Friends Of Australia Friday Onions, Burger & Lil’Penguin Pinot Grigio

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

BUT, this time I’m running to far behind I’m posting this on California Friday… Something about all the stuff that stacks up to be done when you are AFK for 2 weeks and away from home too…

The main course was sauteed onions with a 1/2 pound ground (minced) lamb as a burger steak, with a slice of Havarti cheese melted on top.

Side was just Bag-o-Salad (American made of iceberg lettuce, with bits of shredded red cabbage, carrots, and slices of radish), and dressing was home made “Italian”. A fairly traditional 1/4 vinegar 3/4 olive oil, plus salt, pepper, and Italian spices mix. Add a squirt of mustard to help it mix, and shake vigorously, then let it sit 1/2 hour, shake again.

Wine? The only Little Penguin left at the discount store. Their Pinot Grigio. It is nice. Lots of grape flavor. But frankly, I like the reds a lot more. Pinot Grigio is a good wine ‘from the glass’ with cheese and such, but really, sauteed onions on lamb wants a red. OTOH, I’m still refilling the glass, so…

In Other News:

It looks like the U.S.A. is headed for a Biden POTUS. IF that really does happen, and it looks likely, Australia has just lost a major backer. We know Beijing Biden is 100% in pocket for China. How? Because you don’t take $1.5 Billion and renege on the deal.

With the USA no longer in opposition, what do you think China will do? Expand influence into the Pacific. And that means Australia is in their sights. Good luck with that. And good luck with your “In Pocket” guy in Victoria, too… Debt Trap Deplomacy, here you come…

I do hope you can stitch up a deal with the UK pronto. Maybe, just maybe, with that in hand you can have some backing from a larger global presence. The Commonwealth. Toss India in the mix and you’ve got something to depend on.

So, OK, a “Watch This Space” for a few months. But don’t dawdle. I can only drink wine so fast ;-)

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16 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Onions, Burger & Lil’Penguin Pinot Grigio

  1. Sandy McClintock says:

    Here’s a little Australian snippet the main stream will ignore…
    I’m not a twaddle user, but there is a fake photo from the CCP. the image ‘shows’ an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child. This image was created by Fu Yu, a political computer graphic artist known online as Qilin.(Twitter: Lijian Zhao).
    Twitter refuses to ban this sort of pornography, yet they ban President Trump asking folks to settle-down – What hypocrisy!

  2. YMMV says:

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted the image on Twitter.
    The image was created by “an artist in Beijing, known only on social media as Wuheqilin”.

    War by any (and all) other means. Does this remind you of the WW2 era propaganda against Jews?

  3. Jack V K says:

    Yo Chief
    A video from the Lamb King of Australia
    Big Sam K hisself

  4. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Pinot Grigio is a good wine ‘from the glass’ with cheese and such, but really, sauteed onions on lamb wants a red. OTOH, I’m still refilling the glass, so…”

    E.M. doing yeoman’s work as he singlehandedly tries to keep Australia’s wine export industry alive and vibrant.

    Good job! 👍👍😜
    I sense an Australian Civilian Medal of High Honor for E.M. in the near future if he keeps swilling Australian wines on his current pace. If E.M. switches to French wines, I suspect Macron will be over here toot suite with a Croix De Guerre for E.M. 😁 🤣🤣 😎
    I had a samwich. It rained, so I couldn’t cook. The Mrs. had a box from dinner out the night before. I had a couple of bites she couldn’t finish and opted for a sandwich.

    I’m craving Nathan’s Coney Island dogs with chili, cheese, and onions, but I need a break in the weather. Best doggies evah! And I have a pack for the grill. I can see why Kobayoshi could eat 76 of those puppies and Joey Chestnut has downed even more.

  5. billinoz says:

    @EM Well China is a modern day ‘Fascist’ style communist ideology free, dictatorship..They like telling everyone what to do. And get upset when Australians say ‘Fark Off” to them. But being Australian we will just up the volume… Some of the Labor party pro china devotees are having a hard time seeing their China love-ins all falling apart. But who cares.

    The movement to not buy anything made in CCP China is strong here and gaining strength. Lots of good stuff made in Taiwan, South Korea, Taiwan & Philippines to buy so that’s what I’m doing and saying so publicly. But I don’t add to that and insult or dis local folks here of Chinese background. After all most of them are here to escape the CCP somehow.

    China does not like our coal and there are 70 ships fully loaded with Aussie coal sitting waiting at Chinese ports. Banned by the CCP to unload…

    Meanwhile China is freezing from a deep cold winter & ‘sweet fark all’ power to get warm because of the CCP ban on Aussie coal..

    Remember the old saying ” Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make crazy” Well this time the Gods have decided to freeze their balls off as well as make them crazy. :-)

    And now gossip says that China is buying lots of ( Aussie ) coal at a higher prices than normal that has come via South Africa, or India or some other place..How do we know ? Because the coal exporting ports here in Oz are still very very busy.. But it’s not going to China directly it’s going to other places and then being diverted after a stay somewhere else..
    So the coal ban is expensive as well as crazy.

    Let ’em Freeze I say.

    PS : Enjoy the red and the lamb. But you should try some good Aussie cheese as well some day

  6. billinoz says:

    And just by chance this article appeared today looking at the News online..

    Even the language used by the CCP shows that insanity has taken hold there.

  7. M Simon says:

    YMMV says:
    16 January 2021 at 1:24 am

    Jew hatred in America peaked in 1944. It has been on the rise lately.

  8. beththeserf says:

    I’m having lamb cutlets, sliced potato, carrot and onion casserole, (not Friday but Saturday down under) accompanied by a glass of Grant Burge Pinot Grigio from South Australia. because that’s what I happen to have in the fridge. … I will NOT be watching the fake news while I enjoy my dinner, no way!

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah, Beth, sound like we’ve similar tastes. Nice, that.


    Can’t cook on account of rain? WT? If our ancestors had that attitude we’d never have cooked!

    I fairly regularly will make a cup of coffee or tea on a small single burner camp stove on top of my desk or dresser. On occasion I’ve made noodles or fried eggs too. When repairing the kitchen stove, I cooked dinner on 2 camp stoves. One on the table, the other the counter. At a rest stop in Florida, I heated a can of stew on an alcohol camp stove under an open sided cover on a pick-nick table in a drizzle. You can always find a way to cook…

    In a hotel, I’ve done whole meals in a microwave oven OR a rice cooker. (Saffron rice + chicken cut into chunks + peas in rice cooker, turn on and wait. Or rice in the bottom, then in a steamer tray fish & vegetables over the rice.) I have a “hot pot” thing for travel that heats a can of ravioli nicely, about the size of a 16 oz thermos, just plug it in to cook a small one pot meal. I’ve made everything from soups to stew to ravioli to coffee in it.

    For frying, I’ve got a small electric skillet that works a champ in hotels. (No open fire, but can still cook!) At home I use it for chicken & fries mostly.

    So just why can you not cook just because of a little rain?

  10. H.R. says:

    I will not fry anything inside of a trailer. There is a range hood fan, but the grease will coat the walls and everything else. Many RVers are the same. Most in this park set up too cook outdoors and microwave the rest.

    The smoke/CO alarm goes off if the range is on too long. I made a quesadilla (no grease, just toasting the tortilla) the other day and set off the alarm 3 times getting it to a crispy finish. The alarm makes the dogs nuts and they bark their heads off.

    That said, the oven works OK without setting off alarms, but I didn’t have oven food at hand. The microwave is fine, too, but I didn’t want any of the canned stuff that I do have on hand. I have a whole box full of canned goods marked “Emergency Road Rations.”

    What I did have on hand and planned for dinner would be cooked on the grill outside. I like grilled anything. I’ve been anxious to get to my Nathan’s Conies and microwaved hotdogs are unacceptable; gotta be grilled.

    So I couldn’t cook, given what I had on hand. There is no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days. I’ll be cooking lot’s of stuff, including bone-in ribeye steaks over charcoal. Oh, you can’t cook those over charcoal in the trailer, either 😜

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Well you can cook them over charcoal in the trailer, but only once… and very fast!


  12. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Cooking in the great indoors
    Or, if you prefer: genghis khan
    With other than electric grills, open windows are advised.

  13. Tonyb says:

    Australia and china seem to be on a bit of a showdown

    The commonwealth seems an obvious organisation to develop as a trade organisation, comprising some 56 countries with heavyweights such as the UK, India, Canada and Australia and various up and coming countries who would befit greatly from trading with more developed nations.

    I think it’s total GDP would make it bigger than the EU


  14. philjourdan says:

    billinoz says:
    16 January 2021 at 3:05 am
    @EM Well China is a modern day ‘Fascist’ style communist ideology free, dictatorship..

    Just your cup of tea. You will rise high in the ranks of your new masters.

  15. Annie says:

    Be careful to have good ventilation if cooking inside with a gas stove. People have died using portable gas stoves in tents or caravans (trailers) to cook or keep warm; the dreaded CO, Carbon Monoxide. That’s probably an unecessary warning on my part, but just in case someone unaware is reading this.

  16. clive hoskin says:

    It’s time that china was taken out the back of the wood shed and given a good whoopin.But we had better make sure that OUR STUPID GOVERNMENT gives back our guns first.

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