Friends Of Australia Friday Onion Lamb & Cabernet

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

I started with a nice red onion.  Sauteed in 1/2 Olive Oil 1/2 Butter.  When a few minutes from done, Lamb Mince or Lamburger steaks of 1/2 pound each were added to the cast iron (large…) skillet.  About 4 minutes a side.  Slightly pink in the middle.  Sides were green beans and mashed potatoes with butter.  Lamb got a small sprinkling of dry garlic granules at the turn. A shovel of sauteed caramelized onions on top for the presentation.  Yum doesn’t even come close…  I a salted and peppered mine at the serving.  Spouse eschewed the pepper, poor lass.

The wine tonight is a nice Cabernet.  Now, in fairness, my estimation of it is likely to be heavily colored by the fact that I had a chocolate glazed chocolate donut just before dinner.  (What?  Never heard of “desert first”? ;-)   The simple fact is that yesterday we got a ‘tiny donut’ maker machine.  Basically a waffle iron like affair with small donut rings in it.  Last night I made a batch of 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate cake donuts. I coated the vanilla ones with powdered sugar.  This morning the spouse made chocolate glaze for the chocolate ones.  (She does not ‘do’ chocolate due to migraine issues).

So, OK, there started out about 15 half sized donuts at 3 AM last night.  Now there are 3.  What can I say… all you can’t resist donuts on demand 24 x 7?  Man am I in trouble…

This means my evaluation of the wine may be a bit colored by an excess of sugars in the prior 12 hours…  and minutes…

IMHO, the wine is quite nice, but not spectacular.  The Little Penguin is richer.  It is Samuel Wynn & Co. “Risk & Reward” Cabernet Sauvignon 2017.  Flavor is good, nose is very nice.  Not too acid.  All in all a very nice drop.  However, there’s a certain intense Cabernet Character that just isn’t very strong to me.  It’s there, but just not shouting at me.  I like the wine.  It’s very drinkable and quite nice.  But if you asked me “what is this wine?” I’d not be shouting “A fine old Cabernet!”.  I’d be saying “I”m not sure… it has some Cabernet in it, and isn’t flavored too much of Merlot, but, well, it’s a nice red of mixed character.”   OTOH, while nominally a $10 wine per the shelf blurb, it was being sold at the Bargain Market Grocery Outlet for $5.  Can’t quite expect a ‘remaindered’ $5 wine to be like a $25 a bottle 10 year old wine, can we?

Will I buy it again?  Certainly!   There’s nothing wrong with it as a Daily Drinker.  It will go well with any red meat and some spicy white things too.  It just won’t cause folks to take out pen and paper and ask you “What was that wine?” and I’m very OK with that.  A Daily Drinker is a very nice thing to have.  Nothing wrong with a table wine.

The label implies there’s some back story to “Samuel Wynn” as an explorer who had some event in an airplane at 20,000 feet.  I’ll be looking that up shortly.

In Other News

The USA quasi-election will have implications for Australia.  IF Biden ends up POTUS, expect China to move harshly against Australia once the USA pressure is removed by China Joe.

We’ll have to work on how to deal with that eventually, together, should it come to pass.

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15 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Onion Lamb & Cabernet

  1. President Elect H.R. says:

    @E.M. – I’d take a sledgehammer to that mini-donut machine, if I were you. Just sayin’ 😜

    Meanwhile, I’m snacking on a couple of extra-crunchy, crispy Ghost Pepper burritos drizzled with PeriPeri sauce and ‘watching’ the Colorado State vs. Colorado State on play-by-play internet. It’s one step above the old vibrating 12″ x 20″ 1960s electric football game** where, for all you knew, all your players would start heading backwards because the table wasn’t level or the cardboard playing field was warped. 🤣🤣
    **I never had one of those games. No sucker here. Played against my buddies on their P!$$-@$$ electronic football games. Cause for major celebration when one of the little player figures made it over any goal line, regardless of whose goal line it was. Many arguments. Many, many arguments. Oh, to be 9-years old again 😜

  2. President Elect H.R. says:

    Oopsie! Colorado State vs. Boise State. 52 to 21, Boise State right now. Not much of a defensive struggle.

  3. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @President Elect H.R.:

    There’s only one mini-donut left now, so I’m not seeing the upside to hammering the Source Of All Heavenly Manna Rings…. I mean, only 8 in a day… and tomorrow is another day… and…

    Sorry gotta do some cooking…

  4. billinoz says:

    Hi to All ! Here’s my week news from Oz segment… just to keep you all in touch..
    1: It’s good that you are enjoying that Oz 2017 wine E M. Just a pity I ca’t find any of it that cheap. :-(
    2: There have been no recorded new local transmission of Covid in Australia for the past 5 days. They were in NSW. Victoria ( Melbourne ) has had none for 2 weeks. And the other states & territories for even longer. – many weeks. But about 6500 people are flying into Australia each weeks and going into the 14 day police supervised quarantine. Quite a few iof these folks from the UK, India etc are infected. so the quarantine and testing regime is crucial to keeping the virus out of Oz. And keeping it out means we are all here gradually, gradually, regaining normal lives. with the lockdown being eased and the state borders being loosened. It’s good to be able to go to milongas again and dance Argentine tango. ( But the Argentines cannot at all :-( )

    3 : CCP China is finding new way to annoy us and our exporters. This time timber is in their sights. We export a lot of pinus radiata logs to China for their construction industry and for chipping to make chipboard. Well a log had a beetle on it ! And so the entire export industry is frozen. But this means we will go back into log processing with more jobs here.. So no barley for their beer; no wine for their wine drinkers; no coal for their power plants etc etc..Seems to me that the Communists in China simple don’t know when they are shooting themselves in the foot. And of course it does expose our own sleezy CCP China lovers to the ridicule and anger they deserve.

    4: Re your presidential election : I think we’ve all got bored with it here in Oz. We have our elections on a Saturday ( polling booths open 8.00 am till 6.00 pm ) and by 9.30 PM that night we literally know who has won and who’s lost…It’s all done & dusted. With the losing party leader always conceding on live TV and then the Winning Party leader giving a live Victory speech. We all then get on with partying till late – celebrating or commiserating as appropriate.
    Expecting us folks to excitedly watch listen, read & wait all the ‘argie bargie’ about the November 3rd till January 20th 2021 to know who’s won or who’s lost, is sort of stretching the friendship a bit. I hope you can all sort it out by Christmas. :-)

    5 : I’m rereading a book about the USA. “American Journeys” published in 2008. It was written by a bloke called Don Watson. He was a close mate & off sider to Paul Keating PM in the 1980’s-1990’s. He wrote some of his more famous speeches for him as well. Watson spent 18 months in the USA 2005-7 travelling across the whole nation by AMTRAC writing up his responses to what he saw and heard and felt as an Australian…He saw New Orleans just after Katrina and writes with an outsiders perspective of that disaster…etc It was so polarised then. And the USA seems so polarised now. I feel not much has changed since 2008 and that leaves me feeling sad.

  5. philjourdan says:

    The “hiden” damage from the stolen election will be a destruction of the peace that Trump has brought about.

    That and a 4 years recession.

  6. billinoz says:

    I forgot one item of importance above. One of our states Queensland, had a state election last Saturday. Queensland used to be a stronghold of the conservative Liberal National Party. However 3 years ago it was lead to a disaster by a former leader and Labor scrapped into government with a one seat majority lead by a woman popularly named ‘Palachook’.

    Pre Covid the polls were predicting a Palachook demise in these state elections. However last Saturday Labor gained seats, was returned to government and is now in a dominant position in Queensland.

    Why ? Well Pallachook ran hard & strong on the Corona virus and stopping it spreading by closing the state borders to anyone from Victoria or NSW. The LNP by contrast wanted the lockdown abandoned and the borders opened to anyone.

    And the LNP got smashed.

    And Queensland is majorly tourism dependent state and that industry has been crushed this year with all the international & state border closures.

    The people of Queensland decided that being protected . from Covid was the key important issue. Curiously the LNP’s conservative allies are in government in three other states : Tasmania, South Australia & New South Wales. And they have mostly pursued similar policies & strategies on Covid to Labor in Queensland : Lockdown & border controls/ closures. And they are riding high in the polls.

    Which brings me back to the USA elections; A lot of state governors were up for re-election on November 3rd. I wonder if Covid & the pandemic had an impact at the state governorship level ? So far no one here has mentioned it in the media. the focus was on the Presidential election.

  7. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Here, the hard core lock down Governors are all (I think all… all that make the news) Democrats. Republicans tend to be more libertarian and liberty oriented. Also, high population city rich States are Dems, low population rural States tend Republican.

    As a result, the Dems get what Dem voters like and the Repubs get what Repub voters like and nobody is hollering about it much. (There is some right leaning dirt thrown at the more nutty death causing Governors like those in Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, New York… but in New York the really whacko Mayor of NYC kinda steals the attention…)

    Overall, I don’t think it is nearly as much an issue, or get nearly as much attention, as the POTUS race and potential theft of the election by Soros and China.

  8. Annie says:

    You make the statement that we in Aus are bored with the American election. Sorry, but you do not speak for me (and, I suspect, many others). You may speak only for yourself and those you actually KNOW who share your opinions.
    The Palacechook in Queensland got back on the strength of her Covid fear and panic-spreading and the closed borders. Ill and dying people and their relatives from Covid-clear parts of NSW and the ACT were cruelly denied entry but it was ok for footy players, celebrities various and the filthy rich to gain entry and ‘isolate’ in holiday settings. As their health person said, ‘they bring in money’ (to a state with a worse unemployment rate than most of the rest of Australia and huge debt). Hypocrites, and too many people fell for it. :(

  9. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Note to folks in Australia:

    You might want to care about how our fraudulent election lawfare sorts out. You use the same Dominion voting machines that buggered our election here. Just sayin’… maybe Australians are not quite as “progressive left” as the vote tallies are reporting…

  10. billinoz says:

    @EM Any source for that about Dominion voting machines in Australia ? I know all votes are counted by hand in hand for our Federal elections. and for our South Australian elections. No scanning & tabulating of paper votes at all with the possible exception of the Canberra ( ACT ). And that is what Wikipedia says in a quick search.

  11. billinoz says:

    @ Annie,
    Good to see you survived Covid in the regional ( less severe ) lockdown in Victoria Annie. Pallachook did indeed get back on the strength of popular feeling about Covid and her strong lockdown & border strategy. Indeed that was my point.

    As for Aussie interest in the USA presidential elections, I suggest that your fervent interest may be a reflection of your UK nationality & your involvement as a commentator in Jo Nova’s blog site. She has posed about almost nothing else for quite a while. I have not bothered very much at all there. Nor here indeed on ‘Musings from Chiefio’ as the USA Elections are not elections for my country – Australia.

    And as a topic in my circles of friends, the USA elections have completely dropped off the radar.
    Most think “Yeah Biden won but the election system is soooo slow and now the bloody lawyers are interfering” ( But you may not know lawyers are not rated highly here along with car salesmen & real estate agents :-)

    So there are more important things to worry about. Like for example BOM’s new dumb & fake report that says we are going fry & burn in the Gorebul Warming heading our way.

  12. billinoz says:

    Annie, you seem very annoyed that out state governments closed their borders to Australians from other states and territories because of Covid. And annoyed that the majority of Queenslanders voted to put back in office a government that imposed strong border closures on folks from Victoria & NSW ( & ACT )
    Well after the dishonesty by those three African ‘Australian’ young women back in August what could you expect. The three of them ( of refugee background ? ) chose to travel from Brisbane to Melbourne to have . a huge party in ‘Locked down’ Melbourne with other African ‘Australians” and raise a bit of cash on the side.

    They returned to Brisbane via Sydney and then told Qld border border staff that they had not been in Melbourne. Checking revealed their lies and they were then arrested 5 days later. Two of them were infected with Covid. And in those 5 days they spread the virus to 50-60 other people in Brisbane. Frankly I think they deserve jail time for a year or two. And if not Australian citizens send them back to where ever in Africa they came from.

    Others who were infected also tried to bust through into Qld and were stopped or arrested. Good. And soem wealthy folks who sailed into the Gold coast were arrested as well. Good.

    And the vote last Saturday by the majority Queenslanders supported Pallachook in that policy. the pity is that the Liberal National Party did not adopt the same policy. Instead it chose to try and gain power on an open the borders policy. That went down like a lead ballon. Stupid politics in my candid opinion.

  13. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    During the 2007 federal election, electronic voting was made available for blind and low-vision persons. Since 2001, in Australian Capital Territory elections and since 2015 in New South Wales state elections.

    Recent use of electronic voting technology in federal elections
    At the 2007 federal election, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) trialled electronic voting for groups such as blind and low-vision voters. This evolved into the current method of telephone voting for this group of voters. At the 2007 election, the AEC also trialled access to a secure computer network through which Australian Defence Force personnel serving overseas could vote.

    At the 2013 federal election, the AEC piloted the use of ECLs in select locations to introduce efficiencies into the process of finding and marking voters off the electoral roll.

    At the 2016 federal election, the AEC deployed up to 1,500 ECLs that were used in high-volume early (pre-poll) voting centres; at large polling places on election day; and by remote mobile voting teams in over 40 electoral divisions throughout Australia. ECLs are currently also being used in all electoral divisions to more efficiently process the necessary checks against the electoral roll for voters who cast declaration votes. The AEC also scanned millions of Senate ballot papers and recorded voter preferences electronically.

    Electronic voting in other jurisdictions
    Several countries (for example, Brazil and Estonia) have either introduced or trialled electronic voting in its various forms—but no internationally-agreed standards have evolved.

    Overall, the Australian states and territories have not embraced electronic voting to any great degree. Since 2001, the ACT has enabled voting on locally-connected computers in some polling places, and NSW has used its iVote system since 2011, which enables remote voting over the Internet or by telephone at NSW state elections.

    At the 2015 NSW election, people who are vision-impaired, people with a disability, people who live more than 20 kilometres from their nearest polling place, or those who were interstate or overseas on election day, were able to register their vote using a web browser. The iVote system replaced in-person voting for all voters outside NSW on election day.

    Some 283,669 electors cast their vote through the iVote system, but it was not without its problems. Two parties were omitted from the above-the-line section of the electronic ballot paper for the NSW Legislative Council; there was reportedly a greater donkey vote than that revealed on the paper ballot, and two academics claimed they had found a security flaw in the system.

    The NSW Electoral Commission has indicated that iVote will continue to replace postal voting, interstate voting and overseas venues, and may be used in the future to take absent votes at all pre-polls and select high-volume polling places. However, it is not envisaged that iVote will replace normal voting at polling places and pre-polls using paper ballots.

    I know that doesn’t say Dominion. That was something I heard on a podcast. But clearly Australia is on the path and Dominion is one of the bigger players.

    Dominion Voting Systems dominates voting machines. It holds a third of the voting-machine market
    During a Fox interview over the weekend, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell pointed out that Senator Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is a shareholder of Dominion Voting Systems. The software company also has ties to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her former chief of staff is one of the lobbyists on the company’s first-ever lobbying firm—Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck.

  14. billinoz says:

    All that dates from Turnbul’s time as PM. He was a passionate believer in such crap having made his hundred millions or so from the internet in the early days. All motivated by a desire to reduce the number of people involved in the count by farming out contracts to mates. But Turnbull is gone ( as of 2018 ) and good riddance to him. I heard in the media that the AEC wanted to do things electronically. But there was such a kickback after the Bureau of Statistics tried to do the census in 2016 electronically, and totally stuffed it up, that such proposals put on hold Federally.

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