe Sean Vannity, and Laura Ingrahm, depending on how they are behaving.

    Laura had a guy on tonight that found out he had voted in Arizona. Well, he didn’t and had moved to another State 4 years ago. He spoke up because, if you think about it, HE could be charged with voter fraud for voting twice. I missed how he found out about it.

    You can bet a used kleenex that the signature on the Arizona vote didn’t match his.
    P.S. There is no President Elect right now. Not enough State have certified their elections to give either candidate the 270 Electoral votes needed. Meanwhile, 2024 Candidate Trump is still President Trump until at least January, 20, 2020.

    So, right now, anybody in the effin’ World has as much claim to ‘President Elect’ as Gropin’ Joe.

  37. President Elect H.R. says:

    I think this goes better here than on W.O.O.D.

    CNN is up for sale! Y’all wanna pool our butter ‘n egg money and see about buying it?

    AT&T is dumping it to cut costs. Apparently. AT&T is $150 billion in debt and needs to dump that money loser. So the the usual tech billionaire suspects already have media outlets and a purchase wouldn’t be approved.

    Buyers who wouldn’t be affected by a monopoly colonoscopy aren’t interested in buying a major looser outlet.

    So that leaves us to swoop in and snag it at fire sale prices. Check your couch cushions for loose change and maybe could partner-up to Buy it for pennies on the dollar.

  38. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    There are PAGES AND PAGES of references in several articles and comments so far. It’s not my job to do your reading for you. In short: Go Fish.

    You asked “why”, I told you why. Get over yourself and no, I’m not going to play your Troll Games of leveraging small questions to large time sinks. You have my answer. Now swallow it.

    Yes, I DO welcome a hand count. It is “necessary but not sufficient”. A 100% hand count in all counties is necessary (but will not happen).

    Also necessary is to corral some of those Voting Machines. Suck the software out of them. Run it through a disassembler, and inspect it for a clear coding practice of a “diddle votes” subroutine. Not hard for any good tech team to do.

    So yes, one small hand count is a nice grain of rice, but not dinner enough to fill a belly.

  39. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Here you go Serioso, lots and lots of details on “why” with evidence:



  40. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Looks like another video source has sprouted. Rumble. Here’s the same video as the first one just above, but there:


    We’ll see if their embed code works here:


  41. VP Elect A C Osborn says:

    Serioso says: 14 November 2020 at 1:53 am
    “You provide a lot of allegations, but no references or evidence. A hand count in Georgia would be EVIDENCE! You should welcome it.”

    It should not only be a hand count but also an Audit with independent verification.
    As it stands they have only allowed 1 Republican Observer for 10 counting tables.
    So the counters can still count any old ballot paper, because they are not being audited.
    What should have happened is video evidence on every single table and counter, beamed out to the whole of the USA. You couldn’t be fairer than that.
    But of course that takes about an hours organsiation, too hard for the Georgia election controllers to organise.

  42. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Note the game play of Serioso. It is generally to ask a generalization then pick out a detail (never the whole answer) and demand justification (in depth…). It’s a silly game, but one commonly played. Note, too, that there is NEVER EVER any recognition of any point that is raised where it is inconvenient to the propaganda angle / his beliefs. (whichever it may be).

    Often the ‘reply’ style is wrapped up in personal insult / slur (direct or implied) who’s purpose is to degrade the reputation of the “other” while also causing them upset while (hopefully) also causing them to waste time and effort (i.e. make them run around a lot while you go off to stir other pots). This is a classical Troll Game Plan.

    Is that because Serioso is “Just a Troll”, or because he just soaked up a stupid “style” as it appealed to him? Don’t know. Don’t care. Results are the same.

    So to recap one of the above interactions, but in style emphatic form for illustration:

    The Specific

    I point out some of the {stuff} pointing to a fraud in the election and state my opinion of how likely it is a fraud was done.

    Serioso responds with https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/11/10/a-know-do-resistance-model/#comment-134754

    Focus on only ONE item and ignore all the other points. Make it personal. Demand a silly action unlikely to be done (a bet on an outcome of an unknown future event). Wrap it in insult and / or snark.

    My reply, in detail, is largely ignored: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/11/10/a-know-do-resistance-model/#comment-134755

    So once again he can push a stupid idea that a bet on a detail matters. I point out just why that’s a stupid idea and just why his “insult to the person” is also a bit daft:
    This, of course, is also ignored (as that’s part of the programming style of game play.)

    He shifts to a different playing field:
    asking basically “you believe, if {conditional} not mind changing, WHY?” Where the conditional is one tiny DETAIL out of the list. Constantly keeping focus only on one TINY BIT.

    “[…] you believe [foo] . But wouldn’t that belief be called into question if Biden wins i hand recount in Georgia? If not, why not?”

    SO I answer WHY I Believe it is a fraud. Nice long list of items.

    Note this is about MY Belief and why I hold it. So of course, I give a “list of whys”.

    Now if one is asked “Why do you like red cars?” it is typically expected that an answer like “My uncle had one” or “My favorite color is red” or “Blue is so passive IMHO” will be sufficient. One is not typically expected to say “Here is a photo of my Uncle’s car and a notarized affidavit that I kept asking him about it when I was 5” nor “I’ve got my psychiatrists report here demonstrating that after testing my preference for Red was in evidence.” No, one’s preference and one’s opinions are PERSONAL. Why one holds them is sufficiently evidenced by a list of whys. (Often not even that. Just “because I like it” is sufficient.) But what the heck, I give a long long list of “whys” because I’m the kind of person who has one.

    Now most of these are things we’ve discussed here over many pages, in dozens (hundreds?) of comments. It’s been in the Nightly News all over heck and gone. It isn’t like these are arcane aspects of Quantum Mechanics Theory known only to a few and discussed by less in obscure corners of a monastery. Things like “Voting machines changing votes” and “More voters than registered” and “Dead people voted”. Some are a bit arcane (though I’ve followed the links to the stuff and one video linked by Another Ian was compelling enough I reposted the link to the video) as they involve Statistical Evidence Of Fraud. But we’ve discussed them here rather much. These are not secrets.

    So while the “necessary and sufficient” answer to “Why do I believe FOO” is “Because I think there’s enough evidence” or even “Just because I do”… Where does Serioso go again? To the “insinuate failure and demand” pattern.


    You provide a lot of allegations, but no references or evidence. A hand count in Georgia would be EVIDENCE! You should welcome it.

    I was asked for my list of why, and I gave it. Nowhere was there any assertion I needed sworn testimony, chain of evidence, academic qualifications of witnesses, deputies standing guard over the evidence room… This is not normal human expectation, it is Troll Style. Then we jump back to The One! The One True Answer to rule them all!!! The almost irrelevant detail out of the whole list of Bad Actors and Bad Actions. Plus an assertion (by implication) that I’d NOT welcome some evidence when that’s just a lie and slur on my character. An attempt to paint me as being AGAINST evidence, when I’m all for it.

    Now the fact is I’d love to see evidence. By the truckload. I’d like ALL the voting machines quarantined (if they have not already had their programming wiped – if that HAS been done, I’d want to know why, by whom, ordered by whom, etc.) and all their operating codes and settings / state documented and analysed (I’m available to be Project Manager on that if desired, BTW.) I’d like to see all the email logs of all the government folks involved in the elections (from Gov. to Mayor to DNC players and down to precinct operatives, both formal and private along with phone logs and text messages – hey, anyone got an “in” at the NSA?) I’d be thrilled to have a full forensic statistical analysis by precinct nation wide and a 100% hand count of ALL ballots. I’d also like to have a good sample of votes validated by asking the person who “voted” if they did (like, oh, those sudden massive 90 year old plus votes from Nursing Homes for Usurper Biden…) and I’d like the staff of those nursing homes polygraphed about who handled those ballots and why the folks in comas were so pro-Biden…

    But that wasn’t the question.

    The question was “Why I” and the answer was “Because [list]”.

    So Serioso’s response is a non-sequitur and irrelevant (read ‘a bit stupid’).

    The General Context

    This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been dealing with the internet and internet trolls and snark and ‘flame wars’ since the internet began. Yes, I’m that old and been doing it that long. (When I first experienced it, it was an ‘academic network’ subset of DARPAs network and ran over a variety of leased lines and dial-up lines. The internet you know today didn’t exist yet. No browsers. Email was a recent invention, and folks posted text to BBSs often sent via UUCP between servers. “Netnews” was the bomb… A few years later I set up the very first connection of Apple Computer to all this back about 1982 using a VAX 11/780 and a leased line down the street to Olivetti for our internet ‘upstream’ back when folks ‘rolled their own’ and Telcos were just providing phone lines). So pretty much “I’ve seen it all”.

    This is the reason for my ennui at the “style” of Serioso. It isn’t “cute”. It isn’t a “neat trick”. It isn’t a “game”. It isn’t even interesting. I’ve seen it a few thousand times before (and from better players too). The shifting focus, shifting topic, refuse to state a position but cat-call the ‘other’, never recognize an opposition point, debate not discussion, the fundamental LYING of The Game instead of honest discourse.

    At this point the background process of ‘evaluate the style of the other and classify’ just runs all the time. It isn’t always perfect, but it is well experienced. Pretty much an honest inquiry is flagged as that from the start. SPAM and Trolls stand out like neon under a 18 kV flow. (Every day, almost, I run through the SPAM filter and the Moderation queue. Now multiply that by 350 or so and then by 40 years… yes, we had SPAM way back when too… That’s a large experience base.) It is about like how you can pick up your coffee cup while having a conversation, just another background process.

    So that’s why I have awareness of the “style” of Serioso. Perhaps even more than he does. Because it is an always running categorization filter. Like noticing the hair color / style of a person you are chatting with IRL. It just is.

    I’ve tried to encourage Serioso to be, well, more serious and honest. For a few years worth. I’ve met with limited success. The initial style of “Loads of insults all the time” has now muted some to “a few insults and more often indirectly by insinuation”. But I fear that’s as far as Serioso can mature. (Or can escape the game play boundaries prescribed for him – if a managed piece player. They’ve only been around for the last decade or two. Chinese troll farms. Russian bots. etc. They’ve gotten quite good lately and often can ‘pass’ as an American or Real Person respectively – but they have limits to their flexibility… The NPC can’t escape their reality…) FWIW, I think Serioso is a real person, but of limited scope and style. Perhaps a managed asset, given the lack of personal “stuff” and the consistent Troll Style moves. Unfortunately, that set of characteristics equally fits Trolls, Troll Farms, Advanced Bots, and American Academics. So he could just as easily be a professor somewhere or a TLA player.

    (No slur on Academics meant from that. I’ve got a college teaching credential and I’ve taught computer ‘stuff’ at local colleges, so to some extent “I are one”… Just the life experience of the lifelong academic is woefully limited. They often never grew up, left the campus, and got a real job…)

    So for anyone wondering “why I bother”, it is because I’m ever hopeful that I can help Serioso grow into a more rounded (and polite) person. To get beyond Flame Wars and Troll Style. (And, frankly, if just an advanced AI / Bot, to encourage the evolution of it into a more polite style by pointing out how ineffective Trolling and insulting really is.)

    Why my mention of NPC Bots and all? Because there’s been a ‘game’ of sorts on the internet since very early on. To develop a ‘presence’ that passes the Turing Test. They’ve been around since the late ’60s:

    I first ran into an Eliza in the mid ’70s. It was amusing, but after about a dozen questions you started to know it was just a mechanical parrot. We’ve now got 50 years of Moore’s Law advancement and they are much harder to detect now. In many cases, you interact with them for actual real world services now.

    Directives on how to interact were provided by “scripts”, written originally in MAD-Slip, which allowed ELIZA to process user inputs and engage in discourse following the rules and directions of the script. The most famous script, DOCTOR, simulated a Rogerian psychotherapist (in particular, Carl Rogers, who was well-known for simply parroting back at patients what they had just said), and used rules, dictated in the script, to respond with non-directional questions to user inputs. As such, ELIZA was one of the first chatterbots and one of the first programs capable of attempting the Turing test.

    ELIZA’s creator, Weizenbaum regarded the program as a method to show the superficiality of communication between man and machine, but was surprised by the number of individuals who attributed human-like feelings to the computer program, including Weizenbaum’s secretary. Many academics believed that the program would be able to positively influence the lives of many people, particularly those suffering from psychological issues, and that it could aid doctors working on such patients’ treatment. While ELIZA was capable of engaging in discourse, ELIZA could not converse with true understanding. However, many early users were convinced of ELIZA’s intelligence and understanding, despite Weizenbaum’s insistence to the contrary.

    And there’s the rub. It doesn’t matter if it is a Bot, or a Chinese Troll Farmer or a person of Limited Capacity. They all basically run from a set of rules or script, tend to non-directional questions (or, now limited direction to a constant goal), and can not converse with true understanding.

    Serioso does just that, too.

    So I find it a bit amusing to push the Eliza Play button and see if I can get more flexibility out of it. Can the Game Play exceed the Scripted behaviour / answers? Can you get evidence of “true understanding” out of it?

    So far, only very limited success. Thus my continued ambiguity about the human vs bot vs A.I. choice. “Facts not in evidence”. Still way too much “rule based behaviour” along with a lack of “authentic human experience details”. Always going for the “limit to one point and ask non-directed question” and never address the points of the opposition. No conversation with “true understanding” evidenced.

    I was able to button hole Eliza in about 6-10 questions / interactions. Later versions took longer. Bots were pretty easy in the 80s. Trolls and Troll farms were harder as they had Real Humans ™ involved (but the scripted play book still flags them). But let’s just say I’ve been playing this particular game for a long long time. It, too, is now just part of the “what is the style and what does this interaction show” background task of daily internet activities.

    Do realize that as of now a significant part of internet comments you see (on all sites) are from various bots, troll farms, TLAs, and the occasional A.I. being tested yet again. This isn’t a hypothetical. It is common. And it’s been that way for decades…

    So you WILL interact with them. Might as well enjoy the game / process.

    Hopefully this little exposition will have helped someone understand my motivations better, and also gain some insight into how to better navigate the Internet World and the less savory players in it. If not, well, maybe it gave you a chuckle ;-)

  43. Serioso says:

    I asked a simple question: did Mr. Smith believe the Georgia hand recount would constitute evidence for or against the honesty of Biden’s election, His response, as I understand it, was “yes, but weak and inadequate.”I agree. But then he went on for many paragraphs, which I only skimmed. Why such a long reply to such a simple question. I never asked for so much effort!

    So here’s another question: Why ignore the evidence of Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security ho say this was “the most secure election in American history”? I know Mr Smith thinks he is better informed and wiser than the paid professionals, but isn’t this carrying hubris a little far?

  44. YMMV says:

    “the most secure election in American history”

    ???, well if Serioso says so it must be true. They must have been horrendous before! Here is the actual statement:
    The bureaucrats have spoken, saying that they either turned a blind eye to the corruption or that they were truly blind to the corruption, nothing to see here move along. And of course, they are not going to go looking for any, because it was the best ever! The seventies had a slogan for that. “Up against the wall, M-F!”

  45. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – Like CNN reporting real news?

  46. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    “many paragraphs, which I only skimmed.”

    Which is why you are so often wrong as you choose to ‘skip clue as it is hard to read’…

    “Why such a long reply to such a simple question.”

    NOTE the: “@All:”

    That means it isn’t aimed to you, or a reply to / from your question. It is what makes me happy to explain for “All” to have a better insight into how I process your ‘stuff’ and why I bother with it at all.

    There’s several thousand readers here who are not you. It is for them. You are not relevant.

    I think you said something else after that, but after the first question I only skimmed the rest of what you typed…

  47. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    The swamp is deep and wide. Corruption has decade long roots. It will take similar decades to fire them all…

  48. President Elect H.R. says:

    Why do you rob banks?
    Willie Sutton: “Because that’s where all the money is.”

    Why do you go to D.C.?
    Elected officials and Bureaucrats: “Because that’s where ALL the money is.”

  49. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I find it amusing that the Serioso non-response very nicely fits the description of his programming style that I’d given above:

    along with a lack of “authentic human experience details”. Always going for the “limit to one point and ask non-directed question” and never address the points of the opposition. No conversation with “true understanding” evidenced.

    Kinda tickled that I’ve got it that pegged ;-)

  50. President Elect H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Oh, I had a laugh when the very next comment by our beloved ‘content farmer’ was exactly the style that you had outlined.

    (Aside – When I first saw the term ‘content farmer,’ I did not think of ‘content’ as ‘what is contained’ but ‘satisfied, at peace, happy.’ OTOH, many farmers are rarely content, constantly complaining about the weather, cost of inputs, and price for outputs. Not a lot of content farmers out there. That should have been my tip-off.)

    A few things I’ve observed, and it’s a bunch of FWIW from me, E.M.:

    Serioso only very rarely interacts with any other commenter here. 😢 Just my recollection, but over the years, I’m recalling that it’s happened at the most maybe a dozen times; not far from that number. It’s always about engaging with you. You have a stalker E.M.😜

    Serioso has very rarely made on topic, non-economic and non-political contributions of the FYI sort that many of of post daily. One that stuck in my mind was a very nice link to a source of information about one of the rather bad hurricanes that was coming through. There have been only a couple of other comments in that category, in attempts to fit in, but it’s clear, at least to me, that Serioso is not a geek or nerd.

    We kid around a bit here and enjoy a good laugh. IIRC, Serioso has made two humour comments, one pretty funny and the other that fell flat with a splat. If there were more than two, I can’t recall them because I didn’t recognize them as humour.

    I’ve noticed typos, but I haven’t bothered to categorize them for pattern or consistent type, such as ‘fat finger’, one-letter-off, unnoticed wrong auto-corrections, letter switches such as ‘waht’ or ‘taht.’.

    At one point somewhere around a couple of years ago, Serioso’s comments were so lame that I actually posted a criticism that Serioso was just mailing it in. I believe another commenter or two noticed as well and said something similar.

    Serioso can take a hint. There was a series of exchanges over Serioso using The New York Times” as a supporting link. (“If you don’t read the NYT, you’re uninformed. If you do read the NYT, you are misinformed.” ~paraphrased Twain, I believe.). I rarely see Serioso using the NYT as reference anymore. Maybe I’m missing it because I don’t read all of Serioso’s comments. I used to, but over the years… meh 🤷‍♂️

  51. p.g.sharrow says:

    RE. A “content farmer”, having spent much of my life in that pursuit, I can say that a well manicured field brings great satisfaction whether tilled, growing or harvested. That said there is always the threat of bugs, weeds, lack of moisture or even a passing storm cloud that can destroy a years effort. Then there is the possibility that after everything goes well an unthinking bureaucrat makes a pronouncement that turns profit to loss in an afternoon. Farmers have much to grouse about while conducting their favorite occupation.

    I keep hoping Serioso might contribute something of value to the conversation so read everything. Everyone else here tries to contribute information, wisdom or entertainment. I only recall reading one comment that actually added to the conversation, pity. As to information sources of real value. This Blog and it’s denizens are quite a resource of useful information from all around the world…pg

  52. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @H.R. & P.G.:

    You folks, and those like you, are for whom I wrote that long comment about why I bother with Serioso. To explain what otherwise might be seen as way too much tolerance for basic Trollish Behaviours.

    I’ve noticed (several years ago) that I was the “target” of the trolling. That there was near zero interaction with anyone else. I figured it was likely a “Knight Fork” type move. Either I denigrate (and have time cost, promote sympathy to the opposition) or I “do nothing” (and let insults and crap pile up unopposed, so have dirt applied regularly and liberally, and encourage Trolling…) or I “engage with vigor” and hopefully counter the dirt while using the time cost to some productive benefit (keeping my skills up, demonstrating to others ‘methods’, etc.).

    I chose to engage.

    I think that has worked out OK. Crap does not go unopposed. Clear bogus claims are fingered and exposed. The time cost is limited (as I use the time to also enlighten others, demonstrate methods, and more). And Trolling is discouraged as it is shown it will not go unopposed and have no “cost”.

    I’d also had a minor hope that over the long haul Serioso would show just a tiny bit of “self”, not just talking points and Formula By The Book. That almost happened once…

    Now, for my own benefit, I’ve enjoyed the “Game” of working out more detailed profiling abilities and methods. At first, I was unsure if Serioso was a person who just had a big thing for being a Troll, or was an Agent (like a Chinese Troll Farm employee or DNC employee). Later I thought perhaps was just an A.I. Eliza like. MY interest was in improving my skill set in that sort, as the tech of A.I.s has moved on a lot.

    Now? I’m still not certain that Serioso is a real person. I think it highly likely, but not certain. There’s just too much resistance to moving “off script” and away from “formulaic behaviours”. I think it most likely (to a fair amount) that Serioso is an Agent (thought with what Agency is opaque). The responses are modestly flexible, but also still well within script parameters. The tendency to “pick the first point and quasi-respond via snark; then pose orthogonal ‘question’ from list” is just sooo easy to program… but it can just as easily be a Human Drone with The Book Of Troll working down a human script. (Or an independent person with limited abilities and a simple behavior learned over time).

    And that’s the puzzle that’s kept me interested. How do you determine what is a very smart machine following a scripted behaviour vs what is a modestly dumb person who can’t go off script (vs a Controlled Agent who gets spanked if they go off script).?

    But I’m growing tired of the game. It is reaching the point of ennui. By this time, were Serioso an independent person, I’d have expected some change over time. There’s been a little, but only the amount you would get from a programmer saying “Full on snark and insult is failing, set snark parameter back to 1/2”. That’s not enough to indicate “independent human actor”. Yet the verbiage is fairly natural language. A.I. and Bots have gotten a lot better, but still have much ‘repeat’ in the text and style.

    So where I’m at now is that I’m pretty sure Serioso is an Agent limited to The Book Of Troll by the overseers. There’s still a good chance it’s just a very good A.I. (Frankly, the tendency to not process more than the fist paragraph is the main reason I think that. An A.I. will tend to boggle on complexity and then either not respond OR go to the script and make a pattern response. We’ve still got that behaviour from the Serioso. I know, tipping my hand on why I sometimes write long bits in response ;-) trying for an out of memory and / or stack overflow… )

    But do I really care enough at this point? Does it matter WHAT kind of “machine” is working from The Approved Script? Stickyware or hardware? We’e got a few years of demonstrated inability to be flexible, handle complex answers, move off script bounds, or share any human details. It isn’t going to change going forward. So, at this point, what more is to be learned?

    So you may have noticed I’ve shifted from “polite, engage, lead and suggest” to “polite but terse and abrupt fingering of crap”. We’ll see if there’s any change from the Serioso Instance in response to the change of input style. That’s about the only thing of interest left to discover about it’s response ranges.

  53. YMMV says:

    A.I. or just naturally dumb? I must give him credit for being here, reading non-approved material. But yet, no sign of life.

    “Biden’s cancer charity raked in millions but spent NOTHING on medical research, tax filings show”
    “failed to allocate a single dollar for medical research, according to media reports, with most of the group’s cash going towards generous salaries.” “raised $4,809,619 in contributions in fiscal years 2017 and 2018, spending $3,070,301 on salaries in those two years.” and also spent on travel.
    Corruption in the style of the Clinton Foundation. Where is Prince Hunter these days? or Princess Chelsea?

    “The Dominion software story keeps getting worse”
    Dominion has ties to the Clinton Foundation.

    Oltman has also gone on the record saying that, at an Antifa meeting he infiltrated, “Eric from Dominion,” allegedly said “Don’t worry about the election. Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that.” This person may not be Eric Coomer, but Oltman seems to be pretty sure that it is the same “Eric.”

    Eric Coomer, a vice president and dominion, and the person in charge of the software’s security, is an Antifa supporter and Trump hater.

  54. Serioso says:

    Talk about those who don’t listen! I asked a simple question: Why do y’all think you know more than Trump’s Department of Homeland Security? No one bothered to mention that I’d asked. I assume you have your reasons, but I think it’s an important question.

    Please excuse my typing errors. My eyesight seems to be failing.

  55. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Yeah, it’s a flat out Coup Attempt. They went all in on all methods. Physical ballot stuffing to tech coup via software.

    It is an existential threat to the Republic, folks must respond accordingly. One hopes that they went so far overboard that now they can be “caught in the act”. We’ll find out in the next couple of months.

  56. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Well, must have been a script update. “Insert personal detail from {LIST}” selected “eyesight issues”. Guess the programmer / overseer was pulled in for inspection of the thread issues.

    Other than that, the format remains intact. “Complain, mis-direct, insult or snark, insert orthogonal question from {list}.”

    There’s also an odd lack of “awareness of self in the mirror”. (A key test of cognition). While in this case the “mirror” was just the meta-discussion about the Serioso Instance, it is still a kind of mirror. “Recognition of self in the mirror” failed the test. No recognition evidenced.

    OK, I’ll play the game one more time:

    @Serioso Instance:

    Why ignore what Government Lackey says? Because I (briefly) worked in Government. It is just stuffed with Useful Idiots and folks who are “just following orders” their way to retirement. What any Government Agency says about itself is absolutely useless. Do you really expect them to state, publicly, “We’ve done a real cock-up job and are not worth the money you paid us, not even pennies on the dollar.” ?

    There’s a sub-possible that they are just blowing smoke while they hunt down the rest of the network (a common police function) but I doubt that’s it.

    So no, I don’t put a self congratulatory message from a TLA (DHS or otherwise) over publicly seen evidence (I was watching the count that night and watched the 100K lumps of almost 100% Usurper Biden be shoved into the system).

    Now go back and report to your Overseers that “Appeal to Authority argument did not fly” and get your next assigned talking point to test.

  57. YMMV says:

    Serioso: “Why do y’all think you know more than Trump’s Department of Homeland Security?”

    I do not know what “Trump’s” (evidently not) DHS knows, I only know what they said, and that is an outrageous claim, with all the tells of a blatant lie. The real question is what does DHS know that they are not telling us?

  58. Serioso says:

    I trust the experts and the professionals. You do not. That is the definition of hubris. Why not just say so. It would shorten and simplify our disagreement.

  59. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    To paraphrase the Sorioso Instance:

    “I trust in the logical fallacy of Appeal To Authority. You do not. That is something I will insult over. Why not just capitulate. It would let me win via a logical brain fart and simplify my problem of not providing any actual information.”

  60. YMMV says:

    Serioso: “I trust the experts and the professionals. You do not. That is the definition of hubris.”

    Short and sweet. However …

    “Hubris, Greek hybris, in ancient Athens, the intentional use of violence to humiliate or degrade.”

    Hubris fit into the shame culture of archaic and Classical Greece, in which people’s actions were guided by avoiding shame and seeking honour. It did not fit into the culture of internalized guilt, which became important in later antiquity and characterizes the modern West.

    Thanks for bringing that up!

    Trust the experts and the professionals? Nope, I’ve seen how sausage is made (metaphor only). No trust or faith in politicians either, not even all scientists.

  61. President Elect H.R. says:

    I note a “y’all” that has seemingly fallen from the sky.

    I’ll give a +1 for that. Some of of us are quite fond of writing in dialect here. IMHO, beththeserf is the Queen of Dialect around here.

    I sense an attempt to blend in with the natives. Maybe no one will notice the wingtips, though all of the natives wear moccasins. 😜

  62. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I do not require (heck don’t even recommend… no,beyond that, actively discourage) any “Blending In”.

    You may have noticed I “speak” in my own dialect. I capitalize where I like for the emphasis I Prefer. I’ll sporadically y’all,or sometimes shift to “who and whom” in the old style… (In my Constitution “chuse” needs no “sic”…)

    Now, that said:

    It IS rather odd that the Serioso Instance suddenly moved a few hundred miles south of the IP location and tossed in a “not used before that I remember” dialect point (and devoid of all other indicia of same dialect…)

    OTOH, we have also seen some evidence of the programming being modified on the fly ( insertion of gratuitous ‘personal issue’, shift to off pattern after several times pointing it out as a constant…) so who knows. Could be a programatic shift. Could be we’ve got the Overseer stepped in to try and correct reputation points on the Troll. Could be a real person near TLA HQ in Virginia trying to beak old habits. Who knows…

    OTOH, who really cares? Trolling is trolling regardless of the mechanism used. It’s all just “try to evoke emotional response. Score points with snark and innuendo. Never engage good points the other side made. Never work toward truth, only winning The Game Of Troll.” It was boring back in the ’80s when I first had to deal with it a lot. It has not improved in the intervening 40 years…

  63. President Elect H.R. says:

    I was just pointing out the adaptive writing, E.M. I found it interesting.
    I was thinking of the Turing Test and what questions I’d ask. I can’t think of an exact example, but I’d ask a question where most humans would use an experience from their youth as a metaphor for a response regarding a current situation.

    I can see AI being provided a complete history including remembering the names of their grade school teachers and the pet dogs they had growing up. I can see AI being programmed to use metaphors in a response, although that might get a little dicey.

    What I think would be difficult is programming a response using both parts that would be a typical response; something along the lines of, “I remember a time when I was about 9-years old and…”

  64. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    A.I.s have issues with phrases like:

    “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.” Then ask questions about it ;-)

    “What happened to the banana?” Or “How does fruit fly?”…

    There’s also issues with things like “Why do you like your favorite food?”. The programming usually has explicit answers like “Your favorite food is FOO” but rarely have expositions on “why”… Lot of “what”, “why” not so much.

    Or you can go for leading questions and judge the quality of the response:

    “Tell me about your mother”
    “Tell me about your father”
    then …
    “Tell me about your dog”
    “Tell me about your mother”.

    Now many times you a very same or similar answer to the repeat of “tell me about your mother”… where real people will almost universally say something like “I just answered that”.

    Only if the A.I. is specifically programmed / trained to detect that will it tend to fail.

    There’s other bits, but you get the idea.

  65. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    OH, and “nutty sentences” tend to just get ignored. It is very hard to distinguish “odd but real and complex” sentences from “nutty shit” so to avoid a “nutty answer” you get the “ignore and redirect”.

    “Did you lick your dog last night or was the dish empty?” will be ignored and you get:

    “I like my dog” or “Why are you asking me that?” or a redirect like “What time is it?”

  66. YMMV says:

    “something along the lines of, “I remember a time when I was about 9-years old and…””

    How about “I remember a time when I was about 19-years old and I fought CornPop with a …”

  67. philjourdan says:

    Point of order Sorioso Instance. DHS are not experts. They are administrators. They do not proclaim to be experts. The claim to be administrators.

    Your programmer trusts administrators over facts. Close to what BIden said. Sounds like BIden’s speech writer and this programmer may share a close tie.

  68. President Elect H.R. says:

    @V.P. Elect Smith – “…fruit flies like a banana”

    Oh, that’s a good one.

    AI reply: ” I cannot allow you to do that, Dave.”

    @Master Behind-the-scenes Puppeteer YMMV re “CornPop” 🤣🤣🤣 👍👍

    They’ve perfected AI!

    Biden must be Max Headroom V14.63.22 😜

  69. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Perhaps when Biden had his brain bleeds he got a Neuralink implant from Elon Musk… and they both share the same programmer? ;-)

  70. Simon Derricutt says:

    “To paraphrase the Sorioso Instance:

    “I trust in the logical fallacy of Appeal To Authority. You do not. That is something I will insult over. Why not just capitulate. It would let me win via a logical brain fart and simplify my problem of not providing any actual information.” ”

    I’ve been the designated “expert” in the past when I was certain I didn’t know enough about what was happening, and I’ve also come up against “experts” who obviously didn’t know what they were talking about. I’m currently watching a clusterf**k on the Coronavirus situation where the official “experts” deny that any treatment prior to hospitalisation can reduce the incidence of illness, despite that being obvious from data from other countries that use HCQ and Ivermectin, or where the local doctors go against the official recommendations and administer it anyway. The data from the Dominion voting machines is pretty devastating, and it’s pretty obvious that there’s an algorithm involved in switching votes, yet again the “experts” tell us there’s nothing to see here, move on, and there’s no evidence of fraud. I really ought to dismiss the evidence of the massive turnout to Trump rallies and the few tens of people who attended Biden rallies when he managed to leave his basement, and instead take the opinion of the “experts” that more people voted for Biden than Trump. The sudden appearance of tens of thousands of votes for Biden in the dark of night is perfectly normal, and to be expected given that Biden voters would be staying at home (or in the cemetery) and voting by post. Nothing to see here….

    I’ve also learned over my life that people are very good at ignoring evidence that goes against their beliefs. It’s possible that Serioso (i.e. Soros) is indeed a real person who can’t believe that anyone would not want communism and all the bright shiny things that socialism promises (but never really delivers when taken too far). It’s also possible that he’s one of the people who’s been saying “Not My President” for the last 4 years and now expects Trump voters to accept the published vote-counts and thus get behind Biden Harris as the new President.

    One of the side-effects of the current news is that I’ve been starting to wonder what else has been on the news in the past that was just a lie. Oh well, just one more uncertainty to add to the rest….

  71. YMMV says:

    “One oddity in the file noted immediately is that the results for votes are not in whole integers (e.g. 1, 2, 3…). All of the entries have fractional amounts. This makes no sense since ballots do not come in fractions in the US. Each vote equals one vote.”

  72. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I’ve had the “opportunity” to be interviewed a few times on Radio & TV. I’ve also been involved with many events that were then reported on the “News”.


    The purpose of the reporters was not to report. It was to fabricate an interesting “piece” that would gather eyes and ears. Sufficient for selling stuff in commercials, but not so compelling as to have folks not buy… Reporters show up, take 10 minutes to “show the thing” (you know, the thing… ;-) and then are off. What sells? Violence (“if it bleeds it leads”) and sex. So one radio bit I did ended up titled “Sexless astronauts can make it”. Why? Because 3 guys living in a box for 3.5 months isn’t “sexy” and saying “nobody had a fight” isn’t violent enough.

    That’s why I like “live feeds via internet” much much more than “Real News Reporters” with editors…

    When Loma Prieta quake whacked the SFO bay area, we saw endless hours of a part of a city block in the San Francisco Marina district where some apartments were on fire, and more endless breathless hours of a mile or three segment of Oakland freeway where the top deck fell onto the bottom deck. Ignore the rest of the 4+ Million or so folks in the area who were doing OK, thanks, and busy restoring normal life. It was all spun as a Horrific Disaster!!!! when the reality was more “Yeah, bad, but not anywhere near as bad a expected”. (A 7.x instead of a 8 or 9.x as only a partial fault slip, and that a bit further south than most people).

    So I’d say that most of what you have seen or heard on “the news” in the past few decades has either been a flat out lie for effect, or at best “sellers puffery” applied along the sex and bleed lines. I’ve also noticed that the last decade or two the “news” has become much more a conduit for political spin / control. It seems to have arrived along with major purchases of media outlets by ever fewer rich hands… What used to be (in the Cronkite days) “Foo is leading in the vote count” or “Bar has stated he supports these policies” is now all “Orange Man Bad” vs. “Saint Biden Of The Harris”…

    I now do not bother with any of the (former) iconic outlets. NYT, San Jose Murky News for local, Reuters, AP, ABC-CBS-NBC (is there really any difference?), and CNN / MSDNC have become bad jokes with viewship to match – about the same number as resident in DC… though about 1/6 of the DC Metro Area… at around 1 million.

    So “good luck with that”.

    Best I’ve found is independents on video streaming services who are either on the ground in an area, or are doing feed / source aggregation and verification then distillation and broadcast. Folks like PT News Network who stream live feeds from events and Bongino who does aggregation and commentary, as an example of each.

    So, again as example, I got to watch the CIA Appointed Wannabe President of Venezuela (who’s name I’ve already forgotten) “leading” a convoy of supplies into Venezuela. It was being live streamed by someone on the trucks. Got to watch it stopped at the border and the lead truck set afire. Then got to watch the “news spin” of it as some great deed of liberation. It was a guy hollering slogans as one of his trucks, trying to run the border, got shot up and torched. Ineffective and largely just for show (which the “media” packaged as a show). I did have the vicarious experience of being one of the True Believers in the truck train, but it was pretty clear what really happened.

    That kind of news is really news. In the “I was there” kind of way. The “Dear Glorious Leader FOO bravely lead convoy of food into starving Venezuela, turned back by fierce border military assault” isn’t news. It’s spin.

  73. cdquarles says:

    A real expert recognizes said expert’s own limitations, both inside and outside said expert’s field of expertise. It is more evident to other experts, if they are honest; which many are not, since their livelihood often depends on not recognizing it.

  74. cdquarles says:

    News is made like movies. The real news is often what isn’t said or has been cut out. I’ve seen it too many times and I never trusted Cronkite. He was a reader. That said, it was *much* harder to get past the spin. Major news, whether radio, television or print has always (in my lifetime) been heavily controlled, even when there were more ‘independent’ outlets. Think Associated Press (and their stylebook), Reuters and all of the state dominated outlets around the world.

  75. Serioso says:

    “Election Security Experts Contradict Trump’s Voting Claims

  76. philjourdan says:

    Fake news NY Crimes – shock they would print an unknown drip under pressure. NOT

  77. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Gee, sticking with the absolutely abominable Party Hack NYT and the logical fallacy of appeal to authority again… Yawn.

    Well, as a computer expert in security, I can tell you absolutely that the election was rife with fraud and cyber hacking trivially accomplished. (Just check out various White Hat hacker conventions where folks hack far harder stuff and the record of the voting machines being hacked in minutes…)

    So there you have it, first hand EXPERT TESTIMONY.

  78. philjourdan says:

    And, Sorioso forgot to mention that dozens of “experts” have already testified to election fraud. Their testimony is all over the internet, just not on the MOTU sites. Tell him to try Bitchute.

  79. YMMV says:

    “President Donald Trump has fired the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency head Chris Krebs over a “highly inaccurate” elections’ statement. The agency stated that the 2020 election was the most secure in US history.”
    Trump announced it on Twitter and Twitter immediately tagged it with “This claim about election fraud is disputed”

    Wikipedia updated 20 minutes ago:

    It doesn’t say anything about him ever being a security expert.

  80. President Elect H.R. says:

    @President Elect philjourdan 😜

    When you have dueling “experts,” here’s how it works.

    One batch of experts:

    “We see election fraud because:
    a) Mathematically totally improbable results
    b) Known instances of electronic vote switching
    c) Ballot signatures unable to be checked
    d) Affidavits from people who had ballots cast in their name after they left the State
    e) Ballots received and counted after the statutory deadline
    f) and a few others

    Opposing experts, taking their cue from expert Sgt. Schulz:

    “There was no fraud.”
    Experts. See how that works?

  81. philjourdan says:

    @President Elect HR – If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve! So just PhilJourdan. I will vote for both you and President Elect EM. Which is 100 votes less than democrats make in elections.

    And yes, that is perfect. But I do not care for x-spurts. Unlike democrats, I care about Facts, not fiction, data, not fraud. And science, not seance.

  82. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    If elected, I will not serve, but I will cash the checks and assure no one else gets the office while I sit in it not serving…. kinda like all politicians…

  83. President Elect H.R. says:

    We have a President. Until the Constitutional electoral process is complete, there is no President Elect.

    So anyone is just as much President Elect as anyone else at this point.

  84. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Gee… The “DHS Experts” who said this is the “most secure election ever” have on the board the Dominion company….

    Yeah, Dominion sits on the council that said Dominion was fine… Go figure…

    Oh, and Smartmatic sits on the board that issued the “All A-OK!” too…


    Golly, so the “Experts” assuring us everything is Just Fine are the same alleged Criminals who “did the deed”…

    No wonder Serioso loved that endorsement.

  85. philjourdan says:

    @President Elect EM – You have my full support with that platform!

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