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Will This Never End? – POTUS

So now we know that Dominion had oodles of cash shoved at it by China (via UBS) just before the election. Some folks are saying China owns Dominion, but is that physical ownership, or just pwned with cash? Inquiring minds want to know. But does it matter? I doubt it. A $400 Million payday bought Dominions Mind Share and actions. That, alone, IMHO, is enough to invalidate every election where Dominion hardware and Softmatic software were used.

Texas has sued the Biden Diddle States and its pleading will land at SCOTUS. We’ll get to see how many of The Supremes have Chicom Compromat on them.

The Media (including Tech “media” like Faceplant, EewTube, Twatter, etc.) are also being remarkably 100% on side even as it threatens their survival. One wonders how many of their key executives had a nice little “romp” in the hotel in China only to find out later that the room was just full of cameras and microphones. Or is it just the Billion Chinese Market money that’s got them by the dangley bits?

The DNC is clearly owned by China. From “chauffeurs” for decades who were agents of China to “interns” placed on Swalwell’s staff by a tart of a Chinese agent, they are fully pwned at this point. Large “donations” from Chinese front companies don’t hurt either. Then there’s the Soro’s Money “on side’ too. So mercenaries or whores? Hard to say…

This is looking increasingly like a Chinese Communist Coup attempt and less like a regular US Election.

In my opinion, if SCOTUS doesn’t fix this illegal immoral and criminal usurpation, then Trump will need to invoke his 14th Amendment powers and call out the Civilian Militia in support of the US Military and defend our nation against “All enemies foreign AND domestic”. A 25% turnout among his voters ought to net about 15 to 20 million… A hopefully unnecessary last resort.

We are down to the last few weeks of this shadow puppet boxing match. My read of the “state of play” is that the Texas suit puts the Biden Diddle States in “dispute” and blows the “Safe Harbor” date of Dec 8 right out of the water. If SCOTUS hears the case, and finds merit, we are done. If SCOTUS does not hear the case, we are not quite done as it moves to the Electoral College. State Legislatures, such as in states where a RINO Governor will not call them in to session (Georgia…) ought to just assemble anyway and vote THEIR AUTHORIZED CONSTITUTIONAL VOTE for who will be the electors. Either their slate is seated, or again it goes off to SCOTUS. What FEDERAL law prohibits a State Legislature from meeting to do their mandated duty, eh?

Eventually the clock runs out. At that point (in January) the Electoral College votes go to Congress for approval. I doubt there are enough in Congress who are not spineless jellyfish to choose to use their authority to just say “No, the election was fraudulent”, but we at least will find out who is pwned by China. Take notes.

At this point, with the Safe Harbor blown, folks, IMHO, ought to be filing suits like crazy. All over the place. There is so much wrong that “flooding the zone” to force a contingent election is a right and proper thing to do.

Exactly when ought Trump “do a 14th”? At the time of his choosing for best effect. As close to the last step as safe, but not so close as to risk a “miss”. Give the legal process and the legislative processes a chance to “do the right thing”, but with the fate of the Republic at risk of overthrow by Chinese Influencers (read blackmail, bribery, indoctrination, money sex money drugs money) there is too much at stake to just “let it go”. Will it happen? Nobody knows and everyone hopes not, me included. But “you can’t always get what you want…”

I fear the Tree Of Liberty needs fertilizing. I hope the rule of law prevails first.

Will This Never End? – Brexit

Looks like Boris and Ursula have done another kick the can. Now it’s Sunday next. Maybe. Could be. Possibly. Sigh.

There comes a time in a “deal” when you know it’s not going to happen. The other party is just too much of an S.O.B. on terms to reach an agreement. The only right and proper thing to do then is Walk Away. Just get up, say “Thank you for your time, I’m sorry to have wasted so much of it, but we are not going to reach an agreement. Goodbye” Then shake hands and walk out the door. Don’t stop, don’t chat a little more. If implored to stay, at most, turn, look and say “I’m sorry, I don’t see the point of more time. I have a plane to catch. Goodbye.” and continue out the door.

This can at worst, bring “clarity of mind” to the S.O.B. and at best you get to avoid a horrible deal with a party who is more interested in beating you down than lifting both of you up. AFTER they realize your resolve (which in this case is likely in January after the final full exit is complete) they will be more amenable to a new and useful to both parties “deal”.

As I said the last TWO times:

“For God’s Sake, man, just leave already. Take your sovereignty and leave.”

Lockdown Version 4.0

In Dimocrat States, we’re heading for functional House Arrest. Despite that constitution thing that says we have “freedom of assembly” for any purpose what so ever and that “freedom of religion” bit that doesn’t say “as long as the Governor likes your religious practices”…

We have drugs that work. We have treatments that, given early, make this more like a modest flu than not. We have nutritional data showing how to boost innate immunity enough to keep this a modest disease. We know the PCR test cycles are cranked up so high they will find “cases” in anyone who takes the test (false positives) at a way high rate and will also detect folks who “had a case” and got over it with sniffles or perhaps no symptoms at all. We also know most of the deaths are “with” Chinese Wuhan Covid not “from” it. Mostly folks who were old with DNRs and were likely to die from their next case of flu, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, whatever.

Locking up all the young healthy people is exactly wrong. I’m in the old ‘at risk’ group, and I’m happy to stay home while you let my kids and grandkids get back to normal life (perhaps with a case of sniffles in the 2nd week…) Just do some PSAs telling everyone to take their Vitamins D, C, and E, get some Zinc, and perhaps up there intake of quercitin containing foods (or a supplement if needed).

It’s time to just get back to life and move on.

In Conclusion

It is increasingly obvious that there’s a Globalist push to take down America AND all the rest of the Anglosphere. Soros is definitely “on side” with his “Open Society” organizations stirring up trouble and funding troubles. China is in it big time: in colleges with “Confucius Institutes”, blackmailing businesses with threats of expulsion from the Chinese “Markets” if they don’t comply (is it really a “market” if the State dictates the players?), flat out compromat based coercion, and more.

Then there’s the domestic column. DNC happy to manufacture rules as needed to assure the “China Approved” candidate gets the nomination. (Notice they were saying Biden would be the nominee back during the “Russia Russia!! RUSSIA!!!” hoax? Before the primary was done?) RINOs happy to toss rocks at The People’s Choice POTUS for 4 years and now, it seems, also willing to hand the POTUS job to a China Pawn. (For $1.5 Billion in the bank, it is hard to see how the Bidens are anything but owned.) A thundering hoard of Democrat Judges willing to toss Rule Of Law out the window for a “party win”. The Judicial System teetering on complete loss of legitimacy. (One wonders if China has something on Roberts, or just his kids…)

It all looks increasingly like a choice between a Chinese & Globalist Mafia driven world, or a USA Rule Of Law world. We find out in the next few weeks which it will be. I hope the world chooses wisely, as I’m not sure it can ever recover once the USA falls.

I would really rather be on a beach in Florida, fishing line in the water, noodling out code for a better Climate Model, then dealing with all this political Drama Queen crap. I don’t like politics. I don’t want to deal with politics. All I want is a modestly functional government that does not cause harm and is not corrupt. Apparently that’s too much of an ask.

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178 Responses to W.O.O.D. – 10 December 2020

  1. philjourdan says:

    The old greek system is looking better and better every day (where the previous ruler is put on trial for all his actions as ruler). Good way to get rid of a lot of bad governors.

  2. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    And Councilmen and Legislators…

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    @philjourdan; the only problem with that method is they will be even more reluctant to leave.

  4. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I still think – regarding the election – there are too many bridges to cross.
    See: The Seven Bridges of Königsberg.

  5. tom0mason says:

    Bill Gates and Volkswagen (humm names you can trust?) are involved in QuantumScape and their development of a new solid Li battery that should be inherently safe?
    From https://www.autocarpro.in/news-international/vw-and-bill-gatesbacked-quantumscape-claims-80-charge-in-under-15-minutes-for-solidstate-battery-tech-77930
    Quote from the piece –

    QuantumScape’s proprietary solid-state separator replaces the organic separator used in conventional cells, enabling the elimination of the carbon or carbon/silicon anode and the realization of an ‘anode-less’ architecture, with zero excess lithium. In such an architecture, an anode of pure metallic lithium is formed in situ when the finished cell is charged, rather than when the cell is produced. Unlike conventional lithium-ion batteries or some other solid-state designs, this architecture delivers high energy density while enabling lower material costs and simplified manufacturing.

    Beyond its ability to function at high rates of power while delivering high energy density, other key characteristics of QuantumScape’s solid-state lithium-metal battery technology include:
    · Zero excess lithium: In addition to eliminating the carbon or carbon/silicon anode, QuantumScape’s solid-state design further increases energy density because it uses no excess lithium on the anode. Some previous attempts at solid-state batteries used a lithium foil or other deposited-lithium anode, which reduces energy density.

    · Long life: Because it eliminates the side reaction between the liquid electrolyte and the carbon in the anode of conventional lithium-ion cells, its battery technology is designed to last hundreds of thousands of miles of driving. Alternative solid-state approaches with a lithium metal anode typically have not demonstrated the ability to work reliably at close to room temperatures (30 degrees Celsius) with zero excess lithium at high current densities (>3mAh/cm2) for more than a few hundred cycles, and result in a short-circuit or capacity loss before the life target is met. By contrast, today’s test results show that QuantumScape’s battery technology is capable of running for over 800 cycles with greater than 80 percent capacity retention.

    · Low-temperature operation: QuantumScape’s solid-state separator is designed to operate at a wide range of temperatures, and it has been tested to -30 degrees Celsius, temperatures that render some other solid-state designs inoperable.

    · Safety: QuantumScape’s solid-state separator is noncombustible and isolates the anode from the cathode even at very high temperatures—much higher than conventional organic separators used in lithium-ion batteries.

  6. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    “capable of running for over 800 cycles with greater than 80 percent capacity retention.”

    So that’s what, about 2 years of driving?…

    I know, I know, you don’t discharge it 100% every day if you are just ‘around town’… OTOH, it isn’t clear what cycle life is with shallow discharges. Then, say you cross the USA and back (as I do…). That’s about 5600 miles. IF you get 300 miles / charge, that’s 19 charges. Call it 20 as you will do some driving at your destination. So you can do 40 trips across the country. Reasonable I suppose. I think I’ve only done about a dozen. 5000 x 40 = 200,000 miles and your car is nearly toasted? My last Diesel had about 450,000 on it when it died. I’m presently driving 3 cars with over 200,000 on each of them (and more miles left in them, than in me…)

    Color me not all that impressed. (which I think was your point…)

    Then they have the “charge in under 15 minutes”? OK…

    Call it 20 KW for cruising at freeway speeds. Might be as low as 10, or 30 to 40 for hot foots doing dashes, so an average of 20 seems like a good estimating point. 300 miles at 60 is 5 hours. so about 100 KW-hours. Done in 1/4 hour is 400 kW.

    Now, if “only” 10% is lost in the charger, battery controller, and battery charge losses, you get to find a way to dump 40 kW of heat out of that battery & charger in 15 minutes. A common electric range is about a 2 kW burner, so figure 20 electric range burners glowing brightly in the charger / battery spaces… Somehow “I think that’s gonna be a problem”…

    That, and if 10 cars are charging at the station at one time (I’ve seen Tesla stands with that many+) you now have a 4 MEGA Watt power feed needed. “Good luck with that”.

    Also note that a 1000 mW nuclear power plant can then run 250 charging stations and it is maxed out. 2500 cars / nuke. Or 10,000 / hour. Better build a new nuke for that “got back from skiing on Sunday need a charge to get to work on Monday” hoard. Last time I did the ski run, it was about 100 miles of cars relatively close spaced on the freeway from mountain top down to central valley, then thinned out for the 100 miles to the Bay Area. (Not including Los Angeles / Mammoth Mountain et. al) That’s a LOT of cars, all getting home from the same start time (close of skiing) and charging for work in the morning (night time, so forget solar. Skiing was good, so not a lot of wind.) Kiss off the Thanksgiving Rush…

    I do wish Gang Green would learn to do math and compare sizes of things…

  7. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Easy… Every year a “New Years Trial”… Why wait for the end? ;-)

  8. philjourdan says:

    @p.g. – they had no choice. They served for a year, then another took their place and they were placed on trial.

  9. cdquarles says:

    Hmm, that Greek system. I do believe that our Founders knew about that and deliberately chose not to do it. I suspect they saw the downsides of it. Makes folk too cautious, I say. Then again, they said our system was made for a moral and religious (meaning Christian, for the most part) people. They were aware of other religions, though maybe not so aware of the religion I call socialism. They certainly knew of man’s inherent fallen/evil nature.

  10. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    From the wiki “history of socialism”

    The history of socialism has its origins in the 1789 French Revolution and the changes which it brought, although it has precedents in earlier movements and ideas. The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848 just before the Revolutions of 1848 swept Europe, expressing what they termed scientific socialism.

    So well after 1776…

    Aaand, we can “Blame the French!”

  11. jim2 says:

    The documents for the Texas suit are piling up really fast now. Check it out!


  12. President Elect H.R. says:

    Brexit: “This is the song that never ends.” 😴
    (2hr 14min, but you get the point)

  13. I can only find this at one place, but it seems 22 states have filed a “counter suit” against Texas (and the other states in support of Texas). And this one place is subscription based, so I can’t find good article about it.
    I’ve seen some maps showing the red vs blue (along with the neutral) states involved in the suits. This time it’s essentially a coastal vs fly-over country. Unfortunately, according to the map I saw, I’m in a blue state (taking the side of GA, PA and the two Texas has filed suit against). Here’s a map with a more detailed county by county look at things (I hope this works, I’m not sure how to include pics):

  14. ossqss says:

    The Electoral College may work in the end.

  15. ossqss says:

    I would say, the great reset being tossed around, may not be what people end up with. Just sayin, get the popcorn the next couple weeks. It shall get more interestinger (add that to your spell check dictionary :-) >

  16. jim2 says:

    Pinroot, see the entry with this text:

    Dec 10 2020 Motion for leave to file amicus brief from the District of Columbia on behalf of 22 States and Territories filed.
    Main DocumentProof of ServiceCertificate of Word Count

    on the site:


    It’s on there.

  17. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    We have about 4 weeks for “Brown Stuff hits Whirly Thing” to happen. Whatever the result, it will be epic.

    I just really really hope I don’t need to load up my Militia Prep in the car and drive to D.C…. Really I don’t.

    But I will if POTUS calls on me.

    Sidebar: I am not a member of any group of any kind. “Militia” or or otherwise. I AM the “silent majority”.

  18. jim2 says:

    Montana just filed a AB supporting the defendants.

    Click to access 20201210234950524_22O155%20Bullock.pdf

  19. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Prez Elect H.R.:

    Damn You! Just Damn YOU! I’m at the 1 hour mark of the Song that Never ends and she’s getting a little loose and I just can’t stop watching… YOu you YOU B’tard you really know how to screw up an Aspe now don’t you! I just MUST keep on with it to see if it really really REALLY ends… or at least changes..

    OMG! An aspe singer and listener locked up to eternity…

    Can someone order a wine deliver to my address? And maybe an Ambulance for a few hours later when I enter comatose land… I could be here a while…

  20. President Elect H.R. says:

    @V.P. Elect Smith – So I take it you’re a mite peeved, eh? 😜

    Well, you can be thankful I didn’t post the 10-hour video of The Song That Never Ends. I was gonna…. then I thought better of it.

    It’s getting hard to tell the difference between Brexit and that song. Same thing, just different lyrics.

  21. tom0mason says:

    Election 2020 — 18 states stand with Texas, from realdonaldtrump twitter feed —

  22. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Well, it’s morning. I survived the Song That Never Ends, seems it did end ;-)

    Now where’s that coffee….

  23. Steven Fraser says:

    @ossqss: ‘Great Reset’… I think you are right. Just think about all the spheres of American life that are in an uproar now, and things under bright light that have been hidden for many years…

    1) China funding for Universities, and infiltration of politics
    2) State-on-state lawsuit at the Supreme Court. The topic: Responsibility of a state administration to follow their own constitution and the US federal constitution, particularly in the administration of elections, but also generally.
    3) A test of ‘just how conservative’ is the current Supreme Court
    4) A complete exposure of the automated vote counting systems, the the shady deals by States prior to acquiring them.
    5) Governors and Mayoral policies that have resulted in Increased Covid-19 deaths.
    6) Game-playing on what constitutes a Covid ‘Case’, and how 1 of the tests can be configured to return a high percentage of false-positives. (See the recent Oxford University 9000-test results)
    7) State RINO pols acting like Democrats
    9) The many, many ways to ‘bake’ an election, on video, and under forensic data analysis… all being recorded…
    10) The conspiracy and complicity of the electronic media to suppress real news and published opinion.
    11) Exposure of Soros an his complicity in multiple levels of corruption
    12) And maybe the most revealing of all… the depth of the Deep State.

    Gonna need a truckload ‘o popcorn, I’d say.

  24. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    OH, and H.R.: I like the twist at the end of the song that never ends….

    @Steven Fraser:

    Yeah, a whole lot of people are aware of a whole lot of stuff that was under the rug before. The “sweepers” are, some of them anyway, thinking it will all go back under the rug, but it won’t.

    Frankly, the rodents abandoning board seats and running for the border tell me a lot of them really don’t like the light that’s on them…

  25. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Oh My, Tim Pool gets real riled up here:

    Peeved at The Media finally saying Hunter Biden is dirty AFTER the election…

  26. Steve C says:

    Yes, you’d never guess that Brexit was supposed to be more-or-less over by October 31st, given the number of last chance saloons they are pub-crawling through. I say, No Deal and Get On With It.

    There are still some topics the media don’t want to touch, too. One of these appears to be that Theresa May signed Britain’s forces into the pan-European ‘defence force’, offering the prospect of not only foreigners giving orders to our troops in battle but of foreign troops carrying out exercises on UK soil. I need hardly mention that this is not a move popular with the public.

    The disgraceful Johnson, for his part, has signed the country up to remaining under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights, apparently ignorant of the fact that “Human Rights” cases cause more spitting of vitriol in the country than any other area of law. (This arises because the “Human Rights” upheld are always those of the undesirable alien, never the ones the British have died for over the centuries.) Johnson has also agreed that the European Arrest Warrant will retain legal force here, contaminating our common-law system with the unjust Napoleonic lack of habeas corpus. I’m sure we can find a lamp-post specially for him, or maybe our despairing fishermen could arrange a burial at sea.

    Plus of course a lot of the crust of crap our legal system has acquired over the last half-century will remain in force until specifically dealt with – such grotesqueries, e.g. ‘hate laws’, will ensure that we’re not allowed to live under British law, only under corrupt globalist law, even after Brexit. Myself, I’d have teams of top lawyers already combing back through the last century or so and striking out all “laws” not originated here. The UK is not in good condition, but then, with the likes of Soros and Gates spreading their evils thickly around the world, where is?

  27. Seems the inventor of the PCR test wasn’t a big fan of Fauci:

    The Great Kary Mullis, inventor of the abused PCR test talks about Antony Fauci!Hmm, he died last year before they started abusing his PCR test!Hmmm! pic.twitter.com/CFTWu1k7Oz— Truth&Freedom – Stop Getting Tested (@TruthandFreedo8) December 9, 2020


  28. jim2 says:

    I’m not sure why the above are expanding to display the documents.

  29. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Trying to explain why WordPress does things is a waste of time. First off, it isn’t exactly rational all the time. Second, it isn’t always consistent, it changes from time to time. Third, it can depend on context. Sometimes a link on a line by itself expands, sometimes if it is in a sentence, it doesn’t, sometimes…

    Pasting BitChute links into postings sometimes gets a nice video block showing, other times just the link text.

    I’ll see if I can make that “just a link”, but don’t worry if it displays the thing. Just less work for folks to do to read it…

  30. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Regarding WordPress . . . and

    I use MS Edge and LibreOffice Writer.

    I’ve found most success with providing links, to copy the link and move to Office Writer and paste with “unformatted text” on a blank line. Then add the html angle bracket codes. Check & double check.

    Then I copy and paste that back into the open MS Edge window where – depending on site – I want that link. I also get to supply a serious, funny, or neutral word or phrase for my effort.

    Takes more time, but seems to work.

  31. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Steve C:

    One hopes that those “side agreements” are not “forever deals” and are subject to review as the UK feels it necessary…

  32. philjourdan says:

    @PE H.R. and VPE EMS – Re: the song that never ends.

    Not going to happen. I am not going to be suckered into listening to it to find out the twist at the end is just a hook to entrap other folks to watch the video. :-)

  33. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    You can skip to the end…

    Though the effect won’t be quite as strong.

  34. Compu Gator says:

    Central Florida news-radio (such as that is nowadays) WDBO (AM 580; FM 103.7) reports that the U.S. Supremes have rejected hearing the “Texas lawsuit”.

    I hope that’s fake news, but it seem in character for the timidity of the Court that’s currently seated, so timid as arguably to be disloyal to the U.S. Constitution.

  35. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Looks confirmed:


    Washington — The Supreme Court on Friday rebuffed a last-ditch attempt by Texas to block electors from four battleground states — all of which backed President-elect Joe Biden — from voting in the Electoral College, delivering a fatal blow to President Trump and his allies in their quest to overturn the results of the presidential election.

    The high court refused to take up the lawsuit filed Monday by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that took aim at the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.

    “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot,” the court said in an unsigned order.

    No recognizable interest in FRAUD determining who their POTUS will be? WT?

    But Justice Samuel Alito, joined by Justice Clarence Thomas, said the court does “not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.”

    To whom do you appeal an “original jurisdiction” suit?

  36. philjourdan says:

    I will still pass. My attention span is not that long. If it loses it because you do not devote 2 hours, I will miss it. Life is too short.

    Besides, with grandkids, I got enough earworms!

  37. philjourdan says:

    Re: Texas. – time to go underground.

  38. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Is it time for “Flyover Country” to form a new more perfect Union?

    Let the coasts fend for themselves and just abandon the swamp of Bos-Wash corridor to the swamp creatures?

  39. philjourdan says:

    Or we can repeat 1775. It is time.

  40. beththeserf says:

    Sad day for western freedom.

  41. YMMV says:

    Regarding Thanksgiving, I was thinking of what we have to be grateful for in 2020, a Bad News Year for sure, and it looks like we are living in the prequel to something even worse.

    Here I thought Thanksgiving was first about being thankful to the Indians for saving them. I’ve even visited the site. Now I learn that the gratitude didn’t last. I should have suspected that being Puritans, they would have thanked God, not the Indians. Zealots.

    1621. first famous feast.

    1625. Capt. Miles Standish massacres the tribes.

    1637. Capt. John Mason massacres the tribes.

    1863. President Abraham Lincoln declares the holiday.
    “It seemed to be much more about an escape from the punishing Civil War than a celebration of a happy fall bounty feast”

    Back to the question of what to be thankful for — that we are still here!
    In that context, a song:

    “Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme”

  42. President Elect H.R. says:

    @YMMV – Oh, gosh! You made me laugh, but it was a laugh full of the appreciation of the irony in what you wrote.

    That was a fine comment.

  43. President Elect H.R. says:

    Hey, all!

    I think today is the day llanfar gets his shoulder sliced and diced. (I might be wrong. Could be next week.)

    Anyhow, when he does get cut, I’m hoping he’ll see fit to give us an update.

    It seems a bit of shoulder surgery is not uncommon, but the aftermath appears to be all over the place, from ‘No Biggie’ to ‘Yowie Maui!’ I’m wishing him the former.

    Good luck. Godspeed, enjoy the joy juice, llanfar!

  44. David A says:

    It is been my observation that the average time for President Trump to reverse a negative is about 3 days.
    We shall see.

  45. billinoz says:

    Guys I am having a quiet ironic chuckle here in Oz.
    Why ?
    1 : Well you have all been so keen to tell me how all your USA States are ‘sovereign republics’ which run their own elections by their own sovereign laws.
    And now your Supreme court wizards have agreed with you and dismissed the suit brought by Texas etc challenging the 4 (Republican party ) run states where voters voted by a plurality of votes for Biden. hoisted on one’s very own petard, is the British phase which comes to mind.

    Perhaps now conservatives in the USA will bring themselves to the consider the virtues of a non partisan USA national election Commission applying the same rules and processes across the entire USA ?

    2 : Plurality of course is reason for another quiet chuckle as a ‘plurality’ need not be a majority of voters ( 50% plus 1 vote ). Here I’ve been suggesting a preferential voting system and getting mostly thumbs down on this blog. But it does tend to produce mostly conservative minded governments by ensuring that different elements of conservative electorate can nominate their own candidates but then swap preferences when it comes to the count and so support each other in winning seats in the parliament or congress etc.

    Soooooo.. Maybe I will be accused of ‘heresy’ again. But you guys need something better than another civil war to sort out your political differences.

    Good luck !

  46. David A says:

    Billinoz, you do not understand 1, as practicing fraud in a national election is quite illegal, so even if every aspect was suppose to be controlled nationally, you would not have fair elections in a corrupt system. It is the corruption within the system that is the issue. With greater central authority you only get far greater power of corruption.

    2 has not worked out so well for much of Europe, as unelected burecrats are yearly taking away soverighn power and individual liberty. ( Again all “systems” are vulnerable to corruption )

    No, despite your humor ( which I find offensive) at the current US situation, understand that we got here through massive violation of constitutional laws and criminal laws by statists. Understand also that the U.S. is perhaps the last strong barrier to statism, as Europe is failing badly, and other nations that openly supported President Trump against the globalists, perhaps lack the strgength to be affective if the U.S. is taken over by the radical statist left.

    And please do not humor yourself over your own faulty argument, enjoying an ego that says, “see, I was right”, when in fact you fail to understand that the US structure was designed to limit ALL group power over the individual, and it is the illegal failure to follow the constitution that has placed her foundational principles in jeapordy.

    If President Trump goes down, it is a defeat for freedom globally.

  47. billinoz says:

    @David A, There have now been 50 + law suits lodged by supporters of President Trump in 5-6 states. And the judges have dismissed all but one of those law suits. Often these law suits have been dismissed for lack of evidence. Plenty of accusations but very little confirmed evidence of fraud has been produced.

    Seven out of the nine supreme court judges agreed to dismiss the Texas originated law suit. The other 2 said they would have ‘heard’ the case but would not have debarred the millions of votes from the fours states under challenge.

    I’m not a lawyer or a judge.I’m a far away observer in a distant land where we do things differently. But I get the feeling that the legal profession and the judges in the USA are not a bunch of radicals with a Democrat party agenda. They are mostly conservative thinking people applying the law and and legal precedents to the current unusual situation in the USA elections.

    And that means that for the next 4 years your country will have a Democrat party president.

    As I said before, Good Luck !

  48. E.M.Smith says:


    Change that to “was a conservative thinking” and you have a point. For at least the last 40 years law schools and universities have been cranking out left wing types in greater numbers. The concept of laws as “living documents” has gone mainstream. So no need to change the words in the constitution, just “re-interpret” them.

    Look at the number of cities where the DA decided to selectivly prosecute in stong partisan ways. ANTIFA gets zero procecution for hundred person assembly to do riots, arson, destruction of vehicles, etc. Observent Jews and Christians get prosecuted for assembling to practice their religions. Both assembly and religion explicitly constitutionally protected. Riot and arson explicitly criminal acts.

    The rot in the legal system is as great as that in the political system as they are the same players, often from the same law schools, in the same Government Jobs sending their kids to the same private schools and attending the same parties.

    There is ample evidence for massive vote fraud. But not proof. You go to court to show your evidence to see if it is enough to meet either “preponderance” or sufficient proof standards (civil vs criminal). To be bared from even showing your evidence in court is IMHO showing the judges being either “on side” with the corruption (like your guy in Victoria? I think it was, doing Belt & Road with China despite the country being against it and it being debt trap control) or afraid of being involved in a “controversy”. That is, the intimidation from the riots and “cancel culture” worked.

    This isn’t at all about our voting system. It is about bypassing the systems with fraud then blocking legal recourse.

    It is illegal, at the Federal Law level, to have multi-day voting and counting. Those States (and some others) did just that. Their elections are fraudulent from that alone. legal recourse? None. Penalty for law breaking? None. Either this gets fixed or every future election will be driven by fraud. We know this as the fraud has been increasing, year over year for at least 60 years that I know of (Kennedy election, Broward County for Gore, etc.). We ignored it, and got more.

    We The People have waited patiently for the legal system to work, and it has FAILED. Not ruled against, but failed to function as a justice system. We are on track to seat a fraudulent POTUS, from a criminal enterprise election, owned outright by China.

    You don’t think that’s a problem?

    How tough will it be on Australia when Biden pulls any US Military protection from the area and agrees to the same trade barriers on your goods as China has? He’s their puppet after all.

  49. David A says:

    The lawsuits were dismissed for lack of standing, not lack of evidence.
    Over 1000 affidavits were filed. Films were taken. Effective audits were mostly not done, and when done showed fraud. Hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots were collected and tabulated after the polls closed. Hundreds of pages of documented sworn testimony and physical evidence, refused to even be heard. There is clear evidence of China’s involvement in the election, in the voting machines. ( Far far more then of any Trump involvement with Russia)

    It is clear and obvious corruption of the judicial system and the 3 letter agencies. The very same ones that gave HRC people immunity for clearly illegal actions and destruction of evidence.

    Feelings are irrelevant to events. After you have read over 1000 pages of legal briefs filed and giving evidence, then you will have more then vague distant feeling that there is no real evidence of fraud.

  50. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Looks like Zodiac Killer’s code has been broken. His cipher is pretty boring, though:



  51. President Elect H.R. says:

    I saw earlier this morning that the Zodiac killer’s code had been broken, but I wouldn’t click on any of the YSM links to see what he had to say. Not much, apparently.

    I see he discusses paradice. In Vegas, you must use a paradice**. They won’t let yo throw only one at the craps tables 😜
    **As a kid, I learned a joke that used the pun paradise for pair of dice. I’ve long since forgotten the joke. I guess it wasn’t that good. But I never forgot the pun. It’s come in handy a couple of times.

  52. E.M.Smith says:

    One of the ways you can salt a code or encryption is by using irregular spelling and unique changes to grammar or diction.

    “Because tea is my favorite beverage”

    Is subject to “population count” finding “e” as the most frequent letter in English. Abbreviate and use I for trailing e gives:

    “Causi tea is my fav beveragi”

    Then use k for hard C abd j for soft g:

    “Kausi tea is my fav beveraji”

    You can still puzzle it out, but pop count gets a problem…
    You can also do things like use olde English thorn for th and other characters for other dipthongs.
    Then spin it through your encryptor and it gets hard to decrypt or even know when you succeded.

    Another fun bit is to put some words in other languages and use mixed alphabets. So ist for is, yo for I, moi for my, chi for tea
    “Kausi chi ist moi fav beveragi”

    If you decryped to that would you think you had valid English? Now put in capitol T for spaces..


    Pop count will find that T is e. If you decrypt to that, it looks like garbage.

    This is a simple example just to illustrate.

    Now did Zodiac deliberately do that? Or just a bad speller?

    My guess would be a religion fanatic from one that ideates on Paradise a lot but not in English, and he was ESL.

  53. Compu Gator says:

    billinoz rather ungracefully commented on 12 December 2020 at 10:44 am GMT [🌖]:
    1 : […] states where voters voted by a plurality of votes for Biden.  H h oisted on one’s very own petard, is the British phase which comes to mind.
    2 : Plurality of course is reason for another quiet chuckle as a ‘plurality’ need not be a majority of voters ( 50% plus 1 vote ).

    I am (to be charitable for the nonce) mystified by the point that ‘billinoz’ was making about “plurality“. Chiefio‘s senior-biased readership would not be using the word “plurality” as he did, because nearly all of us likely learned (e.g., in a “civics” class, no later than high school) that an election between only 2 candidates in the U.S.A. is not won by a mere plurality [#] that is not also any form of majority [##]. Altho’ “plurality” has a few generalized formal meanings, including being synonymous with “majority” [_], using those formal meanings is so rare in the U.S.A. that it would be confusing to listeners & readers. Colloquial political use in the U.S.A. limits “plurality” to “the excess of votes” achieved by the leading candidate over other candidates, esp. over the 1st runner-up, in an election with 3 or more candidates, in which no candidate achieves a majority (e.g., a political-party primary election). The latter election result invokes laws & rules for run-off elections whose purpose is to produce 1 candidate or initiative that does achieve a majority in favor (e.g., early in 2021 for U.S. Senate in Georgia [🐮]).

    Note 📜 : English “plurality” is derived from the Latin noun & adjective plū·s, -ris, meaning “more”. It’s the irregular comparative form of the Latin adjective mult·us, -a, -um, meaning “much” in the singular, but meaning “many” in its plural mult·i, -ae, -a. The subject word, with its variety of meanings, would’ve been derived more directly from a plūrit·as, -atis, by applying the Latin noun-formiing suffix -it·as, -atis sometime after classical times.

    Note # : Mere pluralities can be all that’s required to win seats in elections for some government boards of relatively minor stature, e.g., “Water Districts”,  perhaps also “Air & Water Control Boards”.

    Note ## : Discussion of votes for “candidates” should be taken to include votes for recall of elected officials, or for matters of law (e.g., initiative state-constitutional amendments, county or city charters) placed on a ballot. Some states require what they term a “supermajority”, e.g., 60% for approval of initiatives nominally proposed by the citizenry in Florida. In fact, the majority of “citizen initiatives” here nowadays tend to be proposed & promoted by appealingly pseudonymed political-action committees (P.A.C.) and industry associations. I suppose there might be states that require an even more “super” 2/3 majority for matters like recall.

    Note 🐮 : A run-off for U.S. Senate in Texas in 1948 was the opportunity for distant 1st runner-up Lyndon Johnson to “find” an “overlooked” ballot box late in the tabulation of the election’s ballots, and defeat the favorite, to win his initial seat in the U.S. Senate. The ballots inside that box were remarkable for the near-unanimity of votes cast for the politician soon known as “Landslide Lyndon”. Further elaborated, with citations, by ‘Compu Gator’, 5 November 2020 at 1:00 am GMT: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/11/01/election-risks-frauds-follies/#comment-134442 (followed by a date correction).

  54. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Australia does use a (somewhat complicated) Plurality system IIRC. You vote for preferences in a list with points to each, and then it gets toted up and the lowest score candidate dropped, then repeat and repeat and repeat until one guy gets a Majority.

    So it’s Plurality at the start shifting to Majority at the end.

    We, in theory, do have a plurality system in that we have many parties. For all practical purposes it is a Majority system as only 2 parties get enough votes to matter.

    I think Bill has also not fully come to grips with the point that what the VOTERS do in a USA Presidential election was a “GLUE ON” to the constitutional system. The only real choosers of Electors are the State Legislatures. They chose to hand a referendum to The People instead of choosing on their own, but can ignore that should they wish. Then the Electors all decide who is going to be POTUS (and, in theory, can do whatever they want, though I think some States have laws to punish “fathless electors”)

    He keeps trying to cast this as a National Election, and it is anything but.

    The USA Has NO National Elections near as I can see. We DO have a National Election DAY (and by LAW it is supposed to be ONE SINGLE DAY. Not 2, or a week.) On which day the States can have elections.

    Bill also seems to confound that fact that we have separate elections in each State with the notion that, somehow, that means one State can’t complain about the illegality and fraud in another State. IMHO it is no different than one State dumping raw sewage in the water just upstream of the drinking water intake of the next State. It goes to court… State sues State in the Supreme Court. (Though our SCOTUS is full of folks who don’t want to take on hard cases ATM, but rather want to duck and cover their…)

  55. llanfar says:

    @ President Elect H.R. my carpal/cutical tunnel surgery was Thursday evening. Took my last oxy about 30m ago – and I should be good on Advil from here on out… until this coming Thursday when the big shoulder surgery happens. Started being able to type this morning… a lot of catching up to do on the board/Twitter/etc.

    Thanks again and good to be back for a few days!

  56. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – you may want to read the Rush Limbaugh story on the real First Thanksgiving. It had nothing to do with thanking the Indians. When the Pilgrims landed, they had the Mayflower Compact. WHat that was, was a socialist doctrine. All things produced by the colonists would go into a community store where each would pull from it as they needed. It failed miserably as no one was producing and everyone was taking. So the next year, they ripped up the contract, and gave each family a plot to farm. They kept what the needed and sold the excess to others as they saw fit. And the colony thrived! So they gave thanks to the Thriving of the colony AFTER ripping up the socialist Compact.

    They had so much plenty the second year, that they INVITED the Indians to join them in a feast of thanks (Thanksgiving). But it was never a “thanks” to the Indians, it was a brotherly thanks as we got plenty.

    Now that is not to say we screwed the Indians over plenty. We did. Contrary to BLM and Antifa fascists, our national sin is the way we treated the Indians. That is something I am deeply ashamed of as an American. As I never owned a slave and 600k Americans died to free the slaves (some my ancestors), I do not care about their victimhood as none of them alive today was ever a slave. And those that suffered persecution and prejudice, did so at the hands of the democrats, who to this day have yet to offer an Apology!!!!

  57. philjourdan says:

    Hey IIlafar!!! If you can read this, you made it! Now just concentrate on the fact you are the Bionic Man!!! ANd Pain is not an issue!

    Best of luck on your recovery and thanks to PE HR for reminding us!

  58. philjourdan says:

    @BillinOz – As you were “granted” your “kind of” independence (yea, that Governor General kind of makes you serfs), you have no clue about what is about to happen in the US. 81 million did not vote for Biden. But 74+million did vote for Trump. And the violence by the snowflakes is about to take a turn for the worse.

    Keep laughing until the next GG decides you have no rights.

  59. Compu Gator says:

    Compu Gator commented on 12 December 2020 at 8:00 pm GMT:
    The subject word [“plurality“], with its variety of meanings, would’ve been derived more directly from a
    plūrit·as, -atis, by applying the Latin noun-formiing suffix -it·as, -atis sometime after classical times.

    Sigh.  I assume that there are readers of Chiefio “out there” who have a stronger background in Latin than I have, and will easily recognize my missteps.

    The Latin noun-form i ing suffix -it·ās, -ātis really does exist [♨], but upon further review, it doesn’t produce the subject word “plurality“.

    It seemed to be too obscure a detail to mention earlier today, but “plūs, the comparative of multus, is used in the singular only as a neuter noun“.  Which seems to explain the apparent use of the suffix -āl·is, -e, which derives adjectives from nouns [❄], thus deriving plūr·āl·is, -e [⚠]. From there, it’s easy to derive the subject noun by applying the additional suffix -it·ās, -ātis to derive the noun plūr·āl·it·ās, -ātis.

    Centuries later, plūr·āl·it·ās must’ve been Frenchified or Anglicized to “plurality“.  That’s my revised story, and I expect to be able to stick to it.

    Why, yes, I do hate leaving my blog-comment missteps uncorrected for criticism in posterity. How could readers of Chiefio ever have guessed?

    Note ♨ : E.g., the adjective salūbr·is, -e (or salūb·er, -ris, -re), meaning “healthful” or “wholesome”.  Applying the suffix -it·ās, -ātis derives the noun salūbrit·ās, -ātis, meaning “healthfulness” or “wholesomeness“.

    Note ❄ : E.g., the noun brūm·a, -ae, meaning “the shortest day”, i.e., “winter solstice”, or poëtically “winter”.  Applying the suffix -āl·is, -e derives the adjective brūm·āl·is, -e, meaning “related to the shortest day” or “wintry”,  including “wintry cold”.

    Note ⚠ : My series of educated guesses begins with “thus” in this sentence.

  60. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    “easy to derive” you say…. uh, sure…

  61. John Robertson says:

    Interesting days indeed E.M
    How does Presidents Trump’s Executive Order of 2018 play into this process.?

    I have come to the conclusion that President Trump is not a fool.
    The first two years of his term must have shown him the size and shape of the men and women infesting our bureaus.

    The Democrats showed him that they meant every word of their stated intention to destroy Donald J,his children and supporters and subsequent actions have shown there is no low,too low for his opponents to go.
    As their media wing has repeatedly proven.

    Based on the actions of the Uni-Party they intend to destroy Trump and send a brutal lesson to all who might challenge their power.
    President trump must know this.

    The 2018 midterm elections were farce,with Republicans winning on the election day and then losing weeks later as votes were “found”.

    Now this election was beautifully stage managed,the massive number of voters coming out to vote against fraud,have exposed the fraud for all to see.
    I doubt that this President sat on his hands as the scheme unfolded..
    There is a report mandated in that EO due 45 days after the election.

    The after election show has been well managed as well,almost as if the public is being educated about election fraud,blatant law breaking,media corruption,total media collusion and lying,power madness in the Democrat Eyes..

    By this coming Friday,every fool, bandit,foreign agent and treacherous politician will be exposed, all on the record as “No Fraud” or “Nothing to see here move along” as is the case with the Supreme Court..
    Every legal avenue to protest election fraud has been tried,as far as I can see.
    So the stage is set..

    Now maybe I watched too much Bugs Bunny,but I am impatient for the Kaboom.
    I am expecting an earth shattering Kaboom,of a fully documented scheme to deprive the citizens of The USA of their constitutional right to a free,fair and secret election.
    Such a report will destroy the Democrats.
    Especially those arrested for documented crimes.

    And when you have an enemy who will never concede defeat,by the ballot box,which we have all seen since 2016 and who state their intention to use the power of government to destroy citizens,with documented evidence of them having already done so..
    You destroy them.

    Destruction is what they have earned.
    Destruction is what they are begging for.
    Destruction is the only sane thing to do,as life is too short to tolerate people who are so ruled by their emotions that they have become insane and now seek to destroy anyone who does not share their madness.
    And after the Burn Loot Murder Summer,does anyone doubt the mindset?

    Now that said,I also fully expect ,that faced with documented proof of their crimes,Democrats will still insist they won,as they stole it fair and square.
    And that the use of Government Agencies,not under their control,to catch them is unfair,immoral and even illegal.

  62. billinoz says:

    1 : I will leave the issues facing America to you Americans. After all you guys have most of the skin in the game whereas I have far less not being a citizen or resident of the USA. RE Preferential voting, It works well here and has done for 100 years. It tends to encourage political parties to stick to a middle road politically.
    2 : You seem to think that a Bill of Rights is essential to normal existence. In fact we have never had a Bill of Rights in Australia. We get along fine without. Some radical inspired lawyers have proposed at times that our parliament enact a Bill of Rights. And being fundamentally conservative in character we give it the big raspberry. ( Do you never note how your bill of rights is used to encourage & protect illegal migrants entering into the USA ? We do. Bugger that for a joke. We decide who can come here & on what terms. Not radical jackass lawyers.
    3: You seem fixated on the Governor General. OK heres a link to some information about the GG in Australia : https://www.gg.gov.au/about-governor-general/role-governor-general
    PS The GG is appointed on the binding advice of the elected Prime Minister. And though appointe for 5 years, can be sacked on the binding advice of the elected PM as well.

  63. YMMV says:

    philjourdan: “you may want to read the Rush Limbaugh story on the real First Thanksgiving.”

    Found several, the most recent is as you say.

    “When the Pilgrims landed, they had the Mayflower Compact. WHat that was, was a socialist doctrine.”

    Rush confuses or is confusing on this point.
    The text and story of the Mayflower Compact is here:

    The Mayflower Compact was signed aboard ship on November 21 [O.S. November 11], 1620.[1] Signing the covenant were 41 of the ship’s 101 passengers[2][3] while the Mayflower was anchored in Provincetown Harbor

    Where and when it was signed is significant. They expected to go to an established colony. They did not make it there.

    This inspired some of the non-Puritan passengers (whom the Puritans referred to as ‘Strangers’) to proclaim that they “would use their own liberty; for none had power to command them” since they would not be settling in the agreed-upon Virginia territory.[5] To prevent this, the Pilgrims determined to establish their own government, while still affirming their allegiance to the Crown of England. Thus, the Mayflower Compact was based simultaneously upon a majoritarian model and the settlers’ allegiance to the king. It was in essence a social contract in which the settlers consented to follow the community’s rules and regulations for the sake of order and survival.[6]

    It is claimed that this was “the first real constitution of modern times”. Hmmm. It’s shorter than most marriage vows. It’s not much more than an enabling document. It leaves laws etc etc to be determined. Nothing particularly socialist in it.

    It was written by the male passengers of the Mayflower, consisting of separatist Puritans, adventurers, and tradesmen.

    Males only, as expected of that era. The implication is that all the males signed it. True? There were 18 adult women aboard and 11 girls. Leaving a couple dozen non-signers?

    “So the next year, they ripped up the contract”

    This is where it gets confusing. That covenant was signed in 1620, first repealed in 1686, reinstated in 1689, and repealed again in 1691. So that is not the one they ripped up.

    The Puritans lived in Holland for seven years, and there they established a spiritual covenant had marked the beginning of their congregation in Leiden. It doesn’t sound like that is the one either.

    There are two contemporary accounts of the original celebration in 1621.
    “they INVITED the Indians to join them in a feast of thanks (Thanksgiving). But it was never a “thanks” to the Indians, it was a brotherly thanks as we got plenty”


    “and gave each family a plot to farm”

    On 28 December 1620, the Pilgrims assigned out house-plots to the 19 family groups–each family was responsible for building their own house, as well as supplying labor to build community storehouses, a defensive fort, fences and sheds. They were assigned land plots that were 50 feet deep. The width of the lot was about 8 feet multiplied by the number of members in the family

    That would be a month after they arrived, and probably while they were all still living on the ship.

    William Bradford, leader for many years, wrote “History of Plymouth Plantation, 1620–47”
    He wrote the detailed history, although others also wrote comments.
    For the first feast, there are only two.

    Click to access TG_What_Happened_in_1621.pdf

    “We are all freeholders; the rent-day doth not trouble us; and all those good blessings we have, of which and what we list in their seasons for taking.”

    I have not found a reference to socialism in the colony. However, there was socialism at that time. In 1649, the “True Levellers” published a pamphlet about their ideas and they worked the land in common. The Diggers.
    This was one of several ideas about what should come after the monarchy of Charles I was overthrown.

  64. A C Osborn says:

    John Robertson says: 13 December 2020 at 6:03 am
    “Now this election was beautifully stage managed,the massive number of voters coming out to vote against fraud,have exposed the fraud for all to see.”

    Sorry John, I don’t see it.
    Iknow that is how it should be, but with mass media suppression you would be amazed at how many believe the “there is no evidence of voter fraud” meme.

  65. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    looks like there was an Antifa-BLM / P.Boys rumble in D.C. with some Antifa now in critical condition (knife wounds). One shot at “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington State. (Story says it was part of a crowd that surrounded a S.T.S. attendee to harass them, and someone outside the mob stepped up and defended the surrounded person via plugging someone in the gut…)

    Random “excursion” or start of something bigger? Who knows.

  66. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Portland is pathetic:

    Basic police tactics being forbidden, you get the mob.

  67. jim2 says:

    “All I ask is for the NIH to review our data that we’ve compiled of all of the emerging data — we have almost 30 studies. Every one is reliably and reproducibly positive showing the dramatic impacts of Ivermectin. Please, I’m just asking that they review our manuscript.”


  68. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    One hopes they listen to field experience.

    We, here, knew Ivermectin was very promising, what, 9 months ago? 7?

    I’ve used it to halt “viral symptoms” (of some unknown virus) a couple of times now (sets of symptoms different both times, 2nd one had ‘nose bleeds’. Modest, but real. Last time I had a nose-bleed I think was about 1970… I just don’t DO that. Scratchy early sore throat feeling tonsils characteristic of virus for me, along with early onset malaise and some minor ‘aches and pains’. All entirely gone next day or 2 after one treatment with 10 ml of sheep drench just rubbed on bare skin.)

    IMHO it is criminal that we are not:

    1) Blasting 24 x 7 to everyone to take 2000 IU of Vit-D daily, 2 grams of Vit-C daily, and added zinc.

    2) Sloshing ivermectin drench or giving oral ivermectin to anyone with symptoms developing and a positive test.

    3) Prophylacticly treating ALL front line workers with Ivermectin. It is used by the millions of doses to prevent malaria. This just isn’t a significant risk behaviour and has huge upsides.

    Hell, Ivermectin is Over The Counter is pretty much the entire 3rd World Malaria areas.

  69. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I think Rush is confounding the Plymouth experience with Jamestown:

    Jamestown was established in 1607, and Smith trained the first settlers to farm and work, thus saving the colony from early devastation. He publicly stated, “He that will not work, shall not eat”, alluding to 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

    The Wiki dances around the “failure of communalism / socialism” aspect as it is tainted, but still has to hint at it. But mostly trying to blame failure on the weather. Gee, 400 years and nothing has changed ;-)


    Due to the aristocratic backgrounds of many of the new colonists, a historic drought and the communal nature of their work load, progress through the first few years was inconsistent at best. By 1613, six years after Jamestown’s founding, the organizers and shareholders of the Virginia Company were desperate to increase the efficiency and profitability of the struggling colony. Without stockholder consent the Governor, Sir Thomas Dale, assigned 3-acre (12,000 m2) plots to its “ancient planters” and smaller plots to the settlement’s later arrivals. Measurable economic progress was made, and the settlers began expanding their planting to land belonging to local native tribes. That this turnaround coincided with the end of a drought that had begun the year before the English settlers’ arrival probably indicates multiple factors were involved besides the colonists’ ineptitude.
    Individual land ownership was also instituted,
    and the colony was divided into four large “boroughs” or “incorporations” called “citties” by the colonists. Jamestown was located in James Cittie.

    So from communal ownership to individual ownership of land, and then work if you want to eat. That’s the story I was told of it in school oh so many years ago.

    But sure, drought, that was it… /sarc;

  70. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Well, the Saturday Million Maga March RSBN live coverage video was taken down at EewTube. The RSBN page is still up, but the video embed has that grey TV tube image indicating “all gone”.

    Looks like RSBN has a relatively new Rumble account. Only 2 videos ATM and those a couple of days old. One hopes they saved the original video…


    So I’ve added their Rumble account to my growing set of “alternative bookmarks” for various sites that are non-communist / non-socialist / non-cancelculture….

    We need a name for that confluence. Maybe Maoist vs non-Maoists…

  71. YMMV says:

    “This song is about a bunch of guys and women inspired by the Bible … to chop off the head of the King of England”. Charles I, although that was the Puritans. This song is about a more peaceful group, The Diggers.

    The song is “The World Turned Upside Down”, a modern composition by an English singer-songwriter (Leon Rosselson). It is by far the best anthem for socialism ever. It was used by American protesters in the seventies, but mostly it is unknown this side of the pond. Dick Gaughan and Billy Bragg have great covers of it on the other side of the pond.

    If you search for “The World Turned Upside Down” you will find a hip-hop version of an different song used in the play “Hamilton”. That was an old song, said to have been played after the last battle of the American Revolution.

    I’ve picked this live version because it is so enthusiastic, rousing, but the other versions are probably better for concentrating on the words. The words are important.

    Keep in mind that they were fighting feudalism, but somehow the words still work. Soros, are you listening?

    You poor take courage
    You rich take care
    This earth was made a common treasury
    For everyone to share
    All things in common
    Al people one
    We come in peace
    The orders came to cut them down

  72. beththeserf says:

    Today ‘The Australian’ newspaper breaking news on CCP infitration in multinational organisations -reported here by SkyNews.

  73. p.g.sharrow says:

    It appears that China would like the Harris/Biden Administration to disarm American citizens as they are a danger to the PRC and “world peace”

  74. YMMV says:


    I liked the “John le Carré” novels, although they tend to be grim. Unlike 007 always saving the world while having a blast, the spies and others in these novels were always trapped in a deep state that did not care about them. You could never ever be assured of a happy ending.

  75. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV & EMS – no, Jamestown did not have a thanksgiving (Berkley plantation did a year before the pilgrims, but that is another matter). The first year, the pilgrims put all their production in a community pile (no one called it socialism) where each would draw from it their needs. So if you contributed one bushel or 100 bushels, it all went into the hopped from which you only drew what you needed. Lacking any incentive to work hard, half died that first winter. It was after that, they said the folks could keep what they raised and sell to whomever needed or wanted it, and they thrived.

    Jamestown had its own problems, mostly ignorance of the new world. And yes, many died that first year as well. But not to to lack of trying to make a go of it, but due to the fact they expected English weather and got Scandinavian weather. (the heart of the LIA).

  76. Compu Gator says:

    I believe that some personal effort to nail down U.S. history [*] will show that the English colonies in Jamestown and Plymouth had problems threatening their survival that were arguably not so different:

    • Too many of the settlers of Jamestown were gentlemen adventurers, whose attitude was something like this: ‘Work the soil, are you daft?  Such toil is beneath us!’.  But they also had none of the skills needed to produce marketable products to send back to England to pay down their debts.

    • Many of the settlers of Plymouth originated in Nonconformist enclaves in rural England. But after their illegal flight to the Protestant Netherlands, and learning to support themselves via newfangled factory work ruled by town clocks, the survivors of their flight across the Channel had prospered in their new environment, but were appalled to realize that their children were losing their Englishness. And were reared with no familiarity with the skills that would be necessary for life in the untamed New World.[⛵]

    As for their respective environments:

    • The doubted Jamestowndrought” was real enough to allow the James estuary to allow brackish & stagnant water farther up the James River than usual, which is at least part of the reason that the local “Indians” were absent, and part of the reason that clueless colonists were afflicted by mortal illnesses [♨].

    • The settlers of Plymouth still hadn’t settled on a site for colonization until after the winter solstice [❄], and had already experienced a few Massachusetts snowfalls, as their scouts in their 1 small-boat continued to search the W. shore of Massachusetts Bay for a satisfactory. They eventually dismissed the claims of a few Mayflower sailors, who had sailed to that Bay before, and recalled a vastly better port than Plymouth (whose inland access was limited to a mere creek) on the same W. shore. So they failed to find that better port, which really did exist: Nowadays, we call it Boston.[⛵]

    Note * : This is a hasty posting from my memory of substantial reading on nautical and North American colonial history. I hope that none of my memories rely solely on Wikipedia.

    Note ♨ : That’s the Latin adjective insalūbr·is, -e. Silly pretentious English!

    Note ❄ : That’s the Latin noun brūm·a, -ae, yall!

    Note ⛵ : Nathaniel Philbrick 2006: “They Knew They Were Pilgrims”.  Chap. 1 (esp. p. 3–30) in Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War. Viking Penguin: N.Y.C. ISBN 0-670-03760-5 (h.b.). Philbrick focuses his authorship on topics that are nautical and related to New England, where he was reared. I have nothing comparable for Jamestown.

  77. philjourdan says:

    @CompuGator – Re: James River – estuaries yes (got a nice bushel of blues one year that we had a drought off the Diascund). But not the James itself. It is brackish up to the falls in RVA. Brackish does not go up falls. Which is also the site of the second Colony, Henricus (just below the falls).

    But the “Brackish” is how salty is it, not is it salty. Blues require a degree of Salinity, but all the tidal estuaries are brackish.

  78. Compu Gator says:

    My recollection is that the drought around the Jamestown colony prevented what would have been expected to be the James River‘s usual flow to flush out the stagnant water downriver, where the colonists had tried to settle in. So they tried to get by on stagnant water.

    But there must be serious & reputable histories of the colony “out there” whose research & publication were motivated by the the colony’s quadricentennial (2007). And likely some worthwhile Ph.D. dissertations from U.Va.

    As I believe I’ve already conceded, I don’t have any high-quality sources for Jamestown like I have for Plymouth.

  79. philjourdan says:

    @CompuGator – the degree of salinity does dictate potability. So yes, it is possible that when they landed, the fresh overtook the brackish enough to make estuaries potable, That has also happened. We had an El Nino year back in 97 that basically made the estuaries fresh water (and sent the crabs and other salt water sea life) out to the bay for respite.

    A very wet year followed by a very dry year would produce the results you report. Not that it would be normal, but it would be within established parameters

  80. YMMV says:

    V.P. Elect Smith: “Looks like Zodiac Killer’s code has been broken. His cipher is pretty boring, though”

    I’ve seen the news, but none of the reports has said what the solution was, except the above given link includes a YouTube link by the solvers, which in turn has a link to more information.


    pretty boring? I couldn’t judge, but I gather the code was intended to be broken. Or else, he could have just sent some garbage text to let people ponder over for a century or two.

  81. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Boring in the sense that we didn’t get any info of interest. His name. Why. How many. etc. Just crap about not liking police and us and such. Well duh… then stupid Manifesto crap

  82. President Elect H.R. says:

    A quick note on trackers picked up while visiting various sites and the trackers embedded in Windoze 10.

    There’s a free program I’ve used for years called CCleaner. They have a paid version with a few more bells and whistles, but the free version has been fine for my purposes.

    One thing it cleans out is the trackers. When I boot up in the morning, some and maybe all, of the aps that load also have a tracker. I’ve stopped several aps from loading at the start, but there are still some I haven’t found and turned off.

    Anyhow, as soon as I boot up, I run CCleaner. Before I cleaned house, it was cleaning out 106 trackers just from me booting up. Since I’ve cleaned house, I’m down to only 32 trackers booting up. Still too many. I’ll have to find the culprits.

    Anyhow, the free version of CCleaner doesn’t have the feature of clearing trackers when you leave a site. I believe the paid version does. I just run CCleaner throughout the day to disrupt the complete chain of where I’ve been.

    When I forget to run it until late in the day, I get over 1,500 trackers cleaned out. It seems everyone is tracking and collecting where you’ve been, primarily to target you with pop-up ads. I also have an ad blocker, so I don’t see many pop-ups if at all.

    And of course the trackers are being used to develop a profile on everyone.

    I’m just trying to make life difficult for the data vacuum cleaners. If someone has something better than CCleaner, I’d like to know about it.

  83. Robert says:

    @billinoz you might find The Frauding of Votes? Interesting. From personal experience, I can state that the US electoral role shenanigans were present in Australian electorates in at least two states. I believe this was probably for internal ALP branch stacking purposes, more than swinging an election. But if you illegally go onto the electoral role to aid your political faction, would not also vote for them in the subsequent election? Government Department’s are good at designing systems which do not collect the evidence to make them look bad. Absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

  84. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Prez Elect H.R.:

    You know my approach. A dozen browsers on a half dozen commonly used systems (and a couple of different login names…). Then periodically flush the whole thing and do a re-install. Fracture the space, dirty the identities, isolate the functions, most functions on shutdown hardware most of the time (single thread use of systems).

    Bit of work, but about the only way to both confuse the tracking and dirty the trail.

    (That’s in addition to browsers set to decline any notifications, purge crap, etc. And an add block setting where possible. And an ad blocking PiHole DNS. etc.)

    Then I also tend to use one or two systems for the “random research” of blog posting. Only 2 for “financial stuff”. So if the “hit random sites” systems get attacked, it can’t get to the other stuff as it is on a different system that’s shut off then.

    In Chromium I set “continue running background apps when closed” to off. Nothing needs the ability to run when I’ve exited the browser…

    Oh, and you might want to check if CCleaner purges “beacons” too.
    or you can just dump cookies…

    So my “strategy” has them getting fairly little usable information. Then it gets ‘reset’ every few months on any given system / chip / SBC. I’m planning to get a VPN going “someday” so even the IP address info is wrong, but not done yet. Leaving the router down for a couple of days when we go somewhere gets a new IP on DHCP time out (though with the lockdown crap, haven’t done that this year…)

  85. President Elect H.R. says:

    I’ll be using a VPN soon. I have a great adblocker and I’ve turned off some of the stuff that runs in the background.

    It’s obvious I found some, but not all of the stuff, since I did go from 106 to 32.

    They stick that stuff in all over the place. Your ‘dirty the trail’ strategy is good. All of a sudden you, as one user, disappear; dead end. I guess it’s like being the elephant and the data gatherers are stuck with being the 5 blind men. They each only see one part of you.

    I hadn’t heard of beacons. Thanks. I’ll look into that.

  86. V.P. Elect Smith says:

  87. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    IF this is accurate, it’s a big deal. Dominion machines use a GSM Modem to communicate. A Chinese company bought the company that makes the modem.

    A poll worker claims they had a tech problem and that Dominion fixed it remotely, both on the “Poll Tab” machine and the “ballot marking” machines.

    Now not only is it a horribly bad idea to have Chinese owned kit running your elections, and not only is it a Very Bad Idea for the hyperpartisan V.P. of Dominion (and presumably his fellow travelers at work) to have remote access to the gear while in use, but…

    It is not that hard to hack into GSM phone systems. Police use fake “phone tower” boxes to capture connection attempts as a standard operation.


    IMHO, there is enough evidence of insecure by design and compromised in use to state that ANY votes cast using Dominion Equipment are not certifiable.

  88. Compu Gator says:

    I’d failed to recheck my impression that Jamestown was founded along the shore of the James River at a site where the colonists encountered the fall line, and thus could sail no farther up the river. I was wrong: Jamestown is located on Jamestown Island, on the N.E. bank of the James River [⛬], along its broad estuarine part, not quite 1/2-way upriver from Norfolk to Richmond.

    As for drought and disease, I read today [💀]:

    From its beginning, the colony struggled to maintain ing  a food supply. Trade relations with the Virginia Indian tribes were strained because a severe seven-year drought stressed food supplies for everyone in the region. Captain John Smith had some success trading European goods for corn in the first two years of the settlement, but his strongarm tactics also angered the tribal communities. [….]  ⟨In late 1609,⟩ George Percy became President of the Council and faced the lethal combination of dwindling food supplies and an order by Chief Powhatan that his warriors should attack any colonists or livestock found outside the fort. Percy later wrote that “Indians killed as fast without [i.e., outside James Fort] as Famine and Pestilence did within.” [….]  Starvation weakened the colonists and led to sicknesses such as dysentery and typhoid.

    In the U.S.A., fall lines were popular places for establishing settlements that later grew into major cities. One of them was on the James River. But the city at the fall line is Richmond (i.e., “RVA”). The city features a deep-water multimodal port approx. 90 miles upriver from Norfolk [⚓].

    Similarly, on the main right tributary, the Appomattox River, the city at the fall line is Petersburg.

    A cropped military map provides enough resolution to follow the meanderings of the rivers [⚔]. The unsuccessful James-River settlement Henricus was situated somewhere on “Farrar’s I.”.  The Appomattox merges with the James from the S.W. at the right edge of the map. Near-by Shirley Ferry is where the James widens and flows E. & S.E. toward the Chesapeake Bay.

    Note ⛬ : https://historicjamestowne.org/visit/directions-maps/.

    Note 💀 : “The starving time”.  Historic Jamestowne:  https://historicjamestowne.org/history/history-of-jamestown/the-starving-time/.

    Note ⚓ : http://www.richmondgov.com/PortOfRichmond/documents/PortAerialView.pdf (cursory looks failed to find any alternatives to an image wrapped in a PDF file).

    Note ⚔ : “Johnson’s Map of The Vicinity Of Richmond and Peninsular Campaign in Virginia – Geographicus – Richmond-j-62”. Military map from 1862, showing Richmond and Petersburg as mapped in 1862, in coöperation with Geographicus Rare Antique Maps (http://www.geographicus.com/), but regrettably cropped:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1862_Johnson%27s_Map_of_The_Vicinity_Of_Richmond_and_Peninsular_Campaign_in_Virginia_-_Geographicus_-_Richmond-j-62_Richmond_and_Petersburg_Railroad.jpg; largest displayable size: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/1862_Johnson%27s_Map_of_The_Vicinity_Of_Richmond_and_Peninsular_Campaign_in_Virginia_-_Geographicus_-_Richmond-j-62_Richmond_and_Petersburg_Railroad.jpg (958×1473, 393 KB). Sure, U.S. Geologgical Survey topographic maps for the right 7½-min. quads would be great, but to my knowledge, they’re not on line.

  89. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Jon K:

    Thanks! I downloaded it last night from your link, then got pulled into household duties (largely “servant to dogs” and “butler to spouse”, along with “chef du maison”…) but I skimmed some of it. Needs a solid read after I’m caffeinated enough ;-)

    FWIW, this paragraph from their intro conforms with my observations on the machines (from afar) and gives me encouragement that my assesment was not “vapors”…

    We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud. Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.

    In fact, I’d assert that ANY election that used those machines is not certifiable. (or at least not in the voting quality sense, perhaps in the ‘suited to admission to mental hospital’ sense…)

  90. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Well, I finished reading the audit report. Worse than I expected once you get down into the details.

    My conclusion isn’t changed that “Dominion is unfit for purpose” and that the election in ANY place that used ANY Dominion hardware or Smartmatic (derived) software ought to be declared corrupt and void on the face of it. Just the fact that a software update happened 10/23 and was replaced 11/5 shouts “Fraud” on the face of it (and that it violates voting laws makes it an illegal act and the election null and void.)

    The very good news is that it looks like they have copies of both sets of software and can (IF anyone gets off their ass and makes it happen…) BOTH a) rerun the physical ballots through the whole set of gear again with the current version of software [which all on it’s own likely undoes the Dominion Diddle and gives Trump the win] AND b) de-compile the two programs, find the difference, show what it does, and prove the first software update was the proximal cause of the Dominion Diddle. Proving the fraud (and coupled with the 11/5 update showing the cover-up, demonstrate intent…)

    If anyone is interested in a “paragraph by paragraph” of my read of it, let me know and I’ll post up an article. Sort of a “It says no password on the database, that means anyone who can get on the machine can make the vote anything they want it to be in the database” translator / scoring of harm thing.

  91. Power Grab says:

    I’ve lost track of how many on this forum have had shoulder surgery. What’s up with that?

    I only know 2 people personally who had long-lasting shoulder issues. One did handyman repairs and such and injured himself that way. He had surgery. The other person received a flu shot that was jammed right into the shoulder joint. What the heck!?!?!? He did not have surgery. He has had physical therapy off and on. I think he still can’t raise that arm as far as he could before the flu shot.

    As for me, my shoulders have never given me problems.

    I don’t fall much, but when I do, I usually land on a knee on cement. (cue the Dos Equis guy)

    Oh, that’s unless I do a belly-flopper. When I do that, I think I bounce.

    Less than two weeks ago, when I fell I actually landed harder on my left elbow than on other joints. I did have on an insulated jacket. The jacket was not damaged, but I not only bruised my left elbow, I got a couple of deep scratches and serious road rash on my elbow…in spite of the jacket. When I finally took off the jacket to search for the reason I had pain that wasn’t subsiding…I discovered quite a bit of blood. I told the movers I was going to the new place to find bandaids and my favorite ointment. There weren’t any at the old place because I had just moved them….

    The reason I fell was the the movers left a dolly on the sidewalk outside my door, and when I was carrying a box of stuff out to the truck, I couldn’t see the dolly and tripped on it. I tried mightily to dance my way out of falling, but to no avail. So I got a magnificent bruise on the bottom part of my neck where I fell on the edge of the box. I had a bruise on the top(?!?) of my left hand, and a minimal bruise on my left knee. The longest lasting injury was the left elbow.

    What is it they say? “No breaks, no foul…”? No, no, no…that’s not it.

    Anyway, since nothing got broken (not even in the box), I guess it’s same as any landing you can walk away from…that’s a good landing.

    Maybe that’s one advantage of being a shorty–you don’t have as far to fall! ;-)

  92. llanfar says:

    It’s an hour long, but a fantastic interview/presentation on Vitamin D vs. COVID-19…

  93. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Height matters. But mostly what your habits are. I’m a (probably “former” at this point) skier. It’s instinctive for me to “just sit” and “ball up”. Add to that a few decades of various martial arts “fall training” and I’ve done a fall off a motorcycle at about 10 MPH and “just rolled” back up onto my feet at a dead run. With a “business shirt” only on, I got a slight scrap on one elbow and a bit of scratches on one palm.

    I’ve done a “trapped foot front fall” (the hardest kind of fall as your feet are stuck, so no rolling, no shoulder roll, etc.) with no injury. (Decelerate using your hands /arms to take the force and stopping your body just before impact).

    Some folks with zero fall training / experience will tend to just freak and face plant like a pole falling over.

    Shoulder Injury:

    Usually not an impact thing. Usually a repetitive bad action thing, plus age and milage.

    I got a cranky right shoulder from reaching (drivers seat) to the rear seat and pickup up my backpack from “arm backwards” posture. A relatively heavy backpack. Took a few years. When I stopped that, it’s taken about 2 years to get to where I don’t notice any “issues” anymore.

    See H.R. for repetitive “casting rod” motion…

    It is also possible to have “one and done” over stress causing joint / connective tissue issues, but you know that when you did it…

    Finally, the older you are, the less repair gets done fast enough. Plus, more total miles is that many more chances to do the deed. Lack of regular use also can lead to weaker connective tissues. Eventually the crossover happens…

  94. YMMV says:

    In that MedCram video, “Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2)”, watch for —
    Vitamin-D is way more than just a vitamin, it is a steroid hormone, and it is very important.
    “high fructose corn syrup actually can accelerate this inactivation of both the 125 dihydroxy Vitamin D and also the 25 hydroxy Vitamin D to the inactive form.”
    22:02 “uncanny similarities between what Covid 19 looks like from a biochemical standpoint and what Vitamin D deficiency looks like from a biochemical standpoint.” “This certainly raises your eyebrows”

    That last one raises my eyebrows for sure. Where are the public health advisories saying to check your Vit-D levels and to take supplements? Everybody knows the Vit-D levels are too low. This video says if you live north of 35 degrees you can’t really get enough Vit-D just by sun exposure.

  95. philjourdan says:

    @EM – Re: Deep dive on Antrim report – I vote yes. Please do.

  96. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – and the sudden “surge” in the WuFlu corresponds to – less sunlight (the major source of vitamin D). The lockdowns do not help, merely exacerbate the problem.

  97. YMMV says:

    @philjourdan, quite right. The population is more vulnerable in the winter, because of lack of sunlight and other factors, so there is less herd immunity. Which is to say the virus easily finds more people to infect. It will be interesting who wins the race to inoculate people, the virus or the vaccine. The virus has a huge head start, thanks to China and the WHO and their buddies.


    The current World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus “was a crucial decision maker in relation to security service actions that included killing, arbitrarily detaining and torturing Ethiopians,” a complaint filed with the International Criminal Court (ICC) says.

    Its author, an American economist and activist, David Steinman, who was nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, alleges that the Ethiopian biologist and health researcher had a role in atrocities committed by various Ethiopian security forces during his tenure as a high-ranking government official.

  98. cdquarles says:

    A counter to that scenario is that where I am, south of 35N, corona virus season is *summer* not winter, being subtropical climate-wise. On the other hand, all seasonally epidemic respiratory viruses get spread year round, sporadically. It is just that the epidemics have seasonal characteristics.

  99. Pingback: Ivermectin Works, Vaccines Happening Now, Vit-D A Biggie | Musings from the Chiefio

  100. p.g.sharrow says:

    @jim2; “With U.S. Senate runoffs near, Georgia’s not prosecuting its unprecedented number of double voters”
    I would suspect that nearly all of those double votes were the result on the Democratic Machine voting for the them as well as they had for dead people. Not people that actually double voted on their own. There are lots of stories about people that upon showing up at their polling station were informed that they could not cast ballots because they had already been recorded as having voted.

  101. Power Grab says:

    @ VP Elect Smith re:
    “I’ve done a fall off a motorcycle at about 10 MPH and “just rolled” back up onto my feet at a dead run.”

    OMG! I kind of did that. Not from a motorcycle, but one time my ex started backing up his one ton truck with the welder’s bed on it while I was standing only a few feet behind it. I had earplugs in because I had been driving his 4WD Versatile tractor. He had me stop and get off so he could adjust or lubricate something. I wasn’t even looking his way. I thought he was at the tractor. But out of the corner of my eye I saw the truck begin to move towards me. In a split second, I did a flying somersault to the side and avoided getting hit.

    When I told him he almost hit me with the truck, he didn’t react at all.


    I’m not an athlete at all. I’m not sure where I got the impulse to do that move. But I used to watch that old TV show “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Maybe it was something like that.

    Oh, and he fired an AK-47 in my direction, not 10 feet from me. It was pointed at the floor, but he said he thought it was empty and was just doing a routine “clear the chamber” move. I said, “Next time, just hit me.” Again, no reaction from him.

    Maybe that’s why he kept asking me how much insurance I had. :-(

  102. President Elect H.R. says:

    Hey. I thought I’d let everyone know that E.M. Smith lives in the 7th house down from me.

    No, not our host, but E.M. Smith nonetheless.

    From time to time, E.M. mentions that he is functionally anonymous with that name, and some here have pointed out a few other E.M. Smiths.

    Anyhow, I did not know my neighbor’s middle initial until tonight, when he logged in to our virtual Homeowners Association meeting as E.M. Smith.

    They’re all over the place, I tell ya! They are plotting to overrun the planet! 😜

  103. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    No plot, H.R., it’s really a simple thing.

    In the beginning, when there were equal numbers of everyone in the tribes, the Smith’s just knew how to have more fun than everyone else!


    Really, it is that Smith was anyone who hit things with a hammer. Goldsmith, Tinsmith, Silversmith, and “just Smith” for the black metal, iron. Or black Smith. Same root, ‘smi” as smite. So oodles of smiths. Now you add in the British thing of naming your kid after a king or queen… and the Christian thing of recycling biblical names, then add 20 generations (600 years)… Kinda sparse naming space for the total number, so lots of “overloading the name tokens”…

    At my middle and last names, there’s 1 per 2000 of working population here in Silicon Valley (and other places I’ve been). Just the initials? Likely a whole lot more. Like I’ve said before, there was another guy in my calculus class at UC with the whole name an exact match. Had to put our student numbers on our homework and tests… Figure the odds of that. There was more than one exact match at the school, but this guy and I were the same age range and same class together…

    So yeah, anonymous anonymous anonymous even if you get my whole name. Almost as bad as Enrique Gonzales… or Miguel Herrera (Michael Smith in Spanish, or Michael the Blacksmith… Herrera being Smith). Oh, and Novac, Kovacs, Kocheck (sp?) are Smith as well… Kuznets in Russian. So Kim Novak? and Ernie Kovacs? Yup, Smiths.
    Macedonian it’s ковач pronounced “Kovacs”… The Greek side of things leading into Slavic languages. Polish is Kowal, so guess who all those Kowalski are?
    Also a bunch like Portuguese Ferrerio, Catalan Ferrer (guess what Ferrari did before making hot cars…)

    So all day long you think you are calling folks by some very foreign name and really you are just saying “Hey, Smith, what’s up?” Or “Hey, Smitty, get over here.”…

    We’re really everywhere 8-)

  104. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Looks like Sydney Powell is working on a RICO suit for Dominion & Smartmatic.



    Also Arizona has issued subpoenas for a full forensic audit of Maricopa County.

    At about 17 minutes, has a description of how to use SolarWinds to “manage” Dominion systems in bulk. Dominion was a customer of SolarWInds… Also seems the C.I.A. had a SolarWinds exploit in the dump a couple of years back, so another C.I.A. finger…

  105. cdquarles says:

    It seems that I am not the only one to notice this: https://uncoverdc.com/2020/12/15/%e2%80%8breagan-and-trump-men-made-for-their-time/, which I spotted when I researched President Trump before voting for him the first time.

  106. Compu Gator says:

    I’ve warned my e-mailing family members that I will not open e-mail that shows them as sender, but whose “Subject:” lines are terse & totally generic (e.g., “Good news!”,  “Change of plans!”,  or even “Really enjoyable article!”). The main issue really isn’t whether any family member would intentionally send me malware-infested e-mail messages, but whether they know enough about computing to avoid doing so unintentionally.

    That’s relevant to Chiefio to explain my surprise that this blog’s principal expert on computing security appears to have allowed a comment whose purpose could be assimilating this blog to a link farm. The comment is at https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/12/09/why-i-prefer-c-fortran-even-algol-to-python/#comment-136352.

    The commenter in question, an apparent newcomer that I assume is a ‘bot, submitted a brief totally generic comment: “I really enjoyed this article!”  The comment is shorter than the link to the generically named domain that he|she|it inserted on the alleged user-name: <http://dailyscreenzhome.wordpress.com/>. I see lots of that kind of at-best-questionable activity (e.g., never writing anything specific about why the article was “enjoyed”) on blogs where the owner seems to have stopped monitoring comments on older but still open-for-comments postings. I’m especially suspicious of domain-names that form plurals with ‘z’, as this one did (cf., “skillz”, “warez”). I’m sure as Hey-ell not going to visit the site to learn more about it.

    I encourage our gracious host, who wields the ban hammer herein, to advise me (if applicable) why I’ve misdiagnosed the purpose of the comment, or am overreacting to it.

  107. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I never even saw it. No idea why it got through. Maybe something from a decade ago was approved?

    I’ve nuked it to Spam Hell, as it is EXACTLY the kind of generic “gratuitous puffery blow smoke up ‘ur arse” that I generally figure is a flat out fraud.

    Anyway, “thanks for that” and “it’s all toast now”…

  108. Steve C says:

    Further update on how well Brexit is going:
    Short answer: About as well as the US investigation into colossal election frawd, by the look of it.

  109. A C Osborn says:

    V.P. Elect Smith says: 16 December 2020 at 4:35 am
    During the Michigan election enquiry 2 days ago the Dominion CEO said that his machines are perfect, unhackable and not connected to the interent and cannot be used to flip votes. Any errors are human errors.
    He lied, we have seen photos of dominion machines that are not sealed up.
    There is also video of people using the machines to change votes etc.
    Yesterday during the Senate enquiry they had Krebs (yes the fired one) on there who admitted that yes counting machines were connected to the internet, calling out the CEO.
    They also had Judge Starr on saying that election laws were broken, despite local courts saying they weren’t.
    Senators from Nevada and Oklahoma talked about illegal votes in Nevada, like 130,000 double voters, dead people voting, out of state people voting and people with no address voting.
    They also highlighted not only the 68% error rate, but also another state with 70%
    error rate.
    Of course there is “no evidence of widespread fraud”.

  110. President Elect H.R. says:

    A C Osborn:“During the Michigan election enquiry 2 days ago the Dominion CEO said that his machines are perfect, unhackable and not connected to the interent and cannot be used to flip votes. Any errors are human errors.
    He lied, […]”

    Yeah, it seems nowadays that when being sworn in for testimony before the House or Senate, the oath is:

    “Do you swear to use mealymouth weasel words, obfuscate, duck, dodge, weave, evade the questions, and outright lie?”

    “I do.”

    Penalty? Well, nothing to see here. Moving right along…

    Over on the Treehouse, Sundance calls the House and Senate investigative hearings “Kabuki Theater.” They are all sound and fury and designed to get to the bottom of nothing. The hearings are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

  111. A C Osborn says:

    Or setting the stage for not declaring Trump President. ie we know there was fraud and we will fix it for the next election, but not this one.

  112. President Elect H.R. says:

    @A C – They won’t even fix it for the next election. If the steal isn’t stopped this time, there will never be a meaningful election ever again. The win will go to the highest bidder or to the one The Big Club and Deep State selects. The GEBs have the final say.

  113. E.M.Smith says:


    Getting a 504 Gateway Timeout on that link… I suspect he’s getting hammered with traffic or DDoS.

    @AC Osborn & P.E. H. R.:

    I was seeing Swamp Creatures like crazy as old line RINOs said “we’ll fix it for next time”…

    Sure they will.. but only after they get their re-election payola from the machines…

    My question is “What is the it being fixed? Fraud of the election?”

    Mitch “turtle face” McConnell is a traitor.

  114. p.g.sharrow says:

    Well, I think the Trump Administration has something planned for next week. Trump’s EO from 2018 matures on the 18th of December and various security agencies Must report on the Election and any Foreign involvement in it. This could trigger some rather serious action against them as well as any domestic partners they might have. With the exit of AG Barr on the 23rd And Congress critters and government Leadership out of town for Holiday week, I would say that there is something on the wind that says that the 24th of December is “D”day for the long knifes to come out.
    Trump seen pretty sanguine and not worried about moving out of the White House, while Harris/Biden are measuring the Drapes for their move-in. Republicans are planning to refuse to accept the determination of the Electoral Collage due to wide spread “irregularities” in their selection. So the Joint Session of Congress will have to actually have to do their job of selecting the President / Vice president for the coming 4 years. A lot of people are getting a lesson in Constitutional Government.
    Keep up your store of popcorn as well as champagne! …pg

  115. E.M.Smith says:

    Trump Supporters are different…

  116. p.g.sharrow says:

    OH! wow!, Just read the Richardson Post.
    I’ve guessed that someone had something on Robert’s but this is the first time to see or hear any proof. His ability to flip on a dime in his opinions indicated someone had “Made him an offer he couldn’t refuse” OMG !…pg

  117. Simon Derricutt says:

    I’d also flagged the “dailyscreenzhome” post as spam, and wondered why it had gotten through. Then again, I’ve also pointed out to pg that he’s allowed a few through, and I’ve even seen them on Willis Eschenbach’s blog. Best to nuke them so they can’t come back, at least with the same name.

    For Llanfar’s Richardson Post link, I also got a 504 gateway timeout first time, but a retry succeeded. That’s pretty explosive if it turns out to be true. I’ve been wondering why the situation appears to be heading for a Harris presidency, and that the courts seem to be doing bugger-all to uphold the law. I thought Amy Coney-Barret was supposed to be strong on Constitutional law?

    I’m still having problems in understanding how the YSM (urinalists) can be still saying “there’s no evidence” of vote-rigging, when there’s evidence from many sources that it’s been drastically corrupted. Way too many red flags for there not to be some major fiddling to have happened. How many people got kompromat on them from visiting Epstein’s island?

  118. Jon K says:

    Interesting twitter thread regarding Soros and his color revolutions

    I was initially surprised to see Petraus’ name pop up, but in retrospect it makes sense.

    How deep does the corruption have to go before it’s less a swamp and more an abyss?

  119. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Don’t forget that with FBI & CIA “involvement” there’s a lot more than The Island at play. Think of how many text messages and “private” emails are likely in their hands.

    Then ask yourself “Were I Editor at a News Paper and a guy came in, showed his CIA Creds, and had armed escort with him, and said ‘I need you to do {this} and I was never here.’, Just how likely would I be to say no?”. I’m pretty sure I’d say yes. Civic duty and all that. But say you said “no”…

    Then after you get home and the spouse says your bank account is empty and someone else claims to own your house; and you get that 2nd call asking “How about now?”…

  120. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Jon K:

    That would explain a lot…

    Wonder how much of the EU is also “in pocket”?… with bulging pockets…

  121. philjourdan says:

    @CompuGator – I have been in IT for as long (perhaps longer) than EMS. And in security for 30 years. Yet, I have been gotten twice. Once by ILU and once by my son. Everyone gets got.

    The difference between us and the line employee is we learn, we know and we prepare. I have had to deal with 3 ransomware attacks. One (as I was their IT guy) resulted in 2 days down time, no loss of data and no payments. One resulted in a week of down time (I was not their IT, but called in on it) and they had to pay as their cloud backup stopped 3 years prior to the attack. And the third, I was merely a consultant on, but when I found out they were backing up their DB to the same share as the DB, I told them pay up, or start over (I doubt they will ever make that mistake again).

    Chances are, EMS saw it as an innocuous comment with no mal intent, and did not follow the link (not like it was something.tor).

    But what I am saying is, if you have never been gotten, you are not on the internet. Or a democrat.

    Best would be a warning to EMS. He takes those very seriously.

  122. philjourdan says:

    @Pres. Elect H.R. – Kabuki theater – Yep! And not worth the price of admission.

  123. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I said it above, but you might not have got to it yet:

    I NEVER SAW the “gratuitous compliment” comment. Somehow it got in on the White List or past it. There was a time, maybe a decade? back, when I was not as well trained on spotting the crap, and had just started the White List process. It’s possible they had an innocuous / generic comment then to “prime the list” for later and only recycled their IP back to the same one now. Best I can figure it.

    It is EXACTLY the kind of comment I see in “moderation” and “SPAM” every day and 100% nuke on sight.

  124. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – After the post. The foibles of reading linearly, instead of holistically! But my comment is still a valid warning to all those who think they are immune from the bad guys!

    It beat your spam filter. How many rely on auto technology and so trust that which passes their spam filters? Bet owners of SW are having a second think!

    Not having a web site (tried a few, just no time to devote), I can only opine about what is and is not. I figured it slipped by, and you did not even read it (as stated above).

  125. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Yes, I do absolutely agree with your conclusions and observation: There are those who have been bit, and those who will be, and those who were but don’t know it yet… but there’s nobody that will never be bit.

    In this case, I don’t know how it got past. I can only speculate.

    The WordPress SPAM filter seems, IMHO, to have a “voted off the island” aspect. Stuff that’s been around a long enough time, gets enough manual moves / marks as SPAM by enough sites that it goes there automagically. Sometimes, very new stuff does not go to SPAM but shows up in “moderation” and I have to scrutinize it. (Then after enough folks scrut, it automagically goes…).

    Yet at other times valid stuff goes to SPAM. This is OFTEN a new non-PC topic. My guess is that there’s a preponderance of PC Sites and they, suffering from TDS and Real Climate Denial, mark it as SPAM. But after I fish it out as non-SPAM, new stuff from the same folks doesn’t go to SPAM. (i.e. I think enough ‘not SPAM’ votes show up to shift the balance, OR, it is just marking it “not SPAM” for me).

    The only thing I was “correcting” was that I’d not seen it, nor made any decision about it, until after it had already “snuk in”…

  126. YMMV says:

    @llanfar, The Richardson Post

    Interesting. I’m expecting to hear Epstein voted for Biden. Epstein had a lot of mysterious money. I’m guessing that he was paid to put politicians in compromising positions. They thought they were getting perks. They were really getting owned. We still don’t know where the money came from. Was Bill in on it? Somebody did not want Epstein to squeal.

    The odd one out was Trump. They had to make up things for the fake dossier.

  127. philjourdan says:

    Epstein did vote for Biden. Along with Madison, Monroe and Casper.

  128. YMMV says:

    @cdquarles, that link is a bit strange. He might have a point, but his style isn’t to my taste.
    Everything in our society is fake and gay, and even people showing glimmers of greatness or competence have been faggotized. Language that triggers the left. The fat neckbeard arguing on internet forums over Star Wars canon is a frustrated theologian. Gratuitous? cultivate their will-to-power and the confidence it takes to rule Sounds like Nietzsche.
    In fact, I had to look up a word to understand one of the first comments there. “Gay merchant sea power vs Chad land power seems to be the dominant motif of geopolitical history.” ‘chad’ ??? hanging chad? uh, no.

    But I did like the reference to Carthage and Roman history. I will have to find time to dig into that.

  129. The True Nolan says:

    Thought provoking short essay on public support for corrupt governments.

    @ ossqss: Good article you linked re PCR tests. I have tried explaining the PCR too-many-cycles issue to several people and got the result one might expect. People who were already skeptical found it convincing. People who were already Corona-panicked did not. One told me “that sounds way too complicated!” Not that it was factually incorrect, not that it was a misunderstanding on my part, not even that surely the authorities must have our best interests in mind, but that it was “too complicated”. It is a sad day when even the “explain-it-to-me-like-I-was-five” crowd can not understand what is really a VERY simple procedural error.

  130. YMMV says:

    Note: I made a comment with a quote from the aidanmaclear page mentioned above which had some words which probably sent it to moderation.

  131. cdquarles says:

    Yes, it was the Carthage and Rome bits I found interesting. I’d guess that many of us old geezers took a class or two of ancient world history.

  132. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I found it interesting too, for similar reasons. But I don’t like the Carthage analogy quite so much. I see it more like the point when the Roman Empire divided into East and West. The Eastern Empire thought it could just treat the western empire as though it were an Eastern Metropolitan area and basically didn’t care about them.


    East weakening west
    Constantinople was the capital now. It was an increasingly well-developed and well-fortified city, mirroring the rest of the Eastern empire. The strength of the East prompted any aggressors to turn their attention towards the West.

    Constantine had weakened the West during his rule, other than favouring the East in development of infrastructure, but in economic governance too. He raised taxes in the West to bring them up to the level of those in the East to seem fair.

    This did not take into account the economic disparities between the two halves of the Empire, and the extra taxes on the West served to further cripple their economy, which had dwindled due to the constant pressures of war and low trade.

    What are the Coastal Elites doing to “Flyover Country” but tax for stupid wars and inhibit trade with massive rules & regulations (and, now, UN “treaties” and climate crap and…)?

    The fall of Rome
    BY 410 AD it was clear that the East and West had become separate entities. Rome was sacked by the Visigoths under King Alaric and no help came from the East.

    And are we not being effectively “sacked” by invading hoards of “migrants”? Are destruction of our businesses and lives not being ignored by The Government?

    Many historians cite the actual fall of the Western Empire as 476 AD. At this time the Emperor Romulus Augustulus was deposed by a man named Odoacer, who lead a revolt of the many Germanic ‘barbarian’ peoples that now inhabited that part of the Empire, against the Latins in power.

    After he successfully removed Augustulus from command he sent the emperor’s iconic imperial regalia, sceptre, and robes with a message saying: ‘We no longer have need of these, or an emperor here in Rome’. No Roman emperor would ever rule from that seat again.

    So with “Emperor Biden” about to be installed, is the next step declaring we don’t need such an emperor anymore? And a permanent division?

    History does like to tell the same story a lot…

  133. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; I’m curious as to what you think about this:
    From time to time we have discussed the effects of light colors and intensity on behavior…pg

  134. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Fascinating. Needs “proving up”, but ought to be easy enough. I’d like to read the mouse research too.

    There’s no reason on the face of it to think a 40 Hz. flicker rate would have no effect. We know the brain is triggered by flicker rate for epileptics (about 3 Hz can trigger seizures and makes non-epileptics queasy and / or irritable).

    Mechanism? Could just be that “folks like me” who SEE such flicker are irritated by it and that feeling of angst causes a repair cycle trigger. (Most folks cutoff for flicker detection is about 30 Hz, which is why most monitors run faster than that. Some folks see higher flicker rates. I’m one of them. Below 60 Hz monitor setting, my eyes “feel tired” and my irritation level rises. Also i get a bit of headache feeling after too long.) Even those who don’t have a visual detection of “image squirmy” or “not quite right” will often report an uncomfortable feeling.

    So yeah, I could see it working.

  135. V.P. Elect Smith says:

  136. p.g.sharrow says:

    Religious fanatics never give up. They KNOW all the answers to all the questions and refuse to examine the facts. actually they want to be told what to think by “authority” rather then go to the effort to study the disparate facts and reason a opinion…pg,

  137. jim2 says:

    EM – through all the OS changes lately, I’ve lost links to the Motorola jail break and install of google-free apps. Is there a way to search the site or can you supply a link? TIA.

  138. jim2 says:

    Never mind, found it and the search feature.

  139. President Elect H.R. says:

    I told My physical therapist that I was going to have my wife braid my hair into Greta Thunberg pigtails.

    Physical therapist: “Greta who?”

    I believe there are more corners of the World than we know where our Miss Greta never even got 10 seconds of her 15 minutes of fame.

  140. Another Ian says:


    I’m back on the net – sort of. Still issues with Firefox/Thunderbird.

    You might have a look at this and subsequent comments


    Would seem that there is more bastardry afoot

  141. President Elect H.R. says:

    Hey! There you are, Another Ian. Glad it was only ‘net issues and not something that threw you into the hospital or anything. 👍👍

  142. Another Ian says:

    Some election items from The Air Veny for the record – if not already there


  143. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Interesting. An M.D. (asserted) saying “Nope” to both the idea of a pandemic (PCR testing a bit bogus) and the vaccine (‘experiment on the world with mRNA’ first time ever…)


    Seems a bit extreme to me, but has roots in known facts. PCR cycles ARE cranked up way too high, no healthy person with good nutritional status under 40 is really at risk, and the vaccine, by definition, is a ‘never done before’ where we can’t have any clue about long term problems since it IS a new tech with short testing.

    I’d, personally, not test anyone who’s not sick and I’d give the vaccine only to older “at risk” folks with health issues, until we had a good risk profile on it. But that’s just me…

  144. Jim Masterson says:

    The Hercules IBM MVS emulator has a number of tapes. I’ve converted to ASCII one tape (CBT249.FILE038) that has a super Star Trek FORTRAN program. It’s not stand-alone (there’s supporting assembler routines and such), but it includes all the supporting data. Do you have any interest?


  145. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    It’s an interesting idea, but I think I need to pass. I don’t want to turn into a Star Trek Game Junkie. Currently I’m trying to wrap my mind around the dozen and one ways you can do parallel processing in Julia (and trying to figure out “world time” and why my program that worked fine before now crashes for “different world times”)

    I’d used the star trek program translation as a way to get started, but I’m past “started” now. Probably about Senior Apprentice ;-)

    Then there’s the issue that I’ve not done IBM assembler before, so despite most assemblers being very similar, it would be “yet another language” to learn right while I’m already in the thick of one.

    Don’t know the code size, but if it would fit in comments, if someone else wants to see it, feel free to embed it in a comment. (Regular Star Trek is small enough, don’t know how big Super Star Trek might be).

    So interested, yes, prudent to do ATM for me, not so much.

  146. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    You might want to contact these folks. They have a current version translated to Python, but might be interested in an “original FORTRAN copy” for their retro museum:


    SST2K is a modern Unix port of the University of Texas “Star Trek” game originally written in FORTRAN in the mid-1970s. It has options to restrict its feature set to what was in earlier versions.


    Project ID: 2729352
    9.2 MB Storage
    Super Star Trek is almost the oldest of all heritage computer games, originating in 1973 on the CDC6600. This port has been prepared with the assistance of the lead author of the original FORTRAN.

    At 9 MB a bit big for posting…

    From the ReadMe:

    If you enjoy this, check out other ancient games in the Retrocomputing Museum
    at http://www.catb.org/retro/.

  147. Jim Masterson says:

    @V.P. Elect Smith:

    The FORTRAN routine (SUPRTREK) is almost 6000 lines. The assembler routines, JCL, and CLIST routines are for dealing with MVS and TSO. You can probably ignore them in a PC environment. For example, the print assembler routine (CPAGE) uses the TPUT macro. TPUT is the standard method for writing to a 3270-type terminal. This listing doesn’t contain the source for TPUT. However, on an MVS system, that reference is usually available–the assembler will find it.


  148. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    6000 lines? Hmmm…. Tempting, especially as the JCL doesn’t matter ASM.

    Bit long for a comment though. Dropbox maybe…

  149. Jim Masterson says:

    How about links?
    The text (unzipped) version:
    And the zip version:
    The file is a PDS (partitioned dataset). The first section is the directory–such as it is. The individual members are separated by “++++++++++MEMBER:” line.


  150. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Well that was easy…

    Downloaded zip and unzipped already….

    When I get time I’ll have to try compiling it ;-)

  151. Another Ian says:

    E.M. FYI.



  152. Another Ian says:

    From above

    ““That’s the ‘same guy’ on Epstein Island with our choice for ‘the most compromised judge in the world’. You know, John Roberts, Chief Justice of the corrupted Supreme Court of the United States.”

  153. ossqss says:

    Just sayin, I read about the 21 mutations of this virus in Journals in April. Now we have something that is being hyped in my opinion. The 70% higher infection rate, cannot physically be real (not documented in any way at all), unless it is simply digital. Remember the first model that was used 9 months ago?

    Think about it.

  154. ossqss says:

    The only way this virus variant is 70% more infectious is if it got GPS with malicious AI self driving coding from Tesla.

    Just sayin>

  155. ossqss says:

    Reminder, at no point did any so called ‘Expert” ever tell you that flattening the curve would reduce infections. It just extends the start and stop point dimensions.

    You ain’t never not gonna get it. :-)

  156. philjourdan says:

    In case anyone missed it, since the tech gods have removed it from view, here is Jesse Binnal’s opening statement to the Senate.


  157. Another Ian says:

    A view from outside

    “Donald Trump’s statement for the nation”


  158. ossqss says:

    @Ian, Jo is on it again.

    I thought to share this, as this was quite a different kind of read that I think I enjoyed, but am not really sure yet :-)

    It is quite long, but an interesting perspective, none the less. Patience required.


  159. YMMV says:

    “A view from outside”

    I suspect that Australians know more about what happened in this election than most Americans.
    Sky News Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9VWRvHI5zs

    President-Reject might as well be a gummi-bear.

  160. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    The biggest disappointment for me in this whole election / impeachment / turd toss has been just how blatant and voluminous the lies have been. The degree of corruption is astounding.

    The biggest surprise has been how many nuts must be dangling in the nut grinder to get that to happen.

    There is an astounding degree of blackmail and “delusion for effect” going on. Morality seems to be a rare commodity in Washington, Silicon Valley, The Media, and more.

  161. YMMV says:

    The biggest disappointment for me in this whole election / impeachment / turd toss has been just how blatant and voluminous the lies have been. The degree of corruption is astounding.

    What you said, and others too, but not the media. There was a time when Voice of America was to inform citizens of other countries what really was going on. VOA still exists I think; I can’t imagine what they say now. Australia is one of the few countries that is not colluding 100%.

  162. Another Ian says:

    Re YMMV says:
    24 December 2020 at 2:59 am

    In my recent lack of computer my news source has been radio here – I basically don’y watch tv (violated that a couple of times to watch weather ). And I could presume that Trump was not out as yet by the lack of mention.

    So it is only those of us here in Oz that go round the ysm to sites like Jo Nova et al that have the wider picture

  163. beththeserf says:

    Best wishes to EM, his family and all those denizens out there for Yuletide 2020. –
    Not sending a Xmas carol, instead Duke Ellington, ( given’ these testin’ times,) ‘Take the A Train,’ representing yr ordin’ry man ‘n woman joie de vivre and resilience.

    From beththeserf.

  164. jim2 says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  165. jim2 says:

    The “Great Reset” is nothing but one more power grab. The more encompassing the government, the more grift and fraud. We need to fight this one tooth and nail.

  166. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – Merry Christmas 24 December 2020 | Musings from the Chiefio

  167. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 – I wish, but do not believe,

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