Hungary & Poland Veto EU Budget, Soros Rants

The EU Central Authority has proposed a budget that includes a provision to punish any Member State that doesn’t do what they want. The “Budget” includes changes to EU Law that would remove the ability of a Member State to act independently. The “Rule of Law” provisions. Sounds nice and all until you realize that EU Law is made by a small un-elected Central Authority. Essentially, it says that the EU will tell Member States what to do and they can shut up about it or get no money, but still have their money taken by the Central Authority. (That’s my biased interpretation of it, read a few hundred pages of crap if you want more detail or a different POV.)

So Poland and Hungary, the targets of this ‘new law’ disguised as a “budget”, have vetoed the “budget” (really, the “budget bill” approving the new laws). I would too. Why hand over your sovereignty to an abusive unaccountable Central Authority?

(Soros asserts this ‘new rule’ is already passed and in force, but if so, how does a veto of the budget bill help Poland and Hungary thwart it? Something seems missing.)

Now what’s amusing, is that George Soros is having a hissy fit over it. He wants the EU Central Authority to implement these ‘new laws’ via backdoor manipulations and skulduggery (but all ‘nice and legal like’ in appearances).

Here’s a link to his “open letter”. I’m not going to make it a live link as, frankly, Soros has a reputation for destroying people and countries that don’t do what he wants and think how he commands, so I’m not that interested in having a ‘back pointer’ to me show up at his propaganda operation.

“http :// www.”

Note that when he says “open society” that means “no border control, no sovereignty, full globalist control by other than the citizens of that country”. Those are the policies his “Open Society” organizations push.

Also cute is that Soros complains that Orban is using “private foundations”. It seems this is “bad” when Orban does it, but “good” when Soros does it with dozens of NGOs in layers and layers globally… Hypocrisy much Soros?

Europe Must Stand Up to Hungary and Poland
Nov 18, 2020

The European Union cannot afford to compromise on the rule-of-law provisions it applies to the funds it allocates to member states. How the EU responds to the challenge to those provisions now posed by Hungary and Poland will determine whether it survives as an open society true to the values upon which it was founded.

NEW YORK – Hungary and Poland have vetoed the European Union’s proposed €1.15 trillion ($1.4 trillion) seven-year budget and the €750 billion European recovery fund. Although the two countries are the budget’s biggest beneficiaries, their governments are adamantly opposed to the rule-of-law conditionality that the EU has adopted at the behest of the European Parliament. They know that they are violating the rule of law in egregious ways, and do not want to pay the consequences.

It is not so much an abstract concept like the rule of law that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and, to a lesser extent, Poland’s de facto ruler, Jarosław Kaczyński, oppose. For them, the rule of law represents a practical limit on personal and political corruption. The veto is a desperate gamble by two serial violators.

It was also an unprecedented step, coming at a moment when Europe is suffering from a dangerous surge of COVID-19 cases, and it threw the other EU countries’ representatives into confusion. But when the shock wore off, closer analysis revealed that there is a way around the veto.

The rule-of-law regulations have been adopted. In case there is no agreement on a new budget, the old budget, which expires at the end of 2020, is extended on a yearly basis. Hungary and Poland would not receive any payments under this budget, because their governments are violating the rule of law.

Likewise, the recovery fund, called Next Generation EU, could be implemented by using an enhanced cooperation procedure, as Guy Verhofstadt has proposed. If the EU went down this road, the Orbán-Kaczyński veto could be circumvented. The question is whether the EU, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel perhaps leading the way, can muster the political will.

I am a committed supporter of the EU as a model of an open society built on the rule of law. Being of Hungarian Jewish origin, I am particularly concerned with the situation in Hungary, where I have been active as a philanthropist for more than 30 years.

Orbán has constructed in Hungary an elaborate kleptocratic system to rob the country blind. The amount by which he has enriched his family and friends is difficult to estimate but many of them have become exceedingly wealthy. Orbán is now using the new wave of COVID-19 to amend the Hungarian Constitution and the electoral law (once again) and to entrench himself as prime minister for life by constitutional means. That is a tragedy for the Hungarian people.

Let me give a few examples of how Orbán has robbed the Hungarian people. He has transferred vast sums of public money to a number of private foundations that he indirectly controls. By a clever constitutional trick, Orbán is now permanently removing these assets from the public domain; it would take a two-thirds majority of Parliament to return them to the Hungarian people. The amounts involved add up to nearly $2.8 billion.

In a series of fraudulent transactions, companies close to Orbán purchased over 16,000 ventilators on behalf of Hungary for almost $1 billion, far exceeding the number of intensive care beds and medical personnel that could operate them. An analysis of international trade data shows that Hungary paid the most in the EU for ventilators from China, at one point paying over 50 times more than Germany.

One of these companies also secured an order from Slovenia, whose prime minster, Janez Janša, is a close political ally of Orbán. The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) needs to investigate whether the EU was defrauded. The recent contract for the Russian vaccine that will make Hungary the first European country to use it deserves to be investigated.

At the same time, Orbán is seeking to avoid accountability for these actions, and taking steps to prevent a repeat of the local elections in 2019, when his Fidesz party lost control of the municipal government of Budapest and other major cities. He is going out of his way to deprive Budapest of financial resources, vetoing the city’s application to borrow money from the European Investment Bank to buy new mass transportation equipment amenable to social distancing. Budapest is now looking at a $290 million shortfall in its budget for 2021. Similar conditions prevail in other cities with local governments that are not controlled by Fidesz.

Hungary’s opposition parties are bravely trying to challenge Orbán by forming a common list of candidates for the 2022 general election. But their chances of success are limited because Orbán can change the rules at short notice, as he has already done several times before. Conveniently, Orbán is planning to introduce the latest changes to the electoral law while the pandemic is raging, Budapest is under curfew, and soldiers are patrolling the streets.

Moreover, Orbán exercises almost total control over the countryside, where the majority of the population lives. He controls the information they receive, and voting in many villages is not secret. There is practically no way the opposition can prevail.

Only the EU can help. EU funds, for example, should be directed to local authorities, where there is still a functioning democracy in Hungary, unlike at the national level.

The EU can’t afford to compromise on the rule-of-law provisions. How it responds to the challenge posed by Orbán and Kaczyński will determine whether it survives as an open society true to the values upon which it was founded.

Gee, so the complaints about Orban are that he’s paid too much to get priority access to stuff to treat Chinese Wuhan Covid patients… after the Globalists said it was The End Of The World As We Know It!!! and everyone ought to panic. Go figure…

IMHO, should the EU go ahead with this, they will simply lose 4 or 5 more countries. Poland and Hungary will rapidly exit, as likely will Slovenia. Others? I could easily see Italy and Greece bailing too. The Ital-exit and Grexit folks will point at the abuse of home rule and “taxation without representation” in Poland and Hungary and that could well be enough to push them over the line. Add in a few more of the Eastern Block countries and I could easily see a repeat of the time the Roman Empire divided into East and West. Here the New Holy Roman Empire, pardon, EU, would be doing the split with the line more diagonal South West to North East. Once again having UK being a reach too far to hold, and then dividing down the middle.

As an “amusing” point, this ‘sidebar’ appeared when I read the article there:

America’s Political Crisis and the Way Forward
President Donald Trump’s recent election defeat is a necessary step toward restoring sanity to American politics. But it is only the first of many steps that will be required to convince the world that the US no longer poses a threat to itself or others.

So that gives you some of the mindset. It was necessary but not sufficient to remove Trump and insert corrupt incompetent Biden to remove the US “threat” to the world. Uh huh… To restore “sanity to American politics”. Uh huh… Really it means to align America, regardless of what the US Citizens want or vote for, with the Soros Agenda. It also clearly states that Biden is just the first step down that long road to satrapy and perdition. Any guesses as to who was pulling strings and pushing ‘by all means necessary’ in the US POTUS election?

The Duran does a nice job of summarizing the ways this Open Letter is amusing and A Very Bad Idea in a short video piece here:

If you are not familiar with The Duran, it’s two clueful guys discussing the world with just the right amount of snideitude ;-) Here’s their news site with links to articles they think matter:

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10 Responses to Hungary & Poland Veto EU Budget, Soros Rants

  1. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Soro and Sachs ought to find a tiny island and set up a society to their liking.
    Sachs wrote enough nonsense in SciAm magazine that we didn’t renew.

    France and other EU countries are paying the price of open borders (and the never ending turmoil in the countires to their southeast). It is no surprise that Poland and Hungary wish to maintain their historic society and identity. See: Brixit: June 23, 2016 → 1 January 2021

  2. President Elect H.R. says:

    For some reason, just a funny feeling, no actual knowledge, I get the idea that Soros must have some hellacious personal security.

  3. Simon Derricutt says:

    H.R. – that didn’t work out too well for Iran’s top nuclear scientist, though….

  4. President Elect H.R. says:

    I saw pictures of that, Simon. It was a messy assassination. Effective, but messy.

  5. As you may or not be aware there is a huge battle going on over fishing rights as we try to extricate ourselves from the EU octopus.

    First macron, then the EU commission has said that the interconnectors that allow energy to be exchanged between the UK and Europe, will be turned off if we don’t give the EU full fishing access in the same way as when we were a member

  6. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I heard that as an idea, didn’t know it was actually put on the table.

    France might not like losing all that profit from sales of Nuclear Electricity…

    IMHO, even medium term, it would be a net benefit to the UK to lose that dependency. Gas power plants are very fast to build and have the dispatch ability needed to balance the idiot wind farms. IF the UK doesn’t have enough gas from the North Sea, coal gasification is trivial to build too. Basically a big steel pot with steam injection full of coal heated to about red hot. You can start it with a match, recycle the coal gas to fire it more, and then inject just enough air to keep the burn going and add hot steam to make “water gas”. Great 1800s technology….

    BTW, my fundamental rule per folks doing Blackmail (and that’s exactly what the power threat is):

    DO NOT EVER give the blackmailer what they want. Just escape / ignore if you can, and counterattack harder if you can’t. It is an assault and needs a counter force counter attack.

  7. beththeserf says:

    Thx for the odysee link showing, yet again, the Soros preferred way of operating, overriding national autonomy by the back door. The hand of Soras, less direct than the eye of Sauron, but just as destructive.

  8. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    The Duran are one of my favorites to watch.. First ran into them on EewTube, but they’ve got the Odysee feed too. Also on:


    and their Bitchute is actually current…

  9. philjourdan says:

    The EU council has to be unelected. The people would not stand or it. BUt that is how the globalists work. They are stealing an election here, and allowing the unelected to revoke their rights there

  10. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    They also seem to have an amazing degree of “mean streak” and outright viciousness.

    Were I in charge in the UK, right now, I’d be issuing a Request For Proposal to build out more powerplant as rapidly as possible AND I’d be instructing the intertie operation / insertion point, that it was to be shut down at any time it was not absolutely necessary, pending the EU doing a full shutdown. Basically “You are hereby ordered to gain experience at running with the intertie use reduced as much as possible in preparation for a cutoff.”

    When a bully or blackmailer attacks, you simply MUST IMMEDIATELY counter attack with anything and everything you’ve got.

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