All I Ask Is That Washington D.C. Show Us The Way By Example

In this push to The Green New Deal and The Great Reset, Democrats & Progressives are fully on board near as I can tell. So here’s my request:

Have Washtington D.C. lead the way and show us by their example how this is all so great.

1) Source NO electricity from other than Wind and Solar sources. This includes backup generator sources. No “diesel backup” and no using a gas turbine when the wind is missing at night. This will be easier than you think; read on…

2) BAN all fuel driven cars, trucks and buses in Washington D.C. Electric only. (this includes military & police vehicles, BTW.) Yes, including Air Force One & Two and Marine One & Two. And especially “The Beast”. No limos or Uber either unless you can get one that’s devoid of plastic (more below) and charged only from wind and solar while using metals and batteries made without fossil fuels. There are none today, but you can lead the way to the formation of this New Green Industry! Until then, horse & buggy ought to work well enough. MY relatives in the Amish community still get around that way. I’m sure you can hire some from Pennsylvania.

3) BAN all flights. Airplanes are just horrible fuel guzzlers anyway. Take an electricity powered train instead. One that uses solar electricity during the daytime. Travel at night? Only on very windy nights… This is to include any travel back to your “home district” during breaks. Hawaii? Use a sail-boat. A WOODEN sail-boat as fiberglass is made with a petroleum based resin. Oh, and no Dacron sails. Canvas only. You will need to replace the ropes with natural fiber ones too. Make SURE there is NO backup motor on board. No Diesel below or ‘outboard’ on the stern. Talk to the Polynesians about sailing the Pacific in traditional boats, they know how.

4) BAN all use of asphalt (made from oil) and cement (uses fuels to make it). Gravel is OK for roads anyway. This ban also includes asphalt shingles on roofs as well as any cement or fired clay tiles. Any metal used must be made ONLY using wood as a fuel in the refining of it. (No importing from other countries either as that’s going to use fuel in big ships to get it here…). Oh, and don’t forget that “cinder blocks” are a mix of cement and sometimes actual cinders from coal plants, so none of those either. Yeah, buildings can’t be made as big without steel and cement, but steel uses “coking coal”. So I suppose wood is OK. Just make sure it is hand cut (no chain saws) and brought in by horse wagon.

5) Glass is problematic. It, too, is fuel intensive in the making. BUT you can’t just run around removing all the windows, now can you? Over time, maybe. So we’ll need to start up a wood / biofuels based glass industry. Until then, if a window is broken or needs replacing, go with the traditional oiled fabric. I’d say “oiled skin” but there’s that animal cruelty problem again. Once you can source Biofuel made glass, you can start doing glass windows again. Similar issues with glass and ceramic dishes and metal ‘silver’ware. ALL use a LOT of fuel in the making. Until you can replace them with natural fuel based products, cancel all State Dinners and close the cafeterias and restaurants. They probably use gas or electric stoves anyway and we can’t have that.

6) ALL meals to be Organic Plant Based only. Brought in by horse cart, please. (Unless horses pulling carts is “cruel”… I’m not up on all the current PETA rules… but if not horses, get some of the Federal Employees to pull the carts, you have plenty of extras.) I’m sure you know a lot of Vegans who can help with this. There’s lots of “Meat Alternatives” available. I even had “Vegan Shrimp” at one celebration dinner. Make sure your coffee and tea is “sustainably sources” from farms using no fuel driven machinery or artificial fertilizers / pesticides. Delivered by sail boat too. It’s not too bad, eating vegan, after you get used to it. You may fart a lot more at the start, but you get used to it. Beans and all. I doubt anyone around you will notice as they are used to a lot of stinky hot air emissions already. Also, remember, none of the pre-packaged stuff that’s in plastic wrappings or that waterproof cardboard made with a petroleum based source material. No delivering in plastic bags either. Send your cooks, with paper bags and cardboard boxes, to a “Vegan Farmers Market”. What? None anywhere near? Well here’s your chance to start ANOTHER new industry locally!

7) In keeping with the “You will own nothing, and be happy”, sell your homes, businesses, and investments and move into dorms in D.C. The money from selling your homes et. al. to go into a common pot, and used to do maintenance (and conversions efforts) to Make D.C. Green! All D.C. Staff are to do the same. A nice Agenda 2030 compliant dorm of about 10 stories tall with all rooms randomly assigned (so nobody gets special treatment about the stairs they have to climb or views. Yes, stairs. Like in before electricity, plastic, and fossil fuel refined metals made elevators practical. Stairs. It’s good for your health, too!)

OK, at this point we’re most of the way there. Just One More Thing…

8) BAN all plastic use. Start with straws and cups, then move on up to plastic plates and forks / spoons. After that, move on to light fixtures (but do remember GLASS is energy intensive and made with fossil fuels so none of it, either. Paper or cloth shades ought to be OK as long as they, too, are not made with fossil fuels nor brought in using trucks instead of horse wagons).

Also take a look at the brooms the janitors use. Many and perhaps most use plastic bristles. Source the ones made with “broom corn” bristles. But don’t stop there. They will have a host of things made from petroleum. ALL must go. From detergent soaps to floor polishes. You can get plant based soap, but watch out for any using animal fats. Can’t use animals you know. So cotton rags, good old lye soap from corn oil or soybeans (raised only without tractors, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc.) and plant based polishes. I’m sure it will all be fine. May need to hire some Janitor Interns to replace the electric floor polisher / buffer though.

Those plastic folders around your reports? Dump them. Plastic wheels on those push carts? Not allowed – just hire a few dozen people to carry the reports around by hand. Note, too, most printers use a lot of plastic parts, so reports to be hand written. BUT not with a pen with plastic in it. Use nice cedar wood #2 pencils. IF you use a pen, it needs to be a fountain pen made of all natural ingredients. Ink too. A nice quill pen and old iron based ink worked well for the Founders, so no worries, eh?

Folks wearing Polyester and similar plastic based cloth need to swap back to cotton (and maybe rayon which is made from cellulose). Oh, and no Wool Suits either, evil animal abuse you know… I’m sure you can find something to wear… Cotton Socks are not that bad. Oh, and check your rain gear. Pretty much all of it is some kind of plastic or coated with a film of petroleum origin. You can find waxed fabric coats and even oiled leather… oh, wait, no leather. It is the product of animal cruelty… OK waxed linen or oiled canvas it is then. Shoes are going to be the hard bit. No leather and no plastic pretty much just leaves canvas sneakers made with natural rubber. Probably a custom build. Do pay attention to buttons and aglets as they are almost universally plastic these days. When in doubt, use some cotton string instead of store bought laces.

Do note that most of the interior of cars and buses is plastic, so make sure your electric replacements don’t use any. (I.e. no Tesla allowed…) Also note that most of your electronics use plastic cases and lenses. So all those iPhones, Samsung phones, Blackberry, etc. along with the computer monitors and cases and even PC Boards inside. All Must Go. Then the wiring for telecommunications is all plastic sheathed, so it must be removed too. Do note that electric wires since about 1960 have been plastic coated as well, plus copper refining uses fossil fuels. Best to just not use electricity in any building that’s been renovated since then. BUT, no kerosene lamps either as it is made from oil. Whale oil is out… I suppose it’s going to be Plant Oil Lamps. A bit smokey and they smell some, but you know, for the good of the planet and all. You can also get beeswax candles. Here’s an example oil lamp from India:

Now, not to be indelicate, but, well, a LOT of you are old codgers with poor eyesight and wear glasses. Most of your “glasses” are made with plastic lenses. Same for contact lenses on your younger staff. Those “gotta go”. Take your time, but inside a few months, make sure everyone has nice GLASS lenses (not made using fossil fuels, please. No gas, oil, or even electric fired furnaces used in the making. Maybe somewhere in China or India still makes glass over wood fires…). Also rims / frames from metals refined over wood and from ore extracted without heavy oil driven machinery. Baskets & Boys OK? Or get some wood carved up to a frame. (No “horn rim” as it is either plastic or made from actual horn of an animal…)

Then there’s carpet. I’m sure a lot of buildings in D.C. have carpet. It is almost certainly wool or a plastic fiber. That’s gotta go. Embrace “hard wood” flooring. The planet will thank you. Check your drapes, too. If they are not linen,… well, you know what to do. Then that nice Leather Back Seat? Tisk tisk! Get a nice traditional hard wood carved office chair. IF you need a cushion, make sure it isn’t filled with a plastic foam. Cotton is OK if “sustainably” sourced. (Don’t know where you will find the Cotton Pickers these days, but I’m sure you remember The Old Ways… especially you Southern Democrats).

Oh, and don’t forget that modern paint is a petrochemical stew. You will need to find a source of good-old Linseed Oil Paint. Real varnish, not the plastic stuff. The maintenance guys can find it, I’m sure. They will have a lot of shopping to do anyway, to replace all those power tools that use plastic and unsustainably refined iron and copper in them. Buying traditional “Hand Braces” instead of power drills and hand saws instead of electric rotary saws. They will need to find wood handle brushes with plant bristles too. No, they can’t use the Pig Bristles that were the best for centuries before plastic. Not sure where to get those, but keep looking.

It WILL be hard to root out ALL the plastic and petrochemicals used, but keep at it. Show us how!

In Conclusion

Um, one minor point I’ve skipped… but ought to mention here, in the ‘end’…

Your bathrooms. All that water. It gets pumped using fossil fuels and the plumbing and pumping and filtering equipment uses a lot of fossil fuel to make parts of metal or plastic. So you will need to have a ‘water cart’ deliver water to a nice wood basin in each bathroom. Then you may need to dig a few “outhouses” for all the plebs. Hauling water for all them to flush too will just be way too much to ask.

So get to it. Show us the way. Lead by example. We really really want to see how it is done. Make sure you have some artists around to paint pictures of it all to be circulated around the country… And “runners” to transport them.

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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84 Responses to All I Ask Is That Washington D.C. Show Us The Way By Example

  1. philjourdan says:

    Democrats do not lead by example. If that was the case, Maxy waters would be in Jail for Inciting violence.

  2. David A says:

    LOL, not certain I caught it all, yet mining for all those batteries, and materials for solar and wind, should be interesting. What is it, 500,000 pounds of earth moved to get one Tesla battery. It might take a bit to make all the mining electric, so all the cows no longer eaten, can go to work.

  3. John Robertson says:

    Force will be required.
    However while I despise government forced waste and compulsion by violence,in the case of our Progressive Comrades I am willing to crush them.

    The Cult of Calamitous Climate is a death Cult,but it seems to be our death they seek.
    Notice that their lovely “Alternative Energy” falls terraJoules short of our current energy needs.
    The proposed solution to their energy deficit appears to be human slavery.
    Which was basically ended by the industrial revolution.

    All nastiness and abuse heaped upon these hysterics is justified to me by these facts.
    They attacked us.
    We never even noticed them,prior to their assault on our technologically enhanced luxurious lifestyle..
    They gave up on on any civil attempts to convince us of the “rightness of their beliefs” and went straight to compulsion deceit and fraud.
    They preach violence,force and government enforced compulsion..

    Everything that is ugly about human nature the Gang Green has embraced..
    And then they accuse us of being intolerant..For reacting to their emotional immaturity and savage stupidity.

    100% E.M let us give them what they preach.
    I gotta see how a Carbon Based Life Form on a Planet thriving with Carbon Based Life,goes “Carbon Free”.
    And those who condemn and cripple hydro carbon production should not use it,for if words mean anything,then the Blind Worms gnawing at the foundation of society shall be taken at their word.
    Life is too short to be abused by entitled parasites.
    The corruption blatant inside our bureaus has been beautifully exposed by their deceit over Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming,followed by this Dread Covid Farce and capped off by the Election Fraud of November.
    Of course you are correct,not one of these righteous cretins could go a day without the very substances they condemn.

    Gang Green is ,by no coincidence, infested by the parasites of society..
    remarkably so,people with no talent except theft.
    The odd bit is that these fools and bandits believe they are needed.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Robertson:

    Oh My, what an interesting point! Perhaps we need to have a:

    “BAN on carbon based food” in D.C. as well! ;-) & /snark;!!

    To eliminate their “carbon pollution output”, of course ;-)

  5. rhoda klapp says:

    I call that the ‘You First’ doctrine. But who can get it adopted? MSM? DMMFL!

  6. Tim says:

    >>1) Source NO electricity from other than Wind and Solar sources. This includes backup generator sources. No “diesel backup” and no using a gas turbine when the wind is missing at night. This will be easier than you think; read on…<<

    I have written numerous companies and journalist spouting the "we are operating from 100% renewable electricity" mantra when it's far from the truth in reality. All they have done is build a PV plant on the roof and promised to pay someone to pay someone to pay someone for the electricity that last someone is pumping to the grid from windmills and the like. Every time I ask them, "What happens at night and when the wind isn't blowing?" and also, "Have you disconnected your place from the grid?" … to date I have not had one answer. Unfortunately too many folks out there think it's true.

    We need a good system black, maybe for a few days to a week… It might the conversation started. I'll be OK, have a good supply of petrol and a generator to keep the beer cold, and the water pumping. Plenty of wood too if I need to run the heating for that time.

  7. MBODE says:

    Thank you Mr. Smith for your delicious satire.
    My simple advice to those “Democrats” and “Progressives”: Please stop exhaling* carbon dioxide right now and you will see from heaven that absolutely everything in the universe will be just fine!

  8. The True Nolan says:

    Would it be indelicate of me if I were to add, “no medicines or medical devices made with fossil fuels?” Granted, life might be difficult with the replacement hips and pacemakers removed, but think of the ethical virtue gained! I think that the “no fossil fuel used” criterium would probably also eliminate all the cocaine and most of the alcohol from their diet as well.

    @ John Robertson: “Gang Green”
    Oooooh! Nice phrase. Mind if I steal that?

  9. DonM says:


    No territory (or district) shall be admitted the union unless and until it is demonstrated that the territory (or district) is self-sustaining with respect to energy use and production, commensurate with the policies, goals, and rules put forth by the Dumbass Biden administration.

  10. corsair red says:

    All very good ideas.
    John Robertson,
    I heartily endorse your position, and also love “Gang Green.”

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    @Don M:

    Edit: “is self-sustaining with respect to, and using only, RENEWABLE GREEN energy use…”


    Gang Green has been around a long time, now in the Public Domain…

    A LOT of medical equipment is petroleum based or uses plastics. No IV lines. No plastic syringes for that adrenaline shot after the heart has issues with 10 flights of stairs (yes, you can do glass – Dad had one for cattle 60 years ago; but are they still made?) Oh, and the fun one: As filters are made of synthetics: NO N95 Masks either… No electricity or metals or glass to be used in the making of medicines unless made with all biofuels and shipped by cart… Oh, and do plan on a horse drawn or human pulled “ambulance” buckboard…


  12. Annie says:

    Ummm. How do you make wind turbines and solar panels without ‘carbon’ (?!) or cardboard boxes and paper bags? Or wheels for carts?

  13. YMMV says:

    A while ago and not so far away…
    1970, the first Earth Day
    Inspired by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962
    … and further back in pre-history.

    That is the start (?) of the idea: Nature Good, Man Bad.

    The Great Reset begins with deactivating human influences on nature,
    and ends with no humans. Let the (suicidal) Dystopia begin!

  14. WatchinIt says:

    Good ‘un ChiefIO! Will make those “permanent security fences” come in handy to keep DC contained!

  15. EM your point 4, I know it is semantics but there is a difference between cement and concrete (in French it is ciment et beton, in German zement and beton) Concrete is actually the most energy efficient and cheapest building material. In Europe waste material fuels (eg recycled oils, paints, dried garbage, dried sewerage sludge, tyres etc) are used in the kiln to decarbonate limestone and form cement clinker -the fuel does not count for CO2 emission. The clinker can be milled to a fine powder with so-called renewable electricity. To extend the cement used in concrete one can use, ground blast furnace slag, fly ash, volcanic ash (as did Romans), heated and dried trass etc.
    Recently, I was with a group of other engineers inspecting a new freeway. The bridge overpasses were all made in concrete and i asked why they did not use concrete for the roadway as they did in NSW because there were benefits in the longer term in maintenance and no disruption to resurface. I was told that in actual fact a concrete road was cheaper first up in capital as there was less work needed in foundations and less supply problems. It seems the Director of the department of Roads and transport preferred bitumen plus the building unions like the work with huge payments for night time work.

  16. Ossqss says:

    C’mon Man!

    Didn’t you see that GM has figured this all out. They are going to be carbon neutral by 2040.

    GM figured out how to manufacture steel, plastic, rubber, glass and a whole bunch of other stuff without any fossil fuels or CO2 footprint (why do they call it carbon footprint anyhow when it ain’t) to make new vehicles. They seem to have also figured out how to mine and process lithium, copper, and other metals needed without the same. They can make wind turbines and solar panels to power everything without fossil fuels with no carbon footprints at all. They apparently figured out how to modify the grid to handle the demand for non-fossil electricity distribution to charge these too, or is it everybody going dark? ,

    Amazing stuff, unless it is like the EU not counting burning wood pellets for electricity production in their emissions numbers, no?

    C’mon Man!

  17. philjourdan says:

    Sorry, cat stepped on the KB. What I as going to say is that all the green stuff is BS! They cannot achieve their goals without OIL!!!! Simple fact that EM did state

  18. M Simon says:

    Well, here is the example you asked for. It is very ugly.

  19. E.M.Smith says:


    I am using cement in exactly the correct semantics / meaning.

    I deliberately chose the word cement instead of concrete as I think it is fine if they wish to use aggregate, sand, gravel and the other bits of stone added to cement to make concrete. However, you must make a lot of heat to turn stone into cement and that comes from burning carbon containing “stuff”, thus releasing CO2. Can’t have that in their Green Utopia. (And especially not in the more usual form of fossil fuels used to make cement). Furthermore, decomposing the limestone releases even more CO2.

    So cement is just flat out, Out! (At least for them. For the rest of us, I’m 100% for it!)

  20. M Simon says:

    Time is running faster than Biden can.

    Scroll up to his previous post. It is a goodie too.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and all those coloring agents. Petrochemical all of them. From food dies to inks to paint pigments to cloth dyes. They need to be banned too.

    So your shirts, socks, pants, dresses, etc., ALL of it, will be a nice natural brown or vaguely grey color. Eventually you can get some natural vegetable dyes supplied and get a few colors back… IIRC, there’s natural reds, yellows, and even some blue. But very limited selection of hues.

  22. M Simon says:

    E.M.Smith says:
    30 January 2021 at 5:17 am

    When my wife first met me I was just off a two year private study of the theory of cement construction. She had the usual take “cement is so ordinary, why put two years into it?” I barely touched on it in my studies.

  23. M Simon says:

    This is hilarious. And true. Unfortunately.

  24. E.M.Smith says:

    @M. Simon:

    I was surprised when I learned there were several kinds of cement, not just the more common Portland Cement. Then the choice of sizes and kinds of aggregates to put with it to make concrete variations start to run up into hundreds. THEN you get to the particular processes used to mix and make the wet stuff. Exact amount of water, wetting agents, and all manner of other conditioning agents.

    Finally you get to reinforcements. Iron rebar, or coated, or rebar made of basalt. Or CHOPPED stuff like fiberglass and more. Do you aerate the mix? OK, final mix made and poured…

    NOW you get to do the finish processes. How wet how long and with what coverings too. What expansion properties and how to allow for them. TEMPERATURE control in the setting.

    And on it goes. After set, what further surface treatments? Sealers?

    And all THAT was just from a fairly quick short overview of cement, concrete, and related building materials and their uses.

    2 Years? Yeah, I could see that. Doesn’t it take 4 years to get a Civil Engineering degree? (AKA C.E. or Cement Engineer ;-)

    At about 9? years old I made a set of test samples. Rounds of cement and concrete about 1 inch in diameter and an inch long. Dad was putting a new floor in the garage and I had cement to play with ;-) IIRC, I did a couple of just cement, then a couple with different amounts of sand, then a couple with sand and a little ‘small gravel’ like pea sized for an aquarium. Let them set for a couple of days then started trying to break them. Learned a fair amount in the process. The sample tested on ‘day one’ after mix was fairly soft. By day 7 it was very hard. The various aggregate mixes had different harnesses / strengths too but what surprised me was the pure cement ones. At first it was one of the softest ones. BUT, over time, it hardened up more than some of the aggregate mixes, becoming very hard in the end. IIRC, hits with a hammer were resisted well, but a nail tended to do it in, where in the gravel aggregate samples the nail tended to hit a rock and stop.

    OTOH, I likely didn’t get a good clean surface on the pebbles and had no conditioning agents at all, likely had poor control of water content too, so some of the differences were likely due to process errors. In particular, I think I had too much water in the high aggregate mixes. But at least I learned that concrete is not as easy or simple as it looks…

  25. another ian says:

    Maybe crash and burn on the way

    “This likely means that Robinhood is as of this moment, scrambling to obtain even more capital, although we somehow doubt it will be just as easy to “take from the rich” as it was late last night especially since the client exodus is surely accelerating.

    It also means that we may have to have another “Lehman Weekend” situation on our hands, only this time it will be a “Robinhood Weekend”, and an urgent acquisition from a strategic buyer may be required to prevent the worst case outcome. We only hope that the billions in funds held in custody for clients is segregated should the company collapse (pinging Jon Corzine here).

    In any case, expect a lot of Robinhood related news over the weekend.”

  26. YMMV says:

    A few days ago I had never heard of Robinhood. Now, “This is Occupy Wall Street: Part 2. This time, the activists are inside the system, and they have the capital and the intention to destroy it from within.”
    A how-to book on sabotage, domestic terrorism, guerrilla war? That’s all we need.
    This is bad, not because Freedom of the Press, but because somebody will believe it and take it to heart, in this political climate.

    But all that is nothing. Taking down the stock exchange, that is something. Taking down capitalism was not just a slogan.

  27. E.M.Smith says:

    Ought I put up an ‘explainer’ about RobinHood, Gamestop, et. al.?

    The short form is a group on Redit decided to push for a short squeeze on the hedge funds that were overly ambitious in shorting Gamestop and a couple of other stocks. So they got enough folks to plonk down a few $Hundred and buy some shares. Net result was Gamestop rising like a rocket and putting a $1 BILLION hurt on the folks shorting that one stock ( $70 Billion is the number you will hear for ALL shorted stocks).

    So The Hedge Fund Managers went to their cronies in the trading firms and government and asked for this to be stopped. Can’t have the Plebs doing what only Hedge Fund Managers and multi-Billionaires are supposed to do… RobinHood (a trading Ap) and a few others (TD Ameritrade, …) halted BUYING of Gamestop, but not selling. That, of course, caused the price to fall some. Now lawsuits are flying.

    We also get to see how the Financial Cronies work to protect each other and The System from letting the Little Guy win one.


    So what’s coming? Nobody really knows. It could range from a complete halt of GameStop trades (or even reversing some of them) to a simple “return to normal business” all around and let the shorts and longs battle it out, to arresting folk on both sides for collusion and stock manipulation.

    What a mess.

    BTW, Biden’s press spokes-lady Psaki has a cousin or some such relation who’s a big wig of some sort at Citadel, one of the most involved hedge funds, Which, BTW, paid Yellen a pot of cash over 3/4 $Million… for ‘speaking’…

    Psaki has now removed that reference from her social media and the guy has scrubbed his Facebook (or whatever)….

    Basically, if a RICH DUDE, like Soros, wanted to put a short squeeze on CItadel, well, that’s just fine, it’s all OK. BUT, if a bunch of regular retail folks want to pool their actions and put in a few $Hundred each to do the same thing, The Swamp reacts strongly to defend itself. Money is allowed to slop around between the Uber Rich in their contests with each other, but is not allowed to flow out to the little people…

  28. another ian says:

    “Biden’s Worst Executive Order Went Almost Entirely Unnoticed”

    Via Catallaxy files

  29. David A says:

    Another Ian, the article you linked to
    ( Full article here…

    about Biden’s worst executive order to date, ( which essentially throws out all traditional cost-benefit analysis)
    is part of the Great Reset, out lined in
    the long extensively referenced article here…

    This is the best detailed report on the “Great Reset” I have read.

    Posted earlier by ?

  30. YMMV says:

    Well, I don’t understand. First of all that free enterprise is based on something so susceptible to bubbles and bursts. Where the market is not based on (human) rational thoughts.

    So Robinhood is owned by Citadel and has the treasury secretary in its pocket?

    1929 Crash 1.0, 2008 Crash 2.0 (Clinton), 2021 Crash 3.0 (Biden)?

    “Two shocking headlines that sum up Covid: Billionaires MADE $3.9 trillion during the pandemic, while workers LOST $3.7 trillion”

  31. E.M.Smith says:


    Free Enterprise is based on willing buyers and sellers, nothing more.

    Emotional and ill-informed buyers and sellers lead to bubbles and bursts.

    Evil Players work to create ill-informed emotionally inflamed buyers and sellers, to exploit the bubbles and bursts. (See Soros as prime example). This effect has spread from financial markets into political ‘markets’ for better effect. Thus now whole nations (and their currencies, all the better to enrich short seller Soros) now suffer these ill players exploits.

    The Big Problem is that the Evil Players have now captured the very regulatory and governmental apparatus that was supposed to restrain them so that the normal actual Free Enterprise Market could work without manipulation and tampering. So we no longer have any real Free Enterprise Market; all we have is a 100% Rigged Game with full control of both Government (including regulatory agencies) and Markets by the Evil Players who work only to rig it and manipulate it for their further gains. Manufacturing bubbles and bursts to effect and for exploitation.

  32. another ian says:

    Latest Pointman


    Important message at the end (IMO)

  33. Jim Masterson says:

    @another ian

    Important message at the end (IMO)

    If you mean the MyPillow, yes, I have one of those. I don’t like it. My daughter doesn’t like them either. However, I do like Mike Lindell’s politics.


  34. The True Nolan says:

    Gamestop? The Plutocrats speak: “You there! Conductor! I demand you throw those little people off! How DARE they climb on board OUR gravy train!”

  35. YMMV says:

    Pointman gets it.

    “I use the term propaganda machine to mean the collective actions of fake news, big tech and the entertainment industry. The first will be publishing only state approved news, the second will be censoring you and the third demonising you.”

  36. Steve C says:

    There was an excellent 45 minute play on BBC Radio 4 in 2009 called ‘The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble”. It is a comedy by Julian Gough, but also a fine Economics 101 on how markets grow, become irrational and collapse. Try

    It is the story of an encounter one snowy night on a railway platform somewhere in southern England between a young Irish orphan, Jude, and Dr Ibrahim Bihi, a Somali with a degree in economics who has made and lost a fortune in the virtual goat market. As Dr Bihi relates the story of his rise and fall, he takes the opportunity to educate young Jude in the pitfalls and the glories of market forces.

    Stephanie Flanders, who appears in the play as the BBC Economics correspondent, is in fact the BBC Economics correspondent; she is also the daughter of Michael Flanders of Flanders & Swann.

  37. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I just wish I was motivated enough to contribute to the clogging…

    What, I suspect, TPTB have failed to recognize is two fold.

    1) Blinders are off, curtain is pulled back, folks have sat up and taken notice.

    2) A Whole Lot Of Folks are in the “Fix it or burn it all down” camp (me included…) and they, TPTB, have just foreclosed “Fix it” via the fraudulent installation of China Joe to displace The Peoples President Trump.

    Now personally I’m just not motivated enough (yet?) to take up a pitchfork and melt some tar… but I can see it from here. I’m more in the “passive aggressive” group ATM. So were I to see, oh, someone advertising a method to take down Citadel Financial, I’d not participate at all… but I also would not warn anyone nor take any action to stop it. See, I’m out of the game. The TPTB have convinced me I’m not able to have an effect on the financial or political systems and that my vote does not matter. So why bother?

    That extends to “Why bother to protect it? and “Why bother taking a contract to help them with their pen testing or security problems?” and “Why report to them their firewall is full of holes?” etc.

    MUCH more valuable and important to me, now, is assuring I’ve got enough Popcorn (or equivalent Salty Snacks) and beer / wine in storage to just sit back and enjoy the show. Perhaps also assuring I do have SOME tar and a small pitchfork in the shed and a goodly supply of matches… Just in case I change my mind…

    Now, IMHO, that’s one heck of a horrible situation for TPTB to be in. But hey, not my problem…

    Long time participants here will remember that I voted for Obama (over Hillary in the primary – before we knew he was almost as bad) and supported Bernie (as the “burn it all down” choice) before Trump came along as a real Mr. Fixit opportunity.

    I’m one of those people who can “go either way” on this whole thing. IFF Antifa and BLM continue to shove a “burn it all down” process at Biden as “he and his” try to pocket as much of it as they can, well, I can support “burn it before they can steal it” to at least thwart the theft. Yet were Trump or Trump Jr. to be on offer to actually fix things, I could support that too. What I can’t support is “Leave it as is and let the theft of America continue”.

    So sure, bring on the nightly riots and burning by Antifa and BLM. Bring on the collapse of the Financial Centers. Just make sure it’s available on Bitchute or Odysee for my viewing pleasure and that beer is still available at a reasonable price (or I can get barley and hops and make my own… I’ve done it before and it isn’t hard…)

    Note To LEOs, TLAs, DNC, et. al.:

    In this comment “burn it” is metaphorical as are references to fire, matches, etc. (with the minor exception of the actual fires set by Antifa and BLM in their riots, you know, the ones where they were all let off Scot Free after being arrested.) It is an allegory or perhaps metaphor for the processes that are far more likely to actually happen. Runaway inflation, plummeting GDP in real terms, falling tax revenue in real terms, lack of labor willingness to participate in the economy, etc. A “Going Galt” rather than actual violence, fire and flames. A picturesque reference to the common images of the French Revolution and the “French Haircut”, not an intent to recreate those in the modern world. Lawfair and financial collapse are the modern methods, not actual pitchforks and tar. If you think otherwise, you need to get out more and read some good books…

    Note too that I’m not inciting nor intending to incite anyone. They are all way too incited already and don’t need any help from me. I’m the audience, not the actor on stage and certainly not the director of this shit show y’all created. However, note that I will be issuing the occasional critique and show review…

  38. philjourdan says:

    But at least I learned that concrete is not as easy or simple as it looks…

    Yep! Learned that one as well (although I have not had the experiment time you did). Tree roots broke my driveway, so we hired a friend of a friend to fix it (he did an excellent job). But part of the fix was destroying a small brick wall between garden and driveway. So I thought, what better way to have some QT with my son than to rebuild it (so I told him not to). But when I started, I failed miserably (mortar is just a different mix of cement). So we called the guy back and after about 4 hours, he had me at least mixing mortar correctly.

    But my driveway consists of several aprons. It expands behind the house to accommodate a 2.5 car garage. Most of the sections are rock solid! But one section is shit (I will have to get that replaced soon). Every winter is peels and cracks. I suspect that it was the previous owners first attempt. The rest of the driveway/apron is rock solid (and 15 years later, the work our friend’s friend did is as well). I am going to hire him to jackhammer that portion and redo it. The costly part is it is the part next to the house.

  39. philjourdan says:

    only this time it will be a “Robinhood Weekend”

    My wife is in bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy is (mostly) not about burying the dead, but cancer surgery! You get rid of the bad parts to save the whole. That is what Democrats are totally clueless about. And Wall Street (so where is Bear Stearns?).

    It is time for Robinhood to meet the surgeon. IN the next 4 years, the Biden legacy will be the major bankruptcies. And even Biden cannot stop them. Most will survive because they had the surgery to remove the cancer. But some,it is already in Stage 4. So they will die. GM was not in Stage 4. Obama just blew the surgery.

  40. philjourdan says:

    Ought I put up an ‘explainer’ about RobinHood, Gamestop, et. al.?

    Actually Rush Limbaugh did an excellent job of that. Basically the fat cats, tried to screw the little company. But the little guys taught them a very expensive lesson about supply and demand. (about 71B dollars). I know about short selling. I know about hedge funds now. And it is time for Biden to get off the fence and support the little guy. AOC and Cruz are on the side of the little guy. Wall street is about to learn about supporting the extreme left. And it will be a major butt hurt.

  41. another ian says:

    Steve C

    Some more from the UK.

    I’ve been reading some of Jeremy Clarkson’s reprints from his newspaper columns and there was this “wise before the time” on UK defence cuts in the 2004 and its “riding on the back of the US”

    “That’s fine, but what if the day comes when the rhino is no longer a responsible democracy? What if one day elects a president with an IQ of 92 who decides to pick a fight with some large and fairly harmless state in the Middle East?”

  42. philjourdan says:

    I gave my wife some MyPillows for valentines day last year. She is a high dollar lady so poo-poed them. But eventually she started to use them (she has trouble sleeping). Then about 6 months ago, her friend (who works for an airline as a dispatcher, so has to take a flight every 6 months) came to us for her mandatory flight.

    My wife made me go to 4 different Walmarts to get MyPillows for her stay!. Indeed, we now have MyPillows on every bed. And they are the best. And that was before I knew his Politics. And my wife is a liberal so hates his politics! But we will no longer be doing business with Kohls or BB&B. May they rot in PC hell.

  43. Steven Fraser says:

    @EM: perhaps we’ll finally figure out how to really use nuclear safely on a small scale.

  44. Steven Fraser says:

    @EM: On the Short Squeeze, Tesla stock had one last year. The trigger for it was improvement in their profitability. Though less squeezing is going on now, even through a 4-for-1 split, they are still going up.

  45. another ian says:

    Another concrete story.

    AA friend is a pro concreter. He was called in to see if he could retrieve a very amateur job.

    The bloke was doing a floor in his garage. His only previous experience was in the shadow of a large dam job.

    So he ordered the high mpa (strength) concrete used there. Which he didn’t get screeded into place before it set.

    My friend didn’t take the job of correcting it..

    Now on the good side. We have two concrete stock water tanks (10,000 gallons) which had started to crack and leak. There is a product here put out for such repairs, done by a crew that really know their tanks and reckon that the service life of a well maintained concrete tank is, for all practical purposes, indefinite.. Includes how to support the walls if they have started to move by tensioning two rings of 12 mm reo rod around the tank. Then the product is applied as mortar over the leak areas (even just on the outside) and grows crystals through the crack and protects the reo mesh. For a bigger leak you start at the top and apply downwards over time. The manual that comes with the product is superb.

    One tank leaked enough to bog a cow beside it when we started using it in a drought after it sat quite a while. It now leaks just enough to water a couple of echidnas.

    That friend worked out what the product they use is. So now I have the book I can buy in bulk much cheaper.

  46. YMMV says:

    another ian: “More on “pitfalls and glories””

    The way I read that was pitfalls and other pitfalls:
    “The punters are gambling. Many gamblers are skilled, but most are patsies. The median punter loses money.”
    And worse. That old thermodynamics saw.

    You can’t win and you can’t get out of the game.

    Even if someone is not “in the market”, their job and their pension and more than they can imagine depends on that market.

  47. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    At Last, a Zerohedge article where I agree entirely.

    The Little Guys all got together and attacked the weak spot of the Highly Leveraged Hedge Funds, and it’s breaking the casino…

    I’m “good with that”…

    Frankly, as I’m about 90+% Real Assets and maybe 10% “money” and about a small faction of a % “securities”, I’d be happy to net my cash against my money debt, put the remainder in more Real Assets and watch the whole works inflate into oblivion while the “securities” system collapsed.

    My major thought, were that to happen, would be: “Well it’s about time”.

  48. Compu Gator says:

    I wonder if the “Dzuban” credited with the “Uncle Joe” / “Big Brother”  meme  cartoon [*] is old enough to realize its irony:

    Way back in January 1984, a very similar image was aired by apple in a big-budget commercial that positioned its new Macintosh as a personal computer that would set its customers free from IBM’s increasing domination of personal computers [🍎]. The advertising occasion was the 1984 Super Bowl [🏈]. The ad became a sensation, and immediately famous under the terse name “1984” [📺]:

    The text in the last shot makes the references to George Orwell explicit: “On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.” [….]  The spot also cemented Apple’s reputation for being iconoclastic, disruptive and forward-thinking, an image that has been central to its brand ever since.

    So now apple has rotated 180°, and has become a powerful member of Big Tech that’s shamelessly indulging in Orwellian practices.

    This Silicon-Valley ex-pat wonders what Woz, who’s still alive at “3-score-&-10”,  and a founder of the privacy-focused Electronic Frontier Foundation [🍎], thinks of apple’s fundamental reversal. What about Steve Jobs?  He died in 2011. [🍎🍏]

    Note * : “Dzuban (c) 2021”:  <

    Note 🍎 : Fundamental Mac ideas, including the look-&-feel, might be critized as stolen from the XEROX PARC’s (Palo Alto Research Center) Alto computers, after a presentation or tour for Steve Jobs. Apple fans might reply that XEROX had no clue on how to commercialize the fruits of the research it supported at PARC.

    Note 📺 : 24 January 1984: “Apple’s iconic ‘1984’ commercial airs during Super Bowl XVIII”. A&E Television Networks:

    Note 🏈 : L.A. Raiders defeated Washington Redskins, 38–9, at Tampa Stadium:

    Note 🍎🍏 :;

  49. E.M.Smith says:


    I got to see a preview of that ad at Apple prior to the Superbowl airing of it. I was in a big wad of Apple Employees getting to see it early. A marvelous moment. I cherish it.

    Apple, then, was driven by the personality of Jobs. Some said it was a personality cult. They would not be far wrong. The core business of Apple was the Apple II and Lisa at that time. Jobs hand picked a very special group, moved to a separate building, Raised a Pirate Flag over it and created the Macintosh.

    FWIW, as a member of the Advanced Technology Group, I got to see a video of the Xerox Parc interface research that was not yet embodied in a product. It was shown to all of ATG to encourage us to find a way to do the same effect and the same experience on a lot less hardware.

    To some extent, his ideas of “disrupt our own business before someone else does” was anathema to the Bean Counter Board Types. He was driven from the company and formed Next.

    We had The Soda Guy (Sculley) who thought computers were like Pepsi, then we had “Spindler’s List” as a Chemical Company Guy thought that cost cutting was all that mattered to generic products so I got to lay off the 4000+ people on his list…

    Eventually Jobs returned, and we returned to The Jobs Way… Then he died.

    Now Apple is Just Another Computer Company. BUT it has learned we are not a commodity like chemicals and cost cutting isn’t the way, nor are we a consumer good like Pepsi where marketing glitz and advertising is all it takes. They have finally learned that Being Cool and Being First is what matters to being a hot high end brand.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t survive long enough at Apple. I left in the second or third round (not sure which) of Spindler’s “cut employees to cut costs” effort to cheapen the brand.

    Woz was always just a Tech Geek. He was the hardware guy and not really interested nor gifted at management, branding, the Cool Factor, or really anything much other than making computers “go”. Once Jobs was gone, Apple became just a branding company with some cool tech projects “in progress” for a decade or so…

  50. YMMV says:

    Compu Gator: “I wonder if the “Dzuban” credited with the “Uncle Joe” / “Big Brother” meme cartoon [*] is old enough to realize its irony”

    I don’t know how old he is, but I have no doubt that he drew exactly with that in mind.

    That video is still great, and more relevant than ever.

    I wonder if there is a text of what the big brother guy is saying in that video.
    Something about ideology…

    Does the big brother guy look like Bill Gates? Biden? Soros?

    There was something about the hammer girl … did she die recently?

  51. A C Osborn says:

    How about a ban on carbon based life forms in DC?
    That should fix all the countries woes..

  52. E.M.Smith says:

    Golly, I’d not realized it was a Ridley Scott production… now it makes sense why it was so good…

    Apple and Ridley Scott presented the most awaited event of 1984: the introduction of Apple Macintosh personal computer to the world. With a concept directly influenced by George Orwell’s … See full summary »
    Director: Ridley Scott

    Writers: Lee Clow (creator), Steve Hayden | 1 more credit »
    Stars: David Graham, Anya Major

    Anya is still going strong:

    Anya Major
    Born 1966
    United Kingdom
    Notable work
    Apple Computer’s “1984” commercial.
    “Nikita” music video (Nikita)
    Spouse(s) Kim Rajah
    Children 3
    Anya Major (born 1966) is an English athlete, actress, model and singer who starred in Apple Computer’s’s “1984” commercial, and in 1985 appeared as “Nikita” in the video to Elton John’s song of the same name.

    In 1983, the Chiat/Day advertising agency held a casting call in London, on behalf of their client, Apple Computer, for what would prove to be a landmark television commercial. The vision of the agency and director Ridley Scott stipulated an actress capable of running up to a large video screen, spinning with a sledgehammer, and releasing it at the video screen. Most of the models and actresses tested struggled to do this; one errant throw nearly struck a passerby at the Hyde Park casting call.[1] She won the role with her ability to handle the hammer convincingly.
    Major later portrayed “Nikita” in the Elton John 1985 music video for his song of the same name. As a spin-off, she released a single named “Moscow Nights” using the name Anya, and with that name, in 1987, she released another song named “One Word”.

    In 2006, Andy Hertzfeld of the Macintosh development team incorrectly stated that Major had died of breast cancer in 2000. As of 2009, she was living in England with her husband Kim Rajah and their three children.

    Looks like David Graham is also still kicking:

    David Graham
    Born July 11, 1925 in Hackney, London, England, UK
    Birth Name David Michael Graham
    Height 6′ (1.83 m)
    Mini Bio (1)
    David Graham was born on July 11, 1925 in Hackney, London, England as David Michael Graham. He is an actor and writer, known for Thunderbird 6 (1968), Supercar (1961) and Stingray (1964).
    Trivia (3)
    He is widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s most versatile voice actors. In 2001, he did commercials for Zed Credit Cards in New Zealand as one of his characters, Brains, from the cult television series Thunderbirds (1965). The company’s tagline is “Zed – the card with Brains”.

    He was one of the earliest Dalek voice actors on the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who (1963), contributing to several stories which featured the First Doctor, William Hartnell.
    Nicholas Briggs argued that Graham is one of the three most influential Dalek voice actors, along with Peter Hawkins and Roy Skelton.

    Big Brother: Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives. We have created for the first time in all history a garden of pure ideology, where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests of any contradictory true thoughts. Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth. We are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause. Our enemies shall talk themselves to death and we will bury them with their own confusion. We shall prevail!

  53. YMMV says:


    And that is a great speech — as a parody. It could have been real.

  54. The True Nolan says:

    The simple lesson of Robinhood is this: If you gamble in a crooked casino that has rigged games, but still figure out how to beat the system, the casino goons will beat you up in the parking lot and steal the money back.

  55. another ian says:

    The WUWT reference has been posted here before but not with a leader like this!

    “Delingpole: Biden’s Green New Deal Is an ‘Impossible Cluster****’”

    IE.M. notice that the email box comes up with space for 2 lines – clicking on the top one I have to enter the first letter to bring up the address, click on the second brings it up. Doesn’t on any other site I post to. Any idea why that might be??

  56. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I think you will find the first box is email address and the 2nd box is URL of your web-site IF you have one…

  57. another ian says:


    For you and one other

    Top box is email, which has the double spacing

    Second is name

    Third is URL

    Others have name first and then email

  58. DonM says:

    Concrete …

    pulled out a slab from a small 90 year old one car garage… it came out in one piece (8 x 16 x up to 14″ thick), it did not want to break … tin cans & all manner of metal garbage showed as reinforcement from underneath.

    grandpa’s garage slab was about 28 x 34 (poured in the 40’s). No expansion joints … three distinct pours (on dirt) … chain saw chains for reinforcement (along with other miscellaneous sawmill scraps) … no cracks, ever.

    Conclusion: Type/mixture of cement is the most important thing in concrete & I really don’t know anything … I just spec accepted standards; and that the experts I talk to also don’t know a whole lot.

  59. E.M.Smith says:

    @Don M:

    The garage floor Dad & I poured in about 1960 got no cracks either. He had worked in home construction for a few years after the war so knew some about cement slabs. IIRC the thing was about 24 x 36 feet. 6 inches thick about.

    Poured on levelled and screeded dirt and with a mix of rebar and old fence wire in it. I think their might have been about an inch of gravel at the very bottom. I vaguely remember something about wanting to prevent the dirt mixing into the wet cement during the pour.

    I think Dad borrowed a cement mixer from another friend and we did it a couple of wheel barrows at a time all day long… Then did the finish float and all that.

    Parked cars on it, no problem. Still there today…

    What I remember of the mix was something like 1-2-3 of cement, sand, gravel, and it wasn’t just any sand or gravel that Dad got. Not so much broken rock as washed river rocks. Also only enough water to work it OK. It wasn’t a ‘too wet’ mix. I remember being told that too wet was also too weak and just dry enough was good enough.

    End of the day covered it in burlap bags and kept it damp / watered for about a week to “cure real good” ;-)

  60. another ian says:

    I like the comment at the end here

    “Just read Des Moines city council voted that they were to be carbon footprint free by 2035. All electricity coming in to Des Moines cannot come from coal, oil or fracking. Sounds like a lot of people will be standing around warming their hands by garbage burning in 55 gallon drums. When they are done with us, the Amish will be the most advance society in America.”

  61. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Golly… Dad was from sort of near Des Moines (actually closer to Davenport) out in the country. His Mom was Amish… So one way or the other one side of my Family In Iowa will make out ;-)

    Note To Self: Do NOT move to Des Moines…

    That giant sucking sound will be all the folks pulling up stumps is “Green” idiot places and moving where they still use plentiful coal, natural gas, and nuclear… oh, and jobs….

  62. beththeserf says:

    Ode to the Romans…

    Concrete – good for puttin’ somethin’
    firm under yr feet,
    Concrete – arguments based on concrete
    evidence like -wise.
    Concrete – good for buildin’ sea -walls
    and harbour piles,
    if yr a Roman, keepin’ the sea
    from washin’ away the land.
    Concrete – good for constructin’ Roman
    aquaducts, bringin’ fresh water
    to cities and towns.
    Let’s hear it then for concrete,

    not forgettin’ Roman,
    i.e.human, in -gen -uity.

  63. jim2 says:

    Concrete – good for puttin’ away your victims so no one can find them.

  64. philjourdan says:

    good for puttin’ away your victims so no one can find them.

    Just ask Jimmy Hoffa – alas, unfortunately, dead men tell no tales.

  65. beththeserf says:

    Bright side dark side I guess. _ Life and concrete.

  66. E.M.Smith says:

    Not as good as it was in the past.

    Ground penetrating radar now tends to make the void show up… Also if put in major building foundations, the lack of structure and reinforcing at that point can cause “issues” leading to investigation with same.

    I think you will find the traditional “pig farm” method works better…

  67. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and note that modern tires are about 90% synthetic petrochemical rubber. Only 5 to 10% natural rubber. So no tires unless you get custom made all natural rubber… that lasts about 5000 miles and tends to get flats…

  68. another ian says:

    E.M. Do you think Silicon Valley has picked up on that Amish threat yet?

  69. H.R. says:

    @another ian – At least the social media companies can’t cut off the Amish communications.

    Their BuggyNet is quite bugger-proof 😜

    Tap THIS, NSA 🤣🤣

  70. E.M.Smith says:

    The Amish also have BellNet. WELL before Bell Telephone, the Amish used a big Bell on each farm. In an emergency, you ring the bell, and folks come from all directions, I guess that’s what the Democrats would call an Alt-Right Mob…

    But the can’t stop it.

    Oh, and never underestimate the bandwidth of a buggy full of slates…

  71. another ian says:

    H R

    With the various points arising from that line of thought one might suggest a wide ranging term of “Buggy-go-round” ?

    I like the thought of Silicon Valley being overtaken by a buggy for one

  72. E.M.Smith says:

    There is the official term “sneakernet” for carting media around on foot. Perhaps:

    Buggy Net? Or maybe that’s too close to bugs…

    Carriage Net? A buckboard full of media?

  73. another ian says:

    Next in Pointman’s series on selling the coup


  74. another ian says:

    “Wokeyleaks — the shallow sickness and obsession of the fameroise”

  75. Roger Knights says:

    Here’s a comment in the same spirit, from the JoNova site:

    Prophet of Boom
    January 27, 2021 at 8:56 pm · Reply
    The late UK physicist Sir David McKay often would warn people about the huge tracts of land necessary for renewables. One illustration he gave was that to provide biofuel to cars on a not heavily trafficked road one would need crop land for 10 miles, on either side, to provide all the fuel necessary.

  76. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Roger Knight; in the mid 1970s I really got into renewables, particularly Solar. Calculated the amount of square miles needed to provide the amount of photo- voltaic to supply for the projected increase in electric demand for the next 10 years. IT came to 800 square miles! At that point I realized that terrestrial based solar could never provide for the electrical needs of an Industrial society. 800 square miles would not even provide enough energy to create that 800 square miles of facilities! Every energy production system I have examined leads me back to the fact that Nuclear is the only long term solution to the energy needs of an Industrial society. At some point we must bite the bullet and get on with it.
    From time to time the denizens here have examined the possibilities that might exist in that field. In my opinion there are at least two that show promise in that field. Unfortunately the one followed by modern science, Plasma Fusion, is a contradiction in the physics involved and can not deliver useful amounts of energy. Even GOD does not use Plasma Fusion to power his Universe….pg

  77. The True Nolan says:

    @ p.g.: “Every energy production system I have examined leads me back to the fact that Nuclear is the only long term solution”.

    There is one other possibility… MAGIC! I admit that at present all attempts at magic so far have been unsuccessful, but if we could only get a government grant and increase funding, perhaps we could make better progress. The only pollution produced would an occasional rain of blood or frogs.

    On a more serious note — yes, nuclear looks to be the only practical solution for large scale usage, although solar and wind are fine for specific and rare situations. (Got an off-grid cabin and don’t want the hassle of maintaining a fission reactor?)

    As for the big wind farms and solar farms, the big problem is still storage. I have wondered whether conversion of excess electrical energy into making calcium carbide might be feasible. Calcium carbide stores well, and while you would need to use heat engines or fuel cells if you wanted electricity back, it is certainly possible to use the acetylene gas directly for trucks and cars. The waste calcium oxide could be collected and recycled along with some added carbon to make more calcium carbide.

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