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Why I’m Going to Buy Gamestop or AMC theaters If I Can

What happens when the Plebs discover they can roast the pig over the fire / pire… Continue reading

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All I Ask Is That Washington D.C. Show Us The Way By Example

A Modest Suggestion for Leadership in Washington D.C. Continue reading

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Friends Of Australia Friday Loin Chops, Frisk, Mashed, & Mr. Riggs

It’s Friday in Australia and We’re having lamb loin chops roasted, mashed potatoes and lamb gravy, along with a vegetable to be named later and 2 wines tonight. A “desert” wine, already done, and a nice Cabernet / Merlot blend from Mr. Riggs with dinner. Continue reading

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Another Confirmed Honest News Source: NTD

Looks like NTD is now fully confirmed as telling the truth! Good to know. They have been one of my “sometimes” news sources, but now just got promoted to a “regular”. Why? Well, simple. Google demonetized them. That’s now the … Continue reading

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