Friends Of Australia Friday Spring Crossing Lamburger & Fries

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Today we got Spring Crossing Australian lamburger(mince) at Lucky’s. Along with a Yellow Tail Shiraz wine. I’m about 1/2 way through the wine already (Damn You Australians and your Shiraz addictive wine!!! ;-)

The cheese on the Cheese Lamburger will be Havarti. The bread a home made from scratch “regular loaf” recipe cooling as we type…

There will be deep fried “fries” on the side using a 90% beef tallow 10% coconut mix that comes very close to the old MacDonalds formula flavor (i.e. YUM!)

The lamb mince is formed into burger patties “in the usual way” and fried “to your liking” and at the turn has the cheese slice laid on top to melt. Onto the bread (mustard on meat side, mayo on cheese side and yes, it DOES matter…) with what condiments and salad you like.

The wine is not my favorite Little Penguin as we went to The Other Store for things the spouse wanted. Yet it is quite good. The bubbles at the pour have a purple reminiscent of Welch’s Grape juice or jam, yet the body is more ruby red. I find I’m growing quite fond of Shiraz… (I’m sure it is an Australian Plot… ;-)

In Other News

Brexit is looking ever more like a WTO F-You EU clean break. That is very good for Australia and a getting all the old Empire back together again as free trading equals. What have we got, 4 weeks until “This time for sure!!!” maybe real BREXIT?

I must admit I’ve been way focused on the USA Voting Fraud Drama and the question of “Will be become a Communist Satrap to China or Liberty Beacon To The World?” so I’ve not followed Australian news lately.

So, is Australia breaking free of China? Telling the local Governors who are either bribed or blackmailed into things like supporting Belt & Roads to go stuff it? Or are y’all just folding up and preparing for a few hundred million “Chinese Refugees” to flood in? I suggest brushing up on your Mandarin or Cantonese in the latter case…

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9 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Spring Crossing Lamburger & Fries

  1. Kneel says:

    “I’m sure it is an Australian Plot…”

    :-) You know it!

    “So, is Australia breaking free of China?”
    Still half-and-half ATM, I think. Went agin ’em when it was DJT all the way, but now the pollies somehow believe the local MSM, which is parroting US MSM, so they all think Biden is already president-elect and are doing the usual “re-orienting”.

    Y’all make sure DJT get’s back in again nice and legal, ya hear? We NEED you guys in the international game, or we might end up with China just trying to take over.
    In prep, I have ye olde US Army arms and munitions manual that has stuff like how to make gun powder, detonators etc – just in case you lot devolve into a hot civil war. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and all that.

  2. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I have it too… along with an old “Formulas Processes & Trade Secrets” that has other bits of kit in it (like making gun cotton from battery acid and fertilizer… which formula I will publish “at the appropriate time” if it comes to that… and coated with a bit of graphite becomes cordite of British Empire Cartridge Arms fame…)

    Oh, and FWIW, several key interesting formulas committed to memory… so as long as I’m alive The Resistance can have all the HE it wants… (As long as it’s the RIGHT Resistance…). Should it come to that and The Resistance needs to defend the Constitution as some of us have sworn to do…

    Did you know you can make a “Baguette” that looks like the real deal but is explosive? Look up ‘nitrostarch’… so you end up with “What’s this kid!@$?” demanded by Her Guard and the answer is “Why, a baguette sira!”… (set timer and run…)

    Now realize that’s the LEAST of things and what I’m willing to say “in public”…

  3. President Elect H.R. says:

    Hmmm… if things go South, I may be taking a greater interest in baking baguettes… uhhh… for prepper reasons, of course. Yeah, that’s the ticket. For prepper reasons.

    Of course I’ll need to know how to properly time it so we know it’s done.

  4. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    OMG! This is the “clothed version” and IMHO it’s NSFW!?

    Things you find after a bottle of Australian Shiraz and a lowered barrier to “going there”…

  5. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    What I’m thinkin’ after seeing the prior video:

  6. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Shiraz made me do it:

  7. andysaurus says:

    After my wife died I found that I had a little more available cash than previously. I had air conditioning put into one of the spare bedrooms which runs constantly (I have solar power too). Add cheap shelving and it now houses 42 cases of shiraz. I do have a couple of cases of cabernet sauvignon, but only to bring out for people who don’t share my tastes,

    I mentioned to my brothers that I worry my tastes have been influenced by my teenage immersion in the world of Ian Flemming’s James Bond. If you recall, his boss “M” drank a rough red that he had become used to in the navy and it was so poor that his gentleman’s club refused to stock it except for him. I hope it is the case because it is very cheap here – about $7 a bottle (just over US$5).

  8. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    42 Cases you say…

    Party At Andy’s!!!


    It is a little strange how Shiraz grows on you. At first it tastes a bit strong and “rough”, but then you start to notice the purple overtone to the bubbles on top and the deep ruby red of the part in the glass, but with interesting highlights.

    Later you notice Merlot starts seeming a bit lacking… wimpy even. Then the Shiraz transitions to “robust” and eventually “rich”… and Cabernet becomes a nice little something but lacking in depth… Then the Shiraz “rough” becomes ambition… rather like hot sauce becomes tame the more you use it.

    I think the Little Penguin Shiraz Cabernet blend was my downfall. A “gateway wine” if you will. The Shiraz “added something” and over a few months you want more of that “something” and less of that other stuff in the way ;-)

    I sure hope China starts buying your stuff again, or I’m going to end up drinking nothing but Shiraz next year 9-0

  9. philjourdan says:

    “IMHO it’s NSFW!?” – yea,and who is going to know when you are WFH?

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