W.O.O.D. – Merry Christmas 24 December 2020


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First up:

Merry Christmas!! and a happy Winter Solstice Celebration whatever form yours takes!

Will This Never End? – POTUS

Courts refusing to do their job, make decisions based on evidence, instead duck and dodge. Fear of The Left Mobs? Fear of Political Noise? Owned by someone (be it Epstein or the employers of Chiarley Mellow He Who Can Not Be Named… who are clearly involved given their actions.)

Media continuing to be all-in on the Usurper Beijing Biden fraud and phony show.

We’ve got the Georgia election on the hot plate, and then Congress is the only thing left that has a shot at fixing this fraud. It’s a NEW congress come January 3rd, so some faces change.

Turncoat Mitch McConnell has said he’ll call the Senate back to override Trump’s expected veto of the Pork-u-lus bill. The People are increasingly asking “How does laying $Trillion on my kids as national debt, to give me $900 and send $Millions in Bribe-O to places like Pakistan for “gender issues”, in any way make sense or benefit the USA?” Mitch needs to be Primaried. Hard.

If he is any indication of what Congress is likely to do to fix the fraud, then the country IS doomed.

January 6 is likely the next day of merit. Hope the weather is good in D.C. As of right now, I can’t make the run, but I’m still looking for ways to arrange it.

I fear the Tree Of Liberty needs fertilizing. I hope the rule of law prevails first.

Will This Never End? – Brexit

Boris offered an insane degree of capitulation on fish, and the EU said “Not good enough”. Now they think the UK is going to cave.

STOP EXPECTING A “DEAL”. The only “deal” you will get is a raw one. Walk Away. NOW.

“For God’s Sake, man, just leave already. Take your sovereignty and leave.”

Lockdown Version 4.0

Gov. Nuisance is facing a growing wall of people signing recall petitions. From their pens to God’s eyes, please…


Recall him, the others will catch a little bit of clue.

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 8:25 PM PT – Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Californians are fighting hard to recall Governor Gavin Newsom as his ongoing lockdowns have devastated millions of residents. One America’s Pearson Sharp sat down with recall organizers as well as founder and CEO of One America News, Robert Herring.

The video says folks in California can print out and gather signatures on their own petition via: https://recallgavin2020.com/

I haven’t done it (yet) but I’ll be going through the site a bit later.

In Conclusion

Time to take a break from all the Political Crap Show and spend a couple of days in the land of reality. That reality being family, friends, and a good time celebration.

Unfortunately, with both the UK Paliament and the US Congress set to be recalled on Dec. 30 to do stupid stuff++ and once again be a pain in the collective rump of the world, it will only be a short reality break…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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143 Responses to W.O.O.D. – Merry Christmas 24 December 2020

  1. YMMV says:


    Both sides claim victory. Details?

    5) NOT JUST TRADE – The “deal” is actually a bundle: at the centre is a trade deal but there are also accompanying deals on fishing, law enforcement, transport, legal issues and data.

    Fish turned out to be a reduction, not an elimination, so is everyone happy?
    Ireland, claims to be solved, but with more paperwork?

  2. Tonyb says:

    We are free! A pretty good deal with the EU whereby problems will not be decided by the European court of justices, fishing is ok and we can go our own way as an independent sovereign state.

    Let’s hope five eyes can deepen as china needs reigning in and Australia in particular needs our support against a bullying China

  3. YMMV says:

    Will This Never End? – POTUS

    Let me rephrase that. Will truth and justice ever prevail?
    One last best hope (aka Hail Mary):

    Almost all of Trumps other friends have deserted him. Everybody wants to be on the winning side, on the inside. Trump is unique in that he is an outsider and will remain an outsider. At Christmas time is it appropriate to remember another troublemaker who wanted to reform the system and just got crucified for trying.

    I never thought that I would outlive America as we have known it, a constitutional system for the people by the people. The name will continue, but it won’t be the same.

    Auld lang syne.

  4. A C Osborn says:

    Merry Christmas EM and to all your readers & commenters.

  5. PhilJourdan says:

    @YMMV – I agree. I never thought i would outlive the republic. But apparently we have.

  6. President Elect H.R. says:

    Merry Christmas to all and/or…

    …have oa Contented Feast of the Immaculate Conception or Happy Hanukkah or Joyous Kwanzaa or a Kickn’ “Tet” or a Blissful Bodhi Day or a Cheerful Maunajiyaras or Wonderful Festival of Lights or a Blessed Ramadan or a Good Winter Solstice and/or a Joyful Canadian Boxing Day and a Festive Festivus, and a Happy New Year!

    Did I cover all the bases? 😜
    I’m busy with both holiday prep (just a little) and travel prep (a lot). But I’m going to make sure I set aside some time to veg out this evening and tomorrow. A fair portion of the World will be occupied with traditional holiday pursuits and will be more focused on family and personal reflections and not on ‘net friends and acquaintances. That’s as it should be and I’ll be joining them.
    And… for your entertainment, here are some international pictograms that would puzzle just about anyone. What’s with the guy in the wheel chair? Is it OK to race your wheelchair there? It’s OK to hold hands if you’re hetero? Smile, you’re on camera? No clue on the curly thingy but I’d be nervous if it was side-by-side with the wheelchair sign.


    I’ve seen worse pictograms. Sometimes, I wish there was a caveman around to interpret some of them for me. 🙄

  7. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Well, as soon as you finally get tired of waiting, commit to the text, and hit publish, things change…

    Looks like (per the below) the major “hit” to real UK Brexit was fisheries, where it’s a 5 year transition (yeah, another one… ). Sort of OK, maybe, in that Britain doesn’t currently have the big ships needed to catch all the fish. Not so good in that for 5 years the French are going to be fishing all they can (and then some…) and fish stocks will not get as good a chance to recover from the present over-fished state.

    Other bits detailed look good (IFF the thousands of pages in the document match…).

    No European Court Of Justice
    No Tariffs or fees
    No “Level Playing Field” rules (but an agreement to play nice, I think…)

    IMHO, still has some high hurdles to get over. Ratification by both sides. READING the thing to find all the hidden “Gotcha!”s hiding in it. Etc.

    So cautiously thinking “Maybe this time for sure!”… or not. (I’ve had one grandchild go from baby to in school and another born during the Brexit Follies…)

  8. President Elect H.R. says:

    @E.M. re Brexit – Now you know why I equated Brexit with “The Song That Never Ends”.

    Same, same.

  9. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I’ll take a crack at interpreting them:

    Two People (#1): Men have big bellies and women are shaped like rockets?

    Two round things and a squiggle: (#2): No inch worm racing on a hula hoop. Even under a full moon.

    Camera with Ears (#3): Filming happening, Cameraman likes Mickey Mouse Ears.

    Loops (#4): That is a hard one. Danger, Sunglasses Bent Ahead! Or maybe “Mandatory cursive practice ahead” Or possibly: Drunken Line Painter Ahead… Or, being European with a love of salted bread sticks: “Defective Pretzels Exit Here!”

    Man Can (#5): One Armed Dribbling Contest, Basketball and retention can provided. Though given the perspective, it might be: Humpback operated Guillotine, front view.

    (It helps if you open them in another tab for a bigger image)

  10. Graeme No.3 says:

    The killer is the bit about the UK having to follow EU regulations on “saving the climate” so the madness continues. I think Boris signed sovereign rights over that without hesitation.
    The good? bit is that ALL 27 States have to agree with the Brexit document.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  11. The Quiet Farmer says:

    Blessings and Merry Christmas to you all.
    This is up on Jo Novas site, I haven’t seen a USA site carrying it. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bvtEIB9WWpOy/
    It’s President Trump outlying the scope and scale of the fraud.
    Share widely

  12. Gail Combs says:

    Dropped by to say


  13. billinoz says:

    @Graeme, I have not seen the text of the BREXIT agreement so I don’t know the detail of “the UK having to follow EU regulations on “saving the climate” ….

    But as the Brits already seem convinced that reducing their CO2 emissions will ‘save’ the planet, you are probably right.

    I wonder what they make of there own extra cold weather there despite the CO2 ?

    Meanwhile here in South Oz it’s bloody cold this morning – Christmas morning in our ‘warming’ Aussie Summer. And if it gets any colder at night here I’ll be lighting the fire in our wood fired combustion heater.

    And this is Christmas !

    Stay warm & safe !

  14. ossqss says:

    Merry Christmas or any other holiday as exists to all!

    I would tell, it appears we will have, or already have, an NWS weather warning for “Falling Iguanas” here. That is not BS.

    Be well!

    Stay safe and sound folks!

  15. M Simon says:

    For you election junkies I have some Christmas cheer. Trump has won.

    Baseless Rumors
    Yep it is over and Trump has won. After his speech and[y] members of Congress not voting for Trump will be hung on the Capital Grounds.

    The President’s speech is supposed to come before the end of the month.

  16. Simon Derricutt says:

    Thanks to all here for some interesting information over the year. Some information merely interesting, other bits maybe life-changing. Curated by the group, though, so somewhat more veracity than news available elsewhere.

    This has been an interesting year, in the Chinese curse sense. Maybe some more to come, though I’d hope that 2021 will end up being better. Hope may not be a strategy in some cases, but certainly without it there would be despair at the cock-ups.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (and thanks for all the fish)

  17. President Elect H.R. says:

    Christmas Morning Update:

    We have a White Christmas here. Repeat: We have White Christmas

    For my neck of the woods, the forecast yesterday was for 30%, 40%. 80%, 60% chance of snow each hour from 11:00 am ’til 3:00 pm. Actual was Snow starting at 1:00 pm and ending at 11:00 pm.

    The “Dusting, up to “1 of snow” forecast turned into 4″ of snow.

    The temperature forecast was pretty good, though. It was for falling temperatures throughout the day and through the night.

    Yesterday, it was 48(F) when I got up at ~6:00 am and temperatures started dropping 1(F) to 2(F) degrees per hour throughout the day and night. This Christmas morning, it was 18(F) when I got up. Brrrrrrrrr!!!

    With the colder temperatures, we got a light fluffy snow and everything is just a perfect White Christmas scene outside.

    Shoveling the driveway commences in about an hour 😜

  18. cdquarles says:

    Merry Christmas one and all.

    No white Christmas here. Those are very rare where I am. Last one was a decade ago. It is darned *cold* though. Argh, please send this nasty cold air back up north where it belongs ;). Snow is most common in January or February, and even March is more likely to see accumulations than December.

  19. llanfar says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Re: this board, I am most grateful for Larry Ledwick gracing us with his overwhelming coverage of COVID-19. I miss him!

  20. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Fox News has a story saying everyone should take Vit D3 etc. etc.
    That’s only 9 or 10 months late.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  21. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    “Hope” is an aspiration and a goal. Both motivator and promised land. I try to be ever hopeful, as that is the motivation to attempt to achieve. And when you reach that goal, that hopeful destination, your hope has been fulfilled, and now a new hope, that this place is the right place takes it’s place. Without hope, we never look for the strategy, as we don’t even have the goal…

    So I’m ever hopeful. But then look for the next step, the strategy.

    As to “Curated by the group”: One of my biggest surprises was that the folks here self selected to such a fine group of folks. I like to imagine it had something to do with my very limited set of ‘social rules’.

    No “insult to the person” isn’t just about keeping the food fights out. It is also about allowing “the strange and unlikely” hypothesis to be acceptable for a starting point. I’m happy to discuss the likelihood of Hillary being a Reptilian Space Alien in disguise (hmmm… maybe I need a better example for something crazy and impossible… how about Bill NEVER touched a girl on Epstein’s Pedo Paradise Island…) BUT then there will be a gentle exploration of why that isn’t very likely…

    Then there’s “keep a tidy mind”. It’s partly about orderly thinking and sorting data into useful places, but it is also about filtering the trash out of the input stream (while NOT tossing interesting but unlikely ideas, just sorting them into probability buckets. Like a scale of 0 to 10 where Hillary as Reptilian Space Alien is a 2, Bill keeping hands to himself is a 0 along with me discovering “I can fly if I try real hard and jump off the house”… (learned about 5 years old…)). It also includes “Be curious” and “Anyone can find the promised land” of Truth. Truth is an absolute property and valuable beyond most all else.

    I’ve also got a personal “law” that I’ve shared a few times, but don’t often state. The “Law of Mutual Superiority”. We are all, each and every one of us, Superior to everyone else, and inferior at the same time. It depends entirely on the specific idea / topic / thing being explored. There is no shame is being ‘last to know’ and no hubris in being first. (Though a small guilty pleasure at first and a bit of chuckle at yourself if last does tend to happen…). My favorite example of this:

    My boss and I went to lunch at a BBQ place. Ordered basically the same “pulled pork on a bun with sides” and 2 sodas. Mine was regular, his was diet. Order comes up and is on the counter. I go to fetch it. “Which of these is the DIET coke?” Counter Jockey turns around and realized he’s forgotten. Looks at each for about 1 second. “THAT one!” I could have left it at that. But “Curiosity is a virtue”… so “How did you know?”. He explained “The sugared one holds the bubbles longer, the diet has almost no bubble foam on top.” Despite me being a Very High Tech Manager with lots of college, in that moment, the Soda Jerk was “Superior to me” in his soda skill. I thanked him for sharing that insight, and respected him and his expertise. The law of mutual superiority.

    So every one of you is superior to me, in something. And I’m likely superior at some other few bits. (My major skill comes from avoiding those areas where I’m clueless ;-) You will not find me discussing the finer points of ballet, opera, Dutch Masters, golf, baseball rankings, Chinese Ceramics or cooking, best way embroider a shirt, or how to mix and fire a glaze onto ceramics in just the right way. I have at best a tiny bit of clue there.

    As a result, I’ve greatly enjoyed it when someone tosses into the ring their own bit of skill and expertise, or their own result of a “Dig Here!” exploration. The sum is much greater than the parts, and vastly greater than my one small part. If this was just me pontificating at the sky it would be a very dreary place.


    Per Larry:

    I miss him whenever some interesting topic pops up. He was often first, and now we collectively arrive a bit late at the “new stuff”. He loved to do a “Dig Here!” and run with it. His expertise in some areas was very special and his stories fun. I felt a kindred spirit, now gone. As Chinese Wuhan Covid can manifest as G.I. issues, I do wonder if his “ate something I shouldn’t” was perhaps G.I. Covid, only later turning to blood clots and such. The timing was about right, though the ending wasn’t (Covid as near as I’ve been able to find doesn’t usually end with a peaceful passing in the night). Sometimes I search in comments for his name and re-read some of his comments, just to have a little of him around again…

    @White Christmas Folks:

    Well, “Lucky You”! Here it’s overcast and about 50 F something degrees, likely to clear and warm as the day goes on. Just another “shitty day in paradise” ;-) I’m reminded of why my college Roomy’s Dad said they moved here from Minnesota (Swedes) when asked by The Kid:
    (With best “are you that dumb” look) “Son, you don’t have to shovel rain.”

    OTOH, when I’ve been in a cabin in the Sierra Nevada’s in winter: Christmas is just somehow more special with snow around. It feels like you are in the Christmas from the Christmas Cards, not just seeing it as a fantasy world…

    Well, I’m off to the Kitchen to start the Christmas Prep. I’m making dressing from scratch for the turkey, so that starts with turning bread into croutons…

  22. YMMV says:

    The other ones are a bad rendition of common symbols, but this one is intriguing.
    First thought: angry birds. Then I looked up Angry Birds and it’s not quite right.
    So I am going with “Fauci’s Lyin’ Eyes”

  23. YMMV says:

    @Nancy & John Hultquist, it only took a year for Vit-D to make it to Fox, so maybe ten until it hits CNN?

    Some quotes from that link:

    “nine out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels”

    “At the East Virginia School of Medicine there’s a COVID protocol that includes Vitamin D, Osborne said. So if you’re hospitalized for COVID, they’re automatically putting you on between 20,000 and 60,000 units of Vitamin D. This is part of their standard of care protocol in that hospital system, he said.”

    “”Vitamin D is very inexpensive,” he said. “You can buy it at the local nutrition store, and it might just save your life, should you get sick. “With vitamin D, there’s a therapy that can be done that I recommend, and it’s 1,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D per pound. So if you’re 100 pounds, you would take 100,000 international units of vitamin D for three days. After that, you don’t have to keep taking those higher doses, but three days of high dose vitamin D will elevate your serum vitamin D levels to adequate levels,” Osborne explained.”

    “He stressed everyone should think of boosting their immune systems using four different supplements – Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercetin, a natural bioflavonoid that opens up the cells in your body so zinc can get inside”

  24. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    We’ve already sent the money to the Big Pharma vaccine folks, so they no longer care to suppress alternatives (vaccine roll out well underway).

    Also, they think Biden is going to be POTUS in a month, so time to stop killing people and reduce the panic driven nonsense.

    Just my cynical take on it…

  25. Merry Christmas to all! It’s not a white one here, but it’s definitely a cold one! Currently in the upper 20’s and windy. We’ve done the gift exchange and now I’m waiting for dinner. I think it’s going to be fairly non-traditional (no turkey or ham) but that’s fine with me. “Santa” brought us a sous vide so I’m looking forward to trying it out. For some reason, all of our gifts were food or drink related :) but I don’t have a problem with that.

  26. The True Nolan says:

    Merry Christmas to all from the beautiful Ozarks! Upper 20s, no snow, and windy here — but the sky is blue and the day is good.

    Here is a wish that 2021 be a kinder year than 2020 — but I kind’a think maybe it won’t. Interesting times!

  27. YMMV says:

    “Just my cynical take on it…”

    Cynical is good, but maybe you are not cynical enough…
    When the cases start to go down (for whatever reason), they can say the vaccine did it (and no doubt it will help if they can just get people to take it before the wave fades on its own).
    But “no longer care to suppress alternatives”? My cynical voice says that won’t happen.

    And they aren’t going to come out now and say HCQ does work, or admit that IVM works, or suddenly approve rapid home tests. Nor are they going to mention Vit-D. Why?

    Because they do not dare say that Vit-D could have reduced the death rate by 90% AND we knew that all along and did not tell you and “enjoy your house arrest”. Suckers!

    No, they will admit nothing and they will continue censoring expert doctors.

    BTW, here’s a doctor who has seen the light on IVM and is still on YouTube:

    So there is hope.

    Happy Christmas, all. (is Merry too much to wish for?)
    (I’ve never seen such a bunch of down Christmas cards before. It’s worse than I thought)

  28. Josh from sedona says:

    First off Merry Christmas, happy birthday to Isaac Newton (Julian calendar) , a belated happy saturnalia and solstice, and up tomorrow have a happy Boxing Day.

    So the other day I had a kind of sort of interesting stray thought… I’m not sure how to express it coherently but I’ll try, in the world of psychiatry, they often prescribed halidol or haloperidol or some such similar thing, they usually prescribe a benzo of some sort to counteract the dyskinesia effects.

    So I came to this line of thinking by watching a documentary on the microbiology of beer and there’s certain pathogens that used to be destroyed by burning the fields with shirt no longer allowed to do and so barley can get contaminated with different things that can totally ruin beer. This reminded me of a post that you made about the rice fields used to be get burned, and the unintended consequences of environmental regulation.

    I’ve been watching some videos or even some stuff lately, and it seems to me like UV is responsible for knocking electrons loose that’s breaking down molecules which is vital one photosynthesis and also how electrons get knocked loose from Silicon and photovoltaic panels.

    So my understanding is that burning fossil fuels produces ozone, Now cars and trucks not so much maybe because it stays close to the ground but the Jets definitely put those on high in the atmosphere, ozone blocks UV right?

    What if CFCs wer to the increased ozone from fossil fuel-burning as benzos are to haloperidol (they balance it out)?

    I look forward to hearing any opinions from any and all all of you, I hope that you all have a very happy holiday season, Fin

  29. Josh from Sedona says:

    Hello so I just spent like an hour typing a comment to have them say it’s a duplicate comment that I already said it oh, so if it actually shows up and I somehow magically posted it that’s cool if not I’ll tell you in some other time merry Christmas and happy Boxing Day

  30. Quail says:

    Merry Christmas to all.

    I’ve really missed Larry’s great fact digging commentaries. He sounded like a great guy.

  31. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Josh from sedona:

    It’s complicated. Here’s a nice compact explanation of how UV creates and destroys ozone.

    Ozone is produced naturally by UV light created from sunlight. This is a natural and important part of our word. Most all of the UV light produced from the sun in the range from 100 – 315 nm is filtered by the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

    UV light wavelengths shorter than 240 nm will create ozone via photolysis of the oxygen molecule.

    UV light wavelengths between 240-280 nm will destroy ozone via photolysis of the ozone molecule.

    UV light wavelengths between 280-315 nm are mostly absorbed by the ozone layer itself.

    UV light wavelengths between 31-380 nm are not generally affected by the oxygen or ozone cycle and most of these make it to the surface of the earth.

    UV light will create ozone from atmospheric oxygen at short wavelengths of less than 240 nanometers (nm). UV light will also destroy ozone and break ozone back down into atomic oxygen (O) and diatomic oxygen (O2) at wavelengths from about 200 nm to 315 nm. Therefore, the ozone layer does a great job filtering UV wavelengths from about 100 – 315 nm. This is important as these are the harmful wavelengths of UV light that cause sunburn, and DNA damage in living tissues.


    It seems there is a need to produce ozone, as there is not enough around to just gather up as much as you care to. That link is to a company that makes ozone producing equipment. (I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape, or form.)

  32. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – Got any good recipes for iguana? Will it be the Road Kill Special at the Longer Lodge for the next few days?

  33. Josh from Sedona says:

    Is president-elect HR the artist formerly known as E. M. Smith?

    Cuz I think you kind of missed the point of my question, I probably wasn’t very clear

  34. Josh from Sedona says:

    @ president-elect HR, BTW thank you for the link to all that cool info about UV and ozone

  35. President Elect H.R. says:

    “If we had an iguana, we could have iguana and eggs, if we had some eggs.”

  36. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Josh – I’m not convinced that burning fossil fuels makes much of a difference to the amount of ozone produced. As I understand, it breaks down rapidly in the atmosphere.

    Same for CFCs. There are models that show that CFCs in the upper atmosphere at the poles cause a depletion of ozone. But last I checked in, the actual satellite measures of the ozone hole at the poles indicated that UV from the sun was the determinate factor in the size of the ozone layer at the poles. The size of the ozone hole

    So, that reference I gave just shows how UV from the Sun both creates and destroys ozone. The amount of UV from the Sun is massive in comparison to the amount of CFCs that were and are produced. The size of the ozone hole at the poles is seasonal, which indicates that the Sun is the dominant factor.

    I’d didn’t understand your question because I don’t see how CFCs could balance out much of anything.

    P.S. Don’t forget about ozone production from lightning and just how many lightning bolts occur each day. About 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth’s surface every second That’s about 8.6 million per day and around 3 billion each year. That’s a fair amount of ozone, too.

  37. President Elect H.R. says:

    A P.S. to Josh – Most of my discussion above is from (shaky 😜) memory of the CFC/Ozone Wars and the pro and con arguments.

    I lost interest in the whole topic years ago when I considered the natural sources of ozone production and the Sun’s UV production/destruction of ozone, which seems overwhelming in scale compared to the number of bursts of hairspray. Then when satellites had opportunity to monitor the ozone hole at the poles and it showed the holes shrinking and growing seasonally, well that pretty much convinced me that spray deodorant and hairspray (or fossil fuels) didn’t have much to do with the ozone holes.

    So again, I probably am missing the gist of your question about CFCs balancing much of anything, but that’s why.

  38. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Iguana is prepared the same way you prepare Chicken… and with similar results…

    Per fossil fuels making ozone: They do not. There is a byproduct of combustion under pressure (i.e. inside compression engines) that is nitrogen oxides, that then makes ozone happen.

    The ozone at the ground will be long gone before it gets to any altitude. That from Lightning will be made in greater amounts at altitude.

    I doubt they balance anything, as their interactions are very remote from each other.

    However, any reduction in particulates (think 1970s to 1980s smog laws…) will have resulted in warming at the surface. But that spike will now have stabilized.

    BTW, WordPress sometimes takes a couple of minutes to process a comment…

  39. Senator-elect Josh from Sedona says:

    @ president-elect HR, I agree whatever the change and CFCs and ozone levels is probably not enough to actually really truly make a difference compared to the sun’s output…

    I was kind of saying maybe a little bit more UV would actually be a good thing oh, and banning CFCs could have actually backfired, IDK

  40. Senator-elect Josh from Sedona says:

    @ VP Smith I wasn’t talking about ozone at ground-level I was talking about ozone from Jets oh, and thanks for all your responses it was, it was just a stray thought I had the other day.

  41. philjourdan says:

    @ossqss – ya know we just get warnings for frost and flooding. Never for lizards falling from trees! You guys have all the fun!!!! LOL

  42. philjourdan says:

    @PE HR – Yep! My first\ GF (very first 50 years ago) sent me pictures from Va West (AKA Kentucky). Out temps were in the 60s. They are just now going below freezing,

    Best that I was not near you. I am an anti White Christmas magnet. I spent 2 years in Germany, Warmest 2 on record (and they were before AGW and they are still the warmest on record).

    I am doomed to never have one That is my punishment for wanting one.

  43. philjourdan says:

    “As to “Curated by the group”: “

    Yep! But we aspire to your perfection.

  44. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I was sucked into the Ozone Hole argument some years back. That the need to ban Yet Another Refrigerant coincides almost exactly with DuPont Patent expirations / new patents is indicative of where truth is to be found.

    Posted lots of images here of the “Ozone Hole” actually being TWO weak spots / holes most of the time (at one pole or the other), that they moved DAILY around the pole, and were a GREAT match to the landing pattern of the Birkeland Currents from the Sun is also highly indicative of how the sun “does the deed”.

    Lots of “day by day” images of ozone “holes” here if you search for those postings.

    Essentially zero correlation in any way what so ever with CFCs or any other gas. Nearly perfect correlation with solar intensity, pole angle to sun, and Birkeland Current shape & placement.


    We all aspire together. The conductor may choose the composition, but does not play First Violin… nor even 3rd Bassoon… (though sometimes he sneaks over to the kettle drum and cymbals ;-)

  45. ossqss says:

    Ahhh, the Ozone. Don’t forget the significance of the Montreal Protocol as a global control

  46. Terry Jackson says:

    Merry Christmas to all the fine folks here, and to any unfine ones who may be about.
    The New Year is approaching, and Spring is on the way. Best wishes to all for a glorious Spring and Summer.

  47. President Elect H.R. says:

    I’ve paid half-attention here while people grouse about (and cuss) the fragility of Roku remotes.

    Ours died tonight and the Mrs. found that she could get an ap that turns her smart(ish) phone into a Roku remote.

    I don’t recall anyone mentioning that option during the discussions about remotes, robust models, and grumbling about prices. So there you have it if you weren’t aware of it. You don’t need a Roku remote.

  48. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @P.E. H.R.:

    As we’re down to just one working remote, a point that matters:

    Since the Roku wakes up and needs to have the wifi password to connect to the network, and whereas you must enter that password via the remote as network to your app isn’t working yet: You will need a working remote to connect to a new WiFi network. (or fix it if you screw up the login /passwd changing between networks, which is how I discovered this…)

  49. President Elect H.R. says:

    I’ll pass that along to the Mrs., E.M.

    I was out chasing dogs in the snow @ 16(F) and when I came in, she said that we were in business using her phone for the remote.

    It’s witchcraft, I tell ya. Witchcraft!

    BTW, this ☢ is a nuclear Jack-o’-lantern… I think.

  50. ossqss says:

    Purchased a Roku voice replacement remote at Wallyworld for $20. Works on just about all of the models including the Sticks (RF enabled with power and volume control via IR). I would tell, they don’t like humidity or rain. Any WiFi device can be used via app once you set the net access up.


  51. jim2 says:

    Donald Trump renewed his calls for $2,000 checks, but it’s unclear if he’ll veto…
    Early Signs You Have Long COVID, According to Doctors
    CNN logo AT&T outage, flights disrupted due to downtown Nashville explosion

    The explosion of an RV parked near a transmission building in Nashville disrupted AT&T service in the region and caused a brief ground stop at the city’s main airport, officials said.
    a view of a tall building: Damage to buildings can be seen following the explosion reported in the area of Second and Commerce on Friday, Dec. 25, 2020 in Nashville, Tenn. Edit Aaa8168 © Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean/USA Today Network Damage to buildings can be seen following the explosion reported in the area of…

    Flights at Nashville International Airport resumed after about an hour, but connectivity issues persisted in Tennessee and other parts of the region on Friday evening. Some localities reported disruptions with 911 systems.

    AT&T confirmed that one of its network hubs was damaged in the Christmas blast.

    “We continue to work to restore service for customers in Nashville and the surrounding areas who were affected by this morning’s explosion,” AT&T spokesman Jim Greer said as night fell in Nashville.

    “We have mobilized additional resources including our National Disaster Recovery team and are bringing in multiple portable cell sites to assist in the recovery efforts,” Greer added.

    T-Mobile said it was seeing some service issues due to the explosion but was working “diligently with our partners” on restoration.

    According to a tweet from technology chief Neville Ray, the carrier was seeing service issues in areas of Nashville and Knoxville in Tennessee, parts of Louisville, Kentucky, and Birmingham, Alabama, and in areas of metropolitan Atlanta.


  52. Another Ian says:



    Would say that the FBI has an image problem that “isn’t going to just buff right out”

  53. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I especially liked the “Yugo of Law Enforcement agencies” comment ;-)

    Yeah, F.B.I. is simply a political bag man operation with a badge. “Clean up on Isle Biden”…

  54. Power Grab says:

    Speaking of remotes…I still have a GE TV and its original remote that I bought in 1985. It was probably at least a year old then, since it was a floor model. (A friend advised me that I could get a good deal that way.)

    It is actually my first color TV. The matching VHS player/recorder that I bought at the same time might be in the big storage unit, but I haven’t dug in there yet. The TV been sitting unused in my bedroom. Now that I’ve moved, I want to see if I can get it to work by using its remote. I can get it to turn on by pressing the power button a few times, but the volume and channel buttons are not responding.

    BTW, one reason I want to see if I can get the original remote to work again is that worked with my Microsoft Zunes. The button is apparently prone to corrosion, but I have a dock for it and can use its remote to control it when it’s in the dock.

    I haven’t tried the matching remote yet because the remote has some bright green corrosion on one end of the place where the batteries sit.

    Does anyone have a favorite non-commercial contact cleaning protocol to recommend?

    I did pick up a can of contact cleaner at an Auto Zone store the other night, but since it says you should only use it with good air circulation, I’m waiting until the weather warms up into the 60s tomorrow before trying it outside. We have gas heat now, so I don’t want to use it in the house or in the garage (where the gas heater and water heater are).

    In the meantime, does anyone here have occasion to clean electrical contacts? With success?

    P.S. In case anyone wonders why I don’t simply dump my 3 old TVs, one big reason is that flat screen TVs have meager speakers. Also, their shape is wrong for the places I have to put them. So if I can make them work, I will keep using them. Another big reason is that I am a pack rat and come from a long line of pack rats. ;-) Actually, my grandmother called herself the “curator of the family museum”.

    P.P.S. In my move, I have been unearthing things I didn’t know I had. One thing I found a week or so ago was a script for a skit we did at church in honor of our pastor’s 40th birthday. I messaged him and asked if he remembered it. It said he did, and asked for a copy. Then he asked if I had a script for our musical version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. No, I don’t have the script, but I have a VHS tape of it. I need to play it and see what it would take to send him a copy of it. I assume he would be better able to use a DVD than a VHS tape.

  55. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I’ve usually cleaned battery contacts by starting with plain water. A remarkably large number of salts and corrosion products dissolve in water. Dry it with a paper towel after. Then, since alkaline batteries tend to leak, well, alkaline materials, I’ll use vinegar to neutralize any remaining stuff. This tends to make acetate salts that also tend to be water soluble, so another round of water, then dry it again.

    If water gets elsewhere in the case, shake it out, then stick it i a big jar or rice. The rice tends to pull the water vapor out of it. (Silica gel desiccant works better if you have some).

    Basically the pattern is:

    Dissolve salts, neutralize any agents that leaked, dissolve salts again, dry.

  56. A C Osborn says:

    Now the suppression of HCQ & Ivermectin makes even more sense.
    Not just the emergency use of Vaccines, now AstraZeneca have produced an Antibody injection called AZD7442 that does the same thing as HCQ & especially Ivermectin. So there were more $Billions on the line than we realised.


  57. President Elect H.R. says:

    @E.M. – It doesn’t matter what network the Roku is on. Change your phone to the same network the Roku is on. Am I missing something?

  58. E.M.Smith says:

    For a Roku (other than direct wired ethernet type) to connect to a network WiFi, it needs to know the SSID (name of network) and password. IFF you change networks and either 1) get it wrong the first time so no network connection, or, 2) Travel somewhere to a new place where it does not know the network: The new network info can not be entered via your network dependent app. It can be entered via the remote as they are paired on either IR or RF connection.

  59. President Elect H.R. says:

    E.M. – Hmmmm… our smart TV connects to the specified or available network. We then use the TV remote to specify the source for the Roku (say, HDMI1 or something). The phone is switched to the same network as the TV.

    Maybe I’m still not getting it, but if the TV is connected to a network, our Roku gets connected to the same network via the TV. At least, that was the experiment the Mrs. ran. She can do a field trial at our first road stop on the way to Florida.

  60. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Actual News about the election.
    From OANN:

    From Dec 8th, so Texas suit info out of date. RedPill78:


    Also includes claim that Israeli equiv. of NASA guy says Space Aliens are real…

    Looks like NBC confirms it, so it must be real…


    Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it
    A “galactic federation” has been waiting for humans to “reach a stage where we will understand… what space and spaceships are,” Haim Eshed said

    By Adela Suliman and Paul Goldman
    A former Israeli space security chief has sent eyebrows shooting heavenward by saying that earthlings have been in contact with extraterrestrials from a “galactic federation.”

    “The Unidentified Flying Objects have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet,” Haim Eshed, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, told Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper. The interview in Hebrew ran on Friday, and gained traction after parts were published in English by the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

    A respected professor and retired general, Eshed said the aliens were equally curious about humanity and were seeking to understand “the fabric of the universe.”

    And he’s pushing a book, what a surprise…

  61. ossqss says:

    @HR, your Roku needs to connect to a WiFi network directly. It does not connect through the TV to a network. To connect to a network, you typically must put in a password to access it. If you don’t have a remote for the Roku, you can’t type in the password to access it and will not have any connection between your phone app and Roku as a result (they need to be on the same WiFi network to function/talk to each other). The HDMI is one of the ports on the TV to get the Roku output to your TV screen. There are typically a couple HDMI ports on the TV which are physical hardware connections for devices to attach to your TV to be displayed, like a DVD player or the Roku as examples.

  62. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    1) Your Roku is a device outside your TV, not one built into the TV (Some TV models come with a Roku built in…)


    2) Your Roku does NOT use a hardwired ethernet connection but instead uses WiFi to talk to the network. (Note, as OssQss pointed out: The HDMI plug into the TV is for VIDEO OUT of the Roku into the TV ONLY.)


    At initial installation / bring up of the Roku (perhaps years ago…), you needed to enter the network name and any password to connect to that network (see “Network Settings” or Network Setup in your ROKU guide screen). From that moment forward it remembers those so you do not manually type them in again until / unless you change networks or passwords.

    Otherwise it has no idea which of a dozen networks around you might be the one that is yours, nor does it know what the password is to get in (assuming you have a password protected WiFi which is pretty much all of them these days).


    The Roku is moved to, say, a hotel on your way to Florida, it is no longer able to connect to the network it knows, back home. It also does not have the SSID (Name) nor password for the Hotel Network. You can get your phone / app onto the hotel network by picking the network name from your phone WiFi scan and entering the Hotel Password, BUT… Your phone still can’t talk to the Roku as the Roku doesn’t know the SSID / Password to get onto the network. That can only be entered through the remote at the time the Roku is unable to connect to a new network.


    I had exactly this happen on a trip to Florida when my remote died and I was in a hotel WITH my phone and app, and a Roku stick, and no way to get them to talk to each other as the Roku knew my home network name / password and not the Hotel and there was no way for me to type in a new network name / password without it already being connected to the network, that it could not use…


    As a work around, one could configure a cheap network WiFi router or even a Raspberry Pi as an access point with the home network SSID / password. Then, on the road, you could connect to the Roku through it and change the settings for Network Connection. But realize any typo and you will then need to guess what your typo was, change the R.Pi or access point to match, and try again. (FWIW, I got to do THAT once at home with my second network and a Roku without a remote…)

  63. jim2 says:

    91% IPA can be used to remove water from electronic devices.

  64. President Elect H.R. says:

    Thanks, guys. I don’t think the Roku is doing what the Mrs. assumes it is doing.

    The only thing I can think of is that – the TV is fairly new – Roku is on it. She will find that it fails on our older TVs in the trailer.

    I’ll just let it be a surprise 😜

  65. YMMV says:

    Brexit. As we wait for someone to read the 2000 page document (1246?) and analyze it, we can ponder over this quote from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen:

    We should cut through the soundbites and ask ourselves what sovereignty actually means in the 21st century. For me it is about to seamlessly do work, travel and do business in 27 countries. It is about pooling our strengths, speaking together in a world full of great powers.

    And in a time of crisis it is about pulling each other up instead of trying to get back to your feet alone. And the European Union shows how this works in practice.

    Wasn’t the EU formerly called the European Commune? /sarc

    And Macron accidentally saved the day for Boris?

    And neither will the prolonged argy-bargy about fishing territories, which took up way too much time and effort in relation to the paltry 0.12 percent of gross domestic product this sector contributes to our economy. Although, unexpectedly, we seem to have swung that one as well.

    My feeling is that French President Emmanuel Macron was the reason for this. Alone among the European leaders, he knew of the disproportionate and historical attachment our island nation has to its fishing territories and coastal towns. So, he held out to try and screw us as the clock ticked down.

    Then, he mis-stepped, slamming the French border shut over an outbreak of a coronavirus variant in the UK without first checking with Brussels. They were not amused and even went so far as to chastise l’Empereur.

    That was handy for British negotiators and embarrassing for the EU team at a very sensitive moment in the talks. Who knows, maybe it was enough to put Macron on the back foot and concede the numbers needed to finalise the fishing to-and-froing, and with that, the entire trade deal, just so he could save face with Brussels.


  66. ossqss says:

    @HR, weeeeeell, your wife may be using an HDMI-CEC device control ia the TV remote and be way ahead of this discussion ;-)

    Didn’t think about that being in play.


  67. Steven Fraser says:

    Jim2: q: Would Sierra Nevada Pale Ale work as a sub? ;-0

  68. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Looking at my Roku, all it claims to do is have the TV swap INPUT to the Roku, not present you with a Roku configuration panel on your TV and give you input to it via your TV remote.

    There’s a huge gulf between “Hey, look at me!” and “Now using that alien remote, control my driving menu and change configurations”.



    Due to the natural of streaming devices are in standby mode when it is turned off, we recommend the following instruction for HDMI CEC:

    1 . Use the Roku remote control to press any button to wake up Roku. This will send the HDMI-CEC signal to power ON our soundbar immediately followed by powering ON the TV.


    So I think that rates as a “nice try”…

  69. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Steven Fraser:

    Nice one! IPA as IsoPropyl Alcohol vs India Pale Ale…

    But no, the Pale Ale will leave a sticky residue behind, judging from what I’ve experienced the Morning After waking up with a spilled bottle on my shirt… ;-)

  70. ossqss says:

    @EM, party pooper! LOL, you just saved HR hours of surreptitious surveillance on his wife ; -)

  71. llanfar says:

    A different, chilling perspective on the 2nd Nashville bombing from an engineer…

  72. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    It does look like someone is doing a Kinetic Bruit Force take-down of communications in the area. First AT&T switching + some cell, then emergency cell site.

    One presumes their radios still work…

    But wonders “What’s next on the hit list? And why?”

  73. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I’m having trouble finding any news on a “2nd Nashville Bombing”. Were there 2, or is this the same as the AT&T “issues” and some other long forgotten bombing is #1?

  74. llanfar says:

    A follow up thought from my cousin re: the bombing:
    Beginning to wonder whether this AT&T switch explosion was an attack on deep state telecom infrastructure, which was authorized (though unconstitutional and never tested in the courts – yet) by the Patriot Act in October 2001 – which was authored by Jamie Gorelick and her team of deep state folks at the end of the 1990s – insiders knew about it pending the opportunity to implement, which came in the form of the 9-11 attack on NYC.

  75. YMMV says:

    I don’t like AT&T either, but it wasn’t me. Since everything we know so far is speculation or hear-say, and nobody has claimed it or found a motive… maybe there wasn’t one. And 007 did not deactivate the count down timer in time. Tom Cruise either. So begin wild speculation: It was just a practice/training run. Nobody and nothing was the target. The message was “we can do this, you can’t stop us, and we will do it again. So when you hear that “evacuate now warning”, believe it and nobody will get hurt”. IRA gave warnings before bombs. Even wilder speculation: the time and date chosen was a holiday. Next big one: New Years Eve. Haven’t I seen this movie plot before?

  76. cdquarles says:

    That’s an interesting thought, given certain events during the Clinton terms. And yes Saddam *repeatedly* violated the terms of the cease-fire agreement (necessitating a *resumption* of the war). Oh, re “weapons of mass destruction”, Saddam had them, and had time to move them. Still the documents were, in part, ‘sexed-up’ to impress Saddam. What was in those large underground bunkers with tracked vehicle tread marks inside, and we never did do a really thorough inspection, did we?

  77. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Has the tag line “Built with AT&T” in their logo. My take on that would be that they rent co-location space in the AT&T site for their “encrypted core” routers and such, then use the AT&T trunks to towers for the cellular radio.

    I.e. the original bombing of the AT&T building would incidentally be an attack on them, as they co-lo.

    FWIW, I’ve installed equipment at a Telco Co-location facility for a client. It isn’t all that unusual.

    IBM also has several big co-location facilities scattered around the country and I’ve worked on / installed equipment in a couple of them, too. LOTS of Name Names have equipment in them. Banks, for example… so they are highly secure. But also key targets for high value impacts. Thus, they are not advertised and in fact their locations are often specifically hidden. A Google Search on the street address of the Co-lo we were using at Disney turned up nothing at all. (I knew the address since I was testing equipment there… but that wasn’t enough to find the place… I was able to find a ‘nearby place’ on the same street name and “drive up the street” with street-view until I saw a place that wasn’t identified in any way but at about the right street number placement…)

    From the outside, these places look a lot like a generic warehouse. No windows. Guard shack. Lobby entrance (usually double door man-trap with more guards). Loading dock in back (with more guards…). About the only give-away is the shortage of trucks coming and going and the excess of guards. But depending on equipment work being done, there’s some trucks doing the old to-n-fro, and the best places have the guards where they are not easily seen.

    Drive around any major Down Town and if you see a windowless Hi Rise, it is almost certainly that kind of place; be it telco or IBM or similar.

    (Were I designing one, I’d decorate the outside with reflective office building glass… and maybe even a fake patio / balcony or two…)

  78. David A says:

    Taiwan 2nd largest HCQ factory in the world explodes.

  79. Another Ian says:


    “Mathematician Bobby Piton Finds More Than 500,000 Unique Last Names in Pennsylvania: ‘Sophisticated State Actor Was Able to Optimize Desired Outcome’”


  80. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Don’t ya just love a good old Forensic Crossfoot?

    They ought to have stuck with Smith, Jones and Johnson (maybe with a few Gonsolves / Gonzalez and Herrera thrown in…).

    What tends to catch the cheaters is that their attempts to hide things do not conform to actual human reality and actual statistical patterns. Numbers are not equally distributed and the choices people make (just like a call RANDOM too) are not in conformance to actual patterns (Benford’s Law).

    They would have done better with a phone book and opening it to various pages…

  81. Ossqss says:

    I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday. It will be one for our record books. I mean, you only have one book, right?

    It was quite interesting on this end with discussions had.

    ” There is trouble in the Forest”

  82. Another Ian says:

    “Traitors inside the Whitehouse and a call for patriots to get to Washington DC Jan 4 -6”


  83. Another Ian says:

    FYI – maybe.

    Part 1 here and up to Part 4 and continuing


  84. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Followed a link in part 1 to the original non-serialized copy:

    FWIW (I’ve only read part 1 so far, plus a little of ‘part 2’ in the full article) there’s two very important bits of testimony that are usually simply ignored.

    1) A person SAW the shooter leaving the “Grassy Knoll”. His testimony was roundly ignored. Why? Because he was deaf. He could communicate just fine. He was not mentally impaired. But I remember the newspapers of the time “talking dirt” about his claims. Pointing out he was deaf and implying that made his testimony untrustworthy. As though being deaf impaired vision somehow. IIRC, he claimed the guy put a gun in a tool box and walked off toward (along?) some rail road tracks. (50+ year old memory so may have the ‘where he walked’ a bit off).

    2) A few years back, a “Mafia Guy” in prison somewhere in Europe (France?) claimed he was the guy walking from the “Grassy Knoll” and had put a take down rifle into a tool box and just walked away. That HE was the real assassin. IIRC, he was in for Life and figured: Might as well say what he knows as he was never getting out anyway. I’ve forgotten his name, but it was published along with his claims.

    Side Info:

    3) Remember The Valentine’s Day Massacre? That was an event of Italian Mafia vs Irish Mafia over the Irish gang “betrayal of the Italians”. Folks largely forgot about the Irish Mafia (until the movie Gangs Of New York came out depicting an earlier time https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0217505/ ). Then folks will sometimes mention that Old Man Kennedy made his money running liqueur during prohibition. You must connect the two. Old Man Kennedy had been involved in a betrayal of the Italian Mafia during his money raking years…

    The Speculation:

    4) The Irish Mafia went mostly legit. Old Man Kennedy took his money and set up shop elsewhere, sending his kids through the reputation laundry of Respectable Society and The Right Schools. But the Italian Mafia stayed in business and didn’t forget their distrust of the Irish Mafia guys.

    5) We know the C.I.A. and US Military worked with the Italian Mafia during W.W.II and it is well documented. Once “Lucky Luciano” was let out of prison in a “deal”, the ports were secure and no sabotage happened. Upon arrival of the invasion of Sicily, U.S. troops were met by local “guides” with full maps of Axis Forces numbers, emplacements, and back road approaches not well known to others; along with a force of locals well versed in assassination and sabotage… The speculation is that this arrangement continued well after 1946.

    He was sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison, but during World War II an agreement was struck with the Department of the Navy through his associate Meyer Lansky to provide naval intelligence. In 1946, for his alleged wartime cooperation, his sentence was commuted on the condition that he be deported to Italy. Luciano died in Italy on January 26, 1962, and his body was permitted to be transported back to the United States for burial.

    6) John Kennedy had told the Italian Casino Operators (who had lost property during the confiscations of Castro) that they would get their casino properties back in Cuba after the US invaded it. Despite reservations, the Italian (Mafia most likely) agreed. Then, during the Bay Of Pigs invasion, Kennedy backed out. Failed to support both the Cuban Expats AND the Italian Mafia who both lost badly in the broken “deal”. (Most of that is well known and proven, but that the Casino Operators were Mafia is slightly speculative as they didn’t come out and say it…)

    7) We were minutes away from W.W.III and nuclear annihilation during the Russian Missile Crisis between the USA and Russia in Cuba. It is well known that many of those in the TLAs were very frightened by how close we came. Phrases like “He almost started a nuclear war” were in the air. (Speculative bit being that the assertion is something like third hand as the TLA guys didn’t exactly go on the news shows… but it was written up as a real risk / belief). The idea of “He’s going to get us all killed” was floating around a lot at that time.

    8) There were other failed attempts to “Get Kennedy” earlier. One, IIRC, was in Miami Florida. The asserted players were also Mafia connected. (As, BTW, was Jack Ruby, who was diagnosed with a terminal disease so didn’t have a lot of time to lose if he went out in a blaze of glory covering up a loose end who said the truth would come out and prove him innocent…) So there is a bit of history of Mafia connected guys hunting and it looks like with some help / hints from folks on the inside.

    9) In Dallas, several things were done very much against “the rules”. Specifically the route and the very slow turn of a corner into a very nice “kill box”. Access to firing points were not effectively blocked (obviously…). Especially in the context of prior efforts. It looks like some inside coordination to make it easier.

    10) The conclusion that derives from all that is that the TLAs, and most likely the C.I.A., had figured Kennedy was going to botch everything. Start W.W.III, destroy much of the planet. Take down their “Confidential Informants” and occasional partners in the Italian Mafia, and were thinking he “had to go”.

    11) At the same time, the Italian Mafia had been, once again, betrayed by that Damn Irish Mafia Kennedy… and you just can’t take that kind of reputation hit in The Mob and survive. The big speculation is just that “these two talked about it”… and the C.I.A. / TLAs cut a deal to make it ‘easier to do the deed’ as long as the Italian Mafia was clean about it. Even to the point of putting up a ‘patsy’ to take the fall. Oswald was supposedly a fresh recruit into undercover work / infiltration (married a Russian lady after all) and was known to do a ham handed job of it. Never being smart enough to be effective and largely at risk of blowing the ops he was on. Perfect job for a screw-up who just follows orders: “Hang out up here with a rifle.” perhaps even with orders to fire a wild shot or two off into the sky or dirt in the parkway to scare the president into being more careful…

    12) Postscript:

    Ever since Kennedy, it looks like there has been a pattern of an “Approved Candidate” as first position on the ticket, or failing that, if the primary chose someone un-approved, place a Reliable Vetted V.P. candidate in case you need to ‘replace’; him… (Think George Bush). Bush, interestingly enough, chose a useless Dan Quail as his V.P. (perhaps to assure that nobody would want that as his replacement?). The Clintons were known to be involved with a major C.I.A. shipping operation out of Arkansas and likely have had “top cover” since then.

    So that’s my speculative story about what seems most likely to me. A president seen as wildly out of control, working “for the people” more than the national interest, almost starting W.W.III and ‘blowing it’ with the ‘arrangement’ with the Italian Mafia. Mutual decision to “look the other way” by the agencies while the Mob did their thing, but eventually needing a bit more cooperation to get it done. Supported, now, by the supposed shooter spilling the beans from prison near his E.O.L.

    To speculate just a bit more:

    Trump is also a big Populist Candidate. He also has been a bit of a stickler about squashing corruption and making sure things are done the right way. Again, perhaps, stepping on some “old arrangements”… First he displaced the “approved” Clinton via winning by too much for the Diddle Vote to cover it. Then he picks his own V.P. without accepting the “advice” given. He then proceeds to start tossing Deep State Operatives out of their important positions in the bulk of Government while stopping the money flow from China. They can’t just have a ‘convenient accident’ or a less convenient ‘3rd party removal’ as Pence is just a Little Trump In Training… So they try everything else. Impeach (with phony Russia Russia!! RUSSIA!! back story and ‘documents’), impede, investigate, etc. Eventually going so far as to expose their Vote Diddle Machinery (used in several Color Revolutions in other countries too…) via over-use AND then needing to do the old school physical ballot dump too…

    The necessary conclusion, should the above be actually true? That since about 1963 the TLAs, and the C.I.A. in particular, have been at least “shaping the presidency” if not outright controlling the government. It would explain some of the Old Fossils who keep their seats in Congress regardless… It would explain things like Epstein and the Lolita Express not being taken down (and Clinton being ‘on board’ in more ways than one…) despite being Very Well Known. This tapestry of speculation covers a lot of mysteries with plausible explanations…

    So then the question becomes:

    Who controls the TLAs / C.I.A. in particular?

    Without the cleansing effect of “sunshine”, and with close association with “bad guys and dirty tricks”, lacking any voter input and even much in the way of a political influence into the TLAs from elected officials (whom they are choosing after all…) a culture in isolation will tend to a lot of hubris, dictatorial whim, and slow drift into unexpected and sometimes extreme directions. So what IS their ‘culture at the top’ and who is calling their tune? Eh?

  85. David A says:

    A problem with back door side agreements with organised crime is that of opening a door to deals, fraud, corruption and the madness of power addiction.

    Hard to know about VP Pence. The great political centrifuge that is Donald Trump, has now put VP Pense in a position to reveal his position, Swamp or not.

  86. p.g.sharrow says:

    The revolution has all ready started I think;
    Interview of the former Overstock.com head about the Friday meeting with Trump team at Mara-largo “Whitehouse” that included Patrick, Sidney,and Flynn…pg

  87. cdquarles says:

    Our esteemed and gracious host’s speculation seems very likely true to me. Many of us lived through those years and some of us knew the the media wasn’t what is purports itself to be. (I want to say that ‘press’ people have been popular spy covers for decades.)

  88. Another Ian says:

    “A smart thermostat spy in voting machines sent data direct to China”


    Check the comparison of Dominion CEO vs Dominion manual

    “To find the secret algorithm to change votes — just read the manual”

  89. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    And people think I’m crazy for saying I want ZERO “smart appliances” in my home… or car for that matter.

    I will NEVER buy a car that has internet connection possible (and prefer cars without computers, but they are getting harder to find… but a stand alone Engine Management System is semi-acceptable.)

    Should I ever be in the position where the only appliances are “smart”, I’ll install my own “dummy” internet router and let it play with itself… (IF it must connect at first install to ‘configure’ or some such, it will route through a VPN to appear somewhere else… then be swapped to isolated once running). But I think I can manage to find non-IOT options… or just do without. I have zero need for I(diot) Of Things devices. My thermostat just needs a lever and one setting. My clothes wash just fine in a machine that knows how to let water in, pump it out, and slosh in between. My stove just needs to make heat. Etc.

    In short: “Smart Thermostat” is a dumb idea. Unless you are a spy.

  90. President Elect H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Last year, before leaving for Florida, I replaced our water heater. The one we had was about 15-years old and rated for 10 years. (Yes, regular flushing at least once a year gets you extended life.)

    Anyhow, I believe Murphy’s Law holds true often enough that the thing would blow while we were gone so I replaced it.

    They had a ‘dumb’ water heater with no leak detection and a short-ish warranty, and a ‘Smart’ water heater with leak detection/auto-shutoff of the inlet and double the warranty.

    I did not want a Smart water heater or ‘Smart’ anything. But, I really, really wanted that leak detection. It turns out, it’s a hard switch plus some other handshake set-up steps to turn on the Smart features and the leak detection system works even if left in ‘dumb’ mode.

    So I bought it and I’m happy. It’s definitely more energy efficient than the old water heater and the leak detection system works! Found out at installation when I spilled a little water into the bottom catch pan (leaks drain from there via a hose) and the thing shut off before I even got it started up. 10 minutes with a blow dryer – it wasn’t much water – and there was an over-ride sequence to tell it “Never mind. False alarm.”

    So don’t be afraid of some ‘Smart’ appliances if they have a cut-out to keep them ‘dumb’. In my case it was the only way to get the leak detection system.

  91. Another Ian says:

    ” BREAKING: Pennsylvania Certified Results for President Are Found in Error – The Error Is Twice the Size of the Difference Between Candidates”


  92. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    OK, finished the long article linked per Kennedy.

    IMHO a bit Israel Paranoid.

    I have no doubt that Johnson was an SOB who quite likely was “on board” with the action (the rate at which he was sworn it was, um, spectacular…). He was known to be a scheming sort only out for his own gain.

    That Israel was not fond of Kennedy, IMHO, just means they would not “out” the actual actors or spill any information they had. I.e. “happy observers” and “Passively Quiet and Inactive”.

    The “Jewish” connection via Ruby is not important, IMHO, as there was a long history of various Jews in the Italian Mafia. The odds of “coincidence” far outweighs the odds of Israel calling up a Texas Bandit…

    At most, I’d see it as “Israel agreed with the operation already in progress by others” and might even have helped a little with the “Clean Up On Aisle Oswald” after the fact; when Oswald instead of just ‘playing his role’ went for ‘spill the beans’.

    Per Robert:

    The same actors who wanted John gone, did not want John 2.0 in Robert. IMHO you need not go beyond their desire to maintain the coverup and NOT get a John 2.0 as motivation. There’s very good evidence that the actual assassin was the security officer who was known to have a gun of the right caliber (.22 IIRC?) in his holster that day and NOT his usual .38 duty gun. That ‘gun of the night’ then disappears…

    Think a ‘security guard’ would be open to an offer from a TLA of ‘future advancement’ when their distraction event gets launched? (Might be interesting to find his biography from that day forward. Interesting job move, nothing changed, or ‘odd accident’…

    So from my POV, any Israeli connection just looks like “willing to go along with the US TLA ‘guidance’…”

  93. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    OMG, those Pennsylvania results are a WOW!

    What a mess. Republican State Representative Russ Diamond uncovered and reported today that the results for President are way off in Pennsylvania. More ballots were cast than people voted by more than 200,000 votes.

  94. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I hope you are correct. At 47 minute mark now. I think the Overstock guy has it right.

    I further suspect that a very large number of folks are just quietly waiting for the process to run to completion, not wanting to upset anything Trump has planned. But also no longer willing to accept the crap election result.

    A lot will hinge on Jan 6th.

    Will the Legislature due their constitutional duty to the truth? Or… Will they self serving vote for Same-old-Same-old not my problem the States certified this crap, just re-elect me?

    Will 10 Million show up in D.C. on the 6th? Or 20,000 who are corralled off somewhere just like every other demonstration?

    Let’s just say I think the 7th – 10th will be very interesting…

  95. YMMV says:

    @V.P. Elect Smith, so believable. What about RFK?

    Kennedy CIA Mafia Cuba connection.

    Roselli’s attorneys claimed to congressional investigators that he had inside information about a possible conspiracy behind Kennedy’s assassination. A House panel sought Roselli’s testimony. Around that same time in 1976, Roselli went to dinner in Florida with Trafficante, his old Mafia co-conspirator. Two weeks later, before he could testify again, Roselli was found dead in a metal barrel, dumped in a waterway not far from the Fountainbleau Hotel.

    CIA formed in 1947 under Truman (although it existed in other forms during the war).
    The CIA covert actions that I know about so far started with Eisenhower.
    Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, and more …

  96. President Elect H.R. says:

    We will be trying to make D.C. on the 6th, but it’s… a bit complicated the year due to us going to Florida for January & February this year instead of being settled in in December.

    We can’t make a detour to D.C. on the way to Florida because they are sold out with a waiting list at our RV place. Also, the weather is against us to the East and it’s not looking safe to haul a trailer that direction (snow & freezing rain, mountains, and a 34′ trailer… not a feel-good combination).

    We checked on flights from Florida, but no luck there. We’ll probably check again for an opening when we get to Florida.

    We need to be in D.C. on the 6th. President Trump AND the Republic depend on having as many patriots there as possible. We just won’t know if the winds of fate are with us or blowing against us until we get there.

    We don’t know how it will all work out, but we are plotting and scheming to get there. Ah! Happy thought. We will have some time on the road to plot and scheme and opportunities in the evening to check out any plans we hit on, so there’s that.

  97. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, I’m packing to head to Florida too. Very short stay to deal with some banking and stuff. Hope to hit D.C. on the way out. Looks like 12 hours Orlando to D.C. so would need to leave no later than early on the 5th. 800+ miles. Then there is the weather wildcard.

    But frankly, if all I get done is contributing one car to the traffic jam from hell on the 6th, that’s good enough.

  98. billinoz says:

    I thought the law for the USA Supreme court was that judges are appointed for life, stay out of politics and if attacked can have all such individual brought before the bar and charged with contempt of court.

    These attacks by Lin Wood are political attacks on a supreme court judge….

    Ummm ?

  99. Steven Fraser says:

    @billinoz: USA Supreme Court Justices, and other Federal judges can be removed via impeachment by the House of Representatives, and conviction by the Senate. See case of Justice Samuel Chase, 1801, who was Impeached but not convicted. Justice Abe Fortas was threatened with Impeachment in 1969, and resigned before the impeachment process could be begun.

  100. M Simon says:

    Did someone say CIA?

    The Politics of Heroin, CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade by Alfred McCoy – Chicago Review Press

    BTW The Politics of Heroin can be found as a Free pdf.

  101. YMMV says:

    @V.P. Elect Smith, “The same actors who wanted John gone, did not want John 2.0 in Robert.”

    I will make an effort to refrain from quoting the whole thing.

    In 1960, John F. Kennedy prevailed in an exceptionally close vote. Many believe, then and now, that he stole the election. Of the corrupt political machines that delivered for him in Chicago and Texas, JFK would exclaim, “Thank God for a few honest crooks!”

    So what does a president-elect do when he comes from a corrupt clan, as JFK did? He keeps it in the family. And the family, led by Joe Kennedy Sr., opted for an efficient, if brazen, solution: JFK appointed his brother, Robert, to be attorney general, so the Kennedys would have nothing to worry about from the Department of Justice, or its investigative branch, the FBI.

    Officially, RFK was killed by the first “Lone Wolf”. However, RFK Jr. believes his father was killed in a conspiracy and he said that RFK believed that JFK was killed in a conspiracy.

    The Crown (Season 2, Episode 8, “Dear Mrs Kennedy”) said JFK wasn’t nice to Jackie and he was Jealous of her fame and he was a jerk. It’s hard to tell where fact meets fiction, but it is interesting to see mainstream entertainment which tarnishes the icon instead of polishing it.

  102. Another Ian says:

    Re V.P. Elect Smith says:
    29 December 2020 at 1:22 am

    “OMG, those Pennsylvania results are a WOW!”

    “Oh! Those 500,000 unique surnames? Proof of alien invasion. Nothing to see here. Move along” (/s)

  103. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Per “staying out of politics”:

    Um, no.

    They maintain the appearance of staying out of politics. See their refusal to hear the Texas case despite being the only court of recourse and having original jurisdiction. Being very political by doing nothing for effect…

  104. philjourdan says:

    @YMMV – Re; RFK – as much as the CIA hated JFK, Hoover hated RFK! Remember as AG,, he was Hoover’s boss. And unlike his brother, I doubt Hoover had anything on him. He knew he was going to get fired. And RFK was the favorite. So what to do? Use a minor asset to get rid of a candidate, not a president.

  105. philjourdan says:

    @EM – park in Springfield and take the metro. Your car will be safer and you will actually have a fast route out.

  106. philjourdan says:

    @BillinOz – Ummm what? Ever heard of free speech? Apparently not! You can call anyone a 4 letter word epithet.. BFD. That is free speech. Deal with it. And learn from it as you cower in fear of the speech police who decide that “straight” is a hate word.

  107. Compu Gator says:

    V.P. Elect Smith commented on 28 December 2020 at 7:13 pm GMT:
    7) We were minutes away from W.W.III and nuclear annihilation during the Russian Missile Crisis between the USA and Russia in Cuba.

    The Cuban (ahem!) Missile Crisis [@] was a macho misadventure by Nikita Khruschëv (First Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party: 1953–1964, Premier: 1958–1964) [☭] to give the U.S.A. a poke in the eye over the latter’s prior placement of nuke IRBMs in Turkey [⌖]. Khruschëv was infuriated by them being within range of one of his dachas (in Crimea, I assume), and he wanted to somehow get even. So he dispatched active duty soldiers of the Soviet Rocket-Forces to Cuba, where whenever they might be visible to the Cuban public, they were required to wear tropical-print shirts as disguises. Whether of not their commanders wore parrot hats signifying their ranks seems not to have been addressed.[☽]

    A bilateral conference of historians was held on one of the major anniversaries of the 1962 Cuban (ahem!) Missile Crisis: the 40th, thus 1992 (i.I.r.c.).

    Quite significantly, the Cuban conference was held only a few years after the Christmas 1989 dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the resulting opening of records to historians from former enemies of that country. It seems that U.S. TLAs were satisfied to assume that the Soviet response to the Crisis was conduscted under their famous heavy centralization of authority and obsessive secrecy [⛔]. So any launches of the Soviet IRBMs in Cuba, the U.S. TLAs must have assumed, would need explicit permission from the highest authorities in the Kremlin. I mean, really!  How could the Soviets behave otherwise?  But Soviet historians corrected that assumption, quite probably quickly horrifying their U.S. listeners: As the Soviet missiles were being installed, the Kremlin gave the commanders of the Soviet Rocket-Forces individual Cuban missile sites permission to launch on their own initiative if they became unable to communicate with the Kremlin.[🌴]

    The Soviet IRBMs in Cuba had the range to hit an approx. quarter-circle of U.S. targets, from D.C. to perhaps Dallas, Houston, or maybe only New Orleans [☢]. Which reminds me of the Cold-War joke that the Soviets would never dare bomb D.C., because “it would end all the confusion”.  But neither I nor my family, from tweens to adults, wasted any time arguing about the effective range of those IRBMs, because we all recognized that we were very likely to be wiped out: All our branches lived in Central Florida at the time. I remember quite clearly the frequent noise of fully loaded B-52s taking off from McCoy Air Force Base (MCO), now demilitarized, greatly expanded, and known as Orlando International Airport.

    Many high-ranking Soviet politicians (i.e., many members of the Presidium or Supreme Soviet) considered Khruschëv’s Cuban misadventure to be incredibly reckless. In October 1964, that, plus failures in centralized plans for agriculture, cost him his role as nearly absolute-dictator of the Soviet Union. Rather amazingly at the time, he lost that power by retirement-with-perks, instead of by his own death, and was historically the was the first such Soviet dictator to do so.

    Note @ : Naming the crisis after the place it was discovered by U-2 reconnaisance photos, i.e., in Cuba, not in the now-former Soviet Union, is consistent with the widely agreed insistence in the Chiefio blog to name the current pandemic virus after the place where it manifested itself, i.e., Wuhan, China, regardless of indignation to the contrary by forces of political correctness.

    Note ☭ : See, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikita_Khrushchev.

    Note ⌖ : IRBM: Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile. A ballistic missile designed to hit targets a few thousand miles away, but definitely short of intercontinental range (ICBM).

    Note ☽ : I recommend Matthew Brzezinski 2007: Red Moon Rising: Sputnik and the Hidden Rivalries that Ignited the Space Age. (The Macmillan Co.) Henry Holt and Co., ISBN 978-0-8050-8147-3, 304 pp.  Political reporting is his field, not rocketry, so this surprisingly skimpy source might be helpful:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_rocketry#Space_age_advances. Better yet, this rocket-specific source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R-7_Semyorka.

    Note ⛔ : E.g., training for enlisted men in the Red Army deliberately omitted training in reading maps. So if the officer of a unit was killed or a disabled casualty, even if any survivors possessed all the officer’s maps, the unit would be cluelessly lost, wandering more-or-less aimlessly in whatever their locale. I suppose this practice was to discourage mutinies, e.g., Central-Asian troops vs. Muscovite officers.

    Note ☢ : The range of targets for the Soviet IRBMs from Cuba was something like that (I suppose I could look it up somewhere, but I clearly recall reading that they had enough range to hit D.C.).

    Note 🌴 : I read it in a front-page story in the Miami Herald at the time. I assume that there are more academically respectable sources “out there”,  complete with footnotes &c.

  108. ossqss says:

    Here is a informational spot. I knew about 2, but not 3, but now I do. I been slacking, dangit >


  109. ossqss says:

    I would offer this in personal context. My 4G LTE data speeds have dropped as the 5G has been integrated into the system tower link. Towers, in general, prioritize connections for phone and Data.

  110. ossqss says:

    Remember when you had to get a digital converter for your analog TV antenna connection?

    Low band 5G, was part of that plan it seems.

  111. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Oh, one other minor point on the “Israel did it” JFK theory:

    It claims that John John was executed (somehow) after getting active in politics.

    The reality was that he’d damaged his foot (broke it I think, cast and all) and was NOT rated for solo flight over water at night. (An extremely hazardous flight profile).

    So he loads up his girlfriend into a light airplane, with damage foot (necessary to fly right and operate rudder, especially in turns) and attempts a night flight, over water, to an island way off shore. Damn Hard even in daylight. Sky and water blend into each other. Every way you look is just dark (or worse, dark water reflecting stars or clouds looks like sky). If you do not 100% trust your instruments AND have competency of many hours of IFR flight AND have exceptional navigation skill to hit the island nearly dead on so you can find the airport, you DIE.

    He had the stupidity of extraordinary hubris and arrogance in his flight ability, and discovered he wasn’t that good, being basically still a student of IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) with way too little experience. Odds he could make that flight? I’d place it at about 5% IF he was lucky.

    Calling that act of self destructive stupidity an assassination is a stretch too far and taints the whole article.

  112. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I know quite well what it is typically called; but for my purposes here, it was a crisis with Russia and the USSR. The missiles in Cuba were not yet installed, nor ready to launch. The nuclear exchange we were “minutes away from” was via ICBMs and Sub Launched missiles from Russia. Not Cuba.

    So yes, it was a “Cuban missile crisis” over the inoperable missiles in or on their way to Cuba. But it was a Russian Missile Crisis that was minutes away from launch when the Russians blinked. (And Kennedy caved on the Turkish missiles).

  113. billinoz says:

    @E M,Re The USA Supreme Court, I’d forgotten I made that comment here…Lots of other stuff on my mind..
    I note you comment “They maintain the appearance of staying out of politics. See their refusal to hear the Texas case despite being the only court of recourse and having original jurisdiction. Being very political by doing nothing for effect…”

    I learned quite a bit about USA Constitutional history & theory here on this blog. One thing that I learned is that every state is a sovereign republic within the Union.. And each can organise how it selects it’s state members of the electoral college how it chooses.I think it was you who wrote that or words to that effect…
    Ummmm ?
    OK.. My private from the side, ‘outsiders’ opinion is that this is a bit weird. But then the USA is different in quite a few ways to the way other countries arrange their laws & constitutions.

    But as this is the constitutional set up in the USA, it follows as night follows day, that Texas and the other 18-19 states had NO STANDING to file a complaint with the Supreme court about Pennsylvania’s way of selecting it’s electoral college .members.

    The alternative would have been that the Supreme court upheld the state of Texas’ complaint. But that necessarily mens that all the USA state republics electoral laws and processes be subject to Supreme Court ruling. That would be a real big open Pandora’s Box. And that would I suggest quickly lead to Congressional legislation to create USA national standards & laws for ( Federal ) elections.

  114. A C Osborn says:

    billinoz says: 30 December 2020 at 5:50 am
    “But as this is the constitutional set up in the USA, it follows as night follows day, that Texas and the other 18-19 states had NO STANDING to file a complaint with the Supreme court about Pennsylvania’s way of selecting it’s electoral college .members. ”

    The whole point was that Pennsylvania did not hold the election by their own laws or the federal laws.
    Cheating is fraud by any laws, their laws did not say that they could cheat.

  115. Another Ian says:

    More on Pa



    Some strange names in there

    “So, election night, half a million Smiths, Joneses, Jacksons and Millers became Rocus1 (to Rocus1000), ScoobyDoo1 (to ScoobyDoo1000) and so on until the election steal reached its needed number of ‘unique’ voter names as replacement votes to put Sleepy Joe Biden over the top with fake votes and voters, while removing real votes from President Trump’s column.”

  116. billinoz says:

    @ A C Osborn, as no court in Pennsylvania has accepted these claims ‘that Pennsylvania did not hold the election by their own laws’, it is still just an assertion in law. Are you suggesting that the whole Pennsylvania judiciary ( mostly conservative thinking folks ) are in league with a gang doing election fraud ?

  117. p.g.sharrow says:

    @billinoz: I don’t know about the Judiciary in the land of OZ but here in the States our Judges are very political animals. They only get their judgeship’s if well connected into the political “Good Old Boys Club” of their districts. Local Judges always Find For their local bureaucrats and politicians and against the citizens that action against them….pg

  118. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – New Year’s Eve 31 December 2020 | Musings from the Chiefio

  119. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    The Supreme Court is the court of “original jurisdiction” in disputes between the States. NO other court can hear their complaints about each other.

    It is absolutely clear that several States violated both their own laws AND Federal law, in how the election rules were changed. Federal law, as one example, says there will be ONE election day and counting ends midnight (of the day after I think…). This was adjudicated in cases somewhere around 1800 to early 1900s and is Settled Law. The States in question did many day voting followed by endless days of counting INCLUDING a “pause overnight for more Biden votes to be created found". There's a long laundry list of other laws also clearly violated (for example, the Constitution says the State Legislature does the deciding and sets the rules, yet petty non-Congress folks just willy nilly changed them to mail-in, drop boxes, etc. Similarly, law states voting machines MUST be locked down, no changes, 90 days before and after the election and if a change must be made, the certification process must be done over. Both those laws were violated).

    Now, I'd have no issue had the Supreme Court said: "We'll look at your complaint, then toss it as it has no merit". Instead what they said is, effectively: "WE refuse to even look at it, and as court of Original Jurisdiction, you have nobody else who can look at it either, so go pound sand." It is that POLITICAL boxing in with no recourse and not even looking at the complaint that is the political act.

    Basically the court said "Sure they broke the law and you have a grievance, but don't pull us into it, we're cowards and don't want to make folks angry with us. Either way, 1/2 the country will hate us, so just go away. Now please." In short, they simply refused to do their most important job. Adjudicate between the States.

    Why Texas can complain about Pennsylvania violating voting laws:

    We ALL end up with the same POTUS. We ALL agree to play by the same rules. Then one party violates that contract and wants to cheat to force Texas to take the POTUS they want, not the one the rules would pick. Where do you take that dispute if not to the court of Original Jurisdiction?

    IF you had a contract with the car dealer to buy a Red Car, 2021, for a fixed price; then when you went to pick it up, the dealer said: We've changed the rules, this blue car is now what is called "red" in the contract, and all prices are actually 10% more for inflation, oh, and 2020 cars are also 2021 cars. Then, would you be happy with that? Would you say "Oh, it's their rules so I just have to accept them.”? Or would you want the dispute to go off to court for decision? It really is that simple.

    Texas has a legitimate beef, SCOTUS is the court of Original Jurisdiction, and SCOTUS did a cowardly ‘run and hide’ from controversy effectively tossing the “problem” into the political arena instead of the legal one. It could easily lead to a Civil War between factions. Courts are there to settle differences without violence. When rule of law and diplomacy end, you get “diplomacy by other means”. SCOTUS chose to say “No rule of law for you, good luck with that”.

  120. YMMV says:

    That strike fragment makes it hard to read.

    @V.P. Elect Smith, “and was NOT rated for solo flight over water at night”
    That’s enough right there. The broken foot isn’t so serious, at least until he loses control.

    @A C Osborn, “Cheating is fraud by any laws, their laws did not say that they could cheat.”
    It seems there are no laws against cheating? In elections I mean. De facto? De jure?

  121. Steven Fraser says:

    @YMMV: Yes, there are laws against cheating. A few, well-placed people who don’t do their jobs can affect the enforcement of the law.

  122. billinoz says:

    @p.g.sharrow, Here is Oz state judges are appointed by the state governors on the advice of the state ( or territory ) premiers. These judges serve until they retire or reach a statutory age limit ~ 70 years varying from state to state. The judges of the Federal court & the High Court of Australia are appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Australian Cabinet. These judges serve until they retire or reach a statutory age, 70 years. NB : No judges or magistrates are ‘elected’ here.

    Judges here as a matter of judicial ethical conduct are not members of political parties. And lawyers wishing to eventually become judges usually are not members of political parties. Governments are booted out of office regularly here and so most lawyers don’t wish to be identified with any political party. It screws up their career ‘prospects’. ( Fruit of some long discussions with my younger brother lawyer over decades. )

    So judges do not always Find For their local bureaucrats and politicians and against the citizens that action against them.

    There are lawyers who join political parties. But this is usually because they see their future as an elected politician.

    @ EM
    1 : I am puzzled by all the lines with a line through them. Are they what you mean to say or what you don’t want to say ?
    2: You have a view that some states violated their own election laws. However from memory 51 court cases in 5-6 states were lodged about this issue. And only one judge in Pennsylvania at a lower level, upheld the case. And that judge’s ruling was appealed and dismissed by the Pennsylvania Supreme court.

    Ummmm ?

    Now these are not the laws or the legal processes or the judges of my country. I’m an observer from far away watching and reading & listening. They are the laws & legal processes & judges of your country. But they are the umpires in this election. And the umpire’s decisions are the ones that folks in your country will go by.

  123. Ossqss says:

    I think I found the perfect mashup song for the end of 2020, so here ya go :-)

  124. M Simon says:

    Re: Baseless Rumors

    China’s Mitch is giving Trump the things he wanted, even if the delivery is not optimum. You don’t give lame ducks anything.

    First we had Baseless Rumors
    Then Rudy G saying something similar
    And now Mitch caving (and Georgia’s Gov caving two weeks ago)

    My original estimate of release was 30 Dec at the latest. Now? Before 6 Jan. But I’ve been wrong before. LOL.

  125. M Simon says:

    Trump’s team is aiming to “present evidence during a potential congressional debate on Jan. 6 if lawmakers in the House & Senate object to states’ Electoral College votes.”

    This evidence is being described as ‘specific.’ Fasten your seatbelts, America!

  126. philjourdan says:

    @Billinoz – you read a sentence and assume you know the paragraph. Each State does have the right to determine how it selects its electors. But the Constitution is clear that it is the State LEGISLATURES that have that right. Not the Governor, not the courts!/

    Texas v. Pennsylvania was not objecting to HOW Pennsylvania law chose the electors, but the fact that the LAW of Pennsylvania , and hence the Constitutional issue was violated since it was NOT the legislature that decided how they were decided!

    Stop presenting a half assed debate when you die on the full debate. Texas has standing since it is a Sovereign State and suing another for VIOLATING the Constitution!

  127. philjourdan says:

    @Billinoz – Again stop when you are in over your head.

    No State Court can rule on the Constitutionality of a law. Period! They do not have the jurisdiction. So your comment is nonsensical.

  128. philjourdan says:

    @billinoz – again, if you do not understand the issue, why comment?

    The cases before the state courts were not about the Constitution The only one that was, Texas V. PA/ So your comment about the 50 cases is irrelevant. And pedantic

    None of the 50 cases went to trial. All were dismissed on other issues. So they are not germane to the discussion. So why introduce them?

    My suggestion to you is to ASK questions instead of pontificating out of ignorance.

  129. philjourdan says:

    @Ossqss – Perfect!

  130. M Simon says:

    Ossqss says:
    31 December 2020 at 1:51 am

    That song was about the Pandora’s Box Riots in Hollywood. I was there on shore leave a few days after the riots. A cute waitress explained it all to me and a buddy in dress blues. I don’t think we quite fit in. LOL.

  131. Compu Gator says:

    The readers of Chiefio who are familiar with HTML mark-up [×] will quickly realize that his paragraphs that were entirely struck-out were the result of a simple ooops(!)  omission [*]:

    “pause overnight for more Biden votes to be created</strike found".  

    Which, by not supplying the required final ‘>’,  caused the strike-out to snowball thro’ the remaining 6½ paragraphs of his comment.

    What our host obviously intended to show was a simple 1-word strike-out:

    “pause overnight for more Biden votes to be created found”.

    I’m quite surprised that he never noticed it and fixed it himself.

    Note * : V.P. Elect Smith, 30 December 2020 at 2:45 pm GMT:  https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/12/24/w-o-o-d-merry-christmas-24-december-2020/#comment-137017.

    Note × : Apparently not including ‘billinoz’,  31 December 2020 at 1:46 am GMT:  https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/12/24/w-o-o-d-merry-christmas-24-december-2020/#comment-137043.&#160; Of course, familiarity with HTML is not a requirement for participation in the Chiefio blog.

  132. E.M.Smith says:

    How very strange. I remember reading and proofing that comment at the time and it was fine. I wonder if WordPress Gremlins have discovered a new trick?… Retro-Corrupting html annotations…

  133. philjourdan says:

    The New Woke Government of the USADDR has spoken.

  134. E.M.Smith says:

    @Bill In Oz:

    @ EM
    1 : I am puzzled by all the lines with a line through them. Are they what you mean to say or what you don’t want to say ?

    Sorry about that. I’d made the comment, it had the wrong ‘strike to the end’ and I’d edited it, and then reviewed the edit and saw that it was correct and the ‘strike to the end’ was gone. Then it seems to have returned. No idea why. Perhaps WordPress reverted to the prior pre-edit version?

    Anyway, it’s fixed now. So try reading it again.

    2: You have a view that some states violated their own election laws. However from memory 51 court cases in 5-6 states were lodged about this issue. And only one judge in Pennsylvania at a lower level, upheld the case. And that judge’s ruling was appealed and dismissed by the Pennsylvania Supreme court.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Get it into your head that “Refusing To HEAR” a case is NOT finding ANYTHING about the case. It is, largely, a political dodge used to avoid a case that will be unpleasant to the Judge. There are a few times this has merit (like trying to arrest someone for theft because they maybe talked about it but didn’t do it so there is no theft so you are not ‘ripe’ for suing them for the theft); but in political cases it is nearly 100% just to dodge hearing the merits.

    You REGULARLY make that grievous error and it really looks like you have no clue about how law and courts operate. Dismissed on standing is NOT saying there was no merit in the case. It IS saying “I don’t want that pile of problems in MY courtroom and on on MY resume.”

    To use your metaphor: The “Umpire” saw that the ball went over the middle of the plate and the batter missed it by a mile, BUT refused to call the strike so the fans would not boo him!”. Instead, he made NO CALL AT ALL. The crowd and the home team owner shouted it was a BALL!!!! and that was allowed to stand.

    Sidebar On “Supreme” and “Constitution” and who rules on what:

    Each State has a constitution and a supreme court. The STATE Supreme Court can rule on what is constitutional in the STATE Constitution. The Federation OF THE States has a supreme court (Called SCOTUS Supreme Court OF The UNITED STATES) and it can rule on what is constitutional under the United States Constitution.

    This is likely to be very confusing to anyone outside of the USA where there’s only ONE “Supreme” court that really is supreme. But we are not like that. We are 50 Sovereign States each with their own laws, rules, courts and Supreme Court. Bound together into a Federation with Federation Rules that are decided by the US Constitution and the US Supreme Court that can ONLY rule on things related to that Federation, not on what can or can not happen in a State under State laws.

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